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"My name is Danny Rockwell and I am here to see how my background check went. Is Mrs. Wilson in." Children services division does everything but take a DNA sample in their checks.

"Yes Danny I will tell her you are here." Even though I have a PHD in child Psychology I don't have people refer to me as doctor. I am only 25 and just graduated last Spring so I am really wet behind the ears, so to speak.

"Well hello Danny please come in. Everything came back with flying colors. Now let's see you have a doctorate in child Psychology and you are opening a training school for falconry. Can I ask you why?"

"Well Mrs. Wilson I have a firm believe that in order to reach children at their level one has to show something in common. Anyone coming to me will have an interest in falconry or they wouldn't come. I will be accepting applicants from all over the country and charging the same as you pay $750 a month for their room and board. I have built 10 rooms to date and can always add more. I accept boys from 10 to 18. This seems to be the age that a lot of children get off the track so to speak. I have always had an interest in falconry and thought that it would be a good common interest. The boys will catch their own sparrow hawk and train them under my supervision. It will keep them so busy they don't have time to get off track. That is why I will accept boys from you. Many of them need what I have to offer having never had a common interest with an adult."

"Wow! That is quite a mouthful. But, you know it does make sense. What do I find out from prospects?"

"Just ask them if they would like to learn about falconry?"

"That should be enough. They either will or they won't. I will accept boys who have led troubled lives as well, as this will take them off their old track and on hopefully to something new, and lead them into the type of person that society needs. Someone with an interest in something other than getting into trouble. As you well know when children have nothing to do they sometimes get in trouble."

"Well you certainly have the school background for leading them in the right direction. That is for sure. I will start asking boys that I think deserve this chance and let you know when I find anyone."

"Thank you Mrs. Wilson. And now I must go I have another few places to get to today."

"Yes Danny thank you for stopping by. You have my number but here is my card." Danny took it and gave her one of his. It was impressive with his full name and PHD behind it.

He left and really had to get home. He had been to the sheriff's office and also the police chiefs office with the same information and they were all for giving a boy a chance if he had the interest in learning falconry.

I had put ads in three major city news papers too. There are always a few wealthy couples just looking for a way to get their boys out of the house.

The bedrooms had a common bathroom between them. Each bedroom housed only one boy so he could have privacy. The rooms had an inside door to the hall and the main house, and also a door that led them directly outside to a mew. Each room had its own mew. (Mew is a place you keep a hawk in falconry language) The mew areas were separated by walls so that one bird couldn't see any others. The perch was placed well away from the bedroom door so that the bird wouldn't be startled and abate when the boy came out. (When a bird abates he hangs himself from the jess which is attached to the perch. (A jess is a term in falconry for a leather strap that is fastened around the birds leg and the other end has a clip on it to hook it to the perch)

I hadn't been home a half hour when the phone rang. I answered, "Rockwell School of Falconry, how may I help you."

A mans voice introduced himself as Norman Sutherland. He had a boy who was 12 and had always liked books about falcons. "Do you have any openings Mr. Rockwell."

"Actually I do. I charge $750 a month room and board. Everything including the falcon is supplied. And incidentally, just for the formality I am a doctor of child Psychology and use this as a common interest to talk to the boys on their level. Hoping to make some fine citizens out of them."

"Oh I didn't know you had such credentials that makes me feel even better about sending Peter to a strange place in a far off state. How close is Idaho Falls to Pocatello?"

"About an hours drive north by freeway."

"Oh that must be nice country."

"Yes it isn't far from the northern fir and pine trees. When would you want Peter to come."

"Well we have our own private jet so I could fly him out when ever you can take him."

"Well he would be welcome tonight if he were here but I will let you decide when it would be most convenient for you."

"Well I will call my pilot and ask him if he could make the trip some time this week. How long can Peter stay with you?"

"As long as you want. If he is here during the school year the boys attend the appropriate school. The bus stops right in front of my falconry school."

"Fine then I will leave it up to him. When he wants to come home I can send the jet for him."

"OK just call me and tell me when he will be arriving and I will pick him up. I will be holding a sign with Rockwell School of Falconry on it so he can easily find me."

"Fine I will call my pilot right now as soon as we hang up and get back to you later this evening."

"That will be fine. Good Bye then."

Gosh not only did I have my first student but he was rich. Not that it mattered to me. I had all the money my grandfather left to me and all the rest of the family in his will. My share is enough for two lifetimes. I hadn't bought a large van yet so I thought that would be a good way for Peter and I to get acquainted. I would buy it after I picked him up.

