Since it was only an hour until dinner Danny made an announcement that we would be starting in the usual order, and feeding the hawks. He asked that Peter get his food ready in a paper sack.

Peter came to Danny and told him he had the sack ready. So they went on out to his mew. Perry came running down the hall and asked if he could please watch. "Sure Perry, I would be glad for you to watch. As a matter of fact you can act as run boy for me if you want."

What's run boy?"

"You simply carry the hawk back to the perch after his flights. Danny will give you a gauntlet to wear, which is a heavy leather glove."

"That sound like a ball. Sure I'll do it."

Danny, Perry and Peter went on out to the mew. Peter no longer used a training line but let his bird fly free. Danny gave the gauntlet to Perry and told him to hold the bird and hang on to the jess to make sure the hawk didn't take off prematurely. Peter walked all the way out in the field and as Danny whispered in Perry's ear (let him go when Peter blows his horn). So Peter got out a mouse and blew the horn he let Ready, his sparrow hawk, "wait on" for about 5 seconds, which seemed like 5 minutes, and then threw up the mouse. Ready stooped and had the mouse instantly. He brought him to the ground and let him eat while he kept his foot on the jess. By then Perry was there, huffing and a puffing. When he finished the mouse Peter told him to reach down and take hold of Ready's jess firsts and then push on his chest to get him to get on. It wasn't but a minute until Perry had Ready and was standing there with him. He told Perry to walk him back to the perch area and wait for the horn again. When he got back to the perch Peter blew the horn and again let Ready "Wait On" for about 5 to 7 seconds. Then as a surprise to Ready he released a sparrow throwing it in an upward direction. The chase was on and within 20 feet Ready hit him so hard feathers flew everywhere. Both birds went to the ground and Peter again stood on the jess while Ready ate. Perry got there again and waited while Ready ate his meal. Then Perry reached down and took hold of the jess and picked Ready up and held him. "Gosh Peter that was awesome. Watching him go after that bird was so neat. And the way he nailed him. Wow! that was supreme."

"Yea every time you fly your hawk they get better and better. Some of the hawks are still flying with a fishing line attached to them for safety sake. But I have been free flying Ready for a couple weeks now." They got back to Danny and Danny told him he was ready for competition. Ready was really doing well. We will be having out first competition in about 3 or 4 weeks. Which means we need to take the birds for training to an unfamiliar place soon."

"Gee Danny that even gets me excited." said Peter.

They went on to the next mew and Perry went right along as helper.

After they had all the feeding done they came in and washed up and sat and watched TV until dinner.

Kyle came in playing like a butler, "Dunner us served Sir."

"OK, OK just because we have people with us that come from wealth, Kyle, I think "It's time to eat will suffice."

Kyle answered, "CHOW DOWN."

It was really a great dinner. Danny loved Pork gravy and everything else was great too. For desert he had made a deep dish black berry pie from Berries frozen last fall. When dinner was all over Danny said, "I believe you have a message from your president. President Lloyd is there anything you have to announce."

"Is there anyone here interested in a club meeting tonight?" He got all kinds of yeahs. "OK then put your dishes away and we will meet in the pool room." This really made them happy as they didn't use the pool room near as much for one reason or another as they would like to. When they finished rinsing and putting their dish and utensils in the dishwasher they headed for the pool room. There stood President Lloyd as nude as a jay bird. Everyone looked at each other and then started undressing, laying their clothes neatly on lawn chairs. Lloyd had gotten out there first and had all the colored lights and the water running down the slide. It really made a beautiful place to have a meeting.

"Now guys, If I may have your attention. The game is basically the same except two more numbered balls have been added. They are two #6 balls. Who ever draws a 6 ball gets to choose a private meeting place and then choose the thumbnail to use. He then becomes MASTER. Hew chooses who will be the top and who will be the bottom."

"Now before we get the ping pong balls wet why don't we do about 4 laps for exercises which we certainly can use. And be sure there is plenty of grab assing, without hurting anyone."

With that all said Lloyd dove in for his first lap. He was follow be all the rest. The boys were havin a ball, literally. When they finished their laps there were boys dunking boys, boys grabbing each other in jack off fashion, boys sucking boys till they ran out of air, You name it they were trying it. Danny and Kyle had finished their laps and were sitting a lawn chair each. "This does my heart good to see the young at heart and body in action, Kyle."

"Yea I know what you mean. It really hasn't been that long for me to be in on these grab asses for real."

"Yea and I am not that far behind you."

Lloyd got out and dried but stayed nude. "Can I have your attention. Will everyone get out and dry off. And let the games begin.

Guys were milling around looking for their towels etc. and finally got dried off. "Now as you can see I have the fish bowl up high. Why don't we let the senior person go first. Peter reach in and good luck. Pete got just a plain ball. So he was out of the drawing this round. Lloyd said, "Let's let the new boy Perry go next." Perry got on his fish toes and took a ball. There was a cheer went up in the crowd. He had drawn a 6.

