"John first may I welcome you to the Thumb Nails Club. You are certainly welcome. I assume you talked to Danny and decided to join."

"Well To be honest with you Lloyd until I met Danny and talked to him I thought everyone who had sexual fun with a guy was a fag. But Danny told me it was quite common for guys our age to get together and mess around."

"Well John most of us in the club don't consider ourselves gay. We just like to play. Of course because of the one in ten ratio in the world there will always be a gay one in the crowd. We have one that I know of but I would never say his name and make him different because he's not. He was born with those genes and can't help it. So everyone just let's him alone."

"Yea Danny kinda went over the gene thing and told me that He and Kyle were gay partners. Now that I know them both I think they are cool. So my ideas have changed 180 from yesterday."

"Well your here now John why don't I show you how the club works. First everyone picks a number out of a fish bowl. The one that gets #7 gets to choose a thumbnail that we all mimic. If it is something like fucking, which takes special preparation we do that first as we don't want anyone having to go though any more discomfort than necessary. Of course with fucking the discomfort only last a short time and then it turns into the best feeling of all."

"You mean some of the guys have put their dick up another guys ass?"

"Yes all of them. And they have all had one up theirs too."

"And you say it feels good?"

"Only if prepared correctly."

"How do you do that?"

"Well why don't you drop your pants and underware and I'll get nude too and I'll show you."

John real nervously dropped his clothes on the floor and took off his shirt. There he was standing there in all his tan glory. He certainly had a body to be proud of. And between his legs was an uncut 7 inch dick. John looked at Lloyd who also had a body beautiful and a 7 inch cut dick and started getting a hard on. When Lloyd saw this he sprung a hard on himself. "Now John lay on your stomach on the bed and spread your legs." John did kinda reluctantly. Lloyd got his fingers really full of KY and put his middle finger up into John's colon. Man was this guy tight. His entire rectum and colon was smooth as a babies butt. He pushed real hard and went around the first curve in the colon. "How does that feel John?"

"Like I got a finger up my ass. But seriously the harder you push the better it feels. I like it."

Lloyd started finger fucking him and hitting the colon area hard every time. This made John start making sounds. "Uhhh...Uhhhh...Uhhhh...Uhhh ." So hearing those pleasure sounds Lloyd switched to two fingers and all the way into the colon they went. Again he was very tight. He continuted finger fucking him like mad. John didn't complain at all just kept making louder and louder pleasure sounds. After 5 minutes in went the third finger all the way.

"Ouch I can feel that Lloyd. That is really tight. But the pain is going away now. Go ahead."

Lloyd continued finger fucking him like there was no tomorrow. After another 5 minutes he pulled his fingers out. He smelled them and loved the smell. "Well John that is what we call preparation for a dick to go in."

"Yea I see what you mean. Why don't you try it Lloyd and see if I can take it."

"Lloyd jacked off with KY and turned John over on his back. He put John's legs on his shoulders and looked him right in the eyes. "Now John I want you to take ten really deep breaths and then push out like you were going to pass a giant turd." So Lloyd counted the deep breaths and when he took the tenth on he saw the anus pooch out so he decided to get it over quick. Lloyd pushed in all the way into the colon and then some making a path for his 7 inches. Then he stopped and waited. "OK John I won't move until you shake your head yes."

"Wow! It feels like you are in my stomach. But it really doesn't hurt that bad. Go ahead."

Lloyd started slowly short fucking him and pain sounds were coming from John but he didn't say anything. After a minute or so the pain sounds turned to pleasure sounds. So Lloyd, being experienced, started really going after it. He was shoving that 7 inches way up in the colon.

It had been at least 10 minutes now on the short strokes and Lloyd was sweating up a storm. He was dripping sweat on John's very red, wet face. So Lloyd came back to the anus and went straight to the prostate two times.

"Oh God that feels good. What are you hitting. I feel like I could cum."

"That is your prostate gland that makes the seminal fluid that carries out the sperm. I am going to continue hitting it and make you have the best cum of your life." Lloyd continued hitting the prostate about 5 more times when...

"Oh God Lloyd I'm cumming...ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh....mmmmmmmmm...God... ...Gee....Gosh....that feels so good.....ahhhhh....Ohhhhhh..."

