Royal Male Delivers Part 5

The usual applies, if you're too young to read or it's illegal to read this where you come from, then please leave now, the sex in this is unprotected, but please don't copy that and always do take protection.

Part 5

Bill busied himself getting the salad ready and the potatoes needed peeling and then he par boiled them and strained and seasoned them ready for finishing off in the oven.

The steaks were then marinated in seasoning and left to soak in the marinade, looking at the clock he saw it was just before six pm so he made up a jug of Pimms and took it out to the boys.

"Oohh what's this?" chimed up Adam

"It's Pimms, the drink of the gentry Adam" replied Bill and poured out the boys a glass each

"Mmm well I guess we are living the life anyway, so might as well drink like them" giggled Jamie

He held up his glass "may I make a toast please?" They all looked at him and nodded their approval "this is for Bill, a big thank you for letting us live here and be his new "family" Bill I love you so" Jamie said

Bill looked surprised and a tear came into his eye.

Jamie went on "To Bill" and raised his glass and so did Adam and Mike and chorused "To Bill"

"Thank you boys, but there is now need really, I having you all here, and long may it continue" Bill replied and tried to stifle a tear

Adam leaned over and squeezed his leg and mouthed thank you.

"Well dinner should be about 7 pm I will sort out the barbecue to do the steaks on" Bill went on

He got up and walked to the side of the house, into a small shed and wheeled out his new gas barbecue and ignited the oven to put the potatoes in, seeing to all the tools he then sat down and joined the boys in having another glass of Pimms and they discussed their day.

Adam said he had been given detention for persistent talking in maths, he giggled but Bill admonished him for talking too much and suggested he keep his mouth shut.

They all laughed when Adam replied, "well you never say that when I am sucking your cock Bill!"

Bill gave him a slight slap on his bare leg "oohh that hurt, you will have to kiss it better now" Adam said feigning pain

So Bill leaned down and licked Adam's bare leg where he had slapped him, Adam held his head there and moved so his cock was accessible and Bill took the bait and sucked on the 15 year olds knob.

"Oohh Jamie your boyfriend is sucking another boy's cock!!" Adam exclaimed in mock horror

Jamie was laughing and replied, "Well he is free to suck any boy's cock he wants"

"My guess is that he has sucked yours before and probably Mike's as well" fucking you is cool as well, because he makes love to me" Jamie went on; he stuck his chest out and looked smug.

We all laughed and then I got up and called Jamie into the kitchen and asked him to set the table for dinner, I grabbed the marinated steaks and the potatoes for the oven; I put them in and the steaks on the warmed up barbecue.

Soon they and the potatoes were ready and I put them on the dinner table on the patio and then went inside and got a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and took that out with an ice bucket and some glasses.

We all sat down and sorted out our food and I opened the champagne and we started to eat and chat, the main meal over I went and cleared the dishes away with the help of the boys and then brought out a mixed fruit salad and some homemade ice cream I had done the day before, washed down with another bottle of champagne and we toasted Jamie getting a permanent position in the Royal Mail.

Mike and I decided to have cheese and biscuits to wrap up the meal, Jamie and Adam declined and finished off the fruit salad and ice cream, the sun was cooling now so we cleaned off the table and went and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and went and sat in the lounge and watched some television, Jamie and me sat on one couch and Adam and Mike on the other, lots of groping as we sat there, Jamie gave me access to his throbbing cock and I grabbed it with both hands, Mike and Adam were watching us and got aroused and started to grope each other.

I leant down and took Jamie's cock into my mouth and he groaned as I sucked on his foreskin covered knob, I glanced over at the other couch and Mike had Adam's cock in his mouth and was fingering the teen boy's bum hole and Adam was eliciting moans, Jamie slapped my face gently "I am over here Bill, never mind them over there" he said and grinned at me, I pulled off his cock briefly "sorry, I was distracted" I replied.

I lifted up his bum and exposed his beautiful puckered boy bum hole, I licked all around it and pushed my tongue into it "oohh yeah, oohh fuck yeah, do that some more" Jamie moaned and closed his eyes, I continued to lick and suck at his bum hole and stroke my own rock hard cock that was leaking precum like a tap "oohh yeah, I want you Bill, I want you to make love to me" Jamie moaned.

I pulled off him and went to a cabinet and grabbed two tubes of KY lube and gave one to Mike as I passed him sucking Adam's cock, Adam grinned at me, though with a faraway look in his eyes, I fingered lube into Jamie's bum hole and onto my hard cock, he lifted up his muscular legs and exposed his love hole to me, I rested them on my shoulders and leaned in and kissed him deeply as I positioned my cock head at his entrance.

"Oohh Bill put it in me please, take me please I so want you inside me" he moaned, the head slipped in as I pushed gently forward, I held it there to let him get used to it inside him and then he urged me on and I slid more of my cock into his hole, his cock was leaking precum and it smeared on his tanned bare chest "ohh yeah oohh fuck yeah, that's it do me there Bill" Jamie moaned again.

I guess I must have been pushing my cock head over his prostate, his cock was ram rod hard as I continually rammed into his bum hole "argghh fuck ohh yeah, oohh yeah" he kept on shouting, I glanced over to Mike and Adam and they were in the same position, Adams sexy legs up in the air and Mike going for all his worth fucking Adam's 15 year old bum, Adam's head was lolling from side to side and his eyes were closed shut as his prostate was getting a hammering by Mike's big cock head.

I went back to my task and soon I felt my balls tighten and although I tried not to cum I felt it welling up and I growled like a dog on heat and pushed harder into Jamie "oohh yeah ohh give me that hot sperm of yours Bill, ram me good my lover" he moaned and that somehow tipped me over the edge and I spermed into Jamie's teen bottom, the last few strokes must have stroked Jamie's prostate hard as he jerked and without touching his cock jets of his teen sperm shot out of his cock, he gurgled and groaned as he spurted onto his bare stomach.

I leaned in and kissed him deeply still with my cock buried into his bum, we pulled our lips apart in time to look over at Mike moan and groan and deposit his load into Adam's boy bum and Adam groaned right after and shot his sperm that stood out on his dark skinned bare chest.

We both lay on the couch coming down from our sex, Jamie looked over at Adam and they grinned at each other "wanna trade places in a bit?" Said Adam "not yet Adam, I want to fuck my lover first" replied Jamie

"Well why don't you all take a turn fucking me then? After Jamie that is" I interceded, Jamie looked at me and exclaimed "you want to be gang banged then?"

"Sure why not, could be fun and it's never happened to be before" I replied Jamie grinned at me and looked over at Adam and mike and they nodded their agreement.

