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ROY, a short story by Ivor Sukwell.


I'm not going to lie, I love cock.

I didn't realise until a couple of days ago that I had a thing about cock, but once I realised it I haven't thought about hardly anything else.

Of course, I knew before then that cock was fun, but that was just my cock. I'm thirteen and a bit, so of course I knew about my own cock; I mean, I wank it several times a day, don't I, so I know it likes getting wanked and I like making myself spunk.

It's a pretty decent cock as well, definitely the biggest in my year at school, and I know that for a fact because I've seen everyone else's in the showers, and no-one's got anything near as big as mine.

That's probably because I'm just a shade older than most of the other kids, not a lot, only by a few weeks or even days in some cases, but I've grown more than any of them. I could probably get away with being nearer fourteen than only just thirteen, and one bit that has definitely grown is my cock.

I don't know if any of the other kids can spunk yet, I know most of them can't because their balls haven't dropped yet and they've still got little boy cocks. Mine's not enormous, it's just a fraction over four inches hard, but I'd bet that's a good inch more than any other kid can boast of yet.

I've got a few hairs as well, and no-one, but no-one else has got any at all.

Okay, so I know it sounds like I've had a thing about cock for more than a couple of days, and I guess that's a bit true, because once mine started growing and wanking got real fun, I was looking at all the other kids in the showers to see if anyone had anything to challenge mine.

I mean, school-wise I ain't all that bright, and it's well good to be better at something than anyone else, even if that something is having the biggest cock.

Anyway, like I said, it was only a couple of days ago that my interest in cock changed from `mine's bigger than any of yours, so eat your wimpish hearts out', to `oh, fucking hell, yes, that I like!'

I was on my way home from an evening of sticking up skittles. Now, that's an English thing skittles is a bit like ten-pin bowling only there's nine pins not ten and they has to be stuck back up by hand when they've been knocked over.

It's pretty boring, but the bloke what was giving me a lift home was pretty decent and he sneaked a beer or three down the alley for me to keep me going

Anyway, the bloke who was giving me a lift home was a pretty decent guy; he'd seen me smoking a couple of times and never said nothing to no-one, and when he asked me to do the sticking-up he'd said I'd get a fiver for it and some smokes, so I went for it cos I had nothing better to do.

Anyway, there we are in his car on the way home and I'm feeling pretty good cos three beers goes a long way when you're just thirteen. He gives me a fag and I lights it and then, just like that, he puts his hand on my crutch!

Well, I told him, didn't I, that there weren't a lot of point in that cos, after those beers, he weren't gonna get anything out of it.

I spose what I should have said was, "Fuck off you perv," but I never, I just said he was wasting his time.

He said he didn't mind giving it a try if it didn't bother me, and, got to be honest, it didn't bother me at all, though praps it might have done if it hadn't been for them beers.

There was about ten minutes to go before we got home, he lived just the other side of the road from me so we was going to the same place, and, bugger me, if he didn't manage to get me hard before we got there.

"Thought you said I wouldn't get anything out of it," he grinned when I boned up for him, and, got to be honest, I was well surprised I'd grown one.

He didn't drop me off when we got home, just drove straight into his garage.

Well, I thought that was the end of it, didn't I, cos he'd let go of me when he was parking the car in his garage, so I got out to go home. I had to walk round the front of the car because he'd parked it in backwards, and he was out the car as well and stopped me.

"I think that needs seeing to, don't you?" he said and put his hand back where it had been, and, of course, when you're just thirteen, boners don't just disappear so I was still hard wasn't I.

Well, I never said nothing and he put an arm round me waist and pulled me in a bit close, like and got me zip undone. I spose I should have stopped him then, or at least said something, but I just let him carry on and when he got his hand inside me pants to get me cock out I never thought no more about stopping him.

He never pulled me keks down or nothing, just got me cock out and wanked it, and I don't know if it was them beers or what, but I really liked getting wanked.

Honest, if any of you ain't been wanked yet then you are seriously missing out, and if you ain't had your cock in a bloke's hand, then it's time you bloody did cos it's the best wank ever.

Anyway, he wanked me off and I spunked, put me cock away and went home.

I thought that'd be the end of it, but the next day he asked me if I fancied going round his place in the evening.

Course, I knew he wanted me cock again, and, gotta be honest, I wanted him to have it.

Now don't get me wrong, it weren't no "Whoopee, I'm gonna get wanked again," thing, cos I gave it a fair bit of thought.

Obviously he weren't asking me round for no cosy chat and a nice cup of tea, was he, so there weren't no doubt that me cock would get seen to if I went, and since I'd told him "Yeh, why not," he knew me cock was up for grabs, didn't he. Question was, were I happy about having me cock fished out again and wanked or what?

