Riley, cards, and tiny feet - Chapter 1

Please note this is a fictional story, it is not based on any true events, I dreamt it up when I was sat in English class a few months ago. I have written it in the 1st person to give you a better idea of what the character is thinking but he is NOT me. I do not condone or even wish for such a story to happen to me or anyone else, it is simply for those who wish to enjoy it, on behalf of a bored teen. p.s.: if you like it feel free to drop me some fan mail at: riley_boy8 @ ymail . com

This fictional story contains sexual activity between same sex males of different ages. If you are not old enough to read this or it is illegal to do so in your area either grow up, move, or don't read on.


Have you ever met a boy that has completely taken your breath away. So much so that for the next few weeks you are constantly distracted by every thought of him. Your dreams are taken over by him. Colleagues recognise the signs, "someone's in love" they'd holler, if only they knew. Sometimes it would be a one off viewing, a simple passing in the street or accidental knock into in a shopping aisle. It could be a boy you see regularly, maybe if you're lucky everyday but still someone you never quite can get close enough to fill that deep-down urge to love someone so special. Or he could be a boy that one day walks into your life and never leaves. Until the events in this story took place I would have been 'what the fuck?' to anyone saying this to me, but now I guess I am a changed man. This is a story about my little angel Riley.

I first met him back when he was 8 years old. I had been invited by my parents to join them on a group holiday to southern France. This group was made up of my afore mentioned parents and me, my godparents who I hadn't seen since I was about 5 years old, their three children and two more random children accompanying them. My godparents had grown up on the same street as my parents and married as childhood sweethearts. My parents said it would never last but they were wrong and are now in their mid-thirties. So on July 20th I drove the 200 miles to my parents and revisited my old room. They'd kept it exactly the same which was nice, but kinda depressing to go back to. By the way my name is Ryan and I've just graduated college so I'm 22. Most people say college is the best years of their life. I'm not most people, in fact I don't really know how I survived. If there's one thing colleges lack it's peace and quiet, and being left to myself. At least somehow my studies were vaguely uninterrupted when my dorm mates figured out I was not there for socialising. So now here I was, graduated and about to go on vacation with my parents, talk about a step back.

The flight left at 7.30am the next morning and we touched down two hours later in southern France at 10.30am local time. The airport shit took the usual amount of time waiting for that stupid turntable to bring the bags around and then finding a taxi. By just after lunchtime we had arrived at the villa and here I was about to step into something that was going to completely change my lonely outlook on life. As soon as the front door opened all I could hear was kids screaming and splashing. I winced at the loudness already dreading what I had got myself into. I was amazed that I actually recognised my godmother at the door, well at least she had some familiarity, I doubt I would have spotted her passing in the street. I got the expected 'look at you haven't you grown' etc talk and was ushered inside and offered a beer. Great I thought, beer was hardly my preferred choice, a nice wine did me perfectly although by the end of this holiday I wouldn't have been surprised if straight white spirit wasn't keeping me sane. I took it regardless and stood there blankly as my godfather fired off questions about football teams and such. See it is obviously unsurprising that being the loser geek that I am, sports weren't exactly my forte. Jack, my godfather, noting he was getting nowhere moved onto the subject of girls. Oh gee! Great logic there Jack. Unfortunately for me or him, I'm not sure which, I hadn't had any luck with girls, which was likely to be a result of the fact that I'm actually gay. I mean it's not like I'd slept with loads of guys. The most I'd done is met up with a few at college through various websites. Nothing had ever gone beyond light fooling around but I guess from all my thinking, dreaming and visions while jacking off I most certainly preferred that Y chromosome. Somehow Mary, my godmother, sensed the awkwardness of the conversation and saved me by inviting us outside to meet the kids. Like a scene from Desperate Housewives she hollered the little un's out of the pool to report for meeting. I say little 4 of them were in their teens the boys probably about 13ish and the girls about 15. I was introduced first to Sam who was indeed quite the looker and his equally charming friend Luke. They had the long surfer cropped hair, low slung board shorts and six packs as was common of their age group. The girls Sophie and Sarah were also very pretty and clearly new it. Sam and Sarah were introduced as Mary's eldest, and the other two were friends they had brought along. By her saying eldest I was guessing there was another somewhere, who finally appeared from inside the villa after more shouting this time from Jack. He was a tiny little thing wearing the tiniest pair of shorts and the saddest face. What striked me as odd however was how absolutley stunning I found him. It was like I couldn't take my eyes off him and my heart stopped beating all at once. Snapping out before I raised suspicions I knelt down infront of him and smiled, introducing myself on his level. The boy for the slightest of second made eye contact with me and I saw the brightest flash of silver. Then he went back to staring at the ground. He was introduced as Riley, the youngest and not much of a people person. I took him to be about seven or eight years old with tinyest little feet and hands, to go with his lightly tanned skinny body and bright blonde hair. His hair was gorgeous and covered one of his eyes in the most adorable way, the back coming down to just passed the top of his neck. Seeing that he was no longer being introduced he scampered off quickly back into the house.