"Best have Mike last then, seeing as how he has the biggest cock" went on Jamie "I will take then as they come, just ram in me and fuck me fast and hard" I said

"Make me moan and groan and don't worry if I cry out" I went on

Adam and Mike had recovered now and climbed off the couch and with their cocks hard they came over to us on the other couch, we climbed off and I bent over the couch and was lubed up by Jamie and had my hole fingered as he lubed his own cock up, Adam and Mike stood around stroking their own cocks and waiting their turn, Jamie grabbed my bum and positioned his cock at my entrance and pushed in and made me wince as he rammed into my tight hole.

"Argghh yeah ohh fuck that hurt!" I exclaimed "well you said to ignore your cries" Jamie said and didn't let up ramming his hard teen cock into my bum "well yeah ram it up me then, give me your hot seed, make babes with me!" I growled and was shocked at my remarks.

That seemed to spur Jamie on and he growled like a dog and fucked me at dog speed "argghh yeah take my spunk, grrr argghh yeah here it comes!" Jamie growled again and I felt him sperm into my bowels, still ramming me until he stopped sperming into me.

Jamie pulled out and Adam quickly took his place and rammed his young black cock into me "argghh fuck yeah ohh yeah do me some more" I moaned, I felt Adams ball sack bang against mine as he rabbit fucked me and made growling sounds "oohh yeah take my cock" he growled, this usually mild mannered schoolboy had now turned into a sexual animal as he rammed his rock hard black cock into my white bum, it's didn't last and soon he arched his back and shot his hot teen sperm deep into my bowels.

Pulling out I felt Jamie's and Adam's seed trickling down my leg as Mike positioned his cut cock at my entrance and I felt his much bigger cock enter me and he started a fast rhythm ramming it all the way into my well fucked hole, I felt in sexual heaven as the three sexiest boys in the world raped my hole, I had never let this happen to me before in all my years, I love being used now and would have liked it to never end, but such is life and even Mike was getting close to climax and I felt his sperm jet into me as he moaned out loud and then pulled out and pushed my bare bum away from him.

Jamie had gotten an old towel and put it under me as I lay on the couch and the three boy's sperm trickled out onto it, we were all tired now after the sexual exertions, so we just lazed around sitting on the couch, Mike and Adam went and got Adam's computer and they sorted out putting music on Adam's new IPod, he was pleased when all his tracks on his old one were transferred, I looked at the clock and it was now after 10 pm and Jamie was yawning a lot but refused to give in saying he had a lay in bed as all he had was the medical exam tomorrow, we watched some news and then I said I was going to my study and check emails.

Jamie came to me later and said he couldn't stay up any longer and said goodnight to me, I said I would be up after I had answered all my emails I had to, the house was all quiet now so finishing up I went and checked the doors were locked and the downstairs windows and the kitchen and went into the lounge and checked on Adam and Mike.

Mike was on his back on the rug in front of the fireplace with his legs almost over his head, Adam had his cock buried up Mike's bum and was fucking him for all he was worth, Mike's head was lolling from side to side and his mouth was open and his eyes closed as he was getting fucked, low moans and groans were coming from both boys and now and again a whimper from Mike as his prostate was touched by Adam's cock head.

Adam groaned louder and humped himself over Mike's torso and shot his teen sperm into the 18 year olds bum, Adam pulled his cock out and I saw it was still hard with the foreskin still rolled back over his knob and shiny with sperm and Mike's bum juice's, it twitched slightly with the beating of Adam's young heart and then I noticed it wilt, having done its job.

Mike's legs came down and I noticed his cock had shot his sperm onto his bare stomach and Adam scooped it up and they shared it, it was so erotic watching them and my cock was standing to attention, they must have spotted me and turned their heads to look at me and grinned as they fed on Mike's seed "wow Mike we got an audience" said Adam and he got up and bowed, they spotted my throbbing erection and were soon upon it and shared it between their hungry mouth's.

I let them suck me for a while and then pushed their young heads off my cock and told them I wanted to finish off in Jamie's bum and they grinned and got up and walked with me upstairs, I switched off the downstairs lights and they went into their room and said goodnight and I went into our room and saw Jamie was laying on the bed in the foetal position and I snuggled up at the side of him and my bare cock head snuggled into his crack "mmm" I heard him moan "that's nice" he went on.

It seemed like his bum hole was sucking on my cock head as it slid inside him with no effort and I started a gentle fucking rhythm and Jamie softly moaned as I penetrated him, I kissed and stroked his hair as I made gentle love to him as he snoozed and soon I groaned and shot a few good spurts of my hot cum into his young bottom, I leaned back without pulling out of him and switched off the bedside lamp and we drifted off to sleep with me still inside my young lover.

It was a good job I had told Mike to set the alarm for 7:30 am in his room as we would all have been late, Mike came in and woke me up and I went into the bathroom and left Jamie sleeping still, I took a quick shower and came back and slipped into some clean underpants and shorts and a tee shirt and made my way downstairs, Mike and Adam came down eventually all dressed and ready for work and school respectively, I kissed them both and served them breakfast, Mike busied himself with his bag getting it ready as he ate his cereal and then toast.

Mike kissed me and said he would see me later tonight as it was his turn to work late at the shop, I scolded Adam for slow eating and he said he was having trouble waking up, probably because of the alcohol I had let him have, I what lesson he had first and he said it was swimming practice, "well that will wake you up and get rid of your hangover" I said and laughed at him and he gave me the finger and scowled.

I flipped his bottom with my tea towel as he stood at the breakfast bar and told him to behave, he arched his back "you can have my bum if you want it?" he said and grinned at me, I would have had it, but we were running slightly late now, so I just grabbed it and had a quick feel and ran my hand to the front of his school grey trousers and found the boy was hard, I rubbed at his hard cock and he moaned, he nodded at me and I unzipped his fly and fished into his white cotton boxers and pulled out his black stiff cock, it was leaking precum as I wanked him off , he was breathing deeply as I wanked the sexy schoolboy "oohh I'm close" he moaned and I positioned the tea towel in front of his cock head and he grunted and shot 3 good spurts of boy sperm into it, followed by a couple of lesser spurts.

I cleaned his knob off and he pushed back because the cloth was rubbing over his sensitive cock head, I tormented him by persistently rubbing the cloth over his bare knob until he fumbled his cock back into his boxers and zipped up, the air was full of boy testosterone now and I had been inhaling it and I felt so horny, we set off in the car and he reached over and rubbed my tented shorts, finally unzipping me and pulling out my hard cock, he wanked me as I drove and I nearly ran into a tree as my orgasm hit me not far from the school and I spermed onto my tee shirt.

