Royal Male Delivers 4




The usual applies, if your underage or it's illegal to read this they you should leave and all the sex in this story is not safe so please do safe sex.


Part 4




I zippered myself up and Adam did the same " Its time we set off for town Adam" I said


"Oh right Bill, are we going to see Mike?" Adam asked


"Yes among other places, but first I want to see what clothes you have in your back pack Adam" I went on


We went and found his back pack and he emptied it on the floor, there were several tatty tee shirts, a few white school shirts that were obviously crumpled, some white underwear, that was actually a grey colour and socks and a pair of well used school shoes.


"Where is the rest of your school uniform Adam?" I asked


Adam looked at me and shrugged his shoulders " I couldn't get the jacket in or the trousers and me PE kit or my books" he replied


"Well it looks to me that you had no intentions of going to school then" I said and looked a bit stern at him.


He stared back at me and didn't reply.


"Well here's what we are going to do Adam, we are going into town and take you to a school outfitters and get you kitted out in everything you will need, from socks to jackets and trousers and underwear and swimming gear and PE kit" I said


"The whole works, and a laptop to do your homework on as well, Mike can sort one out for us" I went on


"You'd do that for me Bill?" Adam enquired


"Yes I will Adam, its not because I fancy you, its because I think you should be given another chance and from what Jamie says you are intelligent, so you belong in school" I said


Adam rolled his eyes at that statement "so get your ass together and lets get on the road and sort all this out okay" I went on.


Adam smiled and went and got ready and within 5 minutes was waiting for me at the door.


We set off in the Range Rover and within 20 minutes were parked up and going into a school outfitters and Adam told the man what school he attended and he took us to the back room and we sorted out jackets and trousers and shirts and a couple of school ties.


Adam was picking out underwear and I said I quite fancied him in some white briefs and he giggled "you fancy having me in white underwear then, so you can have your wicked way with this shy schoolboy" he said


He fluttered his eyes and I swatted his bum gently "I think you would look dead sexy in briefs or white boxers" I replied


He grinned and picked out some white boxers as well, and grey school socks, the guy came in with the PE kit that the school said that boys should have, white and black shorts and white PE vests and a couple of pairs of white plimsolls.


They were all bagged up and I paid as Adam carried them to the car, next we went to a sports store and got him a good pair of trainers as his were a bit tatty, and some sports gear as well as he liked cricket and soccer.


On to a shoe shop next and got him a pair of good school shoes, it was getting late so we grabbed a quick sandwich and a drink and headed to the computer store.


Mike saw us come in and he grinned when he saw Adam, he came over and I asked him had he sorted the stuff we talked about and he said he had, he began to explain, but I wasn't techie so asked him to come and sort it out for me when he could.


Mike grinned and said he hoped I would say that and he could come over tonight and stay if I wanted him to as his parents had gone off on holiday for a couple of weeks to Spain.


"Why don't you stay with us then for two weeks?" Adam chimed in, then he looked over at me "oh sorry Bill, is that okay?" he went on and blushed


"Well I was just thinking that Adam, I can see that would please you" I said and grinned at him and Mike


"Well I would have to go home and pick some clothes up and then come to you place later" Mike replied


"No problem Mike, we can sort it all out later if you want, in the meantime I need a laptop for young Adam here as well" I said


"Right well lets go over to the laptops and sort something out shall we?" Mike said and smiled


I let Adam and Mike sort out the laptop and I went and looked at desktops and fancied a nice one with a 27-inch monitor, an all white one that would look great in my study.


Mike and Adam came over to me and I noticed that Mike looked a bit flustered and saw his trousers had a discernable bulge and I grinned and guessed that Adam had been having a feel of Mike's cock through his trousers.


I decided to take the heat out of the situation and allow Mike to calm down a bit "I rather fancy this computer Mike, can you tell me a bit about it?" I asked


He smiled and said, "well that is a 27 inch Imac made by Apple it's a top spec computer Bill and besides looking so sexy it's a great piece of kit"


He went on to tell me its specs, a bit over my head so I said "done! Mike, it's a sale, if you and Adam have picked out a laptop I really need to get going to meet Jamie at his bedsit to take his stuff back to my house"


Mike went and spoke to another lad who worked there and he went into the back and got a boxed up computer and all the stuff I had arranged with Mike that he would set up in my home.


I paid the bill, it came to just over 2000, Adam was aghast as I paid with a gold credit card, Mike just smiled as he sorted it out and he said something to the lad who had got all the stuff together, and he went back to the storeroom and came back with two laptop bags.


"Seeing as how you have spent so much here Bill, here are two laptop bags for free, one for Jamie's laptop and one for Adam's" Mike said


We both thanked him and Adam whispered to him "I will thank you properly later" and he winked, it was a good job the young assistant was out of earshot, he was picking up the boxes of computer equipment, he was helping us carry the stuff to the car, we loaded it up and I gave him 20 as a tip, he smiled and thanked me and we set off to Jamie's.



When we got to Jamie's bedsit he was already there, I had had a txt off him to say he was on his way there and would box his stuff up while he waited.


We went to his bed-sit and helped him take the boxes he had to the car and looked around and Jamie said that was all he had, which wasn't much really, he said he has spoken to the landlord and told him he was leaving and it worked out right as the monthly rent was due in a couple of days.


We tied his bike onto the roof rack and we were off, on the way Adam brought him up to speed about him living there as well and Mike staying while his parents were away and of course the fact that I had bought him a laptop and myself a new smashing computer as well.


