Royal Male Delivers




Part Three





I wondered what had happened to the boys, it had been over 15 minutes since Adam went to wake Jamie, I decided to go and see where they were, I walked up the stairs and went to my room, I opened the door silently and was greeted by...


Naked Adam straggling the naked Jamie, he had Jamie's cock down his throat and Jamie was moaning and groaning in ecstasy, Adam's bare bum was facing me and I could see his balls hanging down between his legs.


"Ohh fuck yeah Adam, suck that cock" Jamie moaned, Adam mumbled something and Jamie slightly reared up and gasped "arggh ohh fuck yeah, I'm cumming" and grabbed Adams head and shot his hot teen sperm down the younger boy's throat.


"Ahem!" I coughed both boys turned and looked at me, Adam in alarm and Jamie just gave me that kick ass smile.


"I see you both decided not to bother with the pool," I said


"Well we are going to have a swim, but Adam came in to wake me and I sort of had a nice hard on, so he said he wouldn't let me go until he had sorted it," replied Jamie


Again the grin flashed and my heart melted, Adam lay by his side and his cock was waving in the air, the 15 year old had a nice cock on him, not as big as Jamie's or mine, but nice never the less, his foreskin was rolled back and showed a nice dark pink knob that coloured lads have, it was about 5 inches I reckon and not thick, that myth about coloureds being well hung isn't all that correct.


Jamie took it in his hand and wanked it for him and he grinned and looked at him, I came over to the bed with my shorts tented and Jamie reached out with his other hand and felt my erection through the nylon material.


I groaned and bent down and took Adam's cock head into my mouth "mmm..oh yeah, suck him Bill" said Jamie as I licked and sucked on Adam's young cock.


"Argghh ohh fuck yeah ohhh Bill, suck my knob please" Adam moaned and Jamie felt at his balls as I took all his cock into my mouth, Jamie then scooted down the bed and sucked on Adam's ball sack and fingered his hole as he slightly lifted up and moaned and groaned.


"Oh fuck I have died and gone to heaven" Adam moaned as two mouths sucked on his genitals "arggh yeah its here ohh fuck take my cum Bill" Adam moaned and shot 4 good spurts of his teen sperm into my mouth, I milked his cock and he groaned and then pushed my head off his sensitive cock head.


He lay back and calmed down and Jamie got up and pulled my shorts down and off and my cut cock stuck out and Adam leaned over and sucked on my bare knob, he pulled off briefly and said "mmm, I have never sucked a cut cock before mmm I like it".


Jamie fingered my hole and I closed my eyes as the boys sucked and fingered me, Jamie also massaged my balls and I shouted out "argghh yeah i'm cumming" and shot a good wad of my sperm into Adam's mouth.


I held his head so he could have all my seed and he swallowed it all, I let his head go after a minute and he pulled off my cock and grinned at me as Jamie was licking all around my hole.


Jamie had never done that, he pulled off me after a few minutes "why did you tongue me Jamie?" I asked


"I just felt it was right somehow, no big deal about it" Jamie answered


"Okay lets take a quick swim and then have something to eat boys" I said


"Sounds cool" said Adam and grinned


"Wait until you see the pool Adam, its way cool" said Jamie and we all set off downstairs


"Oh wow, what an awesome pool!" said Adam


"Here race you" shouted Jamie and dove in


Adam stood at the deep end and dove in himself, totally naked, he hardly broke the water, it was obvious this lad knew how to dive, he surfaced three quarters up the pool and shook his head.


"Well that was great Adam" I said "you obviously have had lessons on how to dive" I went on


He smiled at me and swam back to the side and climbed out and it was great to see his taunt sexy naked body, his cock hung down over his balls, full foreskin, with just a little of his knob peeking through.


He saw me watching him and he smiled again and then Jamie climbed out and stood naked as well and he to looked gorgeous as he stood proud with his cock hanging softly, there is something about seeing teenage boys naked , I don't know what it is, but it sure is beautiful.