Lost in my dreamworld I just about heard that he was having a really difficult time at school, but wouldn't talk about it to anyone. They had had meetings with teachers and neither could figure out what was wrong. The boy just shut himself off completely and would go months without uttering a single word. His doctor said he showed signs of depression common in much older adolescents but was unwilling to medicate him, which the parents agreed was not right. My heart melted for the little guy.

Next came the tour of the villa, although most of it I barely looked at as I spent the whole time thinking about Riley. How on earth was I having such deep thoughts about an 8 year old I just met. The boys' room was pointed out and the door was open slightly. I saw little Riley sat on the bed on his own dealing a pack of cards to himself, my heart literally sank at the sad sight. As I looked up my eye caught Mary's and she sighed sadly at me. She clearly was close to her end not knowing what to do with him. Out of nowhere I uttered the words "can i..." and she smiled weakly at me and nodded towards Riley. I smiled back and as they walked off I knocked gently on the boy's door. He looked up and I gently pushed the door open but not entering incase he panicked.

"Hey Riley, your mom was just showing me round the villa and I saw you playing cards there, I like cards myself, maybe if it would be okay with you I could watch you play or maybe even give you a game?" I asked more nervous now than the first time I'd met a guy on my first date. He seemed to stare at me for ages, well not quite at me, more just to the side and down but it was a difference to him staring at his tiny feet. After what seemed at least five minutes but probably wasn't he looked directly in my eyes. Again another flash of silver light and I was mesmerised. This time he held the gaze and I smiled back at him as warmly as I could manage under such hypnosis. I felt like this was maybe his way of accepting me or at least for now at least giving me a chance so I slowly entered the room. I sat down on his bed with the cards between us. We lost eye contact and he went back to dealing his cards. After shuffling, dealing and collecting them about five times he again made eye contact. It was a look of curiosity, like he had no idea why someone was trying to offer to play with him.

"You're very good at those cards little man" I spoke trying not to sound belittling. "I wish I could shuffle as good as you." Okay so maybe he wasn't that great at shuffling the cards but it seemed this boy had no confidence what so ever and for some reason I felt it my job to change that. Amazingly he picked the cards up and showed me a little trick. It wasn't much and clearly needed work but I saw what he was trying to do and commended him for it. As I expressed my fondness of his trick he again caught my eye. He went further this time and actually handed me the pack of cards. Okay so this was my time to impress me. I had to do something he'd like, something that showed that I'm a little geek too. I spread the cards in a fan and asked him to pick whichever he wanted and to look at it but not show me. He thought about which card for a while and eventually picked one doing as I asked. I performed the trick as best I could remember and hoped to go d it would work. My luck paid off and his mouth opened in an 'o' shape, clearly impressed by the trick. I smiled warmly at him and he blushed and looked away. Shit I hope I hadn't embarrassed him playing a better trick. He reached to take the cards back and I handed them over. He spread them and handed them over to me. I picked my card and he looked at the pile in his hand trying to decide what to do next. He looked at me quizzically. So he wanted to learn my trick I realised. I quietly explained the next few steps in the trick and he listened intently practising as he went. When I'd finished he tried again, copying everything I'd told him to do. At some point he must have gone wrong because it failed, and I saw his eyes water slightly. I gently put my hand on his little food and slightly rubbed, urging him to try again and persuading him he was doing fantastically already. He sighed and tried again and who'd have thought it, he pulled it off. He seemed more shocked than I was, it had taken me weeks to learn that one. His face returned to the 'o' position but a little more exaggerated this time.

What he did next shocked me. Picking up the cards he gently floated out of the room. I say floated because that is the only word that I can think to describe his movements. He moved with the charm and elegance of a ghost, no flapping about, no heavy footing, but speedy and graceful. I followed him out and saw him approach his mother. Just as he was about to play what I think was going to be the trick I just taught him he froze. For about 30 seconds he sat there completely still staring at the cards. Then his shoulders dropped and as quickly as he arrived he was on his way back to the bedroom. I shrugged at Mary as she looked over. I went back to his room and knocked on the door gently again. Feeling braver I went straight in and sat near him.

