By Pink Panther

Everybody just disclaimed, right? You know the score.

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Josh was unable to chat online for the following two days. Not only were his parents around all the time, with just one week of school to go, he had the end of year concert to prepare for. Stainmoor had an excellent musical tradition, and he would be playing a solo piece, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, as well as singing in the choir and accompanying the wind band.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

"Ryan, why aren't you playing one of your classical pieces at the concert?" Rachel asked.

"Because nobody knows them," he said. "Most people who'll be there aren't used to listening to classical guitar stuff. It's too late now, anyway; they've already printed the program."

"Oh, I was just wondering, that's all," Rachel said.

"Don't worry, mum; it'll be fine," Ryan assured her, before going back to his room to do some more practice.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The concert took place on the Tuesday afternoon. Josh's mum arrived early, as she invariably did on such occasions. Josh's father, however, had an important business matter to deal with, something that had come up at the last minute, and was unable to attend. For some reason, that always seemed to happen when Josh was performing.

Rachel made her way into the assembly hall and found a seat barely five minutes before the concert began. She'd taken the afternoon off work in order to attend. Ryan was basically a good kid, but he was strong-willed and could be difficult. She and Ryan didn't always get on; she needed to be there to show her support, show Ryan she cared. In truth, she was apprehensive, unsure how his performance would go. As ever, Ryan was doing it his way. Her brother Mark was the only one he seemed to listen to.

The concert began with three songs from the choir, followed by two pieces from the wind band. The standard was very good, drawing warm applause from the assembled parents and fellow pupils. Solos from Ryan and Josh were to follow.

Ryan was up first. Rather than the steel-strung guitar he used for jazz, he was playing his classical guitar, and instead of playing a single long piece as Josh was going to do, he had decided to play a medley of three short ones.

"Right, now you're all going to need to be particularly quiet for this next part," head teacher Paul Stevens announced, surveying the sea of faces in front of him. "The guitar is not a very loud instrument so I'd like you to give Ryan your full attention."

The audience fell silent. Ryan began his first piece, `With a Little Help from my Friends' by the Beatles. The catchy, infectious tune had everyone with him in a matter of seconds; he finished to a generous round of applause. Better was to follow. His second tune, `Eleanor Rigby', had the audience spellbound, the haunting melody so sad but so beautiful. Rachel wiped away a tear. This was Ryan, her son, and he was playing wonderfully. When the piece ended, there was total silence that seemed to last for several seconds, followed by tumultuous applause; he'd captivated absolutely everybody. When the noise finally died down, he concluded with a foot-stomping, two-chorus rendition of `Me & Julio' by Simon and Garfunkel before leaving the stage to a standing ovation.

Josh grinned and slapped hands with Ryan as he made his way to centre stage. He played the Moonlight Sonata flawlessly, but his performance somehow lacked the spark that Ryan's had achieved. He received a generous round of applause, but there was no getting away from it, Ryan had stolen the show.

After a rousing finale from the choir, the concert was over. Rachel left her seat and walked to the front. She put her arm round Ryan's shoulder.

"I'm so proud of you; you played beautifully," she said quietly, giving him a gentle squeeze.

"I thought he was great!" a well-dressed woman commented, coming across to join them.

For a moment Rachel couldn't place who she was; then it clicked

"Oh, you must be Josh's mum," Rachel said, noticing Ryan's tousle-haired friend tagging along behind her.

"Kate Banham," the woman confirmed, drawing Rachel into a handshake. "I think we have met in passing, but we're both so busy; you know how it is. This one gave a good solid performance," she added, ruffling Josh's hair, "but Ryan's had that bit extra. The way he drew the audience in was something quite special."

Ryan gave a weak grin, his face glowing red. It was nice to receive praise like that, but it could be very embarrassing, especially when it was from your best mate's mum!

"So Josh is starting at the High School in September? Kate ventured. "I thought he'd have been going to the boys' grammar school."

"Well, most of his friends are going to the High School," Kate explained, "and it does get very good results. And with all the new facilities they've had since they became a specialist school, you know, the studio and that, he was keen to go there. Josh is pretty sensible; we know he won't mess around, so that was it, basically. And it won't do him any harm to mix with kids from a wider range of backgrounds than he's had to before; it might toughen him up a bit."

Josh cringed slightly. What his mum had just said wasn't really true; he'd done the exam for the grammar school, but messed up on the maths paper. And how sensible would she have thought he was if she'd known about the online conversations with Fantastic Mr. Fox?

"Well, I guess I'd better get home and feed the human dustbin," Rachel said, smiling.

After saying goodbye to Kate and Josh, Rachel walked towards her car, Ryan at her side. He was giving her one of `those' looks.

"Don't start, Ryan, please," she said, firmly but quietly.

"I told you they got good results at the High School," Ryan responded. "If it's good enough for Josh to go there I don't see why I can't."

"Ryan, we've had this conversation before," Rachel said, a note of weariness in her voice. "You're a bright lad. You'll easily get into the grammar school, and that's where I want you to go."

