By Pink Panther

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Mark took the elevator from his apartment to the underground car park. It was Saturday and he was about to drive to Rachel’s house. He was looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and apprehension; excited by the possibility of seeing Ashley again, apprehensive about how well he’d handle it. A little part of him was hoping that the boy wouldn’t show up, which would solve the problem.

Over the course of the week he’d at least managed to get a grip on his feelings. Being back at work and immersed in the myriad challenges that it presented had certainly helped, but there were other considerations too. For one thing it was all so impractical. Ashley was just one of Ryan’s classmates; that was as far as it went. He’d chatted with the boy about this and that, but there was no possibility of getting close enough to make a move without his intentions becoming all too obvious; it just wasn’t worth the risk.

Then there was his commitment to Ryan. So far the boy had risen to every challenge that had been presented to him. He was determined that Ryan should have the opportunity to pursue a musical career if that was what he wanted. Was he really going to screw it up for the sake of fucking one of the boy’s classmates? It didn’t sound very good when you said it like that.

So for the time being he was going to have to hold himself in check. The one positive note was that Ashley wasn’t even into puberty, so he wouldn’t be losing his allure any time soon. And who could tell what the future might bring? As long as he was patient, there was an outside chance that a suitable opportunity might present itself, although he couldn’t see how. His desire for the boy might diminish in any case. In the meantime, he’d have to keep taking the sensible pills.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mark and the three boys strolled into the showers. The boys were as high as kites; once again they’d had a great time.

It’s a shame this place doesn’t have any water slides,” Mark commented. “That would make it really good.”

I love water slides!” Darren said, bubbling with enthusiasm. “They had some where we went on holiday; they were wicked!”

There’s a pool over the far side of the city that has some,” Mark told them, “not far from where your grandma used to live,” he added, nodding at Ryan. “I could take you there next week if you like.”

Yes please!” Darren and Ashley chorused, grinning enthusiastically.

“Josh gets back today,” Ryan said. “Would he be able to come too?”

Yeah, of course,” Mark assured him. “You guys are all quite slim; we’ll easily get three of you in the back of the car. When we get back to Ryan’s place I’ll check the times of the waterslide sessions,” he continued, addressing himself to Ashley and Darren. “Ryan will tell you when he sees you during the week. We’ll all meet at Ryan’s house next Saturday and I’ll take you from there. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, great! Thanks!” Ashley responded.

Cool! Thanks!” Darren added.

It was time to get changed. Mark put his clothes down next to Ashley’s. Immediately they began to chat. Ashley was full of questions, about grammar school, university all sorts of things, listening attentively to what Mark told him before firing off another question. Mark was captivated. Ashley was so eager to learn; the boy was simply eating out of his hand. It didn’t alter the realities though, Mark reminded himself.

“So what does your dad do?” he asked.

“He’s an electrician,” Ashley told him. “He runs his own electrical contracting business.”

He must have to work some pretty long hours doing that sort of thing,” Mark ventured.

“Very long,” Ashley said, giving him a wry smile. “Even when he’s at home he spends most of his time working, you know, doing quotes, invoices, tax returns, that sort of thing. He says that’s why he wants me to do well at school so I won’t have to do that.”

So I guess you don’t see much of him,” Mark said, nodding.

“Not really,” Ashley sighed. “He never has time to play with us or take us to places; he’s always too busy.”

“What about your mum?” Mark probed.

“Oh mum’s great!” Ashley said, grinning. “She works for an estate agent; she’s the lettings manager. She helps me a lot.”

It all made perfect sense, Mark concluded. This was a relationship to be cultivated, and some time in the future, maybe, just maybe, something more might come of it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So how was the holiday?” Ryan asked.

“Great, thanks!” Josh said, smiling warmly.

“I though you said it was going to be boring?” Ryan queried.

“Yeah, I did,” Josh agreed.

So what happened?” Ryan asked.

When we got there, it turned out that the people who owned the villa lived only about a quarter of a mile away,” Josh said. “They had a boy called Romano; he’s twelve. None of his friends live anywhere near, so we spent pretty much the whole holiday together.”

“Wicked!” Ryan said, smiling.

“Yeah!” Josh confirmed, grinning. “It meant mum and dad could go and do what they wanted leaving me and Romano to do what we wanted.”

“So what did you do?” Ryan enquired.

“Well, he showed me round different places by their farm, you know, the fields and woods and so on; it was great. There was even a lake where we went swimming. It was very cold when you first got in; the first time I tried swimming I could hardly breathe, but it was okay once I got going.”

