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Subject:  Playing the game:  Rodie's Story continued.

Chapter 14:    New beginnings {M/t, M/b, no sex}

            WARNING:  This story contains descriptions of sexual acts involving MINOR boys.  I wish to explain that this story is not true!  Further, it is not intended to promote illegal acts against minors, but to demonstrate that young boys can love each other even when adults believe that they are too young.  The sexual acts described in the story are the result of my imagination.  I have not performed these acts, and I do not encourage others to perform them with minors.  If the subject of boy/boy or homosexual love between minors offends you, or this material is illegal to possess in your place of residence, or if you are under the legal age to possess such material, do not read further!

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Author's note:  Please refer to the Author's endnote.  Thank you, and God Bless my friends.

From Chapter 13:

 "He's right Rodie; there was nothing you could have done to stop him. It was never your fault for anything he you, or your friends; but we can stop him from hurting you now. We already have started and after tonight he will never be able to hurt you again forever." Eric told him with tears in his eyes.

"" Rodie asked them. "How can we stop him if I can't stop hurting inside because of what he did to me?"

"I know how to stop him from hurting you," Derrick told him as he understood everything, but he knew that Mark and Eric could not help him yet because they had not gone though what Rodie had gone through...what he had went through. Then he came over and knelt in front of Rodie. "You always felt ashamed after you let him have sex with you, didn't you? You felt so dirty and you hated yourself for letting it happen again. You felt just like I did afterwards every time my Dad molested me. I hated myself because of it, because I liked it and because I wanted him to do it again. It took away my loneliness and sadness for a little while because it felt like he wanted me...that he loved me because I let him do these things even though I knew it was wrong. Afterwards, I always felt so dirty and repulsive that I would take a very hot bath and scrub myself so hard that I would bleed. Even then, I still felt dirty and I hated myself for it, and then my mom would come home and I felt so guilty. I would lie to her about the scratches and scrapes on me from where I scrubbed so hard so she wouldn't find out about our secret. I felt so ashamed of myself for lying to her and that made me hate myself even more. It went on and on until I couldn't stand it anymore and I started hurting myself on purpose, hoping that I would die so my pain inside would finally end." He said as his tears slid down his face. Both Eric and Mark stared at him with stunned expressions as he revealed his secret and private shame to them.

"You know," Rodie cried as he lurched forward and fell into Derrick's embrace. "You know what it's know how I feel. It never went away...even after they made me forget, I still feel this way, and it still hurts. Its never going to stop...its never going to go away no matter what anyone does to make me forget and its always going to hurt like this, isn't it?" Rodie asked him quietly as Derrick held him tenderly with his arms even though his right arm ended at his elbow.

"No Rodie, you are right that it won't ever go away completely, but I know how to change it so it doesn't always hurt. I know how to fix it so that you will no longer hate him for what he did and so you won't hate yourself anymore. I know how you feel right now, because it happened to me also. My father molested me too...for five years until I was 11. I also tried to kill myself too when my pain and loneliness became too much to bear alone anymore, so I cut the veins in my elbow because I heard that they could save me if I just cut my wrist. They still saved me, but I lost my arm because I cut too deep and they couldn't fix everything in time. That's how I lost my arm and it was when I was in the hospital that I finally told my mom everything. She had my dad sent to prison for what he did and got a divorce, but I still hated myself for everything that happened. Nobody could help me forget, or make me stop hating myself until I met Marco. He made a deal with me, he promised to give me back my gymnastics career, but only if I stopped blaming myself for what my father did to me. I did that, but my pain didn't stop and I still hated myself. That stopped when I came here and met Mark. He's the one who helped me to stop hating myself and he is the one who stopped my pain too. Now it only hurts when I have to talk about it like this, but then it goes away again." He told him as they cried together.

Then Rodie connected their minds and he shared with him everything that had happened; and how he felt up to the time period of the rape since he still couldn't remember that because of what they had done. Derrick responded by sharing all of his memories with Rodie and they knew they were the same. That they were kindred spirits with tortured souls and Rodie knew that Derrick had the answer that nobody had been able to give him so far. That was how to make the pain go away so he could finish healing and go on with his life. "Don't cry anymore, I know how to make things right for you, but I'm not the one who is supposed to. I need to talk to Mark and Eric, so just calm down and relax. Everything will be made right soon, I promise." He told him as he dried Rodie's eyes as he helped him back onto the bed. Then he kissed him on his forehead, stood up and put on his bathrobe before asking Mark and Eric to follow him. They both kissed and hugged Rodie before following Derrick into Eric's room.

"Why did you lie to me? Why didn't you tell me the truth?" Mark demanded in a hushed, but angry voice. "You said that it was an accident as why you lost your arm."

"It was an accident, because I never wanted to lose my arm when they saved me...I just wanted to die is all. I cut myself to the bone from the inside of my elbow to the opposite side of my wrist. They had to make a choice and they chose to clamp the severed arteries closed in order to save my life. By the time they had gotten me out of danger, it was too late to save my arm because too much time had passed, and I had lost too much blood already. After giving me 11 transfusions, they said that my hand and forearm were dead so they amputated it." He told him while his own eyes flashed momentarily with anger. Then they saddened and his shoulders slumped. "I was going to tell you after we became friends, but then you met Rodie. I could see how you felt about him, so I stepped back and kept quiet. Then, after everything that happened to you and to him that night, I knew that I couldn't tell you until you both were well again. However, when you came home a few months ago, you were different and you wanted to be with me as a lover and not just a friend anymore. I knew I had to tell you, but it is hard for me to even talk about it with Marco or my mother. It's not something I can share with just anyone or something I want others to know about either because if everyone here knew again, then I would be just as alone as I was when he was molesting me. It still hurts just as much now as it did back then, the shame and loneliness is still there, and it always will be. I was going to tell you a few weeks ago, but you came over and said that Rodie was finally coming home and you were so happy. I decided to wait again until he was settled, and then tell you. You just don't know or understand how much pain this causes me or him." He told them as he sat down on Eric's bed and they could see his pain in his face before he covered it with his hand and wept. Mark's eyes filled as he sat down beside him and then he embraced Derrick lovingly. They both cried together for a few minutes while Eric went and sat at his desk feeling like a total lump for the way he had acted. Then Mark lifted his head and started kissing Derrick's eyes and forehead.

