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Restroom Suck-off: part 2

Well, I know I said “The End,” but it was kind of more “The Beginning,” really.

Kyle and even Laura noticed how I was real happy when I went back to the hot sandwich concession, but like I said I didn’t tell them about what I’d learned about guys. It was nice having a part of my life with no girls in it, and though I like Kyle a whole lot, he does tell Laura everything, and like I said, I’d had enough of everyone telling me what to do.

So I didn’t say nuthin’, not even to Ollie when he came over and wanted to play. Part of me was busting to tell him about kitty-stroking and how big and exciting guy-dicks are, and getting your Happy, but I didn’t.

It slipped out a little, maybe, when he wanted to play rubbing and I said okay, but only if we did cuddling too and he looked at me weird. In the end we did cuddling but no rubbing, not even dickies out. It was lucky, really, because we did cuddling for too long and Kyle came round the back of the garage looking for something, and he grinned and said “look at you two little fairies,” and ruffled my hair and after that Ollie pushed me off and said cuddling was gay.

So I was thinking a whole lot when me ‘n’ Laura went back to the mall on Monday. I dunno what it was, but she just wouldn’t shut up. All the way there she went on and on about how “homo-sexuals” were okay but I got to promise to stay away from them. Seemed like they were dirty old men but with no raincoats. I promised cross my heart to stay away from any possible raincoat-carrying guys and then kinda tuned-out the same-old-same-old “Bad Touching” broadcast while I thought about Grill.

See, I was getting kinda scared. If touching dickies was gay, and cuddling with boys was gay, then I was making Grill do gay stuff! I was really scared he had figured it out and wouldn’t want to see me any more, and even more scared because if he hadn’t I was gonna have to tell him. “Buddies don’t make buddies do gay stuff.” Everybody knew that.

I was fine. It was easy for me: I could easy stop doing stuff with Ollie that he didn’t want to do anyhow, and stick to guys, except for creepy raincoat homos. Grill didn’t look like he even owned a raincoat.

When we got to the mall, Kyle had that kinda beat down look he gets when he’s screwed up again. He said:

“Hey Scout! Want a Bratwurst?” And when Laura shot him a funny look, he blushed and added, “or a burger?”

No thanks. Those burgers don’t come out of a pack, you know. Kyle makes them. With his hands.

I usually choose a half Bratwurst for my lunch. I can’t eat a whole one, so Kyle keeps the other half at the back and cooks it up next day, even though he’s not supposed to.

“Mister Lowenheimer finally got wise, huh?” I said, and Kyle shrugged in a maybe-yes maybe-no kind of way.

“Or I’ll spring for a Happy Meal,” he said, and then I knew Kyle really had screwed up bad, to need me out ot the way so fast so he could load Laura with jewelry.


Of course with the money for a Happy Meal jingling in my pocket, I headed straight for the arcade, and of course Grill wasn’t there. Nobody was there except a punk I’d seen around there before, who I knew was Al’s nephew.

The only good thing about being early was that Al had a new machine set up near his change booth and I got first crack at it: Doom Star. Guns and spaceships and a real cool sneak-em-up section that got me killed over and over. The only downer was that being new, the gore was fixed at “suitable for all ages” so the bad guys only went “Ohhhhh,” and lay down instead of cool head-bursts and gut-sprays and twitching and stuff.

Still, it ate my quarters so fast I was actually glad to see Laura. She looked around, disappointed a couple other, older kids waiting to get on Doom Star by giving me money and went over to talk to Al.

Bummer. The distraction of having her so close, yapping away, made me get killed out in the baby-level spaceship chase sequence, so I quit in embarrassment and became a spectator.

“So you’ve not had any trouble?” Laura was saying to Al. “Or suspicious types hanging around?”

I stared at the screen and tried to grow my ears on stalks. Al said:

“No, I have an arrangement. My nephew, he is a member of one of the local organizations. Trouble is bad for my business.”

“You mean, um protection?” Laura said.

I knew that tone: like she knew so much better and couldn’t believe the guy she’s talking to is so dumb. Kyle gets that tone a lot. Usually right before he buys her something or does some other kind of kiss-up.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Al shrug. “I am a businessman. They do business. I protect my customers, or I have no business. They are quicker to understand hard times than the IRS, that is for sure!”

