story codes: M/b (teen1), anal, reluc, cons


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such! A fantasy about a well-meaning but slightly bumbling policeman who can't control his animal lust. There is a lot of story before the 'action' begins, so be patient!

This is a rewrite of a story I did awhile back, but can't seem to find anymore

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a young teen boy, and a description of further sexual acts; if this offends you, do NOT read on.


Henry Miller was an honest policeman. He would've liked to say he was an honest policeman in a dishonest world or something, but that just wasn't the case. Not because the world was that honest, more because there wasn't much of it around apart from forest and a coastline. He was stationed in a remote part of the country by his own choice to boot. No 'get out of the way' promotion or 'you crossed the wrong persons here' re-stationing. He'd chosen to be in this outpost of civilization being not only the first black police officer in the village but being the first black inhabitant, period. You might think that he had some sort of emancipatory goal with that, but you'd be wrong again. Henry transfered away from the city to get away from temptation and gossip. Temptation of a specific kind, too: most cities had vibrant prostitution scenes and most of these scenes had shady underbellies (if you'll forgive the crooked analogy) where the bodies of very young men and women were sold, boys and girls, frankly. Poor Henry had been working for the vice squad and had only scarcely been able to contain his urges when yet another young teen boy was being brought in from the street or some shady 'private house'. Colleagues had noticed something weird about his behavior and had started talking behind his back. Talking was all they did: the police department didn't busy itself with the sexual preferences of its officers and many of Henry's colleagues made no bones about their fascination with certain sexual practices. He wasn't even the only one to have it in for boys. Henry was, however, the only one to have moral problems with his own preferences: he thought it wrong covet these dejected souls who were so much in trouble or so ruthlessly exploited that their only way was to sell their bodies. He didn't want to fight temptation so he looked for a place where there were few, if any, crimes and found the backwater where he ended up stationed. For about a year, nothing much happened. He solved the odd petty crime and got accepted by the community for the fair, likable person that he was. And then the story broke.

“Police baffled by discovery of porn videos featuring the missing boys”. “Federal agents working on tracking origins of boy-porn videos” and other such headlines announced the latest twist in a crime wave that had shocked the nation. All over the country, boys aged 11 to 13 had been kidnapped without any demand for ransom. The kids came from all walks of life, so a political or financial motive was unlikely. Henry had noticed from the beginning that the boys were all quite beautiful: usually a certain amount of androginity in their faces and big innocent eyes looking into the lens of the school photographers whose pictures were mostly used. He had, however, never really sought anything behind that, but the newest revelations made clear that the boy's beauty had indeed been their main common denominator, so now the hunt was on for kidnappers and child pornographers. Even the discovery of the videos had been a lucky chance, since some dimwitted celebrity had been caught with stacks of boy-porn with the videos making headlines the latest additions. Although Henry had followed the case with some interest and a mixture of excitement and discomfort about the way the news media tended to liberally illustrate the story with – only barely censored – images. Never would he have guessed that there would be a connection between these heinous crimes and his quiet, beautiful little coastal community, not until he noticed the vans. For a few days, unmarked vans had been appearing on the local roads, innocuous in themselves, but noticeable for two reasons: there were almost no local businesses employing vans like these and the few that did had them clearly marked and the locals usually drove rugged terrain vehicles, pick up trucks or station cars. A local source was therefore unlikely. Furthermore, a casual enquiry at the only local hotel (five rooms) had revealed that there was no-one staying there at the moment. Upon coming across one of the vans, he decided to follow it. He was in his private car, not the patrol vehicle so he didn't raise much suspicion. Anyway he was an experienced officer who just happened to be stationed in a small town for his own personal reasons. The van drove some miles into the woods until it reached a disused military complex, stopped and unloaded its cargo: two fresh-faced boys, drowsily following four men in dark clothes into the complex. Henry snapped some pictures and made his way back to the station where he immediately looked for recent kidnappings. The boys he'd seen immediately turned out to be the latest victims, so Henry notified his old colleagues in the big city immediately.