With as tight as John's ass hole was when it started spasms it forced Lloyd to start cumming. He came and came at least 8 or 9 ropes all the way deep in the colon. Then he fell forward with his dick still hard and it him and stuck is tongue in John's mouth. John acted surprised but went along with it and soon they were sucking tongues and trying to breath at the same time. Lloyd was slowly getting soft and finally fell out of John's hole but the French Kissing kept going for another 10 minutes. When they broke John said, "That was the most awesome experience of my life time Lloyd. Thanks man."

Lloyd said, "Now maybe you realize why guys like to mess around. Now I want you to lay there and let me clean you up." Lloyd started licking the sweet cum off Johns chest and stomach. He especially licked his tits really more than necessary. But finally got him cleaned up. Then Lloyd went into the bath room and got a hot wash cloth and a towel and came back and finished the job. He put them back on the sink and layed down with John. "Now John let's watch TV for a while and then it is your turn to fuck me."

"You mean it Lloyd?"

"You bet I can't wait to get that big baby up inside me."

"Gosh I can hardly wait. But I guess we have to."

After watching 3/4 of an hour show Lloyd said, "Well you think we can get that thing up again." Lloyd lay over and took John in his mouth and sucked on him. It wasn't 20 seconds that John was moaning and hard as a rock. "Well it looks like you might be able to get that in me now. Have you ever registered that as a weapon ha ha ?"

"You sure are great Lloyd. You know I don't know what it is but it's like I know you from someplace before."

"Yea I had the same feeling. But I figured it out."

"Tell me then."

"Well John have you ever heard of a guy named Capt. Murry?"

"Oh shit you were on the streets too. And if you were like me you got picked up stealing food once or twice."

"Yea John that is it. We are street brothers. But no one here in this school knows that. Danny hasn't told a sole."

"He is the greatest Lloyd. I really like him and Kyle too."

"Yea so do I. It isn't too often guys like us get a chance to start over."

"And the kids elected you president even."

"Yea that was a proud moment let me tell you. Now take this KY and get me prepared. One, two, three fingers fucking my ass before you stick that sword of torture in me."

Lloyd rolled over on his stomach. When John saw that ass up close he got harder than he had ever been. He spread Lloyd open and looked at his ass hole. He liked what he saw. So he took his fingers and put KY all over three of them and stuck the middle finger in slowly clear up into the colon and around the first curve. "Gosh this feels softer than a girls pussy and a hell of a lot tighter. It's wet way up in here."

"Yes that is the liquid that keeps our bowels moving so we don't get constipated."

"John took his finger out and smelled it. There really isn't any smell to it. What smell there is is a good smell at least to me."

"Yea I like it too."

John stuck his finger back all the way in and started finger fucking Lloyd like there was no tomorrow. Man did John like this. It was so darn sexy. After 5 minutes he slipped in his second finger and kept finger fucking all the way into the colon. Soon he was three fingering him and Lloyd was moaning for a while. But then Lloyd turned to pleasure sounds.

"OK John you have me ready fuck the shit out of me."

John was shaking he was so excited. He rolled Lloyd on his back and put KY all over his dick. Since he wasn't circumcised he pulled back the skin and got it good too. "OK now I guess I am ready for the ten breaths and push out." He counted them and when the anus pooched out he was in all the way. His long dick made a path for the last inch or two but he was in to the pubes.

"Oh God I have done this before and I have never felt anyone this good. Man you are up in me farther than anyone has been it feels so good."

"Really, then it doesn't hurt." So John started short stroking him and found him to be so tight it almost hurt. He kept going getting faster and faster until he was going like a blurr. Boy was this fun. This went on for 15 minutes and then wringing wet with sweat he started long stroking him. Man was he going fast.

"John listen to me. Pull almost all the way out. Now push your dick where you think it will go up inside my dick and you will hit my prostate."

John took directions and had Lloyd making sounds louder than ever.

Oh God that feels good. I'm about to cum John. There it comes...ahhhh ...Ohhhhhh.....Fuck .....God.....Geeez.....Ohhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmmm.... ahhhhhhhh....Man....."

The spasms on John made him let loose at the same time. He let go of about 8 or more ropes clear up into what he thought must be his stomach. "Ahhhhhhhh...Man.....I never could be this good."

He layed forward and went for Lloyd's tongue. Lloyd gave it up easy so they were French kissing and trying to catch their breath at the same time. They finally got control of breathing and kept kissing another 10 minutes.

"Oh Lloyd that was the most awesome experience I have ever had. Along with you fucking me. Why would anyone even want a woman when this is so good."

"Well you will want one when the right one comes along probably. Unless you turn into one of the 10% which there is nothing wrong with."

