"Pete would you check and make sure we have plenty of burlap sacks. We never know when we might see a batch of sparrows and need more sacks. Also, make sure the sparrow trap is loaded. Be sure and put a nice healthy mouse in the sparrow hawk trap. You know it is kinda hard on a mouse hitting the ground at 10 mph."

"OK Danny I'll get right on it."

"Now Kyle would you do a head count and tell me when we have everyone ready to go. I'll finish my coffee."

Kyle went in the living room and went after the boys that weren't there yet. Soon he reported to Danny that all were there and ready.

"Fine Kyle I guess we might as well load up." They headed out for the van and soon everyone was in and ready to go. They all loved catching the hawks. Danny drove out the same country road. It seemed to always have plenty of hawks. After about 2 miles Kyle said, "There's one," and rolled down his window and got ready to throw the trap. When he was right abreast the hawk he let the trap fly. It of course, landed on it's bottom. By the time Danny could see it in the rear view mirror the hawk was trapped. He quickly turned the van around and got out to untangle the hawk from the lassos. He had gotten himself in two of them. He took hold of him with the gauntlet by the wings and slid him gently into a burlap sack. "Well we have one boys. One to go."

The mouse was OK except for looking a little dizzy. But they turned the van again and continued on their journey. One of the boys yelled "Hey what kinda hawk is that big one?"

"Kevin that is a red tail hawk. They are true hawks and fight with their talons. Should we try the trap or just skip him?"

Every boy in the van said, "Try the trap."

The Red Tailed hawk was a male and on top of a telephone pole. So as they went by slowly Kyle sailed out the trap. They kept driving and by the time Danny could see the trap the Red tail was caught. Boy this was a lot more than he bargained for. He turned around and got out to approach the Red Tail cautiously as those talons were weapons that could kill any prey they sank into. A Red tail doesn't use his mouth to bite except to eat. So that end is safe. Danny was nervous. He put on both gauntlets and told Kyle to follow with a sack. Danny went down and got one talon loose and it sank into the gauntlet. Danny could feel the ends of the talons and was glad that he had good heavy gauntlets. He got his other talon loose and now had two gauntlets caught by talons. He pushed the head of the hawk into the sack and when it got dark the talons let go. Quickly Kyle tied the top of the sack and put it in the van. He was a lot heavier than the sparrow hawk by far. Every one was excited and they continued on to get one more sparrow hawk as Danny would handle the Red Tail himself. He was too dangerous to let the kids mess with him. Soon they saw another sparrow hawk and easily caught it. So now they had all the hawks and headed back toward Idaho Falls and home.

As they got to the sparrow field it was covered so Danny left the air on in the van for the sake of the bagged hawks comfort and said, "Well boys shall we get a few sparrows?"

Now they were all excited and got out where Danny had pulled on down with the van. Kyle took the sparrow trap and the seeds and slowly approached the batch of sparrows. Of course they all flew up into the tree so he set the trap flat and sprinkled seeds around it and a lot on the trap itself and than quickly made for the cover of the van with the rest of the boys. They all waited a good 10 minutes before a sparrow finally came down and found the seeds around the trap. The others followed the leader and soon were all on the ground around the trap. Soon one made the deadly error and stepped into a lasso. He was caught and flapped a few times. But he just sat there after that trying to figure out what was holding him. Soon the trap was filling up and all the sparrows were caught in the first step they took. After a short time all that were going to get on the trap had done so so Danny, Kyle and all the boys took gunny sacks and went and started undoing the sparrows one by one and sacking them up. When all the sparrows had been freed and sacked they put them in the back of the cool van and all headed home so excited some of the boys had to pee. So Danny pulled over and they got out and peed on a tree. They were way out in the country so it was perfectly OK.

