Screech, the beautiful golden 720 was on the ground and rolling out. Then it taxied over where they took the stairs to it so it could unload. The boys were beside themselves. Everyone was curious as to what an almost 14 year old guy from Australia would look like. Of course Danny knew he would be Caucasian and probably plenty tanned.

The door on the plane opened and the luggage, two suitcases were brought down first. Then the boy Joey appeared. He was really tall for his age and had a swimmers body. He had auburn hair, more brown than red. I assumed he had brown eyes. He was dressed in tan shorts and a silk shirt with little kangaroos all over it. The shirt was light blue with dark kangaroos. He had white socks up to his knees and sandals on his feet. His face was very handsome. He was beyond the cute stage and definitely though puberty. He walked toward the entrance to the airport and as soon as he got inside he saw my sign. He walked right over and said, "You must be Danny. I'm Joey."

"Welcome Joey you must be exhausted from all that long trip."

"Well to be honest with you we have a bed in the plane and I slept most of the way so I feel kinda refreshed. But I'm starving."

"Well why don't we stop and have pizza on the way home. Do you like pizza?"

"Yea I like it a lot."

"Well let's get your luggage loaded and take off for the pizza place."

Once in the van Lloyd took over and started introducing everyone to Joey. I guess being president gave him the authority to take over. It sure had made a difference to the better in his attitude toward life. When they got to the pizza place everyone was chattering and I handed out a bunch of quarters so they could all play the games. Joey looked really happy when he saw all the games, almost like he hadn't seen them before. Lloyd showed him where to put a quarter and how to use the controls and Joey took off on his own. He was all smiles. Boy was he a dark tan.

When the pizza came they all gathered around a big round table and started eating. Joey was eating like there was no tomorrow. The boys couldn't keep their eyes off him. He was really handsome and so brown. You could see in their eyes that they hoped he would want to be a Thumb Nail member. But they had to wait until he had a talk or two with Danny before they could even say a word about the club. When they all finished the pizza and three pitchers of Coke, Danny had them all load up and they were on their way home.

Once they got into the house Danny called Kevin over and said that he was sorry he didn't get to take his test today but first thing in the morning he would give it to him. Then he called everyone in the living room and told them that we would be going into different stages of training with the sparrow hawks today. Pete, Lloyd, and Brian your birds are used to waiting on so I want to use a sparrow with all three of them. We will hook your sparrow hawk with a line for safety but the sparrow will be free. So he had a chance for his life. All the boys smiled at that. That seemed to please them. Frankie, you and Roger will continue on working on waiting on by throwing your mouse high in the air when your hawk is about 20 feet out."

Joey was all ears and really looked excited. This is after all what he came to learn.

"OK Pete, get two sparrows. Ready, your hawk, will have two chances to eat today or go hungry. He will learn to catch his meal quickly you watch. Put the sparrows in paper sacks out of sight until you are ready to show them. Let's all go to Pete's mew now." Danny turned to Joey and explained what a mew was and also what waiting on meant. Joey shook his head like he understood when he really would have to watch it to fully understand.

Danny handed a gauntlet to Kevin to be the run boy and Kevin looked so proud in front of Joey. Kevin got Ready on his gauntlet and hooked on the safety line. Then he waited while Pete got way out there. When the sparrow was in his hand and ready to throw he sounded his horn. Ready took to the air flying high getting ready to wait on. Kevin waited until he was about 15 feet out and threw the sparrow as hard and as high as he could throw. Ready was startled but went into a stoop and hit the sparrow at over 50 mph. Sparrow feathers flew in all directions and Ready took him to the ground and started eating. Pete gently lifted Ready by the jess and got him on his gauntlet eating the sparrow. There isn't much more meat on a sparrow than on a mouse but more for sure. When there was nothing left but blood and bones Pete took the sparrow remains and put them in the bag and handed Ready to Kevin who was acting run boy. Ready had ingested enough small feathers and bones to provide a good cast tomorrow. (Cast a small tight ball of fur and bones thrown up to keep the birds system clean. Without casting he would die.) Kevin brought him back to the mew to wait the next horn. After just a minute or so the horn blew and Ready was off and really alert this time knowing what was probably going to happen. Pete waited until he was even closer and threw the sparrow out to the side and up this time to give the sparrow a running chance. Ready folded his wings and stooped heading straight for the fleeing sparrow and again there was nothing but feathers. Ready again brought him to the ground and Pete just stood on the jess and let him eat on the ground like in the wild. When the bird was gone Pete reached down and got Ready and put the remains in the bag. Then to let Kevin have the glory he handed Ready to Kevin and Kevin took him to the mew and hooked him to the perch, unhooking the safety line.