Jamie listened intently and grinned when Adam told him the part about Mike staying "I bet you had something to do with that Adam" he said


Adam laughed and said no it was my decision, but Jamie said he didn't believe him, as he knew Adam liked Mike and his big cut cock.


Soon we reached the house and Adam helped Jamie take his stuff into the house and upstairs as I took the computer stuff to my study, it was after 4 pm now so the boys stripped off and went to the kitchen naked and grabbed a cold drink and went and sat on the patio as I sorted out the computer in the study, well just unpacked it actually as Mike had said he was going to set it up for me.


My phone went and it was Mike saying he was coming home soon as the boss was so pleased with his sales to me over the past two days he had said he could finish earlier, I told him to just buzz at the gate and I would let him in and the front door would be open.


I joined the boys and found them naked on the patio loungers chatting "well that's a nice sight for sore eyes" I exclaimed when I saw the two gorgeous naked boys, Jamie stroked his cock which was semi erect and Adam giggled and started to stroke his lovely black cock, soon the boys were both fully erect and leaking precum, I took off my shirt and shorts and stood in my underpants with a tent in them.


"Now come on, get with the program Bill!" said Adam "off with your underpants Bill please" he went on


I grinned and pulled them down and off and stood naked with my cock jutting out, the boys got up and knelt down in front of me and took turns sucking my cut cock, all the time I moaned and groaned as they sucked and played with my cock and balls.


"Argghh oohh yeah suck that cock boys, take it all down" I moaned and thrust my cock further into Jamie's mouth as Adam sucked on each of my balls, then he scooted round and started to lick at my sweaty hole and that drove me wild and I was moaning, he pulled his tongue out and fingered me with first one and then two fingers and he found my prostate.


I groaned now and held Jamie's head tight as he deep throated me and shouted out "oh fuck I'm cumming oh yeah take it Jamie, take my seed boy" Jamie's eyes bulged as I shot a big load of sperm right down his throat "oh fuck yeah, ohh god!" I moaned as I spermed into his throat.


I managed to finish my cumming without collapsing, but it was a close thing as my legs were jelly and when Jamie pulled off me I had to sit down on the lounger, both boys stood in front of me and smiled those kick ass smiles and with there cocks throbbing I grinned and first took Jamie's into my mouth and sucked it a bit and then went to Adam's black beauty, both boys were moaning and groaning and it was obvious that they wouldn't take long to orgasm.


I fondled their young ball sacks as I sucked them, Jamie eventually pulled his cock out of my mouth "I don't want to cum in your mouth Bill" he said I looked at him quizzically "I want to cum in your bum" he quickly went on


Adam grinned and quickly shot upstairs to the bedroom and got the KY and passed it to Jamie, I was by now laying back on the lounger with my legs up exposing my hole as Jamie fingered me, he took the lube and spread it on my hole and fingered it in, next he spread it on his throbbing cock, all the time Adam was wanking himself and watching the antics of us both.


Jamie finished smearing it on his cock and leaned down onto me and kissed me deeply, he whispered, "I want you so bad Bill"


"Yes, yes please Jamie give me your big cock oh god do me please" I begged and he rubbed his cock head over my puckered hole and gently teased it in and then out again.


"Oh fuck no, just ram it in Jamie, I so want to be impaled on your hot cock" I moaned in desperation for him to push his cock in me


Adam moaned as well "oh fuck this is so awesome, for fucks sake ram him Jamie" he said "he wants you so bad" he went on as he wanked himself so hard


Jamie grinned and again just teased his knob into me, then with a leer he rammed in me that took my breath away "arggh fuck yeah that's it, do me good Jamie" I groaned


He started a good motion in me and I moaned with every stroke as he made love to my tight man hole, soon I felt him tense and I knew he was close, he was in me deep now and hitting my prostate with every stroke and I knew I was going to cum again.


"Arggh Bill, ohh fuck yeah I'm cumming oohh here it is" Jamie moaned and thrust deep and then held it there and I felt his hot sperm fill me up, I groaned and shot another load of sperm between us.


Adam was now wanking so hard his hand was a blur, Jamie pulled out and got up, his cock was still hard and dripping with his sperm and my juices and my legs were still spread, Adam looked at me and licked his lips "can I Bill?" he said.


Not knowing what he meant as I was still coming down from my good fucking by Jamie I nodded absentmindedly.


In a flash he was upon me and ramming his black cock into my gaping bum hole, he easily went in and I groaned as another cock hit my bowels, within a few minutes of Adam ramming into me he was moaning and groaning and I felt his hot teen sperm mix with Jamie's in my bum.


"Arggh ohh umm arggh" Adam groaned as he unloaded his load of sperm into me, he climbed off me and stood panting with his black cock glistening in the sunlight with mine and his juices on it.


"Wow that was fucking awesome Bill" Adam said, Jamie grinned and said " I don't think Bill was expecting that Adam, nor was I to be honest".


"Well I did ask" Said Adam and looked a bit sheepish, "he he well I thought you were going to lick up the cum leaking from me, not add to it" I said and grinned at both of the boys.


Just then the gate buzzer went and I said "that must be Mike, he said he was home early today on the phone, please let him in one of you, I need to clean up a bit"


Adam nodded and said he would go; he scooted off and let Mike in the gate and then unlocked the door and stood naked waiting for him.