"Yea I see what you mean bro. Man I feel so close to you Lloyd knowing what you had to live through. And how hard it really was."

"Yea John there is a certain attachment alright. Why don't you just stay in here tonight. They don't care."

"Really there isn't anything I would rather do. Let me clean you up Lloyd like you did me." John started licking cum off Lloyd's face and chest and right on down his stomach and then took his dick in his mouth and sucked all of the cum he could get out of it.

"John what you say we shower together?"

"Yea that would be super."

They had a ball in the shower soaping each other up. They even stuck their finger in each others ass holes a ways. Then they got out and dried and went nude and got in bed and with just a sheet over them lay arm in arm watching TV. When it got late they cuddled and went to sleep. Just like on the streets but in a comfortable bed.


"You know Kyle this is really great us being alone. Without a care in the world. They started French Kissing and after about 5 minutes the phone rang."

"Oh shit who could that be at this hour. Hello Rockwell School of Falconry this is Danny how may I help you?"

"My name is Terry Land. I am calling from London, England. My boy who is 13 saw your add in the magazine and hasn't shut up about it yet. Just what do you have to offer Danny?"

"Well Terry our school teaches boys how to catch, and train falcons. When they are fully trained they put on shows for the local people in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. The boys have their own room and we supply all the food for room and board. I charge what the state gives me to keep a foster boy. And that is $750 US dollars a month."

"Wow! That sounds even better than I had imagined. Do you have any openings?"

"Yes as a matter of fact we have one more opening. When it is taken it will probably be quite some time for another as all the boys and parents are really happy having their boys here."

"Yes I can see where they would be. I am an international agent for the English government and am rarely home. So Perry is here with a house keeper by himself all the time. How soon could you accept Perry?"

"As soon as you get him here."

"Well lets see there are daily flights to the states. So would it be alright if I help him pack tomorrow and send him on a commercial jet on the next day. Let's see I have a schedule here. It says it would land at Idaho Falls at 3pm. Would that be OK."

"Yes fine. Tell him to be looking for me, Danny, holding a sign saying school of falconry on it. Have him come right up and introduce himself to me. I assume his name is Terry Land."

"Yes that is correct. So he will be there with a check for $750 US dollars the day after tomorrow at 3pm."

"We will be there waiting for him and I will allow him to call you and tell you he got here OK."

"Oh Good that way I won't worry. He has my cell number as I am always someplace other than home."

"OK Terry thanks for calling. We will be looking forward to meeting Perry. Bye now." Danny hung up the phone and said, "Well Kyle it looks like we will be building a mew in the morning. The boy from South America gets here at 2pm tomorrow. Our dream is fulfilled. We are full."

"Yea that is great. Now once we get all these hawks trained we will have really fulfilled our dream."

"Well Kyle something I hadn't told you yet. Just like Rusty flew free today I am going to have Ready, Vertigo, and Astro fly free tomorrow."

"Yes I agree with you Danny they are ready."

They went into love making until they fell asleep in each others arms."

Right after coffee and breakfast was over Danny and Kyle got things together to build a mew for Rusty. He got the doweling and squared off a base which he drilled an inch and a half hole in. Then he forced the doweling down in the hole covered with wood glue. He then did just about the same thing to put on the perch. He sat it about where the others sat in respect to their rooms and put in an eye hook. Then he and Kyle went and got Rusty and put him in his new and final home. He didn't seem too concerned other that the new surroundings he just preened himself and went on with his day.

At 1 O'Clock Danny made an announcement that we would be loading to go to the airport in 10 minutes. It wasn't long before they were all in the van and heading for Idaho Falls Airport. They got there early so the boys just mulled around looking at souvenirs. Finally 2pm got there and they started watching the horizon on the approach runway. It wasn't long before a dot appeared and it kept getting bigger and bigger until it was on final. It pulled into the parking area and the steps were rolled to it. Finally the door opened and a 13 year old came out 1st. He was a handsome young lad with real tan skin. He came on in the airport looking around an spotted the sign. He walked right over to Danny and introduced himself. "You must be Danny. I am Jose Pedega from South America."

"Yes Jose we have been anxiously waiting to meet you. Do you have luggage?"

"Yes I have two bags they will unload from underneath dad's plane."

As he said it they were doing it. So Danny picked them up and put them in back of the van. "Jose these are the boys you will get to know almost as brothers in a short while. We all welcome you. Lloyd will introduce you around. But we don't expect you to remember all the names the first time you are introduced. "Boy's for Jose's sake always say your name before starting to talk to Jose. That will let him learn your names quickly." said Danny.

