Disclaimer: No this is not real, it has never happened, outside my fantasies. The characters are not my invention, but were inspired by a collection of TV and book sources.

Anyway, this contains graphic depictions of sex between an adult man and a boy of 12. It doesn't get right into it and there isn't any anal or the like, because that's not my thing. I'm a softy and a hopeless romantic, and it shows.




I was determined. I was only going to be in this state for one more month, so what did I have to lose?

Derrik was always so nice to me! He smiled at me whenever I said `hi', he'd always take time to talk to me, and he was a lot like me. He liked the same video games, the same movies, everything. The only difference between us was that he was a lot better than me at a lot of stuff, and that he's 10 years older than me.

Derrik is 22. He volunteers at my school a lot, tutoring kids and helping them in class, and watching the playground at recess and stuff. He's pretty quiet, but he's really nice, and whenever he looks at you, it seems like everything gets sorta blurry, or at least it does for me. He has long, wavy brown hair, he dresses nice, and he's got almost black eyes.

The best part is, he lives next door to me. He's got a friend that lives with him, but I guess the guy is almost always at his girlfriend's or something. I guess that's why he's outside a lot, and always seems happy to talk to me, even though I talk a lot. He always listens to me, and he talks to me like he knows I'll understand, like he knows I'm not just a little kid, just background noise. That's why Derrik is so cool.

Today he learned that I was going to be moving. He didn't say anything, but he looked kind of bothered. He has known for a while that I'd be going, but neither of us knew it'd be soon. I think he's sad that he won't have anyone to talk to anymore. My dad's at the new house, and Mom's at a friend's. I told her I was going to stay home. She didn't care, she never did. I was going to spend time with Derrik, and then, I'd tell him.

It was still early autumn, so I didn't need a jacket. I slipped on my shoes, and grabbed my throwing stars (he taught me to make them out of paper last week, and now I've got enough to have a battle). When the screen door slammed behind me, it occurred to me that sneaking would have been a better idea, but it was too late. Derrik saw me. He put his book down and smiled at me. I dove behind our plastic trash bin and peeked around the side. Derrik had a puzzled look on his face, but he still smiled, that is, until I whipped the first star at him. He had no time to react, but it caught the wind, and sailed into his other neighbor's yard. He jumped up and ran to grab it, but I had already thrown the next two, and he had to fall to his knees or risk falling to my amazing ninja skills.

We threw them at each other for at least an hour, but in the end, the paper that the stars were made of became really bendy and soft, and the stars wouldn't really work anymore, so instead, I tackled him. It didn't work very well though. I only weigh 72 lbs, and I think he must be more than twice that. At last I got a good hold and I toppled him over. He laughed the entire time, and in the end I beat him because he was laughing to hard to fight back.

While Derrik lay there on his back, I sat on his chest, breathing heavily. He had recovered from his laugh attack, and was watching me with a soft smile on his face. I smiled back down at him for a while, not really wanting to move, but he asked if I wanted something to drink. I snapped out of my daze and popped to my feet, shouting `yeah' because I knew that he always had cream soda, and I love cream soda. He held the door for me, and together we left the cool wind behind and entered the warmth of Derrik's living room.

I love Derrik's house. It's really comfortable. Not too big, not too small, old, comfy furniture, really nice cat that totally loves me, and he's got all of his video game stuff out on the floor in front of his TV, proving he loves games as much as I do. He's so awesome. I can't believe I won't see him any moreÉ

I watch Derrik put ice into two, big clear mugs. I can't believe how much my eyes are stinging. I walk up behind Derrick and I slip my arms around his waist, pulling myself to him.

"Aaron?" Derrik sounded genuinely concerned. He was so nice!

"I'm sorry" I coughed as I let go and tried to think of something to joke about. "I—"

Derrik stopped me by covering my mouth with his. The warmth of it shocked me, and the softness of his lips and tongue hypnotized me. He pulled back, and looked at me with tears in his eyes. He was on one knee, face perfectly on level with mine. I couldn't say anything. My throat just didn't work, but the taste of his mouth was fresh, and I jumped into his arms to try to get more.



Wed been playing for a while, and I thought it time to take a break. Maybe we could watch a movie or something, then we could just relax togetherÉ

I knew I was just kidding myself, and that Aaron was moving anyway, but I couldn't bear the thought of a single missed opportunity to spend with him. He was everything that made me happy. He was happy, energetic, funny, and quite intelligent. On top of all that, he was really cute. He has expressive, blue-green eyes with long eyelashes. His chin and jawline are both quite narrow. His hair is light brown, and it has the long, wavy/curliness of a teen skater. His demeanor and voice are both that of an excited Cole Sprouse. Also, he's quite small, about 4'9" I'd guess, and, as I'd just recently learned, really light.

I went into the kitchen, thinking to myself that I should have cleaned up a bit first (instead of inviting Aaron into my house when I had all of my stuff all over the floor) but I brushed that aside, and grabbed a couple of the big mugs that he liked. As I put ice into them, I heard something behind me, I figured the Aaron was going to try to scare me, so I prepared myself for shock, but all I got was the soft feeling of two small arms sliding around my waist followed by the warm feeling of his body pressing into mine.

"Aaron?" this wasn't like him, and I was worried that something might be wrong.

At that, he pulled back, and muttered something about being sorry, but I saw the tears in his eyes, and I could hear the longing in his voice. My eyes stung, and I couldn't take any more. I wrapped my lips around his, and for a moment, lost myself. When I pulled back, Aaron's eyes were still wet, but he didn't look distressed or scared. His mouth was still open, and it looked like he didn't want to stop.

I was about to ask if he wanted to go somewhere more comfortable, but he leapt at me, furiously kissing my lips and jamming his tongue into my mouth. He kept pushing forward, like he was afraid of missing something.

