"Grab half of the sacks and let's get these clothes in where they belong in your room." So they both picked up half and went in the front door. Danny kicked the door shut and told Kyle that he would be showing the new boy, John to his room. Then they went all the way to the left end of the hall and Danny took him into his room. "Boy this is sure nicer than anything I have ever had before." Well bring your bags of underwear over here to the chest of drawers, also your socks, and we will put them in. John looked so happy to have all these clothes. He put his socks in the second drawer and his boxers in the top drawer. "Now take your shirts and those that hang up put them on the hangers in the closet." So he did. Many of his shirts were just T shirt variety and he put them in his third drawer. Then he hung his pants in the closet and put his shorts in the drawer with his T shirts.

"Well that looks great John. You are pretty organized already. Look out here and you can see your mew ( that in falcons language is where you keep a hawk)."

"Yea I've read that in a few books."

"Now John sit down on the bed for a minute and I will go over some of the rules of the house. Danny told him about the knock rule and the door must be answered. He told him normal meal times. He told him about his computer and that it didn't have parent control on it."

"Gosh I have never had a computer before. Can you show me how to use it?"

"Yes right after the first thing a shower. So get undressed and get ready I will adjust the water. I will be helping you since you are so dirty so if you don't mind I will remove my shirt and pants too."

"No I don't mind. Gee no one has ever cared about me enough to want to help me do anything."

John got his clothes off and Danny told him to throw them in his trash. He wouldn't be needing them anymore. "Now come and get wet John." When John came in the bathroom he was absolutely built perfect. He had a swimmers body and had muscles where God wanted them. Not a hair on his body except his pubes and his head. Danny thought what the hell and took off his boxers and threw them in on the bedroom floor. John saw his dick was half hard and started getting hard himself. "Don't worry about getting a hard on John that is just natural." With that his dick went right on up to about 7 inches uncut. Danny took the shampoo and had him get his head wet. Then Danny gave it a good scrubbing. He massaged his head as he did.

"Gosh that feels good Danny."

"Well it has to be done and I'm glad you like it. Rinse off your head now." The dirt just poured off in dark brown water. His hair lightened right up. Danny put another batch of shampoo on it and re shampooed it again. John was letting out moans. After 5 minutes of a second wash he rinsed it again. This time the water was just a dirty brown. But his hair sparkled. It was blond with a few brown streaks. Along with his blue eyes he was gorgeous. Danny took the conditioner and put it on heavily.

"Gosh what's that it sure smells good?"

"This is conditioner and it makes your hair comb much easier and look a lot better."

"Gosh I have never heard of it before."

Danny took a wash cloth and got it all soapy. He told John to close his eyes and really washed his face and neck and ears. The wash cloth turned almost black. His skin was two tones lighter. He was actually Caucasian. Danny washed it once more and got more dirt this time. Then he put the wash cloth down and started washing his shoulders, his arms, his hands which were filthy. He had to rub his hands for almost 5 minutes to get them clean.

"I've never had anyone wash my hands before. It feels so good."

Then Danny went to his chest and started rubbing and massaging with soap and got his tits really hard. He noticed his dick was standing straight out hard as a rock. Danny kept going and washed his 6 pack really well, this kid had muscles. Then he did his pubic hair twice and it turned blond. Danny then took soap to his dick which was so hard it was like a board. He pulled back the foreskin and rinsed off all the smegma. Then he took soap and washed under the foreskin all over the tender dick head. John started leaking like a sieve.

"Oh Danny that feels so good. No one has ever touched me there before."

"This is why guys mess around with each other. It isn't that they are all gay they just like to make the other guy feel good."

"Yea, Well you sure are making me feel good."

To finish up his dick Danny soaped his hand real well and started jacking off his dick sliding the foreskin back and forth. The sounds John was making were nothing but extreme pleasure. All of a sudden he let loose with rope after rope of the whitest cum all over the shower wall and Danny. But it all rinsed off.

"Oh Danny that was the best cum I've ever had. It felt so good."

"Now turn around and I'll do your back." When he turned around and showed that perfect butt Danny almost lost it. But, he started at the shoulders and massaged his way down his back with soap. Soap and dirt rolled off. When he got to his butt he told him to put his hands on the shower wall and bend over. When he did he could see his anus. It was beautiful. But terrible red. "How come your butt hole is so red John."

"Mainly because of sitting on cement and having a hard time finding a place to go out on the streets. No one will let you go in their bathroom so I usually went in the brush and had to wipe my ass with stiff rough leaves. They hurt but I had to use something."

