By Pink Panther

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The school term finally ended. For the two weeks until they went to Italy, Josh had the days largely to himself. He maintained his piano practice, of course. His grade seven examination was scheduled for November. As well as continuing his exercises and sight reading practice, he had three new pieces to master. During the holiday, he needed to learn them well enough to play them without any mistakes, leaving him time to polish them up for the examination. He'd been disappointed by his performance at the end of year concert. Though technically excellent, it had been too mechanical; he hadn't got enough expression into it. It was something he'd have to work on.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh and Ryan trotted out of the pool and into the showers. During the summer holiday, the pool had splash sessions every Tuesday and Thursday morning. This had been the first one; the place had been packed with kids, including several of their friends from school; they'd had a great time.

After spending five minutes rinsing the chlorine off, they collected their clothes from the locker. Josh parked himself at the end of the bench nearest the wall and began to get dry. When the time came for him to take off his swimming shorts he turned so that he was facing into the corner. It didn't stop his penis getting hard, but it did make sure that nobody could see it.

Finally they were ready to go. They left the leisure complex behind, wandering slowly towards Newton Oaks where they both lived. It was twenty past twelve, they were tired and it was getting hot. They reached the corner of Lancaster Avenue.

"Want to come to mine?" Josh asked. "Have something to eat and chill out for a bit before you go home?"

"Yeah, sure," Ryan said, grinning. "I'm starving!"

He'd got food waiting for him at home, but he'd eat that later; having two lunches instead of one was too good an offer to refuse. Josh let them in through the front door. They made straight for the kitchen.

"Cheese on toast all right?" Josh enquired.

"Cool!" Ryan confirmed.

A few minutes later the meal was produced.

"This is good, man!" Ryan commented between mouthfuls. "Can you cook anything else?"

"I haven't mastered fried eggs yet," Josh said, "but I can do bacon, sausage and fried bread. Maybe we'll have that next time."

Ryan was almost drooling.

"Want some more?" Josh enquired.

Ryan nodded; Josh made him another round of cheese and toast.

"Want some ice cream?" Josh enquired as Ryan finished eating.

"Please!" Ryan confirmed.

"Rum and raisin okay?" Josh asked, opening the freezer.

"Oh wicked, man!" Ryan said, his enthusiasm all too obvious.

"I'm having an orange with mine," Josh said casually. "D'you want one?"

"Please!" Ryan confirmed.

The two boys sat facing each other, grinning. They'd spent the morning at the swimming pool playing with their friends; now they were eating ice cream and segments of orange. There had to be worse ways of spending their time.

"Wanna come upstairs and chill for a bit?" Josh asked as they finally finished eating.

"Sure," Ryan said.

Josh loaded the plates into the dishwasher and the two boys headed upstairs. They flopped down on Josh's bed.

"D'you mind if I ask you something?" Josh said.

"Course not," Ryan returned.

"Promise you won't freak out?" Josh probed.

Ryan looked at him scornfully. He didn't actually say, "There's nothing you could ask me that's going to freak me out;" the look said it for him.

"D'you play with your dick?" Josh asked.

"Sometimes," Ryan acknowledged casually. "Do you?"

"Yeah," Josh confirmed. "So does yours get hard then?"

"Yeah, all the time," Ryan told him.

"It never gets hard when you're getting changed at the pool," Josh queried. "Mine does every time I take my shorts off; it's really embarrassing."

"Mine did that once," Ryan said quietly. "And it was; well embarrassing."

"I don't remember that," Josh said, immediately realising that he'd said more than he should.

"Nah, you weren't there," Ryan said, giving him a wry grin. "It was after one of the swimming lessons at school. Took my shorts off, started to get dry and there it was, sticking right up. Worst of all, Stevens came in to make sure we weren't messing about and he saw it. When we got back to school he called me into his office. I thought he was going to give me some shit about getting a hard-on in front of the other kids, but he was really cool. Said it was natural; I was growing up faster than the other boys in the class and it was nothing to worry about, but he said he didn't want the other boys seeing me like that cause they hadn't started growing up yet and some of them wouldn't understand it; said if I couldn't stop it happening I'd have to change in one of the cubicles. So I asked him how I could stop it happening and he said to try thinking about being somewhere else, doing something you really like, so I said, like being up on stage, playing my guitar and he said yes."

"So is that what you do?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, man!" Ryan enthused. "I'm up on stage, I've got a great band with me; I'm playing a solo and it's totally rocking!"

"So that's why you always look like you're in a dream when you're getting changed," Josh suggested.