"I'm so sorry Derrick...for everything. I should have listened to you when you were trying to tell me. I love you and I love Rodie so much. I was just so happy that he was finally coming home though, and I didn't mean to ignore you when you needed me." Mark told him tearfully.

"No, don't be. This is a good thing, even though it hurts us so much. The most painful thing about what happened to Rodie and me is how alone we were because of our secret. That's why Marco has been pressuring me to tell you for a long time now. He was my first real friend and the first man to truly care about how I really felt inside. I could never hide my pain from him for some reason and he always ended up getting me to talk about these painful things. I always felt better afterwards though, and after I met him, I no longer felt like I was all alone anymore. That's why Rodie has been struggling so much, because on top of everything he has done to recover, he still has had to carry this pain with him. Most doctors treat rape victims and molestation victims the same, but it isn't. With rape, a person loses their control of everything around them, leaving them completely vulnerable in the power of their attacker. That's what it is about, control and power. However, molestation is the complete opposite of rape. It is about love, happiness, and pleasure. It is also about betrayal of trust, constant shame, unending pain, and complete loneliness. A molester is usually someone the child trusts completely and they use that trust in order to slowly isolate their victim, but they are always there after each let down so that their victim bonds tighter and tighter to them until they are the only one left that their victim can turn to. That is when the molestation becomes more brutal and extreme, even though the child knows it's wrong, they allow it to continue because they need their abuser to care and love them since they have no one else to turn to. It's the broken trust, loneliness, and shame that cause the victim their pain. Then when the pain gets so bad, the child tries one last time to save themselves by telling on their abuser or they try to escape like we did by attempting suicide." He told them. Then he continued after a long pause.

"Of course the abuser is prosecuted and that means that the victim who is already isolated and burdened down with this shame, pain, and loneliness has to go to court and recount every single lurid detail all over again to a large room of complete strangers. That is not all though, after doing that, then they have to spend hours or like me, even days being cross examined where I was forced to admit that I liked it, that I wanted him to do it, and that I felt that it was my fault for seducing him. It's like being molested all over again, only this time it's ten times worse because everybody knows now and that isolated me even more which only increased my shame and pain. Most of the adults blamed my father of course, but all of the kids where I lived blamed me and I was pushed back to the brink of suicide again just as I was before. Death was a welcomed answer because it would have ended my pain. That's why we moved here and mom took that degrading job in that bar. She did that so I could start over again without everything hanging over me like some black cloud. Marco kept his promise and gave me back my career and then you came here. I had made some friends by being this really tough guy in order to hide my pain and I picked on you so I could hide the fact that I loved you the moment I saw you. Then Marco brought us together by telling you how I was almost gang raped here at the school. Yet, you still liked me and became my best friend, but not my boyfriend like I wanted. Even that helped me to open up just a little and share some of my pain with you and the more I opened up with you, the more you cared. Remember our first time Mark?" Derrick asked him as they wiped each others eyes.

"Yeah, it was pretty awkward for both of us; and very emotional too." He said with a half smile.

"I know, but it ended my pain inside though," He said before turning towards Eric. "Come here Eric, because you need to hear all of this too." Eric got up, shuffled over to them, and stood in front of them awkwardly while staring down at his feet.

"I'm sorry too Derrick, I didn't know that it happened to you too. I just thought you were perving out by listening to everything he said. I'm just a dumb kid and I didn't mean those things I said to you in there." Eric admitted shyly because he truly felt bad for the way he treated him when Derrick was the only one of them who knew what the real problem was and how to help Rodie.

"Nonsense Eric, you are his best friend and you did what you thought was right in order to protect him. I wish I had had a friend like you when it was happening to me, because if I did, I might still have my arm. There is no shame in that, but I still need your help so that we can stop Rodie's pain and stop him from hating himself. That is Rodie's biggest danger now because if he cannot find a release for his pain then he will never forgive himself. That's what I had to do with you Mark our first time. That's why it was so screwed up that time. See, the reason is that his pain won't go away and neither will his shame is because everyone he has tried to love before, including Jim, he has always managed to turn them into his father in his mind before he can actually have sex. That's why he has been having these panic attacks because it is his last defense to protect himself from being hurt again. If you had done what you two were planning with him, then Rodie would have been back in the hospital tomorrow on a suicide watch because all you would have done would have brought back all of his loneliness, despair, all of the shame, and then sent it crashing back down on him again. What you have to do is to counter everything his father did to him before he raped him. How do you counter loneliness and despair Mark?" He asked him.

"With love and understanding...right?" Mark answered.

"Right and that's what you have to do with him. Just like our first time, this will be the same with him." He told Mark.

"Why Mark?" Eric asked him. "Why can't you do it? Of the three of us, you know exactly what he is feeling inside and you also know what to do with him to help him get better. So why are you telling Mark to do it when you should be doing it." He said by pointing out the obvious while Mark agreed with him. However, a look of utter anguish and pain came over Derrick's face as he covered his face with his hand and then a muffled sob came out from him. After a few moments, he lifted his head and looked at them with his tear reddened eyes.

"I can't," He said to them in a soft, but anguished voice. "You know about some of the dreams I have been having Mark. Those dreams always involve me having sex with a young Rodie. In my dreams, I am now my father and I'm doing everything to the boys that he did to me...and sometimes I get violent in those dreams and really hurt the boy. That's why I started seeing that doctor Mark, he's a psychiatrist, and he specializes in treating molesters and their victims. Victims of molestation are most likely to become molesters themselves when they grow up. I'm terrified that I'm going to turn into the same kind of monster that my dad was. That's why I can't do this, because he needs the only thing that you can give him and that's your love and compassion. I can't do it because of my dreams and I don't want to be alone with him...not like this." He told them with a sob. "You have to do this Mark. Eric, I want you to go in there and fix it so that he doesn't remember his shame. That's how you can help him heal tonight. Then Mark can do the rest."

"But how is that going to help him?" Eric asked him with his innocent eyes.

