We’ve disclaimed enough already; I’m sure you know the pack-drill by this time.

Josh is getting more adventurous and has just had his first experience of things not going quite as he expected. So what new adventures are in store for him and his friends? Read on and enjoy!

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“Back to school tomorrow,” Ryan sighed, running his hand down Josh’s back. “We won’t be able to do this any more.”

“Yep,” Josh said, snuggling up closer.

“Looking forward to it?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, sort of,” Josh said guardedly.

“You’ll be fine,” Ryan assured him.

“I’m sure I’ll be okay once I get used to it,” Josh said, grinning. “And James and Philip will be there, so I won’t be completely on my own.”

Ryan didn’t say anything. He didn’t like James and Philip; Josh only hung out with them because they were soft. They drifted through school just doing enough to get by; they drifted along outside school too. They didn’t actually do anything. Their parents had plenty of money and didn’t seem to care.

He reached down, fondling Josh’s erect penis.

“You’re so fuckin’ hard!” he whispered.

“Mmmm!!” Josh purred. “That’s nice!”

He pushed out his tongue, wiggling it provocatively. Ryan moved in close, his own tongue extended. Josh licked it eagerly. Ryan responded in the only way he could. He’d got more and more into kissing since his first experience just a few weeks earlier. He didn’t understand why, but it made him feel hornier than ever. Within a couple of seconds the boys were joined in a full-scale lip-lock, kissing passionately as though it were the last chance they’d ever get.

Ryan ran his hand over Josh’s bum, his middle finger sliding down his friend’s crack. It came to rest on Josh’s puckered hole. Josh didn’t even try to pull away. Ryan paused; a thought, an urge had come upon him. He didn’t know where it had come from, but it was there. He gently pulled his head back a couple of inches, looking directly into Josh’s eyes. This was a big step.

“D’you still want me to fuck you?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah!” Josh breathed, smiling up at him.

Josh quickly retrieved the tube of KY, handing it to Ryan.

“Put some up my bum and some on your dick,” he instructed.

Ryan got up onto his knees, squeezing some KY onto his fingers. He gently rubbed it around Josh’s sphincter without actually pushing inside.

“Come here, I’ll do it,” Josh said, giggling, picking up the tube and lubricating his fingers. “It won’t bite, you know!” he added, inserting first one, then two fingers into his anus. The task completed, he smeared some over Ryan’s cock.

“Are you ready?” Ryan enquired.

“Yeah!” Josh said, grinning. “How are we doing it?”

“Er, sort of . . . .” Ryan said hesitantly, vaguely indicating for Josh to left his legs up.

“Oh, you mean like this!” Josh said, pulling his legs back so that his knees were close to his shoulders, his well-lubed hole completely exposed. “So I get to watch you!”

Ryan moved in close, guiding his cock into position. He pushed hard. It slipped off Josh’s pucker, sliding harmlessly between the boy’s legs.

“Keep hold of it while you push,” Josh advised.

Ryan settled himself for a second attempt, holding his penis around the base as he attempted to thrust it in. For a second or so nothing happened. Suddenly Josh’s sphincter relaxed and he was inside.

“Aaaaahhhh!!” Josh gasped, Ryan’s cock advancing right into him.

“You okay?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah!” Josh confirmed, still breathing heavily. “Just keep still for a few seconds. You pushed in a bit quick; I haven’t taken it for nearly three weeks.”

“Sorry,” Ryan said.

“It’s okay now,” Josh said smiling. “Oooh! Feels really good! Come on! Do it!”

Ryan slowly pulled back, marveling at the tight little sheath that was gripping his cock. Instinctively he thrust it in again. He repeated the process, gradually building it up until he was fucking his friend as hard as he could go. He was on auto-pilot, driven on by the wonderful, unbelievable sensations coursing through his penis. Getting sucked off was great, but this was so much better!

Josh smiled serenely, emitting quiet moans of pleasure. He admired Ryan’s strong, athletic-looking body, shiny with perspiration. He’d waited a long time for this and his patience had finally been rewarded. This was the best ever, made so because it was Ryan, his closest friend, who was joined to him in this ultimate act of intimacy, the bigger boy’s penis thrusting repeatedly over his prostate.

