Royal Male Delivers


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Part One

I was living in the heartland of the UK, I had retired now early in fact as I was only in my early fifties, I had won some money on the national lottery and because of being pestered at work and by timewasters living around me I had decided to finish work and sell up my modest apartment, I had lived there with my partner for the last 3 years, a younger guy of mid twenties, but he had decided he didn't love me now and set off to live with an older guy than me who was rich seems as though this guy was hanging on to his money and threw him out, seems as though money was his motivation after all, how ironic that I would become a millionaire only a year after he left, he got in touch when he heard I won a couple of million and wanted to come back.

Well he blew me out so it's only fair I did the same to him. I bought a modest house in the country surrounded by rolling fields at the end of a long private drive, with a small indoor swimming pool that I had craved for, for many years in my dreams as I loved swimming, coupled with a private gym I had everything I could ever need in a house.

I had been tending my small garden in the late morning of a hot July, I had gone into the house to grab a cold drink, I was sweating profusely even though I was dressed in just shorts and a floppy straw hat, a sexy sounding voice had asked for admittance, on the gate intercom and I had switched on the CCTV and checked him out and saw he was a postman, young looking, but the camera only really showed him from above, he seemed only an early teen boy, but I guess postmen are young at times. I buzzed him in and watched the gate swing open.

He got to the house some five minutes later on a pedal cycle and also looked hot and bothered with a load of mail in his side bags and a satchel over his back, being hot he was dressed in shorts and a royal mail short sleeve shirt that clung to him because of his sweat, I was taken by him immediately as I have a thing for younger guys and this one all but looked about 15 or so.

He told me he had a load of re-directed mail for me including a couple of small parcels in his side bags and his satchel had more he said, I helped him unload it all and we stacked it in the porch for sorting by me later, I suspected a lot was begging letters and circulars.

Seeing that he had no more mail to deliver I asked him if he had finished, he told me I was his last drop of the day as he had started at 5 am and he was off home as he lived in a bedsit in the village about two miles away, seeing an opportunity at least to perve the lad I invited him to have a cool drink or two before he set off home, he readily agreed so I showed him to the kitchen and then out to the garden at the back overlooking the garden and the rolling hills, I asked him if he wanted some home made lemonade with lemons from the garden and he grinned and nodded.

I had made up some earlier and it was cooling in a large jug in the fridge so I added some ice cubes and getting a couple of glasses and some biscuits and slab cake I took a tray to the table under the large oak tree, sitting down I poured him a glass and he drank that quickly "my you certainly are thirsty aren't you?" I said

"Yeah I needed that," he said and I refilled his glass and said to help him self to the food on offer, after a few minutes munching on biscuits and cake I asked, "What's your name son?"

Wiping his mouth he said his name was Jamie, I told him my name is Bill and told him he could call me that, I asked how old he was and he said he had just turned 16 and this was his first job since leaving school, "how old are you" Jamie asked, I told him I was 52 and he said I looked younger, that made me smile and I said he flattered me, I asked why he lived in a bedsit and not at home, looking a bit far out he told me he was an orphan since his parents had died in a car accident when he was 2 and he never really knew them, he had been in hospital with a serious chest infection, his parents had been killed on their way to visit him, ever since then he had been in and out of foster care and then in a children's home until getting this job.

I told him I was sorry to here his story and poured him more lemonade, he kept pulling at his sweat soaked shirt all the while we chatted, I asked what was the problem and he said he was sticky with sweat "take it off then, no one will see you round here as its isolated here" I said "mmm okay I will then thanks" he replied and he stood up and undid the buttons and slipped off his soaked shirt and hung it on the other chair.

"Oh god" I thought, he had a gorgeous tanned chest, totally devoid of hair and two lovely dark brown nipples that were standing erect in the light cooling breeze that was blowing under that oak tree. My cock hardened in my shorts and I had to reposition my legs so he couldn't see my tented shorts.

We chatted about this and that as we both sipped on our drinks and he told me he liked to keep fit and I told him I was the same and one of the things that persuaded me to buy this place was because it had a swimming pool in the basement and a small gym attached "oh wow you must be really rich then?" he remarked.

"Not anymore" I said and laughed "this place has cost me a fortune, but I'm ok really, I don't want for anything now since my win" I went on and explained about my lottery win.