Adam giggled as he got out of the car and looked at the mess he had caused, he leaned in and grabbed his school bag and kissed me quickly before any of his school boy friends saw it and said "see you later" and then skipped off inside the school gates, I gathered my composure a bit and stuffed my soft cock into my shorts and zipped up and set off home, I stripped off the tee shirt and stuck it into the washer when I got home and then went to see Jamie, he was still fast asleep and I exited the bedroom and went and made some coffee.

I busied about knowing that Jamie's appointment wasn't until 1pm and I was taking him anyway, but he got up and came down naked to the kitchen about 11 am, he was bleary eyed and just had a glass of orange juice and said he was going for a wake up swim, he asked me not to do him any breakfast as he felt a bit hung over, I laughed and said that we all had had too much to drink last night, he set off for the pool as I busied myself.

He came back after a good swim, he had a towel around him as he padded into the kitchen and grabbed a coffee, he said he was hungry now and felt a lot better after that brisk swim, I made him toast and marmalade which he wolfed down, he said he had better get ready and left to go upstairs, followed him and he took off the towel, he sorted out a nice new pair of white briefs and his new sand coloured cargo shorts and a blue short sleeved shirt, he had showered downstairs he said and just needed to put on some deodorant, I followed him into the bathroom and stood to have a pee as I watched the sexy tanned 17 year old spray himself with a lovely man smelling deodorant, I looked at his cock and it was soft with the tassel of foreskin over his knob and I couldn't resist and dropped to my knees and took the cock head into my mouth.

"Mmm ohh my ohh yeah" he moaned as he gripped the side of the bathroom counter, I sucked on his hard cock now and pulled his foreskin back and exposed his wet plum shaped knob "oohh fuck yeah ohh god please ohh" he kept moaning and groaning over and over again as I sucked busily on his knob, I was rewarded with a good few gushes of his hot teen sperm into my mouth and I swallowed greedily and then cleaned his knob off with my tongue, he pulled out of my mouth quickly because of his sensitive glans and laughed at me "fuck Bill! You sure know how to suck cock!" he exclaimed and grabbed the wash cloth and gave his knob and foreskin a good clean to get off any sperm residue.

We exited the bathroom and he dressed in his new clothes and combed his hair and slipped on his new sandals, he looked a picture, his tanned legs were to die for and I knew his tanned back and chest would show off when he had to strip off to his underpants at the doctors, I went over to the bedside cabinet and got out a small blue jewel case, I opened it and took out a small gold chain with a small coin pendant, I turned to Jamie, "I want you to have this if you will Jamie" I said.

He looked at the chain and pendant wide eyed, "oh Bill it's beautiful" he replied and I went behind him and fastened it round his neck, he looked at it on him in the mirror "it was going to be David's, I had bought it the day he left me, it was going to be a birthday present, but I never got to give it to him, I want you to have it Jamie" I went on.

Tears were rolling down my face and he saw that in the mirror and turned and held me and we kissed deeply and he hugged me as I sobbed, he waited until my sobbing had subsided and then said "I know you were deeply in love with David, and I may never ever have that kind of love with you, but I want to at least try Bill, if you will let me" Jamie said

I smiled at him and said "I love you with all of my heart Jamie and although I have only known you a short while, I feel there is a bond like I had with David at one time, if here is such a thing as love at first sight, then I have been a victim of it with you"

We both now had tears in our eyes and I glanced briefly at the clock and saw it was past 12 and I said we should go, we went and had a quick face wash in the bathroom to wash away the tears and then set off to town.

We arrived at the medical centre just before 1 pm and we went in "hello I am Jamie Anderson and I have an appointment for a Royal Mail service medical exam" Jamie said to the receptionist, she checked her computer and said it was with Dr Aziz and she buzzed him and I heard him say he would be out in a few minutes.

She said to sit and wait and we both sat together and chatted, and casually looked at the magazines they had, a few minutes later an Asian guy of about 40 came out of a door and said "Jamie Anderson?" we both got up and he said will you come this way Jamie and you Mr Anderson" and went back into the room and held the door open, I looked puzzled at Jamie and he just shrugged his shoulders and said to come with him, we both went into the room.

It was the usual consulting room with a large writing desk and a large chair behind with a couple of chairs in front and some chairs against a wall with an examining table covered with the usual paper towel on a roll they have nowadays, a weighing scale and a height measuring rod were also against the wall, on his desk was the usual bit and bobs that a doctor uses, and the ubiquitous stethoscope as well.

"Hello, I am Dr Aziz and I will be doing a thorough medical and physical exam on you Jamie, your father is welcome to be here as well if you so desire, I guess he has seen you undressed many times before, but if you don't want him here then that is okay as well" the doctor said

"It's okay doctor I want him here, as you say he has seen me undressed many times" Jamie answered and looked and grinned at me, I had gone a deep red colour by now and I wanted to say I wasn't actually his father, I gave him a puzzled look back but he shook his head slightly and I nodded my agreement.

"Well that is settled then, let's get on with the exam, but first I must fill in some details of your previous medical history" said the doctor and shuffled some papers about, Jamie said he would answer as best as he could.

The doctor droned on and asked Jamie about his health as it was now and in the past for a few minutes and filled the form in as he asked his questions, not even looking up as he wrote, this went on for about ten minutes and then he said "well that's done now, let's get on with the important stuff, will you undress to your underpants and take off your shoes please as well Jamie?"

"You can put your clothes over there on that chair by the wall if you want" the doctor went on.

Jamie got up and grinned at me and went and started to undress, he undid his shirt and slipped it off and bared his well-tanned chest, the doctor watched him undress as he moved some more papers about, he then undid his sandals and slipped those off and then undid his cargo shorts and slid them down his well-formed legs and off and then came and stood just in his white y fronts in front of the desk, the doctor had him sit down and then picking up his stethoscope he put it around his neck and came round the desk to Jamie, I sat in the chair watching the exam take place and felt my cock rising in my briefs.

He checked Jamie's neck and eyes and ears and his arms and looked at his hands "mmm you seem very fit so far Jamie" he muttered and carried on feeling around Jamie's bare chest, Jamie's nipples were erect in the cool consulting room, two beautiful shilling sized nipples sticking out pink from a tanned chest, I wanted to jump up and take one in my mouth and suck on it for all it was worth.

He listened to Jamie's back and chest and had him take deep breathes, next he had Jamie lie on the table and he felt all around his chest and down to his waist and pressed in certain places and asked if Jamie had any pain, Jamie nodded that he didn't, he felt slightly under the waistband of Jamie's briefs and pressed again just above the groin area and again Jamie said no.