"Hey buddy did you forget what to do I can show you again if you like?" I asked thinking maybe forgetting the trick had caused his freeze-out. I was wrong he quickly performed the trick perfectly in front of me. This totally baffled me, I had no idea why he had stopped the trick outside. My thoughts were interrupted by him putting the cards away neatly in his bag. I was slightly disappointed that this seemed to be the end of our little game. He climbed into his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin, then reached for his book and silently began reading where his bookmark left off. I wasn't sure if this was my cue to leave but I wasn't ready to if I had any say over it.

"I can read some to you if you like, ya know if you're tired and want me to, I'd really like to if you'll let me?" He seemed to think about it and then slowly held the book out to me. I again felt honoured and began to read where he had left off. I was amazed how advanced the book was. I'm not saying it was the Da Vinci Code or anything but the text was pretty small and compact for an 8 year old. I read the best I could trying to do different accents for the different characters without sounding too stupid. After about 20 minutes of reading I looked up and his eyes were closed and his breathing steady. I put the bookmark in his book and pulled the covers back to his chin. Just before I left I dared to gently stroke the hair out of his eyes. He truly was stunning.


Later that evening just as the sun was beginning to set he appeared at the patio doors to the pool area. In his hand was the pack of cards. He scanned the area and when his eyes fell upon me his journey continued towards me. When he was about a metre away from me his head dropped and he looked at his feet again, only this time he held the cards out towards me. I took this as a signal that he wanted to play and patted the sun lounger next to me. His mother and father looked at me amazed. I smiled a sort of cheeky smile and blushed. I handed the cards back to him and he dealt, I guessed by the way he laid out the cards we were playing gin rummy. We hardly spoke during the game, him nothing at all and me a few lines of encouragement. He was actually really good and I had to play my hardest to beat him on some games. When dinner was ready he packed up. At the table I sat down first and when I looked up again he was sat in the chair right next to me even though there were eight other free ones. I smiled down at him and gave him a gentle little nudge on the arm. I was worried this might be too far for him but he proved me wrong and shuffled his chair a little bit closer until our armrests were touching. That was about as eventful as dinner got. I was worried at how little he ate but figured if this was unusual for him his parents would have said something.

After dinner as we all sat around talking, Riley disappeared. Just as I was about to excuse myself back he floated, this time with his book in one hand and a small blanket in the other. He'd also put on his tiny white pyjama shorts and top. He climbed back into his chair but I took a chance and gently patted my leg. He looked at me puzzled but then seemed to get the message and thought about it for a while. Finally he came over to me and stood by my leg not seeming to sure how to go about getting on. So I bit the bullet and gently lifted him under the armpits onto my left leg. He seemed to freeze solid as I did so and sat totally upright on my leg. When I draped the blanket around him and began reading his book he eased up a little and gently began to lean into me more and more, until finally his back was pressed up against my stomach and he had a leg either side of mine. His tiny little foot rubbed up and down my leg so gently, which god knows why, but I found the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me. That obviously led to the inevitable and within minutes of his tiny soft toes caressing my leg hair I had sprung a chubby. It appeared to go unnoticed, thankfully it had extended to the right, not the side Riley was sat and the blanket did the rest of the hiding. After about thirty minutes of reading Mary caught my eye and winked at me and then nodded towards Riley. I looked down and he was fast asleep with the very slightest of tiny smiles on his perfect little face. Following Mary's approval I lifted him up trying to keep him in the same position he was in to not wake him and carried him to his bedroom. I placed him on his bed and just before I pulled the covers over him I looked down on his gorgeous little body. I couldn't resist and looked in for a closeup of his tiny feet. They smelled of perfection. All of a sudden, I noticed somehow my tongue had managed to escape and was licking the top side of each little foot in turn. I stopped myself quickly and covered him up rushing out of the room to not arouse suspicion. A trip to the bathroom was needed to splash my face with cold water, and more importantly lose the chubby in my shorts.

Before long we had all retired to bed, and I found myself furiously masturbating to the sight, taste and smell of those beautiful feet as well as what I imagined would lay a little higher up in those tiny white shorts. When I shot all over myself the guilt hit and I relived the fact I just masturbated over the thoughts of an 8 year old boy. Oddly it didn't scare me as much as I thought it should.


So that was Chapter 1, feedback would be appreciated, Chapter 2 is already being written I just felt this was a good taster.

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