Robert Gets Blown
By: Joe Camp
Copyright 2000

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains gay sex between a teen and an adult.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you're supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

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Robert Gets Blown

    Saturday afternoon and Spring Break for the college. All the cocks I know are out of town. Living in a college town has its advantages. A fresh supply every year of 18 year old dicks that enjoy an older guy with his own place. Okay, I admit I'm an older guy that really gets turned on by young guys. Living here, I never have had any problems finding young guys at the college.

    I settled down with my favorite video resigned to jacking off. I had chosen the one of the two 20 year olds that spend the summer working on a farm. They give each other blow jobs everyplace around the farm and in every position. The video was just at the spot were the guy was about to wrap his lips around the others cock. I was slowly stoking my hard on when there was a knock at the front door.

"Damn!" I muttered, knowing it couldn't be any of my sex partners. Probably just a door to door salesman.

    I quickly turned off the tape, and pulled up my briefs and pants, stuffing my hard dick in. I had to lay it pointed hard at my left hip and just hoped whoever it was wouldn't notice. I opened the door and there stood Robert from next door. He mows my grass for me and I have known him ever since he was a toddler. Robert thinks he is bisexual, but he is only 15. He knows I'm gay and we often talk about things. He started figuring things out a couple of years ago. When he noticed the guys that visit me, he asked. I don't try to hide so I told him I am gay.

    Robert found a gay story site with his computer, and for over a year now, he has printed out the stories he knew I would like. When he had asked last year if he could watch one of my videos, I let him. I knew he had been looking at pictures on the internet as he would often tell me about one he had seen. I showed him the one I was just about to watch. I knew he isn't interested in anal sex and I'm not either. This video is oral sex only. He sat with his eyes glued to the screen with that silly little grin on his face that young guys get when they are enjoying something they know they shouldn't be doing. We didn't say a word as the video played. Robert had to rearrange himself a couple of times, but he didn't play with his dick. Hell, I had to rearrange too, but I don't think Robert noticed. He would every once in a while glance at me and grin before turning his attention back to the screen.

    When the video was over Robert jumped up saying, "I've got to go," and was out the door before I could say more than, "bye." I had to start the video over, and it didn't take but a few strokes for me to be shooting cum onto my chest. It was a couple of days later that Robert admitted he had left so fast so he could run to his bedroom and jack off. He told me he had shot the biggest load of cum he had ever fired.

"Hi, Robert. What's up?" I asked as I stood back so he could enter.

"Not much," he replied as he handed me some papers. "Found a hot one you will like."

"Thanks," I replied as I closed the door.

Robert took a seat on the couch before saying, "Tom, I'm ready."

"Ready for what," I asked.

"Sex. A blow job," he informed me.

"Oh? Are you sure," I questioned.

"Yeah," he replied in a convinced voice, "I'm sure. Will you give me one?"

    Whoa! I had always assumed his first time would be with a kid his own age. I had imagined many times he was about to tell me it had happened. I have never been anyone's first except for when me and a friend exchanged blow jobs when we were 13. Oh, I admit I have jacked off thinking about Robert many a time. He is really cute. He has brown hair and eyes and a deep golden brown skin tone. He is slim without being skinny and stands about 5 foot 7 inches tall. The shorts he usually wears are tight enough to show off his package and his cute bubble butt.

"Why me, Robert? I figured you would choose a buddy your own age."

Robert peeked at me with his head lowered and a shy bashful expression on his face. "Are you mad at me for asking?"

"No, I'm not mad at you. I would just like to know why you would want me to give you a blow job, Robert. There are plenty of hot guys your own age that would jump at the chance."

"I don't know any of them that I would ask," Robert told me. "Sides, I just want sex. I'm not looking for a boy friend. I just want my cock sucked. I know you don't want to marry me. I just want someone to blow me. I think you are hot and older guys turn me on. I know with you I'm safe and it won't be anything more than just sex."

    It only took me a moment to make up my mind. I walked over to the couch and knelt in front of Robert. "If you want me to stop at any point, just say so. I won't get mad." I told him as I watched his expression for any sign of fear or rejection. He just stood and grinned at me with the look of anticipation on his face. Oh, I was full of anticipation too. I knew Robert was uncut. I have never had an uncut cock in my mouth and so it would be a first for both of us.

    I slipped my hands inside the elastic of Robert's shorts as I watched his face. He shivered but the longing never left his face as he looked down at me. I could feel the heavy elastic of a jock strap. No surprise there. Robert is a developing jock. He loves all the sports. I let his shorts fall around his ankles and Robert stepped out of his shoes. He just stood there in nothing but a jock strap and his white socks. There was a large wet spot spreading on his jock strap. I couldn't help but regret that waste of what I was sure would be tasty precum.

