"Well Kyle tomorrow we will have a full house. It took a while but somehow I knew there had to be enough guys interested in falconry that we could fill this place. We really should take a brush and hot water and clean the feces off the wall that Rusty left there. We should have all the boys clean their mews too."

"Sound like a good idea. Let's get some Hot water and Pine Sol and have everyone do thiers tomorrow."

"Yea we should have everyone do it once a week. It really gets messy with the black feces. It shoots straight out to the wall. We should also have everyone pick up all the castings too."

"At least that way when the boy from London, Perry, gets here it will look clean."

The next morning it looked like a bucket brigade. It really didn't take too long with hot water and a stiff brush.

They all washed up real good and then took thier buckets out to the woods and dumped them. Then they rinsed the buckets with the hose in the yard and put them away in the garage.

Danny and Kyle went out to the rabbit hutches and filled the water bottles with fresh water and put some food in their food dishes. Danny said, "Well it looks like we are going to be feeding rabbits to Rusty at least every other day. We need to watch his weight to be sure he stays sharp set."

"Yea he would be quite a loss since he is our only hawk."

"Well Kyle why don't you fix us all something to eat. 3pm will get here before we know it."

"Yea I'll get right on it."

Danny went to the office and made an announcement for everone to be ready at 2:15 to go to the airport to pick up Perry. Then he went into the living room and watched the noon news.

After lunch it wasn't long before the were loading the van to go and get Perry. As they went they noticed there were a lot of sparrows out by the Oak tree so Danny mentioned it would be a good thing to do to see if they could catch some on the way home.

Now they could see the airport and you could see everyone grow anxious to see what the guy, Perry, looked like from London, England. By the time they got out of the van and into the airport it was 2:50. So it wouldn't be long. Danny looked at the schedule and it was on time at 3pm.

Again everyone started staring down the active runway watching high. Soon a dot appeared and started getting bigger and bigger. Then it was over tounch down point and the screech came from the tires and the engines reversed to slow the plane down for such a short runway. The plane turned off the acitve and pulled over to where the guy was guiding him to chock the wheels. The stairs were rolled over and first off was a 13 year old blond boy. He was tall and had a swimmers body. Quite the looker. He acted confused so Danny walked over where he could see him and the sign and got a big smile in return. "Hi, you must be Danny. My name is Perry."

"Well your right on two points. Let's go over to the lugguse carrosel and watch for your bag. How many do you have."

"I just have two medium size tan bags Danny. Ones a little bigger than the other."

"Well keep your eye open for them and we will get them for you."

"There they are Danny."

Lloyd and John grabbed them and took them to the back of the van. They made sure they were not on the trap or the bird seed.

"Well it's good to meet you Perry. I am Danny the administrator and this is my assistant Kyle who is also the cook."

Perry reached out and shook Kyle's hand. Then Kyle said, "We plan on trapping some sparrows on the way home for sparrow hawk food."

"Really! That's cool. How many can you get?"

"Usually somewhere between 8 and 20 depending on the day."

"Gosh that is a lot. I don't see any traps what do you catch them in."

"Take your two fingers and walk across that chicken wire and see what happens."

Perry started walking and was caught instantly. "Gosh I'm caught."

"Yes and if you aren't careful you will get caught again in another lasso."

Danny pulled about 50 feet past the Oak tree and stopped. "OK Perry, now Kyle and I will set the trap and bait it with some seeds. Then all we have to do is wait and hope."

They set the trap and returned and got behind the van. It took about 12 to 15 minutes before a bird finally wandered onto the wire. He was caught immediatlely. He started flapping but the other sparrows just got back away from him. One after another they were caught. After about 15 minutes the wire was covered with flapping sparrows. So all the boys grabbed a burlap sack and started untangling the sparrows one by one and putting them in sacks. It took about 10 minutes and they loaded the burlap sack and headed home again.

"Wow! You really did get a lot of them Danny."

"Yes, we usually do Perry."

"How was your flight from London?"

"To be honest with you Danny it was long and boring. I slept most of the way."