I sat down to have a cup of green tea and relax. I had never told anyone but inside I was a boy lover. I had been gay since I can remember and had much gay experiences while in school mainly with guys my age or a couple years younger. I had to be careful how I handled these boys as I wouldn't want any trouble with a parent or the law.

Later that evening the phone rang and It was Norman Sutherland. His pilot would be taking off at 10 in the morning and estimated Idaho Falls at 12:15. I told him I would be there with my sign.

The next day I was at the airport by noon. I had a cup of coffee while waiting for his plane. I could see the runway so I was sure I could spot a private jet when it landed. Sure enough at 12:15 the plane touched the ground. I got up and went to the unloading area and waited with my sign in front of me. When they walked out of the plane I saw them coming. The boy was dressed like little Lord Fauntleroy. Short black pants, white shirt and tie. I couldn't believe anyone would want to dress a 12 year old boy that way. Since his father was wealthy and probably married a doll I expected him to be good looking. And my expectations were certainly fulfilled. He was sandy haired, and when he got closer I could see his blue green eyes. He was beautiful as I had imagined. They saw my sign and came right over to me. The pilot introduced me to master Peter. I said, "Well hello Peter welcome to Idaho Falls."

He nervously said "Thanks."

I told the pilot that my car was outside and we needed to load his luggage. The pilot picked one bag up and I picked up the other. We headed for the car and placed it in the trunk. Then the pilot said, "Well master Peter I do hope you like it here. If not you just call and I will come and get you OK?"

"OK." the boy replied.

"Well good bye until I see you again. I have to get the plane back as you know your father needs me to take him to New York tonight."

"Well thank you for bringing Peter I am sure he will enjoy his stay."

With that I got in the car and Peter went around and got in to the passenger side. "Gosh, you mean you drive yourself."

"Sure since I was 16 Peter."

"Well it is just that I have always gone everywhere with a driver in a limousine. Not that I prefer that but it was the way I was brought up. Sometimes my tutor would take me places too. I have been home schooled which I really didn't like because I never got to meet any other kids."

"Well you will certainly be meeting kids at the ranch. You are my first student. I just opened the facility. For that reason I thought maybe you could help me pick out an 8 passenger van. That will be necessary when we get a lot of boys at the ranch. Would you mind helping me?" I knew this would give him a feeling of importance.

"Gosh yes, I would love that."

"Well the Ford agency is right down the road. We will stop and see if anything they have interest us. If not we will try Chevrolet."

I pulled into the Ford agency and parked near the vans. Of course I was barely out of the car when a salesman approached me. I was expecting that.

"Good afternoon how can I help you?"

"Well I am the owner, operator of the new School of Falconry and I need an 8 passenger van. Do you have any?"

"Yes as a matter of fact we have 5 right now. They are in the back row." He took us over to where they were and stood back as we looked. I watched Peter's beautiful blue green eyes get wide as he looked at all of them.

We went right down the line with the salesman pointing out different features. They all had TV/VCR's in the back behind the drivers seat. This really impressed Peter. The salesman said, "Basically they are pretty much the same. It's just the colors that are different."

Peter looked them all over and finally said, "I sure like the red one do you?"

"Yes Peter I was hoping that would be the one you chose. I like that one best too."

I asked the salesman if he had anyone that could drive my new Cadillac home for me. He said, "Yes we could do that for you."

"Well let's go in and talk about price with the sales manager then."

After about 10 minutes of bargaining I finally agreed on a cash price. They weren't use to cash deals so they seemed to like that part. I wrote out a check and naturally they had to call my bank to verify it. The man at the bank said that the check was good and that if I wanted to I could buy every car agency in town.

"Well no problem there Danny I will have my service man drive your car home and another one follow to bring him back so as not to inconvenience you."

"Well that sounds good. Then we will just leave your luggage in the Cadillac Peter. And we will drive home in the new van. You like that?"

"Oh yea. I am so use to long black limousines it will be a ball."

We got in and drove on home. My car was left where I told him to put it in the garage and I parked the Van in front. "Now let's take your luggage to your new room Peter."

"OK Mr...I don't know your last name sir."

"Well it is Rockwell but to you I am Danny OK?"

"Wow! I have never been able to call an adult by their first name before. Well Danny I'm ready when you are."

I put my arm around him and gave him a hug. "Gosh, that is the first hug I have had in a long time."

"Well get used to it because I am a hugger."

I took him to the first room on the right side. When we went in his eyes got real big. "Wow! This is a lot bigger than I had imagined."

"Yes Danny the rooms are nice size as you will probably spend some time in here. You have a couch to sit on to watch your TV and have a place for friends to join you. Then your computer is over on the desk.