We swam and messed around in the pool for a half hour or so and then we all went and showered off, we felt at each others cocks as we showered, Adam seemed fascinated by my cut cock, he said how cool it looked with my bare knob on show, he started to pull back his foreskin and walk around with his cock head bare and me and Jamie laughed at him.


We dried off and went up to the kitchen and the boys grabbed a coke from the fridge as I had a small can of orange juice, it didn't take long to sort out dinner as both Jamie and Adam asked for fries with there chicken and salad, so I pulled some out of the freezer and fried them up.


Adam and me had a beer but Jamie stuck to coke as we sat on the patio outside the kitchen and ate our meal, with ice cream and fruit for dessert, we sat just chatting after.


I asked Adam why he had come out to see us and what time had he got to be back at the home, he was a bit cagey with his answer saying he could stay out later now he was 15, he said his birthday had been last week.


"Adam, when I was at the home we had to be in by 9pm no matter what age you were" said Jamie


Adam looked a bit nervous "well they altered the rules for summer" he replied


Jamie looked at me and then the clock in the kitchen, it said 7:30 pm


"The last bus has gone now, perhaps Bill will take you before he has too much to drink" Jamie said


I looked at Jamie, he seemed he was questioning Adam with his eyes


Adam didn't reply, he turned away "Adam answer me" went on Jamie


Adam turned and there were tears in his eyes


"Adam what's the matter?" Jamie went on


As tears rolled down his cheeks he said " I have run away from the home Jamie"


"Why have you done that Adam?" asked a startled Jamie


I looked at the both of them and let Jamie do the questioning, after all he knew Adam better than me


After a couple of minutes Adam composed himself and began to tell us the story.


It appeared he had been caught naked in bed with one of the girls at the home, a certain girl named Samantha, know as "Sexy Sam" apparently she tried it on with lots of boys and a few male members of staff there.


She had told the staff member who caught them it was Adams idea (falsely) to sleep together, Adam had been put on report and locked down, meaning it was school and back each day and stay in his room after and have his meals there as well, something like being in a prison.


Jamie said he knew about Samantha as she had tried it on with him and she was a pathological liar anyway.


I said he would be reported missing to the police by now, I got the homes number off Adam as Jamie comforted him, I said I was going to ring them and tell them Adam was here and that he had come to visit Jamie in an upset state, well that was true anyway because he was.


I was going to suggest he stay the night here and go back tomorrow to sort it all out, both Adam and Jamie were a bit sceptical about it and feared the worst.


I said I had a trick or two up my sleeve and to trust me.


I left them alone and went inside and dialled the number he gave me.


A voice came on the line and said "Hello" "Hello" I replied "my name is Bill Reynolds, I understand that an Adam Perry lives there?" I went on


"Hang on please" the voice said and I heard him ask another guy about Adam


"Mr Reynolds, Adam has been posted missing as he didn't return to the home from school today, what do you know about Adam?" the voice said


"Well he is here at my home" I replied and went on to tell them where and why he was here and what I proposed we should do about it.


Halfway through our conversation Adam came into the kitchen, they asked to talk to him and I handed the phone to him, he listened intently and then said "okay I will put Mr Reynolds back on the line"


"Bill Reynolds here" I said "Mr Reynolds will you look after Adam tonight and tomorrow someone will come out to you and sort this out, we will ring the police and cancel the missing person report" the voice said


"Well if you need references about me you can call this number" I answered "Its the head of social services Arthur Hemmings that's his personal number, we used to work together, he will vouch for me" I went on


There was a few umms and arrrs and the voice said "well we know of Mr Hemmings of course, Its okay we will be in touch tomorrow Mr Reynolds, have a nice night and tell Adam he is not in trouble and we will sort it all out tomorrow" he said


I thanked him and rung off and then put in a call to Arthur Hemmings and explained the situation, he said he would call the home and vouch for me and take this case up personally.


I went back outside and told the boys about the conversations.


