Royal Male Delivers



This story is a work of fiction and should be treated as such, if you are under age to read this story then please leave now, the sex in this story is without protection, but please use the recommended protection if you indulge in any type of sex.

Part Two

I went into my room and switched the air con on very low as it was humid, I turned to shut the door but it had already been shut…by Jamie… he walked over to the bed and kicked off his flip flops and undid his cargo shorts, he grinned at me as I watched him pushed them down and reveal a white pair of trunk type cotton underpants with a tented front, he quickly pushed those down and stepped out of them and exposed his beautiful teenage cock, it pointed to the ceiling, around six inches of throbbing teen boy flesh, with a full foreskin still over the swollen head and with a twinkle of precum glistening on the tassel of skin at the very tip.


I stood transfixed like a rabbit in headlights as the vision of beauty that is a fit teenage boy with an erect penis, unfolded in front of me, "are you pleased with me?" Jamie said

I stood staring at this vision of beauty and eventually answered "oh Jamie, I am more than pleased son, I have never seen such beauty on a boy before"

Even with his tanned skin I could see him blush a deep red "well what about you then?" he asked "what about me Jamie?" I queried

"Aren't you going to strip?" he went on

"Oh yes, oh god! Sorry" I replied feeling foolish and proceeded to undress as he pulled back the sheet on the bed, soon I was naked and stood ready by the side of the bed as Jamie climbed on to the bed and lay with his cock laying on his taunt tanned stomach, he gazed at me and patted the bed at the side of him and I climbed on the bed clumsily, my head in a whirl, I don't know whether it was the sight of Jamie laying there naked and ready or the booze I had consumed.

I lay on my side looking at him, taking in the gorgeous view of a 16 year old perfectly formed boy, he was fully erect and a twinkle of precum was at the tip of his marvelous cock, the foreskin had retracted some and the pinkness of his cock head could be seen.

I reached over and stroked his cock and he groaned as I pulled at his soft foreskin, it was a silky velvet feel, he sighed deeply as I pulled it up and down his shaft, the precum spread over the head now and glistened in the almost darkness that had crept in the room from the dark clouds of the storm.

The long curtains billowed slightly because the window was just cracked open and you could hear the heavy rain hit the window, the thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed, but I couldn't care less, I leaned in and kissed Jamie's lips lightly and our tongues met and twirled in passion, his hand went to my throbbing cock and gently squeezed then pulled it towards him, I moaned softly as we kissed again

My precum leaked and he spread it all down my cock as he rubbed over my knob and I groaned again as he slid his hand down my cut cock "arghhh oohh yeah oohh mmm" I moaned as inside me butterflies darted around.

I stroked his cock and felt his ample boy balls with just a light dusting of hair, he parted his legs and my fingers went to his magical place and I found his boy hole and ran my finger tip over it "argghh yes ohh yes do that please" he moaned as my finger teased into his sacred place "careful Bill, I am a virgin down there" he whispered.

"Then you shall still be Jamie, your not ready to let me take that" I whispered back, a look of disappointment came over his face.

"Its for another time when you and I will surrender to each other, for now I am going to do this" and I quickly turned my head and dropped it to his erect cock and took his knob into my mouth.

"Oohh arghh mmm argghh yes, oh yes" he moaned and drew his beautiful bare legs up, I sucked his knob and then licked all the way down his throbbing cock and sucked on each of his balls in turn, still fingering his moist hole and he squirmed and moaned and slightly reared up exposing it all to me, his muscles stretched and I took all his six inches down my throat in a muffled gurgle and felt his cock head hit the back.

"Arghh oohh fuck yeah ohh ohh" he kept moaning as my throat muscles contracted "I can't arghhh ohh I'm cumming" he moaned and reared again slightly to try and push his teenage cock further down my throat.

I felt his cock head expand and he pushed harder and I nearly gagged and then he groaned again and he shot a fast spurt of his hot teen seed down my eager throat, this was rapidly followed by even more spurts and I had problems swallowing it.

"Oh yes oh take it Bill take my cum" he moaned and held my head, he relaxed onto the bed and I released his cock from my throat and he lay with a contented smile on his face and I cleaned his knob and foreskin of any remnants and then I leaned up and kissed him and our tongues twirled again and he tasted his own sperm "mmm I taste nice don't I?" he said and grinned.

