The next morning everyone was eating breakfast when Danny asked Kevin if he was ready for his test?

"Yea, I'm scared but I'll take it."

Joey spoke up and said, "Danny I read until 2am and I'm ready too."

"Well congratulations. There is no penalty for failing it either if you need more time."

After breakfast they headed for the office. Danny gave them both a test and sat them across from each other. They were far enough apart that no cheating was possible. So Danny told them to start and bring the test to him in the living room when they finished. Then the phone rang. Danny decided to catch it on the living room phone. Rockwell School of Falconry, This is Danny how may I help you?"

"I am Senor Padaga. I have read you add in the Field and Stream magazine. Can you tell me a little about what you offer, I have a 13 year old that alerted me to the article."

"Well Senor this is a school where boys first pass a test after reading a book on falconry. Then we catch them a falcon and they train it right from the wild to a fully trained falcon. Each boy has his own room and shares a bath with the room next store. Each room has it's own mew, that is where the boy keeps his hawk outside his room. The fee is the same as the state pays me for keeping foster children who have an interest in falconry, $750 a month for room and board."

"Sounds like you have quite an operation there. How many boys do you keep there?"

"Well senior we have 10 rooms and so we can keep up to 10 boys ages 10 to 17. Right now I have two openings."

"Would you hold one of those for Jose?"

"Depending on how long you want me to hold it, yes."

"Well I have a 720 private jet for my coffee plantation. When would it be convenient for him to arrive."

"Well as far as I am concerned yesterday ha ha, but whenever you have time to pack and have your plane available to him."

"Well he comes first. So I will help him pack tonight. Would it be alright to send him the day after tomorrow. Now let's see your in Idaho Falls, Idaho USA is that correct. I will have to look up that one with my pilot. Will your airport support a 720 landing and taking off from there?"

"Yes Senor as a matter of fact I accepted a boy from Australia just two days ago."

"My your place must be well known. Jose will be pleased. He has to stay with a housekeeper most of the time as I am always out on the plantation somewhere. It covers 100,000 acres and I have to get around to make sure things are running smoothly. I will send a check to you with Jose and then wire the money on the first of each month. How long can he stay with you?"

"Well Senor many of the boys stay until they are 18 and then go on to college. Many of the boys also have no home life except a nanny also."

"That is good to hear. Would it be OK if I visit him at Christmas time."

"Sure you can stay right with him in his room if you like."

"Well, I am so glad I made this call. I will have my pilot leave here in Santiago so as to reach Idaho Falls at 2pm your time on the day after tomorrow. Will that be OK?"

"Yes Senor. I will be at the airport holding a sign School of Falconry so have him come up and introduce himself. My name again is Danny Rockwell. Even though I have a doctorate degree I prefer to be called Danny."

"Well I am certainly impressed Danny. I hope to see you at Christmas."

"Yes Senor it will be my pleasure. Good bye now and I will be at the airport at 2pm."

"Good bye Senor Danny. God be with you."

Danny went straight to Kyle and told him all about the call. Kyle was astounded. "We are getting to be world known."

"Here is my test." Joey said as he handed the paper to Danny.

Danny knew the answers by heart so he quickly graded the paper. Joey you really did it. 100% I'm proud of you. You really are a good student. About 10 minutes later a shaking Kevin came out and handed in his test. Danny took it and corrected it. Kevin you only missed one so you passed with a 98%. Congratulations. He showed him the one he missed and the correct answer so he would know. "Well boys why don't you get dressed for a falconry hunt. By tonight you will both have falcons."

The boys took off like a bat out of hades. It wasn't 10 minutes until they were dressed and ready to go. Danny got up and made a general announcement over the PA system. "Anyone wanting to go on the falcon hunt for Kevin and Joey get dressed and be in the living room in 10 minutes."

In ten minutes every single boy was there and waiting. They loved falcon hunts. This meant Kyle got to go to. "Kevin would you show Joey the trap and how to load a mouse into it. And be sure you pick a lively mouse."