"Oh John, that tears me up how people can be that way to one another. This may hurt a little but I have to clean in here." Danny went down the crack and when he got to the red anus he gently soaped it and then pushed his finger in a little. "Does that hurt John?"

"Yea but your trying to help me I can take it."

Danny decided to clean it well and then put lotion on it to sooth it later after he dried. Danny went on down his legs and soaped his feet. It took two soapings to get them even close to clean. "Now rinse off John and I hope you feel better."

"Oh I do. I have never had anyone wash me before that I can remember. It felt so good."

"OK lets step out and dry." He handed John a towel and took one for himself. They both dried and it ended up Danny drying Johns back and tender ass hole.

When they got back to the room Danny said just stay nude I want to put some stuff on that sore ass. Lay on the bed for me face down. Danny took some lotion and started at the top of the crack and worked his way down. He really got a lot on his finger to do the anal area. "Does that hurt or burn John?"

"No It actually feels good especially when you push. Sometimes I stick things up in there when I am all alone in the woods."

Danny didn't say anything but pushed his finger on in all the way to the colon. "How does that feels John."

"Awesome, I have always had to put things in there myself and it never felt anything like that good."

"OK I'm going to slip my finger in and out and see how you like that. Danny reached under him and found a hard on as stiff as one can get. So he squeezed it and started finger fucking him. "Does that feel good John?"

"Oh yea it all feels good even how you squeeze my dick like that."

"Roll over on your side toward me John." When he did Danny put his mouth on the foreskin and pushed it back where the head was in his mouth. He started tonguing the sensitive part.

"Oh God that feels better than anything I have ever had done to me."

Danny decided to deep throat him knowing he was 7 inches. He took a couple tries but got him all the way down.

" good...."

Danny started up and down on it taking it all the way into his throat each time. Then he started massaging his prostate and thought by the sounds of things he was going to loose him. He was going ape shit.

"Oh what are you doing in my ass that feels so awesome. It makes me feel like I could cum Danny."

Danny explained to him what his prostate was and continued massaging it. At the same time he was bouncing on is dick taking it all the way down each time. The foreskin was going open and shut as he did. Danny loved foreskins. Then Danny put two fingers in his ass and really started hitting on the prostate. That did it...

"Ahhhhh.....God....I' shit.....God.....mmmmmmmmm....oooooooo....ahhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh..."

He literally flooded Danny's mouth and sent a lot down Danny's throat. Danny loved it it tasted sweet with barely any salt. Danny didn't want it to quit. "There did you like that?"

"Was that what they call a blow job?"

"Yes it is referred to that way."

"I don't feel gay at all but I sure liked that. Can I do that to you?"

"If you want to."

Danny rolled over on his back his dick standing straight up. John took hold of his dick and just looked at it. "This isn't gay?"

"Only if you consider giving someone else you like pleasure."

"Well I like you and I want to give you pleasure so it is OK. So he put his tongue on the top and tasted the precum. He seemed to like it because he put the whole head in his mouth and started tonguing it. He found the special spot under the head and gave it hell. Danny was moaning like mad. Then he decided to try and deep throat him. He went down and gagged two or three times and then it slid down. Then he started going up and down all the way. Danny knew it wouldn't be long if he kept that up. Then to Danny's surprise he wet two fingers and stuck them all the way up Danny's ass. But he kept deep throating at the same time. He pushed real hard and was up in the colon pretty far. He pulled his fingers out a ways and pushed them all the way back in. He kept doing that but faster and faster. He speeded up on the deep throat thing too. Danny had had it. All of a sudden Danny said, "I'm going to cum John. Ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh....God.....shit your good... ahhhhhhh....mmmmmmmmmm.....oooooooooooo.....ahhhhhhh..Ohhhhhh..."

Then Danny collapsed. John kept sucking and sucking. He wanted every drop he could get out. Then he looked a Danny laying there and Danny grabbed him and stuck his tongue in his mouth. John didn't know what to do so he stuck his tongue into Danny's mouth too. They tongue wrestled and then started sucking tongues. John was really enjoying himself. This went on for 10 minutes and then they both collapsed. Danny held John on his chest and squeesed his muscular body for all he was worth. John squeezed back.

Then it was over. "Well John do you feel any more gay now than you did when I picked you up?"

"No man I just realized what I have been missing out on. This has been so awesome man."

"Let me show you your computer John. Pull up a chair. Or better yet take this one and I'll point. Now turn on the computer by pushing this. John pushed it. And Discovery came on. Now see the little blue e at the bottom. That takes you onto the Internet and sites all over the world. See that blank spot up on the right. Type in teen sex. Use your mouse to get up there and click with your left finger. He did as told and typed with one finger teen sex. Now click on go with your left mouse button. When he did the screen lit up with sites and their advertising. Now look for something that says free. He found one. Now click on that site using your left mouse button. When he did the screen filled up with thumb nails. Guys fucking guys and girls licking girls. Guys fucking girls and sucking other guys.