"Well at least you are rested up a little. Have you had an interest in falconry for very long?"

"Yea, I have watched them hovering since I was 8 or so. It is so neat when they find something to eat and stoop on it."

"Yes I think we will all agree with you on that Perry. We train the birds to "wait on" here during our training period. That hovering in the air is called "waiting on".

"Yes, I knew that from reading books about them."

"You have a book on falconry in your bedroom chest of drawers so you will probably find it quite interesting. When you have studied it and take the test I can qualify you to be a falconer in the State of Idaho. Then we will get your bird and you can start training him."

"Wow! that all sounds so exciting. I can hardly wait."

"Perry why don't we take these bags to your room and show you where you will be living while your here."

"OK, I can handle the small bag."

"Good I'll take the other one and lead you to your room which is at the end of the hall. You took our last vacancy."

"Boy I'm glad I saw that add and talked my dad into letting me come."

"Here it is. Set your bags down and I'll show you your mew."

"You mean I have a mew all to myself?"

"Yes Perry each room has it's own mew. The birds can't see each other and that makes for a much more peaceful family."

"Gee this is sort of like a patio too. It leaves plenty of room to sit down and look at your bird."

"Yes Perry and each room is alike. They are all the same."

"Now let me show you the rest of your domain. You have a sliding door closet, and a chest of drawers. Of course your double bed and then over there is your computer. The book I told you about is right here." Danny took out the book and handed it to Perry.

"I've seen this book before but I have never read it all the way through. It is a good book."

"Well when you get through reading it and studying it I have a 50 question test I will give you and then we will go out and catch your hawk."

"I'm so excited my stomach kinda hurts."

"Thats common Perry except when your stomach has a reason for hurting. How long has it been since you took a good crap Perry?"

"Oh, I don't know I have been having trouble with the time zones and everything. I guess I went a little yesterday morning."

"That is probably part of your problem Perry. Let me explain the rules of the house and then we will see it we can't take care of that."

"Gosh, I really like the rule about knocking on someones door and they have to answer it. That's cool."

"Well Perry guys your age need their privacy so they don't get embarrased by some one walking in on them while they are jacking off or something."

"Man you said that like it was so normal."

"Well really Perry it is very normal around here."

"Really! God I would have gotten killed if I got caught mentioning something like that."

"Doesn't your dad talk to you about sexual things?"

"Gosh no. He even has my TV set where I can't watch rated R shows."

"Well each parent has their own way of raising their kids but I believe when you are ready to learn, let you learn, or even teach you."

"Oh man, I know I am going to like it around here."

"Even your computer is set on the adult setting. Have you ever searched the web?"

"Only at school where it is a controlled environment by the teachers. We wouldn't dare look at something we weren't suppose to."

"Well here you can look at what ever you want. Do you know how to seach the web?"

"Yea, a little. But not a lot."

"Well let me show you how to get online. Sit down in the chair and I'll drag over another chair."

"Now this is you on-off button. Go ahead and turn it on."

Perry turned it on and it came on to Discovery as all of them did at first. "Now see the little blue e symbol at the bottom. That will start the internet. Go ahead and click on it with your left mouse button." When the internet came on Danny told him to try the search engine. "What should I search for?"

"Try sparrow hawk."

So Perry typed in Sparrow Hawk and of course got a gob of responses.

"Wow! Look at all of them. Perry knew enough to go ahead and click on Raising your Hawk, and when it came on he was amazed. It had so much material. It was like a book itself. "Gosh Danny this has enough to read for hours."

"Yes and I am sure you could find plenty of sites to read for hours on just on sparrow hawks. Now type in "Free nude teens thumbnails."

Perry blushed pure red but typed it in. When he hit go he couldn't belive all the porn that came on.

"Now Perry pick one of the small thumb nail pictures and click on it."

When he did the picture enlarged full screen size. "Wow! This is so neat. You don't care if I look at stuff like this?"

"No Perry how else are you going to learn. Click on back, and then click another picture. He clicked on two guys in a 69. He glanced at Danny and blushed real big."