"Wow I wish I was that lucky" he said, I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he coloured up somewhat "no I don't have one, only been in the village a few months since I got the job, I'm still classed as a bit of an outsider still" Jamie went on "yeah I know what you mean, I have been here six months now and nobody speaks to me when I go into the village for a pint sometimes, but I like my solitude and chat to friends on the internet a lot" I replied.

We chatted about hobbies and he told me he liked running and often went out on cross country and fell running and swimming as he swam for his school a few times until leaving at 16, but now it was a bit too far to the public swimming pool in town.

"You can come here to swim anytime you want" I said, "Oh can I? He said smiling " I really miss my swimming me and Adam loved it" "whose Adam?" I asked, "Ermm a boy I used to know at school" he replied quickly and looked again red faced

"Well maybe you and him could come and swim here whenever you want," I told him "ermm well I don't see him now, since I left the home" he replied and looked nervous.

"You and him fall out?" I enquired "no its just we..." he replied not finishing the sentence, I looked at him and tears had formed in the corner of his eyes "I am sorry Jamie I shouldn't have pushed you into answering, please forgive me" I went on and felt a right fool for pushing him.

"Its ok really, you might as well know, I came to live here because I was kicked out of the home, you see I am gay and had been having a relationship with Adam, which wasn't that bad really but he is underage, only 14 and we were caught having sex in my room by the supervisor" Jamie said and now tears rolled down his face.

I got up and went over and comforted the tearful young lad "its ok Jamie I am not judging you and fully understand about gay love, you see I was in a relationship with a young guy of 24 and he dumped me for an older, richer guy, that was until I won the money and then when he found out he wanted to come back to me" I said

"Well he was a fool then, even without money your handsome and a very fit guy" Jamie said; I laughed out loud and then struck up a pose like a weightlifter and puffed up my tanned bare chest, Jamie fell about laughing and said "you need some weight training before you do that" "well why don't you help me then?" I said.

"What do you mean?" asked Jamie and wiped his eyes on a paper napkin I gave him "well you tell me I need to do some weights, so why don't you be my gym instructor, my regime has been a bit slapdash since I moved here" I answered

Jamie looked at me and smiled "ok it's a deal as long as I get full access to your pool" he said "fine by me, how about I show you around right now?" I replied Jamie nodded and both of us got up and gathered the glasses and jug and stuff and took them into the kitchen, I left them on the drainer for washing later and bade Jamie to follow me down to the basement, Jamie looked great, around 5'8inches tall I reckoned, with a gorgeous bubble butt clothed in his blue royal mail issue shorts, slim legs, tanned from his running I guessed as was his lovely firm upper body, by the time we got to the pool room I was tenting my shorts.

I opened the door to the pool and he said "oh wow what a great pool" it was just short of 20 meters long, 1 metre depth at the shallow end going to 2.5 metres at the deep end and with underwater lighting and of course heated.

I explained I had a guy come in once a month to clean it and service it, off the pool was a changing and shower room and another door led to a small gym, showing his a rowing machine and a couple of stepping machines and a state of the art treadmill with tv on the wall above it to take your mind off the running, coupled with a few benches and weights it was a bad little set up, may need more I said though.

He was impressed and he said and couldn't wait to have a go at it. I said why don't you have a go now and maybe a swim after, he looked at me for a few minutes then said "but I don't have a swimsuit Bill?"

"Well we are both men Jamie and gay as well and I don't think you have anything I haven't seen before on my ex boyfriend and if your worried I will make a move on you then I won't" I replied

"I do admit I find you sexy, but I'm not a person who makes a move on someone who isn't interested, I just value friendship and hope to help you out, and I get a bit lonely as well, so if you fancy no strings company now and again, you know where I am" Bill said

Jamie smiled and said "you're a great bloke Bill and think your sexy too, but I fancy taking it one step at a time okay, its been a few traumatic months for me and I still have issues with what happened to me"

I agreed and said to take all the time you need and maybe you could come and stay over in a spare room one weekend and do some work in the gym and a swim in private if need be, with or without a swim suit.

Jamie smiled at me and said he had to go so I showed him out and he got in his bike then turned and said " I am off on Sunday Bill, is it ok if I come over to do a workout and swim?"

"Sure Jamie, come when you feel, if you fancy staying after for a bite to eat I do a mean Sunday roast with all the trimmings, you will be hungry after all the exercise" Bill replied

"Yeah that sounds great, its been ages since I had a good Sunday dinner, is it ok if I come about 11 am and workout and swim?" Jamie answered

"That's great Jamie, as you workout and swim I will sort lunch out, is chicken okay for you?" Bill said

"Its my favourite Bill, it will do nicely" Jamie replied

They said their goodbyes and Jamie rode off down the drive and Bill went in to watch him on the CCTV and opened the electric gates as he approached.

