Boy if there was one thing Kyle Harris could do, and do well, it was cook. And his specialty enjoyed by all was spaghetti and meat balls. So he cooked up a big pot the the stuff and the boys couldn't stop talking about it during the meal. He topped it off with his specialty garlic bread. I don't think there was one boy who didn't thank him, including the boss man Danny. Of course Danny liked anything Kyle had to do with anything as they were deeply in love with one another.

After dinner Danny called Kyle into the office and told him he had some suggestions to run past him. "Kyle, you know, and I know that every single boy here excluding the one that comes tomorrow as we don't know him yet, are all into all the sex with either of us they can get. They would be the same way with each other if they had sex together with each other as well. It won't be long until we fill up and neither you nor I can keep up with their desires. Besides Kyle I love you more than all of them put together and how often do we have to do without because we are to tired from having sexual affairs with the boys, which we both enjoy. So I'm not saying stop tucking one in once in a while but what about if we started a club. We could call it the Thumb nail club. Get all the boys interested into one of the rooms and have them take turns choosing a thumb nail they would like to imitate. Then all of them strip and do that particular sex act. Then, wait I just had a thought. To give everyone an even chance lets make a bowl of ping pall balls and number them. They could draw every time, and whoever gets ball 7 would be the thumb nail picker. Then he would be eliminated from drawing again until every one has been #7.

"Danny sometimes I think you are a genius. When would you want to start this and how would you bring it up to them?"

"Let's call them in the living room right now and I'll show you."

Danny hit the loudspeaker from the office which he rarely uses and asked all boys to meet in the living room in 10 minutes. "There that should get us started Kyle."

Kyle was all smiles and shaking his head at his genius partner. They went arm in arm to the living room and started watching the news. After 10 minutes went by the room was full so Danny had Kyle do a head count. They were all there.

Danny turned off the TV and dead silence came upon the room. This was an unusual thing for Danny to call a meeting like this.

"Boys I want to congratulate you on getting qualified for a hawk. I know that is why you are here. After all hawks are trained we will be having public contest at the park in Idaho Falls. This should draw large crowds as everyone has at least some interest in falconry. What do you guys think about that?"

They all cheered. They really liked that idea.

"OK something else I need to discuss with you that is never to leave this room. If you think you might be a blabber mouth leave now as I don't even want you to know what I'm going to say." Everyone shut up and you could hear a pin drop. "OK now that I have your undivided attention I will bring up the subject matter. All of you boys know what asking either Kyle or Myself to tuck you in means." The boys looked around at each other and blushed. "Well since you all like to do sexual stuff what would you say we started a club. Only those that wanted to join would have to. And new people wouldn't be told until after I talked to them. We would call this club the Thumb Nail Club. Here is how it would work. There would be a fish bowl full of numbered ping pong balls. Everyone would draw one ball. The one that drew #7 would get to go to the computer in the room selected and pick out any thumb nail he wanted. Then it would be enlarged so everyone could see it easily. All members would come to the meetings in boxer shorts or briefs so there wouldn't be a mess of clothes all over the place. So then everyone would pick someone and do the thumbnail with him. If he doesn't want to pick someone else he doesn't have to, as no one will be forced to do anything. Is that understood?"

The room filled with smiling faces and yeahs.

"Now this doesn't mean you can never ask Kyle or I to tuck you in but you wouldn't be so sexually strung out if you had to be sexual so often. Rather than ask you here in a group whether you want to join we will do it this way. If you are interested show up in Pete's room at 7PM. Is this OK with you Pete?"

"Oh Yea."

"OK then this meeting is over. But remember what was said here, stays here and will never be repeated except to another member. You will know at 7pm just who the members are. OK?"


Danny turned back on the TV and Kyle and he finished the 5 to 6 O'Clock news. Then Kyle raced into town and bought enough ping pong balls and a fish bowl and was back well before 7. They numbered the balls with numbers corresponding to how many boys there were in the group. Then they covered the fish bowl with a drape of cloth so you couldn't see the ball you were drawing. It was now 7pm so Danny and Kyle headed for Pete's room. They went in in just their shorts just like any member and would be participants. Pete of course was there and a minute later Roger came in in his boxers. Kinda all smiles but a little embarrassed too. Lloyd, Brian and Kevin came in together. I guess they thought strength in numbers. Danny told everyone to have a seat on Pete's bed or in a chair. About two minutes later Frankie opened the door and walked in in bright red boxers. Boy was he good looking in those.