"That is called a 69 and is very common in the sex world."

"Gosh really. I would get killed if I got caught doing that. What does it taste like when they do that?"

"Well they say doing is to learn. Come over here on your bed."

When they got over there Perry didn't know what to do. Danny reached over and said, "I see you have a woody already Perry."

"Yea I have never done anything like this before."

Danny opened up his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Then he started rubbing on his woody. "Gosh that feels so good."

"Yes and if your were doing it to me we would be starting a 69."

"Can I touch yours Danny?"

"If you want to go ahead." Perry opened up Dannys pants and pulled them down to his knees. Danny had a 6 inch hard on and it started leaking like mad.

"Gosh, you are a lot bigger than I am."

"You will be just as big when you get older. Your pretty good size now for your age."

"Really I am?"

Danny wnet down on him and took him all the way in. He started giving him the first blow job of his life. "Oh...Ohhhh...that feels so good."

With that Perry got brave and started licking the end of Danny's, licking up the precum. "Gee this gooey stuff taste sweet. A little salty too." Then Perry went on down on him and started giving him head. He really got to going after a few minutes and so did Danny. Danny held back from cumming in his mouth as he wanted him to cum first since he probably hadn't cum yet. Danny was really going at it and then wet his finger and started rubbing his asshole.

"Oooooo....that feels so neat....."

Danny thought to himself you think that feels he started an all out attack on his prostate and he speeded up giving him head.

"Oh man...I feel so weird....Ohhhhh.....Man....Gosh....ahhhhhhhh.... ohhhhhhhh....I am turning inside out or something.....ahhhhhhh....Ohhhh God .......ahhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh..."

Perry filled Danny's mouth and then all of a sudden had a mouth full of Danny's spunk himself. Danny sent about 6 or 8 ropes into his throat and mouth and then they both stopped.

"Oh Danny that was so good. I've never gone off like that."

"Well Perry now you have had your first cum. You have also had someone cum in your mouth for the first time. Did you like it"

"Like it....Wow....did ....I like it...."

"Perry when I pushed on your prostate up in your ass hole I felt you are full of feces. Stay there on your stomach I am going to get something to rinse you out with."

Danny pulled up his pants and went to his bedroom and got the enema bottle. He filled it with warm sudsy water and attached the hose. Then he took the bag back to Perry's room. He took some KY and put his finger in as far as he could with all the feces blocking him. He then put the nozzle in and told Perry to hold the water as long as he could before he let it go. Perry looked real nervous as this was apparnetly his first enema. Danny held the bag up high and let the clip go releasing the water. After the water went in he pulled out the nozzle and told him to roll over on his back. Danny rubbed his lower stomach gently and after about 4 minutes Perry said, "I've got to go real bad."

Danny told him to head for the toilet. Boy was he full. Water and feces gushed out of him. He would stop for a minute and let more water and feces go. Finally he got it all out. "I feel so much better Danny."

"Now I have to fill the water bag again with clear rinse water and rinse all the soap out so you won't be sore."

He could tell by Perry's face he didn't like the sound of that but Perry didn't say anything. When he got the bottle filled again he put the nozzle in and let it go. It went in a lot faster this time as there wasn't anything blocking it. Then Danny told him to go ahead and dump the rinse water, while he put the bag away.

When Danny got back he found Perry just wiping himself and getting up. "Wow! I feel 100lbs lighter. ha ha. "Danny lay down on your stomach I am going to lubricate your recum and colon so you won't be sore tomorrow. Spread your legs good for me." When he did Danny started finger fucking him with his middle finger. Then he put in two fingers and kept finger fucking. "How does that feel Perry?"

"Oh man, like really good. Can you push harder?"

"Danny put more KY on his fingers and started finger fucking him with three fingers and pushing hard all the way up into his colon. He was so clean now, and hot, and man so smooth."

"I really like that Danny. You know one of those thumb nails had a guy with his dick up inside another guy. Have you ever done that Danny?"

"Oh yea, but only if a guy ask for it."

"Would you put your dick in me a little?"