When Mike came through the door he was set upon by a naked Adam kissing him, he had to put down the stuff he was carrying, his bag and another parcel that turned out to be spare computer leads he might need.


"Wow what a welcome!!" Mike exclaimed when he could finally speak "seems like I am just in time for an orgy, or is it over?" he went on and grinned at the naked Adam


"Well you missed Bill getting fucked by Jamie and me on the patio lounger, but I reckon we can have seconds" Adam said


"Get naked and we will see what we can do okay" he went on "well steady on Adam let me get in and sorted please" Mike said with a grin.


I came out with just my shorts on and berated Adam and he scooted off to the kitchen as I took Mike to the study and he looked at what I had done, I explained I only had unpacked everything ready for him, but lets have a drink first and unwind, he agreed to that and just put his stuff down and said he would go upstairs and undress, I told him to bring his dirty clothes and put them in the washer room for washing later.


After a few minutes Mike came downstairs naked with his large teen cock swinging from side to side and I licked my lips and hoped I could get to at least lick it, now the gates were open so to speak with first Jamie and then Adam fucking me I wanted to get Mike to do me.


He was carrying his dirty shirt and underpants and socks "I have had a thought Bill, I have to go home to pick up some more clothes and other things I will need, but don't have anything to wear now" he said looking optimistically at me


"No worries Mike, I am sure we can fix you up with a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and trainers somewhere, the boys will have something that fits you" I replied


He grinned and said he was not worried, if not he would wear the stuff he had without a tie and jacket, we went to the kitchen and I offered him a drink and he said a beer would do nicely, we joined the boys on the patio and soon we were all naked.


Mikes cock was flaccid and Adam couldn't take his eyes off it and positioned himself opposite Mike on a lounger, I explained that Mike would have to return home to pick up some stuff to stay here and could the boys fix him up with shorts and trainers and a tee shirt, they said they could, Mike told them his shoe size and Jamie was his size so he could have a pair of his, Adam said he could provide the shorts and tee shirt, so all sorted, we decided that I would pick up a takeaway on the way home from the Chinese.


We sat chatting for a bit and then Jamie said he needed to sort his stuff away in the closet and then take a nap before we ate, so he left to go upstairs, Mike said he had better start setting up the computer and Adam said he would help, that left me on my own, I just lay down and sipped my lemonade and thought about the past few days.


It's funny how my life has panned out these last few days since Jamie came into my life I thought, he has brought so much into my life, I know he is young at almost 17 and people would raise an eyebrow at our relationship, but it isn't one sided, he wants it as much as I do, I think back to poor David and his quest for money and his attitude to the people around him.


I must ring and find out when his body will be released and sort out his funeral, a shout brought me out of my thoughts and I lifted my naked body up and trudged to the study.


Mike and Adam had the Imac up and running, it looked stunning all white and a great desktop image on the screen; it was of Jamie totally naked lying on the bed, obviously fast asleep but with his semi erect cock lying across his thigh, a real beauty of a picture.


"Right I just have the wireless to set up, I have a new router for you Bill, it's a real powerful one and with a few boosters that plug into the mains it will give strong Wi-Fi signal all over this big house" said Mike and he took a box and set off to sort it out, I played with my new toy as Adam sat next to me and he smiled and grinned at me, I had a feel of his sexy bare leg and he opened them to let me have better access to his hardening cock.


As I typed one handed I felt at his cock and balls and he moaned when I pulled his foreskin back and felt at his knob, he sat back in the chair and watched me fondle him, I couldn't resist it anymore and leaned down and sucked on his knob "argghh oohh mmm" Adam moaned as I sucked on his cock and he gently lifted his body up and down to meet my mouth.


Soon he was getting ready to shoot his seed in my mouth and he smiled and moaned as he lifted and shot three good spurts of his seed into my mouth, he pushed my head off his sensitive cockhead and lay back panting and coming down after his ejaculation in my mouth.


Mike came back and says he needed the computer to get the new router working, so I vacated my chair and Mike sat down, he looked at Adam in the next chair and asked "you okay Adam? you look a bit flushed"


"Oh yes I am perfectly alright Mike" he answered with a smile and leaned in and kissed him and had a feel of his soft cock


"Later Adam please, I have work to do" Mike replied


"Ohhh okay Mr Workhard" Adam said and got up and left the room in a bit of a huff I thought as I watched Mike work his magic from my seat on the couch.


"You were a bit hard on him Mike," I said


"Well he gets a bit a bit mental about sex all the while" Mike said not looking up from the screen.


Then he stopped and turned and looked at me "ermm well I was a bit shirty with him wasn't I?" he went on


"I will find him and tell him I am sorry for being like that, its just I get so wrapped up when I have a project like this Bill" he carried on.



"There all done Bill, you have real fast broadband now I have configured your new router" Mike said


"Good, now go find Adam and apologise, I am going to check on Jamie in my room, and please tell Adam no disturbances okay? I have put lube in your room in the bedside cabinet" I said


"He he thanks Bill, I will tell him you want privacy" Mike said and went off to find Adam


I set off upstairs and went to mine and Jamie's room; the lad was stretched out naked on the bed with a warm afternoon breeze wafting in through the open window.


He looked so sexy lay there on his stomach, with the sexiest bare bum I had ever seen, now tanned like the rest of him because of his nude sunbathing.


I climbed on to the bed and lay at the side of the sexy sleeping Jamie and counted my blessings he was in my life, I turned and lay naked across him and my cock rubbed at his bare thigh and he moaned softly, I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of Jamie and me.