I nodded my agreement and lay at the side of him savoring his taste in my mouth, without a word being said he was down on me and taking my throbbing cock into his soft mouth, he came briefly off my bare cock head and said " I am not an expert like you, but will do my best to please you"

"You already have given me immense pleasure Jamie in just letting me gaze on your magnificent body, your making me cum is just the icing on the cake" I replied and lay gazing at this vision of loveliness take my cock into his mouth again

"In that case I will get as much liquid icing out of your balls as I can" he said coming off my cock again.

I laughed and marveled at his choice of words as first he sucked on my cock then my balls as I had done to him, his fingers found my hole and he pushed a wet one in and I groaned as he hit a button that hadn't been hit in months.

"Arghh ohh mmm argghh" that's the spot Jamie" I moaned and he wiggled his finger about and a bolt of lightning hit the room and through my body as well, he was now deep throating me and I was very close to filling his belly with my older sperm, he sensed this and eased off and my tension abated.

He did this five or six times and I begged him for release as I felt myself ebb and flow into ecstasy, this time my moans were heard and he carried on sucking my cock and I groaned "argghh yes oh yes argghh" as I slightly lifted off the bed and shot rope after rope of my sperm into his belly, he swallowed it all and then when I had subsided he cleaned off my bare cock head and let me rest.

I lay panting and he covered my mouth with his and we kissed deeply and lay gazing at each others naked bodies and then I saw his eyes flutter and he lay his head on the pillow and was asleep in seconds, I lay there just looking at him sleeping in an almost fetal pose and I too drifted off to sleep as the storm raged on and on.

I awoke with a start, it was dark now and I was totally disoriented, I didn't know what time or even what day it was, I scrambled around and found the bedside clock, I pressed a button and it told me it was nearly 11 pm, the noise I made woke Jamie.

"Shit its 11pm" he shouted and jumped up, his cock was semi erect and we both smelled of stale sweat.

He like me was disoriented and he rubbed his eyes as I put on the bedside lamp "I need to pee" he said

"Bathrooms that way" I said and pointed to my private one next to the large closet, "thanks" he said and skipped off and I heard him groan softly and then his urine stream hit the water, he flushed and then washed his hands, "mm clean boy" I thought.

He came back and layback down on the bed, "I really have to go Bill, work tomorrow and I have to be up at 4am" he said

"Really! 4 am eh! On a Sunday?" I replied

"Sunday, no Monday Bill!" he went on

"Its still Saturday Jamie" I said "we both slept so deep we lost track of time, you don't have to get up at 4am, you don't even have to go home tonight if you don't want to" I went on

He looked at me a bit bemused, rubbed his face and grinned, "you mean that I can stay the night?" he said

"Sure and tomorrow if you want, we can go get your work clothes tomorrow sometime and I will get you up and you can set off to work from here on your bike" I answered

"Cool! Okay, but I don't want put you out, I can go home you know," he said looking at me quizzically.

"No please, I would love you to stay, you can use the gym and swim and come shopping with me as well, we need some supplies and I have a few things in town to get," I said

"Okay its a deal then, but I will earn my keep though," answered Jamie

"Oh you will do that alright," I said and laughed, Jamie grinned and said, "I need a drink, and I am so dry"

"Okay lets get up and go downstairs to get something to drink, I am dry as well" I replied

Jamie got up and I marveled at his naked bubble butt and his cock swinging, soft now but still a lovely sight with his foreskin right over his knob in a little tassel of skin as he walked over to the door.

We made our way downstairs naked and into the kitchen, it was a bit stifling so I opened the door to the patio and some lovely fresh summers night air came in, Jamie grabbed a drink of water and went to sit outside "mmm I really stink" he said

"What about we go and have a swim and then a shower and grab a sandwich after and watch some TV" I said

"Yeah that'll be great Bill" he replied so we both got up and headed downstairs naked to the pool

We both went to the deep end and dived in "race yer" Jamie shouted and swam like a fish to the shallow end, I just sedately swam to him

"Oh slowcoach" he said to me I grabbed hold of him and lifted him up and threw him as far as I could up the pool, he splashed in and came up grinning and laughing, he swam back to me and he said lets have another race, a proper one this time.