Ryan sensed that there was more to this than Josh was saying.

“So was that all you did?” he asked pointedly.

“Well no, not exactly,” Josh admitted, looking uncomfortable.

“So go on then!” Ryan demanded.

“After the first time we’d been swimming in the lake,” Josh said quietly, “we were lying on the bank getting dry. Romano said he needed a piss. I said I did too. So we were standing there, peeing into these bushes. Well, I couldn’t help, you know, peeking at it. Of course, mine started to get hard. Then he saw me. I was a bit scared at first; I thought he might be angry, but he just smiled and said he was Italian and always ready for sex. That was how it started.”

“So could he speak English?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, a bit,” Josh said. “Not bad actually, a lot better than my Italian!”

“Cool!” Ryan said, smiling. “So what happened then?”

“We went in among these trees where nobody could see us,” Josh whispered. “We sucked each other off. Romano had never done it before; he loved it!”

“Lucky sod!” Ryan breathed. “I haven’t had anyone to do it with for over two weeks! So are you ready for some now?”

“Yeah!” Josh confirmed.

They quickly stripped down to their underwear.

“You’ve got a great tan,” Ryan commented. “You make me look really pale.”

“Thanks,” Josh whispered, reaching forward to pull down Ryan’s boxer shorts and run his fingers over his friend’s penis.

“So how big was this Italian kid’s cock?” Ryan asked.

“About the same length as yours but a bit thicker,” Josh told him. “He’d got a few hairs round it too, but he’ll be thirteen in October.”

Ryan quickly removed Josh’s briefs. Without saying a word, they snuggled up together on Josh’s bed, each draping an arm around the other’s shoulder.

“Romano showed me some new stuff we could do,” Josh confided.

“What?” Ryan asked.

“This,” Josh said, leaning in and planting a kiss directly on Ryan’s lips.

At first Ryan tried to pull away. Kissing wasn’t something he’d ever contemplated; it seemed girly somehow. But the aroma of his horny little friend was intoxicating, almost overwhelming. He pulled Josh in closer, running his hands down his friend’s back. Within seconds they were kissing passionately, their tongues meshed together.

Ryan was more excited than he’d ever been, his right hand slipping down onto the silky softness of Josh’s bum, his middle finger accidentally slipping into the smaller boy’s crack. Their lips parted. Josh was looking at him intently, their noses almost touching.

“D’you like touching me there?” Josh asked.

“Sorry,” Ryan said, moving his hand from Josh’s bottom.

“No, it’s okay,” Josh said. “I like it. Romano showed me something else too.”

“Yeah?” Ryan queried.

“He fucked me up the bum,” Josh whispered.

Ryan was caught completely off-guard.

“So did you like it?” he queried.

“Yeah!” Josh breathed, his eyes sparkling. “It was fantastic!”

“Didn’t it hurt?” Ryan asked.

“It did a bit when it first went in,” Josh admitted, “not really though.” He paused for a second. “I’d been practising.”

Ryan eyed him quizzically.

“You know, sticking my fingers up there,” Josh added by way of explanation.

Ryan was about to ask what had given him the idea but stopped. It was the older guy Josh had been chatting to online; it had to be. The thought bothered him; it didn’t seem right somehow.

“I’d love you to fuck me,” Josh continued.

Ryan hesitated; it was all going too fast.

“Can’t we just suck each other off?” he suggested. “I love that.”

Josh was a little disappointed, but there was nothing he could do.

“Yeah, course we can!” he said, grinning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

FMF: Hello Tiger! Great to see you back online! Was the holiday as boring as you expected?

JT: No, it was okay, actually. I met this boy called Romano. His parents owned the villa we were staying in. They only lived a short distance away, so we hung out together just about every day.

FMF: Cool! So how old was he?

JT: Twelve.

FMF: Nice looking?

JT: Yeah! Great tan; he had a nice dick too, a bit longer than mine and thicker with just a bit of hair round it.

FMF: So did something happen then?

JT: Yeah! He taught me how to kiss then we sucked each other off. It was wicked!

FMF: Excellent! I’m pleased you had a good time.

Josh wondered if he should tell Mr. Fox that Romano had fucked him, but decided not to.

JT: Best holiday ever!

FMF: I’ve got some time off work next week; I’d love to come up and meet you somewhere.

Josh’s heartbeat quickened, his hands feeling cold and clammy. Mr. Fox lived down in London, over a hundred miles away; this was never supposed to happen.

JT: So what would we do?