Suddenly his breathing became short and ragged. His legs flailed uncontrollably, his sphincter clamping tight around Ryan’s invading cock, his penis jumping about with a life of its own, trying desperately to pump out the spunk his balls had yet to make. Within an instant, Ryan’s orgasm was there too. He thrust in one final time, plunging forwards to pull Josh into a wild passionate kiss, his cock swelling and jerking deep inside his smaller friend’s rectum.

Then it was over. Ryan gently withdrew, flopping down next to Josh.

“Was that good?” he asked.

“It was wicked!” Josh responded, his eyes shining.

“Man! That was something else!” Ryan enthused. “Awesome!”

“I’m ready for tomorrow now,” Josh whispered, rubbing his nose gently against Ryan’s, their lips coming together in a delicate, sensuous kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh walked in through the gates of Newton Valley High School. He spotted James and Philip almost immediately. He strolled across to them. They greeted him warmly, but then resumed their conversation, about toys, computer games, what they’d been watching on TV, all inconsequential stuff. Josh felt strangely out of place. He’d hardly seen James and Philip during the holiday. So much had happened. He’d moved on; they hadn’t. It was as though they no longer really knew each other.

At twenty to nine, the bell sounded. While the older kids headed directly to their tutor rooms, the year seven students were herded into Lower School Hall. They sat in rows, all looking bright and shiny in their new school uniforms. As soon as they were all settled, they were addressed by Mrs. Calladine, Head of Year Seven. She sounded friendly and welcoming, but firm and no-nonsense at the same time; definitely not a teacher to be messed with, Josh considered.

Finally they were divided into their tutor groups. James, Philip and Josh were allocated to group 7-P, and were lead off to their tutor room by history teacher Mr. Bennett. Inevitably, Philip and James sat together. Josh took a seat immediately in front of them, next to a boy called Andrew.

Mr. Bennett called them to order. As he introduced himself and explained what would be happening over the next few days, Josh took the opportunity to look round at his new classmates. Two of the boys caught his eye. One was Asian, probably from India, Josh thought; tall, slim and very nice looking. The other boy was white, with straight brown hair; he was good-looking too, tall like the Asian boy, but much bigger and stronger.

Mr. Bennett gave them all a copy of their timetable.

“The most important thing that you have to remember,” he said firmly, “is that with the exception of games, gym and swimming, at the start of each new class, you are to report to Lower School Hall to be allocated to your teaching groups. For swimming you must assemble by the pool entrance. For games and gym you and 7-R will have your classes together, the boys in one group, the girls in another, and you report to the main changing rooms. Is that clear to everyone?”

He paused and looked around the room. There were no questions.

“Right,” he said, smiling. “It’s almost time for break. What I’d like you to do now is to stand up, introduce yourselves, and say which primary school you went to. Let’s start here.”

He pointed to the girl sitting on the extreme left of the front row. Josh listened intently as they each took their turn. He noted that the slim Asian boy was Asif Sohail, who’d been to Broadfields Primary, situated on the far side of the village from where they lived; the big white boy was Gary Kendrick, who’d attended Stanhope Manor Primary on the Newton Valley Estate.

After morning break, the process of dividing them into their teaching groups began. Josh soon realised that wouldn’t be seeing much of James and Philip. As expected, he was in the top group for every class; neither James nor Philip was in the top group for anything. Asif also appeared to be in all the top groups. Josh would have sat next to him, but the Asian boy was always with one of his friends from primary school. As a result, Josh found himself next to somebody different in every class. At the end of the day, he made his way home feeling rather apprehensive. He wanted desperately to make some new friends, but thus far he’d hardly made contact with anybody.

