By Pink Panther

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FMF: Hi Josh!

JT: Hi! I asked Ryan about . . . , you know.

FMF: And?

JT: He bit my head off. Said you were a perv!

FMF: Oh well, I guess that's it then.

JT: Yeah.

FMF: So have you tried the other thing I suggested?

JT: Yeah! It felt a bit weird to start with, but once I'd done it a couple of times it felt really good.

FMF: Great!

JT: Yeah, I tried touching Ryan there, you know, when we were sucking each other off, but he stopped me.

FMF: That's a shame!

JT: Yeah! But I got some of that KY stuff. Feels much better using that.

He waved the tube in front of the camera.

FMF: Could I watch you?

Josh squirmed; he knew he ought to say no, but it was a bit late for that; he should have said no right from the start.

JT: Okay then.

He moved the chair further from the camera. He adjusted it so he could lean right back, then pulled his knees up, resting his heels on the seat. He grinned at the camera; applying KY to his index finger he slipped his hand between his legs, pushing his finger into his anus.

FMF: Try two fingers.

Josh coated his first two fingers with KY then did as he was asked, wincing as his middle finger pushed in behind the other one. He took his time, allowing the muscles to relax. Within a few seconds it felt okay again.

FMF: That's hot! I'm going to send you something.

Once again, a thumbnail appeared in Josh's message window. He opened it, his eyes widening. It showed two boys who looked a little older than him. One was down on all fours; the other was kneeling behind, pushing his hard penis into the first boy's bottom.

"Wow! So that's what this is about!" Josh thought to himself, unable to take his eyes off it.

He wondered if Ryan would like to do that. It seemed unlikely, he reflected, remembering Ryan's reaction when he'd tried touching his anus. Even so, Ryan might want to do it to him. The idea of having another boy's penis inside him was scary but very exciting, Ryan's especially. If Ryan wanted to do it, he'd certainly let him.

Two similar pictures followed. In the final one, a boy of around nine was lying on his back, his legs pulled right back, his knees wide apart. A much older boy was lying on his side, at right angles to him, his large penis completely inside the younger lad. Josh swallowed hard. That was just plain scary! Having something that size inside him would hurt like hell!

JT: That's got to hurt!

FMF: Not if you're used to it, like I told you. Doesn't look too bothered, does he?

JT: No. He's not hard though.

FMF: True!

JT: Don't know when I'll be online again; we're off on holiday the day after tomorrow.

FMF: Where are you going?

JT: Italy. We're renting a villa out in the country. It'll just be me with mum and dad. It's going to be boring.

FMF: Well keep practising!

JT: Yeah, well it looks like I won't have anything else to do, LOL!

FMF: You never know; you might meet a nice Italian boy.

JT: Don't think so. Even if I did, I don't think we'd get the chance to do anything with mum and dad around the whole time.

FMF: Sorry, but I've got to be somewhere. Have fun; I'm sure it won't be that bad. Chat when you get back!

JT: Byeeeee!!

They signed out. Josh's brain was racing. Those pictures had been a revelation, like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Scary as it was, the idea of having another boy's penis inside him just wouldn't go away. But with them staying out in the country miles from anywhere, meeting a boy while he was on holiday seemed out of the question. He stretched and yawned; it was time for bed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh stared out of the aircraft window, watching the landscape below get ever closer. The small villa they'd be staying in was twenty miles outside Florence. It was the sort of place his parents loved; he just didn't know what he'd find to do there. From what they'd seen on the DVD they'd been sent, it was a beautiful location; he'd have loved to explore it on his own, but in a strange country where he didn't speak the language he was sure his parents wouldn't let him. So he'd have to tag along with them, the same as usual, and try not to let them see how bored he was getting.

They collected their rental car at the airport. An hour later they were driving up to the villa. Under the warm August sun the place looked even better than it had in the video; it really was beautiful. They got out of the car, the owner, Signor Canavari, coming out to greet them. To Josh's surprise the man was not on his own; he had a boy with him whom he judged to be not much older than himself.

After exchanging hugs and handshakes with his parents, Signor Canavari turned to Josh.

"You must be Josh," he said warmly. "Your mum told me about you. This is my son Romano. Maybe while you are here you would like to be friends."