"Must be," Ryan said, grinning, "but it works; it hasn't happened since."

"Cool!" Josh said. "Are you hard now? I am."

"Yeah!" Ryan admitted, his grin widening.

"Come here," Josh said. "I want to show you something."

He went to the computer and pulled up the picture of the two boys fondling each other, the one he thought looked a little like him and Ryan.

"Fuck!" Ryan breathed. "That is well cool! Me and Julio down by the school yard."

"What?" Josh queried.

"You know, the song. "What the mama saw; it was against the law. She saw me and Julio down by the school yard."

"I didn't know that was what it meant!" Josh said, giggling. "Who told you that?"

He knew the answer before he'd finished speaking.

"Uncle Mark," Ryan confirmed. "He was helping me, you know, get ready for the concert. I asked him about it `cause it didn't seem to make much sense. He said it was `a question of what they were doing'. So I asked him what were they doing and that's what he said, playing with each other's willy, or something like that."

"Oh, cool!" Josh said.

"So how did you get the pic?" Ryan asked.

"This older guy I chat to online sent it to me," Josh said.

"Haven't you got parental controls on your computer?" Ryan queried, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I set the computer up myself so I didn't activate them," Josh explained.

"Man! You are so lucky!" Ryan said with a note of irritation. "I have to use mum's computer downstairs; I can't get to see anything or chat to anyone; it sucks, man!" He paused for a moment. "So d'you wanna . . . , you know?"

Josh nodded.

"Are we going to strip off?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah," Josh whispered, so excited he could hardly speak.

They quickly pulled off their clothes till they were down to the underwear. They looked at each other, nodded and removed those as well. Josh swallowed hard. Ryan's penis was just like a larger version of his own, around half an inch longer and just a little thicker. It looked perfect on him. They got onto the bed, lying next to each other, each draping an arm over the other's shoulder. Very gingerly, Josh reached across, placing his thumb on Ryan's penis and running his fingers along it. It felt incredible, hard and throbbing, but smooth and silky to the touch. Ryan returned the favour, gently stroking Josh's stiff cock. Josh gasped, the touch of Ryan's fingers feeling so much better than his own.

Instinctively, they snuggled closer. Josh was in seventh heaven, lying there fondling each other, breathing in his friend's smell, the feel of Ryan's skin; it was perfect! He let his fingers move down, caressing Ryan's balls. He moved lower still, brushing against his friend's perineum.

"Ohhh!" Ryan moaned. "Oh yeah! Oh, keep doing it, man! That's awesome!"

"Doing what?" Josh enquired.

"Stroking down behind my balls!" Ryan gasped.

Josh happily complied, watching Ryan grimacing, his chest rising and falling. Finally he stopped.

"So does that feel good, then?" he asked.

"Fuck!" Ryan breathed. "That's something else! Here, I'll do you now."

Josh lay back as Ryan's hand reached down between his legs, the boy's long fingers gently massaging the area right behind his balls. He sucked in air. Ryan was right; it felt incredible. After a few seconds, the fingers withdrew.

"Wow!" Josh whispered, smiling across at Ryan. "That was wicked!"

They both giggled; they were being so naughty and it felt fantastic!

"You know," Josh said, looking Ryan right in the eyes. "I think `me and Julio' might have been doing a bit more than just feeling each other's dick."

"Like what?" Ryan asked.

"This!" Josh said, grinning.

He snaked around, resting his head on Ryan's tummy. Holding his friend's penis between thumb and index finger, he slipped his lips over it, pushing slowly down until he'd taken it right into his mouth. Fantastic Mr. Fox was right, it felt great; hard, warm and silky smooth.

"Uhhhh!" Ryan groaned quietly. "Oh yeah!!"

Almost without thinking, Josh began to suck, running his lips up and down Ryan's shaft. He slipped his hand between his friend's legs, once more gently stroking the boy's perineum.

"Ohhhh" Ryan moaned, squirming on the bed, his hands clenching and unclenching, "Oh fuck! Don't stop! Yeah! Yeah!! Uhhhhh!!"

He was almost delirious, the sensations that Josh was giving him quite unbelievable, the intensity increasing with every passing second; he'd never expected anything like this! The muscle spasms began right down by his toes. A moment later they swept right through him, wracking his body with involuntary convulsions. Instinctively he grabbed Josh's head, his cock swelling and jerking in his friend's mouth. As his orgasm subsided, he eased Josh away, lying back on the bed, breathing like he'd just sprinted the length of the soccer pitch.

"Was that good?" Josh enquired, grinning and licking his lips.