Meanwhile Mike searched the house and found Adam in the pool swimming laps, "mind if I join you Adam?" Mike asked as he came to the edge of the pool


"Come on in if you want" Adam replied a bit nonplussed and swam off up the other end


Mike dived in and swam up to Adam who was taking a rest in the shallow end "look I am sorry I was offhand with you earlier Jamie, I get so wrapped up with what I do in computers, I say stupid things" Mike said


"Forgive me please" he went on


Adam looked at him and Mike thought he saw a small tear run down his face, it could have been pool water though.


"Mike, I feel I am falling for you" said Adam and looked away slightly and sniffed


Mike took hold of Adam's bare shoulders and turned him towards him.


"Adam I am fresh out of a relationship that hurt me badly, I am raw right now, but I do have feelings for you as well, its just I don't want to be hurt again" Mike said


Adam looked at him with a little boy look that would melt an iceberg in ten seconds flat


"I know Mike, but I can't help my feelings for you, ever since I saw you, I fancied you, I know you are 3 years older than me, but age to me means nothing" Adam replied


"Well let's take this a step at a time okay?" Mike said and held Adam in his arms, Adam rested his head on Mikes bare shoulder and sobbed a little


"Now, now Adam, lets not have you sobbing in this pool, its already got enough water" Mike said and Adam pulled off his shoulder and grinned at what he said


"Okay, race you, you old fart!" said Adam and quickly swam off with Mike trailing after him up the pool, they did quick underwater turns and raced neck and neck up the pool doing front crawl.


After 4 lengths of the pool, victory went to Adam, but only by inches and the two out of breath naked teenagers came to a stop and got their breathes back in the shallow end on the steps "wow you really pushed me there" said Adam breathing hard


"Well it's been awhile since I swam that fast for the school, I am out of practice and I would have beaten you easy if I had been fitter" replied Mike and smiled at Adam


Adam grinned back and replied "in your dreams old man", Mike made a grab at him and wrapped his arms around him and said "now I gotcha".


"Okay you got me, now what you going to do with me?" giggled Adam


Mike looked at him and leaned in and said, "this is what I'm going to do", and proceeded to kiss him deeply and fondle his rampant cock "mmm I like this torture" moaned Adam when their lips parted.


Mike guided Adam further up the pool steps until both boys bottom halves were well out of the water and then Mike dropped to his knees and took Adam's cock into his mouth and sucked his wet knob and pulled on his foreskin "argghh oohh yeah ohh fuck yeah" Adam moaned


With his other hand Mike fondled Adam's boy ball sack and played with each of his testicles, he them moved his wet finger to the boy's hole and wiggled a finger in causing Adam to sigh loudly and push back so the finger went deeper "ohh yeah ohh fuck I want that so much Mike" he moaned


"I want you to fuck me Mike, please fuck me here and now," Adam groaned


"Turn round then and place your hands on the pool side" said Mike after he pulled his mouth off Adam's throbbing boy cock


Adam did as he was told and pushed his bare bottom back so Mike could get better access to his boy hole, Mike bent down and tongued at Adam's hole causing the boy to moan loudly as his tongue invaded his pink boy hole, Mike deposited his spit in it and then got up and spit on his hand and spread it over his rampant cut cock.


He nudged the head into Adam's crack and pushed against his hot hole "push back like you're on the toilet Adam?" asked Mike, and Adam made a face like he was concentrating and Mike's knob slid in the willing boy's hole


"Argghh yeah ohh fuck yeah, fuck me Mike, ram that big cock in me" Adam moaned


Mike pushed harder and his cock slid in Adam's boy hole all the way to his pubes and he sped up "oh fuck yeah, that is so good" moaned Adam


Mike was speeding up now and thrusting deeply into Adam's bum hole and his balls slapped at Adam's boy balls "oohh Adam, I am so close to Cumming" Mike groaned


"Ohh yeah spunk up me Mike, shoot your hot seed in me, I want you to fill me with your love juice" Adam moaned


Mike couldn't hold out any longer and gripped Adam tightly and groaned "oohh it's here, ohh yeah I'm spunking Adam"


He shot a good four spurts of hot teen sperm into Adam's bum and finished off with a couple of lesser ones; Mike pulled his cock out with an audible plop.


Both boys were tired out now, but Adam said he needed to get off and he grabbed his own cock and turned and pointed it at Mike's bum as the 18 year old bent over and Adam just about managed to get his cock into Mike's hole and do a few quick thrusts as he groaned and shot his teen sperm into his bum.


They exhausted now and stood at the side of the pool for a few minutes to get their breathes, both boys had sperm leaking out of their bottoms, so Mike suggested they go and shower and clean up, Adam agreed so they went to the shower room and kissed each other deeply as the large shower warmed up and they stood underneath and soaped each other up, they fingered soap into each other's bum hole and cleaned them out of the deposited seed.


They dried off and made their way upstairs and were greeted by Bill and Jamie coming downstairs "Bill I am going with Adam to get a pair of shorts and a tee shirt so we can go get my stuff when you're ready" said Mike


"Yeah, well me and Jamie are just going to have a wake up swim and then a shower and I will be with you" replied Bill; Jamie went to the shoe cupboard and grabbed a pair of his trainers and asked Mike if these were okay to wear, Mike nodded and tried them on, they fitted perfectly, so he thanked Jamie.