So we lined up and he said 1-2-3 go and we both set off at the same time, we did one length of the pool neck and neck but on the swim back his fitness told on me and I finished a good yard behind him and completely out of breath.

"Ha ha, your going to have to get a lot fitter than you are to catch me Bill," he said laughing.

We decided we had had enough and climbed out and headed for the shower room, I set the large shower going and warm water covered the both of us, I soaped my self up and watched Jamie do the same to himself, I came over and washed his back and ran my fingers in his bum cleft.

"Mmmm that's nice" he said as I felt at his teen bum hole and fingered him, he slightly bent his body to let me get better access, two fingers were now in his hole and I finger fucked him and reached round and grabbed his hard cock and wanked him.

"Oh fuck yeah, go for it Bill" he moaned and he leaned back and I wanked his cock hard.

"Argghh ohh god I'm gonna cum" he moaned he leaned back and his cock erupted, splashing his sperm onto the tiled floor and washed down the drain, I held onto him as he came down from his spurting and he turned his head and grinned and we kissed deeply.

My cock was mega hard now and in his bum crack and I wiggled it about "Mmm you can fuck me if you want" Jamie said.

"I told you I want to make love to you, but not now, it's just not the time for you or me" I replied

He looked at me a bit puzzled "well the offers still there, but in the meantime I can do this" he said and quickly dropped to his knees and took my bare knob into his warm mouth.

"Arghh ohh mmm that's great Jamie, right there just suck on my knob, I am so close" I moaned.

He sucked me hard on my knob and I felt myself get close and stood on tiptoes and groaned "argghh fuck yeah here it is" I spurted 4 good shots of cum into his mouth and he swallowed it some of it down and then came up and kissed me and I tasted my semen on his tongue and then he swallowed the rest.

We both cleaned off and dried off and went back upstairs and sat in the lounge and I switched the tv on and as Jamie sort a DVD out I went and got us a few sandwiches and a drink.

He chose a horror film and we watched it snuggled up naked together, at one point Jamie put his lovely tanned legs up over my lap and I could gaze at his soft cock, rolled the tip of my finger over his foreskin covered cock head, his cock gradually swelled to its full erectness of 6 inches or so and flopped back onto his beautiful bare chest, I felt at each of his testicles and that exuded a moan from him.

"Mmm your feeling my balls like the post office doctor did at my medical exam" Jamie said

"And did you erect like you are now and secrete precum like you are now?" I answered

"He he, no, well I got a little bit erect as he seemed he was taking his time" Jamie giggled

"Well I would have taken my time examining a beautiful cock and set of balls as you have" I replied

Jamie gave me a smile that would have melted the polar ice caps and put the whole world in jeopardy, I shivered from head to toe.

"You cold Bill?" Jamie asked, "no I was just feeling so good at the way you smiled at me, one smile beats a thousand words" I replied

"But I am feeling tired and I am off to bed Jamie" I said

He moved his legs off me and I stood up and then leaned down and kissed Jamie full on the lips "goodnight sexy postman" I said.

He grinned at me "goodnight sexy Bill, is it okay if I stay up and finish this movie?" he said

"Sure just make sure al the lights are off when you come to bed, the whole house is locked up, so no need to check" I replied

"Okay there isn't long on the film, then I will come to bed" he said and gave me that smile again

I went to bed and set the air con going and shut the balcony doors and climbed into bed, I thought about Jamie and how at home he seemed here, tomorrow in town I will get him a laptop and a dongle so we can keep in touch, I thought and maybe a few other bits and pieces, that's if he will let me.

I drifted off to sleep and never heard Jamie come to bed and slide aside of me, I was in the land of Jamie, and at least in my sleep I was.

We slept in late, it was after 11 am when we awoke, and Jamie got out of bed and led the way to the bathroom with his cock pointing the way, we both showered and I shaved and then looked out of the window at the bright sunshine, another warm day so I grabbed a pair of clean underpants and shorts and a tee shirt and headed downstairs, Jamie dressed more or less the same in his cargo shorts and a lovely blue polo shirt.