When they were back in the van they headed home. When Danny got there he started issuing orders. He told Pete and Kevin to unload the sparrows into the cage. Then he told Roger and Frankie to get their sparrow hawks and he would help put on their jess'. It wasn't long before both sparrow hawks had been fitted with Jess's, and Danny followed the boys to make sure they hooked them properly to their perches in their own mews. After that he told them to watch them close for abating for the next couple hours. Then Kyle and he Took the Red Tail to the work bench where the raw leather was kept. And Danny made a jess the size a Red Tail Hawk would need. Much bigger than a sparrow hawk jess. He put on both gauntlets to be safe and reached around the hawks wings from outside the bag and worked a talon out the bottom of the bag. Then he hooked the jess to the leg and made sure it was fast good. He took him to an empty room and to the mew there. And hooked his Jess to the perch and then slid the bag off the hawk. The Red Tail abated immediately so Danny let him hang there for a 30 second period to see how much fun it was to hang up side down. Then he reached down and got the Red Tail on his gauntlet and up righted him. He offered the perch again forcing him off by pushing against the perch and hitting the red tails chest. This forced the Red Tail to either abort again or step onto the small perch. He decided to step onto the perch. He stayed there this time.

Kyle said, "Boy that was some show Danny. Do you think he will abate again?"

"Every bird is different Kyle he might or he might not after hanging there for so long. But we must keep watch on him for at least two hours."

"Kyle later on we are going to have to get some raw liver from the grocery store and some fur. I think we still have some in the garage. Red Tails have to cast every day to stay healthy just like the sparrow hawks. (Casting is throwing up fur and bones in a tight ball each day)

"Well Kyle why don't you get us a coke and we will sit her on this mew and drink them while we watch the bird."

Kyle returned with the cokes and it looked like one abating was going to be all it would take. But they still had to watch him for two hours and then periodically until they were sure he was safe.

"Well Kyle this has been quite a day. We will have to do a feeding pretty soon. Maybe if you wouldn't mind you could watch the Red Tail while I help with the feeding. We won't feed any new bird until tomorrow as for sure they will be sharp set. We should however, weigh them in to see what they weighted from the wild. Oh and another thing we should get the contractor to build some rabbit hutches so we can buy up a supply of rabbits for Rusty. Liver will work but it isn't a long term diet."

"Yea that is a good idea. Say Danny I was wondering could you tuck me in tonight. I need you bad."

"Yes Kyle I feel the same way. I have been glancing at your crotch while we have been sitting here."

"Man thanks that gives me something to look forward to."

"Say Kyle do you think we should hold up tomorrows feeding until Joey gets here so he can start right off watching falconry in action?"

"Yes that is a super idea Danny."

"Well I'll go and get the feeding over with with the birds in training now if you will watch Rusty. There I named him."

"Yes I will watch Rusty for you."

"Why don't we say Rusty is our hawk, Kyle and Danny's hawk OK?"

"Yea I like that."

Danny left to get the feeding underway.

Danny went to Roger's mew first. "How is he doing Roger?"

"Oh it looks like he decided not to abate any more. Oh and Danny I named him Sky boy. Is that a good name?"

"Oh yes Roger that is a cool name. Kyle and I named the Red Tail Rusty. What do you think of that name?"

"Hey that's cool too."

"Roger we won't be feeding Sky boy until tomorrow when he is sharp set. We thought it would be good for the new boy Joey from Australia to see training from the beginning. Now get a scale and let's get Sky boy's caught weight."

"Danny came back with the scale and put on a gauntlet and tried to get Sky boy to transfer to the gauntlet. Sky boy just abated. So Danny told him to take him gently by the wings and set him on the scales. He did and Sky boy stayed on the scales. They took his weight and wrote it on Danny's record book. Then Danny tried again pushing against Sky boy's breast and Sky boy climbed on, not liking it at all but it was better than that abating stuff. Danny transferred him to the perch which he gladly got off on.

"Well Danny I'll catch you later. I have to go and see how Frankie is doing with his sparrow hawk."

"Hello Frankie how are things going?"

"OK now but he abated 3 times before he settled down. Incidentally I named him LAUNCH. Is that an OK name?"

"Sure Launch is a good name. Say I wanted to tell you that we won't be feeding Launch until after Joey gets in from Australia tomorrow so he can see what we do right from the start."