FMF: Whatever you want. We could go out somewhere, have a meal together, whatever you like, then afterwards I’d take you somewhere private, you know?

JT: I’m not sure.

FMF: It’ll be cool, I promise. You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Josh turned the idea over in his brain. Ryan had told him not to do that, but he was fed up of always doing what Ryan said; he wanted to make up his own mind for a change. In any case, Fantastic Mr. Fox was all right.

JT: I won’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. Is that a promise?

FMF: Yeah, absolutely!

JT: Okay then. When d’you want to meet me?

FMF: How about Friday next week?

JT: Yeah, cool! We’d need to meet quite early ‘cause I’ll have to be back home by teatime.

Simon nodded; he’d expected that; he’d rent an apartment for Thursday and Friday night then drive back to London early on the Saturday. It wouldn’t come cheap, but Josh was well worth the investment.

FMF: Yeah, that’s fine; I was thinking of meeting around ten o’clock. Where d’you want to meet?

JT: Outside Newton Valley Leisure Centre.

FMF: You don’t happen to know the postcode do you?”

JT: No sorry.

FMF: Not to worry; let’s see what I can find. Give me a minute.

Simon went into Googlemaps and searched on ‘Newton Valley Leisure Centre’. He got three results, two of which gave the postcode. He smiled; the place was even quite easy to get to.

FMF: Yeah, that’s cool; I’ve found it. So you’ll be there ten o’clock on Friday of next week, right?

JT: Yeah! We’ll chat again before that, won’t we?”

FMF: Yeah, I hope so. Can you make sure you’re online the day before, say around nine o’clock in the morning, so I can check everything is okay?

JT: Yeah, no problem.

FMF: What will you say to Ryan? He won’t get suspicious will he?

JT: I’ll just tell him I’ve got to go and meet my mum, something about getting my school uniform. He won’t bother; he’s got these other kids he hangs out with.

FMF: Sounds as though you don’t like them much.

JT: They’re okay, but they’re in his year so I don’t know them very well.

FMF: I see. So what would you like to do now?

JT: The usual, you know! LOL!!

FMF: Sounds great! Let’s do it!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was almost half past eleven when they arrived at Alder Grange Pool. They got their things together and made their way into the foyer. There was a price list on the wall.

“Wow! It’s very expensive if you want to play on the slides,” Ashley said, looking devastated. “I haven’t brought enough money!”

“Don’t worry; my treat!” Mark told him.

“Really?” Ashley queried. “Wow! Thanks!!

“Yeah, thanks!” Darren added, giving Mark a big grin. “That’s wicked!”

Once Mark had purchased passes so that they could play on the slides as much as they wanted, they hurried through to the changing room. They quickly got ready, making sure that they put on the wrist bands that would tell the lifeguards that they were untitled to unlimited rides. Finally, they made their way to the pool.

Josh looked around, taking stock of the unfamiliar surroundings. Unlike Newton Valley, where the pool was L-shaped, with the diving area was off to one side, this one was rectangular. At the deep end there were three-metre and five-metre diving platforms, but no springboard. The diving boards were set on one side of the pool, the other side being roped off for lane swimming. The area at the shallow end on the same side as the diving boards was marked off as a children’s play area, but there were no mats or rings to play on.

Josh grimaced; the two features of the Newton Valley Pool that he most enjoyed, the mats and the springboard, were missing. He trailed after the other boys, who were heading for the deep end. Directly behind the diving boards was the splash-down area for two of the water slides, the third one emptying into a long narrow channel next to that.

“What’s that for?” Darren asked.

“Oh, that’s for the death slide,” Mark said casually. “The other two curve round and round, probably like the slides you’ve been on before. That one comes straight down.”

“Straight down from up there?” Darren queried.

He was pointing to the top of the ladder on the opposite side wall; the drop had to be around thirty feet. Mark nodded.

“Fuck!” Darren exploded, his eyes widening. “Ooh, sorry!! Come on!” he said, turning back to his friends. “Let’s try the other two!”

He led the way to the ladder and began to climb, Ashley and Ryan close behind. Somewhat apprehensively, Josh followed them, not at all sure he was going to enjoy the experience. As he reached the top of the ladder, Darren and Ashley were being directed onto adjacent slides. He and Ryan would go next. He was very nervous.

“You’ll be fine,” Mark said reassuringly from over his shoulder.

A few seconds later, the attendant directed him towards the right-hand tube. He climbed in and sat down.

“Go!” the man barked.