"Because, every time he does anything sexual with anyone, he will feel ashamed about it afterwards the same as he did with his father, and he won't do it again, then he will start having panic attacks all over again too. It's the only way he can protect himself from going back to that dark depression he was in. His panic attacks are still bringing back his loneliness and his pain. By taking away his shame, then Mark can change his memory about sex just as he did for me so that Rodie won't feel ashamed about it anymore. It took Marco almost a year to take away enough of my shame by just talking to me just so I could be with another person sexually. Then the first time I had sex with you Mark, I cried, remember? It was the first time I had done anything sexual with someone else since my father molested me, that's why I cried. Not because what we did hurt, but because you took away all of the pain that I believed went with sex because of what my father did to me. You showed me the way true love and sex should be; which is happy, gentle, and openly sharing with each other. Most of all, the reason my pain stopped was because it was no longer a shameful secret about what we did and it wasn't wrong either. Sex didn't hurt me anymore because there was no shame and you changed the way I thought about sex in general. Now there isn't any shame, or pain, but most of all, I wasn't so alone because I could talk about it without fear or shame to others I trusted like my Mom and Marco, and now you guys. That is what you have to do for Rodie now so he can finish healing inside. You said that Rodie opened up to Stevie, but never to his doctors, but he opened up to both of you first and that is why you guys have to do this together. So, go in there and heal his soul so he can live again. If you do this right, then you will be amazed at how fast he will get better, I promise." Derrick told them as emphatically as possible so that they would understand, and after seeing their faces, he knew that they did understand. Then he kissed Eric, then Mark hugged and kissed him good night, and he sent them back to Rodie. Then after using the bathroom, he got into Eric's bed, turned out the light, and then softly cried as he tried to sleep.

End of chapter 13.

Playing the game Chapter 14:  Rodie's story cont.  (New Beginnings) 

            Rodie sat on the bed hugging his knees with his blue silk robe draped over his slim shoulders when Eric and Mark came in the room.  They sat on the bed on each side of him and hugged him.

            "We're sorry Rodie," Eric said to him.  "We didn't understand until now, but now we can help make it better."

            "Where's Derrick?"  He asked them.

            "He is going to stay in Eric's room tonight.  He told us about what happened to him, and he is still seeing a doctor about it.  He can't help you with this because it might make things worse for him."  Mark explained to him, and Rodie understood because of what Derrick shared with him.  He didn't mean to share that with him, but Rodie had seen his dreams; and what he was afraid of.  "Don't worry Rodie, he told us what to do to help stop the pain."

            "Can you really help me?  His pain hasn't stopped yet, so how can he know how to stop mine?"  Rodie asked them in his soft voice.

            "Yes, we can," Eric said.  "Because we are different; and because you can connect us, that way we do it right."  Then Eric looked at Mark.  "Let me do what Derrick told me first, and then you can stop his pain ok?"

            "Ok, I'm going to go get something to drink.  Can I bring you something Rodie?"  Mark asked him as he stood up and tied his robe closed.

            "Some tea, ok," he said, and then Mark left the room.  "What are you going to do?"

            "The same thing we did before when we were connected, ok."  Eric told him.  Then he helped Rodie to lie back while he lay down beside him.  "Now, this time when we are connected, I want you to share with me the same things you shared with Derrick about what your father did.  I'm going to change some things so that you can remember them and it won't hurt anymore."  He said and Rodie nodded.  Then they embraced and put their foreheads together before Rodie took him back to when he was six.  He didn't know how long they lay there together like that, as he showed Eric all of his memories.  However, he felt it immediately as he shared these memories that his shame and self hatred were now gone as Eric altered his perception of each memory.  When they finally opened their eyes, Rodie's tears came immediately.

            "You stopped it."  He said as his tears flowed down his face.  "It doesn't hurt to remember anymore."

            "I know," Eric said with a smile.  "It's because I took the shame away, so now you remember the truth.  You can now see what was really happening, and that it wasn't your fault.  It was never your fault because it was your father who was making you feel ashamed and guilty."  He said before kissing him, and rubbing his button nose against Rodie's making him smile.

            "Thank you Eric," Rodie said as he sat up and wiped his eyes with the back of his hands.  "I love you."

            "I love you more," Eric said with a dimpled grin as he got out of the bed and put his robe on again.

            "Where are you going?"  Rodie asked him with a worried expression.

            "I've got to do something else right now.  When you had us connected, I saw what is wrong with Derrick, so while Mark's makes things better with you, I'm going to go help make things better with Derrick."  Eric told him seriously.

            " can't."  Rodie said with worry.  "If you saw what is wrong, then you know what he's going to have to do with you.  You can't do will hurt you."

            "Rodie, wake up.  You've been gone from here for almost a year now, and we have all changed.  I know that I make everyone think I'm innocent, but I'm not.  I'm not even a virgin anymore, you know."  Eric told him in a `matter of fact' way.

            "You aren't?"  Rodie asked him with surprise.  "You really did it...with a man?"

            "No, he wasn't a man.  He is 16, but his pecker will put even Derrick to shame."  Eric told him with a smirk.  "It did hurt the first time we tried to do it though, but then I snuck over to Jim's and borrowed his tube of `Anal-Ease', and that made it so it didn't hurt as much.  We've been doing it for four months now."  He said as Rodie stared at him with wide eyed surprise, but Eric didn't hear Mark as he came in the room.

            "Eric!"  Mark said in a shocked voice.  "You did it with Josh?"  He asked as he sat down his and Rodie's drinks.  Eric started a bit when he heard Mark because he hadn't planned on him hearing this.  He blushed red with embarrassment as he looked down at his feet before nodding.

            "I'm sorry Mark," he said in a subdued voice.  "I didn't want you to find out."

            "Who is Josh?"  Rodie asked now that his curiosity had been piqued.

            "He's a new kid at the dance school.  God, he's so cute, and he's hung like a horse."  Mark said with a laugh.  "Every one of us has tried to get into his pants, but he wasn't interested.  We all figured that he was straight, so we left him alone.  Geez Eric, you must have nailed him right after he started at the school.  No wonder he wasn't interested in us," Mark told them, then he looked at his brother with concern.  "Did he hurt you?  I mean, I know it hurt because his dick is so big, but are you ok?"

            "Yeah, I'm all right.  It did hurt the first time, and I was sore for a whole week, but my butt didn't bleed or anything.  Josh is kinda of a perv though because he likes little boys only.  He did it with me because I still don't have any hair yet, but my dick is a little too big though for him to really like me.  He really wants to fuck Bobby, but I told him that if I caught him messing with the younger boys again that I would tell on him.  I caught him in the toilet giving Jakie a blowjob.  I think you should talk to him because he's afraid of you."  Eric told him as he let Mark guide him over to the bed, and bent over as Mark lifted up his robe to examine his backside.