It wasn't long before they were off and running in the van. Kyle had the trap and when they got out on the old road he put his window down and started watching. Soon he saw one sitting on a telephone pole. It was a male. He pointed it out to Danny and Danny slowed to 10 mph. When they were below the pole the trap flew. They kept rolling but by the time Danny could see the trap the bird was caught. He turned around quickly and Kyle was out of the van before it stopped. Kyle was wearing a gauntlet and got hold of the falcon by its wings and then untangled it's leg. Then one of the boys opened a burlap sack and Kyle put it inside and closed it. One down and one to go.

Danny turned around and kept going. The boys were all excited. Joey you can have a male or a female. The difference being the female is gray mostly all over and the male is as you have seen very colorful. Also he female is quite a bit bigger. "Then I want a female if she is bigger." So that put a new emphasis on the hunt. They went by several males and finally on top of a fence post a big beautiful female. Danny slowed down to 10mph and Kyle threw the trap. The van kept rolling but the hawk was caught already. Kyle saw it happen and told Danny to turn around. Kyle again was out and running before the van stopped. He undid the leg as the female bit through the glove. He could even feel her beak. He took her free from the trap and got her to let loose of the gauntlet and sacked her up. "Well Danny mission accomplished."

Both Joey and Kyle were besides themselves. They were so excited. When they got to the sparrow hunting tree there were a bunch of them on the ground so Danny pulled on by and stopped. Kyle and Kevin went and set the trap and put out the bird seed then returned behind the van. After about 10 minutes they started getting caught up in the trap and it wasn't long until they had well over a dozen. So Danny and all the boys grabbed a gunny sack and headed for the trap and the releasing of the tangled sparrows. They finally got them all sacked up and put the trap back in the van. Danny was happy to get the sparrows as they were being eaten 6 a day right now.

When they got back to the house Danny let Kyle take over getting the sparrows in the cage. He took Kevin and Joey with their bird to the workbench and put jess's on them. Then he took them to their respective mews and hooked them to the perches. Kevin's bird aborted immediately. So Danny handed him a gauntlet to take care of the matter. Kevin got the bird around the wings and put it on the perch again and stepped back. The bird aborted again. So Danny said, "Let him hang there a minute." After a minute he told him to return him to the perch. He did so and this time the bird stayed. He didn't like that hanging up side down at all.

"OK Joey let's go put your bird on it's perch."

They went through Joey's room and he had Joey reach in the sack with a gauntlet and find the jess. When he had hold of it he said, "OK now get hold of him by his wings through the sack." When he had Danny told him to work her toward the entrance. Soon he had the hawk by the wings with his bare hand holding the jess with his gauntlet. Not a good way to do it. So Danny told him he was in danger with his bare hand and to let him hold the jess for him while he changed hands. Joey changed hands as his bare hand was too near that vicious beak. "Now set her on the perch Joey. Hook the jess to the perch before releasing her." So he did as he was told. She abated immediately. But this time Danny told Joey to let her hang there a while. After a minute and a half Danny said, "I think she has had enough. Pick her up with your gauntlet around the wings and put her up again." This time the dizzy sparrow hawk decided to stay put. They watched her for about 5 minutes and she didn't abate. Danny said, "Joey I need to talk to you a minute let's go in your room.

"Sit down on the bed a minute. Joey I appreciate you telling me about your sexuality. Are you OK with what we did yesterday?"

"Oh yes, that was the best thing I have ever done sexually in my life."

"Well I am going to tell you something very secret then. The boys are just like you. Not all homosexual but it is common for young teen boys to mess around. So they started a club called the "Thumb Nails." They elected Lloyd as their president. Any night that it is possible, because there are not other things going on, Lloyd will make an announcement at the table. He will say Thumb Nails at 7 in *****s room. Anyone wanting to mess around will show up at 7 in that room wearing only their undershorts. So if you would like to belong just show up in your underwear."

"Gosh that sounds awesome. Like something you only dream about. Yes, I will show up."

"Fine I will go and find Lloyd and introduce you as a new club member while you watch your bird. Which incidentally you have to name."

"I already have a name Danny. It is Aussie."

"Good name for an Australian. Now I will go and find Lloyd."

Danny went hunting Lloyd and found him in his room. The door was closed so he knocked. After about 15 seconds Lloyd opened the door in his underwear with a hard on. Danny had interrupted something. Lloyd when you finish what you started will you come to Joey's mew?"