We ate lightly, just cereal and toast and set off for town in my car, first stop was a computer store, "what you buying in here Bill" Jamie said.

"A laptop for you" I said quickly "what! Why a laptop for me? And what have done to deserve that?" he said with an alarmed look.

"You deserve it cos' your gorgeous" I replied and winked at him

"No I meant why are you buying me a laptop, I don't have Internet?"

"Well you will have by the end of the day, I want to keep in touch with you I will get you one of those mobile dongle things as well, please Jamie let me do this for you, you haven't pressured me at all and I want to do this" I went on

Jamie looked at me and just shrugged his shoulders "okay if you want to chuck money around, who am I to stop you?" he said

We went into the store and a nice young guy not much older than Jamie came over and asked if he could help, his name tag said he was Andrew, I explained what we wanted, a nice laptop and a bag and any freebie stuff that came with it.

Andrew laughed and then blushed because I think he caught on what I was actually suggesting, Jamie blushed as well, we all went over to the laptops and Andrew went into his salesmen mode, explaining this and that about the various models.

We picked out a modest priced laptop, or rather Jamie did after getting a nod off Andrew, I had wanted him to go for a bit more expensive one as it looked good, but Andrew explained that the one Jamie had picked had better specs and was a lot cheaper, I bowed to both the boys judgements and after a bit of haggling we sorted out a bag and a free copy of anti virus software and some other stuff Andrew said was on special offer.

I murmured that I wondered what else we could get on special off and I think Andrew heard me, as he turned round and gave me a wink as we went to the till.

All in all I spent just over £500 and Andrew said if there was any problems to come back with the laptop and he would sort it, he slipped us a card with his name and mobile number on and said he would help Jamie set it all up if he wished, I said my name and address were on the invoice and also my house number so give us a call after you finish.

Jamie grinned and said I was incorrigible as we walked out with the stuff, further up the road was a mobile phone shop, so we went in there and despite Jamie's protests I got him a new phone and a good discount on a package for an internet deal.

Next was a clothes store and I looked at some new underwear and this was where Jamie really came into action and suggested I buy some new boxers and briefs and socks, I laughed and got some for him as well and a couple of pairs of sexy shorts and socks, laden down with our parcels we headed off back to the car and then on our way back home we stopped off and got some groceries at the supermarket, then a quick detour to Jamie's bedsit, it was down in a basement and even on a bright day he needed to have a light on, although reasonably clean it was cramped.

It had a small area with a Belling stove and a kettle and microwave oven, a table and chair and a couch that doubled up as his bed when pulled out, he showed me his small closet for his clothes and another little room that was a toilet and very small wash basin, bathroom was shared he said and that was upstairs, all in all pretty grotty and costing him £60 a week, all in, meaning all bills included.

I persuaded him to get enough stuff for a couple of days and vowed to make sure he got up at 4 am ready for work, he didn't really take much persuading really, well who would living in those cramped conditions.

It was after 3 pm when we got home so I suggested a nice swim and then a bite to eat and a doze on the sun loungers on the patio, Jamie agreed and after we put the stuff away we went upstairs with the clothes we bought and put those away and stripped naked and had a cuddle, we both pulled away and our cocks were hard.

We both giggle as we walked downstairs naked and erect to the pool and both of us dove in and swam as many lengths as we wanted then played grab ass in the deep end and then we both said we had had enough and took a shower together.

"Aren't I ready for a fucking yet? Enquired Jamie

"I told you yesterday young man, I will make love to you when the time is right" I replied and Jamie pouted a bit and we showered without touching each other and dried off.

We went to the kitchen and I made us some sandwiches and salad and a couple of cold beers and we went onto the patio and sat eating them on the loungers.

I went inside after and got the sun cream spray and sprayed Jamie all over and he did the same to me and we settled on the loungers and I dozed off as Jamie listened to his MP3 player.

I woke up and looked over at Jamie, he was still listening to his music but had a lovely erection that every now and then he rubbed, watching him made me hard and mine too reared up, I couldn't take any more and got up and went over to him and planted my lips on his throbbing knob.