Well, I spent all day in school thinking about it; you gotta have something to think about when you's in school, ain't you, otherwise it's just dead boring, so I went through all the stuff I knows what guys does to cock.

I mean, not just guys, but what can be done with cock, like. Like, I'm not gay or nothing, I'm just a thirteen year old kid what wants to get his cock some action; and, to be honest, I didn't give a shit if it were a boy, bloke, girl or woman what was gonna see to it so long as it got some decent seeing to.

I mean, having it fished out and wanked in his garage had been pretty ace, in fact it were fucking ace cos it were the first time anything had happened to it, and it were so fucking good that I had another couple of wanks thinking about it when I went to bed.

But, I mean, it weren't exactly that much, were it. Like, what's a wank? I mean, I can do that for myself, no problem. Yeh, it felt loads better having him do it, like, but it weren't enough, were it? I mean, there's gotta be loads more stuff me cock'd enjoy, and he never even got me keks down when he wanked me.

I think it were in Maths that I decided there was no way he was just gonna have me cock out again. We was doing subtraction of fractions or some crap like that, and I thought if you subtract a fraction of a kid's clothing at a time then you finish up with a naked kid. So that's what were gonna happen; if he were gonna wank me then he were gonna have me naked to do it.

It were towards the end of French when I had this thought about snogging. I mean, I didn't have no idea if blokes went in for kissing boys or not and I spose it was cos it were a French lesson that me mind had wandered onto a bit of mouth and tongue action, but I reckoned that if he were up for it then I'd be up for giving it a try.

Course, having got the thought of mouth action in me mind it weren't long before I thought about what else could be done with a mouth and no way was I gonna turn down a chance to get sucked, was I.

And then I started wondering, like you does, what it'd be like to have cock in your mouth. I mean, I'd already decided I'd wank him an' all if he wanted, an' if I was gonna wank him, I might as well suck him an' all, mightn't I? I mean, no harm in giving it a try and see if I liked it, sorta thing.

That just left bumming, didn't it. Now I weren't too sure about that, probably cos I never knew nothing about it. I mean, I knows bumming's when you gets cock shoved up your arse, but I never knew no-one what'd been bummed so I didn't know nothing about if it's any good or not. I mean you knows your cock's gonna like stuff, don't you, cos you've already found that out by wanking, but all you ever done with your arse is shit.

We was in English then, and this teacher were going on about making connections and stuff, you know, how one idea leads to another, and I thought like, well you pisses with your cock and in a weird sorta way spunking gives a feeling that's a bit like pissing, but hundreds of times better. So what if having cock shoved in your arse is a bit like shitting but hundreds of times better?

Thinking of it like that and it seemed like a good idea to give it a try an' all, and there it was, all sorted. I'd go round his place, get naked, wank, suck and snog with him, an' if he wanted to bum me an' all, I'd tell him to get on with it.

So there it was, I'd given it a fair bit of thought, not like I was just jumping into bed with the first bloke to ask, was it.

Anyway, I gets round to his place, sits on the sofa beside him so he can get started, no problems like, and he gives me a can and a fag. Well, that's okay in its way, but it ain't going for cock, is it, and cock is what I`m here to have gone for.

So, as soon as I've finished me fag well, I mean, you don't turn down freebies, do you I've had enough of waiting, so I goes for his cock instead, whips his zip down and sticks me hand inside.

He don't try to stop me or nothing, so I undoes his belt so I can get at things a bit better, gets his cock out into the air and goes straight down on it.

I dunno if I was thinking that I'd better get that over with quick in case I weren't too keen on it, or if, soon as I saw the great, fat thing I thought, "Fuck me, I gotta suck that!"

Anyway, I'm gobbling away, cos, to be honest, I was well liking what I was doing, having cock in me mouth an' all, an' he's got his hand on me back, under me shirt an' giving me a good stroking.

Well, that felt good an' all, didn't it, so I stops gobbling for a bit so he can get me shirt off, then I'm back down wanting more of that cock in me mouth.

Wasn't at all sure if I'd be okay with sucking cock, but once I got started, I loved it. I mean, there's not a lot of taste to it so it's not the flavour, it's just the feeling of having cock in your mouth. Definitely something every boy should try. Why don't they teach you important stuff like that in school? I mean, sucking cock is a real life-skill isn't it!

Anyway, there I am, sucking his cock, and he's got me shirt off, but nothing on my cock yet, though, to be fair, that's because he can't get at it with me down on his cock, so it's enough cock-sucking for now. I gets me trackies off, and I ain't bothered with any briefs so as to give him a hint like, and there I am, bollock naked for him, apart from me socks.

"You done this before, haven't you," he grins at me with the sort of grin that says he likes me bollock naked, and I tells him I only ever been wanked before.