"Sure, say Danny would you mind coming in and helping me?"

Danny sure wasn't going to pass that up. Lloyd was so good looking and with a built in hard on. Danny went in and shut and locked the door behind him. They both got on the bed and Lloyd had him by the dick almost instantly. Danny got hard in about 2 seconds. Lloyd undid his pants and pulled them off underwear and all. Then he pulled off Danny's shirt. He rubbed his stomach and dick and balls. Lloyd's dick was as hard as a rock now. "Danny would you take my cherry. I don't want to give it to anyone else. After all you let me fuck you at the first meeting of the Thumb Nails. So fair is fair."

"Well if that is what you want. Where is your KY." Lloyd reached for his drawer and handed it to Danny. Danny put some on all his fingers and pushed his middle finger into the colon. Lloyd was so tight more so than most. He was hot and oh so smooth up in his colon. Danny decided to get even more of a thrill and rolled him up where he could reach his dick. He swallowed it all the way down his throat. Lloyd was making ape shit sounds. Danny kept his dick in his throat and Lloyd started fucking his throat. Danny put in two fingers. He had to really push to get two fingers up that tight channel. He kept this up for 5 minutes and so did Lloyd. Lloyd by the sounds of things was really enjoying this. Then three fingers. They had to be forced as there wasn't that much room in that colon. Lloyd didn't stop sucking but made some hurting sounds as he sucked. Danny knew why he was hurting he was so tight. Danny finally worked his three fingers all the way in. But it was so tight it was cutting the blood off from his fingers. So he had to keep moving them around. Lloyd had settled down now and was back to enjoying what he was doing. Danny finally twisted and turned a few times and realize he was as loose as he was going to get him. So he said, "OK Lloyd your ready. Turn over on your back and lift your legs. Lloyd did so but had a worried look on his face. Danny jacked off with KY and got good and slick. "Now Lloyd I want you to take 10 deep breaths and then push out like you had a huge turd to launch." Danny counted the breaths and on the 9th watched for the tenth and the pooch of the anus. When his anus pooched Danny knew he had to go all the way or the pain would be too great for Lloyd to take it slow. So he put his dick to the anus and gave one hard push taking him all the way up into the colon and then some.

"OUCH OH God that hurts. I've got tears in my eyes. Oh does it always hurt this much Danny?"

"No Lloyd you will see the pain disappear in about two minutes. Just be brave. Nod your head when you are ready for me to keep going."

"When he nodded Kevin started short stroking him. He noticed his dick was pulsing with each stroke. He speeded up and said, "How ya doing Lloyd?"

"Oh fine it feels kinda good now, especially when you are all the way in and push hard."

Danny kept short stroking but faster. He always hit the end of the colon hard as that is what Lloyd wanted. Then it had been a good 10 minutes and they were both dripping wet. So Danny started long stroking all the way in and almost all the way out. He kept this up for another 5 minutes. Boy was this a good fuck. He had never fucked someone this tight before. Finally he had had it so he started attacking the prostate. On about the 4th or 5th hit on the prostate Lloyd let loose and literally covered himself and Danny with cum. Of course the tight spasms this caused had Danny cumming right along with him. God did it feel good. He was shooting cum clear up inside him. When it was over Danny fell forward a little sideways and the two of them huffed and puffed. After catching their breath Danny stuck his tongue to Lloyd's lips and Lloyd not knowing what to do opened his mouth. Danny was right in there and grabbed his tongue and started sucking like crazy. Lloyd liked this so he got Danny's tongue when he could and it turned into a long French kiss. When they finally broke Danny started cleaning the cum up with his tongue. Hardly any salt taste because of his age so it was like licking honey off. He kept at it for quite a while and then took Lloyd to the shower where they washed each other. Danny put his finger in Lloyd's ass to clean it and so when it came Lloyd's turn he put his middle finger all the way in and finger fucked him for a minute. Then he pulled it out. Danny was burning from the soap but he was used to it. They got out and dried off and dressed. "Thank you Danny. That hurt like hell but I'm glad it was you. Now it won't hurt hardly at all next time will it?"

"No Lloyd the next time will be mostly pleasure."