Bill and Jamie made their way to the pool and both of them walked down the steps into the pool and did a few lengths.


Mike and Adam went upstairs to their room and Adam got him a pair of his blue PE shorts, Mike slipped them on and although a bit tight at the waist said they would have to do, next Adam got a baggy tee shirt and Mike put that on and said that fitted great, the still naked Adam and the clothed Mike went downstairs and Mike sorted out Adam's computer to connect to the new wireless setup as they sat in the kitchen having a cold drink.


Bill and Jamie came back after about twenty minutes and went and dressed, Then Bill and Mike set off in the BMW to Mike's home to pick up some more clothes and stuff, they had all picked off the takeaway menu that Bill had found in the kitchen and he had phoned ahead his order for picking up, on the way Bill pulled into a lay-by.


"What you stopping for Bill, we are only a few minutes away from my house? Queried Mike.


"I want to talk to you Mike," I said


"Okay go on, I'm listening," said Mike looking a bit puzzled


"It's about you and Adam, I know he is three years younger than you, but he is still really a boy Mike and technically underage, that doesn't bother me at all, what does though is what your intentions are with him?" I said


"What I mean is do you love him?" I went on quickly before Mike could answer


Mike looked at me and then looked away out of the car window in front of him "Bill I think I do love Adam, he is unlike anyone I have ever met though, a bit brash, seems to know what he wants, yet still a little lad in some ways" Mike explained


"But I was really hurt by my ex, I told Adam how I felt and he has accepted that we take it one step at a time, it's early days yet in our relationship and I want to be certain Adam won't tire of me" he went on quickly and looked at me.


"I understand Mike and I am fully behind you and only want what is best for you and Adam, but for the time being I am in charge of Adam and I owe to him to look after him properly, Jamie would never forgive me if I let Adam down, do you understand?" I said


Mike looked at me and a tear formed in one eye "Bill I would never hurt Adam at all, I am raw right now and what with one thing and another I don't want any hassle, if you want me to back off Adam, I will, but right now Adam and me are just having some fun and seeing how it develops okay?" he replied


I rubbed his bare leg and leaned in and kissed him gently on the cheek "Mike I was just seeing how you feel and I am pleased you and him are getting together, I think you both are great together and I also want to thank you for what you have done in getting me set up with the broadband and that, I really do appreciate it" I said


"And later I want you and me to sit down and talk, I have a proposition that you might like, but right now we need to get you home and pick up your stuff and get the Chinese takeaway" I went on


"And I need some help with this" Mike said and pointed to his leg, his bare knob was protruding down the shorts leg and it was leaking precum, I had been stroking his leg inadvertedly as we chatted and he had a raging hard on now.


I laughed and returned my hand to his leg and stroked his erection through the blue cotton material "ohh mmm yeah that feels great Bill" Mike cooed as he relaxed back in the seat and opened his legs, he had nice defined legs for an 18 year old and not much hair either.


I eased his shorts down and exposed his cut cock "mmm lovely" I moaned as I leaned down and enveloped his cock head with my mouth and rubbed his balls and then his shaft `mmm oh yeah mmm" he groaned as he lay back and I sucked his knob.


Quickly he gripped my head and squealed "oohh yeah ohh I'm cumming" and he shot for good spurts of sperm into my mouth and I swallowed it and then he followed it with a couple more and stroked my head as I swallowed that as well.


I cleaned his cock head for him and after a couple of minutes he put his softening cock back in his shorts "thanks Bill, but you didn't have to do that you know?" he said smiling at me


"Nonsense, I wanted to anyway, right time to go I think" I replied and fired up the BMW and set off to Mike's place, he wasn't in long when we got there, just grabbed a bag and shovelled some clothes in and a couple of pairs of shoes and his trainers and we were off.


Five minutes later we had picked up the takeaway and were heading home, I phoned ahead and was told by Jamie that the police had phoned and would I phone them when I could, I stopped in a lay-by again and phoned them back and was told that David's body was being released, I thanked them and set off back with our meal, on the way I filled in Mike about David and he said he remembered reading about his murder in the local paper and said it was good that I was sorting out his funeral.


We got home and sat in the kitchen eating our Chinese meal and chatting about this and that and how the broadband was now super fast compared to the old one, Mike went to into his salesman mode and started to get techie with us so we all threw prawn crackers at him, it was a good laugh and he took it in good part.


Afterwards I told Adam to sort out his school uniform ready for tomorrow, he frowned at that but got it unwrapped and hung up and then we sat in the lounge watching some television and then a DVD until Jamie said it was time he went to bed, I kissed him goodnight and said I would be up shortly and Adam started to yawn as well and kissed me goodnight and Mike and said he was off to have an early night.


That just left me and Mike having a drink in the lounge, I muted the television and turned to Mike who was sitting next to me "Mike I want to run something past you" I said


"You told me the other day it was your dream to have your own computer business, were you serious? I asked


"Yes Bill I was, without boasting too much I was top at college in IT and IT Technical, I felt I wanted my own company, building and maintaining computers for home and business use and also broadband set ups for personal and business use, a bit like I did for you" he replied


I looked at him and then said "well I think I maybe able to help you, at the back of the house I have some outbuildings that have been used for workshops in the past, I was thinking you could use them as your work shop and stores, if you put a plan together, I will look at it then get some advice from my accountant and I will set you up in business, it will all be above board and I will be a shareholder as well, what do you think?"