“Small town cop chances upon porn kidnap link” was about the most flattering headline the next morning. However, that was nothing compared to the small army of federal agents descending upon Henry's quiet little village. The even had to construct a temporary hotel for the agents. Since the news had broken already (thanks to a loose lipped and overly zealous press officer) they had to move quickly. Despite the derogatory comments, Henry was tolerated along because of his local knowledge. All roads leading to the old military site (two) were blocked and a considerable force entered the area. They drew up positions close to the complex and waited for the order to advance. Ten minutes later, they advanced and twenty minutes and a few shots later, the site was largely overrun. The gang members were being led off and officers started to appear from the main building with a number of boys in various states of undress in tow. They were immediately taken care of by counselors and medical personnel. The agents stood around keeping an eye on the surroundings just in case and Henry wandered off a little. Suddenly a shot rung out and pieces of wood flew through the air just about where Henry had just been. He was already on the ground, however, returning fire and slowly advancing toward the scarcely visible shed where the enemy was located. Other agents swarmed in and covered Henry and each other, overcoming this last pocket of resistance quickly. Henry was the first to enter the complex where a badly wounded gang member lay on the ground squirming. The man was taken away and Henry scanned the dark space one last time. He froze. Somewhere in the corner he'd seen something move. Gun held out, he inched closer, then put the gun away immediately, because there was not a bad guy there, but a victim. Huddled up in the corner was a young boy, shivering with fear, big, blue eyes trained on Henry. The policeman held up his badge and did his utmost to sound reassuring when he said that he was the police and that he wouldn't have to be scared anymore. He was rescued. Henry's attention, however was drawn by a very striking feature: the boy was completely naked. He started to feel apprehensive as he held out his hand to the boy: he had fled the city because of this. A small, shaking hand touched, then grabbed his and all of a sudden the boy threw himself at the man, hugging him closely and sobbing uncontrollable for a few moments. An angel's face turned up to his own, dirty blonde hair straggled and disorganized, big eyes, button nose and sensuously curved mouth curving even more into a feeble smile. Henry looked around for a blanket and found one, but before wrapping it around the boy, he couldn't resist checking out his flawless body. He was slender but slightly toned, heaving chest flowing into flat belly with a kissable belly button, flowing into hairless groin and on to his long legs. The boy's penis was probably just on the verge of developing, gaining size and a more defined shape. His smooth ball sack was still small, though. Most disconcerting of all, however was that the little willie was undeniably becoming bigger and stiffer. Henry couldn't hide the look of consternation on his face as he draped the blanket over the boy's narrow shoulders. As he turned, he offered just glimpse of his narrow buttocks. He wrapped himself more or less in the blanket then stared at Henry, face beet red. Henry's could feel his heart throb in his throat now, so he quickly whisked the youngster away. All the other agents were convening on the front of the main building, so it was just the two of them for a while. To distract himself from the fact that right next to him, holding his hand, occasionally pressing his light frame into him, was a cherub with only a blanket covering his almost painfully sexy body, Henry told him his own name and mentioned the city he originated from. The boy looked up surprised, intimating that he was from a suburb from the very same town, then told him that he was Daniel Palmer, Danny for his friends, he added, flashing a wide smile. Henry smiled back, temporarily mesmerized, then his gaze wandered down. He noticed that the blanket didn't entirely wrap around Danny's body and that certain movements made it possible to peek right at the boy's... throbbing erection! Henry jerked his head to the side and started rationalizing what he'd just seen: panic, great relief, stress, anything that made this a purely physical, involuntary thing. Danny blushed again and – Henry noticed – rearranged the blanket so it closed properly as they were nearing the group of agents. Medics and counselors flocked toward Danny, quickly establishing that he was OK.