"Well it seems you will be spending the night with us Adam and if my instinct is right perhaps a few more besides" I said


Adam grinned widely and jumped up and hugged me tight "thank you Bill, Jamie was right about you, you are the best" he said as he held me tight and then kissed me, we were all still naked and his cock rubbed mine as we hugged, they of course reacted and soon they were rubbing up against each other.


"Seems like a couple of other things like each other" said Jamie observing us in a clinch


We parted and looked down and saw our cocks were sticking out and twitching to our heartbeats, we both laughed and then came together again and kissed and our cocks resumed the fencing.


"I don't know how I can thank you enough Bill" said Adam


"Mmm well I can think of a few things Adam" I replied


"Yes suck his cock Adam" chimed up Jamie and gave me that sexy grin again


"Well that too, but I was thinking of him clearing the dishes away and put them in the dishwasher" I replied and laughed


Adam grinned and he grabbed the dirty dishes and took them into the kitchen and I showed him the dishwasher and he filled it up and I set it going.


As I turned round he dropped to his knees and started to suck on my cock, it had softened somewhat, but soon regained the hardness it had earlier.


Jamie came in and watched Adam suck on my cock and he came over and took his turn at sucking on it and they alternated sucking me as I held onto there heads in a state of ecstasy, could this get any better? I was in heaven having two of the sexiest boys sucking my cock, all it need was that lad from the computer shop to come over now and join in.


I had just finished flooding Adams mouth with my sperm when the gate buzzer went, I left the boys sucking each other off on the kitchen floor and went and answered the buzzer "hello" I said "hello Mr Reynolds, this is Mike Jenkins from the computer shop you were in yesterday, I am sorry its a late hour, we open until 8pm and it was my turn on lates today, I have some more software that should have gone into your laptop, may I come and install it for you?" the voice said


God I felt I had really died and gone to heaven, he was actually at the end of my drive and I had only been thinking of him earlier.


"Yes of course Mike, wait a second and I will release the gate and you can drive right up, the door will be unlocked, just come on in and shout out okay" I replied


He affirmed he would and I released the gates and watched him ride his motor scooter in and then shut the gates, I unlocked the front door and then went back to the two sexy naked boys on my kitchen floor.


"Hey you two get some clothes on, that lad from the computer shop is on his way up" I shouted to them as I headed up the stairs to my room and grabbed my shorts and slipped them on, Jamie and Adam followed me in and scooted around grabbing shorts and a tee shirt and looking respectable we made our way downstairs just in time to greet Mike coming through the door in his suit and carrying his briefcase.


"Hi again" I said and extended my hand; he took it and we shook hands.


"Sorry to come so late, I didn't have chance yesterday after we closed, I had to get home because of a family thing" explained Mike


"That's okay mike, you have met Jamie yesterday, and this is a friend of his, Adam, who is staying here temporarily" I said


Mike grinned at Adam and Jamie and reached out his hand and they both shook it.


"Come into the lounge and you can sort out Jamie's laptop," I said


We all went into the lounge and the boys say on the couch side by side as Mike opened up his bag and got out he software disks, he explained he had DVD burning software and for editing pictures, I handed him the laptop and he fired it up.


We chatted about this and that and I found out that Mike was 18 and been working at the computer shop for the last 12 months since leaving college, he had done a year at college studying computers, had planned to go to university, but his parents weren't rich and he found that accommodation was expensive so he had decided to put it on hold until he had some money saved, he volunteered for the late shift at times so has to get extra money he said.


All the time we were chatting as Mike worked he kept glancing at Jamie and Adam who were on the couch opposite and taking crafty feels at each others bare legs, I had noticed with one eye on them and I frowned at them but they just both gave me that melting smile they had, also I noticed that Jamie's shorts leg had rode up a bit and his balls and cock were visible, they were really both in a teasing mood.


Mike was getting increasingly hot; he kept fingering his collar and tie "you feeling a bit warm Mike?" I asked,  "yeah I am a bit" he said and he glanced over at the boys on the couch, "well why don't you slip off your jacket and take off your tie and open your collar" I replied


He nodded his affirmation and stood and took off his jacket and tie and loosened his top two buttons on his white shirt, I think he shouldn't have stood up as the outline of his hard cock was showing in his trousers, he realised this and quickly sat down and poured over the laptop.