Second period the following morning was maths. As their names were read out, Josh noted that Gary was in the same group as him; it was the first class that they’d shared. Josh felt a little frisson of excitement; Gary was someone he really wanted to make friends with and maybe this would be his opportunity. It was odd though. Gary spoke with a strong local accent, and from what Josh had seen of him on the playground the boy was a keen footballer who used his size and strength to maximum effect; Gary was, in short, a rough, tough council estate kid. Josh had never had a friend like that; he usually gave boys like Gary a wide berth, but on this occasion the lad was drawing him in like a magnet. As Josh entered the classroom, Gary was sitting on his own.

“Is it okay if I sit here?” Josh asked.

Gary smiled and nodded. Josh sat down. After a brief introduction Mr. Wainwright started teaching them about ratio. After a question and answer session, working through several examples, he gave them an exercise and they set to work. Josh had covered the topic before and found it easy, but about three quarters of the way through he glanced across; it was obvious that Gary was struggling. Josh quickly showed him what to do.

“Thanks, man!” Gary whispered before quickly getting back to his work. “I’ve got it now.”

Finally the bell sounded for the class to end.

“Okay,” Mr Wainwright said. “You may pack your things away. Complete the exercise for homework and hand it in next time. When you’re ready, put your chairs away tidily and make your way out to break.”

“You done this before, yeah?” Gary queried.

“Yeah,” Josh acknowledged.

“We never done it at Stanhope,” Gary said. “I wasn’t sure what to do at first.”

They went their separate ways. Josh glowed with quiet satisfaction; he and Gary weren’t friends yet but they’d made a start.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Their games class occurred on Thursday morning, in the double period prior to lunch. Josh approached the boys’ changing room with trepidation. This was the one class he was definitely not looking forward to. Games master Mr. Johnson, a big man in his late thirties, ushered them inside.

“Right boys!” he intoned. “Sit down, in silence!”

They all complied; the silence was palpable. Josh looked at him nervously. The man had ‘Don’t mess with me’ written all over him; it seemed inconceivable that any of the boys would try it on with him.

“When I tell you, change quietly into your games kit then sit on the bench until everyone’s ready,” Mr. Johnson continued. “If anyone needs to go to the toilet before we go outside, do it as soon as you’ve changed. And if you can’t manage quietly, I’ll have you changing in silence. Are there any questions?”

A boy that Josh didn’t know put up his hand.

“Yes?” Mr. Johnson demanded.

“Sir, do we have to have a shower afterwards?”

“The showers are always available for anyone that wants one,” he said evenly. “However, you do not have to have a shower unless you get all wet and muddy. So make sure that you have a towel with you in case it is necessary.”

“What about today, sir?” the boy asked.

“The fields are pretty dry at the moment,” Mr. Johnson said, “so you won’t have to have a shower if you don’t want one. Anything else?”

There were no further questions.

“Okay, begin!” Mr. Johnson ordered.

They obeyed instantly, stripping off their school clothes and putting on their games kit. There was the faint buzz of whispered conversation, Mr. Johnson patrolling the changing room, watching them like a hawk. They weren’t expected to remove their underwear, so there was no chance for anybody to peek. Josh shoe-horned himself into his new football boots. They weren’t uncomfortable, but he felt awkward wearing them, like they didn’t really belong. A few boys scurried to the toilets. Soon everybody was ready.

“Right! Make your way out onto the field,” Mr. Johnson instructed. “Jog a lap around the soccer pitches then assemble by the corner of the playground.

They set off. Josh was by no means the quickest, but he wasn’t the slowest either; by the time he’d completed the lap, James, Philip at least half a dozen other boys were well behind him.

The class began with skills practice; they worked in pairs, passing, dribbling and punting. Josh found himself working with Andrew. He wasn’t much good at any of it, but to his relief Andrew wasn’t either. After around half an hour, Mr. Johnson called a halt. They squatted down on the grass awaiting his next instruction.

“We’re going to finish off with a game,” he told them. “Gary and Tommy, you’re team captains,” he continued, nodding towards Gary and the boy sitting next to him. “Gary, you can have first pick.”

Gary and the other boy stood up. He was big too, a fraction taller than Gary with short cropped fair hair.

“Who’s that?” Josh whispered to Philip as the selection process began.