            "You caught him with Jake?  He's only five, and Bobby just turned six."  Mark exclaimed after he finished checking Eric's butt for scarring and fissures.  While it was not the tight little pucker anymore, he still couldn't see any damage to his bottom.  "You damn right I'm going to talk to him because that shit isn't supposed to happen at the school.  The little kids under 12 are completely off limits, and if any of us catch him trying anything with them, then I'll tie a knot in that great big dick of his that he's so proud of.  If you weren't my brother, I'd kill him for doing it with you, but I know you wouldn't do something like that if you weren't ready though.  Lord, Jakie's little pecker isn't even as big as my pinky yet, and Bobby's isn't much bigger.  He is a perv if that's who he wants to fuck around with."  Mark said with anger.  While it was generally known among the older boys at the dance and gymnastics school that Mark, Derrick, and four other teen boys were openly gay; they knew that some of the younger teen boys and "tweens" were curious about sex with other boys.  However, Mark and Derrick, being the oldest, they had let all of the other boys there know that no sex stuff happened at the school.  If the younger teens wanted to do something with another boy there, then they would make plans to get together away from the school.  The main rule that was strictly enforced was that nobody was to touch, or even suggest anything sexual to any kid 12 and under.  Even if the kid was the one to suggest or ask, they were supposed to tell them to go talk to Marco or one of the other staff members.  However, Josh had already broken the rules with Eric, and now that Mark knew about Jake, he was going to have a very long talk with the new guy.

            "Well, now that you know that I'm not a virgin anymore, I guess I should tell you that I'm going to go stay with Derrick while you help Rodie."  Eric told him, and Mark looked at him sharply.  "I know what's wrong with him Mark, and I know how to fix it so he won't keep having those dreams anymore.  He will stop hurting so much inside then."

            "What do you mean Eric?"  Mark asked him with his voice filled with concern.  "How do you know what's wrong with him...what is wrong in the first place?"

            "When he opened his mind to Rodie, and shared with him what his Dad did to him, Rodie also saw all of his dreams that he's been having, and why he started going to that shrink."  Eric told him while his face was filled with understanding and caring because he loved Derrick since he made Mark so happy.  Now, he had the chance to help him get past this thing that kept him from healing completely just like Rodie, and he wanted to help him for Mark's sake.  "He thinks he is turning into his Dad Mark, because he keeps having these weird dreams about what his Dad did to him.  Only, in his dreams, he is now his Dad who is molesting a young boy who is supposed to be him.  His Dad stole his innocence Mark, and while it's too late to give him back his innocence, I can make him think he is stealing mine.  He won't be able to do that to me, and that will make him see that he couldn't hurt any kid like his Dad hurt him.  That will stop those nightmares, and it will help him heal so he can love you as much as you love him."

            "How are you going to do that though?  Are you going to seduce him?"  Mark asked him, and then with a pleading look he said.  "Please, don't hurt him.  He's been hurt enough already."

            "I know he has, and I promise I won't hurt him.  I'm not going to seduce him Mark; I'm just going to go get in bed with him."  Eric told him, and then he got a little wicked smirk on his face.  "Think about it, I'm nekkid, and he's nekkid, in bed with my cute bubble butt snuggled up tightly against him.  You know what's going to happen because it's exactly like his dream.  He's going to start feeling me and stuff to get me hard, and just when it gets to the point where he's about to stick it in my butt, I'll say with a wide eyed innocent look, "please, don't hurt me" and that will stop him from going any further.  It's the same thing that his Dad did to him when he was six, but his Dad didn't stop and it hurt him, really bad.  That's why he won't be able to do it, and after this, he will always know that he isn't like his Dad anymore and he will finish healing inside."

            "Ok, but if you feel that anything is going wrong, just holler and I will come in and stop him."  Mark told him with genuine caring and compassion before hugging him tightly.

            "I will, but it will be ok.  Just make Rodie better, and try not to wake Dad up while you are doing that."  Eric whispered to him as they hugged.  Then he winked at Mark before scampering out the room with a soft giggle.

            "So what are we supposed to do now?"  Rodie asked as he hugged his knees again before resting his chin on them.

            "We can just talk for now, but not with words."  Mark told him as he pulled back the covers on his side of the bed.  He then motioned Rodie to move over while he shed his robe and went around to the side of the bed Rodie had just been on.  After getting into the bed, he pulled the covers over them as Rodie snuggled up against him.  Rodie started to speak, but Mark put his finger to Rodie's mouth to quiet him as he put his arms around him and pulled Rodie's bare back against his chest.  "No words, remember," and Rodie nodded.  In the next instant, Mark could sense it as Rodie connected their minds together.

            "This is nice Mark," Rodie thought to him as he snuggled closer to Mark's body.

            "I think so too," Mark thought back to him.  "I know you are still a little scared, but don't be.  We don't have to do anything at all except kiss a few times to see if you feel different than before is all.  If what Eric did was right, then he's fixed everything to stop your panic attacks.  If that's the case, then the only thing stopping you from being with me, or Jim; or whoever you want to be with, is in your head only."

            "So the fear will be mine now?"

            "Yeah, the fear will be from you not knowing or being unsure, but it won't be because of what your father did to you.  That's where we screwed up Rodie.  Your father didn't do just one thing to hurt you, he did three different things.  Everyone knew about him trying to kill you, and all of the injuries that caused, and your mom told your doctors about him assaulting and raping you, and the injuries caused by that.  However, our mistake was that we didn't tell anyone about how your father molested you for four years, and how you stopped him from doing it.  If one of us, including Jim, had told your mom or Dr. Mike about that, then they would have told your doctors and your treatment would have been a lot different."


            "I guess so.  It is so hard for me to trust someone, and when I tried to talk to the doctors about everything, all they wanted me to talk about was for me to forgive him for raping me and trying to kill me.  They kept telling me that he didn't know any better because he was mentally unstable.  They wouldn't listen, so I stopped talking to them about him, but how would it have changed my treatment if I did tell them and they listened?"


