Saving An Angel
By Jason Finigan

This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present are purely coincidental. This story may contain scenes which involve sexual situations between young males. If this type of material is offensive to you, or it is not legal for you to be reading this type of material, please do not read any further. This story is copyright © 2007 by Jason. Please do not copy this story for distribution or post on any online server without the author's permission. Please send all your comments to:, or You can also visit my site at: Thanks and enjoy the story.

Chapter 6

I was really nervous about walking into the group home again, but walking with Ryan and holding his hand made me feel better about it. Ryan wouldn't let anyone hurt me, or make me do anything that I didn't want to do, or go any place I didn't want to. With the way he handled Tom, I knew that he'd do anything to protect me.

Ryan led the way to the front door of the building and held it open for me to walk in. "Okay bud, we need to see the director about visiting your friend."

"Her office is right down here," I told him, leading the way. As luck would have it, the director was in her office, though I shouldn't have been surprised as she was normally too busy with her paperwork to actually deal with the kids under her care. Ryan politely knocked on the open door.

"Come in," the director's voice sounded, still concentrating on the pile of paperwork on her desk. We walked into the office and stood in front of her desk. I was going to sit down in one of the chairs but Ryan stopped me. It was several minutes before the director finally took her eyes off the paperwork to notice us standing before her desk.

"What can I do for you?" she asked, leaning back in her chair.

"We're here to see one of the residents under your care by the name of Greg," Ryan said. "What did you say his last name was Kyle?" he asked, looking over at me.

"White, Dad. His name's Greg White."

"Thanks Son."

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid that won't be possible," the director said. She still hadn't introduced herself, or asked us to take a seat.

"And just why may I ask would it be impossible for us to visit one of Kyle's friends?" Ryan asked, his tone even and polite, but I could tell he was beginning to get annoyed with the director. Not that I could blame him. The two times I had to sit in her office, I felt as if I was being treated like part of the furniture.

"First of all sir, this home has a policy against having non family members visiting the residents living here. Second of all, I have no idea who you are."

"I see. Let me ask you this then. This home gets the majority of it's funding from the Halton Children's Aid Society, am I correct?"

"Yes sir, you are, and they are the ones who have laid down the rules which we are responsible for enforcing."

"I see. And if I had permission from the Halton Children's Aid society to visit one of your residents, that would alter the circumstances?"

"It would, however I'm afraid I don't know you, so I can't agree to any visitation. Now if you will excuse me, I'm quite busy right now," the director said dismissively.

By now I could tell that Ryan was getting extremely upset with her. I knew that she was rude and uncaring about the children here, but how she was acting towards Ryan was just plain arrogant and snobbish. I bet I could tell what was going through Ryan's mind right now, but whatever it was, it was most likely going to be very unpleasant for the director.

"Very well," Ryan said, turning to leave the room. Then he suddenly turned back before leaving the office. "Oh, by the way," he said getting her attention. "Who is your principal financial donor?"

"Not that I think it's any of your business, but I believe that is Adams Consulting," she replied.

"I might just have to change that then," Ryan said thoughtfully.

"Just what the hell do you mean by that comment, sir? I will have you know that I do not take threats very kindly," she said, standing up from her chair and glaring at Ryan.

"And I do not take kindly to recipients of my donations treating her guests with contempt and arrogance," Ryan said, giving her a glare of his own. It only took her a minute to realize that she wasn't dealing with just anyone, but rather someone who in fact could determine whether or not she had a job.

"You're Ryan Adams?" she said stuttering.

"Yes I am, and I must say, if this is how this home is being operated, I'm having serious doubts about where I'm donating my money to, and I am seriously considering discussing this situation with Mrs. Jacobs from the CAS."

I was having a hard time to keep from laughing right then as I saw the look on her face quickly change from indignation to utter horror at what Ryan was implying.

"Mr. Adams, I owe you an apology," she said, rushing from behind her desk. "Please, forgive me for my behavior. It was uncalled for and unprofessional."

"Yes it was, and I will forgive you your lapse in manners provided you demonstrate that you can be a better host, and prove to me that you are providing the best care for the children under your charge that you can. That includes their security and happiness."

"Yes, of course. I wouldn't think of allowing any of the children here to come to harm."

