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Story involving B/B and M/B

I’ve been living on my own for a week now, I just keep moving not staying in one place more than one day. I should tell you more about myself, My names Keaton and I'm 11 years old I have dirty blonde hair, I'm 4'10 and 72 pounds. I never knew my father, my mom had a drunken one night stand. She was a good mother, put clothes on my back most of the time same thing with food. We was poor and didn't have much money. When 7-8 years old, it got real bad, I had only 2 sets of clothes. That was the bad thing, I wet the bed, and I had wear my pee stain underwear for a few days. Then it got better, my mom got a better paying job, still crap though, but I could have more clothes. Then one day my mom died in a robbery attempt. The cops came to the house and told me about it and took me down town. I cried for hours, I love my mom, and I had no one in this world. I got placed in Social services and I was in there five days, before I busted out, and here I'm on my own. It's not bad I had money stash away, for my food; however the money is running low.

I stop at the park and just hung out there since its daytime, I played with other kids at kickball game and sat down on the bench. I left around noon, and started walking around town, looking for a placed to come back to, where I could stay the night. I didn't have to walk long I found a tree house about two blocks down. I look over the block, and just memorizing the place so I could come back at night. I needed some new underwear, so I headed to the local mall. I figure out a way to steal them. I went over to the kids clothing and look for some underwear I like. Well the only underwear they had thats my size, were cartoon underwear. I chose the spider man underwear. Then I pick out a shirt and put the underwear under the shirt and walk into the dressing room. I took my pants off and open the underwear and put the underwear on top of my other underwear. I put my pants back on and place the shirt back where I found it. I walk out of the store and I didn't beep, I got away with it. I walk around town for a little bit, until it got dark and I went back to the tree house.

I look around and didn't see anyone and no lights were on in the house, so I snuck into the backyard. I went up the tree and went into the tree house. To my surprise this was a nice tree house. It had a mattress, had some blankets and a heavy box of wood, which seem to be use to block the door. I drop my backpack next to the mattress and laid down.

I could not sleep and just laying down just starring up at the ceiling. I herd something strange coming from just outside the tree house. I look up and I got really scared.

Who the fuck are you, and what you doing in my tree house”

Um...Um... dont hurt me”

Get the fuck out of here before I get my parents”

Please don't please I'll do anything you want”

Now this boy look around 13 years old, avg built, brown hair around 5'1. When I said I'll doing anything he paused for a minute and he turn and look at me and he had a big grin on his face.

Ok you can stay.” He started to walk toward me still with a big smile. “Get off my bed and take you clothes off, all of them”


Do it or I'll get my parents”

I toss my shirt off and drop my pants off. “Underwear too dumbass” I slowly took them off and toss them wear I toss my shirt and pants. I put my hands and front to cover my privates.

Move you hands to the side” Then he got naked to and laid out on the mattress and with his legs spread out. His dick was bigger then mine his look close to 4.5” while mine was 3”. “Come over here, little man and suck my dick.”

I never suck a dick before”

I don't care come over and start sucking”

I walk over there slowly and bent down and place my mouth over his penis. I start moving my head up and down and start licking the head of his penis. He starts to moan. I start to take in his whole head and shaft. My spit is all over his penis. He placed his hand on the back of my head and starts to thrust his hips up. Then he told me to stop and he got up and told me to sit on my knees. When I did that he placed my head in front of his penis and starts to fuck my mouth. Going in and out. “You filthy bitch, you like this don't you, oh god this feels great...oh man your a little cock slut aint you.” I could feel his body tenses up and when I felt that he start face fucking me faster. “oh bitch I'm going to cum, you better swallow every bit of this or you did this all for nothing” Then I felt this warm gluey sticky liquid in my mouth and I swallowed it.

After that he came he laid back down on the bed and told me to come lay down next to him. So began to ask me why I'm staying in his tree house and I told him my story. He really didnt seem to care too much. He said would let me stay here for tonight and tomorrow if I need too, but under a couple condition. One, that when I'm in the tree house I have to stay naked, and two, I have to suck him when ever he pleases too. I stayed there two nights before I pack the bag and ended up sucking him 10 times during those two nights and I swallow every bit of his cum.