"Fuckin' awesome!" Ryan gasped, still struggling for breath. "That was the best, man, like nothing else!" Finally he sat up. "D'you want me to do you now?" he asked.

"Only if you want to," Josh said. "You don't have to."

"Don't be silly," Ryan said, grinning. "Of course I do!"

He quickly moved into position, taking Josh's penis fully into his mouth. Josh lay back contentedly, the feelings too wonderful to describe, Ryan's sucking mouth and long, slender fingers taking him to heights he'd never even dreamed of. Within seconds he was squirming and moaning just as Ryan had been, his breathing becoming harsh and ragged, his cock tingling far more than it ever did when he wanked himself off. Suddenly everything exploded, his penis springing into action, jamming itself against the roof of Ryan's mouth. After several seconds he carefully withdrew, his cock so sensitive he couldn't bear to touch it. For several minutes they lay on the bed grinning at each other, not saying a word.

"So how did you find out about doing that?" Ryan asked finally.

"I'll show you," Josh said, swinging his legs off the bed.

He moved across to the computer, pulling up the picture of the dark-haired boys who looked like twins.

"Fuck!" Ryan breathed. "This guy you chat to send you that as well?"

Josh grinned and nodded.

"You wanna be careful, man," Ryan warned. "You can get in trouble for having that sort of stuff on your computer. It's pretty cool though!"

"Yeah, well nobody ever looks at this computer but me," Josh said, smiling, "so I think I'll be okay."

"Yeah, well I hope so," Ryan said. "I wouldn't want to see you getting in any shit. Anyway, I'd better be going."

Five minutes later he was dressed and on his way.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling and playing with his penis. He could hardly believe what he and Josh had done that afternoon; it was all so unexpected. Josh wasn't soft exactly, but he was so, well, sensible, that's what his mum said; he never did anything he wasn't supposed to. Well he had now, big time! And those pics he'd been sent; they were something else! He wasn't sure how `sensible' it was for Josh to be chatting to an older guy about sex; but he never had the chance to chat to anybody online, so he couldn't really say. Anyway, Josh seemed okay with it.

The biggest surprise was that Josh had taken the lead; he never did that, ever. Only this time he had. And as for Josh sucking his dick, well, that was just the best feeling of his entire life. He'd been thinking about sex stuff for months; he'd never had any idea it would feel like that. Of course he'd had to return the favour, it was only fair. And actually it was okay, more than okay in fact. So they'd be doing it again, no question.

It was weird. He tried fantasising about doing stuff with some of the girls at school, the pretty ones anyway, but it hadn't really worked. He'd even imagined doing stuff with his Uncle Mark. That was a turn-on! But he knew it would never happen; there was no way that a guy like Uncle Mark would be interested in a kid like him. Josh had never entered into his thinking, but when it had happened, it was as though they'd been born to it.

He began rubbing his penis in earnest, the tingling feelings increasing by the second, his breathing becoming short and uneven. He arched his back as the sensations overwhelmed him, his cock jerking between his fingers. He sank back down, gasping for breath. Oh yes! He and Josh were going to have lots of fun together over the long summer holiday! He could hardly wait.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mark boarded the aircraft for the first leg of his flight to the Black Sea; his holiday was about to begin. After his encounter with Ryan and Josh in the pool changing room less than two weeks earlier, he was looking forward to it more than ever. He was certainly hoping he'd meet some boys as cute as those two, especially if they were as horny as Josh had been.

In the first few years after he'd left university, he'd tried a few places, but Romania had soon become his favoured destination. Under the old communist regime, both contraception and abortion were illegal, with the result that the country had had by far the highest birth rate in Europe. Although that regime had fallen at the end of 1989, the country was still teeming with 10 - 14 year olds, many of whom looked younger than they were. To make matters even more favourable, the country had hyper-inflation, with the value of the currency falling on a daily basis. As a result, many people were poorer than they'd been in communist times. The net effect was that there were literally thousands of kids living on the streets, willing to do pretty well anything to scrape a living. As long as you were careful, the pickings were very easy.

Since then, things had changed radically. The birth rate had fallen to below the European average, so there were no longer as many boys around, and the government had finally succeeded in stabilising the currency, which had eased the financial situation. In addition, the Romanians had come under considerable pressure from the west to `clean up their act' by cracking down on child prostitution. Eager to join the EU, they had readily complied. Mark had decided reluctantly that it was time to find a new destination.