He pushed off. Immediately he began hurtling downwards, far faster than he expected. He found it hard to adjust to all the twists and turns, repeatedly getting knocked from one side of the tube to the other. He landed in the splash-down area and came to a halt, relieved to have made it; he hadn’t enjoyed it at all.

Very gingerly he got to his feet. Ryan was already out of the water and heading back towards the ladder where Darren and Ashley were scurrying upwards, clearly eager for another go. He sighed with exasperation, wishing desperately that he could be like them, but he couldn’t; even Ryan was showing him up. It was the same when they played football; Ryan wasn’t very good, but he could get by. He couldn’t; he was hopeless.

As Mark hit the splash-down area, Josh was standing disconsolately on his own. He went across to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked gently.

“Yeah,” Josh said with an obvious lack of enthusiasm. “It’s very bumpy, isn’t it?”

“It is a bit,” Mark said soothingly. “Would you like to come down with me?”

Josh was embarrassed; that was something the younger kids did. Still, it would be better than getting knocked about all over the place.

“Yeah, okay,” he said.

They climbed to the top of the ladder.

“Is it okay if this young man comes down with me?” he asked. “He’s not done this before.”

The attendant looked at them quizzically. Josh looked a bit too old to be doing that; on the other hand Mark was big enough to keep control.

“Yeah, okay,” he said dismissively.

They climbed into the tube, Josh sitting between Mark’s knees, Mark’s hands holding him just below the armpits. They sped smoothly down, Mark steering them expertly around the snaking curves until they were deposited into the shallow water at the bottom.

“So how was that? Mark asked.

“Much better, thanks,” Josh said.

“Ready to have another try on your own?” Mark suggested.

“Yeah, okay,” Josh agreed nervously.

They climbed back up the ladder.

“See you at the bottom!” Mark said, giving Josh an encouraging smile as they climbed into their tubes.

Although Josh pushed off first, Mark beat him down. Mark turned round just in time to see Josh emerging untidily from his tube and landing awkwardly in the water below. He walked across, helping Josh to his feet.

“You okay?” Mark enquired.

“Yeah, I guess,” Josh said. “I can’t steer like you did. I prefer the pool at home, with the mats and the springboard. I’m not too bad on them.”

Mark shook his head; Josh had been taken out of his comfort zone and he wasn’t happy. Moments later they were joined by the other three who had just completed their fourth run.

“I’m going to try the death slide!” Darren announced. “So what’s it like?”

“Well, it drops straight down, like I told you,” Mark said. “The other thing is that the tube’s not see through like the others; it’s black, so you can’t see a thing.”

“Wow! Come on lads!” Darren enthused “We’ve got to try this!”

“Well just make sure you do exactly what the lifeguard tells you,” Mark cautioned.

“Are you coming?” Darren asked, addressing himself to Josh.

Josh shook his head a little sadly.

“We’re not all adrenalin junkies like you,” Mark commented. “We’ll wait here. Off you go!”

Darren trotted across to the ladder, Ryan and Ashley in his wake. Josh felt a little pang of resentment; it seemed that Ryan preferred being with Darren and Ashley to being with him. That hurt. A few seconds later Darren came flying out of the black tube and along the narrow landing channel. He quickly pulled himself out of the water and trotted over to them.

“Man! That was such as buzz!” he declared. “I’ve got to do that again!”

In quick succession, Ryan and Ashley were down too; they seemed not to share Darren’s enthusiasm.

“Are you going again?” Darren demanded. “I am; it’s wicked!”

“I’ve done it once,” Ryan said, with a note of finality. “That’s enough.”

“Well I’m doing it again!” Darren retorted. “Er, so what happens if you don’t keep your knees together?”

Mark leaned forwards, whispering right into Darren’s ear.

“Man! That’s bad!” Darren said, his eyes the size of saucers.

“What did he say?” Ashley enquired.

“He said you get all the water up your arse!” Darren announced, loud enough for anyone within fifteen feet to have heard him. “So I guess I’d better do it properly!”

The other boys couldn’t help giggling, even Josh.

“Go on, scamp!” Mark said, smiling broadly.

Darren headed back to a ladder, climbing it like a monkey.

“He’s mad,” Ashley said quietly. “Great kid though; he’s such a laugh.”

Mark wished he could have taken some of Darren’s self-confidence and transplanted it into Josh; it was what the boy needed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After the water slides they spent some time on the diving boards, but with both swimming lanes crowded with adults and no floating mats in the play area, the place had become boring; even Darren was happy to leave. They made their way back to the changing room, Josh and Mark bringing up the rear.

“So are you looking forward to starting at the High School?” Mark asked.