“Tommy Shaw,” Philip responded. “The kids from the estate reckon he’s the hardest kid in the year, you know, from a really rough family. He seems all right though.”

Josh studied him; he didn’t look rough; he looked, well, nice. They sat, waiting to be selected. Josh was sure he’d be one of the last, but to his surprise Tommy chose him around halfway through. The boy couldn’t have noticed how useless he was, Josh concluded as he joined up with the rest of Tommy’s team.

The selections completed, the game began. As there were twenty eight of them, they had to play fourteen-a-side, but nobody seemed to mind. Josh spent the following half hour trotting around, pretending to be involved, while what he was really doing was trying to stay away from the ball. With so many boys on the pitch it was quite easy; when the game concluded he hadn’t touched it once. They strolled back to the changing room. Tommy’s team had won by three goals to two, but Josh didn’t care about that. He’d got through it; that was the important thing.

“Does anyone want a shower?” Mr. Johnson barked.

Unsurprisingly, there were no takers.

“Dirty group!” he growled. “Okay, have a quick towel off then get dressed quietly!”

Josh changed back into his school clothes feeling an enormous sense of relief. It hadn’t been nearly as bad as he’d feared.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh wandered along Lancaster Avenue towards his house. The school week was finally at an end. He’d made it through four days at the High School. It had been okay; better than okay, it had been pretty good. He’d settled into all his classes; even games hadn’t been that bad.

He’d sat with Gary in all their maths and science classes. They hadn’t hung out together at other times, but Gary had definitely appreciated help when he’d got stuck. Although he talked a bit rough, in class he was quiet and hard-working. He seemed determined to do well, Josh thought.

Earlier that afternoon they’d had their gym class. Josh had been awestruck. Gary had a beautiful body and was every bit as strong as he looked. Once again, they hadn’t been required to have a shower afterwards, so Josh hadn’t had a chance to see the boy naked, but he couldn’t stop himself speculating, his cock stiffening inside his briefs as he did so.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The doorbell rang. Josh padded through the hall to answer it. As expected Ryan was standing there. It was the first time they’d seen each other since they’d been back at school.

“Come in!” Josh said, smiling warmly.

“Your mum and dad out again?” Ryan enquired.

“Yeah,” Josh said, grinning conspiratorially. “Let’s go upstairs.”

“Cool!” Ryan breathed, grinning back.

They strolled into Josh’s bedroom. Josh handed Ryan a package.

“Happy birthday for Wednesday,” he said quietly. “Sorry I wasn’t able to bring it round before, but I’ve just been so busy.”

“No problem,” Ryan said, smiling. “Is it okay if I open it?”

“Yeah, of course,” Josh confirmed.

Ryan burrowed his way into the parcel, withdrawing a CD and a small loose-leaf binder.

“Antonio Forcione,” he read from the CD case. “Who’s he?”

“Oh, he plays jazz on classical guitar,” Josh explained. “I found him when I was messing about on Youtube. I thought he sounded pretty good. Then I went on Google and found you could get the dots to go with it.”

Ryan opened the binder.

“Fuck! These charts are rock, man!” he said, his eyes almost falling out. “I don’t think I’ll be playing these any time soon! Can we listen to a bit?”

“Sure,” Josh said smiling.

He slotted the CD into the computer drive. They sat on the bed, Ryan listening intently.

“That’s wicked, man!” he said, shaking his head. “He’s not just pretty good; he’s fuckin’ incredible! I’ve never heard anything like that.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Josh said, smiling.

“So how’s it been going?” Ryan asked.

“Okay, thanks,” Josh told him.

“Made any new friends yet?”

“Starting to, I think,” Josh said guardedly. “It’s hard; we’re in different groups for every class, pretty well.”

“So you’re not with James and Philip then?” Ryan persisted.

“No, we’re in the same tutor group, but apart from that I hardly see them,” Josh told him.

“Cool,” Ryan said. “You’ll be okay. Have you asked your mum about sleeping over after the party?”

“Yeah, she says it’s okay,” Josh confirmed.

“Wicked!” Ryan said, grinning again. “I’m really looking forward to that.”