Having vacated the site and retreated to Henry's police station, now doubling as local command center, the operation was evaluated. To their dismay, there was no recognizable leader amongst the captured gang members and the boys they'd saved were only about half of the number of abductees. It was quickly decided that the case would be best continued at the head quarters and Henry's town was as quickly vacated as id had been invaded. Left were a few agents, some counselors and most of the victims, waiting to hear from their families or caretakers. Danny had somehow managed to stick to Henry like a tick, riding in the same car and constantly hovering around him at a respectful distance, looking adorable in his too-big shorts and shirt that had been arranged hastily. The boys were placed for the night on various locations and Danny was delighted when it was suggested that he'd stay with Henry, as there was practically nowhere else to stay. Henry agreed, mind whirling and unable to be delighted or terrified. They sat down to a late dinner.

“So, how does a big guy like you end up here?”

Henry explained that he had worked for the police in the big city but that he had been looking for some peace and quiet. Henry said with a crooked smile: “so that worked out beautifully”, at which Danny giggled and said: “sorry”. Henry startled and he rushed to explain that none of this was Danny's fault: that there had been some evil men who were responsible, not him. Danny said however that it was a bit his own fault: he had been solicited on the internet with the promise of getting to be with a man. So that he'd ended up in a porn film ring was somewhat ironic.

“They made us do stuff to men... naked...”

Danny's eyes were cast to the floor. With his head spinning, Henry tried to tell the boy that he didn't need to do this:

“You don't have to tell what...”

Danny continued, however:

“they used to make up scenarios for us to play out, like last week, we made a movie on the beach. I was supposed to be going to the beach alone, but it would be a nude beach, and I wouldn't know that. So I'd arrive and lay down, not noticing that all the other people were naked. So then a man would get up from his towel and walk up to me and look at me sternly. He'd tell me that this was a nude beach and that it was forbidden to wear any clothes. Then I would apologize and quickly strip off my speedos. I would lie down again, but occasionally glance at the man a few yards away, at his crotch...”

Danny swallowed and Henry cut in.

“You really don't have to tell what happened...”

“Yes I do, the judge will want to know, right? I want to tell you first.”

“Um, but...”

“So I would, like, glance at his... penis and start caressing my own body and get a little bit... hard...”

He got hard on command? Henry was completely lost for words and could only swallow. Danny was still fixing his gaze on the floor in front of him.

“Then I'd get up and walk toward the man and ask him if he could rub my back with sunscreen. The guy would agree and walk me over to my towel. I had to lie down and let the man rub me, my back and then... bum and legs, then I would turn around, but I would be completely... hard...”

Danny looked up briefly as the noise of Henry's chair moving got his attention. The man had developed a full erection of himself and needed to change position to give his penis some room. Fortunately the kitchen table blocked Danny's view, so all he saw was the man's concerned and serious face.

“The man would smile and get erected himself and start to rub my body some more. Then he'd ask me if I wanted to touch his penis, which I would do and then he'd grab my head...”

Henry's bone-dry throat made him cough. He offered Danny a glass of water, too.

“Thanks... So... Um... He...”

The boy swallowed, face turning red, gaze now closely examining his toes.

“He'd grab my head and shove my mouth over his... thing and I was supposed to start sucking. I did that and had to stay hard all the time as I sucked him and then he'd... shoot into my mouth, you know, cum, and I'd swallow part of it and let some of it dribble off my chin...”

Danny's head was now redder than a fire engine and he sat frozen, looking down, silent, occasionally scratching his head. Henry was dumbfounded, drank his water, poured some more, downed that and eventually managed to say: “that's terrible”. Danny's surprising reply was a none-too-sure-sounding “yeah, I guess.”

After some more uncomfortable silence Henry announced that he'd be washing up and asked if Danny wanted to take a shower. The kid got to his feet and nodded. He was halfway to the door when Henry blurted out:

“So you only did oral... Um, oh God, I'm sorry, I have no business asking that!”