He stared incredulously at me, "you would do that for me?" he asked still wide eyed


"Well you have the drive, the youth and I have the money to start you off, I have more money than I need and I can think of no better project to use it on and help somebody to start up a business" I went on


"Besides you are the sexiest IT consultant I have ever seen, not as I have seen many" I put in


Mike grinned and blushed when I said that "well thanks Bill, I really don't know what to say" he replied


`Say yes, that is what you say" I said and smiled at him


He reached out with his hand for me to shake "yes it is then, and thank you so much, I will get right on and make a business plan and let you know about the buildings and what I need" he said with a wide grin.


We embraced after I shook his hand and he had a grope of my shorts and rubbed my soft cock to erection "not for you tonight Mike, its Jamie's when I get to bed" I said


Mike laughed and said, "Okay I will work my magic and take out my happiness on Adam"


We both laughed and I switched off the television and we both left to go to bed, I saw that the house was secure and switched off the lights and went to join Mike at the bottom of the stairs


Mike leaned in and kissed me deeply and then pulled off "thank you Bill, I am so happy that at last I can plan to have my own business, I know I am young but I have so much enthusiasm for this project I know it will work" he said


"Well I trust you Mike, its all in your hands now, so don't let me down" I replied


"Oh I won't sir" he said and grinned at me and we set off upstairs and said our goodnights and went into our respective rooms.


Jamie was still awake and propped up in bed with just a sheet over him and was reading.


He looked up and said "you look pleased with yourself, what you been doing down there?"


I smiled and started to strip off and told Jamie what I had told Mike.


"You sure you know what your doing Bill?" Jamie questioned


"Yeah I think I do Jamie, I have the money to do it, it's only laying in the bank gathering no interest at the moment with the bank rates so low, why not invest in the future, besides it's only an idea right now, let me see some hard copy and get advice from my accountant and then I will make a decision, Mike knows this and is willing to cooperate" I explained


He nodded and went back to his book as I snuggled up against him and stroked his cock through the thin sheet, it didn't take long for his man hood to respond and I pulled the sheet back and exposed his throbbing cock and put my mouth over his foreskin covered head.


"Mmm that's nice, ohh yeah suck that knob Bill!" Jamie moaned as I sucked on his big knob, "let's sixty-nine Bill" Jamie said


I lay at the side of Jamie and he took my bare cock head into his mouth as I continued sucking on his covered head, we were both umming and arring as we sucked each other and felt each others ball sacks, I felt Jamie constrict his cock and I was rewarded with him gushing his teen sperm into my mouth, a few seconds later I followed suit and gushed into his warm mouth and pulled off his cock and moaned.


We licked each other's cocks clean and then scooted up and kissed and we could taste the sperm on our tongue's "we really need to get some sleep now Jamie" I said, he nodded and I turned out the bedside light and we cuddled in the darkness and listened to the lovemaking that was going on next door, gradually we both fell into a dreamless sleep. 


The alarm made us both jump as we were both dead to the world, bleary eyed I got up and went downstairs naked as Jamie took a wakeup shower and got dressed in his post office uniform, I greeted him with some coffee and he got himself some cereal for his breakfast and we chatted, although it was only small talk.


Soon it was time for him to go and we kissed and I said that I needed to go into town later, I'd pick us all a nice steak each and a bottle of champagne to celebrate, he said that sounded great and he was off on his bike to work in the dawn light.


I sat sipping an orange juice and then headed back to bed; sound of teenage snoring came from Mike and Adam's room as I passed, I set the alarm again for 8am and I lay on the bed watching the sun come up and drifted off to sleep.


The alarm went off but I was awake, I looked in on the boys and they were lying naked on the top of the bed and spooning, I woke them up and Adam nodded and went back to spooning, I tried again and this time got a response.


Adam went bleary eyed to the bathroom and after a couple of minutes I heard the shower start and then naked mike with a rampant hard on went in the bathroom as well.


I left them to their ablutions and went downstairs in my shorts and tee shirt and made them some breakfast, Adam came down in his school uniform, "oohh what a sexy schoolboy you are" I said and grinned at him, Mike was right behind him in his suit and tie and smiled as well.


Adam scowled at me and just dove into eating his cereal he had gotten "not a morning person then are we?" I continued, he gave me a finger and we all laughed.


I looked at the time and said we had to be on our way and Mike grabbed his bag and Adam went in search of his as I went and got the car out, we set off down the drive, me and Adam in the BMW and Mike on his scooter, we parted company at the road as I went left to the school and Mike to town to work, I dropped off Adam at the school and asked why he didn't give me a kiss as he left, he scowled again and said his mates were watching, if they asked I said to tell them I was his foster carer, he laughed at that but agreed and with a wave skipped off into the school yard.


I watched him go inside with his mates and then I turned the car around and set off to town, I called in on the undertaker's and sorted out the arrangements for David's funeral, Monday next week at 4 pm at the crematorium, gives any relatives that make contact time to get here, but as far as I knew he had none.


I called at the nice butcher's I go and got four good steaks and then a bottle of decent champagne and a couple of bottles of wine from a vintners I know in the high street, I called in on my accountant and chatted to him about my idea for Mike's business and he said he would do up a realistic budget that I could afford and let me know on the phone later.


By now I was hungry, but decided to set off home and make a sandwich and relax in the garden, getting home I made my sandwich and stripped naked after and sprayed myself with sun cream and went and sat in the garden with my book and a nice cool glass of wine.