“Ah,” she said. “So you do generally keep an eye on your customers. So my little brother there—” I was suddenly both eyes on the screen. ”—you know when he’s here, more or less?”

“Sure. He is early today: usually he is here from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, say eleven ‘til three, and a hamburger if he remembers. I had to speak to him once: about bringing food across, for that I do not permit; but after that, no trouble. He is good boy; I could wish all my customers alike to him.”

I sure owed Al a big thank-you for keeping Grill out of it. I couldn’t quite figure why he’d done that, except maybe Laura had ticked him off with her tone suggesting she knew better how to run his place than he did.


So Monday was pretty much a bust. Laura checked back a couple, three more times at longer and longer intervals, but I made sure to be playing the kiddie games out front where she could see me, and stayed away from the cool games in back where Al’s buddy had nixed the censor thingies for him.

Tuesday was the big zero too, although Laura only checked the once, early on and didn’t bother again. By the middle of Wednesday I’d pretty much settled to the idea that Grill had figured me out and didn’t want any more to do with someone who made him do gay stuff. My guts were all bunched up inside so bad that my playing was way off, and I ended up watching more than playing, and thinking more than watching, too. So when Al’s nephew tapped me on the shoulder, I didn’t think nothing of it.

I looked up at him. “Hey, Slash,” I said and he smiled. He’d been real friendly the last couple days and given me quarters when my play was off, as it mostly has been while I’ve been playing with only one eye on the screen.

He’s got Al’s friendly brown eyes and the same skin tone too, only on him it’s sorta silky, like real creamy coffee. Al makes him wear a wife-beater when he’s around the place, and when he hikes it up to scratch his titty maybe, or his tummy I’d get to having those funny feelings. Grill kinda feelings.

“Hey Scout,” he said. “A word, in back?”

All I could think was that Laura poking around had gotten me in bad with Al, and now I was so screwed. A couple of the other players gave me sympathetic looks as I followed Slash and dragged my ass round to the little office back of the change booth where Al counts the money and fixes himself coffee and stuff.

But Slash didn’t go into the office. He grinned at me and put his finger to his lips, then opened the Fire Exit door. I followed him through, and there was Grill, leaning up against the cement wall like a big shadow with orange hair.

My heart went bumpity-bump and I got tingles all over, ‘specially when he smiled this big, goofy white smile.

“Hey Scout,” he said. “Missed you.”

“You did? For real?” I could hear my voice, all high and silly and I felt all mixed-up inside, like I wanted to cry, only I was happy, and cross with him, too, for staying away too long. He put his arms out and I ran over and hugged him, and then I bust into tears.

He picked me up and I cried on his neck. “I, huh! I thought you’d gone away, or gone work on a oil-rig, or...”

“Hey, there. I just been busy,” he said, and feeling his deep voice all close and rumbly near my ear made me feel better. Or maybe it was his friendly gasoline and guy smell like I recalled from the restroom. “Slash here been keepin’ an eye on you for me. Figured we didn’t need to scare your sister, right?”

“Oh.” I said, glad he didn’t want to include girls.

“Yeah, we figured out something for her and her guy so you ‘n’ me can hang out some. That cool with you?”

Was it ever! I gave him a big grin and said “sure,” and Grill put me down and went into a huddle with Slash, and then me ’n’ Grill went down this narrow little passageway and outside into the parking lot.


Grill’s got the coolest RV. Kinda old, and all shiny silver, and parked-up real close to that Fire Exit. It’s not so big: it only sleeps four, he said. One of the beds is like, in this cool little place right over the driver and you have to go up a ladder to go to bed!

Well, once he’d finished closing all the drapes, Grill sat down on the couch and called me down from there.

“You up for some kissing and cuddling?” he asked.

I sure was! I sat on his lap, facing him, and we played the nicest tongue-kissing game. Every time after we kissed, whoever we agreed was the better kisser got to choose what to take off the other person!