Now I'm back walking down the road. I really don't know where I'm going, but I know when I get there. I'v decided to hit another town, walking down the highway, few people wanted to give me a ride. I can't trust them, might turn me into the police or end up dead, so I declined all offers. I walk along ways, had to take a shit and piss in a bush along side the highway since I was walking so long. It was getting real late and I was scared, it was dark out and I had no place to stay and I was hungry. After walking another 3 miles I found a truck stop. I finally found a place to stay.

I headed into the truck and head toward the bathroom, to take a shit and there was another truck driver in there. He gave what the fuck you doing here look. I watch him in the corner of my eye headed toward the stall and he was still looking at me. After I took a dump I drop to the floor to see if that truck drive was still there and he was gone. I went to the vender machines outside the bathroom and tried to break into them, because I had no money. Then I felt a hand on my should and I turn around and it was that truck driver.

What you doing son”

Um. Noth-nothing”

Looks like your trying to break into that”

No I wasn't, just mad that it rip me off”

ok” He knew I was lying. “Wheres your folks son”

Outside in the van.”

Really see I didn't see any vans out there, when I out there one minuet ago.”

Then you must blind”

Listen, don't lie to me”

Ok mister, I don't have parents, I came here by myself”

I see, you hungry and have a place to sleep tonight”

No sir, and yes I'm hungry”

What do you want from the machine”

I told him what I wanted and he paid for them with his own money. “Listen you stay in my cab tonight and you can leave in the morning or you stick with me for a while”

Ok thank you sir.” Just thinking to myself if hes like the last person I stayed at, he wants me to suck him.”

We walk over to his truck and open the door and I hop in. He showed me where the bed was and I undress to my boxers and he did the same. We both hop in the bed.

Frank, I don't have to suck you do I ?”

No why would I want you to do that”

Well the last person I stay with made me do that.”

No you don't have to and I'm sorry that happen to you.”

We didn't talk after that, we both went to sleep. I slept like a baby first bed that I slept in a while. When I woke up we was moving. I walk out of the bed and up to the passenger seat and sat down.

Morning Keaton, looks like you slept real good”

I did, and thanks for letting me sleep here”

No problem I could use the company, it gets lonely sometime.”

I bet, hey Frank, I need to pee real bad”

Sorry Keaton I can't stop right now, but use the bottle in the back.”

For real”

Yes son”

I pulled my underwear and open the bottle and put the my penis head on the hole so I wouldn't miss. I seen Frank look in his mirror when I pulled my underwear down, I knew he wanted to see me naked, I bet he evens wants me to suck him off.

Keaton come sit up here”


So tell me why, your by yourself”

I told him my story and I could tell he really cared. He told me he lost his mom when he was around my age. He said next stop will pull over at Dennys. “Frank I don't have any money.” He said he'll pay for it. We got to Dennys and I got pancakes and bacon and he got the breakfast grand slam. We eat and talk about my interest and everything. When we got back to the big rig. He ask me what happen with the last person I stayed with.

I don't feel like talking about that right now.”

He puts his arm around me, “Listen I'm truly sorry about what happen to you, if you need someone to talk to, you can tell me”

Ok thanks, and can I stay with you for a while, please, I dont feel like being alone right now”

Sure, I bet we both could use the company, and hey just and case we get pulled over, your my son got it.”

Ok sounds good, so where are we headed”


Thats a long ways”


We talk a lot and I really like Frank, I like the company. He didn't look like a truck driver at all. He was around 32 years old, light brown hair, not overweight at all. For a truck drive he look fit. It was getting late and Frank deiced to pull over and sleep for a while. I undressed and so did Frank and we went to bed. I woke up to strange noises and I look over and saw Frank doing something with his dick. I made a sound and Frank look over at me and saw me.

I'm sorry buddy, didn't mean for you to see this and wake you up.”

“”Its fine, and what you doing?”

Um nothing”

You were touching your dick”

It's called jerking off, you ever done it.”


Well I show you how fun it is, if you want to?”