I must have dozed off as I heard the telephone ring and blinked at the patio clock, "damn it's 3:45 pm, I should have picked up Adam from school by now" I said to myself


I picked up the phone, and Adam and told him I would be late, he said he had detention anyway and wouldn't be ready until just after 4pm, I frowned and vowed to quiz him about that when I picked him up, I dressed and then wondered why Jamie wasn't home and rang him on my mobile as I made my way to the car, he answered and said he was doing some sorting work at the depot and would be home about 5pm, I scolded him for not letting me know, he said he was sorry, but thought it would be now big deal.

"God calm down Bill" I scolded myself, I hate waking up and running around, anyway I set off and clamed down and soon was sitting outside the school waiting for Adam, he came out all of a rush and jumped in the car and kissed me full on the lips, I looked around to see if anyone saw but there were only a few about and too far away to see.

"Careful Adam, someone might see you doing that," I growled

"Fuck em! Let em see, I'm horny" he said and giggled  "what brought this on then?" I said and grinned at him

"Showering after PE, I saw a couple of boys all boned up, Alan Nelson has a nice cock and so does Jason Edwards, and Paul Timmis has a bum to die for mmm" Adam went on, he grinned and then moaned a little.

He rubbed the front of his school trousers and a noticeable bulge appeared very quickly, he looked at me as I drove and I grinned at him, he unzipped himself and pulled his cock out of his white briefs, I growled at him to put it away but he just ignored me and masturbated himself and moaned as he did it, "god this lad is turning me on" I thought to myself, my own cock was tenting my shorts and I so wanted to get mine out and wank.

I kept looking over as Adam wanked himself and bared his pinky/brown glans, all wet with precum; I just about got home without crashing the car and then quickly leaned over and sucked his knob into my mouth and sucked and licked at his cock head "argghh fuck yeah, suck that knob Bill" Adam growled and lifted up his bum off the seat and tried to push it all into my mouth.

It all happened so quick and as Adam spunked into my mouth as he couldn't hold back, five good spurts of 15 year old year old sperm hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it all in ernest, calming down I said lets get inside as I had a raging hard to get rid off, he grinned and said he had the remedy for that and grabbed his school bag and put his softening cock back into his trousers and we got out the car and headed to the house.

He ran upstairs, shouting he needed to get out of his school clothes, I felt let down as I hoped he would have blown me in the hall, I headed to the kitchen and poured my self a glass of cool water, with the memory of him sitting in his uniform with his cock sticking out of his trousers I was still hard.

Adam appeared and he was naked except for his PE shoes, white gym pumps, he looked so sexy and vulnerable, I had stripped off my tee shirt and he came and undid my shorts and pulled them down with my underpants and dropped to his knees and sucked on my bare knob.

"Argghh oohh fuck yeah" I growled as his hot teen tongue went over my glans, I moaned more then something snapped, I pushed his face off my cock and lifted him up and bent him over the kitchen table and pulled his bum cheeks apart and dove in with my tongue on his puckered boy hole "argghh fuck yeah ohh fuck" Adam moaned as my tongue went into his boy hole and I wet it up and then pulled off.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it over my throbbing cock and pushed the head against his boy hole and pushed in, at first nothing gave and then the head pushed into his hole as it gave way "arggh fuck no, oh no" Adam moaned and tried to squirm away from me, I held him tight as I pushed into him and when I got all my cock in I fucked him hard and quick.

Quickly my passion boiled over and I shot four good spurts of sperm into his bum hole "arggh fuck yeah, take my seed boy" I groaned and held him tight with my cock spurting it into his bowels.

For a few minutes I held him there and then it hit me "oh fuck what have I done?" I shouted out, I pulled out of Adam and I stood and lent against the kitchen counter top, Adam was all sweaty and shaken by my assault on him and turned to look at me, I was a wreck and tears were running down my face "I'm so sorry Adam, I really don't know what came over me to do that, can you please forgive me" I cried.

"Its alright Bill, I don't know what came over you, but don't worry" he said "No its not alright Adam, I practically raped you son" I went on and tears were now flowing as I was so upset.

Adam came over and held me and kissed me "look Bill we both got very horny and if anything it was my fault for getting my cock out in the car, it must have set you off, and besides it was so spontaneous I loved it, I think" he said

I held him and kissed the top of his sexy head "I still don't know what came over me Adam" I said.

We pulled apart and Adam stood and posed "well who can resist this sexy body of mine" he said and posed like a porn star and then like a body builder and showed off his muscled arms and chest "fuck he is gorgeous and fit" I thought.

He's not tall but so perfectly formed it was unreal, he posed and his legs were toned, not overly like muscle men I have seen but just right for a 15 year old, his cock hung down around four or so inches, with his foreskin over the knob with just a gorgeous tassel of skin, his balls hung down like they should on a 15 year old boy, one slightly lower than the other, just the right amount of pubic hair above his cock, dark and inviting to play with.

He turned slightly and showed off his bare boys bottom, slightly dimpled bum cheeks, and nicely rounded, his bare back was firm and so sexy could have just made love to that!

I couldn't stop looking at the so sexy black 15 year old schoolboy that was posing naked in my kitchen, when I heard the door go and Jamie came in all sweaty and sticky from his ride home in the late afternoon sun "what the fuck!" he exclaimed as he came into the kitchen and saw Adam posing naked.

