Royal Male Delivers Part 6







Part 6



Mike and I sat in the study and perused his plan, I asked him if he would be a witness and he agreed and said he would be honoured to, I got his full address to take to the registrar, we carried on discussing his plan and then wrapped it up for the night and went and joined Jamie and Adam on the games console and challenged then to some games, we crashed and burned and Adam says I was a dork at playing games.

I grabbed hold of his naked body and tickled him mercilessly his giggling made him hard so I grabbed hold of his hard cock and pulled him around the room and he whooped in mock pain.

Jamie came behind me and undid my shorts and pulled them down and off, soon it was a free for all and Mike and me ended up naked and erect, that triggered off a sexual free for all and soon I was sucking Mike's big cut cock as Jamie and Adam took turns on my hard cock, next Jamie went and licked at Mike's bum hole and he started to moan and groan as his tongue probed Mike's hole, I released Mike's cock and Jamie took over sucking it.

Adam offered me his bum and I dove in and licked his 15-year-old puckered hole and had him purring like a cat, his cock was rock hard and leaking like a sieve and I reached round and grabbed his cock and pulled the long foreskin back, he growled as I wanked him and played with his lovely boy ball sack, “fuck me Bill”, Adam moaned.

I bent him over and mounted his boy bum and drove my hard cock right in his puckered hole “argghh fuck yeah ohh yeah that's great” he moaned as I drove my hard cock into his boy hole, he pushed back onto my hard cock and it went down to the hilt into his bum, meanwhile Mike had mounted Jamie and had his cock buried in my soon to be partner's hot hole and his head was lolling from side to side as Mike ploughed into him.

The smell of boy sweat and testosterone was overpowering and gave us all extra sexual vigour and we all were moaning and groaning, I thought there is something about naked men and boys that gets me going as I fucked Adam's tight boy hole and kept hitting his prostate and making him moan, Jamie's young prostate was getting the same treatment from Mike and he too was moaning and groaning and his cock was sticking up and leaking precum, I rammed into Adam and soon my juices were starting to come and I felt a tightening in my balls and shot out a stream of red hot sperm into the boys bum.

“Argghh ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah,” I groaned as it spurted out, that set off Adam and he shot his sperm onto the wooden floor in hot long spurts, Mike seeing this shot his teen sperm into my lover and Jamie responded to it by spurting his seed onto the floor as well.

We all collapsed on the floor and lay there panting, Jamie reached over to me and kissed me and fondled my softening cock “did you enjoy Adam?” he asked I nodded and asked if he had enjoyed Mike fucking him and he nodded as well, he was still hard and lay on top of me and humped his erect cock over my soft cock and ball sack, I lifted up and exposed my hole to him and his cock found its target and he rammed into me with no mercy and started a slow fuck of my arse.

“Mmm yeah, fuck me hard my Jamie” I groaned as he pounded my bum hole “oh yeah, I am going to fuck you hard in the arse” Jamie growled as he rammed into me and I felt his ball sack slap against my ball sack “argghh fuck yeah ohh fuck I am cumming” he moaned and shot a load of his teen sperm into me as I lay there helpless at him fucking me.

He collapsed on top of me and we kissed deeply and he moaned he loved me and I told him I loved him so and we held each other with his cock still inside me, we all decided we had had enough sex for one night and said our goodnights and went off to our respective rooms and Jamie and me showered and kissed and fondled each other and then lay on the bed naked after drying off and we both drifted off to sleep in each others arms, no alarm was set as nobody had to rise early that Saturday morning.

I awoke and saw the sun shining into the room and looked at the clock and saw it was after 11 am, I climbed naked out of bed and went to relieve myself in the bathroom, coming out there was a knock on the door and Mike came in also naked and said he was going into work to do some paper work, I nodded and said I would take a quick shower and go and make some breakfast for him as he showered and changed.

After a quick shower I slipped on a pair of shorts and left Jamie sleeping and went and made some coffee and toast and Mike and me sat on the sunny patio discussing work, he kissed me and then set off on his scooter to town and I cleared up the dishes and a bleary eyed Adam came into the kitchen, he was naked and his gorgeous black boy cock swung from side to side as he walked, he grabbed a glass of cold OJ and I made him some cereal and toast to go with it, Adam wasn't a chatty person in the morning until he had come round a bit, next naked Jamie appeared and I had two sexy teenage boys in my kitchen, a real sight for sore eyes.

I told them we needed to go into town to get a suit each for them for the civil ceremony and that the suits could also be worn at David's funeral on Monday if they wanted, they nodded and one by one after they finished eating they went to shower and change, both came back in shorts and a tee shirt, I slipped on a shirt and my shoes and we set off to town and to a men's outfitters I knew and we spent a good hour sorting out a suit each and some new underwear and socks and shirts for the ceremony and a black tie for the funeral, I dropped off the relative forms at the registrar's office and we made a date for the following Friday for the civil ceremony at 11am after I had rung the witness's.