Of course with Grill being a kisser so much longer, I ended up mostly bare pretty quick. I didn’t mind, though, because Grill didn’t only take whatever he chose off me, he kissed me on all the places where the clothing had been. He kissed my toes — it felt real weird, in a nice kind of way, and my legs too, although that was really cheating because they weren’t covered up. When he took my shirt off, he kissed my tummy and my under-arms, although that was too tickly and I made him stop. When he kissed my titties — he called them “boy-nips” — zowie-zowie-zowie! If he hadn’t been cuddling me too, I think I would of bounced off the ceiling!

Then when I was down to my tightie-whities, I won the kissing game. I didn’t care maybe Grill let me win, I knew what I wanted to take off him!

Grill said that taking off his pants first was technically cheating, but if I put his boots back on after, then okay.

My heart kinda did a loop once I got his leather pants off. He wasn’t wearing any shorts! He looked so cool leaning back on that pale couch, all dark except for his shiny metal nose and eyebrow spikes, with that wild, spiky orange hair, wearing only this leather vest thing, all open to show off his chest and these big, shiny boots.

Of course I was staring at his nice big dick, all big and hard against his tummy. I could see it jumping a little all by itself, it was so excited!

Grill smiled this nicest, kindest, whitest smile. “I know where you want to start kissing,” he said, “but you gotta start at my knees and work up; like saving the best for last, yeah?”

I tried not to giggle, in case I gave my plan away. “Mkayyyy,” I said.

“Kiss here,” he said, and touched his kneecap.

Well, I kissed everywhere he touched himself, and it was here and there, but never on the “prize,” you know? I was starting to get scared that maybe he’d guessed my plan and I wasn’t allowed, when finally he touched the tip of his dick. Sorry, I mean his “cock.” I keep forgetting he wants me to call it that.

Then I sprang my surprise plan! Instead of only kissing the tip of his dick, I opened my mouth and sucked him.

“Oh, wow, Scout!” he said. “Oh, yeah, baby! Suck on that nice hard meat!”

I was thinking maybe I’d save swallowing his stuff for a surprise, but I recalled how he’d gotten scared before, so I sucked slowly up his dick, and then I said:

”’M gonna swallow all your nice juice,” I said, and I swear, his dick jumped so hard it near put my eye out!

“Oh, baby, you are one hot little dude, you know that?” he said.

“Yeah?” I said, happy I’d guessed right. I liked being his “little dude.”

“I been thinking about it a whole lot,” I said, stroking his hairy balls. I liked the way they were all warm and floppy, and the skin was real soft. I felt sorry for Grill, that he’d only get my boring little bare balls to play with — but only if he wanted to: I wasn’t gonna make him or anything now I knew it was gay.

“I’ve been thinking about you, too,” he said, and his dick twitched again. “Oh, baby, have I been thinking about your hot little mouth on my cock.”

Really I should have said right then, I guess, but I chickened out. I didn’t want to spoil things, so I kinda smiled at him and went back to sucking his cock.

I licked all over the dark, silky skin of his dick and all that veiny hardness, and when I started sucking it properly again, I guess because I’d done the right thing and told him about swallowing first it got intense real fast.

I could feel him all hard with my tongue, and then he started humping up into my mouth, it was so cool with him touching like on my neck and my head, helping me get more of his big hard dick in my mouth. Right to the back, we managed together. More and more until I coughed, then he’d go back some. I guess it’s maybe a rule or something.

“Oh yeah!” He’d say, humping up into my mouth. “Fuck, but you’re a hot little cocksucker, Scout!” I liked when he said my name, but he said bad words, too, so I tried not to listen after that. I focused on tongue-squirming and sucking, and not coughing when his dick went too deep.

He was getting harder in that special way I remembered: gonna shoot his nice milk! I was gonna say maybe not so fast or so much, but I didn’t wanna spoil things.

He popped me on the arm. “Scout! Gonna cum! Don’t swallow yet, okay? I — uuhhh!”

I could feel his dick twitching as he pulled back until only the head was in my mouth. He moaned, and then I got hot sploogie; a nice big creamy-warm spurt, nutty and sweet-salty.