            "That's easy.  See, when a person is raped, it takes away that person's security.  They no longer feel that they can control things around them or their lives so they withdraw from everything.  The doctors slowly try to bring that person back out of the shell they have withdrawn into with different therapies.  However, when a child is molested like you were, it strips them of their ability to trust, and they are ashamed and blame themselves for letting it happen.  To restore someone's ability to trust others is much more difficult to do than it is to restore their security.  With you, they should have been helping you to trust others again instead of trying to make you feel safe and get you to forgive your father.  That's why your pain didn't go away inside because you still felt guilty and ashamed.  Other than telling me, Jim, and Stevie about what he did to you; you didn't tell anyone everything he did, not even you're Mom.


            "I...couldn't tell her.  She would have killed him if I told her everything, and I would have lost her too.  I couldn't take that chance.  She was so pissed when I told her about the beating and rape.  She kept saying that she was going to kill him and swearing; and everything.  If I would have told her about him molesting me, and how he molested all of my friends, she would have snapped and really killed him."


            "He molested your friends too?  You didn't tell us that."


            "I know, and I should have...I'm sorry.  That's why I didn't have any friends by the time he raped me.  Every time I would bring one of my friends home; he would touch them or molest them.  They never told their parents though, but they told everyone at school, and they all blamed me for it.  The only ones who stayed my friends were Andy and Chris.  He tried to touch Andy once, but Andy threatened to tell his Dad, and he got scared and promised him that he wouldn't ever do it again.  That night though, he whipped me with a belt for the first time and told me that Andy couldn't come over anymore.  Mom was so mad when she got home and saw my legs bleeding, and she took me away to my Aunt's.  We stayed for almost a month, and Dad was really nice and always sending us gifts and stuff.  He even went to some doctor to control his anger, and we came home after that.  After that, he would hurt me, but he was careful not to leave any bruises for Mom to see.  That was the first time he said he would kill me if I ever told Mom anything.  It just got worse after that, and I started staying away from home until Mom came home."  He told him, and then Mark felt his tears and heard his muffled whimpers.

            "Don't cry Rodie, he can't hurt you anymore."


            "Derrick was wrong because I never told him to stop, I just hid from him until Mom came home.  He'd come home from work and he would drive around for hours looking for me.  Then he would fight with Mom when she got home because I hid from him.  When he started hitting her, I stopped hiding from him all the time.  If he wasn't mad, then I would come home because he wouldn't hit me then.  He just wanted to do it is all, but he still hit her.  I think he knew that I wouldn't hide from him when he hit her, so he did it more.  She stopped coming home too because of him, and that really made him mad because I could feel it when he was mad even at school.  I always stayed connected to him because sometimes he would come to school to pick me up, but I would sneak away and hide.  Or he would wait for my bus before it got to our house to get me, but I would walk home when he did that.  I always knew where he was all the time, but the day he raped me, Mom was home when I got home from school.  So I went in to see her thinking it was safe, but she left right after I came in the door, and I couldn't run and hide from him that day.  When she called the next day to tell him that she was coming to get me and leaving him for good, that's when he told her that I had been raped and hurt because I had left right after she did.  She didn't know that he was molesting me, and that's why she believed him about me being gang raped.  He kept telling me how he was going to kill her next as he choked me until I blacked out.  Then he would make me breathe and wake me up so he could do it again and again.  I knew that he would do what he said, and he would kill her and me when we got home because she was leaving him.  That's why I made up the story of seeing some guys in a gang buying a lot of drugs, and how they caught me and hurt me.  The cops told her that we would be in danger if we went home, so we never went back.  Mom took me and went into hiding, but she still filed for divorce.  When we finally did go back home to get our stuff, Dad had already moved and took everything with him.  It took Mom almost six months to get us new stuff, and she almost lost her business and our house.  That made me feel even worse because I knew it was my fault because I lied.  Then a man came into the store for lunch one day, and he left his briefcase there.  It was filled with all sorts of expensive jewelry; I think someone said that there was like 5 million dollars of jewelry in the briefcase.  The man didn't know where he lost it, and when Mom called him to give it back to him, he gave Mom $25,000 for returning it.  She needed the money to pay bills, but she used it to bring me here instead."


            "She did that because she knew that you were dying, and nothing in this world was worth more to her than you Rodie.  That's why she brought you here, so she could save you, and she did.  I know that you and her have had your problems since then, but you were so messed up inside that it doesn't count.  You almost gave your life to protect her, and she knows that now.  That's why she gave up the one thing she loved and cared about the most, you, so you would live.  Both of you have made the ultimate sacrifice for the other, and now you are home with her again.  I know that she will never let you down again, and neither will you let her down too."


            "I know Mark, and I won't.  I promise."  He told him, and then he scooted away as his shoulders tensed up.  Mark could sense that he was having a muscle spasm, and he started to gently knead his neck and shoulders.  After a few minutes, the spasm passed, and his shoulders relaxed again.  "That feels good.  Hey, you still owe me a massage."

            "I thought you didn't want one though.  You said that you were scared."


            "I was then, but that's because all of you were going to do it.  Now that Eric made me better, I'm not that scared now.  I still don't think I could do that with all you guys together, but it's ok if it's just you."


            "Why?  Is it because of Derrick?"


            "No.  It's because I haven't had sex in almost two years now.  I haven't even bopped my baloney even though I had my own room at Oaklawn.  I kind of figured that things might get a bit out of hand when you give me a massage, but it scared me when I thought of all of us all doing it together.  I don't think I'm ready to do that yet, but since it's just you now, then it's ok."  He told him as he turned and faced him.  "You promised me a massage Mark, and I'm going to hold you to that promise."  He told him with a grin before he kissed him.  Their kiss lingered on and on, and they were both very aroused and breathless when it finally ended.

            "Keep doing that and the twins can give you the massage," he said with a smirk.  Then he laughed as Rodie stuck his small pink tongue out and wiggled the tip of it at him.  Mark got up and went over to his dresser, then came back with the tubes of body lotion and a large towel before pulling the covers down to the foot of the bed.  He had Rodie move over, and he laid the towel out on the bed before having Rodie move back onto the towel.  However, before he did anything more; he told Rodie to kiss him again.  They kissed passionately, and he slid his hand down into Rodie's crack.  There was no panic or resistance this time though.

            "Don't stop," Rodie told him, but he did stop.

            "Tell me how you feel now?"

            "Horny, why?"

            "No fear or panic now?  Even when I touched you like Eric did that made you panic?"

            "Nope!  Just horny...really horny.  Now quit stalling."  He said as his long pent up desire and need showed in his multi colored eyes.