Danny started for home and when they got there it was only an hour until normal feeding time. So after they got inside Danny took Jose and his bags to introduce him to his room. It was at the end of the hall since they were filling up. He took him inside and shut his door. "Now Jose this will be your room. You will share the bath with the room next store. If you notice there is a lock on the inside of that door so you can be assured privacy. Sit over here on the bed for a minute and I will explain the house rules to you." Danny explained the shut door policy and the meal times and feeding times. He introduced him to his book he would be tested on and told him he would be getting his hawk when he past the test. This excited the boy. Now let me introduce you to your computer.

"Gosh I have never had a computer. Dad had one but wouldn't let anyone touch it."

"Well why don't you sit there in the chair. I'll drag over another one. There now see this button here. That turns it on and off. So push it and it will come on." Jose pushed it and Discovery came on.

"Gosh my very own computer."

"Yes and it doesn't have parent control on it so you can look at anything you want."

"I don't understand parent control?"

"Well parent control keeps guys from getting to any sites that have naked guys and gals on them."

"Do they really put naked people on it. How cool."

"Would you like to see a site that has them."

"Yea I would. Gosh I am getting a woody thinking about it."

Danny noticed he was indeed getting hard. "Well see this thing Jose this is called a mouse and it gets you around on the screen. Slide it on it's pad and see how it operates."

"Gee it makes that little arrow go all over the place."

"OK now make the little arrow go up to that blank spot on the top right. That is a search engine and will take you to any subject you want. Since you want to see nude teens, type in nude teen pictures free."

Jose did and then Danny told him to click on go with his left finger. Of course a million sights came up. "Now Jose you have to pick one of the sights that says they have free pictures and click on it."

Pedro clicked on a site that said Nude teen boys. Danny thought that odd but he was only 13 and probably just going through puberty. On came a page of thumb nails. "They are too small to see good Danny."

"Any picture you want to see made big click on it with your left mouse button."

He clicked on a guy giving another guy a blow job. Of course it filled the screen. "Do guys really do that Danny?"

"Yes guys really do all that stuff."

Danny showed him how to get back to the thumb nails by hitting back. Then he clicked on a guy with his dick up another guys butt. "They do that too?"

"Yes Pedro but it takes special lubrication."

"What's lubrication?"

"Would you like for me to show you?"

"Yea would you?"

"Come over here on your bed. Now here in your top drawer is a tube of a substance called KY. Are you embarrassed to pull down your pants in front of me?"

"No you are a boy too." He went ahead and took his pants down."

"Here I am going to take these underware down too so they don't get messy is that OK?"

"Sure. Boy I sure am hard Danny."

Danny reached under him and felt a dick about 5 inches hard and uncut. He pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times and Jose said, "That feels so good Danny. No one has ever touched me there before."

"Well remember this is just between you and me Jose. I won't tell anyone and you shouldn't either."

"I will be quiet as a mouse."

Danny said, "Now this is what lubrication is Jose." Danny took some KY on his three fingers and inserted the middle finger all the way in past the first turn and then some into his colon. He was so hot and smooth that now Danny had a hard on. How does that feel Jose?"

"Like I have to go to the bathroom but better. It feels good when you move your finger."

Danny started short fucking him with his middle finger pushing harder each time getting way up in him.

"Oh that is feeling awesome. No wonder those guys do that in the pictures."

Danny was glad to have such a willing participant. This might be cherry picking time. Time will tell. Danny put in the second finger all the way into the colon. He heard Jose grunt a little. He reached under him and rubbed his dick to get his mind off any discomfort.

"Oh that is making me feel so funny Danny like dizzy inside."

"After about 5 minutes of this Danny went in with three fingers and heard some real discomfort sounds. He squeezed his dick and jacked on it some more and the sounds turned to pleasure. Then he got an idea. Jose let me have your hand. He took it and put it on his own hard on. Feel that Jose?"

"Wow! Is that your woody?"


"Do you mind if I touch it Danny?"

"No not at all if you want to."

The next thing Danny knew Pedro had his zipper down and pulled his dick out through his pants. Then he started rubbing it. "Gee Danny your thing is all wet and slippery."

"Yes Pedro that is precum. It is made by the body to make you dick slide into another person easier."

"You mean you could put this up my butt like the guy in the picture?"

"Yes but only if you wanted me too. That is why I am showing you how to lubricate to make you even slipperier."