I so wanted to wiggle my tongue and taste him and stuff, but I wanted to be a good boy, too, so I stayed all still, only kneeling; feeling his nice big warm hands around my head as he spurted more and more “warm wigglers” into my mouth.

Right after he’d stopped cumming, Grill leaned down and winked at me. “Good boy!” he said. “Now, don’t freak out, okay?” Then he leaned forward and kissed me!

If anyone had said to me before we did it, I would have said that kissing with a mouthful of ball-juice was icky, but I was wrong. It made our kissing more smooth and silky, and both of us swallowing it little by little was real intense: like in church.

Of course I should have guessed that Grill had a secret plan, too. I climbed back up onto the couch and we ended up cuddling chest-to-chest while we did that slippery juice-kissing thing, and he’d pat my butt and murmur “calm down” against my sticky lips when I got too excited and wriggly. After we’d finished kissing, he rolled us over so that I was lying on my back on the couch and he was half on top.

“So,” Grill said, leaning over me and tickling my boy titties. “Who do you think won that kissing round?”

I giggled up at him. The answer was obviously Grill, and I only had my tighty-whities on, so he could only choose one thing. “You, of course.”

He grinned, slipped one arm under my knees and rolled me up into a ball and patted my heiney.

I sucked in a deep, hurting breath. I had to say now or it wasn’t fair. “You don’t got to,” I said. “You don’t got to do gay stuff on me if you don’t want.”

Grill smiled. “You are one in a million honey. Why do you think I might not want to?”

“Because it’s gay,” I said, but he didn’t seem to get it. “You know: ‘gay,’” I said. “Dumb, bad, lame-o, pants.” I didn’t know how else to say it.

Grill sighed. “Fuckin’ ‘phobes,” he muttered, which meant zip to me. Then he leaned over and looked right into my eyes. He brushed my hair back, and said:

“Scout, listen to me: this is real important. There’s a good kind of gay, but stupid people think kids shouldn’t be told about it, and pretend it’s not there. The good kind of gay is guys of all ages being friendly and happy together, but it’s a secret: don’t tell anyone until you’re over eighteen, or I could get in big trouble. Okay?”

He was freaky serious, I could tell. “A secret kind of gay?” I said. It sounded like comic-book stuff. Not all of that’s true, you know. “Like ‘Time Spies?’”

It turned out Grill hadn’t heard about that, so I explained about Buzz Windrush, who’s like, a tenth grader (only that’s fuzzed, for security) with a super power who jumps all over time to fix history mistakes like Pearl Harbor and ‘Nam; except Red Control keep switching things back. When it does work, though, the Government changes all the history books and stuff so we don’t know. The Government’s full of grown-ups not telling you stuff.

“Oh, X-Files,” he said when I’d finished. “Gotcha. Yeah, keep thinking and make your own mind up, and don’t ever forget to figure the other guy’s angle. Ask why you’re being told what you’re being told, and what’s being conveniently left out of the picture. And keep your potato trap buttoned while you’re doing it.”

He poked my butt. “So all the stuff we’ve been doing together is the good kind of gay. There’s more, too.” He smiled. “I’ll show you.”

“Mkay,” I said. I always have to think the Time Spies episodes over carefully too, in order to spot the cover stories.

While I’d been thinking though, Grill had slipped my shorts off, and now was stroking my heiney. When he leaned over and kissed my dickie though, that got my attention in a hurry!

He sucked on that for a while, and then moved down and kissed my balls, and finally — I swear — he kissed my butt! Only on the cheeks at first, but finally right on the — you know: the hole.

Zowie-wowie that felt good! He carried on licking and sucking at my butthole and working first his tongue up inside it, and then a finger.

That made me wince a little, despite me being wet from his licking, and he said, “Yeah, hang on a minute, Scout.”

He got up and went the three paces to the other end of the RV, where it was like a seating area. He pulled at the couch and it slid forward and the back slid down so it was now a big bed! It was so cool! Then he crawled over to the head and pulled something up, and it was a mirror! I began to think that with him having all this secret folding stuff, like Transformers, maybe Grill did know things and this “good kind of gay” thing might be for real.

“I didn’t want to freak you out,” Grill said as he bent down to open a cupboard and pulled out white bedding.