            "Ok, Horn Dog.  Roll over on your belly."  Mark told him as he laughed, and Rodie quickly rolled over and pulled his hair to the side.  Mark took the tube of coconut scented body lotion and squeezed a thick bead down the center of Rodie's back along with a dollop on each cheek of his pert butt.

            "That's cold!"  Rodie complained as a shiver went down his spine.  Mark then started to gently rub and knead his back and shoulders working the lotion in until Rodie's skin was silky soft.  Small moans of pleasure came from him as Mark worked his way down his spine to his butt.  As Mark kneaded his buttocks, he reached over to his headboard for the tube of K-Y and added a good dollop onto his fingers.  Then he slid his hand between Rodie's cheeks; and encountered little resistance when he pressed his finger on Rodie's small anus.  Rodie gasped as Mark's fingers slid into him up to his second knuckle.  Mark felt his tight sphincter spasm a few times, as he slowly twisted his fingers spreading the lube around inside him.  Then he removed his fingers and moved down to Rodie's slim, almost skinny legs.  When he reached Rodie's feet, he had him flip over and started working his way back up his body.  However, he skipped Rodie's hard penis and groin area, and did his stomach and chest instead.  As he reached his armpits, Mark pulled him up into a sitting position before rubbing his arms and shoulders.

            "Please," Rodie croaked softly as his eyes filled.  Mark leaned down and kissed him as he eased him back down onto the bed before rolling onto his back with Rodie on top of him.  "Please Mark; I need you to love me," as Rodie cried softly into his shoulder.

            "I am, and I do."  Mark whispered aloud before he kissed him, and then pushing him up into a sitting position so that he was now straddling him.  Then he gently lifted Rodie up by his slim hips until his rock hard 5 " cock was positioned between Rodie's spread cheeks.  Rode cried out as the head of his cock slid inside him, and Mark stopped and held him steady by his hips.  Rodie's tears slid freely down his face as he tightened, then relaxed his sphincter again and again.  Mark groaned in ecstasy as Rodie massaged his cock head, and then with a strangled cry, Rodie grasped his hard cocklet just in time to point it down just as he climaxed; shooting his thin load onto Mark's well developed chest.  However, His cocklet didn't soften, and he sank slowly onto Mark's cock until his small balls were resting on Mark's lower stomach.  His breath was ragged between his sobs, and that worried him.  "You ok Rodie?"

            "Don't," {gasp}, "stop," {gasp}, "please."  Rodie said as he continued to cry, so Mark gently lifted Rodie's slim hips up to the point where just his cock head remained just inside him, and then gently pressing them down until his cock was completely buried inside him again.  After the first couple of times, Mark got them into a slow, but steady rhythm.  He slowly increased the speed as Rodie climaxed a second time, shooting his thin watery load onto Mark's face and hair this time.  As the rhythm and speed increased, Mark began to worry because Rodie's cries were coming faster, and his tears were now flowing freely.  However, Mark was reaching his climax, and after one final thrust both he and Rodie cried out in passion filled ecstasy as they climaxed together with Rodie shooting load after thin watery load on his chest and face.  While Mark pumped load after load of his thin useless cum deep into Rodie's bowels.  Now beyond words, Rodie's strangled cries escaped between his ragged breaths as his head hung down, and his shoulders slumped.  Mark quickly pulled him down into his arms as the ragged sobs began.

            "It's all right Rodie, and everything is fine.  Just calm down my love, and try not to think so much."  He told him as he gently soothed and comforted Rodie as he cried.  At some point, his now soft cock had slid out of Rodie's bottom without his noticing as he continued to sooth and comfort the boy in his arms that he loved so much.  After a half an hour had past, Rodie's crying had stopped except for an occasional hiccup.  Then Rodie lifted his head and kissed him, and then rubbed his nose against Mark's before smiling at him.

            "I'm sorry Mark, I tried not to cry."  Rodie said to his in a hoarse, soft voice.

            "That's ok Rodie, but I was a little worried."  Mark told him gently.  "Was I hurting you?

            "No; not really Mark.  It's just that it hurt because of all the love, desire, and ecstasy I felt; and I felt your gentleness, tenderness, compassion, and caring too.  It hurt because it was nothing like anything my father ever did or felt for me."  Rodie said with another sob as his shoulders shook.

            "I know Bright Eyes.  He never loved you, but I do.  We all do, and we will always be here for you.  Nothing he did was for love, but this was pure love.  It hurt because this was your first time ever making love with someone who loves you as much as you love them.  In this sense, you just lost your virginity because you made love for the very first time."  Mark told him as he began to wipe them both down with the towel in order to clean up Rodie's thin cum from their bodies.  Once he was done, he lay down with Rodie in his arms, and pulled the covers over them.  Rodie scooted back until his back was against Mark's powerful chest.

            "You guys did it," Rodie said in a sleepy whisper.  "Just like you all promised me that you would.  You took away the shame and my pain, and now I can finish healing.  I love you and forever.  Thanks, for loving me too."

            "I love you too, now and forever.  Go to sleep Rodie, because I'm here and I love you.  Goodnight Bright Eyes."  Mark whispered to him, but he could feel Rodie's soft, even breathing that let him know that he was asleep already.  Then he closed his eyes, and quickly joined him in sleep.

(Earlier that night)

            Eric slipped into his room, and he could hear Derrick's soft sobbing coming from the bed.  He quietly shed his robe, padded softly to the side of his bed, and slipped under the covers next to DerrickDerrick immediately turned over, facing him, and started to speak when Eric kissed him.  Out of habit, he reached his arm out and around Eric's warm, small, nude body pulling him closer as they kissed.  His hand slid softly down the center of Eric's spine until it cupped his firm bubble butt, giving him Goosebumps from the excitement and thrill.

            "Why are you here Eric?"  Derrick asked him in a hushed voice when their kiss ended.  "What are you doing?"

            "You are sad and lonely right now.  Mark is making Rodie better," he whispered back.  "So I am here to help make you better too."

            "How?"  Derrick asked him as his eyes widened a bit.

            "I saw it when I was taking away Rodie's shame like you told me to do," he said.  "When Rodie is scared or upset, and he connects our minds, he connects us so that we share everything.  When you guys shared what your fathers did to you, Rodie also saw your dreams and everything else while he did the same with you.  Tell me who his physical therapy doctor was at Oaklawn?"