He had Jamie sit up and he tested his reflexes and pronounced they were perfect for a 17 year old boy, he ran a metal rod under Jamie's bare feet and seeing myself him wince, even I knew that test was normal, next he had him stand against the wall with his back straight and measured his height at just over 5' 8 inches the doctor said he was fine, and next onto the scales and his weight was 98 pounds and well within the weight for age category.

The doctor went back to his desk and noted all the results on the forms, he beckoned Jamie over to stand by the side of his desk and as he wrote he looked up "will you remove your underpants Jamie please?" he said, I was sitting right opposite so would have a full view of Jamie's cock and balls when he took his pants off, by now all this was getting to me and I was tenting my shorts and shuffling about trying to hide my throbbing cock.

Jamie hooked his fingers in his white y fronts and slipped them down and off in one movement, I nearly shot my load as I saw my young lover there naked as the day he was born, his cock was soft although I guess that wouldn't last long when the doctor got his hands on it, he asked Jamie to slightly part his legs and look up to the corner of the room as he felt at the side of Jamie's testicles, he asked him to cough and then again as he felt at the side of the boy's groin, he repeated this on the other side and I saw that Jamie's cock had now begun to swell in size.

The doctor then felt at each testicle in turn asking Jamie if he had any problems with them like pain or anything, Jamie answered no but his breath was drawn now and his cock had lifted a bit off his ball sack, the doctor then took hold of Jamie's cock and examined it and pulled back his foreskin, "any problems at all when you erect Jamie?" the doctor asked "ermm no doctor, all is fine with it" Jamie replied as now his cock responded to being touched as most boys would.

"Well it certainly erects well" the doctor said as he pulled Jamie's foreskin back and forth up and down his shaft, a drop of clear liquid came out of the pee hole on his cock and dripped onto the tiled floor, "well just one more test to do and then you're done Jamie" said Dr Aziz and glanced at me and he must have saw my discomfort.

"Over to the exam table please Jamie, and bend over and spread your legs a bit, I have going to have a feel of your prostate" Dr Aziz went on and opened a drawer in his desk and took out a tube of KY and some latex gloves, Jamie went over and assumed the position and I almost groaned in ecstasy as the doctor put on the gloves and lubed up Jamie's bum hole making the boy groan a little, next he lubed his own middle finger then he gave Jamie some paper towels "you may need these Jamie" he said and pushed his finger straight into Jamie's boy hole.

"Argghh ohh ohh" Jamie moaned and I throbbed in my briefs and knew that I had leaked some precum, the doctor wiggled his finger about and I saw Jamie slightly lift his bottom and push back on the doctors finger "mmm this is a bit harder than I thought" said the doctor, in front Jamie's cock was rock hard and leaking like mad and it dripped on the tiles, the doctors finger found its mark and stroked and pushed at Jamie's young prostate and that pushed him over the edge.

Jamie shot his cum into the paper towels that Jamie had quickly held over his bare knob, four, five, six good spurts of his semen shot onto the towel as the doctor looked around Jamie's naked body at what he had ejaculated "well that's good Jamie, sexually you are well fit and also physically and medically" the doctor said taking out his finger from Jamie's bum.

Jamie stood up and cleaned himself off and turned to the doctor, his balls were hard and the doctor had another feel of them and pronounced him fully fit with a grin, Jamie noticed that Dr Aziz's trousers were tented and wondered what his cock looked like as he had never seen an Asian man's cock, "right well get dressed and I will write this up for you, I will ring and tell your employer's you are fit for your job and send then a letter confirming that also.

"Mr Anderson you have a very fit and healthy son, he is a credit to you" Dr Aziz said, I just smiled and nodded and hoped I would calm down soon after seeing Jamie ejaculate "now I have some time on my hands Mr Anderson, how would you like a quick exam as well to see if you are fit and healthy?" the doctor said and that took my breath away and I stuttered "well I am sure you're a busy man doctor but I am well I can assure you" I managed to say

"Dad I think it's a great idea, you have always said you would have to book in and get a medical now you're in your 50's" Jamie said with a grin, I gave him a look and was about to answer when the doctor chimed up "right that's settled then, as Jamie is getting dressed, perhaps you would get undressed Mr Anderson, down to your underpants please?"

I seemed cornered and shrugged my shoulders and went and stood by Jamie as he dressed and started to undress myself, soon I was just in my white y fronts and went and sat where Jamie had sat and the exam began, I knew what was coming and my cock started to erect when I knew I had to pull off my pants, true to form the doctor asked me to take them off and Jamie grinned and peered at me intently as I slid down my y fronts.

My cock stood up slightly and the doctor said "mmm" he had me stand like Jamie with my legs slightly apart as he felt at the side of my groin and asked me to cough, then the other side and then he felt at each testicle and examined them thoroughly "I see you are well circumcised Mr Anderson, but Jamie isn't, why didn't you have your son done?" Dr Aziz asked and looked up at me.

I had to think on my feet, but before I could answer Jamie spoke up "it was mum's idea not to have me circumcised dad wasn't it?" I sighed inwardly at that explanation, "yes that's right Jamie, although I was cut, she thought it was barbaric and wouldn't allow him to be cut" I lied and looked at the doctor; he seemed happy with that explanation and let the matter drop.

"Okay over to the table please and bend over" he said and I made my way over with my now erect cock leading the way, somehow I had lost my inhibitions and was actually looking forward to him sticking his fingers up my bum!

I assumed the position and he lubed up my hole with the cool KY and the finger went in, I groaned slightly and I think Jamie did one as well as he watched me get penetrated, I groaned more as the doctor wiggled his middle finger about and touched my prostate and massaged it "ohh urgghh arrghh" I moaned as he ran his finger over and over again over it.

It came in one quick stroke over my prostate, I shot into the paper towels he had given me and it took me a few minutes to calm down and I turned and noticed that Jamie's cargo shorts had a tent as I cleaned myself up and the doctor declared me fit and well as well as Jamie, I went to my clothes and Jamie threw me my white y fronts and I slipped them on over my softening cock, having dressed I thanked the doctor and he said I should have a regular check-up and to bring Jamie in as well, he winked as he said that and we shook hands.

Outside I playfully cuffed Jamie on the head and he giggled at me "I reckon the good doctor is beating off now after seeing "father and son" naked and ejaculate" Jamie said laughingly

"Well I could kill you for going along with that father and son routine" I replied but also laughed and said I enjoyed it also and Jamie agreed, we stopped at a small sandwich shop and grabbed a quick sandwich and a drink before setting off to pick up Adam, we had a few minutes before his school was let out and we chatted in the car.