"I'm glad to hear that, because I believe you are aware of an incident that occurred just over two months ago that require police to interview several of your residents."

"I am. Nothing like that had ever happened here before, and I'm afraid that our floor monitors weren't providing adequate supervision. I can assure you that that has been rectified."

"You do know which incident I am referring to, correct?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, it was the Kyle Turner disappearance."

"I didn't disappear, I ran out of here to protect myself," I said. Right at that moment Mrs. Jacobs walked in the office.

"That you did, Kyle," she said. "Mr. Adams, I apologize for being late."

"That's quite all right," Ryan said, shaking her hand. "As busy as you are, it's a wonder you had time to meet us here at all."

"Nonsense. When I make a promise, I keep it," she said, waving her hand dismissively. "So are you ready to see Greg again Kyle?"

"Oh yeah!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Yes, I think we have everything straightened out here," I said, giving the director one last look before we left the office, leaving the director standing in front of her desk alone in her office.

"What was all that about?" Mrs. Jacobs asked Ryan.

"I got a first hand look at how the director runs this home, and I didn't like it very much. Since I donate a lot to this particular home, I was able to use some leverage to ensure that she changes things around here."

"Oh my!" Mrs. Jacobs exclaimed. "I didn't realize you were the principal financial contributor to the home. Mrs. Hallows is a rather by the book woman. She and I have had a few words to each other. Mostly about the level of attention she gives to the children here. If it wasn't for the fact that she's very good at her job, I think she would have been replaced a long time ago."

"You might want to think about that replacement now," Ryan said.

"I'll take that under consideration, Mr. Adams. I did however receive word that you are pursuing legal action against the home."

"That's right, I am. And after seeing how it is being run, I'm even more determined to continue with it," Ryan said.

"And what about the children who are living here Mr. Adams? Our foster care system is stretched to the limit, most of these children will never be adopted out, and this home is the only place we have, besides one other in Oakville where we can care for them."

"I am aware of that Mrs. Jacobs. You can rest assured that I have no intentions of doing anything that will jeopardize the children in this home. At the same time, I want to make sure they can have a chance to grow up happy and feeling loved, not just cared for by someone who is simply doing a job."

"You are right about that I'm afraid," Mrs. Jacobs admitted. "These children do need love, and a setting like this, with the number of children living here is not exactly the place where they can get that."

"Yes, and it's a situation that I'm hoping I might be able to change," Ryan said.

"Okay, I know that you're a devious business man Mr. Adams, but just what do you have in mind?" Mrs. Jacobs asked.

"I'm thinking that what is needed is a large home with live in foster parents who can be responsible for up to six children. Ever since Kyle entered my life, and I found out how he came to end up in this home, I've been thinking of all the children here who have no family to love them. What they need is a family, and I'm thinking that that is something that needs to change. No Mrs. Jacobs. I will not abandon these children to an uncertain future, but I can't allow them to continue to live in a setting such as this."

"I'm afraid you're right, and if there's anything you can do, you have the complete support of the CAS Mr. Adams," she said.

"Thank you Mrs. Jacobs. But please, call me Ryan."

"All right Ryan, but only if you stop calling me Mrs. Jacobs and call me Anna."

"Deal," Ryan said.

"Do I get to call you Anna too?" I asked her.

"No Sport, you get to call her Mrs. Jacobs," Ryan said, smiling down at me.

"Oh okay," I said, causing the both of them to laugh.

"Don't worry Kyle," Mrs. Jacobs said quietly into my ear. "You can call me Anna when he's not around."

"I heard that!" Ryan said, making me giggle, and Mrs. Jacobs to laugh some more.

We had to climb three sets of stairs to get to the floor where Greg and I used to share a room. Being younger than Ryan and Mr. Jacobs, I of course beat them to the top, and I waited for them to catch up to me.

"You guys are slow!" I complained.

"Well, we all can't be little monkeys like you, now can we?" Ryan said.

"Aw, you're just getting old," I quipped.

"Old huh? Just remember, you and I have a date with Mario Kart later on," Ryan said, smiling at me.

"I promise to go easy on you."

"Aren't you going to help me on this?" Ryan asked Mrs. Jacobs.

"Why? I think it's kind of cute," she said snickering.