Danny turned around, looked the man in the eye and produced a chipper-sounding “yep.” He then made his way through the door toward the shower. Sounds of the water flowing sounded oddly reassuring to Henry, a return to some sort of normality after the surreal story he'd just heard. It wasn't unheard of, boys who liked having sex with men, although the boys usually were a bit older than Danny. On the other hand, the boy had been through a pretty traumatic experience and wouldn't be thinking too clearly. On top of that, Danny had been more or less entrusted to his care just like all the other boys had been entrusted to someone responsible to guide them through their first hours of regained freedom. Shaking his head, Henry decided that he would do his utmost to take care of the kid the way he deserved, although he secretly planned a wanking session for later that night as the images of the slender boy sucking on a big black cock – his cock he realized with a start – floated before his eyes. He finished the dishes and went to the living room to switch on the tv for some distraction. He landed in the middle of the news story of the day: the partial capture of the gang of kidnappers en pornographers, he noticed a shot of himself and Danny walking toward the police car that would drive them back. At the same time he heard “hey, that's me!” coming from behind. He turned around and immediately wished he hadn't. Danny was standing there with only a towel around his waist and hair still dripping slightly. He flopped on the couch next to Henry and flashed another smile. Henry sat dumbfounded again for a second, then regained his composure.

“Sorry, you probably shouldn't have seen that, it's way too early.”

Danny's face clouded over for a second and he leaned against Henry, who automatically put his arm around the boy. Danny sniffled a few times and pushed his face against the man's side, reassuring Henry in a sense that, after all, he was still just a kid who'd been in way too big an adventure. He caressed the boy's back and shoulder. They sat there for a few moments until Danny sat up again and – still sniffling a little – asked if he could get something to drink. Henry got up and walked to the kitchen to fetch a drink. When he called back into the room to find out what the youngster wanted, he got no answer until Danny appeared in the doorway, still sporting only his towel. The boy selected a drink and they stood in the kitchen for a while, Danny twisting on his feet a little.

“You know, some of the other policemen said that you liked boys...”

Henry's eyes grew big as he cursed his fellow men of the law who couldn't keep their traps shut in front of a traumatized kid. Danny slowly edged back while he anxiously watched the black man. Henry snapped back to reality in time to stop Danny running away.

“They said that? Well these agents like to talk, especially about some small town policeman who solves their cases.”

“So you don't like boys?”

Amazingly, Danny's face showed deep disappointment, but Henry was by no means ready to confess here and now. Instead he changed the subject.

“You know, you could've dried your hair a little more thoroughly...”

“Well, best do that now, then, and there is only one towel here!”

With that, Danny tore away the towel around his waist and started furiously drying his hair while Henry looked gobsmacked at the slender, pale, perfect body sporting a throbbing boner. Danny too away the towel, his blonde hair standing out in all directions.

“I knew you liked boys! I really hoped you liked boys, too!”