"Jamie I have something to ask you?" I said after a couple of minute's silence

"Oh and should I be worried?" Jamie asked looking puzzled

"Will you marry me? I mean will you consent to a civil partnership with me," I blurted out

Jamie looked at me aghast "you want to marry me Bill?" he went on

"Yes, you are old enough and I want to marry you and for us to live happily ever after" I carried on

I realised I might have gone way too far now and wished I hadn't asked the question

Jamie sat and looked out the front window, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife now and I so wanted the school bell to go and for Adam to come out so this could be broken, just then my prayers were answered and I heard a distant bell ring and in seconds boys were streaming out of the gates and Adam was one of the first, he saw us and beamed and ran to us and saw Jamie in the front looking all serious "what's up with Jamie?" Adam asked as he opened the back door and threw in his bag and followed it.

I shrugged my shoulders and was about to tell Adam I had just made the biggest fool of myself ever, when Jamie piped up "yes I will Bill Reynolds, I would be honoured to be you partner" he said quickly

Adam said, "did I hear what I just heard, you want to be Bill's civil partner?" and looked at Jamie then me "yes you heard correctly Adam, Bill asked me a few minutes before you came out of school, and now I have accepted" Jamie replied.

I put the car in gear and said nothing and we drove home in stunned silence, not exactly how I thought it would go, but he had said yes, we parked up at home and when we got out of the car Jamie came to me and grabbed me and kissed me "I am so happy Bill, I know I am only 17, but are you sure its legal?" he said after we broke for breath.

"Yes it's all legal, all we have to do is to get legal advice because you have no living parents, I will put a call into my solicitor and check, I researched it last night and have been mulling it over it all day" I replied

We went into the house and Adam said "I can't wait to tell Mike, maybe we can have a civil partnership as well, I will ring him" "no Adam not yet, don't ring Mike and no you can't have a civil partnerships as you are a year too young yet" I replied

Adam scowled at me, then grinned, "it's okay I can wait anyway, I will leave school and marry Mike," he said

"Seems like you have it sorted Adam" Jamie said and looked a bit apprehensive at me "I think Mike should have a say in this don't you?" I said and looked at Adam

"Well him and me think alike Bill" Adam replied "well Mike is going to have his hands full setting up his new business as soon as the funds are in position and I think it's best to save any decisions like that until he is settled, don't you Adam?" I said and looked hopefully at him.

Adam thought for a minute and then nodded his head "yeah your right, he is going to have a lot of work to do and will need my help anyway, we can defer that decision until I am 16 at least" he said

Jamie looked at me and shook his head and looked to the ceiling, I changed the subject and told Adam to go get out of his school uniform, and later would go and get a meal out and hopefully get Mike to come as well.

Adam scooted off upstairs and so did Jamie and he came back in just in PE shorts and so did Adam a few minutes later, I made them both a sandwich to be going on with and then went to my study and put in a call to my solicitor, he just reiterated the information I had gleaned off the internet, but would clarify it by ringing the registry office and ring me back, next I called my accountant and told him my plans to set Mike up in business, he set out a plan for Mike to make a business plan and then come and see him and explain it all.

Some minutes later my solicitor rang and said he had rung the registry office and they could see no problem in us getting a civil partnership, ordinarily Jamie would need to get his parents' permission, but seeing as how they were dead it would then come to the social services to give permission, but seeing as how his care order had finished and he was an adult in his own right, providing he had his birth certificate they could allow the partnership.

I thanked him and told him my plans about Mike and he said he would look into making a binding agreement up and send it over for both of us to read, next I spoke about what I could do about having guardianship of Adam and again he would look into that and ask the relevant authorities, again I thanked him and then rung off and called Mike, I told him the situation so far, but not about my asking Jamie and could he leave his bike at work and we would pick him up to have a meal out.

He said he could bring it into the warehouse as long as I could get him to work tomorrow, as he didn't have to go early that was okay by me and I said I would ring him as soon as I had booked a place to eat, he said he knew of a good place in town not far from the shop, The Swan Hotel, I said I knew it and thought it had a bad reputation, he said it had changed hands and now it was a good place to eat, I said I would give them a chance and ring him back.

I called the Swan and reserved a table for 8pm, I rang Mike and he said he would be there about 8:15 pm as he had to lock up, I said that was fine by us and we would wait for him at the restaurant, I rang off and went to tell the boys, I found them having a swim downstairs, naked as usual, I joined them and told them my news and Jamie beamed at me "I can't believe I am going through with this, it's come so sudden Bill, he said.

"You can pull out if you're scared Jamie? ` I said and looked at him "no fucking way will I pull out" he replied defiantly and splashed me with water that started a water fight and Adam joined in on Jamie's side and I lost easily and asked for mercy.

We all were giggling, then calmed down and I said I wanted to swim a few lengths, Jamie and Adam sat on the shallow end steps and chatted and had a grope at each other's cocks and watched me swim up and down, after about 20 lengths I had had enough and joined the boys sitting on the steps and caught my breath, both had erections and were stroking each other's cocks, watched them caress each other's cocks then I caressed my own and then reached out and took Jamie's and Adam's cocks in my hands and wanked them both off, both came to shuddering ejaculations and I watched as the sperm shot into the pool and dropped to the bottom. I thought I had better put a call in to the pool cleaners later.

We showered and they both said they were hungry, it was only 6pm so I reckoned another sandwich would suffice them and me, so I fixed them one and me and I went to the study and they followed me naked with their laptops and sat in the armchairs as I worked on my computer, I was able to arrange for the pool cleaners to come on Friday morning at 11am, all this done one the wonder that is the internet, I put in a call to the undertakers and confirmed Monday at 4 pm at the crematorium for David's funeral, Jamie came to my side after I put down the phone, he looked so sexy, I know any boy can look sexy naked, but he was just oozing it.

"I want to come to the funeral with you Bill, I want to support you in whatever you do" Jamie said "that goes for me too Bill" chimed in Adam.

"I am flattered that you want to support me that day boys, but you have school Adam, and it's at 4pm" I replied, "it will be okay if I tell them I am going to a funeral I can get out early and come here to change or you can pick me up at school and then onto the crematorium" Adam said

He had me there, I shrugged my shoulders "well I think maybe if you are both coming then we should get you both new suits and shirts and shoes and a black tie, so Saturday we go shopping okay?" I said

They looked at each other and smiled and nodded and then Jamie hugged and kissed me and I had a feel of his floppy cock and he grinned and said "later old man" I flipped his bare bottom as he went back to sitting in the armchair and Adam grinned and lifted up his laptop to show us his hard cock.