"I give up!" Ryan said, throwing his arms up in frustration. It was all an act, and I knew it, but so did Mrs. Jacobs and we both laughed at Ryan. Pretty soon he was laughing along with us.

"Okay Kyle," Ryan said when we had opened the door at the top of the stairs on Greg's floor. We now stood in the hallway, and I saw a young boy about my age walking out of a room at the end of the hall. He closed his door then turned in our direction. Immediately I saw that it was Greg, and I ran up to him as fast as I could.


"Kyle?" the boy asked, looking at me with disbelief. I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around him, giving him a hug. I could feel his arms circle around me, and hold me tight.

"Oh god Greg, I've missed you!" I said, crying on his shoulder.

"I've missed you too Kyle," Greg said, his tears also running down his cheeks and falling onto my shoulders. "Where did you go? What happened to you? I missed you so much, and then I got scared because of Gary and his gang."

I let go of Greg, and held him in front of me with my hands on his shoulders. "I'm sorry Greg, I shouldn't have left you. I should have come found you and taken you away from this place. Gary hurt me, and he hurt me bad. I had to get away, but I didn't mean to leave you. I missed you the whole time I was away. It's just that I was too scared to come back to see you."

"He's disappeared though, just like you did," Greg said.

"What do you mean he disappeared?" Mrs. Jacobs asked.

"I mean, a couple nights ago, he just vanished. He was pretty much confined to his room after dark, and was there after dinner, but when the monitors did their bed checks, Gary was gone."

"Oh my God, that means he could be looking for Kyle!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Calm down Ryan, I'm sure there's a reason that Gary isn't where he's supposed to be right now," Mrs. Jacobs said.

"Kyle, I'm scared. What if he sneaks back into the home and hurts me or one of the kids here? I couldn't let that happen to them.

"Greg, what were you planning on doing?" Ryan asked, suddenly suspicious of what Greg was implying.

"Nothing," he said, refusing to look up at Ryan.

"Greg, please tell me. I promise you that you won't get into any trouble, but I need to know what you were thinking of doing."

"Me and my new room mate were going to leave the home tonight," Greg admitted.

"But why Greg?" I asked. "Gary's not here anymore, so he can't hurt you."

"He could, if he comes back. I had to try to find you Kyle. You were the only one that really played with me, and paid attention to me."

"That's because you're a really cool guy, and I liked you," I said.

"I liked you too Kyle, and I told Adam all about you, and he wanted to try to find you too."

"Adam?" I asked.

"My room mate. He's only eight years old, but he and I have become good friends. I couldn't leave him here alone."

"No of course not Ryan. But running away isn't the answer," Mrs. Jacobs said.

"I know that ma'am, but we were both too old for anyone to want to adopt us, and the home is the only place we had, so there wasn't much else we could do."

"I think I might have a suggestion," Ryan said.

"If you do, I'm all ears," Mrs. Jacob's said.

"Well, I need to talk to Adam, but if you wouldn't mind Anna, I'd like to become both Greg's and Adam's foster parent."

"Ryan, are you sure you are ready to do this? You just took in Ryan, and now you're thinking of adding two more boys to your home? How will you be able to look after them?"

"Actually, I don't foresee any issues with raising all three boys. My home is certainly big enough, and I'm more than able financially to take care of all their needs. But most importantly, I'm looking at Greg here, and I'm seeing how close Kyle and he are, and I can't stand to see them broken up again. Even only being able to see each other for short periods of time would help. It'd break their hearts every time they had to say good bye."

"Dad, you mean it?" I asked, tears again filling Greg's eyes, looking up at me hopefully.

"Yes I do Son. If that's what you want, and what they want as well. They would be your brothers."

"I love you so much Dad!" I cried, wrapping my arms around Ryan.

"I love you too Kyle," Ryan said, bringing his arms around me and rubbing my back, soothingly.

"Sir, does that mean you want to adopt Adam and me?" Greg said, his tone suggesting he didn't believe Ryan.

"Yes it does. I couldn't bear the thought of you being separated again. But I need to talk to Adam to see if it's what he wants," Ryan said.

"Oh it will be!" Greg said excitedly, opening the door to his room. "Adam is right in here. He'll be so happy!"