Cool take your underwear off”

I took my underwear off and he reach down and pick something up. It was baby oil and he told me lay down and I did. He squeezed the baby oil on my penis. Then he placed some on his hand. Then he placed his hands on my penis and I jump. “Call down, its going to be fine” Then he started to to to move his hand up and down on my penis. “Oh man this feels good, please don't stop” while he was playing with my penis his other hand started playing with my balls. I was in heaven, I couldn't talk. The he placed a finger around my penis to get some oil on it. “Keaton lift you butt up a little it”. He I did as I was told and he placed the finger in me. “That feel good little man.” I shook my head. “Frank my body feels funny.” He look at me and smiled and he starting doing it faster. Then I collapsed.

You love that little man”

Oh god, I love it a lot”

I knew you would.”

Thank you for that.”

Well you wanna watch me.”


He started to do that and I was still laying down in pure bliss. He look at me and smiled and I look at his penis and his cum flew out and landed on my stomach. He then move his hands and started to rub his cum all of my chest. “We can do this tomorrow night if you want now we have to get some sleep Keaton.” After that we stayed asleep. When we woke up, we walk over and got some breakfast. Then we hit the rode. I just laid down in the bed in my boxers the, while he was driving.

It got to the point that we was head of schedule, and we decide to stop and check out some sights. Had a bit to eat. We stop at walmart to buy us some games. So we could play some when hes not driving.

I have to ask you something Keaton, and its important”

Ok what is it?”

Well, Seattle is the end of the line for me, you want me to leave you in Seattle or do you want to stay with me.”

If it will be okay, I would like to stay with you”

Ok little buddy, I will love that”

We got to Seattle, and we got to the business, and after 2 hours the truck was unloaded. He said we was going to stay the night in Seattle. We got a hotel, before we went I seen him get his baby oil. While we was in the truck. He whisper I got something special if you would like to try it. On the way to the hotel I was thinking what could it be, I know its something sexual but what. When we got to the hotel, we just got one bed, so I ran and dove on the bed. He came in and put his bag down by the tv.

So little man, you want to try something new”

Like what.”


Um how only men and women can have sex?”

He started to laugh. “How? Where I put my dick in your ass”

No that will hurt.”

Don't decide just yet, first I got some baby oil that will help a lot,yes it will hurt your first time. After the first time you will love it, trust me, you might like it the first time.”

We can try it”

Ok get naked.”

I got undress, and we walk over to the bed, and placed the pillows on top of each other. He told me to lay down on my stomach on the pillows. I did I was told and my butt I was raised. He then got behind me and I could feel he was right behind me. He told me to spread my cheeks and I did and I herd him say theres my boy pussy. He put some baby oil on my butt hole and some on his dick. He put the mushroom head in and I could feel my ass hole being stretch beyond believe. He told me that I was tight as fuck. “Frank that hurts to much stop please.” He told me if I relax I would be fine.

Now I'm going to start fucking you just remained clam and relax, and I be you will like it.”

He starts fucking me, him going in and out my of ass. I could feel my ass hole opening in closing. My ass hole was stretching gasping for a break. He started to fuck me harder and faster, I could hear his balls slap against my ass.”Thats it Keaton, take my cock you little slut. God your a tight little shit”

I could feel his sweat drip down on my back. He then pick the pace of his breathing up and he started to fuck me harder.”Im going to fill you up little man.”Once he said that, he push as for as he could and he moan loud and shot 8 shots of cum into my ass. He stayed in until I felt his dick go soft in me and he pulled out. He rolled off and laid down on his back.

Just stay laying face down for a little bit, so the cum doesn’t leak out. You made the happiest man alive little man. So did you like it man?”

It was ok, and while you was fucking you said I was tight is that a bad thing”

Hell no its best to be tight, I'm guessing that was your first time.”


He laugh and said he took my cherry. I was tired after the fucking and I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass, I was so tired I didn’t care and I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and I look over to see Frank and he was gone. When I realized he was gone I jump up, looking for my clothes, I found my shirt and shorts, but I couldn't find my underwear. “That bitch stole my underwear.” I ran outside and down the road a little bit to where he park his truck and it was gone.

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