"Yes, thanks!" Josh said, feeling rather awkward and embarrassed. "That would be great. Hi Romano!"

"Hi Josh," Romano said, "Good to meet you."

"We live just there," his father continued, pointing to the large farmhouse a little further down the valley. "It is five hundred metres, not far. So how old are you, Josh?"

"I'm eleven, just," Josh said.

"Me, twelve," Romano said. "In November I'm thirteen. Sorry, my English not very good."

"I think it's great!" Josh said, giving him a big smile. "I can't speak Italian at all!"

"Maybe I teach you," Romano suggested, smiling back.

"Yeah, fantastic! Josh enthused. "But what about your friends?"

"I have friends at school," Romano said a little sadly. "Here, not so many; next house two kilometres."

"Oh, well I'd love to hang out with you while we're here," Josh said.

"I come here in the morning," Romano suggested, "about ten o'clock, yes? I show you around; there are lots of good places we can go."

"Yeah, cool!" Josh said. "Is that okay, mum?"

"Yes, of course it is, dear," Kate said, smiling indulgently.

"Romano is very sensible," Signor Canavari reassured her. "He'll look after him."

After completing the formalities, Romano and his father headed back to the farmhouse, leaving Josh and his parents to settle into the villa. Josh could hardly believe his luck. Fantastic Mr. Fox had said he might meet a nice Italian boy and he had. Better still, he was going to be allowed to spend time with him while his parents weren't around. He checked himself; he had no idea if his new friend would want to do anything `like that'.

"Mum, are you sure you don't mind leaving me here with Romano?" Josh enquired.

"Of course not, dear." Kate said. "I'm sure you'll enjoy that far more than tagging along with us."

"Yeah, thanks!" Josh acknowledged.

Of course they didn't mind, Josh reflected. It meant they could go off and do their thing, like spend two hours over lunch if they wanted to, without having him fidgeting and getting bored out of his brain. And he was certainly looking forward to it. Romano wasn't just very friendly; he was good looking too, with dark hair, deep brown eyes and a wonderful Mediterranean tan. And with his friends from school all living some distance away, Romano was obviously missing having boys his own age around.

It wasn't just that, though; it was the independence, being able to do stuff without his parents or other adults there to supervise. Previously Josh had always been happy to tag along wherever his mum and dad went, but now doing things on his own seemed important somehow, something he definitely wanted. This was going to be a great holiday.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following morning, Romano arrived at the villa just before ten o'clock. He was carrying a small backpack. Josh was so excited he didn't even ask what was in it. His parents were going to be spending the day in Florence and wouldn't be back until the late afternoon. He and Romano were going to be able to spend the whole day together.

After saying goodbye to his mum and dad, Josh followed Romano out of the villa. They trekked across some fields, the Mediterranean sun already beating down. There was little conversation; as far as Josh was concerned it wasn't necessary; just having a new friend he could spend time with was enough. What he did learn was that Romano attended school in a village some ten kilometres away; a special bus picked him up and dropped him back at home. The school took children from the whole of the surrounding area. Romano's school friends were scattered all over it, making it very difficult for him to see them during the holidays. It was very different from what he was used to.

They entered some woods. It was cooler there, the dappled sunlight less intense. It seemed perfect. Finally they arrived at a small lake.

"You can swim?" Romano asked.

"Yes, but I haven't brought my things," Josh said.

"It is okay," Romano said smiling. He produced two towels from his backpack, handing one to Josh. "I brought this for you."

"Thanks," Josh said, somewhat flustered, "but I haven't . . ."

Romano had removed his tee-shirt and was taking off his shorts, revealing a pair of bright red Speedos.

"You have on underpants?" he asked.

Josh nodded.

"You swim in those," he said casually. "It is warm; they soon dry." He smiled. "It is okay, maybe nobody come."

Somewhat nervously, Josh stripped to his blue briefs then followed Romano as he waded into the water. It was cold, certainly colder than he was used to. When it was deep enough, Romano struck out powerfully, swimming towards the far shore. Josh took a deep breath and followed him. He gasped, the cold water grabbing at his chest, making breathing difficult. Romano swam over to him.

"Soon it is okay," he reassured him.