"OK Perry go and pick out a partner."

"Well since I met Danny today I would like to meet his partner as well.? I choose Kyle.

Kyle sprung an immediate hard on when he said that as Kevin had such a fantastic swimmers body and OH an ass to kill for. Thanks Kevin.

Lloyd said, "Well it seems like I got here third if that makes any real difference. So I will go next. Will someone stand between me and the bowl so I couldn't possible cheat."

Out came the # 7 ball. Again the crowd let him know they thought he deserved. Lloyd chose 13 year old Roger Davis. This really pleased him.

Lloyd said, "OK now let's let let Joey go next." Joey reached in and lowe and behold pulled out a #6 ball. Joey immediately chose Frankie.

When all was through they took their partner #6's first, and then #7. Lloyd asked that everyone take one of their own bedrooms if it was available. So everyone disappeared into the woodwork.

Perry was so proud of his #6 status he took Kyle to his room and turned on the computer. "I don't want to sound bossy so I will try and pick some of the fun things. And even though I am suppose to be the boss you have a lot more experience. Kyle said, I am only choosing this one because it is one of the best feeling and I doubt you would ever choose it yourself. (Kyle was thinking I'm going to get fucked I just know it.) Perry clicked on a guy licking another guys ass with his tongue. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, you know I would never choose that one. It is nasty.

"Tell me something when is the last time you used your anus?"

"OH yesterday sometime." Have you washed it or your hands last Kyle. "Oh, my hands just before dinner."

"Now tell me would you like to go around sucking on your fingers then. No God only knows where I have had my hands."

"So you are saying you think your anus is cleaner for sure than your hands."

"Oh yea that's for sure."

"Take some of that rubbing alcohol and put it on a piece of toilet paper. Now wash my anus real good with the toilet paper."

"Wow I like the smell of rubbing alcohol."

"OK now Kyle, you have your choice lick my anus of suck your fingers. Kyle start doing one or the other." Kyle got down where he could smell Perry's anus. But it really didn't have much of a smell at all. He licked his anus and couldn't really detect any taste or smell. Then he stuck his tongue in his anus and pushed pretty hard on it. Perry knew he could make it easier for him by pushing out real hard so he did. Kyle forked his tongue and started really pushing in and out on it. There was very little resistance at all. As Kyle pushed harder and harder he found it easier and easier as his saliva was making it really slippery. So he started tongue fucking him and loving it. There wasn't really any taste at all."

"How are you doing Kyle?"

"Fine there really isn't any taste on it at all."

"Now wet your middle finger real well and stick it all the way up in me."

"That's not hard at all. Gosh it is so hot and smooth. I kinda like it."

"Now do it with two fingers and then three."

Kyle really got going on it easy. Actually he liked the feeling of doing either with either his finger or his three fingers. (Kyle had been playing dumb as he had done all these things with Danny but he wanted Perry to feel like a king.)

"Now Kyle see this bottle of stuff. It is called KY. It makes things really slippery. Take your hand and jack off with it and make your dick really slippery."

"Gosh that feels so good. I'll bet a person could jack off with that stuff all the time it feels so good."

"Yes Kyle people use it for that all the time. Now I want you to stick your fingers up in my butt and finger fuck me."

"That's really easy Perry but you are really tight."

"Now I am going to take about 10 deep breaths and push out real hard. When you hear me push out real hard push your dick all the way up in me. It will hurt a little but not for long. Go ahead and fuck me Kyle."

"You really want me to fuck you Perry?"

"Yep, have at it." Perry took ten breaths and pushed out real hard. When he pushed it made a grunting sound so Kyle put his dick up inside Perry. How does that feel Perry?"

"It hurt a little at first but now it feels good."

Kyle speeded up and really started fucking him. He went faster and faster. "Gosh Kyle that feels great now."

"OK I'm going to speed up now. Just tell me if it starts hurting."

"Kyle let loose and really let him have it. He went faster and faster then rolled him over on his back and put his legs up on his shoulders and really let loose on him."

"Oh God, that is really feeling good now. Let me have it."

"Kyle turned into a machine. He really let him have it. Perry was making all kinds of pleasure sounds now. "Oh man I've never felt anything so good. Keep going faster Kyle. After about 15 minutes Perry was sweating up a storm. Kyle was too. Finally Perry shouted, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....God.....ahhhhhhhhh.....OOOOOO... Oh my God....Ahhhhhhh....push harder.....Kyle finally let loose and came like mad. Oh God that feels good...ahhhhh....ohhhhhhhh....."