I had no idea how pillows and sheets might freak anyone out, but I nodded and said “uhuh,” like I did. I was too busy looking at him anyway.

He caught me looking, and winked. “Come on then, Scout,” he said, and patted the mattress. I didn’t need asking twice!

I scooted over there and he put his big warm, hard arms around me, and this sigh came up all the way from my toes. He kissed my ear and I felt his hand stroking down my back to my butt again. I giggled.

“You sure do like my butt!”

“I sure do!” he said, squeezing a butt-cheek and then rubbing his finger over my hole. “Did you like me kissing your butt?”

“Mnnn.” I thought about it as he rubbed it more. “Hey! Is this, like a good kind of butt-kissing? Like the secret gay thing?”

“You got it, Scout.”

“Oh.” I felt a lot happier as we lay down on the bed together. With the mirror at the end of the bed, I could see him better and he really did seem to like kissing and licking my uhu.

This time, though, he reached and got this tube of jelly-lube before starting to work his finger into my hole. It felt real big, but when I looked I could see it was only an ordinary finger. He leaned down and kissed and sucked on my dickie and I started getting tingles and the “can’t breathe” feeling, and then, up inside, he touched something!

“Oooo!” I squeaked, and I saw him smile.

“Yeah!” he said. “Good to hear your cute little mouse-squeaks again. Don’t worry about noise. You want to yell out, you go right ahead, Scout.” He smiled and licked his big, red tongue up over my balls and dinkie and pushed his big finger in and out of my butthole. “Feels good, huh?”

“Yeah — ‘specially that inside-tickling!” I said, wiggling my butt.

“You’re one horny little dude, you know that?” He shifted, making his lovely dark dick waggle. I’d never seen it so big!

I guess he must have seen me licking my lips, because he said:

“Oh, no, little cum-monkey. I’m saving this hard for something special.” He grinned and did that cool Spock-eyebrow thing he does. I hoped it was me he was gonna do the “special thing” with.

He moved his finger inside my ass and I giggled. “It’s only you’re real big,” I said. “I didn’t want to waste it.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” he said and leaned down to suck my dickie again. He did that inside-tickle and I bucked my hips right off the sheet, bumping against his mouth. I did it again as I recalled how he liked me doing that in the restroom before.

With the inside-tickling and the dickie sucking I was having so much fun I didn’t hardly notice when he squeezed a second finger into my butthole. It stretched it some, I could feel, but mostly I liked how Grill was having fun.

He was so good at dickie-sucking! He could get all of mine in his mouth, and my little balls, and while everything was inside he could do neat licking things, too — tickling only at the head, and then jiggling the tip of his tongue at my balls, and then kinda breathing around it so the wet made it all tickly cold, and all the time he was doing that butt-tickling and pushing his fingers in and out of my uhu.

Then after a time, he slowed down and came up to cuddle with me, only he kept his two fingers inside my butt.

“Fuck, but you’re a horny, sexy little guy,” he said. “Ready to try something new?”

“Uhuh!” I said, nodding. “What?”

“Butt-fucking,” he said. “I’m gonna put my man cock in your cute little white ass, Scout.”

“Yeah?” I said, curling my head to look down between us. When I’d been lying on top of him earlier, I’d noticed that the tip of his dick was higher than my belly button. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit, Grill.”

He chuckled. “Oh, it will: balls deep, too. Boys like getting fucked, once they’ve learned how; it’s natural. This is that other good gay thing I was gonna show you.”

“Oh. So it’s secret, too?”

“You betcha.” He ruffled my hair. “You’re a smart kid, Scout; you know that?”

Any of my three Moms would have told him different, but I was just smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

He sat up and took his fingers out of my butt, then squirted jelly onto his hardon and spread it all over so it was black and shiny.

“Lift your legs up,” he said, and when I did, he put a whole lot more jelly on my butt and up inside it, too. Then he turned me around sideways, so I was lying across the bed about half-way up, and then he climbed onto the bed too.

His dick was so hard it was bouncing up and down all by itself, and looked like it was leaking sweet stuff, too, only all the shiny jelly made it hard to be sure.