"Can I get you a drink Mike? We have a range of cold drinks" I asked, "yes please, may I have a cold cola please?" Mike asked


Jamie jumped up and volunteered to go and get drinks all round, his tented shorts were so obvious and he gave Mike a good eyeful, I asked him to get me a beer and Adam asked for one as well.


We small talked a bit, I asked Mike did a good looking guy like him have a girlfriend, he said no he didn't but I noticed a pained look flash over his face briefly, Jamie brought the drinks, with a cola for himself and Mike and beers for Adam and me, we sipped our drinks and watched Mike complete his tasks.


"I have been thinking of getting a digital camera Mike, can you recommend one? I asked when I saw he had finished "well our store has a good few in stock, right from the lower end to high spec ones, it depends what your budget is but I am sure there is one that will suit your needs" Mike replied and sipped his drink.


"Good, well I will call in tomorrow when in town and we can sort one out" I went on "well if you come after 12 pm I will be there as I am on the late shift again tomorrow" Mike replied


"So you don't have to rush off tonight then?"  I asked, my mind was in overdrive and I wanted to see more of this sexy 18 year old and had a plan.


"Well no I don't actually, I live with my parents in the village down the road and they aren't bothered what time I am in, especially when I stay at work late" he replied


"Well I have an excellent pool here and you can cool off after your hard day and perhaps stay a bit and chill out, and I would like to pick your brains over computers, which you are obviously well up on, I would like you to take a look at mine, a bit old, its in the library, also I would like to sort out getting wireless internet better around all the house" I explained


Mikes eyes lit up, this is exactly what he had studied for and he relished the prospect of giving help and advice and also of seeing more of all of the sexy guys here.


"Of course I will pay you for your time Mike, I think you will find I am a generous person" I went on.


Mike nodded and then thanked me and said he would do his best to give me the correct advice I needed.


"Now would you like to see the pool since you have finished?" I asked Mike


"Yes please Bill, I would love to see your pool, I don't have a swimming costume though" Mike replied


I looked at the boys and they grinned "well Mike I will let you into a little secret, we don't use them at all here as the pool is in the basement and nobody can see you, and I think you have guessed that all of us are gay here" I said


"I'm bisexual" said Adam "Oh sorry I forgot Adam" I said


Mike blushed and then said "I'm gay as well, you asked me if I had a girlfriend, well I had a boyfriend but he left to go abroad and I missed him so much that I wanted to join him, but he emailed me and told me he found somebody else, since then I have not been with any lad"


I just saw a hint of tears in his eyes so I quickly steered him out the door and down to the pool area, he gasped when he saw my pool and the boys showed him the gym as well and he was wide eyed.


"So Mike, you fancy a swim?" Jamie asked "you bet Jamie, where is the changing room?" Mike asked


Jamie showed him the side changing room with towels and such and we all crowded in and the boys quickly stripped naked as they didn't have much on, Mike watched them as he undid his shirt and took it off, he had a sexy defined chest, with lovely sticking out nipples that were hard with desire, he slipped off his shoes and socks and then he undid his trousers and slipped them down and off, he had lovely legs, not slim but just right, a small amount of blond hair on them.


He had grey and blue boxers on and a tent in them and a moist patch indicating he was pre cumming a bit, he stood there gazing at Jamie and Adam naked and hard, there teen cocks twitching with the beating of their young hearts.


Taking a deep breath he slid his pants down and off and stood naked and erect, the boys gasped when they saw his cock, it was sticking right up in the air, about 7 inches in length with a thick girth and circumcised knob, and what a knob! It was gorgeous, a lovely plum shaped cock head, a lovely purple colour, you could see the circumcision line on his shaft, but your eyes were drawn to his knob.


Mike blushed as three pairs of eyes were on his cock "wow what a beauty Mike" said Adam "what a knob you have" he went on.