Closing the gates he sighed and thought about Jamie and would he get to have sex with him, he was younger than he was used too, but no denying he felt something towards the lad, whether Jamie was into older guys was another point though, "simply have to wait and see" Bill said to himself and busied himself around the kitchen.

I decided to do a workout before dinner that day and headed down to the basement, I stripped to my shorts and trainers and started on the exercise bike, I did 5 miles and was sweating a lot so stopped and had a drink, next some weights and a few thrusts and jerks and then the running machine, I switched on the television above it and watched some movie or something, it was rubbish so I concentrated on running.

After and hours run I was really sweating and my shorts were soaked so I dumped them into the wash basket and headed to the pool, I dove in the deep end and it felt good swimming naked and hoped Jamie would oblige me by swimming naked when he came on Sunday, I did a few lengths and sat up the shallow end on the steps thinking about Jamie "damn that boy has got in my head, I need to get my rocks off as my cock had risen to its full length of just over 6 inches, I lay back and closed my eyes seeing Jamie swimming naked in the pool and then walking up the steps with his boy cock swinging from side to side, I was wanking my cut cock hard now and groaning as my hand rubbed up and down "argghh ohh fuck arggh" I groaned as the orgasm hit me and several spurts of hot cum hit my bare chest "oh yeah that was great" I thought and lay there and washed the sperm off my chest with the pool water, the stuff would circulate and get taken in by the filter sometime today and the pool would be clean again.

A few laps later I had had enough and climbed out and went to shower in the big shower room and then dried off and wrapped a towel round my waist and went upstairs to have a drink, dinner was going to be just a light one of ham and beef and salad and a nice glass or two of chardonnay, I sat on the kitchen patio naked watching the sun go down and sipped a large vodka and tonic and mulled over the day, I decided not to dress as it was still very warm, the patio thermometer showed 28 C that's 82F in old money with a light warm breeze blowing so al fresco eating was for tonight.

I finished my drink and went and sorted out the food and some crusty bread and the wine, I toted it on the patio and started to eat, I was ravenous and soon polished it off, after about 20 mins just mulling over the day again I got up and fixed a nice dessert of fruit and ice cream and then a coffee and a large Napoleon brandy, took them to my den and lay on the couch naked and watched a movie, I fell asleep long before it ended and woke up shivering, it was way past 11 pm so I grabbed the cup and saucer and glass and put them and the rest of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and locked up and set the alarm and headed to bed, still tired I may add, after another wank I hit the sack and slept like a baby.

The buzzing of the gate alarm at about 5 am awaked me, dawn had broken on another warm clear day and I blinked as I made my way naked to the intercom "yes who is it?" I said wearily "its the police sir!" a voice came over the speaker, I switched on the CCTV monitor and checked it was them, a police car was indeed parked by the gate and two officers by the gate, I buzzed the gate open and they got in the car and drove up the drive.

I dressed quickly in a pair of underpants and shorts and slipped on my dressing gown as well before a knock came on the front door and I made my way downstairs and opened it to let them in "good morning sir, sorry to wake you so early but is your name William Reynolds?" the young officer said "yes it is officer, what is this all about?" I asked rubbing my still sleepy eyes and felt slightly hung over.

I bade them in and we stood in the hallway "do you know a David Adams?" he went on, my mind went to my ex boyfriend and I felt a bomb explode in my stomach "yes I do officer, is he alright" he is my ex partner, we split some months ago now"

I looked at him with a worried look on my face "sorry to have to tell you sir but he was involved in a fight late last night, they took him to hospital but I'm afraid he isn't expected to live" the officer said "oh god" I said and went white and held onto the stairs hand rail.

"He was set upon by a gang who beat him badly sir, we have 3 of them and they said he was drunk and coming out of a gay area and they set about him after he started an argument, we found your address in his wallet, nothing else at all and we can't trace any relatives" the other officer said "yes his parents died a few years back now when he was a teenager, no other family I understand" I replied

"Can you come to the hospital sir? You're about all he has got although I know you said you broke up a few months ago" the first officer chimed in.