He'd been tipped off that this was a place worth visiting by David, a somewhat older English guy that he'd met while on holiday some eighteen months earlier. David had told him that while things were not as up-front as Romania had been, there were definitely boys available, and had briefed him on where and when they were to be found. In the previous few months Mark had taught himself a little Russian, and though he was by no means fluent, it was bound to help. It was going to be quite an adventure.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Friday evening; Josh's parents had gone out again. He logged into the chat room, scanning through the list of members. Fantastic Mr. Fox was already there. It had been the first chance he'd had to chat with him since he and Ryan had first sucked each other off. Since then they'd done it every day. He'd chatted to Tim a couple of times, but hadn't mentioned it, unsure how the tall, lanky boy would react. And he needed to tell someone; he felt sure he'd burst if he didn't.

That someone was Fantastic Mr. Fox; there wasn't anyone else he could tell, but now that it was about to happen, he felt nervous, apprehensive. He couldn't explain it; it wasn't like he was in any danger. Mr. Fox couldn't touch him; even if the man said something he didn't like all he had to do was to shut down the computer. Even so, the nervousness remained. A message flashed up on the screen.

FMF: Hi Josh! How's the holiday going?

JT: Okay thanks!

FMF: Wanna chat?

JT: Yeah!

FMF: Okay, you know where.

Josh quickly signed in to Windows Live. There was a message waiting for him.

FMF: So, done anything exciting?

JT: Sort of.

FMF: So are you going to tell me about it?

JT: On Tuesday Ryan came back here after we'd been to the pool. I asked him, you know . . .

FMF: And?

JT: He said he did.

FMF: Surprise, surprise! Told you, didn't I? So what happened?

JT: We took our clothes off and started messing about.

FMF: Cool! Was it good?

JT: Yeah! It was great! And a really weird thing happened.

FMF: Yeah?

JT: I touched the skin behind Ryan's balls. He went wild; said it felt fantastic. So he did it to me and it did; it was wicked!

FMF: Yeah, that feels amazing. You're massaging the skin very close to your prostate, that's the gland that tells your balls to make spunk, when you're old enough, that is.

JT: You never told me about that!

FMF: Sorry! The prostate's actually up your bum. Ever tried sticking anything up there?

JT: No, why?

FMF: You should, it feels fantastic.

A moment later, a thumbnail appeared in Josh's message window. He opened it up. His eyes widened. A boy who looked a little older than him was sitting with his knees raised, trying to push what looked like a plastic spike up his bum. A second thumbnail appeared. Josh opened it. It was the same boy but this time the plastic spike seemed to be most of the way in.

JT: Doesn't that hurt?

FMF: Not if you take it slow and use plenty of lube.

JT: What?

FMF: Lubricant, something to make it nice and slippery so it slides in easily. You can use Vaseline, hand cream, that sort of thing.

JT: Oh, right!

Another thumbnail popped up. A younger boy dressed only in a white tee-shirt had a plastic spike lodged in his bottom, though it didn't appear to be very far in. Josh examined it closely.

JT: That looks like a plastic dick!

FMF: Yeah, it's called a dildo.

Josh opened one final picture. This time the boy was about thirteen, the black shiny dildo he was using much larger than the ones in the other pics.

JT: Now that has to hurt!

FMF: Not if you get used to it. You wouldn't be able to take one that size straightaway; you have to build up to it. He doesn't look too bothered, does he?

JT: No, looks like he's enjoying it.

FMF: You'd have to use plenty of lube of course. The best stuff's called KY. You can get it in places like Boots and Superdrug. You'll find it by the condoms and stuff. Just take it to the counter and pay for it. There won't be a problem; they won't ask you what you want it for or anything.

JT: So could I get one of those dildo things in there?

FMF: No, unfortunately! You'd have to use something else.

JT: Like what?

FMF: Well, you can use your fingers for a start.

JT: Yeukk! They'd get all dirty!

FMF: Not unless you need a shit; most of the time they come out pretty much clean. You still need to wash them afterwards, of course. Carrots work pretty well too.

JT: Carrots?

FMF: Yeah, not big fat ones of course. Push them in, pointy end first. Just remember to throw them away afterwards, LOL!!


FMF: So are you going to try it then?

JT: Maybe, not now though; I'll have to think about it.

FMF: Cool! When you and Ryan messed about together, was that it?

JT: Not exactly.

FMF: So what happened?

JT: We sucked each other's dick.

FMF: I bet he liked that!

JT: Yeah! He loved it! I thought he was going to have a heart attack!

FMF: Cool! I'd love to watch you while you were doing it.

JT: How?