Joey was in awe. "Man Danny that was really awesome. I've never seen anything like that before. Will I have a hawk to train like Pete?"

"Yes as soon as you read the book I'll show you and pass the qualifying test we will go and get you a hawk. Kevin will be taking the test in the morning."

"Wow! This is all so awesome. It is almost unbelievable. Wait until I talk to my father tonight boy do I have a lot to tell him. He wanted me to call him to tell him I got here OK. Then he'll get busy and I'll be lucky to hear from him once a month.

"Yes it sounds like you have a very busy father." said Danny.

They moved on to Lloyd's mew. Danny handed the gauntlet to Joey. Joey stood there looking at it kinda scared. "Don't worry Joey a falcon fights only with it's mouth instead of it's talons and the glove will more than protect you. Besides these birds have been handled a lot. So put your gauntlet up to his breast and push like your pushing him off the perch and he will step right on. Then release the jess from its clip and hook the safety line to the jess. Then wait until the horn sounds and you won't have to do anything he will just take off.

"Sounds easy enough." Joey put his gauntlet up to Vertigo and Vertigo got right on. Then he hooked on the safety line and released the jess from the perch. Now the bird was controlled by the safety line only. Soon Lloyd walked out to the far end of the field and after getting a sparrow in his hand hidden, he sounded his horn. Vertigo took off fast. He flew straight toward Lloyd real high up. Lloyd didn't throw the sparrow until Vertigo was in a full wait on. After Vertigo waited on for about 5 seconds Lloyd threw the sparrow up and out. Vertigo went into an immediate stoop and hit that sparrow so hard it was like an explosion. He took it to the ground and Lloyd just put his foot on the safety line and let him eat his meal. When he was through Joey was there huffing and puffing from running. Lloyd picked Vertigo up and handed him over to Joey. Joey walked him back for a repeat performance.

Then every one moved to Brian's mew where Astro was waiting to be fed. Danny let Joey do the same thing this time. Brian after seeing how Lloyd made Vertigo wait on did the same thing and Astro had his bird both times.

Next was Frankie's mew where Launch was waiting. Joey got him on the gauntlet and waited. "Now Joey this bird and the next are not quite as far into training as the first three were. These birds are learning to wait on. You don't do anything different but Frankie will. When the sound Frankie used went off Launch took off. When he was about 15 feet out flying low, Frankie slung the mouse by the tail way up in the air making Launch go up to get him. He got him mid air and brought him to the ground. Frankie stood on the safety line and let him eat. Then he picked him up and handed him off to Joey. Joey was really getting in to this. He took him back to the mew. This time when the sound went off Launch took off and flew high. He was learning. He got about 15 feet out and Frankie through the mouse up again but this time he only had to go down to get the mouse and had it in a second. He took it to the ground and started eating.

The same procedure was used on Sky boy, Rogers sparrow hawk. It went just as well.

Next Danny said now we will be training Rusty for the first time Joey. He is not a falcon but a Red Tail Hawk and much bigger. So we will use liver covered with fur to feed him the first time unless he refuses to eat. Danny had the liver in a bag and took out a small piece and offered it to Rusty on the perch while making a sound with a police whistle. Rusty tilted his head one way and then the other. Then he reached out and took the liver and swallowed it. So Danny gave him another small piece blowing the whistle and He gobbled it down. Then Putting the safety line on the jess and releasing the jess Danny stepped in front of Rusty far enough that to get another piece of liver he would have to jump to the gauntlet. Danny blew the whistle and Again he cocked his head one way and the other and then all of a sudden made the jump and landed on the gauntlet and ate the bigger piece of liver. Danny put him back on the perch and stepped about three feet away and held the liver by the gauntlet and blew the whistle. Rusty took off and flapped his wings once to reach the gauntlet and ate it down. Next after putting Rusty back he stepped about 10 feet away and blew the whistle. Rusty took to the air and landed on the gauntlet and gobbled down the liver. Danny had one more big piece of liver. So he put him back and then went about 30 feet out and blew the whistle. It was beautiful to watch as Rusty took off and flew the whole 30 feet and landed on the gauntlet and ate the bigger piece of liver. He was well on his way in training.