"Wow! I didn't know anything like this even existed. But the pictures are too small to see."

"Use your left mouse button and click on any picture." He clicked on a guy fucking a guy and it went screen size. "Wow! It made it big. Do guys really do that?"

"Oh yes John and it really feels good once your use to it."

"I want to try that."

"Well we both just came so I doubt we could do it right now. John are you over thinking about straight and gay and just thinking of people and pleasure instead?"

"Oh yea I don't feel gay but I sure feel good after what we did."

"Would you be interested in joining a club that the guys do things like this to each other?"

"Well at the police station I would have told you no. But now you bet I would. You mean I might be able to fuck someone and have them fuck me. That would be so awesome."

"OK then I feel free in telling you that the boys who mostly are straight but like to have fun, have organized what they call the Thumb Nails Club. Lloyd is the President of the club. If you are interested I will introduce you to him. Other wise you will never know when they meet."

"Oh introduce me to him please. I really want to belong."

"OK I will take you to him as soon as we get dressed. Bend over and let me put some more lotion on your ass hole. It is looking much better. He put his hands on his knees and Danny rubbed his finger full of lotion on his anus. Then to Danny's surprise John sat all the way down on his finger forcing it all the way into the colon.

"I like that a lot Danny."

"Yes I should say you do. I like it too John."

"Now put on some new clothes while I get dressed." Danny got dressed and finally John had on a set of new clothes. He put on Dark blue shorts and a blue T Shirt with an emblem on it. "OK dude let's go and find Lloyd.


They went to Lloyd's door and knocked and waited. It was only a minute until Lloyd answered. "Oh hi Danny come on in."

"Lloyd I want you to meet John. He just came to us today. I explained the computer and he loves the thumb nails and wants to join the club. I told him I would introduce you to him so you would know he was interested."

"Fine John. All you have to do is wait until I mention at dinner that the Thumb Nails will meet at 7 in then I say in whose room. Show up wearing only underwear or boxers and nothing else OK?"

"Wow! You bet I'll show up. Thanks."

Danny told them both that it was dinner time and they headed for the table. "Lloyd we are going to have to have a late feeding for the hawks tonight so I doubt there will be time for the Thumb Nails to meet tonight."

John's face sunk. When Lloyd saw this he said, "Say John how about coming in my room and we will have our own thumb nails party after feeding."

"You bet I'll be here."

They all went in to a great pot roast dinner.

After dinner Danny said, "We are going to start feeding backwards tonight. We will start with the newest hawks and continue until we get to Pete's hawk, Ready. So let's start with Soar and then Aussie. Here is a butcher knife prepare your mice for the first feeding."

Kevin's face went white but Joey's just went with him not having any idea that he was going to be taking two lives. Kevin said, "Joey we have to cut two mice in three pieces each to start training."

"You mean kill them?"

"Well not too many mice have lived in three pieces. So I guess they will probably die."

Kevin took a mouse and held it on the work bench. He cut off the head first and then again though the middle of the stomach. Then he put the pieces in a small paper bag. Then he did the same to the second mouse and handed the knife to Joey.

Joey just looked at the bloody knife and turned almost white himself. "Where did you get the mouse. Do they bite?"

"Just grab them behind the head on their neck and hold them down while you decapitate them then cut the middle and your through."

"Oh gosh, this is terrible. Joey reached in the fish tank and grabbed a mouse behind the head and brought it to the workbench. He put the knife to it's neck and just stood there. I'm not sure I can do this."

"A little secret. Close your eyes and drag the knife where the neck is and it will be over."

So Joey closed his eyes and drew the knife until it was hitting workbench and opened his eyes. He had killed an animal and felt terrible. "Now cut through the middle the same way and your done."

So he put the knife on the middle and closed his eyes and drew the knife thought until he felt the drain board. When he opened his eyes he looked like he was going to vomit. But he managed to put the pieces in a paper bag and get them out of sight. The second one went a little faster but it wasn't any easier. Taking a life was just not good in his mind. "OK Joey we have to go to Soar first so you can watch me."

When they got to Soar Danny was waiting. Along with a few other boys. Danny said, "Now you have seen this done by many others so take a piece of mouse and hand it to Soar to see if he will take it. If not he waits until tomorrow. Here is your sound maker for Soar. Use it every time you want him to eat."