"Oh, yes," he says, like he didn't believe me, "and how often you been wanked then?"

"Once," I says, telling him the truth, "In your garage, yesterday."

"Where you learn to suck then?" he asks, so I sposed I ain't done a bad job on his cock.

"Just now," I tells him, "Never even held a cock before, let alone sucked one."

Well, he grabs me then don't he, pulls me right in close like he's a bit turned on by having a boy what's never done nothing before all naked for him to play around with.

"Ain't you gonna get your clothes off, then?" I asks him, cos I don't see no point in me being naked and him dressed.

Well, he gets them off pretty quick now, don't he, and then he grabs me again and starts giving me some snogging lessons.

I dunno what it's like snogging a girl or a boy, but snogging with a bloke is fucking magic! I mean, once your tongues start twisting around in each other's mouths your cock grows an extra inch!

I reckon that might be cos it's a bit perverted, like, doing it with a bloke, but I don't give a shit about that, don't give a fuck now who it is that wants my cock; if my cock's in the mood to get seen to then it's okay by me.

Anyway, there I am, a naked thirteen year old boy with a naked middle-aged man and our mouths is glued together and I'm loving it and horny as hell.

Course, when you're snogging your hands is free, ain't they, so I made the most of that and had a bloody good feel of his thick cock and balls and his hand was doing the same down there with me, and I gotta tell you, having someone's cock in your hand and yours in his while you're swapping saliva is fucking ace!

Well, he'd got me proper worked up now, hadn't he, an' all I could think about was getting bummed. Yeh, praps I was rushing it a bit, but, fuck me, I'm thirteen an' getting me first real sex, and if I were gonna get done I wanted to get done proper, all the way like, not just a fancy wank.

So when a snogging break came, I wriggled across the sofa, draped meself over the arm with me arse in the air and waited to get bummed.

Course, I had no idea that bumming's not straightforward. I mean, a boy what's only ever had shit come out of his arse and nothing ever go in it, ain't got no idea that you can't just bend over and have cock stuffed in you, just like that.

So there I am, waiting for him to stick his cock in me an' I got something else instead.

He pulls me arse cheeks apart with his thumbs like, an' I had this funny thought, like he were playing darts an' wanted to be sure to hit the bull's eye straight off, and then, suck me gently, he didn't stick his cock in me, did he, oh, no, he stuck his face there instead!

Well, I never knew nothing like that went on when blokes did boys! I mean, cocks get sucked, course they do, that's all part of it isn't it, I mean, everyone knows that. But licking arse?

Well, I squealed, didn't I. I mean, I dunno if it was the shock or the feeling, but when he started licking round me arsehole, I squealed!

Now, don't get me wrong or nothing, cos I weren't squealing for him to stop or anything stupid like that, I was squealing from the shock of his tongue trying to poke its way inside me arse, and then loads more squealing cos it felt so bloody amazing!

I'm telling you, if you ain't ever had a bloke's tongue in your arse you just ain't lived! I mean, I knows none of the other kids in my year at school is old enough yet, cos they ain't grown enough between their legs yet to interest a bloke, so there's no way anyone's gonna want their arses yet, but once they got cocks big enough to be worth wanking and sucking, if they don't get some bloke going to work on their arse then they're just fucking retards!

Anyway, there I am, bent over the arm of the sofa with me arse in the air and he's in there, licking away. He flicks his tongue all round me hole and it gets all twitchy like, starts pulsing and opening a bit and closing again. I can feel it doing that all of its own, I ain't telling it to or nothing, it's just like me arse is saying "Stick something in there, please!"

Well, of course, after a bit he does, don't he. He pokes his fucking tongue in there! Yeh, serious, he pokes his fucking tongue inside me arse!

Well, I ain't squealing no more, I'm fucking moaning and pushing me arse on his face, trying to get more fucking tongue inside me arse!

Yeh, I know, okay it sounds weird, but that's what I were doing. I were wishing he had a tongue like a bleeding lizard so he could poke loads of it up me, an' when you gets round to giving it a try you'll know just what I fucking mean! A bloke's tongue just ain't fucking long enough!

Well, he keeps on working away and I'm going bloody crazy an' I'm thinking if that's what a fucking tongue feels like what's it gonna be like when he shoves his cock up there?

Anyway, he gives up doing it after a bit, pulls me down and turns me over so me cock's pointing to the ceiling, an' I'm thinking fuck it, cos I never wanted that to stop, but he swallows me cock and that makes it a bit better.

He ain't finished with me arse though, has he. Oh, no, he starts poking at me wet hole with a finger now, while he's got me cock in his mouth, so I'm getting seen to front and back at the same time.

Well, he puts a bit of pressure on his finger so it's just pushing at me hole, not shoving on nothing, just pressing a bit so me hole knows it's there.