"That's a great idea Danny."

"Now Frankie will go and get a scales we will weigh Launch and get his weight when caught so we can tell when he is sharp set."

Frankie left and came back with one of the scales. "Now put on this gauntlet and try to get him to get on it by pressing on his breast. It will be get on or abate so let's see what happens."

Frankie pushed against his breast and he stepped onto he gauntlet. He had had enough of that abating stuff. Frankie put him on the scale and Danny recorded the weight. Then he got right back on Frankie's gauntlet and back on his perch. "Well Frankie it looks like you are well on your way to a trained sparrow hawk."

"That made Frankie really smile. He was so happy it was all over his face and showed in his eyes."

Danny told him he was going to the first feeding of the day at Pete's mew. So Danny left and headed for Pete. He was in on his computer. "Pete it is time to feed Ready."

"Oh good, should I get two mice Danny?"

"Yes in two separate small bags."

Danny stepped out in the hall and Yelled "FEEDING TIME AT PETE'S MEW." That brought out a few boys that wanted to watch but most boys couldn't leave the bird they were watching for abating.

"Here are the two paper sacks and two mice." Pete said.

"Good then let's get started. Today we are going into another faze of feeding. You will start him learning how to "weight on". He already knows how from the wild but has never done it with you. So when he is about 20 feet from you in flight for the gauntlet take the mouse by the tail and throw it as high as you can in the air in front of him. He will have the safety line so we can't loose him so don't worry."

"Wow! that sounds exciting."

Danny held Ready and waited for Pete to get across the field. When Pete sounded his horn Ready was airborne. What a beautiful soaring sight these birds make. When he was about 20 ft from Pete, Pete took the mouse by the tail and threw it a lot higher than I thought he could. Ready altered course and went sharply up and caught the mouse in mid air taking it to the ground. Pete went over and took control of the jess as Ready was eating the mouse. Then he brought him back to me. We repeated the same thing. Except this time Ready was anticipating the throw and flew way high instead of at the gauntlet. Pete again threw the mouse by it's tail really high but Ready was "Waiting on" and caught it in mid air and brought it to the ground as a mouse is to heavy to fly with. Pete had control of the situation really fast when Ready started eating. He got him on the gauntlet, mouse and all and walked the long distance back across the field. By the time he got to the mew Ready had finished the mouse and got off on the perch. Pete snapped the jess to the eye ring and removed the safety string at the same time.

"That was magnificent Pete. I am so proud of you and Ready."

Pete was bursting at the seams. Since all the boys had moved on to Lloyd's mew Pete followed Danny into his room. Danny gave him a big hug which really pleased Pete and then fell back on the bed with Pete. He reached down and got Pete instantly hard. "Oh Danny I haven't felt so good since way back when you took my cherry." Danny rubbed him for about three minutes and then had to go on to the next feeding. "Pete would you like me to come back and see you after the last feeding?"

"Oh gosh yes, would you."

"I'll be here and we will shut both your doors and have some privacy."

"Oh Danny I can hardly wait."

"I am looking forward to it too Pete, I'll see you in about 30."

"Lloyd today we are going to teach Vertigo to "wait on" so bring two paper sacks with a live mouse in each and we will get started."

Danny handed the gauntlet to Kevin who was standing there and told him to safety line Vertigo and get him on his gauntlet. So when Lloyd returned the same sequence was followed with the two mice as was with Pete and Ready. Vertigo put on quite a show. Danny hugged Lloyd as a way of congratulations and then gave a big hug to Kevin. "Kevin when are you going to take your test and get a hawk?"

"I'm ready just scared to try."

"Well better to try and fail than to never try at all Kevin."

"Yea your right."

"I want you to take your test tomorrow and we will catch your hawk when we bring Joey back from the airport. That will add to the thrill of the feedings he will see."

"OK I'll be ready, I promise Danny."

"Good now I have to go to Brian's mew and repeat this whole thing."

After finishing up with Brian and Astro, Danny gave him a big hug of congratulations on his birds "waiting on" and then headed for Pete's room without saying anything to anyone.