"Now since each day is different and you can't do this on a regular routine I think you should elect a president. That person will call meetings when the day will allow it and nothing else takes president. So Nominations are in order."

"I nominate Lloyd," said Pete.

"Danny, I nominate Roger." said Kevin.

"OK one more nomination will be accepted."

"I nominate Brian." said Frankie.

"OK Kyle will you hand each person a slip of paper to vote on. Just write down the name of the person you vote for."

Danny collected all the ballots and counted them. He didn't say it but it was almost unanimous, Lloyd. "Boys you have elected as your new president of the Thumb Nails Lloyd Mackson." The room went up in cheers.

"Now Lloyd you will call meetings only on nights that other things don't interfere. Your secret way of calling a meeting is at the dinner table just make an announcement. All you have to say is Thumb Nails at 7pm. And everyone who needs to know what that means will know. Don't tell any non member until I bring him in as a member after having a talk with him about his sexual interest. I won't mention your club at all unless he is a qualified member."

"OK Lloyd here is the fish bowl get started. Oh and one more thing if the thumb nail picked takes preparation first like say fucking. Then the preparation will be done first. Then if you want to keep going you may or you can sit out."

"OK guys thanks for your vote. I have been given the fish bowl and a tube of KY for each of you so I will hand out the KY first. Please keep this hidden in your underwear drawer or somewhere like that. Now As I go around take a ball." Lloyd walked around and everyone got a ball. Pete got the 7 ball. "OK Pete drew the 7 ball so he won't be drawing again until everyone has had a chance. Go ahead and pick a thumb nail Pete." said Lloyd.

Danny was afraid he would pick fuck first but he didn't. Pete said, "OK I choose this one." He clicked on it and it blew up full screen size. It was two guys in a 69.

"Good choice now everyone get a partner and start in either on the bed or the floor rug."

Pete grabbed Danny and Kyle was scooped up by Lloyd himself. Everyone else had someone real quick. Soon the sucking sound was heard all over the room. Moans and groans filled the air. Danny pushed a damp finger in Pete's ass and Pete just pushed back on it forcing it all the way in. Then it wasn't long before Pete had his finger in Danny. Danny loved that as he liked Pete so well.

"After about 5 minutes Lloyd said, "Alright guys if we are going to get another pick we better quit and draw another ball."

The balls were passed except to Pete, and Kevin drew the 7. What would 10 year old Kevin pick. He chose two guys locked in a French Kiss. So he clicked on it and blew it up. Everyone grabbed someone. This time Danny grabbed Kyle before anyone else could and took him to the bed and started working on him. 10 year old Kevin grabbed 11 year old Frankie and they started in on the bed. Soon everyone had a partner and it sounded like slurps and gulps. Like one would expect around a slurpy stand. Guys were grabbing crotches and sliding their hands under the waste bands and grabbing dicks. Pretty soon the underware was getting kicked off and the room was full of naked beautiful boys.

After about 10 minutes Lloyd again said, "OK guys I'm going to cum if we keep this up what you say we draw one more time before someone cums.?"

The fishbowl was passed and Frankie got the 7. Frankie went to the thumb nails and looked all of them over. He picked, of all things, eating out an ass. He blew the picture up.

Oooooooo...and ahhhhhhh's were all over the room. But they wanted to play the game. So Danny grabbed Brian Cook, the blond 13 year old Adonis. He took him to the bed and had him lay down and spread his legs. Then he started in at his balls and licked his balls for about two minutes continuing on up to his perineum which he licked for a while. Brian was going ape shit. Then he licked his ass hole with the flat of his tongue several times and went on up to the top of his crack and started back down. This time when he got to the ass hole he told Brian to push out hard. When he did Danny dove in with his tongue forked and started tongue fucking him. Each time he pushed out Danny got further and further up in him. Brian was really making pleasure sounds now. He was loving it.

Kyle grabbed Frankie real quick and took him to the bed and had him spread out on his stomach. He wasn't sure this wasn't new to Frankie but non the less Frankie was moaning and rolling back and forth. Kyle said push out Frankie and keep pushing out. When his ass hole pooped out Kyle forked his tongue and was inside him in an instant. Kyle gave out with a loud moan. But he pushed out even harder. The second tongue attack went in another half inch and Frankie almost yelled it felt so good. This got Kyle excited and he really started tongue fucking him. Frankie put his butt up in the air so he could get in further and when he hit his prostate Frankie said, "Oh my God I'm going to cum if you hit there again." So Kyle was a little more careful he didn't want to have him cum yet. Then Lloyd said, "OK Guys time to pass the fish bowl for the last time tonight."