"I am just showing Bill what a sexy lodger he has" said Adam grinning and looked at me, I had a red face as if I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

"Well Bill has an even sexier boyfriend" said Jamie and quickly got out of his sweaty shorts and shirts and underpants and socks and went and stood naked at the side of Adam.

Jamie was slightly taller than Adam and his cock was longer by about an inch or so, his balls were tighter though and didn't hang down so low and I loved how his foreskin was a bit longer over his plum shaped knob, his bum was a bit more pronounced as well, being more in the gym than Adam his upper body was well defined though not overly.

They both grinned at me and put on poses that would have gotten a statue's cock hard.

I broke the spell and said "come on you two, I think we need to cool off, let's go and have a swim before I start to prepare our meal"

They both grinned and agreed and we all shuffled off naked and erect to the pool down in the basement, by the time we had got there we heard the door go and Mike had gotten home, I shouted that we were going to have a swim and he said he would got to his room and join us in a few minutes.

We had somewhat softened by the time we reached the pool so it was easy to dive in and swim around and we romped about and waited for Mike to join us, the sexy 18 year old soon appeared and joined us all naked in the pool, we played "grab cock and grab as" for a bit underwater and then I settled to do some serious lengths with Jamie as Adam and Mike made out in the shallow end with their tongues down each others throats and their cocks so hard they were like periscopes.

We stopped swimming at the deep end "hey you two, get a room" shouted Jamie and I giggled and Mike and Adam turned and grinned at us "we intend too" said Mike and led Adam out of the pool to the shower room and they both disappeared.

"Fuck, I thought they would never go" said Jamie and grabbed me and we kissed deeply as we trod water, his hand went to my hard cock and then we had to break as we were running out of breath and we swam up to the shallow end and he dove onto my cock and sucked on my knob.

"I want you to fuck me here Jamie" I said as he sucked on my cock "what here with no lube?" he said

"Yeah just ram in me please" I said and turned around and braced myself and bent over slightly offering my bare bum to Jamie.

He came behind me and I felt his knob touching my hole, I shivered in anticipation of a good fucking, I felt him push gently at my hole and I pushed back and groaned as his knob went into me "arggh yeah ohh fuck me big boy, ram me good and hard" I exclaimed

He started a rhythm in me and soon was moaning and grunting as I urged him to fuck me hard and deep "argghh yeah ohh fuck yeah take it you slut!" he growled at me

"Oh fuck I'm cumming" he growled and shot five good spurts of teen sperm into my bum, this set me off as he has rammed my prostate hard in the last few strokes and I shot a couple of spurts of sperm into the pool water.

Meanwhile Mike and Adam were in the shower room and their passions had overtook them and Mike was ramming his big cut cock into Adam's bum, still slippery with my sperm "argghh yeah ohh fuck me my lover" Adam growled as he was getting rammed up the arse by Mike's swollen cock

"Oh yeah take it boy, take my hard cock in you" Mike growled back, and shot his sperm fully into Adam's bum hole, joining my sperms in swimming around in the boy's belly

Back in the pool me and Jamie had calmed down and sat at the side of the pool kissing, " I think I have to go and get a quick shower and then go and start our dinner Jamie" I said "well I will take a quick wash off and then lay down on the loungers for a bit and doze, if that is okay?" Jamie replied

I nodded and we went to the shower room and saw that Mike and Adam had finished and were drying off "you two got the sex out of your systems?" said Jamie and grinned at them

"That will never happen Jamie" said Adam and gave Mike a quick kiss on the cheek, we both went under the shower and washed off quickly and joined them drying off

We all set off upstairs and Mike said he was going to his room to get something out of his bag and Jamie and Adam came with me to the kitchen and Jamie grabbed a beer out the fridge and went onto the patio and lay on a lounger, Adam got a glass of home made lemonade and sat watching me take out stuff from the large fridge.

I looked at him "you won't tell Jamie about what I did to you earlier, will you?" I whispered.

"No I won't, as long as I can get a few repeats" he replied and looked at me with a sly smile on his face

"Are you blackmailing me? Adam" I replied looking startled

He stood up and posed again "no this is black male" he said and grinned at me I couldn't help but not laugh at him as he did his sexy pose again.

Just then Mike came in with 3 small parcels and gave one to me and one to Adam and then went outside and gave one to a dozing Jamie.

He stood there and watched an excited Adam rip off the wrapping paper "oh wow Mike, what a great present" he exclaimed, he showed me a box that contained a 32 gig Apple Ipod Touch

I opened mine and found I had the same; Jamie came in wide-eyed and showed us he had the same "why have you given us these Mike?" I asked.

"Well I noticed you all had ancient mp3 players, so I thought I would get you a good one, as a way of thanking you all for what you have done for me, and you in particular Bill as the boss gave me a good bonus because of the money you spent on computers and such and he let me have a good deal on those" Mike explained

Jamie came over and kissed Mike and thanked him but scolded him for spending so much, Adam came over and his thank you was a bit more longer, eventually I got my chance to thank him and kissed him also and whispered "later I want to thank you properly" and pulled away and grinned.

He smiled at me and nodded his compliance, "right now you horny teenagers, get out of my kitchen whilst I prepare our banquet" I shouted at them.

They all grinned and Jamie went back to his lounger and was joined by Adam and Mike, I looked at them through the window and smiled to myself as I started on dinner, "yes I think it's going to be a great summer" I thought to myself and busied about getting our meal ready.

End of Part 4

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