“Me too,” Josh agreed.

“So what d’you want now?” Ryan enquired.

“You know,” Josh said, running his hand along Ryan’s thigh.

“Let’s do it,” Ryan whispered.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan had resigned himself to the fact that he would not be getting an electric guitar for his birthday.

“You will get one, but not just yet,” Rachel had told him. “You’ll have to be patient.”

Ryan knew what that meant: not pestering her about it; the more he pestered, the longer she’d make him wait. But Rachel always kept her promises; one day an electric guitar would appear, maybe at Christmas if he was lucky. If not Christmas, well, after that it was anybody’s guess. It would probably only be a cheap one; they weren’t rich after all, but as long as it enabled him to play on equal terms with the piano, he’d settle for that.

Josh was the first to arrive. Ryan rushed to the front door, ushering him through into the front lounge room. Even after spending the previous evening together, being with Josh was special, music providing a connection between them that he didn’t have with any of his other friends. They settled down to their customary Saturday morning jam: ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘Round Midnight’, ‘Watermelon Man’; they had just started on ‘Nature Boy’ when Mark appeared, standing in the doorway, listening appreciatively.

“Well done!” he said warmly, applauding as they finished the tune. “You’ve really come on, both of you; that was excellent.”

Ryan put down his guitar and went across to him.

“Many happy returns of Wednesday,” Mark said, hugging him gently.

“Look what Josh got me for my birthday!” Ryan said excitedly, showing him the CD and the binder.

“Now that is quality!” Mark said with obvious enthusiasm. “The guy’s a genius, completely unique too; nobody else does what he does.”

“So have you seen him then?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, I’ve seen him a couple of times,” Mark confirmed. “He was amazing.”

“These charts look well hard!” Ryan said, grinning. “I wouldn’t even know where to start!”

“Hmmm, there are probably a couple we could have a go at,” Mark said, looking through the track list. “We’d have to simplify them a bit. If you want to, that is.”

“Yeah!” Ryan breathed. “That’d be wicked!”

“So are you guys ready to go?” Mark asked.

“Yeah! Ryan confirmed, Josh nodding in agreement.

After saying goodbye to Rachel, they headed off to the pool. As arranged, they met up with Darren and Ashley. The pool was quieter than usual; they spent most of their time playing on the floating mats, Ryan and Josh on one, Ashley and Darren on another, Mark on a third, all battling for supremacy. Finally they headed to the diving boards.

“D’you think I could dive from up here?” Darren asked as they stood together on the five-metre platform.

“You did okay from the three metre board at Alder Grange,” Mark said. “Give it a go. Just concentrate on holding your body position so you go in as straight as you can.”

Darren moved back then stepped forward, launching himself off the board. There was a small splash as he entered the water, but nothing major. A few seconds later he surfaced and swam to the side. He quickly climbed out of the pool, trotting up the ladder to join them.

“Man! That was scary!” he exclaimed, still gasping for air. “The water comes up at you so fast!”

“Did you touch the bottom?” Mark asked.

“Yeah!” Darren said, eyes sparkling. “And then it was whoosh! Right back to the top again! It was wicked!”

“Squeak, you’re mad!” Ashley said, grinning.

A few minutes later they headed back to the changing room. Since the visit to Alder Grange Josh had become more comfortable around Ryan’s friends. That he wasn’t as strong and agile as they were and couldn’t do some of the things they did no longer seemed to matter. They were good kids; he’d grown to like them. He no longer even resented the attention that Mark paid to Ashley while they were getting changed; after all, Mark gave him plenty of attention at other times.

“We’ll be over about four,” Ashley said as they left the pool.

“Yeah, see you then, man!” Ryan responded.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After lunch, Mark handed Ryan a small parcel.

“That’s part of your birthday present,” he said, “the visible bit.”

Ryan quickly pulled it open to reveal a tee-shirt/sleeveless sweater combination top.

“Oh, that’s cool!” he enthused. “Thanks! I’m going to wear this for the party!”

“Have you got your i-pod handy?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, it’s upstairs,” Ryan responded.