“Hold your legs right behind your knees,” he said, so I did, curled up almost into a ball. He pushed a finger up into my butthole and out again.

“Easy, little dude,” he said, and he took hold of my ankles, and then rested the backs of my heels on either side of his neck.

Grill seemed very big as he was leaning over me, like one of those days where the sky feels so low because it’s all dark clouds. I guess I tensed up, because he said:

“Easy, Scout.” He smiled and then the feeling changed: like he was a big cave around me or something and I was safe. The next thing I felt was the tip of his dick pressing against my butthole, making it open up a little bit. Wider and wider.

“Good boy,” he said. “Now pretend like you’re taking a dump, Scout.”

“In here?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “No way!”

“Easy, easy,” he said, grinning down at me. “Not for real. Only right now, your ass only knows about stuff going out of it, not into it, see?”

I looked down between my legs at where his big stiffy was pressed against my butthole.

“I guess. Only I don’t wanna — you know — on you, Grill!”

“You won’t, I promise. I’m gonna push again, and you push too.” He did eyebrow-Spock again and I groaned at his joke.

“Okay, I’ll try, a little bit.”

This time when he pushed, I did the pooping-thing. It was real shy-making though. I couldn’t have tried it at all if his big body hadn’t been so close and all around me, making a safe place.

“That’s great, Scout!” he said, still pushing. “You’re so cute when you blush like that.”

His thing was stretching my butt-hole wider, bigger than with his fingers, now, and when I looked over at the mirror, I could see he hadn’t even got the head in.

“You wanna look, huh?” Grill said, and stuck a pillow beneath my head. “Better?”

“Uhuh.” Now I could see, it wasn’t so scary.

“You ready, Scout?” he said, and turned his head to kiss my ankle where it was so close; right on his shoulder.

“Uhuh,” I said, looking in the mirror at him with his big, dark body above me with my little curled-up pale one. I saw all of his big muscles move, — well all except one big muscle! — and I got all tingles.

He pushed, harder than before, and he kept pushing, not rough, but very strong, and then I remembered about pooping.

“Ohh, yeah, Scout!” he said and pushed suddenly harder, and—


“Sorry honey. But I’m in, now, see?”

“Your dick’s way big, Grill! Ow!” It wasn’t really an ouchie, more an ache where my butthole was squeezing him. But I looked, and realized I couldn’t see the head of his dick any more. I felt him ease back a little, and then I could see my butthole, pink, and waaay stretched around his shiny, dark, uh, cock before he reached down and started stroking my dickie with his slippery hand. I turned my head and looked up at him.

“You like that, huh?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “That mirror’s way cool, and-” I looked down at where he was stroking my dickie, “and that, too.” Somehow it being on the mirror made it shy-making but tingly, too. I could feel my ears getting hot, and when I looked back in the mirror, sure enough I was blushing like a pink ice-cream.

Grill started moving in a slow, in-and-out way in time with his stroking, only always more in than out, and I started feeling real full down there.

“Damn, but you got a hot, tight little boy-pussy,” he said, and I giggled, remembering the kittycat-stroking from the restroom.

“You’re stroking my boy-pussy,” I said.

“I sure am,” he said, moving his hips. “Feels nice, huh?”

I’d been so busy with the looking, I hadn’t really thought about it. My uhu kind of ached, and like I said, I felt real full, but in amongst the pooping-feeling was something nice. “It’s... I dunno.”

“Like a tingling? Up inside, in your tummy?”


He grinned. “Well, while I fuck that tight little butt of yours some more, you try stroking your titties, or your little guy, or anywhere that does it for you. Try squeezing your butthole tight, or that pretend ‘taking a dump;’ and if anything I do gives you tingles, you sing out, okay?”

“Okay. Only, Grill? ‘Most everything you do does that.”

He reached up and brushed my cheek with the knuckle of his jelly-covered hand.

I tried different things. Stroking my titties was nice, but mostly I rubbed my dickie and around by my uhu, feeling where his dick was stretching it and watching in the mirror. Grill eased his shiny-dark dick in and out, groaning how tight my hot little boycunt was.