“Yeah,” Josh said nervously. “I’m not looking forward to having to do games though; I’m useless. I guess I’ll just have to get on with it.”

“Oh, you’ll find there are other boys who are no better than you are,” Mark said. “You won’t be on your own, so don’t worry about it. At least you go swimming; lots of boys never come near places like this.”

That was true, Josh reflected. James and Philip, his two friends from Stainmoor who’d be joining him at the High School, spent all their time watching television and doing stuff on the computer.

They showered, collected their clothes and began to get changed. Quite deliberately, Josh stood where Mark could see him and pulled his shorts off, his penis becoming rock-hard in an instant. Mark grinned, giving him a cursory inspection, then turned his attention to Ashley. Josh was devastated. Ashley wasn’t a musician, he wasn’t anything special to look at, he only had a small dick and it wasn’t even hard, but he’d got Mark’s attention one hundred per cent.

What Ashley could do was talk; Josh wished he could do that. He could talk about music, and recently he’d learned to talk about sex, but that was it. Mark and Ashley were talking about ordinary stuff, school mainly; if he tried to do that, he just ran out of things to say. He was close to tears. He quickly pulled on his underpants, wishing that they’d gone to Newton Valley like they usually did.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Lying snuggled up on Josh’s bed, Ryan could sense that something wasn’t right; Josh was very tense, as though he was upset about something.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Josh didn’t answer.

“I said tell me what’s wrong,” Ryan demanded.

“It looks like you’d rather be with Darren and Ashley than hanging out with me,” Josh said evenly.

“That’s not right,” Ryan said firmly. “You were away for two whole weeks, remember? I wasn’t going to stay on my own all that time, was I? And they’re okay; I couldn’t just dump them afterwards. Anyway, what’s going to happen when you go to high school? Who am I going to hang out with then?”

“What about at the pool on Saturday?” Josh countered. “You hardly even spoke to me.”

“Well, after Uncle Mark had taken us all that way and paid for us all, I had to make the most of while I was there. I know it wasn’t really your thing so you got a bit left out, sorry. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to go there every week; we’ll probably never go again.”

Josh was losing the argument and knew it. Even so, he couldn’t help giving it one more shot.

“And afterwards, while we were getting changed,” he said. “Mark pretty well ignored me; spent all his time talking to Ashley.”

“That’s not fair,” Ryan snapped, irritated by Josh’s petulance. “Mark spent most of his time with you while we were in the pool, making sure you were all right; what about that? And you needn’t worry about afterwards; Ash could talk for Britain! He’s like that with everybody.”

“I’m sorry,” Josh said quietly, feeling thoroughly chastened. “I’m being selfish, aren’t I?”

“You had a bad day,” Ryan said. “Forget it. We’re still mates, just like we’ve always been, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed.

“So are we cool?” Ryan asked, looking right into Josh’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Josh repeated.

“Show me,” Josh ordered, pulling his friend into a passionate kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Simon pulled onto the car-park of Newton Valley Leisure Centre; it was two minutes to ten. He drove to the furthest corner where there were no other cars, and as far as he could tell, no CCTV cameras. He got out, locking the car with the remote. The covered cycle rack, next to the entrance; that’s where Josh had said he’d be. He strolled across, just hoping that the kid would show up. He spotted the boy from fifty yards away, blue denim shorts and a Spongebob Squarepants tee-shirt. His pulse quickened; in the flesh Josh was even more stunning than he’d appeared on the webcam.

As soon as Josh saw the man heading towards him he knew it was Mr. Fox. His heart was in his mouth. After straightening things out with Ryan earlier in the week, he wasn’t even sure he ought to be there, but he’d made a promise and wasn’t going to go back on it.

“Hi Josh,” Mr. Fox said. “I’m Simon.”

“Hi Simon,” Josh responded nervously.

“My car’s over in the far corner,” Simon continued, “black Jaguar XK. Give me a minute or so then follow me over there. Get into the front passenger seat and we’re out of here.”

He turned on his heel, heading back the way he’d come. Josh waited until he’d almost disappeared, checked that nobody was watching, and followed after him. He spotted the car sitting completely on its own. This was it, decision time. If he was going to bottle out, he’d have to do it now. He kept walking. Reaching the car, he opened the passenger door and got in. The engine was already running. Seconds later they were on their way.

“So what would you like to do this morning?” Simon asked, smiling. “Would you like to go to a theme park?”

“I’m not very keen on theme parks,” Josh said. “I don’t like being scared half to death.”