I shook my head in despair of my two sexy boys, well three actually if you count Mike, the gate buzzer went and seeing as how I was the only one clothed I went and answered it, it was the police and they said they had David's personal effects, I buzzed them in and shouted to Adam and Jamie to go get some clothes on quick, they came out and scooted upstairs, I loved how their lovely bare bottoms scooted up the stairs.

A few minutes later the same two police officers who gave me the news of David's attack knocked on the door and I let them in, one was carrying a parcel "hello again Mr Reynolds, here is David's personal effects that were on him at the time, is there any place we can have a quiet chat?" the youngest one asked

I showed them to the study just as Jamie and Adam came down stairs dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and sandals "would you both like a cool drink on this hot evening?" I asked

They said they would love one and I suggested my homemade lemonade and they agreed, Jamie said he would go and get them one and he and Adam scooted off to the kitchen.

Seated in the study they told me they had charged two boys with murder and two with aiding and abetting murder, as they weren't directly involved with the actual murder, the two charged would probably get life, they were 18 and 19 respectively, and the other two who are 15 and 16 will probably get time in a young offenders institute and kept at her majesty's pleasure meaning they wouldn't be released until deemed no risk to society.

I shook my head and said "what a waste of their youth, it's so sad they murdered a complete stranger, and ended up going down for it for so long"

"It was inevitable sir, they were a bad lot and all known to us, just we had not been able to pin anything on them, I am so very sorry for your loss" said the youngest policeman.

They drank their drinks then said they had work to do and excused themselves and I watched them drive down the drive and opened the gate for them and they were gone, I went back to the study and opened the bag and tipped the few bits and pieces of David's life onto the desk, a pen an empty wallet and a couple of business cards, his watch which I had given him and a signet ring I also had given him, that was it.

I started to cry and then Jamie came in and came over to me and held me as I sobbed uncontrollably, he didn't say a word just let me get all my sorrow out, I sobbed for a few minutes and Adam appeared and he too came over and went the other side of me, he had tears in his eyes and I said "come on Adam, no tears okay? You didn't know David" "I know I didn't, but he was gay and I am bisexual and you were his lover once and I feel I knew him through you" he replied and sank his head onto my shoulder.

I realised then that Adam in spite of his youth and brashness at times was a sensitive boy, he played the hard boy and the joker, but deep inside he was just your average 15 year old lad who actually did care about others, Jamie too he was old beyond his 17 years and acted so mature, I was glad both my young lads were going to be there with me on Monday afternoon, I told the boys it was time to get ready and patted there bottoms and they giggled, "lets dress up a bit okay, just casual, a nice polo shirt and slacks for me, Jamie what about that new polo shirt you got the other day and those chino trousers and your sandals?" I said he nodded and set off upstairs to change

"And you young man can wear similar okay? I bought you some nice stuff the other day, so go sort something out of that" I said to Adam "you okay now then?" he asked "yeah I needed to do that Adam, it took the pressure off me a bit, at least until Monday" I replied.

He smiled at me and squeezed my arm and then shot off upstairs to change, I finished up and put a call in for a taxi in about 30 minutes and went up also and changed, Jamie was in his chino's and sorting a shirt out, he decided on a blue check short sleeve shirt and slipped that on as I slipped off my shorts and tee shirt and grabbed a clean pair of boxers and began to check my closet to see what I would wear.

Jamie came behind me and wrapped his arms round me, "I love you Bill Reynolds" he said "I love you too Jamie Anderson" I replied and stroked his tanned hands, he kissed the back of my neck and ran his hands down the side of my bare chest, it made me shiver and I felt my cock stiffen, his hand brushed my cotton covered knob and I groaned slightly "want me to get you off?" he asked, I turned slightly and nodded, so he turned me towards him and knelt down and extracted my throbbing cock out of my boxers and sucked on my cut knob.

"Mmm oh yeah ohh" I moaned as Jamie licked and sucked on my throbbing cock "oohh yeah ohh god, suck me my lover, suck all my seed out of my balls" I continued moaning. Jamie made moaning noises as well as he bobbed up and down my cock and I felt him squeeze my balls and I groaned and pushed my cock deeper into his mouth and shot a few good spurts of my cum "argghh fuck yeah ohh" I groaned as Jamie swallowed my load down and cleaned off my cock.

He continued licking and sucking on my cock until he had cleaned it thoroughly and then got up Adam was at the open door and had been watching the proceedings "are you sure you want a meal now Jamie?" he asked sarcastically "you seem to have had a good belly full of protein there" he carried on.

Jamie grinned and stuck out his cum covered tongue, Adam came over and quickly grabbed him and they swapped tongues and he tasty my salty sweet offering "mmm, nice appetiser" Adam said and we all laughed, I quickly dressed and we exited or bedroom and made our way downstairs just as the gate buzzer went, it was the taxi and I buzzed him up the drive and we went out and waited for him to get to the door, jumping in the taxi I told the driver where we were going and we turned round and sped off down the drive, about 50 yards from the closed gate I hit the remote and the gate steadily opened, I turned round and hit it again as we came out and they closed behind up and we set off to town and The Swan restaurant.

We got there just before 8 pm and went and sat in the lounge having a pre-dinner drink as we waited for Mike, he arrived around 8:15 pm and he sat and sipped a beer and chatted about how I had asked Jamie to be my partner, he said he was thrilled for us and proposed a toast we were soon called to our table, we all decided to have the three course set meal with a bottle of wine, the courses were served promptly and were a good portion and we all said we had enjoyed the meal.

Jamie and Adam had seconds on the dessert course as me and Mike sat and discussed our business deal over coffee and a nice brandy. I brought him up to speed on the plans so far and suggested he formulate a business plan and let my accountant and solicitor have copies of it, Jamie and Adam went and played on the fruit machine and ended up winning over 25 together, so that ended the night on a high, I paid the bill and gave our waiter a generous tip, it was after 10 pm now so I suggested we better get home, I called the taxi firm and they sent a car straight away, two sleepy boys were in the back with Mike propping them up as we drove home in silence, soon we were home and Mike woke the boys as I generously paid the driver and I unlocked the door and Jamie and Adam said they were both off to bed and kissed us both goodnight.

Mike and me went to the study and had a brandy as a night cap and discussed more business as I checked my emails, the time rapidly went beyond 11 pm so I said I was tired and Mike said he didn't have to go in early tomorrow so he would catch up on some work on his laptop, I kissed him goodnight and headed to bed, Jamie was fast asleep and I made sure to set the alarm as I slid in bed aside of him and kissed his bare shoulder, he gave a muffled moan and I left it at that and drifted off to sleep.