They stayed in the water for nearly half an hour. Sometimes they played, sometimes they raced, sometimes they rested, floating on their backs. Finally they made their way back to their clothes. It was wicked, Josh thought, two boys, friends, together in the middle of nowhere with no adults to watch over them. They quickly wiped themselves dry then lay down on the towels. Romano produced a dispenser from his backpack.

"You put on sun cream?" he asked.

"I put some on before we came out," Josh told him.

"You need more," Romano said, passing it to him. "Me not so much; I'm used to it."

Josh smiled across at him; Romano's beautiful all-over tan bore testimony to that.

"I do your back," Romano suggested.

Josh nodded, allowing Romano to work the creamy liquid over him. It felt wonderful, the Italian boy's hands strong but gentle. After Romano had smeared some sun cream over himself, they lay down again.

"I need a piss," Romano announced, getting to his feet.

"Me too!" Josh said, following suit.

Romano led the way to the edge of a grove of trees a few yards from the shore, pulled down the front of his Speedos and began to pee. Josh stood next to him and did the same. He looked across. Romano was making no attempt to hide his penis It was about the same size as Ryan's; Josh couldn't take his eyes off it. As he finished peeing, Josh's cock began to stiffen. Romano glanced at him.

"You like?" he asked, smiling.

"Sorry," Josh said nervously, quickly pulling up the front of his underpants. "I didn't mean to . . ."

"Is okay," Romano said quietly, moving closer and placing his hand on the front of Josh's briefs. "Italiano," he continued proudly, "always ready for sex!"

Josh followed him back to the lake.

"Not here," Romano said. "Bring your things; I show you."

They headed back to the grove of trees, Romano leading the way deep inside, reaching a spot where the grass was quite long. They spread out their towels and lay down, hidden from all sides.

"Here is good," Romano said, grinning. "If someone come, we hear them before they see us."

He quickly removed his Speedos, his penis now fully erect. Rather nervously, Josh pulled his underpants over his feet, unable to take his eyes off his new friend.

"You've got a beautiful dick," he said quietly.

"You also," Romano responded, smiling at him.

He reached across, wrapping his fingers around Josh's throbbing erection. Josh gave a sigh of satisfaction; it felt perfect, just like when Ryan did it. He returned the favour, closing his hand around Romano's stiff cock. It was about the same length as Ryan's, he noted, but thicker. They snuggled closer.

"Is good, yes?" Romano whispered.

"Yeah! Great!" Josh breathed.

Very gently, Romano pulled him closer, their faces almost touching. Suddenly Josh realised; Romano was going to kiss him! A moment later, their lips met.

"Open your mouth," Romano instructed.

Josh did as he was asked, allowing Romano's tongue to slip inside. Josh hardly knew where he was, the aroma of hot, sexy boy transporting him to a magical planet he never knew existed. Instinctively, his tongue joined in the action, dancing and wrestling with Romano's. Never in his wildest fantasies had he dreamed of kissing another boy, but here he was, doing it. It was too wonderful to describe and was making him harder than ever. Finally they broke apart.

"Is good, yes?" Romano repeated.

"Oh yeah!" Josh gasped, "I never did that before!"

Without even thinking about it, Josh twisted his body around, resting his head on Romano's stomach. At that distance he could see some tiny black hairs beginning to sprout above the Italian boy's cock, making him wonder if Romano could make the sticky juice squirt out like Tim did. He took a deep breath. It was time; he had to do this. Lifting Romano's penis slightly, he took it into his mouth, slowly pushing his lips down the shaft until he had the whole thing.

"Uhhhh!" Romano groaned. "Buono! Questo รจ grande!"

Josh set to work, sucking steadily, Romano's quiet moans telling him everything he needed to know. He slipped his hand between Romano's legs, stroking the boy's perineum.

Romano squirmed; he'd never expected anything like this, the sensations Josh was giving him far surpassing anything he had experienced while messing around with his school friends. He ran his fingers through Josh's long wavy hair, urging him on, never wanting the wonderful feelings to stop. Gradually, inexorably, the intensity increased, his breathing becoming short and uneven, his muscles tightening. Suddenly his balls churned into action. Involuntarily, he tightened his grip on Josh's head, holding the younger boy down.