“Go and get it; I’ve got some new stuff to download for you.”

Within a few minutes Mark had installed albums by guitarists Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour onto Ryan’s i-pod.

“These guys are superb players and easier to listen to than Frank Gambale,” Mark said, opening up Youtube on the computer and calling up a video. “Here they are playing together.”

Ryan and Josh watched intently as the two guitarists and their band blew their way through ‘Room 335’.

“Awesome!” Ryan breathed as the tune finished. “They’re both fantastic players, but their styles are totally different; even the sound’s different.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Mark said, smiling. “My style’s much closer to Ritenour’s, with that very full sound. Carlton uses a much cleaner sound with more treble and less sustain. I’ve tried playing like that, but it sounds rubbish when I do it. Shall I add this to your Favourites?”

“Yeah, wicked!” Ryan agreed. “Thanks!”

“Okay,” Mark announced, quickly dropping it in. “Time to get some playing done!”

They moved through to the front lounge. Josh usually sat and watched these sessions while Ryan worked on learning new tunes, but Mark had a different idea.

“No new stuff today,” he said quietly, “it’s party time. I want you joining in with us. I think it’s about time you took some solos too; you shouldn’t let Ryan hog all the limelight.”

“I’ve never done that before,” Josh said shyly.

“Well now’s a good time to start,” Mark reassured him. “Just keep on the beat and don’t worry about making mistakes; it’s only us. You know ‘Bags Groove’, yeah?”

Josh nodded.

“Okay, let’s give it a go; in G.”

Josh sat down at the piano; Mark counted it in and they were off. It was the first time he’d played with Mark; having him there seemed to make it much more solid somehow. After two choruses of the tune, Mark called a piano solo. Josh was hesitant at first, but after getting through one chorus he began to loosen up; his second was a big improvement.

“One more!” Mark called.

Josh had always enjoyed playing behind Ryan, but this was something different, an opportunity to show what he could do; it was a good feeling. After one more chorus it was Ryan’s turn. He played crisply through three choruses before handing on to Mark. Josh could tell the difference immediately; the assurance, the flair, the imagination were all in a completely different league. After reprising the tune they brought it to a close.

“Well done! That was great!” Mark said enthusiastically. “I really enjoyed that! Let’s try a ballad; any suggestions?”

“How about ‘Georgia on my Mind’?” Josh offered. “I play that at home quite a bit when I’m relaxing.”

“Sounds good to me!” Mark said, grinning.

With the slower tempo and familiar chord changes, Josh found improvising much easier, opening up far more than he had on the first tune. At the end, both Mark and Ryan applauded.

“You played fantastic!” Ryan said, grinning. “Man! I didn’t know you could play stuff like that!”

“That was superb,” Mark concurred, “the product of a good ear and a good classical training; if we ever need a new keyboard player we’ll know where to come.”

Josh blushed with embarrassment; he wasn’t used to that kind of praise. But being able to express himself in that way had been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things he’d ever done; it had ignited a spark.

Three tunes later, Ryan called a halt.

“Ash and Darren will be here in a bit,” he said. “I’d better go and get ready.” He gestured to Josh. “Come on!”

He led the way up to his bedroom where he changed into his new combo top, plus the new trainers and low-riding jeans that Rachel had bought him. The clothes made him look much older than he was, Josh thought, more like twelve or thirteen rather than just turned eleven.

“It’s special, isn’t it?” Ryan said. “My birthday party, I mean; got to look my best!”

Josh grinned; they headed back downstairs. Almost immediately the doorbell rang. Ashley and Darren appeared, followed by a tall, blond woman whom Mark judged to be in her mid-thirties.

“We bought this between us,” Ashley said, handing Ryan a large parcel. We hope you like it.”

Ashley quickly opened the parcel to reveal a hooded top with broad grey and black stripes.

“Oh, that’s wicked!” Ryan said, eyes sparkling. “Thanks guys! I love it!”

He quickly put it on.

“I suppose you’re going to be a hoodie now,” Rachel said with a note of disapproval, “going round with your hood up so people can’t see who you are.”