Soon the alarm was blaring at 4 am and I woke up a bleary eyed Jamie he got himself up and headed to the bathroom as I sat at the side of the bed and tried to clear my head "don't get up with me Bill, have a longer sleep please, you need it mate" he said softly and kissed me on the head as he dressed in his uniform "are you sure?" I replied and tried to lift my head "yeah I am sure, get some rest I can manage okay" he went on and left the bedroom.

I never heard him leave as I was dead to the world, god job Jamie had reset the alarm to 7:30 am as I wouldn't have woken up and Adam would have been late for school, it took me ages to rouse Adam but finally he came downstairs and sat looking bleary eyed at the breakfast table as he sipped orange juice then a hot coffee, "just toast please Bill" he mumbled like a typical teenager, I decided I was not fit to drive that morning and told Adam I was calling him a taxi to take him to school, he agreed and I called the cab firm and they said one was not far away anyway and would be there about 20 minutes, he was on time and buzzed the gate buzzer and I let him up to the house.

I kissed Adam goodbye and he set off to school, still munching on his toast, I watched them drive away and when they approached the gate I opened it for them and then closed it after them, I went to my study and fired up my computer and found the address and phone number of the local registry office, at 9am when they opened I put in a call and provisionally booked a week on Saturday for the civil partnership ceremony, they needed our birth certificates they said and the names and addresses of out two witness's, I said that was no problem and would drop by later with them, I called Bob my accountant and asked him to be a witness and he agreed and I got his address, I had decided to ask Mike as well to be the other one , he had agreed and I already had his address.

I decided to take a quick swim before the pool guy came and headed to the pool, as I was there Mike came down and slipped off his boxers and joined me naked in the pool, I brought him up to speed and asked him if he would take a taxi to work, he said he would, we swam a few lengths and then sat on the shallow end steps and chatted, I was stroking his leg as we chatted and his cut cock rose to the attention I was giving his bare leg.

I leaned down and took it into my mouth and he held my head and moaned as I sucked and tongued his bare knob and balls, I pulled off and said "fuck me Mike" he grinned and I turned around and bared my bum to him and gave him access to my hole, he fingered me for a bit and then positioned himself behind me and gently pressed his knob into my willing hole.

"Ohh yeah, fuck me Mike, fuck me hard" I moaned, he pushed in and gripped my hips tightly and rammed in hard into my hole "argghh ohh yeah" I kept groaning as the 18 year old fucked me hard and fast, he kept hitting my prostate and I knew it wouldn't be long before I would be spurting into the pool, well soon it was going to get cleaned anyway so I wasn't bothered.

"Argghh yeah I'm cumming" Mike moaned and shot five good squirts of his hot teen sperm into me and a few lesser ones, I was seconds behind him and shot a few squirts of my own cum into the pool, he still held is cock in me and then pulled out and there was an audible plop as his cock came out of me and a good trickle of his seed followed.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 10:30 am so I suggested we shower, as the pool man was due soon, Mike agreed and we got out the pool and had a quick shower, we wrapped towels around us and headed upstairs to dress, me in shorts and tee shirt and him in his suit and tie, I fixed him a late breakfast and then called another taxi for him and he said he would walk down the drive to meet him, the pool guy buzzed and I let him up the drive as Mike was walking down to go to work.

I went downstairs with the pool guy and he said it would take about two hours with his remote pool cleaner to clean the bottom and sides of the pool and then he had to put chemical in to kill any bugs and I was not to use the pool for two hours after, to give the chemicals time to do their job and dissipate, I told him I had work to do in my study and to come and let me know when he had finished, he nodded his agreement and I left him to his work.

I surfed the net a bit and then ordered some flowers for David's funeral and checked in with the undertaker that would be delivered to them, I called the solicitor and my accountant again and updated them on what Mike and me had discussed earlier, I went and made some coffee and sat at my desk idly surfing the net and looked at builders for the out building conversation, I noted a few and went and sorted out the dirty washing and put that in the washer in the utility room and I was done.

A half hour later the pool guy came up and told me he was done and would I come and inspect his work, I went down with him and was impressed as the pool looked so clean now, he had cleaned out the filters he said and changed the filter elements and now had put in the chemical that cleaned the water, so no swimming for at least two hours, three to be on the safe side, I agreed and said that would be no problem and we went upstairs and I wrote a cheque for his bill, he thanked me and gave me his card and I showed him out and watched him drive down the drive and I opened the gates and he was gone.

I looked at the clock and it was almost time for me to pick up Adam, I grabbed the car keys and went and took it out of the garage and set off, I parked up and sat with the radio on listening to classical music as I waited, I must have dozed off as next thing that happened was Adam rapping on the passenger side window and grinning his lovely sexy smile. I released his door and he scrambled in throwing his bag in the back "I have my dirty PE kit in there Bill, want to smell it?" he said and giggled.

"I think I will pass on that if you don't mind Adam" I replied

I started off and had a feel of his sexy leg as I drove, running my hand up his school trouser covered leg to his bulge "mmm somebody's horny" he said and spread his legs so I could have a good feel of his boy package "I think somebody is, if the bulge I am feeling is anything to go by" I replied and grinned at him

He had undone his shirt and had it open to his waist and I reached in and had a feel of his sexy abs and his boy nipples "mom yeah that's nice Bill" Adam cooed

I pulled off the road into a small car park under some trees and away from prying eyes, I shut off the engine and felt at Adam's boy chest and his nipples and made him purr and he lay back in the passenger seat, he undid his belt and unzipped his fly and exposed his white briefs, they looked so sexy on his black body, I leaned in and kissed him and then sucked on each nipple in turn and teased them with my tongue, "oohh yess ohh yeah, I love that" Adam moaned

Just then my phone went, Adam groaned I answered it and it was Jamie, he said he was working late again but had a long weekend off that included Monday so he could help me with the preparations for David's funeral, thanked him and said I would see him later and we had chicken salad for dinner.

During all this time Adam had been fiddling with my shorts fly and had my hard cock out and was sucking my knob, Jamie said there were funny noises on the line and I told him it was his sexy friend Adam blowing me, he laughed and said tell him to save some for him later as he had been horny all day.

I laughed at that and said I would pass on the message he rang off and I held Adam's head as he sucked on my cock "ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah" I moaned and then eased myself up and grabbed his head and shot a good load of sperm into Adam's hot mouth "mmm a nice snack" Adam said when he pulled off my cock head and licked his lips.

I giggled and slid my hand into his boy briefs, "mmm nice cock you have there son" I said, "You like letting old men have a feel of it?" I went on Adam grinned and replied "only sexy old men like you, do you like young schoolboys sir?" "Yes especially sexy black boys like you, love to feel your nice black cock in my mouth" I replied.