"Si! Si! Si!" he moaned, "Uhhhhhh!!!"

His penis jerked violently, three little jets of boy-cum squirting onto Josh's tongue. Although he didn't feel it squirt, Josh was instantly aware of the taste, unfamiliar but not at all unpleasant. He knew immediately what had happened; it was what he wanted, what he'd been working for. He worked his tongue over the head of Romano's cock to make sure he'd got every drop. After savouring the tangy fluid for a few seconds he gulped it down, finally releasing his friend's all too sensitive prong. He snuggled up again, grinning and licking his lips.

"You liked that?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Magnifico!" Romano gasped, still breathing heavily.

"Ryan, that's my best friend back in England, we do it all the time," Josh confided. "We only started a couple of weeks ago, but we do it every day if we can. We love it!"

"Buono!" Romano breathed, smiling at Josh. "And now I do you, yes?"

"If you want," Josh confirmed.

"Of course I want!" Romano told him.

He moved into position, his warm, wet mouth engulfing Josh's penis. Josh lay back contentedly, stroking Romano's short dark hair. Fantastic Mr. Fox must be psychic, he decided; he'd been in Italy for less than a day and here he was, getting sucked off by a very handsome twelve year old. How much better could it get?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was almost five thirty when Josh's parents returned to the villa, clearly in a very good mood.

"Hello dear! How's your day been?" Kate asked, giving him a quick hug.

"Good, thanks!" Josh said brightly.

"So you and Romano got on okay?" Kate continued.

"Yeah, it was great," Josh responded. "This morning he took me to this lake and we went swimming."

"I didn't know you'd taken your swimming things," Kate remarked.

"I hadn't," Josh admitted, grinning. "I swam in my briefs. It's okay; I've washed them out and put them to dry."

"Good boy," Kate cooed. "Well, I'm glad you had a good time; we've had a great day."

"So how long did you spend over lunch?" Josh asked, grinning wickedly.

"I don't really know," Kate admitted. "How long were we there, Chris?"

"Two, two and a half hours," Josh's dad said casually. "It's just so relaxed here; you can't do that back in England. You'll get to appreciate that sort of thing when you're a bit older; at least I hope you will."

Josh gave a wry smile, just glad that he hadn't had to sit through it.

"Mum," he asked, "Did you know about Romano before we came here?"

"Well, when we enquired about this place, I said that I was concerned that you might get bored. Signor Canavari told me about Romano and said he was sure that he'd like to show you round and that while we were here."

"So why didn't you say anything?" Josh asked, puzzled.

"You might not have liked him," Kate explained, "and I didn't want it to sound like we were trying to get rid of you."

"We do care about you, you know," Chris added.

"Thanks mum; thanks dad," Josh said appreciatively.

He trotted up to his bedroom, wondering what his parents would have thought if they'd known what he and Romano had been doing. But they didn't, and as far as he was concerned, they never would.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh lay on his bed, a towel underneath him, working two well-lubed fingers into his anus. For the previous four days he and Romano had been to their special place in the grove of trees. They'd stripped naked, fondled, kissed and sucked each other off. It had been wonderful, each day better than the last, but . . . .

He wanted to go further. They hadn't done a 69. The ground they lay on was as hard as bricks; doing a sixty nine there would have been very uncomfortable. But the following day his parents would be out for several hours. He'd invite Romano back to the villa; they'd do it right there, on his bed.

Then there was the other thing. It seemed that Ryan didn't want to do it, but maybe Romano would. He imagined having the Italian boy's cock up his bum, pumping in and out until the spunk spurted into him. It was so exciting; his dick was throbbing like crazy. Of course, Romano's cock was thicker than Ryan's; he was sure it would hurt when it went into him. It didn't matter; he still wanted to do it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Romano sat in front of the television, but he wasn't really watching it, his mind elsewhere. Meeting Josh had been a dream come true. With his blue eyes, long fair hair and pale complexion he was the perfect English boy; Romano couldn't imagine anyone more beautiful. He'd messed about with his little group of friends, at Tonino's house, not far from the school, but that was as far as it had gone.

