The next morning Kyle crawled out first and went to the kitchen and made coffee. After the coffee was at full perk, Kyle heard a yawn. "Oh my God, what a night. But it was sure fun for everyone."

"I think you could say that for everyone. I think they tried to get in every thumb nail they could. Did you hear all the ahhhhhhh's and ohhhhhhhhh's." said Kyle."

"Yea it seemed like you could hear them coming from everywhere." said Danny."

"You know we hit the nail on the head about exercises. Let's start having them swim 10 laps before putting on a shirt and having breakfast."

Danny said, "Just a shirt?"

"Yea unless you object. Covering ones upper portion during breakfast is the only required covering. After all there is the table cloth and it covers a share too." said Kyle.

"You know what else is going to be going on under the table?" Danny said.

"Really wouldn't you have liked it when you were their age?"

"Yea more than I like it now."

Lloyd Mackason stumbled in next. "God that was sure a fun night. I don't know when I came so many times."

"Yea Lloyd we were just talking about that. We have a new rule Lloyd."

"OH! What's that?"

"Well as soon as number 2 gets here we are going to let you swim ten laps before breakfast. Reason being we don't ever use the pool alone."

"Yea, you got that right."

"Can I have a cup of coffee while we wait for number 2?"

"Sure you know where the cups and coffee are and the creamer or milk is in the refrigerator."

It wasn't long before Lloyd was sitting there drinking his coffee and enjoying being one of the men when Joey wandered in. "Joey we have a new exercises rule."

"Really what is it?"

"Well Kyle came up with the rule. We have to swim ten laps before eating breakfast each morning. Making sure there is at least one person swimming with another person for safety reasons."

"That makes sense, Are you in on this Danny and Kyle?"

Danny kinda swallowed as he never thought he might get rolled into this. "Sure guys why don't we go ahead and get started so we can be almost finished when the others show up."

They all got up and started for the pool undressing as they went. Danny dove in first followed by a quick Kyle and then Joey and Lloyd hit the water right behind them. They swam back and forth doing laps not realizing just how far a lap was. Danny was already getting out of breath but trying to maintain speed. Joey was the surprising one he was pulling ahead with Lloyd right on his tail. Soon they saw other boys and had to stop long enough to tell them what it was all about.It wasn't long by word of mouth all 10 boys were in and swimming to beat the band. Of course this wasn't a race as everyone started at a different time. Joey and Lloyd finished photo first, they were good swimmers and of course Danny and Kyle were not far behind but winded. They grabbed their shirts shook their heads to dry their hair a bit and headed for the table. Everyone picked the cereal of their choice and started chomping it down. Then Joey noticed no one was wearing anything but a shirt. He kinda smirked and took hold of Lloyd under the table cloth. Lloyd didn't take long to retaliate. They finished their breakfast one handed. Other had notice what was going on so there were an unusually odd number of one armed men at the table.

"You know boys we are going to start flying our birds away today to get them used to a different environment." said Danny.

"Will we use safety lines Danny?"

"No the safety line would just get all tangled in the sage and we would have a mell of a hess." they all laughed.

You know there is only one thing worse than a mell of a hess.

"What's that Danny." said Joey.

"Well that is a glock of fleece flying over a turd of hurtles." Again they all got tickled. They all love Danny so much.

"So this morning I want you to get dressed and we will make a portable perch so the birds can get use to being up and with us."

"How do we make a portable perch Danny." Joey asked.

"I'll show you as soon as all of you are dressed and ready." said Danny.

NOTE: This is not usually done in the real falconry world as a bird abating or worse yet a bunch of birds abating all at once could be very hazardous in a vehicle. So usually the birds are capped with a cup that doesn't allow them to see. When a bird can't see if just won't fly. This is especially done with falcons not hawks.

"Danny took them all out and they made their perches together. It is a simple matter so within a half hour they were all in the house." Most watching cartoons.

When the cartoons ended Danny wanted everyone to check their birds sharp set (weight where they fly the best because they are hungrier.)

"There were four scales so it didn't take long to get a report."

Joey looked down faced meaning his bird could not safely fly right now because it weighted an ounce over sharp set.

"Don't worry Joey there will he other days. Why don't you skip today and we will be feeding early tomorrow and I'll bet Aussie will be good and ready to fly tomorrow. Especially since she is a female and has more weight to loose."

"Thanks Danny you sure do know how to make a guy feel good."

"Don't worry we all have our days." Is every one else sharp set?"

"Hearing no one speak up Danny went on the assumption that they were."

"OK guys I want all of you to go and lay down on your OWN bed for about 20 minutes. After all the swimming and perch making I think a little rest wouldn't hurt anyone. And guys...ONE TO A ROOM..."

They all headed for their rooms. Some picking up some clothes by the pool on their way.