Danny knocked on Pete's door and when Pete came he was shirtless and all smiles. "Come on in Danny I could hardly wait." They closed both doors and started undressing.

"OK Pete what do you want to do?"

"Let's go through some pictures on a site I found and do all of them."

"Show me the site and what you want."

"Well Danny I have the site in my favorites it will only take a minute. Here it is. Now they show thumbnail pictures until we click on one we want to see. Let's look at this one." It showed a guy giving head to another guy.

"OK Pete let's go over on your bed. I think we can handle that. But instead of one going 1st and the other going 2nd why don't we 69, you know like head to foot."

"Yea I like that. I think we did that before. I'll let you have the pillow end. Hand me the other pillow and I will do the other end."

They got into position and Danny could tell this kid had grown since the last time. After all it had been several months. His 5 inches uncut had grown to almost 6 inches. Danny loved sucking on him uncut because his foreskin would slip back and forth and that was fun for Danny and seemed to be for Pete. Danny really got going on him. He couldn't remember if he could cum the 1st time or not but he has hair on his pubes now and should be able to. Pete was going ape shit on Danny and had him down his throat. He slipped up and down deep throating Danny and Danny was really having great feelings too. They kept at this for about 5 minutes and Danny stopped and said, "Pete can you cum now?"

"Yea, it is so neat."

"Well then why don't we stop sucking and do another picture because if we allow ourselves to cum we won't want to continue now."

"Yea your right. I never thought of that."

They checked out the next picture and Pete wanted to try tongue fucking. Danny agreed and ask him who he wanted to go first.

"Will you go first Danny?"

"Sure little buddy lay down on your bed on your stomach and spread your legs real wide." When he did Danny licked all the way from his balls to the top of his crack and back. Stopping on the hole and pushing on his way by. After three or four full sweeps he stopped on the hole and said, "Push out real hard Pete." When he did he forked his tongue and pushed it in and out until he was getting really inside Pete. Pete was going ape shit.

"Oh man good...oh love this...Uhhhhhh.. ohhhhhhh....ahhhhhh..."

Pete was making sounds like he was getting pretty close to coming so Danny said, "Hey buddy maybe you better take your turn now before you accidentally cum."

"Yea your right. Man I was close."

Danny layed on his stomach and spread his legs. Danny had very little anal hair. Pete started in at his balls and tongued them for a little bit and then moved along the crack to the top just like Danny did. Each time he went by the hole he pushed and kept going. After a few times he stopped and told Danny to push out. Then with his little tongue forked he started tongue fucking Danny.

"Oh God I can really feel that.. Man your a pro...ahhhh...stick that tongue in deep....oohhhhhh....yea."

The more Danny bragged about how good he was doing the deeper he got. Pretty soon he was hitting close to the prostate and Danny knew he was gone if he did. "OK buddy we better go to the next thing that feels so good I'm gonna cum if you keep it up."

So the next picture showed finger fucking and Danny loved to do that and have it done to him. So they went back to the bed and he handed Pete the KY and told him to go first. Pete stuck his middle finger in and boy Danny could really feel it now he had grown there too. Pete was really reaching the edge of his colon and finger fucking him hard.

"Go to two fingers Pete."

Pete put in two fingers and started really going at it. He hit the prostate once in a while sending Danny into lightning heaven. Then he put in three fingers and didn't slow down. Danny was really enjoying this. Man could this kid finger fuck. When he hits the prostate once in a while it is almost over for me. "OK Pete my turn. I am afraid as good as you are I'm going to cum."

Danny really liked this kid as he was so cute. His sandy hair and blue green eyes really turned Danny on. Danny stuck his tongue in Pete's mouth and they got into a French kiss that got both of them dripping precum like mad. It lasted at least 10 minutes. Then Danny rolled Pete on his stomach and put his middle finger, after putting KY on it, all the way up in Pete's colon and around the first bend.

"Oh man you are really up in there Danny. That feels so good. Push harder."