Kevin took the bloody piece of meat and offered it to Soar. He blew the horn lightly so as not to scare him and Soar looked at it then around and finally took the piece and ate it. Kevin knew the next step was to make him step to the gauntlet so he moved back about two feet. Kevin sounded the horn. Soar reached with his head but couldn't get it. So finally Soar jumped the two feet and ate the piece of meat. Kevin was so proud of him. He moved back about 4 feet and blew the horn and after a second or two Soar took off and flew to the gauntlet and ate the rest of the mouse. Kevin continued doing this until Soar with a safety line of course, flew 15 feet or so to him for the last piece. He put him back on the Perch and hooked the jess and released the safety line and they moved on to Aussie, Joey's bird.

Aussie looked huge being a female but the training was the same. Joey hooked the safety line and undid the jess from the perch. Danny gave him a sounding device to use and let him do his thing. He sounded the sound and handed a bloody piece of mouse to Aussie. Aussie looked at it for a couple seconds and then took it and swallowed it almost whole. Joey moved back two feet like he saw Kevin do and blew the sound. Aussie jumped to the gauntlet and ate the piece of mouse. Since Aussie was bigger the last flight was over 20 feet. Joey was so proud he was all smiles. He thought Aussie was awesome. He already loved his bird.

They all moved down the line from bird to bird and finally got to Pete's mew. Danny said, "Pete why don't you force him into wait on before you throw the sparrow." Pete shook his head in agreement. So when he got way out there and blew his horn he made Ready wait on before throwing the sparrow. The sparrow never had a chance because Ready was in an immediate stoop and feathers flew everywhere when he hit the sparrow and took him to the ground. Pete stood on the safety line and let Ready eat down to the bones. Then he picked up Ready and John was there to take him back to the perch. This was repeated with the second sparrow and John again carried him back all smiles. John really liked this. Boy would he be reading his book tonight after seeing Lloyd.

Danny and Kyle went to the fridge and got out their hunk of liver for Rusty. They gave it a good hair bath and about 30 sec in the microwave to take off the chill and then they headed to the empty room Mew. Danny told Kyle they had to get busy and build a mew by their own bedroom for Rusty as they could fill that room anytime and then they would have a full house for the first time. They went to the mew and hooked the safety line and released the jess. When Rusty saw the liver he started making an annoying squawking sound that is like a baby hawk makes when mama comes near. It is a real annoying sound but other than cut off their head you put up with it. Danny let Kyle hold Rusty on a gauntlet and took another gauntlet on his right hand and went out into the field about 20 feet. He sounded the horn and Rusty was airborne. Their flight is a lumbering type flight compared to the sparrow hawk. He only had to flap three times and then soared the rest of way to the gauntlet. It was beautiful to watch. He landed on the gauntlet after setting his wings to stop. It is really something to watch. He took the liver and ate it right down. Kyle was there waiting and took him back to the perch. As well as he was doing, and being definitely sharp set, Danny told Kyle to reach down and drop the safety line. Rusty was going to fly free. Danny moved back to about 30 feet and blew the horn. Again Rusty took off with just a jess flapping in the breeze a free bird. He flew directly to Danny's gauntlet and doing his stopping maneuver landed on the gauntlet. While he was eating Danny reached down and took hold of the jess to have him back in control. Kyle came again for Rusty. "That was awesome. Our first Free flight." John had been watching and applauded. Then Kyle went back to the perch and Danny got as far away as possible without getting in brush. It was about 55 feet or so. He blew the horn and it really was awesome watching Rusty cover the ground as gracefully as he did. When he got to Danny the brakes went on which sort of makes the hawk go up and slow down at the same time for a perfect landing. Danny gave him the rest of the meat and then started Carrying him back to the perch. John met him half way so Kyle gave him a gauntlet and let him carry Rusty the rest of the way holding on to the jess. This made John smile so big. He was so into falconry. Although this was hawking not falconry since a red tail is a short wing hawk and not a falcon. While a sparrow hawk is a true long wing bird and can stoop.

Danny said, "You know Kyle we have 13 year old Jose coming in from South America tomorrow at 2pm. He will be flying in on his fathers private jet, he owned a coffee plantation."

"Yes I remember now that you mention it. We will have only one room left after that. So we better plan on building that mew tomorrow morning. It should take long."

"Yes that is a good idea. I still have a bunch of one and a half inch doweling so it will just be putting it together."

"You know I'm tired how about watching TV in our room tonight. Like right now."

"That sounds awesome we get so little time to be just together."

John in the meantime was knocking nervously on Lloyd's door.

Lloyd opened it looking at this good looking 14 year old and let him in with a warm greeting.

(to be continued)

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