We both laughed at my attempt at being a pervert "best we set off home now Adam" I said Adam nodded but kept his trousers undone and his shirt and just let me glance as his lovely boy bulge in those sexy white briefs as I drove us home.

We arrived home and I told Adam that the pool was off limits because of its cleaning, he said he wasn't bothered and was going to his room to play on his computer, then it struck me, we had computers and hi fi and televisions and such but no dedicated games consoles, so I said "Adam, there are no games consoles here, would you like to be the advisor on that subject and sort out something?"

Adam looked at me and thought for a minute "is there a budget on this Bill?" he asked looking hopeful at me "well within reason of course, and something we can get today, if you get a move on we can go get it" I answered

"Okay I think I should put a call into Mike" he said, We exited the car and he fastened his trousers up and grabbed his school bag and his PE kit bag, once in he headed to the utility room and put the dirty PE kit in the washer as an afterthought he stripped naked and dropped his school clothes in as well, he came into the kitchen naked with is cock swinging from side to side and said he was going to have a quick shower and change into shorts and a tee shirt and he would ring Mike and ask what they had in the store.

I laughed as he went upstairs and gave me a sexy wiggle of his sexy bare bum, some twenty minutes later he came down dressed and carrying a list of what he and Mike had discussed on the phone and he told me he rang Jamie as well and got his input, I looked at him, "how much is this going to cost me Adam?" I asked.

"Well I reckon it's going to cost around six to eight hundred pounds with games and all the controllers and such" he replied and looked a little apprehensive at me "well that's not too bad, let's get sorted and set off then" I said.

Adam grinned and we set off to town, on the way I put a call into Mike and he said he would put all the order together and all we had to do was pay for it and he got us discount of 10% as well, something that made me smile, we called into the supermarket and got some supplies and then drove straight to the computer shop and parked by the door and were met there by the manager who thanked me for the business I had put their way.

He asked me if I could go to his office with him for a quick chat, I was a bit puzzled and as we went inside I saw Mike look at me very apprehensively "what's this all about Mr Tams" I asked as we sat in his office.

"Oh don't worry Mr Reynolds, I just want a word about Mike, as you know he has sorted out all your needs up to now" he said

I looked at him attentively and wondered what was coming next; "I understand he has talked to you about him going into business on his own" he went on "well that's really between me and him Mr Tams" I said and tried to look indignant

"Oh no don't get me wrong, I would never stand in his way Mr Reynolds, what I am trying to say is that he is well thought of in this shop, in fact he is the best computer engineer I have ever come across and would be sorry to lose him" Leighton Tams went on

"What I am proposing is that we share him, in that I mean, that he has his own business of course, but I use his services as and when I need them in building computers and sorting out repairs and sorting network problems out" he went on to say

"What does Mike say about this?" I asked looking a bit bemused "he is all for it as he told me he has always enjoyed working here, and to be honest I would hate to lose him, I can always get salesmen, young Andrew is a whiz at sales, but lacks the knowhow on the actual technical side" he answered

I sat a few minutes and thought about it. "Well if it's okay with Mike it's okay with me I guess, but I would need something in writing and I guess Mike will as well, how about I call my accountant and solicitor and they sort an agreement out?" I said and looked at him.

"Sounds fine to me Mr Reynolds and I will talk to my people as well" Tam's replied and we shook hands, I exited his office and joined Adam and Mike who were chatting by the till, I handed over my debit card and Mike asked Andrew to sort the details out, Andrew grinned at me and Adam and I saw a look in his eye when Adam smiled at him.

With all the details taken care of we set off home and Adam couldn't stop talking about the new games consoles we had bought, as I unloaded the shopping Adam took the games console boxes in and stacked them in the lounge, I left him setting it all up and went and put the shopping away and started on preparing dinner, by now I thought the pool would be ready to swim in so I went and told Adam I was going to the pool and he said he would join me later.

I stripped off and walked into the pool, it was just the right temperature and I had a lovely leisurely swim, in a way I enjoyed it because there was no one else there, having done some lengths the peace was shattered by a naked Adam "bombing" into the pool, I groaned as he made waves and now my peaceful swim was no more.

He raced up and down the pool like a dolphin on heat and then joined me on the shallow end steps and started to grope my cock, I returned the favour and soon his cock was sticking up like a periscope, I pulled hard on his foreskin and he growled as I pulled it right back, I thought it would have hurt him, but he just hissed for more, so I wanked him harder and harder and soon he was ready to spurt his boy seed, I clamped my mouth over his cock head and he erupted like a fountain, grabbing my head and thrusting into my mouth and loosing off his teen sperm down my throat.

His passion now satiated he said he had had enough swimming and went and showered and dried off as I resumed my swimming up and down, he came back and said he was going upstairs to play on the games stuff we had bought earlier, I nodded and carried on swimming.

A few more lengths and I had finished as well and went and showered and wrapped a towel around me and went back upstairs and grabbed a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen and grabbed a cool drink and went and lay on the patio lounger in the late evening sun and awaited the return of my gorgeous Jamie from work, I didn't have to wait long as he rode up all sweaty on his bike around the back and put his bike away.

He kissed me deeply and said he missed me, I told him the news about setting up the business with Mike and that I needed his birth certificate to take to the registry office and book a civil ceremony, he smiled and said he would go and take a shower as he was all sticky and sweaty, he was back naked in about 15 minutes and grabbed himself a beer and joined me on the patio, he said he had found his birth certificate and had put on my desk.

We lay together just hugging and kissing and me feeling his ever-hardening cock, I just kept moving his foreskin up and down slowly, exposing his leaking cock head "mmm yeah I love that" Jamie said and kept moaning with his eyes closed, Adam came outside and saw us snuggled together and came over and lay at the bum of Jamie and pulled his cheeks apart and started to tongue his hole "oohh mmm mm" Jamie moaned again.

Adam kept up the tonguing as I ran my hand up and down Jamie's cock, with the combination of Adam's tongue and my hand Jamie was in heaven and his bare chest was heaving and he moaned he was close to cumming, Adam turned the naked Jamie over and took his cock head into his mouth and finished him off, Jamie jerked his naked body and shot his hot teen sperm into Adam's mouth.

Adam cleaned up Jamie's cock and then grinned at the both of us and went and got a cold drink and came back and we chatted about them getting suits tomorrow, Mike came home as well and we all sat in the kitchen and fed on chicken salad and crusty bread with a nice bottle or two of chardonnay, we finished off with fruit and ice cream and then Mike showed me his business plan he had written up, Jamie and Adam went off to play on the games console as me and Mike discussed his plan.

End of Part 5

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