"Danny I want you to try it. Will you?"

"If you want me too."

"I want, I want."

Danny took KY and jacked off with it getting really slick. Then he pulled Jose so that his butt was over the edge of the bed showing his anus open up. Then Danny put his dick against the anus. "Now Jose take ten deep breaths and push out like you had to take a big crap OK?"

"OK." Pedro started deep breathing and on the tenth one his anus pushed out and Danny was in about half way. "How ya doing Pedro?"

"Oh like that is big. It hurts some Danny."

"Yes it always does your first time but the hurt will go away in about a minute. When it does shake your head yes and I will go on in."

When he shook his head yes Danny decided to go on in all the way. Danny could feel his dick making a path up into his colon. It was so hot and smooth and tight, Danny almost lost it. "How ya doing now Pedro?"

"Good it doesn't hurt bad now. It hurts good. I like it."

Danny started short stroking him slowly and got sounds of pleasure right away so he speeded up and went to town. After about 10 minutes he started long stroking him and soon speeded up to lightning speed. Pedro was making every pleasure sound in the book. This kid was loving this. So Danny though he would try and get him to cum for the first time. He pulled out almost all the way and then went straight for the dick area and hit the prostate.

"Oh what did you hit. It sent chills all through my body and my dick turned so hard."

"That is you prostate Pedro and he explained it to him." The Danny did an all out prostate attack and Pedro came unglued.

"Oh Danny I feel so me....ohhhh man...Ohhhhhh....ahhhhhhhh...I am turning inside out....ahhhhh...ohhhh God....ahhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmm...ooooooooo.....ahhhhhh...."

The spasms set Danny off and he unloaded about 8 shots clear up into his upper colon. He knew that would feel really hot to Jose.

"Well how did you like it Jose?"

"Man what happened to me. I felt so dizzy and like I was turning inside out and my dick was moving like getting harder and harder and then soft and then hard and it just kept that up."

"Well Pedro I think you just became a man, roll over on your back."

When he did his stomach was full of watery cum. He really had cum a lot for the first time. "See this watery stuff Pedro. That is what makes babies when you get older. Here let me get some on my finger. Now open your mouth." Danny stuck his finger full of Pedro's cum in his mouth and Pedro started sucking on it. "Yumm that taste good. It is so sweet." Danny took a gob and put it in his own mouth and indeed it was a sweet as honey with no salt at all yet.

"Is this what yours taste like?"

"Well just about but since I am older mine has a little salt flavor to it. Here go down and lick my dick and you will see."

Pedro didn't hesitate he licked the end of Danny's dick and then took his dick all the way in his mouth and sucked all he could get out. "That taste good too Danny. Maybe it's because it is from you. You are my super man now."

"Well thank you Pedro that is the first time I have been called Superman. ha ha. So what do you thing of sex now Pedro?"

"God I loved it. Can we do it all the time?"

"Would you like to do it with other guys here who are your brothers they have a club you could join."

"Oh yea I would really like that. As long as you are there too."

"Oh I am usually there too. Pedro. What did you think of your first time to cum."

"It scared me a little at first because I thought something was wrong but then I didn't care if something was wrong or not it felt too good."

"Well I see you are hard again. Let me show you how to do that to yourself when you are alone." Danny took hold of his hard on and started jacking off for him. It was easy with a foreskin. Now you take over and do the same thing Pedro."

Pedro took over and started really going at it. He had his eyes closed. Danny took some KY and stuck his finger on his prostate and started pushing and massaging it. Soon Pedro said, "It's going to happen again. Ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhh....mmmmmmmm...oooooooo....Wow! Man does that feel good."

"Yes Pedro and you can do it anytime you are alone. It is best you wait for about a half hour or more to recharge your sperm in your balls again."

"Gosh Danny I can't thank you enough. You have changed my whole life today."

"Yes the first time you cum does kinda change your life much to the better. I will introduce you to Lloyd the club president if you want to join."

"Yes, Yes, I want to join."

"OK pull up your pants and I'll pull up mine and take you to meet him."

When they were dressed Danny went looking for Lloyd. He found him in the living room watching cartoons. "Lloyd could I speak to you in private for a moment."

"Sure Danny let's go in my room."

"Lloyd this is our new little man and he wants to become a member of the Thumb Nail Club. I have explained a little to him but I will let you take over."

"Fine Danny I'll talk to him now."

Danny left looking for Kyle. He found him in the kitchen. Where else?


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