Simon had not expected that response; although far more sexually adventurous, Josh was clearly much less of a thrill-seeker than most boys he’d chatted to.

“So what then?” he enquired.

“I’ll show you,” Josh said. “Take the next turn on the right.”

They turned onto one of the lanes that ran around the perimeter of the country park.

“There’s a car-park just up ahead,” Josh advised. “You can pull in there.”

Simon parked the car on the rough gravel. They got out.

“This is nice,” Simon commented.

“Yeah,” Josh said, smiling at him. “It’s great. Twenty years ago this was all derelict industrial land; that’s what mum told me”.

“They’ve done a pretty impressive job then,” Simon observed. “You’d never know it wasn’t always like this. Well lead on; you seem to know where we’re going.”

They walked for several minutes, enjoying the warm August sunshine. There was no conversation; Josh couldn’t think of anything to say. Finally he led the way onto a grassy bank and sat down, Simon flopping down next to him. They took in the view, the country park stretching away in front of them.

“I love it here,” Josh said. “It’s so peaceful. I often come here if the weather’s good.”

“On your own?” Simon enquired.

“Sometimes,” Josh said. “Sometimes I come here with Ryan. It’s a great place for, you know, just hanging out.”

“Great place for other things too?” Simon ventured.

“Not really!” Josh said giggling. “I guess you could go into the woods if you wanted to do that.”

“So have you?” Simon asked, “You know, done stuff outdoors?”

“I did when I was in Italy,” Josh told him. “Not here though.”

“So why not here?” Simon queried.

“Don’t need to,” Josh said. “Ryan’s mum’s out all day, my mum and dad are out all day; there are always places we can go if we want to do it without having to worry about, you know, people accidentally stumbling over us.”

“So what about now?” Simon asked.

“I thought you’d got somewhere private to take me?” Josh countered.

“I have,” Simon assured him. “We’ll go there later, after we’ve had lunch. I was just wondering if you’d like a quick warm-up session.”

“No thanks,” Josh said, grinning. “Let’s wait till later.”

“Well, will you just take your top off for me?” Simon asked.

Josh grinned, pulling his tee-shirt over his head. Simon sucked in air.

“You’re gorgeous,” he breathed.

Josh lay back on the grass, smiling. Simon sat quietly, admiring the half naked boy stretched out next to him.

“So what do you do?” Josh asked, looking up.

“You mean work?” Simon enquired.


“I’m a currency trader,” Simon told him. “I work for one of the big banks.”

“Does that mean you make lots of money?” Josh asked.

“I do okay,” Simon replied, grinning.

“I thought so,” Josh said. “Your car’s really cool.”

“Thanks,” Simon acknowledged. “So what do your mum and dad do? By the looks of your bedroom they don’t do too badly either.”

“Dad’s the managing director of a big engineering company,” Josh said. “Mum’s a solicitor.”

“I thought it must be something like that,” Simon commented. “So you get on with them okay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Josh said guardedly.

“So what does that mean?” Simon probed.

“Dad wanted me to be good at tennis and cricket,” Josh said, “but I’m not; I’m useless. He’s not nasty to me or anything; he just doesn’t have much to do with me. Mum’s great though. She always comes to concerts when I’m playing; dad never does.”

“So you’re well into your music then?” Simon continued.

“Yeah,” Josh said. “It’s the one thing I’m really good at.”

Simon nodded; the pieces of the jigsaw were all fitting into place. Josh was quieter and more studious than he’d expected, far less confident too; not at all the horny little risk-taker he’d appeared to be in their webcam sessions. But he wasn’t complaining. Josh’s dad had turned his back on the boy because he wasn’t the sort of son he’d hoped for; that’s what had given him his opportunity. And he certainly wasn’t complaining that he was having a far more relaxing morning than he’d expected. He reached across, gently stroking Josh’s thigh.

“Let’s do that later,” Josh whispered. “Someone might see us.”

“Okay,” Simon agreed, removing his hand.

He lay down, continuing to marvel at the boy’s beauty. There wasn’t much conversation; it seemed unnecessary somehow. It was all working out for him, Simon reflected; in just a couple of hours he’d take the boy back to the rented apartment and they’d have the most wonderful sex imaginable. He checked his watch; it was ten past twelve.

“Are you hungry yet?” he enquired.

“I’m always hungry!” Josh said grinning.

“Come on then,” Simon said, smiling back. “Let’s get something to eat.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They had lunch at a small pub restaurant close to the park. They took their time; Simon didn’t want to rush the boy.

“Are you ready?” he asked finally.