"Yes of course officer, I will just dress, can I trouble you for a lift? As I had a few drinks last night and I think I am still over the limit, I will get a taxi back" I replied "of course sir we can do that and sort out a ride back for you" the officer replied

"Ok thanks I will be 5 minutes ok" I said and showed them to the kitchen "some orange juice and home made lemonade in the fridge, help yourself if you fancy it while I go upstairs and dress" I went on and they nodded and I set off quickly upstairs, a wave of nausea came over me as I went into my bedroom and I quickly dashed to the attached bathroom and was sick, after a few minutes I swilled my mouth out and cleaned my teeth and quickly grabbed a tee shirt and my trainers and put them on picking up my wallet and keys and set off downstairs.

The officers were sitting in the kitchen and finished their drinks and we set off, I grabbed the gate remote and locked up and set the alarm and joined them in the car, we set off down the drive and about 50 yards from the gate I flipped the remote and the gates opened and we swept through and I turned in the back seat and flipped it again to close them, in no time we were in the hospital and I was taken to the ER and saw David through the double doors all wired up and in a bloody state.

A doctor came forward and filled me in after he found out who I was, "sorry but the lad hasn't long really, he is badly beat up inside, too much internal bleeding and his liver and kidneys had had a beating too" he said David's eyes flickered open and he tried to speak, but the tubes stopped him, there was tears in his eyes and in mine too as I held his hand and told him I was here for him, he smiled at me and squeezed my hand, the eyes flickered shut and all the monitors bleeped and I had to let go of his hand as the doctors and nurses zoomed in.

I was ushered out and watched as they worked on him, but to no avail and after 30 minutes they gave up and pronounced him dead, I fell into a chair and a nurse came and comforted me and took me to a relative's room and got me some water, I was sobbing now and she sat with me and held my hand.

Soon the doctor came in who I had talked to earlier and the two policemen, they expressed their sorrow and the doctor said it was a blessing he managed to last that long to see me, little comfort I know he said, I thanked him for what he had done and he left to sort out the death certificate.

The police said it was now murder and seeing as they had 3 in custody the others who did it won't be long joining them as the young lads were bricking it and would give them up for leniency, I said I would sort the funeral arrangements and get an undertaker as soon as possible, I felt a bit ropey and the nurse got strong coffee for all of us, after a few hours nothing else could be done there so the police took me home, I back just before 11 am and just after Jamie was buzzing at the gate, I let him in and told him the front door would be open and I went to the kitchen and poured myself a stiff brandy, I sat sipping it when Jamie came in "god you look awful Bill, you coming down with something?" he asked I waved him to a chair and he sat opposite me and I recounted the story "Ooh my god you must be devastated" Jamie said and looked at me "I know we broke up and it hurt Jamie, but I still had deep down feelings for him and he never should have died like that" I told Jamie.

I couldn't help it and burst into tears again "would you like me to leave Bill?" Jamie asked "we can always do this another time if you want" he went on "no please stay Jamie, I will be okay in a few minutes and fixing lunch will take my mind of it all a bit and to be honest I need company right now" I told him, he nodded and said he would go and have a workout and a swim if that was okay, I said it's fine and you know where it is so please go and have a good work out and a swim and I will go and get cleaned up a bit and start preparing lunch.

Jamie went off and I sniffled a bit then went upstairs to my room and into the bathroom and stripped off my dirty clothes and went into the shower, the hot water helped a bit as I soaped up, I looked down at my flaccid cock, even the thought of Jamie in the same house probably stripped to his shorts couldn't raise a hard on for me at the moment, the brandy hit me and I felt a bit woozy, but I washed good and proper and then dried off and wrapped the towel round me and went back into the bedroom, picking out a new pair of briefs from the underwear drawer and a new pair of blue shorts and a clean tee shirt I dressed and slipped into my soft sandals and headed down to the kitchen.

I sipped on a cold glass of water to rehydrate myself a bit and then prepared the vegetables and put the chicken in the cooker and set the table in the dining room, it had gone cloudy outside now and rain was on the way in spite of it being warm, I made a small jug of fruit punch for pre lunch drinks and stowed it in the fridge to cool and ferment a bit, by now Jamie had been in the gym for over and hour so I went to see how he was doing.

I opened the door to the pool area and he was swimming up and down doing backstroke, his slim body easily cutting through the water, he was wearing blue Speedos, he swam up to the shallow end and walked out to the steps, his blue Speedo's dripped water so did his tanned chest and legs and he looked a picture of a fit 16 year old boy.