"Yeah, the boys at school when we were changing for PE or in the showers after used to call me "nobby" as I was the only one in the class that was circumcised, they were jealous I reckon because my cock was bigger than theirs" Mike explained


We left the changing room and went to the pool, because we were all erect we just walked into the pool and swam up and down, then the boys started to mess around and I climbed out and just sat watching them frolic about, their cocks had softened somewhat.


A good half hour later they had had enough and swam to the side and climbed out, "lets shower" I said and we all trooped to the shower and I set it going and the four of us took turns under the big shower head.


We played "grab ass and grab cock" and laughed a lot but eventually we finished the showering and dried off.


"Mike, would you like to stay the night?, its getting late and Jamie works for the post office and has to get up early" I asked


Mike looked a bit nonplussed and said "well I don't have to be at work until 12 pm tomorrow, but I have to have a clean shirt and underwear and socks, the stuff I have got are a bit sweaty as its been so hot lately" he replied


"That's no problem Mike, I have a washer here and we can wash and dry and iron your stuff for tomorrow and I am sure because its a hot night you will want to sleep naked" I replied


He agreed, so we made our way upstairs to the bedrooms and I showed him his, it had a king sized bed and he said "wow", next I said I would show Adam his.


Before I did Adam chimed up " can I sleep with you Mike?"


Mike looked shocked and he gulped then looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and he turned to Adam and said "ermm okay Adam, but I will be naked"


"That's what I hoped you would say" Adam giggled and wiggled his soft cock at Mike


Jamie and me looked at each other as Adam and Mike went into the room and Adam turned and said "goodnight all" and then closed the door, Mike shouted goodnight as well through the door as Adam was giggling


"Mmm Adam is in his sexy mode again" said Jamie as we walked to my bedroom


I laughed and replied "I hope Mike know what he has let himself in for" Jamie turned and smiled at me, I set the alarm for 4 am and we both climbed into bed with just the sheet over us as it was a warm night.


Jamie kissed me and we embraced and our cocks started to erect, he reached down and rubbed my knob against his knob and our precums smeared into each other.


Quick as a flash he dove down and engulfed my cock with his mouth and that caused me to moan, he continued sucking my cock as I wanked his foreskin up and down his erect cock.


"I think your ready now Jamie, but before I make love to you I want to ask you something" I said, he pulled off my cock and looked up at me "oh what is it then?" he asked


"Will you move in with me?" I asked and looked hopefully at him


"You mean leave my bedsit?" he asked "yes I mean leave you bedsit and move in here, you can have your own room if you wish or sleep in my bed, your choice and whatever it is I will be happy with your decision" I went on


Jamie looked at me and then around the room, "well anything has got to be better than that crappy bedsit, although it wasn't that bad, I guess it would have been cold in the winter though" he replied


"Shall I take that as a yes then?" I commented; Jamie gave me that sexy smile again and my heart leapt "well I reckon it's an offer I can't refuse" he said


We hugged and then I reached into the bedside cabinet drawer and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and smeared some on my hard cock, I bent Jamie over and fingered some into his bum hole and he moaned and groaned, I continued to finger his hole inserting more fingers at a time.


It took me awhile to open him up and then I turned him round on his back and lifted his legs up, I leaned in and kissed him deep, I broke the kiss and said.


"If this isn't what you want yet Jamie, I won't carry on" "no it's all right, I am a bit scared of a lot of pain, but I want to lose my virginity to you as I love you so much" he said


I looked into his eyes and they were so trusting


"I wouldn't hurt you for the world Jamie as I love you so much as well, there will be a little pain as your a virgin down there, but just push back a bit like being in the toilet and I will take it steady and if it hurts too much I will stop and let you get used to my cock" I said


He smiled at me and nodded and I positioned my bare cock head at his entrance and pushed gently in him, luckily first go was a good one and my knob pushed at his sphincter muscle, he tensed a bit and I stopped and he got his breath back and I continued pushing gently in "argghh ohh yeah oohh fuck yeah" he groaned as I impaled him on my throbbing cock.