“Mum!” Ryan protested. “I ain’t no gangsta!”

“Boys!” Rachel sighed with resigned exasperation as the four of them fled into the back garden and away from a surfeit of adult attention.

“You must be Mark,” the blond woman said, introducing herself. “Julia Holden, Ashley’s mum; he’s told us a lot about you. You seem to have made a real impression on him. He was very keen to get back to school; he seems much more confident too. Before it was “well, I might get into the grammar school”; now he’s really determined to get there. That’s definitely down to you; I don’t know what you said, but it certainly worked, so thanks for that.”

“He’s a good lad,” Mark said quietly, “really eager to learn. All I’ve done is to answer a few questions and try to help him believe in himself; get him to understand that he can do well if he’s prepared to work hard.”

Mark neglected to mention that he’d also been admiring Ashley’s beautiful naked body and imagining all the wonderful things he’d like to be doing with it; he guessed that probably wouldn’t go down too well.

“What time shall I pick them up?” Julia enquired, turning to Rachel. “Is nine o’clock okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Rachel agreed. “Ryan’s usually in bed by then, but now he’s eleven, I’ve agreed to let him stay up a bit longer.”

Julia said her goodbyes and made her way out. Mark wandered into the back garden, watching the boys interact. With the space being quite small they couldn’t do much more than tap the football from one to another, but it was fascinating none the less. He was pleased to see Josh really part of things, no longer expecting to have Ryan all to himself. He smiled. The boys were all very different, but they all had an energy about them, a spirit, a desire to achieve things. They were a pretty special group.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was half past nine. Ashley and Darren had gone home; Mark had left a little earlier.

“Thanks mum for doing all that for us,” Ryan said, giving Rachel a hug. “It’s been great.”

“You’re very welcome,” Rachel said. “It is only once a year after all. I just think you’re very lucky to have such nice friends. Right! Off to bed. And no messing about please; I’ll be up to see you shortly once I’ve finished clearing up down here, and I’d like to find you asleep.”

For once there was no argument. Ryan and Josh made their way up the stairs, tired but happy. They’d had a great day, and to top it off they were having their first ever sleepover. They began to get ready.

“You have the bed, I’ll use this,” Ryan said, in between blowing up the air-bed.

“I thought . . . .” Josh queried.

“Not yet we can’t!” Ryan hissed. “Mum’s going to come in to say good night, remember? But once she’s safely tucked up in bed, I’ll get in with you, yeah?”

“So when will that be?” Josh asked.

“Half ten, eleven o’clock,” Ryan said casually. “It won’t be late.”

“You won’t fall asleep, will you?” Josh prodded.

“No chance!” Ryan said, grinning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan flicked on his torch and checked the time. It was ten to eleven; his mum had been in bed for almost twenty minutes. He slipped off his boxer shorts and crawled in next to Josh.

“Time these came off,” he whispered, tugging at his friend’s underpants.

Josh raised his hips, allowing Ryan to pull them right off. They snuggled up, their arms wrapped around each other.

“I thought you were never going to get in!” Josh breathed.

“I wasn’t going to miss this,” Ryan said, licking Josh’s nose. “This is the best bit.”

“Your mum won’t hear us, will she?” Josh enquired.

“Nah! Sleeps like a log,” Ryan assured him.

They kissed passionately, their tongues dancing with each other. Ryan retrieved the KY from under the pillow. He squeezed some onto his fingers before gently inserting them into Josh’s anus.

“So are you going to give me a special birthday present?” Ryan asked.

“I thought I already did,” Josh teased.

“So don’t you want to . . . ?” Ryan queried, momentarily uncertain.

“Of course I do, silly!” Josh giggled. “My way this time, yeah?”

“Okay, what’s that?”

Josh placed the pillow on the middle of the bed, flipping over to lie face down on top of it, his legs spread apart. He sighed with satisfaction as Ryan lowered himself into position. It wasn’t just that Ryan was going to fuck him; after they’d finished he’d fall asleep in Ryan’s arms. It couldn’t get any better than that.