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed.

Josh sat anxiously in the front passenger seat as the car headed towards the city. This was it. This was why Simon had traveled all this way; they were going to have sex. Doing it with someone so much bigger and older than him was completely different from doing it with Ryan or Romano; it was making him nervous.

Eventually the car pulled into the car-park of a large apartment block. Josh eyed it apprehensively. It didn’t look very nice, and the area they were in seemed quite rough. They got out of the car and made their way inside.

“Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe,” Simon assured him, sensing the boy’s unease, “and the apartment’s really nice inside. The most important thing is that it’s private. There are so many different people living here, nobody takes any notice of who’s coming and going.”

They took the lift to the seventh floor. Stepping out onto the landing, Simon quickly unlocked the door of the apartment immediately opposite. He ushered Josh inside, locking the door behind them. Josh relaxed immediately; despite the somewhat depressing surroundings, the apartment was beautiful.

“Wow! This place is cool!” he breathed.

“Yeah, I told you it was all right,” Simon cooed, putting his arm around Josh’s shoulder and shepherding him though to the bedroom. “Take your shoes and socks off,” he said quietly.

As Josh readily complied, Simon quickly removed his own footwear then placed his hands on the hem of Josh’s tee-shirt, gently drawing it over the boy’s head.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

Josh smiled, feeling a little embarrassed. His mum’s friends all described him using words like ‘cute’, but beautiful, that was different.

Simon sat on the edge of the bed. He reached out, undoing the button at the top of Josh’s shorts and pulling down the zip. He ran his hands inside the waistband, easing them off the boy’s hips. They fell to the floor, leaving the lad dressed only in his pale blue briefs. There was an invitingly hard bulge in the front. Simon took a deep breath and gently pulled them down. His eyes widened. The boy was perfection; there was simply no other word for it.

“Beautiful cock!” he breathed.

He leaned forwards, extending his tongue to lick the tip of Josh’s penis. It tasted sublime. He opened his mouth, his lips closing over the boy’s throbbing spike. He pushed down steadily, savouring every millimetre. He ran his hand up the inside of Josh’s thigh, his middle finger reaching up to massage the boy’s perineum. Josh was almost purring, his slender fingers running through Simon’s hair. Simon responded, sucking hungrily, working his tongue all over the small, shiny head; this was going even better than he’d expected. Finally, he pulled slowly back, allowing the boy’s cock to slip from his mouth.

“Was that okay?” he asked.

“Yeah! Josh assured him. “That was wicked!”

Simon quickly pulled off his polo shirt. Josh looked on in admiration; the man really was very good looking.

“D’you want me to . . . , you know?” he asked.

“Yeah, cool!” Simon agreed, getting to his feet.

Josh quickly undid Simon’s jeans, skinning them down the man’s legs and over his feet. He stood up again, very sensuously removing Simon’s boxer-briefs. His eyes widened; in the flesh, Simon’s cock appeared even bigger than it had on the webcam. Rather gingerly, he took it into his hand, noting that his slender fingers could barely reach around it.

“Wow!” he whispered. “It really is big, isn’t it?”

Simon picked him up, placing him gently on the bed. They snuggled up together, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Simon was enraptured, intoxicated, his nostrils filled with the aroma of hot, sexy boy; he’d never dreamed that Josh would kiss so beautifully. He ran his hand along Josh’s thigh and onto his bum, silky smooth and wonderfully soft. He took the tube of KY from under the pillow, squeezing some onto his fingers. He located Josh’s pucker, gently running his fingers around the rim.

It was time to move towards his objective. Very carefully, he pushed his index finger into Josh’s anus, working it steadily in and out. There was no protest, their lips still locked together, Josh’s tongue still playfully entwined with his own. Simon glowed with satisfaction. Everything was working out exactly as he’d hoped; in just a few minutes his penis would be deep inside Josh’s rectum, fucking the boy into oblivion. He inserted a second finger. Josh pulled sharply away.

“I don’t want you to fuck me,” he said, a note of alarm in his voice. “You’re too big!”

“Come on, babe!” Simon cooed. “I’ll be very gentle, I promise!”

“No!” Josh protested, alarm turning rapidly to panic. “You said I wouldn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to! You promised!”

Simon looked up, the boy’s face white with terror, a tear running down his cheek. The decision was made for him. He wasn’t going to rape the kid; the ultimate prize had eluded him. He’d come so close, but it wasn’t going to happen; the beautiful Josh was just too fragile, too sensitive. It was a bitter disappointment.