"Ohhh arggh oohh" he moaned as I sucked on his foreskin covered cock head, I fondled his balls and he smiled at me and took off his headphones, his bare chest was rising and falling and his mouth opened and he closed his eyes in ecstasy, he lolled his head and bit his lip as I sucked hard on his cock.

He grabbed my head and pulled it further down on his cock and groaned "arggh yeah ohh yeah I'm cumming" he moaned and lifted slightly off the lounger and shot four good spurts of his hot sweet sperm into my mouth, I swallowed it all down and licked my lips.

He opened his eyes and I stood up and my cock was waving in front of him, I wanked it and he reached up and licked my bare cock head "argghh fuck yeah ohhh" I moaned as he tickled the end with his tongue.

I moved closer and wanked harder an soon I was thrusting my cock into my hand and I grunted and shot three good spurts of my sperm onto his bare chest and face, he just closed his eyes as it splashed onto him and he said it felt red hot, he reached over and massaged my balls of the rest of my seed, he got up and we both went inside and I got some paper towels to clean up with.

We kissed deep as we stood in the kitchen "thanks Bill for being my friend" Jamie said, I noticed he had a tear in his eyes as he said that and I hugged him.

"Jamie I think I am falling in love with you son!" I said and I had a tear in my eye, " I know our age difference is vast, but I can't help it, I just feel we are right together" I went on.

"I feel it to Bill, I felt it from the first moment I met you, something clicked in my head, I don't know what but I just want you as well" he replied, by now we both had tears streaming down our faces and we must have looked a sight standing naked in my kitchen and both of us blubbing.

We both calmed down and I suggested that as it was getting late and we were sticky with sun tan cream, we get a quick shower downstairs and have a swim if we fancied it and have a little light supper and sort out the laptop and phone and then go to bed as Jamie had to get up at 4am, Jamie agreed and we went naked downstairs and went to the shower.

We had a good shower with a lot of kissing and me fondling his hard cock and wanking him to completion and then he sucked me and swallowed his ration of my semen, we decided to pass on a swim and just slipped on a pair of gym shorts after drying off.

In the kitchen Jamie set up the laptop and his new phone and then came and kissed and thanked me for such wonderful presents and then we ate some sandwiches and had some tea and it was almost 8pm so we went to bed and I set the alarm for 4 am and we both dozed off asleep quite easily.

The alarm went off as set and I jumped up and wondered what the hell was happening, I wiped my face and realised that it was the alarm and 4 am, it hit me that Jamie had to get up, so I shook him as he was dead to the world, he awoke and smiled at me and then turned over.

"Hey sleepy head, rise and shine, time for work" I said and shook him again.

"Mmmm, ten more minutes okay?" he mumbled

"No ten minutes at all, get your lazy ass out of bed," I grumbled

He arose and climbed naked out of bed with his cock bobbing up and down, it was hard and it looked gorgeous and in any other circumstances I would have grabbed it and sucked it, but he had pressing business in the bathroom so went off with eyes all bleary.

I heard the shower start up after he had had a pee and a few choice remarks about the water that made me smile, ten minutes later he came out all dried off and smelling gorgeous with his cock swing from side to side, he opened his bag and selected a clean pair of white boxer type cotton underpants, next a clean pair of blue socks and his royal mail issue blue shorts, he dressed in them and out of the closet he got a clean royal mail polo shirt and put that on.

"Mmm very fetching, some one looks smart" I said as I dressed in just a pair of underpants, Jamie grinned at me and pinned his name badge on his shirt and we both went downstairs and I made coffee as Jamie ate a big bowl of cereal.

"Would you like me to make you some sandwiches Jamie?" I asked as he helped himself to some toast and marmalade.

"Erm no thanks, I usually get a bacon sandwich on my break after my first round" he answered "besides I have to go" he went on and searched for his trainers.

We got his bike out of the porch and I gave him a spare key and a remote for the gates and told him to just press the button about 20 feet from the gate and it will swing open, the sun was just coming up as he climbed on his bike, I leaned in for a kiss and he kissed me deep and pulled my soft cock out of my underpants and gave it a rub, it instantly got hard.

"Mmmm save it for laters okay?" he said and grinned and waved goodbye as he pedalled off down the drive, I waved back and then went inside and put on the CCTV and watched him get to the gate as it was opening and he cycled off down the road to work, a journey of about 15 minutes he said.