            "Dr. Chabet," he responded automatically, and then he realized that he could now remember everything that Rodie experienced at Oaklawn now that Eric had asked him about it.  "How did he do this?"

            "I don't know; I just know that when he is upset or scared it happens when we connect and share things.  That's how I know about your dreams, and why you are so afraid of turning into your father."  Eric told him in his whispering voice.  "When I saw those things, I saw what is causing them, and I'm going to help you so that your dreams and fears won't hurt you anymore."

            "How?"  Derrick asked in a trembling whisper as his eyes filled.

            "By loving you Derrick, and letting you love me."  Eric told him with all of his caring and love in those words.  Then he giggled as he reached down, grasped Derrick's now hard cock, and positioned it between his legs so it wasn't poking him in the stomach anymore.  "Wow!  It's so big...and nice too."

            "No," he said in a strangled whisper.  "I can't Eric.  I could hurt you like he hurt me.  Mark would never forgive me if I hurt you.  I wouldn't be able to forgive myself."

            "But you won't hurt me Derrick."  Eric said as he pressed his small cocklet against him and squeezed his legs together.  "You won't, because you are not your father."  He said tenderly before kissing him again making Derrick respond naturally.

            "What about Mark?"  Derrick said as he broke the kiss, but Eric just touched his small finger to Derrick's lips silencing him.

            "It's ok," Eric said seductively.  "He already knows."  Then he kissed him again passionately as Derrick's resistance crumbled.  He knew exactly what to do, and how to do it as he touched upon each of Derrick's fears and changed them as they made love.  The only thing he did that was not the same as what Derrick's father had done was to stop Derrick for a moment as he pushed his legs up to his chest.  "Wait Derrick; get the lube so it won't hurt me.  It's in the drawer there beside the bed."  It was the words `won't hurt me' that brought back the memories of the awful, tearing, searing pain when his father had violated him that first time.  It was that memory alone that altered, and forever changed him, allowing him to finish healing.  He was not his father because he could not ever inflict the emotional and physical pain on another boy as his father had done to him.  He reached over and retrieved the tube, and then he continued make love to Eric.  Only now, he was gentle, tender, and caring instead of being consumed just by his lust and desires.  He began to cry silently as they coupled, and then he wept after they climaxed together as Eric comforted him before Derrick slept with new dreams to dream about.

            "It's over now Derrick," Eric whispered into his ear after Derrick fell asleep.  "He can never hurt you again, and now you can love Mark completely."  Then he kissed him, snuggled against him, and fell asleep with a little grin on his face.  That is how Mark found them together in the morning.

            "Good morning Bright Eyes," Mark said as he felt Rodie stir, and stretch before opening his eyes and yawning.  Rodie rubbed his eyes for a moment before smiling at him.

            "Good morning," he said in his soft voice before kissing him and sitting up.  "Thanks Mark...for everything."

            "You don't have to thank me, just get better now ok."  He said as he brushed that stubborn lock of hair away from Rodie's face.  His multi colored eyes were clear, and twinkled with renewed life now.

            "I will now," he said, and then he smiled.  "I have to go."  Mark just laughed as he got up and picked him up before carrying him to the bathroom.  After sitting him on the toilet, Mark went and got Rodie a clean pain of underwear, his silk robe, and his leg braces and arm crutches and took them into the bathroom.  After Rodie had finished going and cleaning himself, Mark started the shower, and then picked him up and sat him on the portable shower seat before getting in and pulling the curtain closed.  They showered quickly together, then dried off and got dressed.  Rodie followed him out to the kitchen where Mark made coffee while Rodie stood out on the deck and watched the sunrise.  Both Mark and he were alike because they liked to rise early and greet the new day by watching the sunrise.  They sat in silence drinking their coffee as the sun turned the dark sky silver, and then blue as the sun rose above the dunes between them and the ocean.

After getting Rodie another cup of coffee, he went back to his room to get Rodie's medication, and stopped to look in on Eric and Derrick.  He smiled and his eyes were soft when he saw them together, and then Eric's eyes popped open as he woke and smiled back at him.  Mark stepped into the room, but Eric held his finger to his lips for him to be quiet as he slipped out of bed and hobbled gently into the bathroom.  Mark frowned as he watched Eric stepping lightly before looking back at Derrick as he slept.  Then he saw the dried cum stains on the sheet, and the tube of K-Y on the night table beside the bed.  Eric came out of the bathroom, and started to pull on his underwear and shorts as Mark realized what had happened.  He turned and looked at Eric sharply, and started to speak, but again Eric motioned for him to remain quiet as he grabbed a t-shirt after he finished dressing in his underwear, and shorts, before leaving the room while Mark followed.  Once they got out to the kitchen, Mark stopped him.

            "Eric, you said that nothing was going to happen."  He said to him with shock and confusion as Eric got himself a glass of orange juice.

            "I lied," Eric told him with a smirk before going out onto the sundeck with Rodie.  "Morning Rodie."  He said as he set down his glass and kissed him.

            "You LIED!"  Mark said with an exasperated voice as he followed him.  "So you did it with Derrick?"

            " what?"  Eric told him, and both Rodie and Mark were now looking at him with wide eyed surprise.  "I had to Mark.  It was the only way for him to know that he wasn't like his father.  He knows now, and he won't have to go to that perv shrink anymore."

            "But, he was so afraid...that he would hurt a kid like his father hurt him."  Mark told him as his worry for Derrick showed in his face.

            "I know Mark, that's why I had to do it with him.  I had to make him remember his pain, and how much he was hurt because of his father.  He bled for two weeks after what his father did to him the first time, and when he remembered that, it changed everything for him because he will not hurt a kid like that ever.  That's what he had to learn, and now he knows."  Eric said as his eyes brimmed.  "The dreams will stop now, and he won't have to hide his pain from you anymore so you can make him get better inside now."

            "Did he...hurt you?"  Mark asked him quietly with tears in his eyes as he realized what Eric had done for him.

            "No, it was fun...for both of us."  Eric told him with a half smile.  "He will be up soon, and he is really going to need you.  Why don't you go stay with him till he wakes up?"  He said, and Mark came over and knelt in front of him before hugging him as his tears slipped down his face.

            "Thank you Eric," Mark whispered to him.  "I love you."

            "I love you too.  You're my big brother, and I don't get a lot of chances to do something good for you."  Eric told him before kissing him.  "Now go take care of Derrick."  Then Mark left them, and Eric came over and sat down a little tenderly next to Rodie.