By now I was all inside him and stopped and let him adjust to me, and then started a gentle fucking motion and he closed his eyes and his mouth opened and he gently moaned and sighed as I fucked him gently "oohh yes ohh Bill, do me harder please, take my cherry" he moaned, I sped up a little and I felt I was beginning to feel as though I wanted to cum, he was so tight inside, he was milking my cock.


I tried to slow down but was mindful that as it was Jamie's first penetration I would be gentle, I sped up a bit more and the door opened, it was Adam and he stood naked with his cock erect and stared at us as I made love to Jamie "sorry to disturb you, but have you any lube please?" Adam asked I pointed to the bedside cabinet and he came over and grabbed the tube "I will leave you two to your lovemaking, I plan to get some of that as well from Mike" he went on and gave me and Jamie a quick kiss and a quick feel of my bare bottom as I continued to make love to Jamie.


He closed the door quietly and I grinned at Jamie, his head was going from side to side in ecstasy as I quickened up and I felt I was ready to shoot "Aargghh Jamie, I love you" I groaned as I spurted my hot sperm into his bum " argghh ohh I'm cumming as well" he groaned, as I splashed hot sperm over his prostate and he shot his cum up his bare belly "urrghh ohhh mmm urghh" he moaned.


I lay on top of him and kissed him deeply and we twirled tongues as my cock was still buried in his love hole, it took a few minutes before it softened and plopped out and I rolled off him and lay down beside him, he immediately went down and licked my cock clean and I groaned as he sucked all over my sensitive knob, but I was too tired to protest, I reached and got a cloth out of the drawer and I cleaned him up around his bum and pulled the sheet over us and we kissed and cuddled and I reached and switched off the bedside lamp and in the darkness we could hear the love making going on next door.


We drifted off to sleep, but next door they were at it hard and fast with Mike ramming his big cut cock into Adam's 15 year old bum "arghhh ohh yeah fuck me Mike" Adam moaned as Mike grabbed Adam's hips and thrust his hard cock deeper into Adam's bum hole "arghh yeah ohh Adam, your so tight, fuck I'm going to cum" Mike moaned and he filled his young bum full of his teen sperm, his big bare knob expanded and that set Adam off and he shot a load of his sperm onto the bed sheet.


Mike pulled his cock out of Adam's bum and sat down on the bed "oh god Adam I am so knackered" he said "me too Mike, but I loved having you fuck me" Adam replied and leaned in and kissed the white boy deeply, they broke the kiss and lay down on the bed and pulled the sheet over themselves and Adam switched off the light and they cuddled up and were soon fast asleep.


The alarm went off on time and Jamie and Bill struggled out of bed and Bill opened the curtains to see the dawn rise as Jamie went and had a quick shower and came and dressed in clean underwear and shorts and a clean short sleeved shirt " this is my last shirt I have here Bill" Jamie said as he fastened it up.


"Well we will go and collect all your stuff and see the landlord when you finish work today, just phone me when your finished and I will meet you at your bedsit with the Range Rover I have in the garage, it will be plenty big enough to load your stuff in" I replied


"Oh I forgot to tell you, I have completed my 6 months probation at work and they are going to take me on permanently, but first I have to have a full medical exam, its on Thurs in town at the medical centre at 1 pm, I won't have to work that day because of it so I can have a lie in Thurs morning" said Jamie.


"Wow that's great, we can have a bit of a celebration then Wed evening, we will go out for a meal" I said and smiled at Jamie


"Well I would prefer we celebrate here in bed" replied Jamie and grinned


"Okay then we will celebrate here, I will get something special in and I hope you will make love to me after" I said and winked at me, he grinned back at me as he pulled on his socks.


We went downstairs and I prepared us some breakfast as Jamie got his stuff for work together and then he kissed me and said he had to go and got his bike and I watched him set off down the drive.


I locked the door and went back to bed and lay there thinking of Jamie and how pleased I was for him that he had got a permanent job, I had no qualms about his medical exam as he was an extremely fit lad, in fact I envied the doctor who was to examine his sexy body.