Danny started pushing real hard at the end of each stroke and got going really fast. Then he switched to two fingers and kept the speed up after 3 minutes or so he went to three fingers and Pete was really turned on now.

"Oh God know how to finger....fuck a guy...ahhh Man good....ohhhh..."

Danny hit on his prostate every now and then giving him the lightning shock. When he did Pete really let out a yell. But he knew the time had come for the real thing. He thought he would let Pete fuck him first as he thought he could hold back from cumming because he wanted his turn. "OK sport. It's your turn." Danny turned on his back and raised his legs to his chest and said fuck me Danny. Put KY on your dick first."

Pete jacked off with KY and then stuck it in him. He went all the way almost 6 inches and Danny wasn't sure he was going to be able to hold off. This kid had a dick now and that foreskin felt so awesome. Pete speeded up and was long stroking him really hard. He kept this up for about 15 minutes and was dripping with sweat. Danny was just about there so he was hoping Danny would cum. Danny squeezed his dick when it was in by pulling in and it finally set Pete off.

"Oh Danny I'm going to cum....ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhh...shit....God....ahhh ooooooooo....ahhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ahhhhhhhhhh...God that felt good....ahhhh..."

Danny could feel the cum going all the way up in him. It really felt good. God he had to have more of this young almost 13 year old Adonis.

Finally Pete fell forward and Danny hugged him so tight he couldn't breath. Danny stuck his tongue out and Pete had it. He was huffing and puffing and sucking on Danny's tongue all at the same time. He had to stop and rest for a few minutes to catch his breath so he cuddled up in Danny's chest and just hugged him. Pete really loved Danny it showed all over.

After he caught his breath they Frenched for another 5 minutes and then Danny said, "Well Pete if you want it it is my turn."

"Do I want it. GOD DO I WANT IT."

Danny lifted his legs over ankles to ears. And using Ky jacked off a few seconds to lube up good. Then he put it to the hole and said, "OK Pete you want it push out hard."


His little anus pooched out and Danny was in he didn't want to prolong it so he pushed all the way into the colon. He stopped for a minute to let Pete get use to it. "You OK Pete?"

"Man like a hog stuck on a stick. Let me have it. It is great."

Danny liked those words and really went at him. He short stroked for the first 5 minutes and then did about 10 minutes of long stroking. Pete's face was beet red and he was wringing wet. Danny was dripping all over him too. So Danny started hitting the lightning button, the prostate, on every thrust. Pete was really going ape shit now. And all of a sudden...

"Oh Danny ...I'm good...."

Obviously the tight ass and those tight spasms set Danny off too. He started pumping load after load, about 8, clear up into the upper colon. God it felt good. He needed more of Pete. What a fuck this kid was. Finally he fell forward and just lay there getting hugged by Pete and catching his breath. After about 5 minutes he kissed Pete and it was another 10 minutes of a great French. This kid really knew how to use that tongue. Finally he got up and said, "Let's shower dude."

They both went into the shower and washed every part of each other. Pete even jacked on Danny's dick with soap and Danny was going ape as he was still ticklish from the sex. So he stopped him and did it to him and then Pete saw why he stopped him. Pete started giggling and said stop, stop, stop. Oh God does that tickle. They finished up and dried each other off. Then they got dressed and went to the kitchen to get a Coke as they were really thirsty. "Danny why don't you come in my room more?"

"Well Pete the rule is you have to ask me to tuck you in once in a while and if I am not busy we can go at it again."

"Oh all I have to do is ask?"

"That's all dude. Let's go and see how Kyle is doing with Rusty."

Kyle was sitting reading a magazine looking rather bored. "Oh high Danny I was wondering where you were."

"Let's just say I was having a talk with Pete." and Danny winked. "Why don't you let me watch the hawk and you work in the kitchen for a while. I really think it has been long enough to leave him soon and just check on him periodically."

"Yea it has been a couple hours all right."

"You want to sit here with me Pete and finish you Coke?"

"You bet. I would stay with you forever if I could."

"OK I'm off for the kitchen."

(to be continued)

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