They'd talked about blow-jobs. They were all keen to get one; Tonino in particular seemed to fantasise endlessly about having a girl do it for him, but none of them wanted to be the one to do the sucking. Romano would have done it willingly, but hadn't dared tell them. That would have got him labelled, the very last thing he wanted.

They'd talked about other things too, almost as a joke. Gennaro and Salvatore had said they'd do it to another boy as long as he was cute looking; they'd just pretend it was a girl. Tonino even thought that was gross. Romano would have done it too, only he wouldn't have needed to pretend it was a girl he was with. He didn't tell them that either, but he did agree with his friends on one thing; being on the receiving end was out of the question.

But Josh seemed different; so gentle, so eager. Perhaps he would allow it. He might even like it; Gennaro said that some boys did. Of course, that could be wishful thinking, Romano told himself; if there was one boy in the whole world that he'd have liked to do it with, it would have been Josh. But maybe, just maybe . . . .

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh and Romano trotted out of the lake, splashing each other as they went. Josh felt so happy in Romano's company; it was difficult to imagine anything better. He didn't miss having a piano to play; he didn't even miss Ryan that much. They reached their clothes and quickly towelled off. His summer tan was coming on well, Josh noted, not yet as dark as Romano's, but definitely getting there.

They lay down on their towels; it was approaching midday and already very warm. Romano produced the sun cream. They quickly smeared themselves from head to toe, each taking a turn to spread it over the other's back. Finally they stretched out under the strong sunlight, smiling at each other.

"You want?" Romano asked.

It was almost unnecessary; Josh always wanted. They got to their feet, gathered their things and headed for the trees.

"Let's go back to the villa," Josh suggested, "Mum and dad will be out all day. We can do it there; it'll be much better. There's something I want to show you."

"You sure is okay?" Romano asked apprehensively.

"No problem!" Josh assured him. "Mum and dad won't be back for hours."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They climbed the stairs to Josh's bedroom. As soon as they were safely inside, Josh began to help Romano remove his tee-shirt.

"You close the curtains, no?" Romano enquired, still looking a bit nervous.

"No need," Josh said grinning. "Nobody can see us, not unless they're in a helicopter or something!"

They both giggled, carefully helping each other undress. Within seconds they were both naked. They snuggled up on the bed.

"This is better," Josh commented, "much more comfortable."

"So what is you want to show me?" Romano asked.

"Soon," Josh replied mischievously. "First we do this."

Very gently he drew Romano towards him, their lips meeting in a delicious, sensuous kiss, their tongues intertwined.

"I love being with you," Josh whispered, pulling away for a moment, his fingers stroking Romano's hair.

"Me also," Romano breathed.

Their lips joined together again, the kiss becoming more passionate, their hands roaming everywhere; down backs, over bottoms, along silky-smooth thighs and onto steel-hard penises. Finally they pulled apart.

"You know how we always suck each other off?" Josh asked. "Well, when Ryan and I do it, we suck each other at the same time; I'll show you. Move down the bed."

Romano shuffled down the bed, Josh snaking around so he was facing the other way.

"Buono!" Romano said. "You get on top of me, yes?"

He and Ryan always did it lying on their sides, but if Romano wanted to do it lying on his back with him on top, Josh wasn't going to object. He carefully climbed into position, lowering his penis into Romano's waiting mouth. He licked the head of Romano's cock then took it between his lips, pushing steadily down until he'd got it all. He began to suck, gently pumping his hips at the same time.

Romano's hands went straight onto Josh's bottom, caressing it, massaging it, pulling the cheeks apart. He ran his finger along the Josh's crack, touching the boy's anus. Josh groaned with excitement. It was going to happen; Romano was going to do it! He reached down into his bag, retrieving the tube of KY. He handed it to Romano.

Romano grinned; he knew immediately what it was for. He wondered if Josh's English friend had done this, but it wasn't important. Josh had given him permission to do it; that was what mattered. He applied some KY to his right index finger then pushed it steadily into Josh's bottom. Josh purred contentedly, his dream slowly coming true. He lifted himself off and turned around, getting onto all fours, his knees well apart, his head resting on the pillow.

"You need more lube," he whispered. "Use two fingers. Put some on your dick too."

Romano moved around behind, smearing KY over his index and middle fingers. He pushed them both into Josh's anus exactly as requested. Josh winced slightly, the intrusion somewhat larger than he was used to. He concentrated on relaxing, and after a few seconds the pain went away.