"Gosh my own computer. I am good on computers."

"Well unless you say something to your father there is no child restriction on it. You can get any site on line. If you say something and your father ask me to put the restriction on it I will have to."

"All of our computers that I could use had restrictions on them so I really don't know what they are for. And as far as my telling my father anything I learned a long time ago to keep my mouth shut. It makes life for me a lot easier. What do the restrictions do anyway?"

"Well they just keep you from seeing adult sites, like sex sites with lots of pictures of nude boys and girls and men and women."

"Really they put that on line."

"Oh yes Danny there are over a million of them on line."

"And you wouldn't be mad if you caught me looking at one of them?"

"No your old enough to start learning about life as it is, at least for some people. Does it ever bother you that an adult can't tell you anything about sex without getting in trouble?"

"Yea it does. Why should it be so hush hush. I don't know anything about sex as it just wasn't talked about in our house."

"Yes Peter that is the way it is in a lot of houses. But here you can ask me anything and I will give you a straight forward answer. Of course only if you keep it between you and me and no one else."

"Like I said, I just don't repeat things. So you don't have to worry about what you tell me. Can I ask you how you find the sites with adult stuff on them. Especially nude boys."

"Well turn on your computer. It is on cable so it is always on line. Now go to which is a major search engine."

When he got go ole up I told him to type in nude boys. Of course a hundred sites showed up. "Now click on any one of them they are all different. However, you should know that only over 18 age boys can be shown by law."

He clicked on on site. I said, "Now click on preview."

When he did the screen filled with thumbnail pictures of nude young guys. I liked this site myself and found myself getting hard. "Now if you click right on any picture it will blow up full size."

"He clicked on a blond boy in his underware pulling it down to show his dick in front."

"Gosh, I never knew this stuff was on a computer. This boy is good looking. And you can see his dick and he has a boner."

"Very common Peter. There are over a million such pictures on line. Many of the sites only show you really nude boys if you pay to become a member."

He heard me but had already pushed back and was clicking on another picture of a guy leaning over showing off his ass. You could see his ass hole. I glanced down and saw Peter had a boner poking straight up in his shorts making a tent.

"I see you are enjoying these. Look at you lap."

He blushed and said, "Yea it gave me a woody already."

Well you can look at more pictures later. Right now let me show you around the ranch. I didn't want to lead into being sexual with him until I knew him a little better. But we both had hard ons and it was obvious. I had a tent in front too.

We stood up and he said, "Danny you have a tent too."

"Yes Peter that is normal when one is looking at or talking about sexual things."

"Gosh, mine only had a boner at home when I got up in the morning."

"That is because you weren't exposed to sexual thoughts or material during the day right."

"Oh yea. Never. You didn't even dare say the word sex in my house."

"Well lets change the subject before I cum in my pants OK."

"What's cum mean?"

"Wow! You really haven't been exposed to the real world. Kids in school all know that word and many others. If you like I can tell you some of them sometime and what they mean. Cum is a word that is used for sperm. And sperm is the stuff that shoots out of your dick after puberty, which happens about your age. Sperm makes babies when a man shoots it up in a woman's Virgina. That is the hole she has in front that she doesn't pee through."

"Really my dad did that to make me?"

"Yes, and since it is so pleasurable he probably does it several times a week with your mom."

"Why don't we have a house full of kids then. I am an only child which I hate."

"Well there are things a woman can do to keep from getting pregnant and your mother may take birth control pills to avoid getting pregnant again."

"Gee Danny you are the first adult I have ever been able to talk to. You are really cool. I like you a lot and I just got here."

"Well thank you Danny. I already like you a lot too." With that I gave him a real hug for about 5 seconds.

"Oh that feels so good. I never got hugged like that at home."

"Well Peter get used to it because I hug people I like. Let me show you your mew where you will keep your sparrow hawk when we catch it."

I opened his outside door to a beautiful yard scene. And showed him the perch over where I had put it. He went over and looked it over. "Gosh I can hardly wait until I have my own real live hawk."

"Well Peter you must first read a book on falconry and then take a 50 question test. You must pass it with 80% or better to qualify for being a hawker. The game warden and I devised the test so that anyone handling a hawk will know what they are doing."

"I have already read some about hawks. Where is the book I have to study?"

I led him back in his room and took it out of the top desk drawer. It was entitled "All about the Sparrow Hawk."