I drifted off to sleep after setting the alarm for 8:30 am, that soon came around and I went and grabbed Mikes shirt and underpants and socks and stuck them in the washer with some of mine and Jamie's underwear and socks, I set it going as I prepared a large pot of coffee, I heard noises upstairs and went to see what it was all about, I opened Mike's bedroom door and saw he was lying on his front and Adam was on top of him fucking his bum, Mike was moaning and groaning as Adam was thrusting into his bum "arggh fuck yeah ohh fuck me Adam, fuck that big cock of yours into me" Mike moaned.


"Arghhh oohh I'm cumming" moaned Adam and thrust faster and then he held Mike shoulders and even I knew he was spurting into Mike's bum.


They lay there panting and coming down and I said "breakfast in ten minutes boys" they turned to look at me and grinned "ooh ten minutes, just time for you to fuck me Mike" said Adam and he grinned at him, Mike grinned back so I left them to their lovemaking.


Ten minutes later two naked boys came downstairs and announced they were starving I laughed and suggested they had some cereal and as they ate I would cook them bacon and eggs, they liked that idea and sorted their cereal out as I fried the bacon and eggs.


After scoffing a big breakfast they both sat and sipped coffee and watched breakfast television, as I checked the washing and found it was washed and dried and ready for the shirt to be ironed, I set about ironing Mike's shirt and he thanked me, he asked if he could stay naked until he had to set off to work and I agreed, I really wanted him to stay naked anyway as he was a real sexy lad, Adam said he would as well so they went and sat on the patio to get a little morning sun.


After awhile Mike went and showered and so did Adam and he put shorts on and a tee shirt as Mike dressed in his underpants and socks and clean shirt, he found his trousers and tie and got ready for work, he thanked me for letting him stay and I said I would call in later about the camera and the wireless internet stuff he had recommended, he kissed me just as I heard the gate buzzer go and went to the intercom and found it was the social worker about Adam, Mike set off on his scooter and I pushed the gate button to let the guy in and Mike out.


I went and told Adam and he looked a bit down, so I said for him not to worry as we would sort it all out, the guy knocked at the door and said his name was Terry Richards and he was head child officer and had been asked by Mr Hemmings to come and sort it all out.


I shook his hand and I showed him into the lounge where Adam was, and we chatted about his case as we sipped coffee, after an hour we agreed that Adam could stay here for the interim, until a decision was made about his future, I had suggested he live here permanently until he was 16, I said I would see he got to school each day and did every thing the social services wanted, Terry said it was not his decision but he would recommend he stay here, it would be that the house would have to be visited and an inspection done, but from first impressions there seemed no problems.


We shook hands again and Terry left, I saw him drive down to the gate ad I hit the button and he drove through, Adam looked at me and said " I can't thank you enough Bill, I didn't want to go back to the home, I would have run away again"


"Well you don't have to go back there now Adam, this is your home at least until a decision is made and you can have that bedroom you slept in last night" I replied


He hugged me and kissed me deep and my cock started to harden ad he felt it nudging at his crotch "mmm seems like someone needs to get rid of some seed" Adam said and grinned, with out me saying anything else he dropped to his bare knees and undid my shorts and they dropped t the floor and he pulled down my white briefs and his mouth engulfed my bare cock head "mmmm ooh yeah, suck it Adam" I moaned as the 15 year old black lad sucked it down his throat, soon I was spurting my hot sperm down his throat, he swallowed it all down and licked my cock head clean.


"Mmm thank you Adam" I said " what do I do about this Bill?" Adam said and pointed at his tented shorts "Mmmm well we will have to sort that out" I replied and dropped to my knees and undid his shorts and pulled them down and bared his black cock and pushed the long foreskin back and sucked hard on it.


Soon Adam was moaning he was cumming and shot his teen sperm into my mouth, as I fondled his lovely black balls and fingered his bum hole "mmm thanks Bill" Adam said and kissed me deep when I got up.


End Of Part Three


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