FMF: You know, ask Ryan to come round one evening when your mum and dad are out; do it in front of the cam while I watch.

JT: Dunno if Ryan will do it; I'll have to ask him.

FMF: So will you do that then?

JT: Yeah, okay.

FMF: So what d'you want to do now?

JT: The usual, okay?

FMF: Suits me!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh wandered into the bathroom, looking in the wall cupboard to see what he could find. There was a half-empty jar of Vaseline. His mum's hand cream must be in his parents' private bathroom, he decided, and he wasn't going to go in there. He found an old towel in the airing cupboard and returned to his bedroom. It was time to find out if Mr. Fox was right; he'd been right about everything else so maybe he was right about this too.

He spread the towel over the bed and stripped off his clothes. He lay down, the towel right under his bottom, and opened the jar of Vaseline. He pushed in his right index finger, working it around to make sure it was well coated. He pulled up his knees like the boys in the pictures Mr. Fox had sent him, and reached around until his greasy finger landed right on his pucker.

He swallowed hard and pushed. At first nothing happened. He pushed a little harder. For a couple of seconds his sphincter muscles resisted; then suddenly his finger slipped inside as far as the first knuckle. There was a momentary flicker of pain; then it was gone. It didn't feel good especially, but it didn't feel bad either, just strange. It was sort-of okay. He pushed in further, wondering how that would feel. Another flicker of pain, but it passed as quickly as the first one had. Then it did feel good, not fantastic, but definitely good. He worked his finger in and out; that was even better.

After around thirty seconds Josh let his finger slide right out, his bum feeling strangely empty now that the intruder had been removed. He examined it; it looked clean enough. He held it close to his nose. It didn't smell too good; he'd definitely need to wash it. He slipped off the bed, returning the towel and the Vaseline to where he'd found them. It had been okay. Maybe he'd try getting some of that KY stuff Mr. Fox had told him about, see how much difference that made. He felt certain of one thing; it was definitely worth trying again.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They were in Josh's bed, lying top-to-toe, each of them on his left side, the classic sixty-nine, sucking each other off and stroking each other behind the balls. Josh was in seventh heaven; he couldn't imagine anything more perfect. Better still, it was pretty clear that Ryan was enjoying it every bit as much as he was. Very slowly, Josh moved his finger along Ryan's perineum until he touched his friend's anus. A moment later, Ryan gently pushed it away. That was Ryan, Josh reflected; if there was something he didn't like, he might not make a big fuss about it, but he'd let you know. So Ryan wasn't up for being touched there; it wasn't a problem. And Ryan hadn't tried to touch him there so it was fair enough.

They continued as they had been, the wonderful sensations growing gradually stronger. Ryan climaxed first, with Josh just a few seconds behind, the most satisfying orgasms either of them had experienced. After a few seconds they slowly disentangled themselves, snuggling up together on the bed.

"That was fuckin' awesome!" Ryan whispered, grinning across at Josh. "I'd never have dreamed of doing that if you hadn't shown me those pictures."

"Yeah, that was the best ever," Josh agreed. "Actually I was chatting to the guy the other night, telling him about what we've been getting up to. He asked if he could watch us some time, you know, on the webcam."

"No way, man!" Ryan said firmly; he looked horrified. "I'm not having some perv watching us while we're . . . , you know!"

Josh was shocked into silence, taken aback by the vehemence of Ryan's reaction.

"So do you do that?" Ryan demanded. "You know, let him watch you doing stuff?"

"Yeah, sometimes," Josh conceded.

"So how old is this guy?" Ryan continued.

"Says he's thirty two," Josh said. "I'm not really sure."

"And did he ask you to . . . , you know?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"So what do you do?"

"Let him watch me having a wank then I watch him."

"That's wrong, man!" Ryan said, shaking his head. "The guy's a perv! You wanna be careful."

"Well, it's not like he can touch me or anything," Josh said, feeling uncomfortable.

"Well make sure it stays that way, yeah?" Ryan insisted.

Josh nodded, feeling less than pleased with the way things had gone. He hated having Ryan bossing him about, even though he knew he was right.

"Remember a couple of weeks back when Mark took us to the pool?" he countered. "He was looking at us all the time we were getting changed."

"Fuck off!" Ryan snapped, his eyes blazing. He paused for a second. "Anyway, that's different, even if he was; we were just naked, not . . . you know."

Josh backed off; he never argued with Ryan when he was in this mood. In fact, he rarely argued with Ryan at all, and in an instance like this he certainly wasn't going to. When Ryan had made up his mind about something there was no shifting him; that's just the way it was.