Kyle had really let go full strength. He loved it. "OK get me ready and do the same to me Perry." Perry pushed his fingers with KY up in Perry's cute ass and then told him to take 10 breaths and push out real hard. When he finished his breaths Perry jacked off with the KY and stuck it up in his colon. Oh God, Perry that feels great to me now. Perry went faster and faster and it didn't bother Kyle at all. He really went at it. Ahhhhhhhhh.......Ohhhhhhhhhh......shit......God....ahhhhhhhh...Ohhhh.. Man push harder.....Oh that feels so good. Let me have it Perry. Perry put his legs up on his shoulders and really let him have it. After 15 or 20 minutes he was drenched with sweat and could hardly breath but then he really let loose. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh....Oohhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhh......Ohhhhhhhhhhh... Man......I'm going to cum.....ahhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhh....."

When Kyle started cumming and cumming over and over. Then Perry let loose and started cumming just as hard back his way. This was heaven for Perry. He really loved being fucked...." Finally Perry collapsed on top of Kyle and hugged him real hard. They both loved it.

"Well what did you think of that Perry?"

"Man I loved it both ways. Man you can really fuck Kyle."

"Why don't you pick out a thumb nail and we will try it." said Kyle.

"You mean it?"

"Sure have at it."

Perry said, "Could we do a 69 and finger fuck at the same time?"

Sure if that is what you want. "Man it is just I love getting my fingers up inside you when you have yours in me."

"OK Dude."


Joey and Frankie made quite a pair. Joey from Australia and Frankie picked up by the local cop shop lifting. Of course Danny never let that out. Joey went to the thumb nails and found one with a guy fucking another guy with his thumb. And then he used two thumbs. Joey loved finger fucking and wanted to try the thumbs so he told Frankie let's try this on each other. Joey got both thumbs really full of KY and then pushed one in and started fucking Frankie with it. Frankie was making all kinds of moans and groan as it hurt a little. Then when the second thumb went in he let out a real Ouch... Man that is really tight, almost like getting fucked. Joey started fucking him with both thumbs and really got going at it. Then he reached up and got KY on his dick and surprised Frankie by pulling out his thumbs and putting in his dick all the way into the colon. "How's that Frankie, remember you get to do this all to me."

"I like it except I am really going to give you the thumbs as they hurts some."

Joey kept fucking and then after about 15 minutes he started hitting Frankie's prostate, he had figured how, and they both started coming at the same time. They moaned and groaned, ahhhhhh...and...Ohhhhhhhhed for about 3 minutes and then collapsed on each other. Joey started French kissing Frankie and so Frankie kissed right back. They were huffing and puffing and finally collapsed to rest.

After resting Frankie said, "OK now you get to see what the thumbs feel like."

Frankie got both thumbs really gooped up. Then he put one thumb in as deep as he could reach. And with his long thumbs it was way in there. Ouch.. came from Joey but Frankie kept right on going. After a couple minutes Frankie sunk the second thumb all the way in and that did hurt.

"Ohhhhhhhh......I'll never choose this really hurts.... doesn't it?"

"Why do you think I said ouch so quick when you did it." Frankie was going to get his repay so he kept fucking with the two thumbs for over 5 minutes. Then he said, "OK here comes the fucking." He pulled out his thumbs, jacked off with KY, and said "Push out." When Joey pushed out Frankie's 12 year old 6 incher was all the way up in his colon. "How's that Joey?"

"It's way up in there but I love being fucked go ahead."

Frankie really went at it when he said that. Joey got to breathing really hard and dripping sweat. Frankie was dripping sweat all over Joey's face. Finally Frankie started hitting on his prostate as he too, had learned how. That was it. Both of them started cumming at the same time ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhhh....Joey...ahhhhhhhh.....God... Frankie.....ooooooooooooooooo....ahhhhhhhhhh......Ohhhhhhhhh...God.."

They both ended at about the same time. Then after catching thier breath started the French Kiss thing again. That lasted over 10 minutes. Then they rested.

"Do you want me to pick another picture Frankie or have you had enough?"

"One more Joey. I'm loving this."

Joey went to the thumb nails and saw a guy with another guys legs spread all the way out and he was licking him on his ass hole so he chose that.

"Lay down on your stomach Frankie I'm going to do that to ya."

Frankie lay down and Joey spread his legs as far as they would go and started into him with his tongue. Frankie was making real pleasure sounds at this he really liked it. Joey was getting his tongue all the way up inside of him after 5 minutes or so and Frankie was going ape shit. "OK my turn Joey."

Joey got on the bed on his stomach spread eagle and Frankie with his strong tongue was in him in nothing flat. Joey was making real sounds of enjoyment. Frankie spread his cheeks with his thumbs so he could get in even further and boy did he get up in there. Then he rolled Joey over and hugged the crap out of him. Joey hugged back real hard as they both obviously liked each other.

"Joey will you sleep in here with me tonight?"

"God yes I would love to."


Kyle and Danny had finished their little spiels with the kids and were in their room watching the Late Night Show. They didn't last long it had been a long night.

(To be continued)

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