It was so cool feeling Grill’s big, hard dark dick stroking in and out. He hadn’t got it all inside: I could see an extra-shiny line less than half way up it. Suddenly I wanted to hug him, but the only bit of him I had was his dick, so I hugged him with my uhu.

“Oh fuck, Scout!” Grill groaned, “fuckin’ yeah, baby!” And he pushed his dick harder up my butt. It was kinda nice, and kinda hurting, and a bit scary. His big dick was stretching my insides, the tip pushing against something that hurt.

I tried to push him out, doing that pooping thing. I felt something inside me move, and suddenly his dick went in deeper, and—

“Ooooo- oooooh!” His dick, it rubbed over something, and it was like, the best!

“Damn, but you are one hot fuck, Scout!” Grill said, grinning. See? I told you we’d get all my dick up your tight little ass!” He pushed again, and I felt his balls slap against my asscheeks.

He rolled us over slightly, away from the mirror, and when I looked over my shoulder I could see my butthole stretched wide around his dark dick. It looked really big in the middle of my pale little butt.

Slowly he began to hump in and out of my butt. My uhu was kinda sore from before, and I could feel his big hard dick like a stick up my heiney, moving my insides around.

“Fuck, Scout,” he groaned in my ear, “your boycunt is a such a hot, wet, tight little tunnel that I’m not gonna be able to fuck you for long -uh!” I felt him ease further out and push in again, only faster.

He got into a rhythm, like he was rowing a boat, kind of, his weight squashing down on me, over and over. Now I got why he wanted to get all his dick inside: the deep part of it was rubbing over that tickly place and I started getting stronger and stronger tingles and that can’t-breathe feeling as his dick rubbed on it more and more.

“Yeah, you like being fucked, don’t you?” he said, pumping his dick in and out of my ass. “Tell me, Scout!”

“Yeah,” I said, and then when he seemed to want more, I added, in between getting squashed: “I like your — big dick — in my heiney.”

“Oh, yeah,” he growled, humping me faster. “Doing what, Scout?”

“Fucking muh-me,” I said, now actually bouncing on the bed from the force of his dick, and blushing that he wanted me to say the bad word. “In my buh-butt.”

“Yeah! In your. Tight. Little. Boy-butt,” he grunted, pushing so hard in time to his talking I felt his balls slap my butt each time. I felt my tingles building up, and I couldn’t help myself except to squeeze down tight on his hard dick.

“Fuck yeah!” he grunted, fucking me faster and making the bed creak underneath us, his dick poking me inside and rubbing faster and faster over the tingly place. “Damn, but I am gonna cum in your little middle-school ass so hard...”

I wiggled my butt, squeezing tighter on his dick as that tickling, burning, shivery feeling ran out along my hands and back up my arms, and I was twitching and making little noises as his hard dick went in, in, in, and then he gasped and pressed his hips really close.

“Hot, fuckin’ boy-ass!” he panted. “Uh! Aah! Fuck!” and I felt his dick jumping inside me. He pushed in extra deep and then pulled right out, and his dick spat a big, creamy-wet splat over my tummy and my balls, and then another one over my chest.

Grill looked down at me, panting, as he rubbed his cum over my tummy. “Liked that, huh?” he said, stroking me like a puppy. “How’s the butt?”

Suddenly I needed the bathroom! “Grill,” I said putting my hand tight over my butthole. “I gotta go — bad!”

He jumped up and opened this closet door, and it was a secret bathroom inside!

“Call me when you’re done,” he said, “and we can shower together, yeah?”


Actually his shower stall was too small for us both to get in, really, so one of us showered while the other sat on the pan and watched, though Grill liked soaping me and tickling my chest and my butt, although my butthole was a bit sore, so he only looked and then kissed it.

When we were all clean and dry and dressed, he made a call on his cellphone and then took me back into the Mall again. Slash was waiting for us, and he took my hand.

“No problems?” Grill said, and Slash shook his head, no.

“The Crips been hanging around that sandwich place and we’ve played it like we’re customers the whole time, like you said to. We done a deal with old guy Lowenheimer?”

“Yeah.” Grill smiled. “Weren’t you paying attention, back in Health Ed.? ‘Never fuck without protection,’ they said.”

The End

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