I decided to go back to bed and lay there thinking of Jamie, the birds were singing, but I managed to doze off and get another few hours sleep until about 10 am, I got up and went straight to the pool and had a brief swim and a good long shower and went back and dressed in some clean underwear and my new cargo shorts that Jamie had said were "cool" and a new polo shirt he had picked out for me, I went downstairs and made some coffee and had some cereal and toast and decided to ring the police about David, I managed to get the detective in charge of the case and he said a statement was being written as we spoke and they had arrested 4 lads and charged them with murder, he would let me know when they could release the body for burial as soon as the full autopsy had been received , I thanked him for such prompt attention and he said it was an open and shut case, they had CCTV of the incident and all the boys after seeing their solicitors had confessed.

That call over I sat on the patio deciding what to do with my day until Jamie came home at about 2pm, my mind went back to my time with David and the tears began to pour down my cheeks, I told myself that I had to pull myself together and went to the kitchen and washed my face and decided to get out and do some retail therapy (shopping to me and you).

I decided to get something special for Jamie's dinner so called at a good butcher's I know and got some best steak, then on to the supermarket for some fresh salad and vegetables and to stock up on booze, then into town and have some lunch at a local hostelry, a quick glass of wine and a lovely thick sandwich, while in town I called on a local undertaker and told him of my predicament and they promised to take over from now on and sort everything out, whilst there they put a call in to the police and said they were acting for me and to transfer all calls when the body was released to them.

I looked at my watch and saw it was after 2pm now, my mobile went and it was Jamie "where are you?" Jamie asked I told him I was in town and coming home soon, he said he had got back to the house to find me out and was a bit worried, said I was on my way and he said he was going to have a workout and a swim and then get a nap before dinner.

I said that was a good idea and hung up, I mooched about the high street a bit and then went back to my car and set off home, I reached home just after 2:30 pm and parked up and went inside.

I shouted for Jamie and a muffled voice came from the gym area, I shouted I was getting the shopping in and he said he would help, he came up just in shorts and trainers "its okay Jamie, I got it" I said and admired the 16 year olds body "I haven't started yet so will help you first" he countered and grabbed the groceries off me as I went and got the box of drink, his phone rang and he answered it "hey Adam how are you dude?" Jamie said

They conversed for a few minutes then I heard Jamie say, "okay I'll ask him" he turned to me and said, "Can Adam come over to meet you Bill?" I thought for a minute and replied, "Sure buddy, does he want to stay for dinner as well?"

Jamie asked him and put his thumb up to me "ask him if steak is okay" I said and he passed on the message, again a thumbs up so I nodded and went and grabbed the rest of the stuff as Jamie went back to the gym, I decided to go watch Jamie for a bit after I put the stuff away, he was on the treadmill working up a sweat and his body glistened with sweat and I wolf whistled him and he gave me that smile again and my knees went weak.

"Get undressed and start a routine Bill" Jamie said as he pounded the treadmill, I marvelled as how he could talk and run.

I tripped off my shirts and took off my shorts and stood just in my white underpants "am I okay like this Jamie?" I said and did a twirl

"Mmmm sexy workout outfit, get on the cross trainer and make a start" he said as he continued his workout.

I climbed on the cross trainer and set a routine going, soon I was sweating and my underpants stuck to my legs as I worked out, I slowly worked down and grabbed a towel as I got off the trainer and wiped myself off, I took one to Jamie as he slowed down and he thanked me and wiped his sweat covered torso.

He looked down at me in my underpants "mmm a real good sight for sore eyes" he said and grinned I looked down and saw that my pants were totally soaked with sweat and the outline of my cock was showing, my full bare knob left nothing to the imagination.

"Lets do some weights now Bill" said Jamie and lay down on the bench and I passed him the weight bar, he did about 10 minutes on the weights and then I took over as Jamie stood at my side giving me instructions, weights over I wiped myself off again and Jamie set up the treadmill and had me stand on it and start a gentle run, the sweat really started pumping out of me now as he went on the cross trainer and did a good workout on that.