"If that is what you want."

"I want...I want...."

Danny put KY on his dick and put it to his hole. He told him to take 10 deep breaths and then push out like he had to shit. Perry took ten deep breaths and then grunted real loud. Danny pushed his dick in about half way. "How does that feel Perry?"

"Kinda tight but really weird and good. Push it on in."

Danny pushed it all the way up into the colon and pushed hard in short strokes.

"Oh man I really like that."

Danny started short stroking him like mad and really sped up.


Danny could tell he was really enjoying this. So he started long stoking him slow at first and then layed into him full bore. He fucked him for about 15 minutes and was going faster and faster. Then he started an all out attack on his prostate. After about 5 hits on his prostate.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...I'm.....getting.....that....feeling.....again....ohhhhh. .....God......Uhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhhhh....Man..."

The squeezing on Danny's dick was too much. It started him cumming again and sweat poured off the two of them. He shot load after load up into Perry clear into his colon. Then he collapsed on his back. He hugged him like mad as his skin was as soft as a baby's skin. He stuck his tongue into Perry's ear driving him crazy.

"Oh Danny I didn't know anything could feel this good. Will you do this to me again sometime?"

"Tell you what. YOu really liked it didn't you?"

"Oh Yea!"

"How would you like to belong to a club where all the guys were your age and me and Kyles too?"

"That would be awesome."

"Well the guys made up such a secret club for only those who want to belong."

"Oh man I really want to belong Danny."

"OK Lloyd is the president I will introduce him to you after dinner and tell him you are interested in the club OK?

"Yea that would be super. I think I have been sent to heaven. I sure hope you and me can do it once in a while too Danny. I really like it with you."

"Don't worry Perry, I like it with you too."

Danny got up and dressed. He told Perry to shower and put on clean clothes and it would be dinner time.

"OK, I'll be there shortly Danny. And Danny, Thank you so much."

"That's alright I enjoyed it too."

Danny went toward the kitchen to look for Kyle.

"Hello Kyle. What's for dinner?"

"I thought I would have pork chops, mashed potatoes, pork gravy, and a green vegetatble. How does that sound to Ya?"

"Pretty damned good I'd say. Say I just came from showing Perry his room and his mew. He has done some reading on falcons I can tell. His father even had the adult programs shut off on his TV. The only computers he has had accesses to was at school. So needless to say no parental restrictions were on his computer it did excite him a bit. As a matter of fact Kyle, we have no more virgins.

"You didn't. I wish it had of been me. He is pretty good looking."

"He wants to join the club so I think I'll go and tell Lloyd right now. I can't see why they couldn't have a meeting tonignt. Can you?"

"No I have been looking forward to one myself."

"Well I will go find Lloyd right now and clue him in." Danny went first to Lloyd's room and knocked. In about 15 seconds a sleepy Lloyd came to the door. "Well it looks like I might have woken you from a nap. Have you got a minute?"

"Sure Danny come on in. Have a seat. What's on your mind?"

"Well Lloyd I just showed Perry, the new boy to his room, and after seeing the computer and some of the thumb nails we kinda got into it. He loved it. After I saw how much he was enjoying sex, for the first time, I told him about the club. He wants to join. That is what I came to tell you. I will introduce him formally to you at dinner but I wanted you to know ahead of time. Also, I thought it might be nice to have a meeting tonight what do you think?"

"Oh Yea I have been wanting to have one for quite a few days."

"Lloyd I thought to have it be different instead of having just the 7 ball let's add two 6 balls. If a guy draws a 6 ball he gets to choose who ever he wants as a partner and has choice of top or bottom. Also he has the choice of thumnail. The 7 ball will remain the same, you just get to draw a partner of your choice. And you get to choose the thumbnail but you have to pick top and bottom as you desire.

"Hey that's a great idea. I'll pull on my pants and shirt and go to it right now."

"I thought you would like that. So I will leave you to your schemes. See you at dinner."

Danny went back to the kitchen and told Kyle that it was all set.

Kyle thought it sounded like a great idea.

(To be continued)

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