Danny put him back and hooked the jess to the perch and they all went in the house through the empty room. Everyone was amazed at the progress Rusty made in just one session. But Danny knew he was sharp set from waiting so long so it didn't surprise him.

They all went on in and Kyle served them all pie and Coke around the table so they could talk about all the things they saw. Then Danny let Joey use the phone in the office to call his dad collect. Joey ranted and raved about all he had seen. And so he had one happy father. The Commander asked to speak to Danny. "Danny I have never heard Joey so happy. I guess he has found his home away from home."

"Well Joel he did see many hawks in training and it is impressive."

"Well I hope he gets with the studying and gets a hawk to train of his own soon."

"With his enthusiasm I am sure he will Joel."

"Well that is all for now Danny. I feel competent that he is in good hands and won't worry about him at all."

"Thank you Commander I appreciate that. Good bye now and have a good week."

"Good bye and the same to you Danny."

With that out of the way Danny told Joey he wanted to show him his room and explain some rules to him. So they both headed for Joey's room.

Danny led him inside one of the few remaining rooms. They were all just as nice and all had mews. "Sit down here on the bed and I'll explain some of the rules. Most of the rules here are for your benefit not for mine. For instance we have a knock before you enter rule. You may not enter a closed door, you must be let in. You are not to yell COME IN but go to the door and open it. This is to protect you Joey as guys your age need privacy for things like showering and jacking off."

"Gosh you said that like it was an everyday thing."

"Well Joey for millions of guys your age all over the world it is an everyday thing. Sometimes 4 or 5 times in a day."

"Gosh I have never been able to talk about things that have to do with sex with anyone before."

"Well you can be very free with me Joey. There isn't anything you can't tell me and be sure it goes no where but here."

"Well...there is something...I have....been...oh I can't say it.."

"Oh come on Joey there isn't anything you can't say that I have not heard probably many times."

"Really! Well I just like you Danny and I don't want you to dislike me."

"What are you talking about. There isn't anything you could do to make me dislike you. I might not like something like if you broke a window but I would just make you pay for it."

"Well this is a lot worse than breaking a window. But, I want to tell someone so bad. Danny I"

"You consider that bad? I am gay and so is Kyle. We are even partners."

"Really! God I am so relieved. It doesn't matter to you then."

"Of course not. Let me show you your computer. Have you ever operated one?"

"Yea my dad's laptop. But only for school work. See it gets the Internet and there are things on the Internet I wouldn't dare look at as he always checks favorites, and history. Even the browser tells where you have been if you type anything that is close to where you have been. SO yes I know computers and what to stay away from."

"Well Joey your computer is on line all the time. It has no parental control so you are free to look at what a 14 year old wants to. No one will care."

"Can you show me as all computers are a little different?"

"Sure pull up a chair and I'll show you. First this is the turn on button. Now as you can see the home page just happens to be discovery. Do you know how to change to a different home page?"

"Yea it's in my computer. It isn't hard at all."

"OK now what is the blue e for?"

"That puts me on the Internet. Click it."

"Here, trade places with me you know a lot about computers."

They traded places. "Now you said you didn't care if I went to sites that are adult."

"No it is your life and your computer while your here."

He typed in boy sex knowing you can only get 18 year and older boys on the net legally. Then he picked a site. Up came a bunch of thumb nails showing everything imaginable. I looked and he was hard as a rock. Then he chose a blow job scene and clicked on it. It blew up full size.

"Well I can tell what interest you."

"And you really don't care?"

"No of course not. Do you know how to build seminal fluid up so that when you cum you cum twice as much?"

"No how?"

"Come over on the bed with me. First take down your pants and undershorts."

Joey took off his shirt and then his pants and undershorts entirely. Leaving him standing their nude. So to make him feel more a ease so did Danny. Joey's eyes got real big when he saw Danny's beautiful body and neat dick.

"Now lay back on your bed for me Joey." When he did Danny started rubbing his tits after wetting his fingers. Soon they were hard as a rock and Joey's dick was too. It was glistening with pre-cum. So Danny reached down and started rubbing the under side of his dick where the most sensitive part is. This started bringing up pre-cum like mad. Then Danny rubbed into his piss slit bringing on more. "Now Joey turn over on your stomach." When he did he was showing the most perfect ass you can imagine. His tan line was almost black and white. Danny started with KY on his finger rubbing his perineum up and down and then continued down to his anus without pushing, just rubbing.

"God that feels good Danny and I'm leaking like mad."