I said "my you swim like a fish Jamie" he grinned and said that he loved swimming since he was 5 and took every opportunity to swim when possible, I told him lunch will be in about 40 minutes and if he had finished to get showered and changed and meet me on the patio for a drink. He nodded and headed for the shower and I would have loved to have followed him, but it was too early for that, as he went in the door he turned and looked at me "you feeling better Bill?" he asked "yes a bit Jamie thanks, having you here has cheered me up a lot" I replied "good glad to hear it" he replied and gave me a wink and disappeared into the shower room.

I would swear he wanted me to follow him but I had to see to the meal and left and went back to the kitchen and poured myself a small glass of the punch, it needed more vodka so I put in a good slug and set the vegetables to slow cook and busied about the kitchen, Jamie came in just in a pair of cargo shorts and flip flops " I hope its okay to be topless Bill, I can put on a tee shirt if you want but I am so warm still" he said

I smiled at him and said "hey its okay I like looking at your sexy body and if I was your age I would be trying to seduce you right now" I sort of wished I hadn't said that part now, I think it was the punch hitting me "well nothing stopping you" Jamie replied and grinned "damn this boy was hitting on me now" I shook my head and tried to think straight "sorry this punch is a wee bit strong" I offered him a glass and he took it and drank it down in one.

"Hey steady on buddy, its lethal like that" I said, he held out the glass and I refilled it, and we went and sat on the patio to await the dinner cooking, the smell was gorgeous and Jamie said he was ravenous, he stretched out his bare legs and slipped off the flip flops and rubbed the back of his thigh and lower legs "what's the matter Jamie?" I asked "oh my thigh and the back of my leg hurts a bit, guess I have done too much too soon in the gym" he answered.

"Want me to massage them a little?" I went on "would you please Bill? I have to bike home later and it will really stiffen up before then" he asked, I dropped to my knees and started a slow massage on his sexy legs "mmm ohh yeah oohh mmm" he moaned as I worked his muscles of the stiffness, I reached his thigh and moved his shorts leg up a bit and massaged deeply and looked at him, he had closed his eyes and was biting his lip, judging by the tent in his shorts I guess he was trying to fight an erection and losing, I chanced my arm and lightly brushed his shorts at the front with my free arm "mmm ohh nice" he moaned and I didn't know if he meant the massage or the fact I had rubbed over his cockhead.

I stopped massaging his thigh and he opened his eyes and looked at me "why have you stopped Bill?" he queried, "Ermm well ermm" I stuttered and my gaze went to his now very tented shorts "I have to finish the cooking anyway," I nervously said he looked at me again and grinned "thought you wanted to seduce me anyway" he went on "later maybe" I mumbled and rose and grabbed my glass and gulped the drink down, back in the kitchen I got out the chicken and the vegetables and plated them up and took them to the dining room and called Jamie, then I went back and grabbed a bottle of white wine and we sat down to a nice spread of chicken and hot vegetables and gravy.

We helped ourselves and Jamie had seconds and thirds as he seemed to have a ravenous appetite although he didn't drink much of his wine, by now thunder was heard and a storm was impending as the air was still and clammy, I hit the air con button on the wall and soon the room was nice and cool, ice cream cake was for dessert and I went and brought that from the kitchen freezer and set it down, Jamie had a big portion and I just cut a small piece off and we chatted some more on his work and his life.

After the meal made some coffee and grabbed a fresh bottle of brandy from the small bottle room in the kitchen, a well stocked room if I may say so, Jamie declined a brandy but had a coffee as we sat in the library and I switched on the tv there and sipped our drinks, by now the storm was raging with thunder and lightning flashing about, we both yawned as it had been a long day especially for me and Jamie had had an intense work out.

"You fancy a nap Jamie?" I asked "I have plenty of spare rooms so you can just take your pick" I went on

"Sure Bill that would be great, I feel a bit tired and I can't go home yet what with this storm and all" he said

We left the glasses and cups in the library and made our way upstairs "This is my room here Jamie" I said as we got to the first door, it was open and he looked in at my massive bed "use any room on this side as they are all kitted out and have bathrooms" I went on.

I went into my room and switched the air con on very low as it was humid, I turned to shut the door but it had already been Jamie... he walked over to the bed and kicked off his flip flops and undid his cargo shorts, he grinned at me as I watched him pushed them down and reveal a white pair of trunk type cotton underpants with a tented front, he quickly pushed those down and stepped out of them and exposed his...

End of part one

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