"Happy about what Greg?" A small voice sounded from inside the room. Ryan, Mrs. Jacobs and I walked into the room, following Greg, where we saw a small boy with short brown hair, and piercing blue eyes looking at all of us. He was dressed in a simple grey t-shirt, with the Toronto Jay's logo the front. He was a little stocky, but despite being a little overweight, he looked to be happy, though a little shy.

"You're not going to believe this Adam!" Greg said, jumping onto Adam's bed where he was sitting. "See that man over there? He's adopting Kyle, you know, the one I told you about? That's him over there," he said, pointing at me.

"Hey Kyle," Adam said, getting up off the bed.

"Hey Adam. I see you have the bed I used to sleep in right by the Window."

"Yeah. You're not here to take me away from Greg are you?" Adam asked worriedly.

"No, no Adam. I wouldn't do that. In fact, this man here is my father, and he wants to talk to you."

"Okay," Adam said, now looking at Ryan.

"How are you doing, Adam?"

"Okay I guess sir," Adam replied.

"Let's take a seat on your bed shall we?" Ryan suggested, sitting on the end of Adam's bed. Adam sat down beside Ryan, though he was looking a little scared.

"You don't have to be afraid Adam," Ryan said, noticing how timid Adam was.

"But you're here to tell me that I have to leave right? That I won't be able to see Greg anymore."

"No, I'm not. But I do want to talk to you about leaving the home. What if I said that both you and Greg could find a new home where you could live as brothers?" Ryan asked.

"That would be awesome!" Adam said, a smile appearing on his face for the first time since we walked into the room.

"What would you say if you could leave here, and you could have another brother as well, and you would all be able to live together and not have to worry about anything other than being good kids and doing good in school?" Ryan asked.

"Gosh! I'd love it sir! I would love to be Greg's brother and live with him. I like him. He looks out for me and doesn't let the older kids tease me or anything."

"Well, I'm glad he does. That's what older brothers do. And so would I," I told Adam.

"You mean you would be my brother too?" Adam asked.

"Yes I would," I replied.

"And that would make all of you my sons," Ryan said. It took a few minutes for what Ryan had said to sink in with Adam, but when it did, it was as if a light bulb had suddenly turned on in his head.

"You want to be my new dad? You really mean that? And Greg and Kyle too?" he asked excitedly, almost jumping on the bed.

"Yes I do. But only if you want me to be. Kyle is already my foster son and I hope to adopt him. I want to do the same for you and Greg as well. My home is big enough for all of us, and we could be a family. I have to tell you something else Adam. I already know that I love both you and Greg. You are really special young men and I would love nothing better than to be your father. What do you say?"

"YIPPEE!!" Adam yelled, jumping over to Ryan and giving him the biggest hug I had ever seen an eight year old give someone.

"I'm taking that as a yes?" Mrs. Jacobs said smiling, wiping a tear from the side of her face.

"I think that's a forgone conclusion," Ryan said, holding onto his new son. "Come here Greg. I mean what I said, that I do love you both."

"Thank you Dad!" Greg said, running up to Ryan and joined Adam in giving their new father a hug. I could hear that one of them was crying, and I suspected that it was Greg. Ryan, I am sure, knew which one it was but never said a thing.

"Well," Interrupted Mrs. Jacobs. "I think the decision has been made here, so I think there is some paperwork that needs to be filled out.

"Okay boys, let me get up so we can make it official," Ryan said. Reluctantly Greg and Adam let him go, but each held onto one of his hands. "There's just one thing that I have to tell you before we do, and I want you to listen to me carefully alright?" Greg and Adam nodded their heads, both of them had tears in their eyes, but they were both smiling.

"I'm gay," Ryan said.

A long silence followed Ryan's comment, which was finally broken by Adam's little voice. "Does that mean that you love other men like a mom and a dad love each other?"

"Yes it does. How did you know that?" Ryan asked.

"Oh I heard a few of the kids here talking about gay people." Adam replied.

"Well, I don't know what you heard from the other children in the home, but essentially that's what it means. I'm only attracted to other men. Do either of you have a problem with the fact that I'm gay?" Ryan asked.