"Well most of this was pleasure it was just that 2 minutes is all. I really loved it. I have never had such feelings in my life."

"Well Lloyd your dressed and so am I why don't I introduce you to your newest member of the Thumb Nails."

When they got to Joey's mew they found Joey putting his bird back up on the perch. She had abated again. "I made her hang there a while this time. I don't think she will abate again for a while."

"Joey I would like you to meet President Lloyd of the Thumb Nails."

Lloyd gave a thumbs up signal the sign of the club. Joey caught on and returned it. "Nice to meet you Lloyd and I really am looking forward to the meetings."

"Well as Danny may have told you we can only have meetings on nights they don't interfere with anything else. I'm not sure about tonight yet but I will announce at dinner if there is a meeting. But I will say nothing if there is not a meeting OK?"

"Sounds like a winner. Nice meeting you Lloyd. As you can see I kinda have my hands full right now."

"Yea I can see that."

"Danny said he was going over to see how Kevin was doing and left."

Kevin was just sitting there looking bored. "Looks like your falcon is behaving."

"Yea, he has hardly moved. It gets boring after a while."

"Yes but it has to be done. Have you thought of a name for him Kevin?"

"Yea I want to name him Soar."

"That's a good name Kevin. Care if I sit here with you for a while to relieve your boredom."

"No I would love it. Can I sit in your lap Danny?"

"Sure can't see why not."

Kevin was in his lap right away. It was obvious Kevin had a boner. Danny seeing this started one of his own. Danny reached down and started rubbing his bare thighs below his shorts.

"Oh that feels so good Danny. I gotta boner as you many be able to see."

"Yea it is pretty obvious but don't let it bother you. After fucking you a boner is nothing." Danny kept rubbing on up his legs and soon was into his crotch area. Kevin spread his legs and lifted them putting his heels on the edge of the chair. This allowed Danny full access. SO he went on up and rubbed his balls. Then Kevin unzipped his shorts and Danny went in and started jacking him off.

"Oh that feels so good Danny. I really love you like a dad. Since Soar is being so good could we go in my room on the bed?"

"Yes we would hear him if he aborts." So they went in and Kevin had his shorts and underwear off instantly. Danny went down on him and started giving him head. He really got going on it and Kevin was moaning and groaning. Then Danny wet his middle finger and put it up into his colon.

"Oh I love things up my ass."

Danny thought of fucking him again but he wasn't recovered from fucking Lloyd. So instead he pulled his finger to the anus and went straight in with two fingers and started doing a prostate attack. Kevin was loosing it. He was really enjoying it and moaning and rolling around. Soon he let loose with the biggest load he could imagine coming out of his little 10 year old blond body. "Ahhhhhhhh... good....ohhhhhhh...mmmmmmmm....oh my God..."

Danny took most of it in his mouth as it was so sweet. He had just started coming very recently and so it was like honey. Absolutely no salt. "Kevin how long have you been cumming?"

"This was the second time. But much better than the first. You are the greatest Danny. I love you."

Danny hugged him tight around the chest as he had grown to love him too. "Kevin you are one great kid."

"Thanks Danny."

"Well Kevin watch Soar for another hour and then just check him once in a while. I have to go and see what Kyle is doing."

"OK, and thanks for the blow job. I wish it could have been a fucking."

"There will be times Kevin. Remember the Thumb Nails and grab me."

Danny got up and left. He found Kyle in the kitchen peeling potatoes. "Well how are things going Danny?"

"Well considering I just took Lloyd's cherry and gave Kevin head until he came for the 2nd time, I would say pretty good."

"Gosh you sure get around. I wish it could have been me."

"Kyle you want to take Lloyd sometime. He has the tightest shoot of anyone in the house. I mean tight. It almost put my three fingers to sleep when I was getting him ready."

"Wow! I'll sure remember that."

"What's for dinner?"

"Pot roast, potatoes, and cooked carrots. I have a couple pies for desert."

"Sounds yummy. Gosh it won't be too long before feeding time again. I think I will rest in the living room until that time comes."

Just as Danny was ready to sit the phone rang. So he went to it and answered it, Rockwell's School of Falconry, this is Danny how may I help you."

"Danny this is Capt. Murry at the police department."