So this time Roger Davis drew the 7. He went over and looked at the thumb nails and picked a fucking scene. One guy up inside another bent over a chair. He blew it up and everyone looked but it got quiet.

Danny said OK guys this is where I have to step in and tell you you must one, two, three finger the guy before you fuck him and then go in slow and easy until he is used to it.

Lloyd grabbed Danny so Danny knew he was in for it. Lloyd was a big 14 year old and his dick was one heck of a dick. Danny lay over the bed and Lloyd started with his long finger and went clear up inside of Danny into his colon and around the first curve. Then Lloyd started finger fucking him slowly at first but soon was going like a lightning streak. Then without stopping or slowing down 2 fingers went in. And he kept right on going. Soon it was three fingers and going so fast Danny was working up a sweat. Then he pulled his fingers out and put KY on his dick and put it to Danny's hole. Danny knew to push out and when Lloyd felt him do it he went all the way into the colon. Danny thought my God how long is this dick. Soon he was short dicking him and then it wasn't long until he was going like a lightning streak. You haven't been fucked until a 14 year old get hold of you.

Frankie had grabbed hold of Kyle and asked him if he would fuck him. Kyle wasn't sure if Frankie was a virgin but thought he was. But everyone has to give up that ass sooner or later. So Kyle had Frankie bend over the edge of the bed and started the one, two, three finger routine. Kyle's long finger reached all the way into Frankie's colon and then some. This caused Frankie to really moan. So Kyle went slow at first and then speed up as Frankie got used to it. Then soon it was two fingers and just as fast. Frankie was making all kinds of pleasure sounds now. When the third finger went in Frankie said, "Ouch that is really tight." But Kyle slowed down and kept on going. After about 5 minutes he pulled out and jacked off with KY and put his dick to Frankie's ass hole. "Does it hurt Kyle."

"About like when the third finger went in but the pain dissipates soon and it starts feeling really good."

"OK then I guess I'm ready. I would rather it be you than anyone else that's why I grabbed you."

Kyle told him to push out and back. When he did Kyle was in past the head and an inch or so further.

"Oh God that hurts Ouch, Kyle. Oh man this is hard."

Kevin stopped and just held still. "When it quits hurting shake your head yes and I will go on. OK?"


Soon Frankie shook his head yes and Kyle proceeded steadily all the way into the colon and around the curve making a path. He knew it hurt but when it was over he would love it. He stopped moving and said, "shake your head when your ready for me to fuck."

After a couple of minutes of sweat running down his face Frankie shook his head yes. Kyle started short fucking him slowly and speeded up every 10 seconds or so. Frankie was making sounds that sort of sounded like half pleasure sounds. "Hhhhh....Huhhhh...Huhhh...ahhhh.." Kyle speeded up and got longer with his strokes and Frankie started making sounds that were definitely pleasure sounds.

"Oh Man that feels so good now. Wow! I am sure glad the hurting stopped. Go faster man."

That turned Kyle into a full flown fucking machine. He was going like a blur. He had been at it about 15 minutes and knew Frankie was barely going to be able to walk tomorrow so he started pulling almost out and then straight in to the prostate. This was like hitting him with a series of lightning bolts. Frankie was yelling ..."Oh...I'm going.. to what are you doing that feels so good....ahhhhh... ohhhh. shit here it cums.....ahhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhh....mmmmmmmmm.....0000000.. man .....ahhhhhhhh.. Oh God...."

When he came he came loud. And the whole room could hear him. Kyle was set off when the spasms started on his dick. Frankie was so damned tight it felt like he would squeeze his dick off. Kyle let about 8 or 9 ropes go all the way up in the upper colon. Man did it feel good.

Then sounds of cumming started all over the room. One would start up and then the other would start from the spasms of the first. After about 5 minutes it went quiet except for the heavy breathing. Everyone was just laying on each other trying to catch their breath.

Kyle looked around and saw Danny laying under 14 year old Lloyd and knew he had really gotten it in the ass.

Finally when Lloyd could talk he announced the end of the first meeting of the Thumb Nails. "Did you like it?"

"Everyone yeahed and said yes we loved it."

Danny told everyone to find their shorts and leave Pete to have his room back. It was a mess as far as the bed went. Danny and Kyle helped him re make his bed so it looked normal and Pete thanked them for that.