I was shocked. I had to actively try to to get hurt in this, he was kissing me so hard. Finally, he had to come up for air. He sat on my stomach, panting, eyes half closed. His face was totally flushed.

I asked if he wanted to continue somewhere more comfortable. He simply stood, and walked to the couch. I followed him to the couch, and sat down next to him. Of course, he immediately fell upon me, kissing me again and again, as hard as he could.

When he finally had to come up for breath again, I whispered to him that kissing isn't the only thing we could do. His eyes widened with a surprise but he nodded and then stripped off his shirt and then leaned back and tugged off his pants. He stopped at his boxers, looking at me shyly. I leaned in and whispered `it's okay.'

He nodded and slowly stood up, displaying his loose, blue-plaid boxers, which only hinted at the body underneath, save for the small tent formed by his slight arousal. Slowly, he slipped his thumbs under the elastic band, and slowly he lowered the top until it just barely showed the bottom of the gorgeous `V'. At last, he took in a deep breath, and shoved them the rest of the way down.

He was standing before me, in a state I'd only fantasized about, and he had a look on his face that begged for approval, with a hopeful half-smile, and raised eyebrows asking "is it okay?"

I got up off the couch, and I kissed him. He greedily kissed me back, but he didn't throw himself at me this time, likely waiting for me to touch him.

I happily took the initiative, and I slipped my hand down his sides, feeling every smooth curve of his thin body, I lightly caressed his inner thighs and the area below the belly button, and he nearly lost all the strength in his legs. When I saw that he was totally hard, I touched him, just the tip of his uncircumcised penis

 It was like an electric shock went through his entire body. In a wave, his entire body went rigid, his eyelids fluttered, and he shivered.



He was teasing me! His gentle touch, it was like a shock! My entire body would react, and I couldn't do anything about it. He didn't even touch me there and I still almost fell over.

Just thinking about him seeing me made me hard, and now he's actually looking at me, touching me, kissing my stomach and chestÉIt aches! I want him to touch me more, a shiver takes me and I thrust forward (what's wrong with me?). At that, Derrik lightly brushes the tip with one of his fingers.

My body goes stiff and a shake a bit. After I calm down a bit, he lightly runs two fingers along the length of my dick. I stiffen up entirely, pushing out as far forward as I can, and a little fluid squeezes out the tip and dribbles down.

I look at Derrik, afraid that I made a mess in his house, but he doesn't seem to care. He just smiles.

Now, Derrik grips the end of my dick between two of his fingers and begins to pull back the foreskin. I've calmed down a bit, and now I'm just shuddering with every new jolt that goes through me (I'm so glad I hugged him!).

He pulled back the foreskin, and then he slipped it over again, and then he pulls it back. It feels so different from when I do it! He's got such perfect hands for itÉ

Now it's something new again. He pulls me back toward the couch and pulls me up with him. He sits against the arm of the couch that is against the wall and pulls me up to a kneeling position. I look at him, waiting to see what he wants me to do. He leans forward, and takes my dick into his mouth!

It's hot. It's very hot, and he's moving his tongue around the end where it's most sensitive. At first it almost hurts. But then my muscles relax, and I am overwhelmedÉ



I had to let him get used to it first, or else he wouldn't enjoy it, but that was part of the fun. Just barely teasing him into squirting precum, then gently stroking him until he got into the rhythm.

Now that I was confident that he could handle it, I pulled him back to the couch, and put my back to the wall, figuring that it would be a good idea to have something sturdy to support us, given his energy level.

Slowly, I pulled him close, and slipped my lips around his penis. It was a wonderful feeling. He was rock hard, and I could feel his heartbeat making him throb. I held my hands on his hips and butt to keep him steady, and I could feel every muscle in his body tense up as I circled his head with my tongue. He seemed like he was on the verge of crying out for a few seconds, but in the end, he opened his eyes, took a few ragged breaths, and started to relax.

I took that as my cue, so I started with the motions. I bobbed my head in a slow rhythm, letting it build for him in it's own time. All the while I am tasting every curve of his head and shaft, reveling in the heat of his body.

I speed it up a bit, and push him toward me a little with every bob, guiding him to take up the motions himself. After a little while, he's gotten it, and has fully taken over.

He starts to build toward climax. I can tell, because his thrusts are more frantic. He has pushed me up against the wall, and is pounding into my mouth with all the strength he can. I can feel his skinny body ripple with his wiry muscles, and his butt tense with every thrust. His stomach was taking turns pulling in extremely far, showing all the contours of his ribs and tailbone, and then flexing, sticking out as far as his thin frame will allow. He was overflowing with passion and feelings that he couldn't control.

He lost it. He slammed into me a couple more times shooting a thin stream of salty, creamy fluid down my throat, and then dribbled the rest onto my tongue. I used my fingers and just gently stroked him a couple more times, and then he tightened up and pushed my hand away. I smiled and turned him around in my arms, so that he was sitting on my lap, and I was cradling him in my arms as he basked in his afterglow. He was sweaty and spent. I could feel his heart slow down as he hugged my arms to his chest for security and comfort.



I lost it. I started pounding my dick into his mouth. I didn't mean to. I tried to slow down, but when the thrust started, it always sped up. I couldn't control the last few thrusts at all, I couldn't even think about them, I just had to do it. Then my entire body balled up into a knot and I shot a few times into Derrik's mouth. Then my whole body twitched, and I almost threw myself off the couch, but he caught me, and held me until I could control myself. He used his fingers a little bit more, but I tightened up and swatted his hand away. I didn't mean to, and I reached for his hand again, but he turned me around and held me in his arms. He cuddled me close, and his hands felt warm to me, and comfortable. I held them to me, and just let myself melt into him. 


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