"Move them around," Josh instructed.

Romano did as he was told. There was another flicker of pain, but very soon that too was gone.

"Okay," Josh whispered.

One simple word, spoken almost inaudibly; it was the signal Romano had been waiting for. He carefully withdrew his fingers, smeared KY over his penis and moved in close. He knew straight away that the position was wrong, Josh's anus too high for him to apply much pressure to it. Holding Josh around the hips, he gently drew him backwards until the boy's bottom was above his ankles, his puckered entrance completely exposed. Romano grinned; now they'd do it! He shuffled forwards a few inches, guiding his rampant cock onto its target. He pushed; nothing happened. He pushed harder. Suddenly the ring of muscle relented; he was in. Josh gasped, the pain searing through him.

"Is okay?" Romano asked.

"Yes," Josh said, still grimacing. "Just stay where you are till I get used to it."

Very slowly, the muscles began to relax, the pain ebbing away.

"Okay, you can push it in now," Josh said.

Romano's penis advanced steadily into him, penetrating ever deeper. It brushed against his knobbly prostate that fingers could never quite reach.

"Ohhhh!" he gasped, his cock twitching wildly.

Seconds later he was completely impaled, Romano's tummy pressed tight against his bottom.

"Is good? Romano enquired.

"Yeah!" Josh confirmed.

"We fuck, yes?" Romano suggested.

"Yeah!" Josh breathed.

Romano set to his task, thrusting his penis relentlessly into Josh's rectum, driving over the younger boy's sex-gland on every inward stroke. It was even better than he'd dreamed it would be, the tightness of Josh's hot little tunnel and the boy's quiet moans and whimpers driving him to greater and greater efforts.

Josh was almost delirious, hardly knowing where he was. It still hurt a little, but it simply didn't matter; the pleasure and intensity of Romano's penis pounding into him was everything he'd ever wanted. Romano's right hand slid down off his hip, the older boy's fingers wrapping themselves around his hard little spike. He shuddered violently.

"Ohhhh!" he gasped, his fingers clawing at the mattress, his cock swelling and twitching in Romano's hand.

"Nnng! Nnng Nnnng!!" Romano growled. "Uhhhhhh!!!"

His penis jerked powerfully, jet after jet of sticky boy-spunk spurting into Josh's rectum. Suddenly it was over, their breathing the only sound to be heard. Romano carefully withdrew, sitting back on his heels. His balls ached, his penis the most sensitive it had ever been. Josh flipped onto his side, Romano snuggling up next to him.

"Fantastico!" Romano breathed, smiling warmly.

"Fantastico!" Josh repeated, grinning back.

It had been a life-defining experience, all doubts about his sexuality totally banished.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh was lying on his tummy, his legs apart, a pillow under his hips. Romano was on top, fucking him. Josh had enjoyed everything that he and Romano had done together, but getting fucked was the best, the sheer intensity of it far outstripping anything else. They'd done it so often, it didn't even hurt any more; at least a dozen times over the preceding ten days, he wasn't quite certain. But this would be the last time. The following day he'd be on the plane back to England, and with his parents expected back at the villa in a little over an hour, it was their final opportunity. Young as he was, he was certain that this holiday, and Romano and the pleasure they'd enjoyed together would remain a treasured memory for the rest of his life.

They'd done it among the trees by the lake as well as in Josh's bedroom. They'd tried several different positions too, and this was his favourite, Romano's warm, sweet breath filling his nostrils, the boy's heart pounding against his spine and that beautiful penis thrusting relentlessly into his rectum.

Romano loved it every bit as much as he did. Not only was the physical pleasure quite exquisite, seeing the pretty English boy lying submissively in front of him gave him a sense that if he really tried he could do anything he wanted. But even more important was the realisation that during the few brief moments for which his penis was inside him, Josh was truly and completely his.

There was never any question of reciprocation. This was how they did it; it was what they both wanted. So now they were doing it one last time, each determined to make it as memorable as possible. Not that there was the slightest chance that either of them would forget; if he lived to be a hundred, Romano decided, he would always remember Josh and the two wonderful weeks that they spent together.