We both finished together and I stripped off my soaking wet underpants and trainers and socks and stood letting Jamie take my weight on the digital scales, "Mmmm you're a good weight Bill, a few more sessions and I will have got you well fit" Jamie said and leaned in and kissed me and felt at my hardening sweaty cock.

"Lets shower Jamie as I feel so sweaty and sticky" I said stepping off the scales, Jamie nodded and we went into the shower room and he slipped out of his sweaty shorts and socks and trainers

I set the shower going and we stood under the cool water and I rubbed gel into Jamie's sexy tanned back, I reached round and rubbed his hard cock and pulled back on the long foreskin "oohh yeah ohh wank me Bill" Jamie moaned "this is better" I said and came round and sucked on his bare cock head as I moved his foreskin up and down, he held my head and started to face fuck me "mmm yeah ohhh mmm arggh" he moaned as I sucked his cock into my mouth.

I deep throated him and soon he thrust hard into my mouth and grabbed my hair "arghh ohh fuck yeah I'm cumming" he moaned and shot rope after rope of his teen sperm down my throat.

I sucked it all out of him and left him drained, he dropped to his knees after he gathered his strength again and sucked on my bare knob, I held his head and he sucked all my cock into his mouth and soon my balls contracted and I moaned "arghh ohh yeah cummmming" I shot a good load down his throat and he licked my sensitive cock head and cleaned me off, we kissed deeply and finished off in the shower and dried off and went upstairs.

"I'm going to have a lie down Bill, is that okay?" Jamie asked

"Sure buddy, go lay down on the bed and I will get you up at 5pm okay", he kissed me and went up stairs as I headed for the kitchen and grabbed a cold drink, I slipped on a pair of shorts and sat on the patio having my drink.

I must have dozed off, I was awoken by the gate alarm and made my way to the door, I hit the intercom a bit bleary-eyed "hello, who is this?" a voice came on the other end "hello, this is Adam Perry, I'm a friend of Jamie's" "hi Adam, I am Bill, I will open the gate, come right up the drive okay" I replied and hit the gate button.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and I opened it and there stood a sexy looking black lad dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, he looked sweaty, I invited him in and saw he had a rucksack on his back.

"Hi Adam, I am Bill, Jamie is taking a nap right now, would you like a cold drink?" I said, "Yes thank you sir, it's been a long walk" he replied and slipped off his rucksack, which looked heavy, his shirt was soaked in sweat at the back, "is it okay if I remove my shirt sir, its sticking to my back its so sweaty? Adam asked

"Sure Adam, maybe you would like to freshen up? There is a shower room down the hall, take a quick shower and join me for a drink on the patio" I replied

"Thank you sir, I will do that if it's okay, I have clean stuff in my bag" Adam said

"Please call me Bill, Adam," I said

Adam smiled and I led him down the hall and showed him the shower room, I set the shower going as he took off his shirt, I resisted the temptation of watching him and left the room and headed to the kitchen to get some home made lemonade.

Adam came to the kitchen after ten minutes dressed in just flip flops and a pair of PE shorts, I looked at him, he had a nice defined chest, around 5' 7" or so I reckon, lovely nipples that really stuck out, nice legs with just the right amount of muscle and a butt to die for, nice and pert, that was in proportion to a 14 year old boy.

He sat down at the kitchen table and accepted my offer of lemonade and drank two glasses very quick, "so how did you get here Adam?" I asked

"I walked from town Bill after getting a bus there" Adam replied sipping on his third glass

"Wow that's some walk in this heat" I went on "only took me an hour really" he replied

I looked at the clock "time for Jamie to get up, I said I would wake him at 5pm, maybe you and him could go for a swim before we have dinner, that will be around 6 pm, you want to go and wake him Adam, its upstairs along the corridor and second door on the left?" I said

"Sure no problem Bill" said Adam and set off to wake Jamie, I sorted out the dirty dishes and put them in the dish washer, I busied my self around the kitchen getting the dinner prepared, I decided do a mixed salad with the steak and a big bowl of large fries, I marinated the steak and set it in the fridge.

I wondered what had happened to the boys, it had been over 15 minutes since Adam went to wake Jamie, I decided to go and see where they were, I walked up the stairs and went to my room, I opened the door silently and was greeted by…

End of Part Two

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