"But it's so old fashioned!" Ryan complained. "Calling the boys by their surnames and stuff; I'm going to hate it!"

"You'll soon get used to it," Rachel countered, "your Uncle Mark did, and the standard of education they provide is the best in the area. That's what you need."

"I could always mess up the entrance exam," Ryan suggested with a hint of defiance.

"Ryan! Don't even think about it, okay?" Rachel shot back, her patience wearing thin.

"Lots of good kids go to the High School," Ryan persisted.

"They also get all the riff-raff off the Newton Valley Estate," Rachel retorted.

"The kids from the estate aren't all riff-raff!" Ryan protested.

"Ryan, I didn't say they were," Rachel said with a note of finality. "But there are quite a few that are and I don't want you mixing with them; I know what you're like!"

Ryan gave up; he wasn't going to win and he knew it. He'd hoped that being in his mum's good books for once might have made a difference; it hadn't altered a thing.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following afternoon, Josh walked up the drive and let himself in through the front door. It was twenty to four. With term almost over he had no homework, so that was one thing he didn't have that to worry about. He still had piano practice to do, but that could wait. His priority was to try to make contact with Tim. He'd have the house to himself till six o'clock, which gave him a couple of hours.

He went up to his bedroom, booted up the computer and signed in to the chat room. There were very few people signed in and Tim wasn't one of them. He minimised the window, leaving it running, while he flicked through some other stuff. Suddenly, the bleeper sounded. The section of the taskbar marking the chat room had turned orange. He clicked on it, opening it up. Tim Spitfire had signed in and was sending him a message.

TS: Hi Josh! How's it going?

JT: Good! Just got in from school.

TS: Me too! When d'you finish?

JT: Friday

TS: Same here. Going away?

JT: Yeah! Going to Italy at the beginning of August. You?

TS: Going to Florida for two weeks

JT: Cool! When are you going?

TS: A week on Saturday.

JT: Cool! D'you have Windows Live Messenger?

TS: Yeah! Why?

JT: I need to ask you something. It's a bit private.

TS: So what's the problem with telling me on here?

JT: They have people listening in.

TS: Oh! Okay then. I'll have to sign in.

JT: Me too! See you in a minute!

Josh quickly exited from the chat-room and signed in to Windows Live. A few seconds later, Tim had signed in too.

TS: Okay, so what did you want to ask me?

Josh's heart was racing. Despite what Fantastic Mr. Fox had said, he was still concerned that this could go wrong.

JT: Do you play with your dick?

TS: Wow! That is private! LOL! Why are you asking?

JT: Because mine's started going hard a lot recently and if I touch it, it feels really good. I don't really understand it and I haven't got anyone I can talk to about it.

Tim stroked his hardening penis through his school trousers. He'd been hoping for months to talk to one of his school mates about this very subject, but he'd chickened out of initiating the conversation. It wouldn't be quite the same, but talking to Josh would be a more than acceptable alternative. Even so, he didn't want to appear too keen.

TS: So hasn't your dad talked to you?

Tim's dad had talked to him; Tim had found it very embarrassing.

JT: My dad doesn't talk to me about anything.

TS: Oh, I see! Well, okay then, but you've got to promise not to tell anyone else, yeah?

JT: Yeah, of course! I won't breathe a word, I promise.

TS: Well I do, actually.

JT: Cool! It feels good, doesn't it?

TS: Yeah! I do it two or three times a day. You?

JT: Once or twice. So how long have you been doing it?

TS: About a year, ever since my dick started getting bigger.

JT: Cool! Can you make your stuff squirt out?

TS: I can now. Not very much but it does squirt.

Josh paused for a moment. Tim obviously didn't mind talking about playing with his dick; he wondered what else he might be willing to do.

JT: Can I see it?

TS: Are you alone?

JT: Yeah! Mum doesn't get home till six and dad's always later than that.

TS: Same here! D'you want to get naked?

JT: Okay!

TS: Take all your clothes off and stand in front of the cam so I can see it. I'll do the same.

JT: Okay!

Josh quickly undressed, then moved across in front of the camera, leaning forward to peer at the monitor. Moments later Tim appeared, standing side-on to the camera, his erect penis in full view. Josh studied it intently. It was a little longer than his, maybe four and a half inches, and considerably thicker, with a patch of wispy brown hair sprouting above it. It was uncut, the foreskin stretched over it like a hood, the opening down towards the bottom of the head, rather than in the middle.

JT: Nice dick!

TS: So's yours! Can you make the skin come back?

Josh took hold of his penis, gently retracting the foreskin.

TS: Cool!

JT: Put your chair a couple of feet back from your desk and turn it to one side a bit. Sit down so I can see you.

Josh stared at the monitor as Tim moved into position. The older boy was all arms and legs, slimmer and bonier than Josh had expected. He was naked apart from a blue silk football scarf draped around his neck.

JT: Cool! Which club's that?

TS: Sheffield Wednesday.

JT: I thought you lived in Kent.

TS: We do, but dad's from Sheffield; he's a mad Owls supporter.

JT: Oh! I didn't think you liked football.