Danny and Kyle went to their room and decided again that enough was enough and watched TV in bed arm in arm until they fell asleep.

Kyle woke up first and slipped out and went to make coffee. The smell of the brewing coffee brought Danny out to the dinette table in about 5 minutes.

"Boy Kyle I have got one sore ass hole. You sure can tell when a 14 year old gets hold of you."

"Yea I'm a little sore too. But it was fun."

Just then a big flat bed truck pulled up fully loaded. Danny answered the door and the man said, "I'm looking for one Danny Rockwell at the School of Falconry."

"Well you have come to the right place then. I'm Danny and this is my assistant Kyle."

"I have the rabbit hutches you ordered can you tell me where you want them taken off. Please let it be where we can get the flatbed close as they are not light."

Danny and Kyle told them to follow them out back. Danny had them put them under two giant Oak trees to provide plenty of shade for the rabbits. It took them about 20 minutes to get them placed where Danny wanted and then Danny told him to come inside and he would make out a check for him. When they got inside Danny made out the check and paid the full amount in cash. "Say you wouldn't know a place I could pick up some fryer size rabbits would you?"

"You might try Calhoun's Rabbitry they are the biggest in Idaho Falls. They are listed in the yellow pages. Bye now."

Danny sat down and found the add in the yellow pages. It covered almost an entire page. So he called and asked how much they wanted for fryers. The man told him $1.65 each. Danny ordered 24 and asked when they could deliver them. "Well how about 1st thing this afternoon. Say around 1pm."

"That would be great as we have to be at the airport by 3pm."

"Oh then we will definitely be there at 1pm as we wouldn't want to make you late getting to the airport.

"Kyle why is it I always feel like I should be apologizing to you. I ordered those hutches as soon as we got Rusty as I knew we would need rabbits. A hawk can't live forever on liver and fur."

"Man don't let it bother you I don't tell you when I buy a roast or a turkey. Your office is in the office, mine is in the kitchen. When we are there we are doing the best we can to do out job."

"Yea that makes sense. Were you there when I weighed in Rusty. Wow! he would make 8 or 10 sparrow hawks."

"Yea I suppose he would. But at least we have his caught weight recorded so it will be easier to find his sharp set weight."

"I imagine he will be hungry enough by late this afternoon to start training. But he won't be ready to turn loose that's for sure."

"He is one beautiful bird. But so are the sparrow hawks except for the female. Her all greyness isn't quite so exciting."

"Well I better get breakfast ready. It is already getting near 10."

"Yea I think I will check on Rusty and wake a few sleepy heads if there are any still asleep."

As Danny walked down the hall he knocked hard on each door yelling breakfast. When he reached the end where he had put Rusty in the empty mew he went back and opened the door gently so as not to cause him to abort. He stepped out and just looked at him sitting there and realized he had to get a bigger perch for him. A perch for a sparrow hawk just wasn't doing it. So he decided to get an inch or bigger dowel when they went in to the airport and fix this situation.

By the time he got back to the table he saw all the boys starting to eat and giving each other thumbs up. Then he realized that must be their club salute so he gave it back. Lloyd gave Danny one with a big smile on his face. He was so proud to be the president. From a jail cell to president Wow. Of course only Kyle and Danny knew that.

When one O'Clock came the rabbitry delivery truck pulled in. Danny ran out and showed them the hutches. He said to put 4 rabbits in each. The man asked if he wanted food dishes and water bottles. Danny hadn't thought of that so he said sure. So he paid them for everything at once in one check and they were gone. Danny asked Pete and Kevin to fill the water bottles and fed the rabbits himself. They had also sold them a bag of food.

The boys were all out there oooooing and ahhhhhing at the cute bunnies. I hope they don't get too upset when Rusty gets to that point in training where he will be taking live rabbits in a field.

About 1:30 everyone was called to load the van. As slow as everyone is they pulled out about 1:45. Danny stopped at the hardware store and got the 1 inch and decided to put it back and get 1 1/2" instead. Rusty had big talons. He paid for it and off they went to the airport across town. Everyone got out and waited inside the terminal as it wasn't often they got to see an airport. After a half hour or so wait a golden dot appeared in the Sky. The man at the desk confirmed that the plane was from Australia. Everyone got more and more excited as the dot turned into a beautiful golden jet. When the wheels touched the ground everyone crowded by the window to see what Joey would look like.

(To be continued)

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