"I don't. My uncle was gay, and he had a boyfriend. I loved my uncle very much, and I still do. He and I used to have so much fun together playing in the sandbox or at the pool and stuff. I heard some people calling my uncle names just because of who he loved. Why do people do that?" Greg asked.

"I don't know son," Ryan said. "All I can tell you is that people fear what they don't understand, and not many people can understand how a man can fall in love with another man."

"Well, I think it's stupid. You should be able to love whoever you want," Greg said.

"I think it's stupid too. Some of the guys here were talking bad about gay people, but Greg told me about his uncle and how nice he was, so I don't mind you being gay at all," Adam said.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Greg asked.

"Not yet Greg, though I did meet someone I like very much."

"Yeah, and if they start dating and become boyfriends, it'd be like we have two dads," I said, giggling.

"Oh yeah!" Adam said. "You mean I get to have two dads?"

"Maybe son, but for now, lets just get you all registered as my foster sons, then we can go out to do some shopping to fill your rooms," Ryan said.

"Alright boys, if there is anything here that you own that you would like to take with you, I would suggest you pack now," Mrs. Jacobs said.

Greg and Adam both scrambled to the closet and dresser to pull out their clothes and toys. Each boy had a large bag that they began to fill with all their belongings. They had so much stuff that at first, I didn't think any of it was going to fit. Adam had this really nice teddy bear that he said he sleeps with at night. It kind of reminded me of the bear I had when I was living with my mom, and I was glad that he had something he could sleep with at night when he needed it.

With Ryan's help, both Greg's and Adam's bags were closed. Adam's was too heavy for Adam to carry, so I picked it up for him, leaving him to carry his teddy bear with me.

"You know, Mrs. Hallows isn't going to like this," Mrs. Jacobs said to Ryan.

"Mrs. Hallows isn't going to have a very good summer, I expect," Ryan said. "Taking in Greg and Adam as well as Kyle is the right thing to do. I couldn't see them split up. Just look at them, and how they are. If those aren't brothers, then I don't know what is," Ryan said, nodding his head in our direction as we made our way down the stairs.

"You are right about that. They almost look the same too," Mrs. Jacobs pointed out.

"That they do," Ryan agreed.

When we reached Mrs. Hallows' office, she was still there and doing her usual paperwork. I was beginning to think that this woman's life was nothing but paperwork. Ryan knocked on the office door to get her attention, and the five of us walked into her office.

"Just what is going on here?" she demanded.

"Mrs. Hallows," Ryan said. "I have decided to foster these two boys."

"There are proper channels for that Mr. Adams. You can't just come in here and decide to take two children from this home without properly applying to become a foster parent."

"Excuse me Mrs. Hallows, but he is already a foster parent, and he does have CAS approval."

"I don't care if he has approval from God himself. I don't see an application form on this desk, and until I do, no one is being taken from this home."

"Mrs. Hallows, these children are wards of the CAS, which I am the director of. The CAS has final say with regards to placement of children, either in or out of this home."

'But..." Mrs. Hallows started.

"No buts. As director of the Halton CAS, I am authorizing Mr. Adams to foster these two boys. I would advise you not to fight me on this. We are going to complete the paperwork to make it official, and to sign these two boys out of the home."

With that, Mrs. Jacobs opened up the case she had brought with her, and took out a stack of papers on the desk in front of Ryan. The stack was similar to the one she had taken out when Ryan signed to become my dad.

"Alright Mr. Adams. It looks like your hand is going to get a work out today, since you have to fill out two of these forms."

"It's worth it," Ryan said simply and began to fill out and sign the forms Mrs. Jacobs had placed in front of him.

It must have taken him at least an hour to get through all the forms, but when he finally finished signing the last one, he threw down the pen and looked at the three of us.

"Well boys. It's official. All three of you are now my foster sons," Ryan said.

"Thank you Dad," I said, tears running down my face. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Son. I love all of you."

Editor's Notes:
Oh my goodness, that was pretty darn kewl. Let's show that snotty bitch what child care should be about. I had tears in my eyes several times in this wonderful chapter. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. I'm still kind of worried for the boys, though, what with Gary being loose on the streets. He could still cause some problems. I'm sure that Ryan will be careful, and keep an eye out for any danger, but he can't be more than one place at a time. Oh well, see you next time.

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