I can feel it just starting to open a bit like, not a lot, just a tiny bit, an' I ain't telling it to do nothing cos, gotta be honest, I didn't know whether to concentrate on me arse or me cock.

Anyway, he just keeps that bit of pressure there, praps just a tiny bit more, and then, bugger me, but me arse just opens up an' I can feel it actually pulling that fucking finger inside! It's like me arse just sucked his fucking finger inside me!

I tells you, me arse just sucked his finger all the way in an' I ain't never felt nothing like it! It were fucking amazing!

Well, course I ain't never felt nothing like it cos I've never had a bloke's finger up me arse before, has I, but me cock felt like it were gonna burst now!

Well, he sucks me an' fingers me, moving his finger around inside me arse, and pushing it in and out like, and then he shoves another one in there as well!

Well, I fucking squealed then, didn't I cos that hurt a bit. Not loads, but a bit. Weren't like when me arse sorta sucked his first finger in, he had to shove a bit to get the second in and me arse moaned a bit cos it were a well tight fit!

Anyway, there he is, two fingers moving around in me arse and his mouth sucking away on me cock and then one of his fingers touches something inside me. I ain't got a fucking clue what, but it sent bolts of fucking shock right through me an' it were well weird, cos those bolts went right down to me toes an' then came back up again an' all settled in me balls!

Honest, they did!

Well, me balls must have been overloaded then cos I could feel they were gonna burst, and when he started touching that bit inside me again they just fucking exploded!

I must have spunked pints into his mouth and he swallowed the fucking lot!

Yeh, he did, swallowed the fucking lot!

Well, I was absolutely fucked, weren't I. Felt like I'd been wrung out.

He sticks a fag in me face an' I think he said my spunk tasted lush, but I weren't really with it.

I started to come back about half-way through me fag, an' the first thing I thought was, "Fucking bollocks! I'd gone and shot me load and never got fucked!"

Well, I were feeling a bit down about that cos I thought I'd lost me chance now an' he weren't interested in bumming me cos I'd given him the chance and he ain't never took it.

So I was thinking I were probably not worth bumming or something, cos if I had been then he'd have stuck his cock in me when he had the chance, wouldn't he.

Anyway, I were just starting to feel a bit miserable about it when he told me that as soon as I finished me fag I should finish him off and do it with me mouth.

So I did what he said an' started sucking him and, gotta be honest, once I'd got his cock in me mouth I started to feel a bit better, cos even if he didn't want to bum me, at least he thought I were good enough at it to suck him all the way.

I spose I knew he were gonna spunk in me mouth an' all, and since he'd swallowed mine I knew I were sposed to swallow his, so when he blew his load I gobbled it down.

Weird taste, but not horrible. Bit on the slimy side, but it went down okay an' I never felt sick or nothing.

Well, I thought that was the end of it, didn't I, cos he'd spunked, and even though I'm thirteen and it ain't usually no problem following one wank with another, I was reckoning that after him making me shoot out a whole week's supply in one go I wouldn't even be fit to wank when I went to bed.

He gives me another fag, though, and tells me, if I didn't mind, he like it if I stayed starkers for a bit cos I were good to look at.

Well, that chuffed me a bit, cos I don't reckon I'm too bad, often wanks in front of me mirror so I can look at meself and think I'm well on the horny side, so I tells him he can look as much as he wants, but if he thinks I'm decent to look at, why hadn't he bummed me?

Well, he laughed a bit and gave me a cuddle, which were nice, and tells me that I'm far too tight to fuck yet.

"You need quite a bit of stretching before you're ready for cock," he smiles at me.

Well, that made it sound like I weren't any good, didn't it, if I needed stretching before I could be bummed, but he said that, just like some boys had bigger cocks than others, some kids had tighter holes than others. I had a lovely cock, he said, but my arse was a tight one, but that weren't no bad thing cos it'd be loads of fun getting it ready for fucking, and then, when it was ready, it'd be a magic fuck cos it'd be really tight round his cock.

"You mean you fancy doing stuff with me again?" I asked him, hoping he was gonna say he did.

"Oh, yes," he grinned at me, "Boy like you is far too god for just once. In fact, if I'm that lucky, I'd love to still be fucking you when you leave school."

Well, that made me feel well good, didn't it, cos I won't be leaving school for almost four years yet, an' if he reckoned I were good enough to bum for all that time I must be fairly decent!

"How long before I'm ready to be bummed?" I asked him, an' I could feel some life starting to return to me cock after all.

"Depends on how much time you can spend on getting ready," he smiled again, "More time you put in on it, sooner it will be."

That sounded reasonable enough,

"Want me to come round tomorrow after school, then?" I asked.


Don't you wish he lived just across the road from you?