“Don’t cry,” he said soothingly. “It’s okay; I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

He cradled Josh in his arms, the boy gradually relaxing again.

“I’m sorry,” Josh said finally. “I just got really scared.”

“My fault,” Simon conceded. “I got ahead of myself.”

“D’you want me to suck you off?” Josh asked nervously.

“Are you okay with that?” Simon enquired.

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed.

“Great! Simon whispered. “Just watch your teeth, yeah?”

Josh clambered into position, kneeling astride Simon’s chest. He held the man’s penis around the base, licking all over the large purple head then taking it into his mouth. He began to suck, going deeper on each stroke until he was about halfway down, as far as he could go without choking. Simon was almost ecstatic, the boy’s warm, wet mouth working its magic, the sensations in his penis quite indescribable.

Josh wasn’t tall enough for them to do a sixty-nine, but his position did afford other possibilities. Simon pushed himself up on his elbows, lapping eagerly at the boy’s anus. Josh steeled himself, sensing that Simon’s orgasm was very close. He’d bottled out of getting fucked; he was going to do this properly. Romano had cum in his mouth, but he only squirted a few drops, hardly anything compared to what he knew Simon could produce.

“Nnng! Uhhh! Nnnng!” Simon groaned, his breathing suddenly shallow and uneven.

A moment later, his cock jerked violently, a volley of thick, creamy spunk blasting into Josh’s mouth. Instinctively, Josh pulled back, giving him room to swallow. Before he had chance to recover, Simon’s penis jerked a second time, jumping out of his mouth, the man’s semen hitting him in the face. Undaunted, he plunged straight back down, slurping and swallowing till he’d taken everything Simon had to give before allowing the man’s cock to slip from between his lips.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The Jaguar bowled quietly along, heading back towards Newton Valley.

“Could you turn right here please?” Josh asked. “Drop me off in the village; I’ll walk home from there.”

Simon turned the car off the main road and onto the high street, bringing it to a halt opposite the war memorial.

“Thanks for coming,” he said quietly. “It’s been great. We’ll chat again soon.”

“Yeah, thanks!” Josh responded.

He got out of the car and closed the door. Simon released the brake; the car gliding smoothly away. He shook his head sadly. Josh was the most beautiful, most affectionate boy he’d ever met, and he’d given him the most amazing blow-job, but he was still disappointed, feeling, he guessed, like the Olympic athlete who had won a silver medal when what he really wanted was gold.

He wasn’t sure if he would chat to Josh in the near future. He wasn’t planning a second attempt; there was no point, even if Josh agreed to meet him again. In any case, he had other fish to fry. It was like they say about buses; you wait for ages then two come along at once. Brandon was twelve; Simon had been chatting to him for just over a month. He was a few inches taller than Josh and very slim, with a disproportionately large cock for a boy of his size. Though still delightfully free of pubic hair, he could cum prodigiously. While not in the same league as Josh in the looks department, with his short, mousey-coloured hair, he had his own ‘hard-boy’ type of cuteness that Simon found very attractive.

The personalities of the two boys were an even bigger contrast than their appearance, Simon reflected, Josh quiet, studious and gentle, Brandon brash, uncultured and as tough as old boots. But the real bonus was that Brandon lived in Upminster, at the eastern end of the District Line. Simon didn’t even have to go and fetch him; Brandon simply took the tube, Simon meeting him at Whitechapel station, only a short distance from his apartment.

There had been two meetings so far, with a third set for the following afternoon. They hadn’t gone all the way; Brandon was a still a virgin and very tight, and as the boy was so readily available, Simon had chosen to take his time. Brandon didn’t kiss and wouldn’t let Simon cum in his mouth, but he would allow the man to fuck him, and the next afternoon, that’s exactly what they’d do.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh let himself in through the front door and headed directly to his bedroom. He kicked off his trainers and flopped down on the bed, mentally replaying the day’s events. It had all been going so well until he’d realized what Simon was planning. He’d been stupid, he told himself. If he’d thought about it for a moment, he would have known that that was what the man would want.

He’d been lucky; Simon was all right and he’d got away with it. But suppose the man had just carried on? There wouldn’t have been a thing he could have done about it. He might have got badly hurt, or worse. Then afterwards everyone would have found out what he’d been doing. None of it bore thinking about. He hated to admit it, but Ryan had been right; it was a risk he should not have taken. Or was it? After all, he hadn’t got hurt. He’d thought that Mr. Fox would be okay and he had been. He couldn’t work it out; if only there was someone else he could talk to about it but there wasn’t. It was making his head spin.