    I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for him. He quickly peeled down his jock strap and stepped from it exposing his beautiful cock to me. The skin on his shaft was a little darker than the skin on his thighs. The foreskin covered the head of his dick. It is about 5 inches long and a nice shape and thickness. It looks just right for his build. His nuts looked big on him and were plump and full. They were drawn up tight against his body and I knew it wouldn't take much for him to be dumping his cum.

    Robert reached down and pulled the foreskin from his cock head. The glans was a deep red and the skin was stretched tissue paper thin over the shiny wet glans. Robert pushed his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth to receive it. Robert whimpered as his cock entered the warm wetness of my mouth. My hands went to has ass cheeks and he placed a hand on each side of my head. His smell filled me and I breathed deeply through my nose.

    I gave a few gentle sucks as Robert humped into my mouth. It didn't last long before I felt every muscle in his butt tighten. He moaned, "I'm going to cum." His cock swelled in my mouth and the first shot of his cum hit the back of my throat. He shoved hard into my mouth and held my head against him as I pressed tight against his butt with my hands. The grunts he was letting out between pants were almost sobs. We seemed to stay like that forever as he emptied his cum into my mouth and I swallowed over and over. His cum is a mild bitter sweet taste that I wouldn't mind eating all day. Finally he was done ejecting his juice.

    Robert pulled his dick from my mouth and sighed as he sank down onto the couch. He grinned at me and whispered, "Oh, man! That was really rad! That is the best cum I have ever had! Thank you."

    I got up and sat in the chair across from him. I had to rearrange my hard on inside my pants, but I had decided I wouldn't ask Robert to get me off. If he offered, well............... But, I wouldn't ever ask him for sex. At least not until he is 16 next month which is legal age in our state.

Robert looked at me and I could tell his eyes were focused on my hardon. "Give me a minute and then I want to suck you off." he informed me.

    We only visited about his school a short time before he rose and came to where I was sitting. He started unbuttoning my shirt and I moved slightly to make it easier for him. I leaned forward and he removed my shirt dropping it beside the chair. I sat back and he leaned in and licked my nipple before sucking it into his mouth. It took my breath away, and he was sucking on my other titty before my hand moved to find his nickel size tit. I gently flicked it with my finger as it was already firm and wrinkled. Robert let out a "mmmmmmmmm," without ever coming off my chest. His hand was feeling my hardon inside my pants as he placed little kisses on my chest.

"Oh. That feels big," he muttered.

My breathing was becoming a bit fast, but I was able to tell him, "not really. I'm 6.5 inches which is just average."

"I was hoping you wouldn't be 10 inches like they all seem to be in the stories. I don't think I could handle that much to start." Robert told me. "I don't know if I can even get an average cock down."

"Robert, don't worry about it. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, and you can stop anytime you want to stop." His answer was to take me by the arms and lift me to my feet.

    His face was filled with curiosity as he reached for my belt. He unbuckled it and quickly released the button on my jeans. He pulled down my zipper and my pants fell around my ankles. Yeah, my briefs were wet with precum and left little to his imagination. He gave a little nervous giggle as he pulled the elastic over my hard on exposing my package. My hard cut cock swung free.

Robert leaned in and his tongue lapped at my nuts almost sending me over the line. He looked up at me and said, "I'm rock hard again. I want to 69 please."

    I sank to the floor and stretched out on the carpet. Robert got on top of my on all fours. His dick was indeed once again like a hard piece of steel. His nuts dangled just above my nose. I used my tongue to push his nut up close to his body and Robert gave a lustful moan as his tongue licked the precum flowing from my cock.

    My hands were roaming over as much of Robert's body as I could reach as my tongue savored the honey sweet taste of the copious amount of precum leaking from Robert. I was doing my best to keep from shooting as his mouth took in my glans and he started sucking. He was humping as he squirmed his ass trying to find my mouth with his dick. I let it slip into my mouth and heard a satisfied sigh from Robert.

    The feelings Robert was building in my groin were fantastic. They were becoming harder and harder to relax from. I was working my tongue under the foreskin of his cock when I felt my cock enter his throat. I forced myself to relax and not hump against him. I knew when I was all the way down. Robert had all of my swollen dick inside his mouth and throat. Just then Robert moaned and his cum erupted into my mouth. I made some sort of sound as I couldn't hold back any longer and the cum was torn from my nuts. I strained against Robert as we traded shots of cum. I know 5 or 6 big gobs of cum left my cock for Robert's sucking mouth. I don't know how many shots Robert gave me. I swallowed over and over as he unloaded. Once we were able to relax, Robert pulled his cock from my mouth but kept sucking gently on mine as I went soft.

    Once I was soft and Robert could milk no more of my cum from it, he turned around and hugged me tight. "My dick gets too tender once I shoot," he explained, "I can't stand for it to be touched then." Robert got up and started dressing, so I got dressed also.

"See you later, Tom, and thanks. I'm going to head down to the mall and hang with my peeps. If you aren't busy when I get back, maybe we can do it again. I usually need to get off 4 or 5 times a day, and this is only the 3rd," he informed me as headed out the door.

The End

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