We went to see Mike at his work and he said he was finished now and so I suggested we went to lunch, so went off to a small cafe I knew and we had a light lunch and a chat about our day.

On the way home I called into the supermarket and stocked up with food for the weekend as we planned on doing nothing when we got back as the sun was set to shine all weekend and I said I wanted to sunbathe, the boys went and stripped off naked and went to have a swim as I lay on the patio naked and soaking up the sun listening to my Ipod, after awhile they joined me and after some initial light oral sex play they settled down with their IPod's and we dozed in the late afternoon sun.

That weekend we just generally lazed about with a couple of sessions in the gym and swimming to keep up our general fitness, Monday morning soon came and I put a call into Adam's school and told them he was going to a funeral and would be in on Tues, they were happy with that and we got ready for David's funeral, the hearse and the car taking us to the crematorium arrived on time and Jamie and Adam Mike and me resplendent in our grey suits and black ties headed off for the funeral, it was a sombre affair and I had written a eulogy, there were only 4 other people there at the funeral besides us, just a couple of his old school friends and representatives of the police and press.

Afterwards we set off back home and I thanked the funeral director and asked him to please promptly send me the bill, I did a few sandwiches and we sat in a sombre mood and ate in the kitchen, a call came in from child services and I took it in the hall, they had decided to allow Adam to stay with me permanently and all I needed to do was come and sign some papers in the next couple of days, I told them I would come in tomorrow after I dropped Adam off at school.

I went back and took a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and got the glasses, they looked puzzled at me as I opened it and poured out a glass for us all “I think a little celebration is in order as I just got off the phone with child services and they told me Adam is my ward now” I said

Adam squealed with delight and came and hugged and kissed me and we raised our glasses and toasted Adam and me, Adam and Mike decided they wanted some private time together and went off to their room so Jamie and me did the same and took what remained of the champagne and went upstairs, we stripped out of our suits and just sat on the bed in our pristine white underwear and groped each other and kissed deeply, gradually removed each others underpants and Jamie lifted up my legs and sucked on my hole and lubricated me up with the lube I had taken out of the bedside cabinet.

He put some on his throbbing cock and was soon entering me, he fucked me in various positions until exhausted he rammed hard into me as I lay on my back and he spurted his hot teen sperm into me, he rolled off me and I climbed onto him and entered him and fucked the most beautiful boy I had ever known, I couldn't last as long as he could and soon was groaning that I was cumming and shot my sperm into him, we lay at each other sides and came down from our love making and listened to Mike and Adam next door make love and then drifted off to sleep.

We awoke in the early evening and both showered where I was bummed again like a dog and had my cock sucked by Jamie, we went downstairs to find Mike and Adam naked on the patio and as I started to prepare dinner I looked out and watched three beautiful naked teenage boys play catch with a small ball they had found, I marvelled at their extremely fit naked bodies.

I watched as they pranced around catching the ball, their soft cocks swinging from side to side and I was struck by how handsome they all were and how soon I would be marrying one of them.

The week flashed by and I was deep in arrangements of the company I was setting up with Mike, I dropped into the social services offices and signed the papers giving me custody of Adam, on Friday morning we were all up early and I drove us into town and we stopped off at my lawyers and signed the company papers and my lawyer congratulated me and Mike as we were now partners.

We set off to the registrars and arrived in good time and Jamie and me tied the knot, he had a tear in his eye as he spoke the declaration he had to say and I also had a tearful eye, it was all over in around 30 minutes and we adjourned to the local hotel where we celebrated after, I decided to leave my car in their car park and we all got a taxi home.

We opened another bottle of champagne and celebrated some more before me and Jamie went off to bed and left Mike and Adam playing the games console, that night Jamie and me made love so tenderly and drifted off to sleep, next morning we arose early and showered and made love in the shower and then had a leisurely breakfast on the patio, Mike got up and said his parents were due back off holiday today and he wanted to meet them and tell them of his partnership with me, we had already arranged he could move in here and work getting ready the business, the builders were due next week to remodel the out buildings and he had to contact suppliers and have them ship the stuff he needed to start up.

He already had a few orders for computers and Adam offered to help as he was interested in the business, later that evening Mike arrived back and initially was a bit down, he had told his parents about the new venture, but they weren't happy he was moving out, he had told them about his love for Adam and his dad was upset that Adam was a schoolboy, but his mum was happy for him and said she would talk his dad around eventually and wished them both well if that was what he wanted.

The years went by swiftly, Adam passed his school exams and attended local college and studied IT as well as assisting Mike in his business, it wasn't easy and their were a few pitfalls with the business but now it was ticking over nicely, I had helped Mike buy a nice house near us and he and Adam set up home together, when Adam was 18 he married Mike and I transferred my share of the business to Adam as a wedding present, they lived happily ever after and adopted two boys.

Jamie rose quite high in the Royal Mail and got to be a local manager, we too adopted a boy and a girl and watched them grow into beautiful children, and it was nice that the house was filled with laughter again.

Well that's the end of this story, sorry it's not longer, but I felt it had run its course and was getting a bit too repetitive.

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