San Cabri

By Johnny Kape ©2007-2011

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In this short story there are some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

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San Cabri (Revised)

When Mark knew that he had been transferred to the chancellery in San Cabri, he cursed a lot to himself. San Cabri was a small island country near the Equator line, with a population of only less than twenty thousand. It was very hot all the year, and people there were mostly illiterate. However, an order was an order, so Mark had no choice but to board the small plane, and make his way to the small island.

When he landed at the one and only airport of San Cabri, Mark saw a middle-aged man coming to welcome him. The man had a round face and a round belly, wearing only an undershirt and shorts.

"Hello, you must be Mark. I'm Steve, the secretary of our ambassador." Steve shook Mark's hands. "How about your trip?"

"Well... not bad," Mark murmured.

Steve smiled, he seemed to know what Mark thought. "Be happy. I'm sure that you will very soon like it here." Steve winked at him.

"I hope so," Mark said. He still felt quite depressed. Steve patted his back.

"It's not that bad here," said Steve. "I'll show you around the island, then I'm sure that you'll like it."

Some shirtless boys approached them, and Steve talked to one and gave him some money. The boys started to carry Mark's suitcase into a convertible car outside.

Mark watched them intently. They all wore only boxer shorts. Their bodies were all in good shape, and of a very beautiful brown color. Steve pushed Mark gently.

"Get into the car please," Steve said with a smile. Mark's attention came back to the here and now, and he got into the car too. Steve took off his undershirt right after climbing into the driver's seat.

"Is it ok to be shirtless on duty?" Mark asked.

Steve laughed and started the car. "I put it on only because I need to get into the airport."

As Steve drove to the main road, Mark glanced at the people they passed. Soon he found that most people were also shirtless.

"Why is everyone shirtless here?" Mark asked.

Steve smiled and gave him a somewhat evasive answer. "We'll get into a small road. It will be a bit bumpy, but the view there will be different."

The car left the downtown and went into a small country road. Soon Mark exclaimed with suprise.


In front of Mark's eyes were three young women, totally naked, with small, round breasts, and slender waists. Their skin was also brown, and shining under the sun. They didn't mind Mark's fixation, just talked and laughed.

"Pretty good view, huh?" Steve said. Mark's eye were still stuck on those women.

"It seems that people here don't like to wear anything, do they?"

"No," said Steve. "Nudity is legal here. Only when you need to go to the airport or government offices, you will be requested to put on your T-shirt and shorts. Otherwise nobody would care if you were naked or not."

Mark saw some boys and girls playing on the grass. All of them were totally naked too.

"You can be totally naked too if you like," Steve continued. "I like to be naked when off duty too. Well, people here are all slim and strong, not as fat like me."

'Yeah, even young children are in good shape too,' Mark thought.

After a long bumpy ride, the car finally stopped in front of a thatch house.

"Ok, here we are. This is my house," said Steve. "You'll live with me for now. After everything is ready, you can employ someone to build a house for you."

Mark got out of the car, stretched himself, and breathed deeply. He smelled the clean sea air.

"We can see the ocean here!" Mark said excitedly.

But as he stared at the beautiful vista, he was shocked by what he saw. A young naked boy, maybe about 10 years old, was laying on the beach, with his knees up by his shoulders. A young man was penetrating him violently. The young man's hand was playing with boy's little but hard penis, and the boy was moaning and screaming loudly. Mark held Steve's arm, pointing to them.

"Oh," Steve grinned. "That's ok, don't worry. It's not rape. Here you can make love with anyone, except your blood relatives. Usually when children reach about nine or ten years old, they will be brought to someone to make love with. They call this a 'deflowering ceremony'."

"So people here are fucked everyday? Even boys?"

"Sure, boys, girls, everyone. All people here fuck and get fucked uncountable times. It's quite common for them. The more times you get fucked, the more welcome you are," said Steve. "Well, there is only one limitation. The law forbids them to make love with their children, but people usually ignore it. The whole family will sometimes fuck together to celebrate something, just kind of a tradition."

Hearing the young boy screaming louder and louder, Mark started to feel dazzled, and soon he found that his penis started to stand up. Immediately Mark tried to cover it up with his suitcase.

"What's going on in your jeans?" Steve laughed at Mark.

Mark blushed. Steve patted him on the shoulder. "I'm just kidding. You don't have to cover it up. Let's take your suitcases inside first, then I'll bring you to meet them."

Mark carried his suitcases, but his eyes were still stuck on the boy and the young man. Steve put the suitcases down, then he took off his shorts. "Come on, take your clothes off."

Mark looked at Steve's naked body, and still felt embarrassed. Then slowly, he started to take off his shirt and jeans, until he was wearing only his underwear. His underwear now had been propped up and became a tent. Steve laughed.

"Come on, take it off and let's walk around."

Finally Mark took off his underwear, and followed Steve to the beach in the nude. The young man was laying on the beach, and the boy knelt down beside him, licking his penis and sac. The young man's semen was still leaking from the boy's anus, and down his thigh. Steve acknowledged them. The little boy raised his head and saw Steve, waved to him, then he ran across the beach, and jumped into Steve's arms. They kissed for a moment, then Steve put the boy down.

"This is Mark, he just arrived here today," Steve said.

The boy greeted Mark happily. Watching the boy's sweet laughter, Mark thought that Steve was right. He had already liked this San Cabri.

-- The End

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