"Oh yes Captain. How are things?"

"Well never normal that is for sure. I have another runaway. He has been picked up 4 time for shoplifting food. I have to do something with him. I asked him what he thought of falcons and he came unglued. He loved them."

"How old is the boy Capt."

"Let me look. It says he just turned 14. He is a fair looking lad and not too dirty so someone must have let him shower somewhere. But he has only the clothes he is wearing."

"That's no problem Capt. I have gotten several that way. When would you want to get rid of him. Oh I'm sorry that sounded terrible."

"Well the sooner the better for his sake."

"I'll be there in 15 minutes Captain."

"Oh I knew I could depend on you."

"Kyle that was Capt. Murry. I have to go and pick up a 14 year old. So set another place for dinner. That means we have only one more opening."

"Yea we got a house full. Is he in jail?"

"Yea typical shoplifting for food. Caught 4 times. But we will keep that to ourselves of course."

"Sure I know. See you in about a half hour."

Danny went to the van and drove directly to the police station. When he walked in he was greeted warmly by Capt Murry himself.

"Well I'm here to get the boy Capt. By the way does he have a name?"

"Yes let me look. His name is John Harris 14 years of age. DOB is in Sept on the 16th right after school starts."

"The guard brought him out. He wasn't smiling. John this is Danny Rockwell he runs the School of Falconry. Are you still interested in going there. You don't have too."

"Yes Capt. I have always loved falcons. Even read books on them."

Danny said, "Well then it sounds like you will fit right in then."

"Thank you Captain for giving another boy a chance. We only have one more opening."

"Gosh your about full."

"Yea we are. But one never knows how long it will take to fill it. I got a boy from Australia yesterday and I have another coming from South America tomorrow so we are getting to be known."

"Come on John and I'll show you the van. Bye Capt."

John got in the van and he indeed was dirty. Not as dirty as some but certainly not clean. "John I am going to stop at the dept store and get you some clothes. How does that sound."

"Super. I have been wearing these forever."

When they got there Danny handed him one of the list out of the glove compartment and told him to get a basket and get everything on the list. Be sure they fit. They have fitting rooms to try things on."


Danny took him in and got him a basket and walked around with him. It didn't take long to get the list items and most were size 14 automatically. He tried on a pair of pants to be sure and they fit perfect. He came out to show Danny and he looked fine. What an ass. He had the nicest look about him. Probably almost blond after the dirt was gone. He had blue eyes and was quite tall for his age.

Finally they checked out. They loaded everything in the back of the van and started home. "I'll bet your glad to get away from the jail."

"Yea nothing but a bunch of fagots in there."

"John do you have anything against gays or lesbians?"

"Well I don' like them hitting on me."

"Well John let me tell you right now. The words fagot, lesbian, homo, nigger, etc. are not allowed to be used in our facility. People are born the way they are and can't help it. Those words are just to use to make fun of people. Look down on people etc. So if you plan on staying at the school of falconry you better forget those words exist or they will have you out on your ear."

"Wow! I'm sorry. I won't use them anymore. I promise. You mean a guy that is gay doesn't choose to be that way?"

"No it is in his genes. He can't help it. But people can sure make life miserable for him. But not at our school."

"I guess I really didn't know that, again I'm sorry."

"Your apology is accepted you really didn't know. And for your information with guys your age is common to mess around sexually with each other. Like jack off, give head etc. That doesn't make you gay that just makes you normal.

"Really. I've thought of those things but was always afraid to ever bring them up. Guys really do do that?"

"Sure most of them. Now before you move in John I am going to tell you that I am gay. And I have a partner Who is gay and we love each other like you love your parents."

"Well I don't love my parents they kicked me out a year ago. But I guess I love my uncle."

"That's what I mean. Love doesn't care if you are man or woman. It passes both ways. I love Kyle more than most love their wives and always will and he loves me the same way."

"Gosh I never have been able to talk about sex stuff before. I think I am going to like being around you. Maybe I can learn a thing or two."

"Well I am always available for questions John. And it won't be long before I have love in my heart for you. I do for all the boys at the school."

"Wow! You are really a neat person. I am sure glad I decided to come here."

"Well so am I John, so am I."


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