            "You did it with DerrickEric, his dick is huge...did he hurt you?"  Rodie asked him with concern although he smiled at the naughtiness of Eric's smirk.  "You ok?"

            "Yeah, I'm ok...just a little sore is all.  So how was it for you?"  He asked Rodie with a knowing dimpled grin.  Rodie blushed prettily.

            "It was great.  I didn't want it to ever end."  He told him softly.  Then he motioned for Eric to lean closer until their foreheads touched, and he connected their minds so they could share their experiences together.  Then Eric started giggling along with Rodie as they separated.

            "You told him that you just felt horny after he kissed you?"  Eric asked him as he giggled hilariously.  Rodie just nodded his head as he laughed and giggled with him.  They were still laughing when John came out on the deck with them.

            "Well, I see that your giggle boxes are still working.  Mark forgot to give you this Rodie,' John said to them as he handed Rodie his medication.  Rodie took the pills, and grimaced from the bitterness of them.

            "Don't go, please?"  Rodie asked him as he started to go back inside.  Instead, John came around the table and sat down on the other side of him.  Rodie was quiet for a few minutes as he stared down at his cup.

            "Ever since that night my father tried to kill me, all I have done is to try and find the strength and willpower so I could forgive him for everything he did to me, and I still haven't been able to do that...and I don't think I ever will be able to forgive him."  He said in his soft voice as he looked up at John.  "All I ever wanted was for him to love me like all of the other boys Dads loved them, but he never did love me like a father should love his son. Instead, he used me like some thing to satisfy his sexual desires only, and then discarded me once I had even though I loved him so much that I allowed him to hurt me so bad. He was just an evil and bad man, and I did die that night when he attacked Mark and me.  He did kill his son, Rodie Leftwich, that night and now I'm just Rodie.  However, everyone still thinks that I'm his son because my last name is his name though.  I don't want to be his son anymore, and I don't want his name or anything that will link me to him."  Rodie told him as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hands while Eric began to cry also.  "I just wanted a Dad like all my friends had is all, but he was never my Dad though. To him, I was just another possession of his is all. Now, even though he is dead, I still want and need a Dad to love me. You have always been more of a Dad to me than my real father ever was. Since I left here, I have been on a journey to make things right for myself and everyone that I make all the things right that my father tried to destroy."  Then he looked at Eric with all of his love and gratitude showing in his face. "Last night, Eric helped me by taking all of the shame that I have felt for allowing him to hurt me and to hurt Mom so much.  That allowed me to see that I've been wrong for all this time.  That I don't need to forgive him...that I just need to forgive myself."  Then his eyes filled again, and his tears began to course down his cheeks once more as he faced John again. "I can see now that I did have a chance for me to have a real Dad, but I was so messed up inside at that time to see it.  After I left, I would look at my friends fathers at Oaklawn and imagine what it would be like if they were my Dad. Then, I realized that I was comparing them all to you. That everything I have always wished for in a father, and what he would be like, I have found in you. I'm so sorry that I refused the first time because you are the Dad that I've always wanted all my life. I know I don't have the right to ask you this now; but I still need a Dad to love me so I can finish healing inside, and I can't get that from Jim, or anyone else except from you. Mikki told me that my soul is still torn, and that I have to heal that tear first before I can move on with my life. Therefore, I am asking once more if you will adopt me, and allow me to have your name, so I can finish healing everything that my real father destroyed inside me. Will you be my Dad, and love me as your son too like I love you?"

            "You already are my son Rodie, and I love you the same way that I love Mark and Eric.  You became my son the moment I married your mother, and I would be honored for you to have my name. I promise you that from this day forward, you will be known as my son, Rodie Winters."  John told him as he held open his arms to him.  Rodie almost leapt into his embrace as he cried, and then Eric was there embracing them too.

            As John hugged and comforted them, Rodie realized that everything had come full circle now.  It had taken him almost three years, but now his searching was over because he had found his true Dad finally. He was no longer alone anymore because of the family he had found here at the beach and that his healing was now complete.  However, while he knew that he had won this round, he also knew that the game continued.  Sometimes he would lose, and sometimes, like now, he would win.  However, winning or losing wasn't what mattered anymore, what matter was playing the game, and playing it well.  Now he understood the meaning of what Mikki had told him, and that he was now ready to deal with her leaving him.  However, he felt different inside now, and he knew that he was ready to face this challenge along with all of the other challenges ahead of him.  He also knew that he couldn't do this alone, but now he knew that he could count on the others in his extended family to help him whenever he needed them.  When he lifted his head up from John's shoulder, he saw the most beautiful rainbow out over the ocean, and he remembered what Jim had told him.  He was special because he was a rainbow child, and now he understood why.

End of Chapter 14.

End of Playing the game.

Author's Endnote:  Here ends "Playing the game."  However, Rodie Winter's story has grown so much since I began it in 2004 that there might not ever be an end to it.  This is why I have asked that all of the separate parts of this story be placed in the directory titled "Rodie's Story."  When I continue this story, it will be centered on Canyon and Mikki first, then most likely followed by Mark and Eric's, then Stevie's story, and finally with the twin terrors story.  I wish to thank the thousands of people who have responded to this story, and who have encouraged me to continue with it.  Of all my stories, this one by far, has achieved my largest fan base numbering into the thousands.  All of you have my thanks, and gratitude for your support, good wishes, and inspiration.  This ends this part of Rodie's story, but just like the game, it goes on.  I will post an epilogue for `Playing the game' soon that will explain my research into psychic children.  Some of it is based upon opinion of different well known psychics and paranormal scientists, but most is based on numerous scientific studies.  While we still cannot explain these special gifts that some people have, we do admit that these people do have these special gifts. I don't mean the palm readers and fortune tellers, but the true psychics who have used their gifts to help others freely like the police. Today, we live in a world where science is actually beginning to embrace the true psychics and their extraordinary gifts instead of discounting them as a fraud or fairy tale.  While some of the talents in this story are complete fiction, most of them are not. There are real people who can know what you are feeling or thinking when they are in contact with you. While other psychics can commune with the spirit world, and see into a person's past, living and deceased, or sometimes see things that will happen in the future.  I hope that this story has opened some minds about psychics and the paranormal.  Thanks again everyone, and God bless.

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