"That's why I'm doing this." Danny kept it up and then started pushing on the anus when he went by it. Joey was making all kinds of pleasure sounds. Danny put more KY on his fingers and pushed his middle finger in all the way up in his colon. It was so tight, warm, and wet up in there that Danny almost lost it himself. Danny kept pushing and asked, "How does that feel Joey?"

"Awesome Danny. I've never had anyone do anything like this before. I love it especially when you push hard."

Danny started finger fucking him fast and hard and pushing extra hard in the colon each time. Joey was going ape shit with his pleasure sounds. Then Danny came back to his ass hole and went straight in toward his dick where his prostate was. When he hit the prostate Joey let out a real loud sound.

"Wow! That is like touching an electric wire. It feels so good I could cum."

"Yes Joey that is your prostate gland and if I kept rubbing on it, not only would it build up your precum it would make you cum. But I'm not ready for that yet." Danny stuck two fingers all the way into the colon and Joey let out a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhh,...push harder...that feels so good."

Danny started finger fucking him fast and furious and hitting extra hard each time in the colon.

Then after about 5 minutes the third finger went in just as hard. Boy did that bring a sound from Joey.

"Wow! That is really tight. But you know what it feels even better. Push."

Danny knew he was going to take a cherry now. He finger fucked him with three fingers for another 5 minutes. "Joey you want to try some thing I know you will enjoy?"

"Sure what's that?"

"Would you like me to put my dick in there. It isn't any bigger than three fingers?"

"Gosh I've only fantasized about that. But If any one does it I want it to be you. Go ahead."

Danny jacked off with KY and his dick was soaking wet with Pre-cum too. He put his dick at his hole and told him to take 10 deep breaths and then push out like he had to shit. Danny listened and on the 10th breath waited until his anus pooched out and he was in. He didn't want to prolong the pain as he knew there would be some, so he pushed all the way up into the colon and around the first bend.

" ....that tight...but even though it hurt at first it is OK now. Push Danny, Push."

That did it for Danny he started short stroking him pushing as hard as he could each time he hit the back of the colon. Joey was making sounds of pleasure that probably could be heard outside the room. But no one could enter and most everyone had been though it. So he kept it up for about 10 minutes. He was dripping wet and so was Joey. Then he rolled Joey over and put his ankles to his ears and really went at it looking him right in the eyes. They were so pleasure filled it made Danny want to continue for ever. So Danny started long stroking and reached down and stuck his tongue out and touched Joey's lips. Joey didn't know quite what to do he had never been kissed on the mouth before but he stuck his tongue out too. Danny took hold of it and started sucking on it. Joey waited until he could get hold of Danny's and it went into a full French kiss. They were both drenched and breathing max. Danny decided to end it so he pulled out to the anus and started a prostate attack. He hit the prostate about 5 time and Joey let loose. He was cumming all over himself and Danny and the spasms set Danny off and he started pushing rope after rope of cum clear up in the upper colon. It seemed he was trying to get it into the stomach. Danny didn't know when he came so hard and finally collapsed on top of Joey still in a French Kiss. He hugged Joey and Joey hugged back harder. They were stuck together in Joey's cum. Finally they broke to catch their breath and Danny rolled a little to the side to get his weight off Joey. After about 5 minutes they were back at Frenching again. This went on for another 8 or 10 minutes and they finally stopped.

"Danny I had no idea what sex was until now. I love it. I love it. Can we do it again.?"

Danny explained about it taking at least a half hour to rebuild cum to the point of going again. It is almost dinner time too so I thing we better shower and get ready. Danny started licking off the cum that Joey had put all over himself. God that was the sweetest cum he had tasted. Absolutely no salt in it yet. Then they headed for the shower and started washing each other. Joey even stuck his soapy finger all the way up in Danny's ass hole. This burned a little but it was worth it. This Aussie was certainly worth it. Danny returned the favor by putting his long finger up in Joey's colon. He just moaned but did not complain. They finally got out and dried each other and got dressed.

Danny went over to the drawer and got out the book on sparrow hawks and gave it to him. He was thrilled. He said that was all he was going to do tonight and that he was a straight A student and would probably finish it.

"Well if you do you can take the test with Kevin and we will go after 2 more sparrow hawks. Would you like that?"

"Would I like that. Wow! Would I ever like that."

"Well morning will tell." said Danny.

(To be continued)

"Thank you for your cities, states, and countries. I love getting them."

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