TS: I don't really, but the kit's okay. I wear it for playing out and that. Let me see you now.

Josh quickly moved the chair and sat down. Tim sucked in air; Josh was a real cutie! It was a shame they lived so far apart; he'd have loved to do stuff with him!

JT: Can I see you wank off?

TS: Okay. Can I watch you afterwards?

JT: Yeah, no problem.

Josh pulled his chair back up to the computer, watching attentively as Tim began to massage his cock. It went on for several minutes, Tim adjusting his grip occasionally as his hand began to tire. Suddenly his penis jerked in between his fingers, several drops of watery boy-cum spurting from the end and landing on his tummy. Josh was entranced; it was a world away from the flood of white sticky goo that Mr. Fox had produced, but very exciting all the same.

Josh moved into position, sitting exactly where he had the last time he'd chatted to Mr. Fox. He set to work, gripping his penis just below the crown, pumping it steadily. Once again it didn't take long; after less than a minute it swelled and jerked in his fingers, the tingling so intense he had to let it go.

TS: Cool! You cum quickly don't you? Well, not cum exactly, but you know what I mean.

JT: Yeah! It was great watching your stuff come out.

TS: D'you want to do this again sometime?

JT: Sure!

TS: Cool! Well I'd better be going. Catch you later!

Tim signed out. Josh quickly followed suit. He picked up his briefs and slipped them on, smiling to himself. That had been much more enjoyable than doing it with Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was just as exciting, but he hadn't been pushed around, talked into things. He could hardly wait for the next time.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On Friday afternoon, Josh hooked up with Tim again. After a few initial pleasantries, they reprised the routine they'd performed two days earlier. There was less conversation this time; it seemed as though it had all been said. Though very enjoyable, Josh found it a little frustrating. He wanted to take things further, although he wasn't quite sure what that meant. But with Tim living so far away, it was unlikely that they'd ever be able to do more than watch each other.

The following evening, Josh encountered Fantastic Mr. Fox in the chat room. Within a few seconds he'd received a message.

FMF: .Hi Josh! Want to chat on Messenger?

Josh was immediately apprehensive, concerned about what the man might talk him into this time. On the other hand, it would be hard to say no without appearing rude.

JT: Yeah, okay.

He signed out of the chat room and logged on to Windows Live.

In his apartment close to the City, Simon could sense Josh's unease. Things had moved on very quickly the last time they'd chatted. Too quickly probably; since then the boy had been out of contact. Although Josh had gone along with his suggestions at the time, Simon reasoned, the lad had most likely had second thoughts afterwards. He'd need to be careful, he decided. He'd still ask about Tim; Josh would think it strange if he didn't, but as far as action was concerned, he'd be playing it very cool. He typed a message.

FMF: Hi Josh! We've not chatted for a whole week! I was beginning to think you were avoiding me!

JT: We've been busy. Mum's been home every evening this week and you're never around when I get home from school.

FMF: Fair enough! Have you managed to chat to Tim yet?

JT: Yeah.

Josh regretted that response as soon as he'd sent it; he knew what was coming next.

FMF: So how did it go?

JT: Tim made me promise not to tell anyone.

FMF: Tim doesn't know you chat to me, does he?

JT:. No.

FMF: So what's the problem; he's never going to find out, is he? You've pretty well given me the answer in any case.

JT: Yeah, well when I asked him he wouldn't say anything at first, wanted to know why I was asking and stuff. Anyway, after I told him, he said he did; said he did it two or three times a day.

FMF: Cool! So did you get to do anything?

JT: We stripped naked, and showed our dicks. Then we took turns watching each other wank.

FMF: Nice! Has he got a big cock?

JT: A bit longer than mine and a lot thicker. Nothing like yours though. Got a bit of hair on it too.

FMF: Sounds wonderful! Did he cum?

JT: Yeah. Not much, but he did. It was funny seeing him naked. I knew he was slim, but he's like really skinny, like he doesn't eat anything!

FMF: Did you say he was nearly thirteen?

JT: Yeah, thirteen in October.

FMF: Sounds like he grew up really fast. Not uncommon for boys that age. He'll fill out as he gets older. What about Ryan?

JT: Haven't had chance to talk to him yet.

FMF: So what would you like to do this evening?

JT: Dunno. What d'you want to do?

FMF: Much the same as last time if that's okay?

JT: .Sure!

Over the next fifteen minutes, a completely naked Josh performed in front of the camera much as he had for Tim the previous afternoon. Mr. Fox sat back and watched, making encouraging comments along the way, but allowing Josh to set both the agenda and the pace, until the lad finally brought himself to another shuddering orgasm.

After taking a few seconds to recover, Josh pulled his chair up to his work-station, watching intently as Mr. Fox masturbated, his eyes widening as once again the man's semen spurted all over him. After wishing each other goodnight, they signed out.

Josh felt much happier; he'd really enjoyed what they'd just done. Mr. Fox hadn't been pushy at all; he'd been really nice, just let him do what he wanted. He'd chat to him again as soon as he got the chance.