"You can get started reading it right after I finish the tour. Now I will show you the rest of the house. As we stepped into the hallway I pointed out to him the other 9 rooms. I told him they were just like his. Then I took him down the hall which led right into my house. This is the kitchen. And right next to it is the dinning room where you and the other boys will all eat. I have hired a young gentleman to cook meals for us and he has his own room upstairs. He will only be around when preparing meals and serving them. Then after clean up he will return to his room which is equipped just like yours with a TV and a computer. He has several games he plays on his play station 2. You will have a play station 2 also when you have completed passing your test. It would not be good to give it to you before because it might draw your attention away from the real reason you are here."

"Yea I like play station 2. I did have one of those."

"Here is the living room. As you can see it has several couches and chairs so that when there are a bunch of boys that want to watch TV with me they can. They can also watch what they want in their rooms, it is up to them.

"Now comes the part I am sure you will like." I opened a door and flipped the switch and a water fall started which drained into an Olympic size pool I had added. It was beautiful with all the colored lights on the falls and around the room.

His eyes lit up and he was all smiles. "When can we use it?"

"Well during free time or at night. The only rule is you must never NEVER, swim alone. And if there are only two of you you must swim using the buddy system staying together in case one of you gets in trouble. See the roof. It pulls back automatically if I push this button." When I pushed the button the roof started folding and soon was open to the sunshine.

"That is the coolest thing I have ever seen Danny. Could we go swimming now?"

"Well if that is what you would like sure."

"Gosh I hope they packed my bathing suit I hardly ever got to use it."

"Well since only boys use the pool we just skinny dip."

"You mean swim naked."

"That's right. Let's take off our clothes and put them on a chair." I started undressing and undressed fast so he would see there was nothing embarrassing about it. He started to loosen his tie and took it off. Then he went ahead and got undressed to his undershorts. He took a deep breath and pulled his underware off. He was blushing a Little. As his dick was starting to get hard again.

"You have a real nice body Peter. At least here you will be able to show it off. And don't worry about the boner I have a half one myself."

He looked at my uncut dick and got hard instantly. He also was uncut which I knew I would enjoy. He was about 5 inches which is good for a boy of 12. I noticed a few hairs above his dick. This boy probably would be able to cum and he didn't even know it. I was sure when the right time came I would be showing him a few things. "Are you a good swimmer Peter?"

"Pretty good I took swimming lessons a year or so ago."

"Well lets dive in then." I dove in and he followed. He really liked the skinny dipping I could tell. I swam over to the falls and climbed a ladder and slid down the slide that was part of the falls. It was a lot of fun. He followed me up and took a deep breath and came down after me. "Gee that is super. I love this place."

"I'm glad Peter as I sure wouldn't want you to leave. I really like you. You too are cool."

"Gosh thanks Danny."

"Lets go down to the shallow end and you can dive off my shoulders." I swam down to where I could just touch and took hold of him when he got there as it was over his head by far. I told him to climb up on my shoulders when I squatted down. I went down under water and felt his feet on my shoulders. To help him balance I took hold of his legs before I started standing up. I came up slow and that put him way up in the air. He dove in and came up laughing. "That was so cool. Can I do it again."

"Sure until I get tired."

He must have dove off my shoulders 5 times when I said, "That's enough for now I think I will get out and lay in the sun for a while. He followed me out and lay on a towel as close to me as he could get. It wasn't long before he had another boner. He certainly wasn't use to being naked. Of course that made me hard too. But I just ignored it. I turned on my back so he could get a good look at my 6 inches uncut. My dick was slender too so it was easy on someone when I fucked them. I had plans for a cherry picking with Peter but not today. The right time would come. After sunning both sides we went back in the house sun dried. I told him to carry his clothes to his room and he could put on something more comfortable. He wasn't sure what I meant as I guess the way he was dressed was uniform of the day at home. I told him to put on his shorts and shirt and we were going for a ride.

When we were both dressed I took him into town and spent a couple hundred dollars on him getting him 7 shirts he picked out and three pairs of Levi shorts so he could fit in in this part of the country. He put on one of his new outfits and looked at me beaming. "Hows this Danny?"

"Oh you look good enough to eat. And by the way it is about dinner time why don't we stop and get a bite before going home."

He was all for that so I paid for the clothes and loaded them in the van. Then I took him to a nice restaurant and he was used to nice places so it was no big deal really. We ordered steak and lobster. And he put all of his down. "That was so good Danny. We don't have steak like that where I eat at home."

"Well I am glad you liked it. Now what you say we go home and have a good evening. I have many video tapes I will let you choose one you like or haven't seen OK?

"OK Danny. Gosh this is so cool. I never want to leave here."

(to be continued)

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