He leapt into Henry's arms, throwing his arms around the man and pressing his hard little digit into the right leg. Henry's mind stopped functioning at that point and all there was left was a direct connection between the top of his spine and the rest of his body. He started to stroke and caress the boy, rubbing a hand between the narrow buttocks and extracting a moan from the boy as he did so. Danny pushed back his delicious bum against the big hand and hoarsely urged the man on. Flashes of remorse and common sense tried to break through the haze of sexual excitement that clouded Henry's mind, but failed. His finger found a target to probe and Danny made very encouraging noises as it did. Soon another finger joined and then even a third made its way into the panting boy's rear passage. Instinctively, Henry dropped his pants and shed his shirt, standing naked, forceful and with raging hard on opposite the lithe boy whose eyes grew big as they took in the full size of the black man's penis. Before he could do anything, however, he was grabbed and laid on the table, on his back, legs pulled up, puckered hole, just barely worked open by the man's fingers, exposed. Henry spit on his hand and lubricated his member, then positioned it at the boy's entrance. He exerted pressure and worked the head in slowly while Danny's face contorted. The boy whimpered, then moaned, then yelled as Henry kept applying pressure, slowly inching his raging member into the narrow, fiery hot rectum. Danny was crying by now, cheeks wet with his tears but his little penis was still completely erect and throbbing to the boy's rapid heartbeat. Mercilessly and entirely lost in an erotic haze, Henry kept pushing, grinding away the resistance of the crying boy's anus. Gradually, the friction got less and the tight hole seemed to get the message: this hot, thick pole wasn't going away. Not long after that, Henry bottomed out, slapping his balls against the boy's bum. He pulled back halfway, waited a second, then thrust all the way in. As he repeated the process, Danny, whose tears were still flowing copiously, froze up, moaned loudly and squirted some clear cum on his heaving chest. Not even that stopped Henry, who was just establishing a rhythm as he felt the anal muscles contract again. He made long, slow strokes, concentrating in feeling the hot passage and still very tight rectum rub against his dick, retreating almost all the way, then thrusting smoothly in again. After a while, his speed increased and kept increasing until he was fucking furiously, lobbing the lithe white boy around like a rag doll while the black dick forced its way into him. Eventually, he slowed down again, occasionally holding still to manage the coming orgasm. Danny, still whimpering, felt the thick pole get even thicker as Henry thrust into him one last time, grunting and already ejaculating his hot semen when he was halfway. Danny let out a loud “ooh!' when he felt his abused rear fill up with searing hot sperm.

As he came down from his ecstasy, Henry re-entered reality and it wasn't pretty: Danny was a mess, fiery red hole still gaping open, dripping large amounts of cum (but almost no blood), quietly sobbing, belly and chest covered with his own cum, cheeks drenched in tears. His penis, which had grown limp after he came, was stiffening again, however.

“Oh no! What... I'm s... Oh no, oh God, I didn't want to hurt you...”

Danny gasped and softly said: “wow.”

Henry didn't know what to say, so he cleaned himself up, then handed Danny a towel and a wet cloth while he proceeded to dab the boy's cum off his chest. Danny looked at him but Henry couldn't look him in the eye and avoided the gaze. Eventually Danny sat up and held the man's arm. Henry was despondent, not even capable of pushing the hand away and muttering he was sorry all the time.

“It's OK...”

Danny tried.

“No it isn't. You're a rape victim, been abused and you're in my care and what do I do? I rape you. It's inexcusable.”

“You were pretty rough, there, but I really love you... I want you, even if it hurts, I even came when you fucked me. Boy, did you fuck me...”

Henry looked away, about to cry, but Danny had other plans. While he had been saying that the man had fucked him, his penis had grown hard again and he gingerly grabbed hold of Henry and pushed his naked body against him.

“You fucked me and I loved it, I came and the hurt was good hurt because it came from you, your big dick in me. You hear me? I loved it.”

“Are... Are you sure?”

“Yes! I'm completely sure! I love your dick, I love you! I have loved men before these bastards kidnapped me and you're a regular hunk!”

There was not much else he could do, so Henry accepted the statement for the moment while he contemplated how he'd give himself up next morning. Danny wanted to sleep with Henry, but he just couldn't bear the thought so he made the spare bed. Disappointed and worried, Danny, still naked, still erected, still gorgeous, watched Henry leave. After hours of tossing and turning, the man eventually fell into a shallow sleep. When he woke, the warm body of Danny was tucked up against him and he daren't push him away this time. The next hours, he slept deeply and peacefully. In the morning, he woke up feeling strange: a warm feeling in his groin. Slowly it dawned on him that he was hard and that a moist, warm thing was working away at keeping him that way. He pushed away the duvet to reveal the heated face of Danny, lips wrapped around his big dick, eyes looking at him with pure love and lust. Once again, resistance melted and Henry just put his hand on the boy's head. With a surprise, he felt the tip of his penis push against the back of the boy's mouth, then break through and slowly enter the slightly gagging throat. Danny did his best to pleasure the big black member and was rewarded by another copious amount of semen, this time gushing into his throat.