In about half an hour everyone was milling around getting their birds ready for the first flightaway from the school. They loaded them in the van on the perches and fastened their Jesse's. Danny and Kyle rode up front with Kyle driving this time. They drove out toward Idaho Falls to a huge area of sage brush. Lloyd pulled over in a pull out and they all got out. Danny suggested because of the sage brush being so thick they only fly one bird at at time. So Pete took Ready first. Ready was looking all around this being strange to him. Joey took a gauntlet and put it on to be run boy and got Ready on his arm. Pete started walking through the sage, which wasn't easy at all, and finally got himself out about 100 feet from the van. He took out a sparrow and then blew the horn. Joey released the jess and Ready was airborne and flying straight toward Peter. He flew high and went into a beautiful "wait on" right over Pete. Pete didn't even throw the sparrow just let it go and off it went. Don't think Ready didn't see the sparrow. He went into a stoop and hit the sparrow about 20 feet out from Pete. Pete had a time getting over there to get him as sage brush is very hard to maneuver through. When Pete got there he put his foot on the jess and saw Joey struggling to get to him. When Joey got there he said, "Boy this stuff is terrible to walk through." Pete agreed. When Ready was ready to fly again Joey picked him up and waited for Pete to walk another 100 ft or so in another direction away from the van. A couple of cars had pulled over and were watching. Joey waited for the whistle and released Ready. Ready flew real high and "waited on" again over Pete. Pete tossed the other sparrow out away from him and it was a beautiful sight for Ready to stoop and hit the sparrow in a fluff of feathers. He took him to the ground and started eating. Pete got to him and stood on the Jess. He heard a couple of cars saluting using their horn lightly. Joey finally picked up Ready and he and Joey went back to the van.

"Boy Danny it is hard walking out there."

"Yea we will have to keep looking for better fields."

They got in the car, the others had left, and took off looking for better flying grounds. Finally they found a pasture that had been planted and Danny asked the man at the house if they could practice flying their hawks out in the grass. The man said, "Go ahead, if I can watch?"

You are more than welcome to watch all you want. Incidentally my name is Danny and I am the administrator of the School of Falconry a few miles down the road."

"Oh yes I have seen that school. It is small and relatively new.My name is Harry Starwell." They shook hands.

Lloyd was the next one to take out his sparrow hawk. He asked Jose, from South America to be his run boy. This really pleased Jose as he wasn't always included in everything due to the language barrier. Jose put on a gauntlet and took Vertigo and stayed at the van while Lloyd walked out in the field about 100 ft. Lloyd blew his sound and Virtigo was on her way. She flew high and "waited on" right over Lloyd. Lloyd just tossed the sparrow at waist height and the sparrow seeing the hawk was hell bent for election to get away. But that female sparrow hawk hit the sparrow so hard it was nothing but feathers flying. Lloyd walked over and stood on the Jess. Jose waited until Lloyd told him and then picked him up. Jose waited there while Lloyd took off about 150 feet. Then repeated the procedure. They brought the Vertigo back to the van and Lloyd was so proud of her.

Harry Startwell said, "Well after seeing that you can fly here anytime. That was some demonstration."

Lloyd said, "Thanks Harry I appreciate that."

After that Brian flew Astro and Roger flew Blaster. Then it was time to head for home.


Danny had been taking full use of Harry's field. It was big and nothing but grass. Harry was enjoying the company as much as the boys were as they were really getting to like Harry. More cars were stopping all the time. And the truth of the matter they were different cars most of the time. So it was hard to judge just how many there really were.

Monday Danny went to see Capt. Murry with the police department. He had to wait 20 minutes or so but that is life. He was escorted into the Captains office by an officer and greeted warmly. "Well Danny it is really good to see you right now. But first what brings you to my domain."

"Well Captain we have all the birds trained and ready to go. They fly free now no line attached. Actually they put on one hell of a show. And that is where you come in. I would like to use the park down by the swinging bridge and put on a public demonstration. But for that I would need your permission."

"Well after all the great things you are doing out there how could I say no. Sure Danny when do you want to do this demonstration?"

"I was thinking about 2 weeks. We could advertise it in the paper and put up posters, if that is alright."

"Sure it is alright. I only wish your facility were 3 times as big. It is really providing us a service. I have a boy locked up right now that I have to send to detention until he is 18 and he is only 12, so you see how valuable your service was to me."

"Gosh that is terrible. What may I ask is he in jail for?"

"Samo, samo, he got hungry enough to steal."

"Captain could I talk to the boys for a minute?"

"Sure I'm free now til noon."

Danny went out to the van and told the boys he had a vote to take. So they all turned silent. "Boys the Captain has a 12 year old that he has to put in the detention home until he is 18. Now my question is, is there anyone that would share bunk beds in their room. Don't feel pressured just say no and life goes on."

Silence fell once again. Finally Lloyd said, "Danny I would be glad to help the guy out."

"I thought you might say that Lloyd. Thank you for him. I will go in and tell the Captain."

"Captain I may have solved your problem. Lloyd is willing to share his room with bunk beds for the lad."

"Oh there will be one happy lad, let me tell you. He has been crying most of the time he has been here."

"Well enough of that Captain can you bring him out and let me meet him?"

"Sure, officer will you bring cell 22 out and here to my office?"

The officer left and was back in about 5 minutes with the boy. He was brown haired, brown eyed, and had a dark complexion, probably because of sun exposure. "Well this is Sammy, Danny."

"Danny do you like birds, especially hawks?"

"Yea I love to watch them hover like helicopters and then kill their prey, sniff."

"Well Danny if you would like Lloyd, one of my boys at the School of Falconry said he would share his bedroom with you if you were willing."

"Willing, Willing...Gosh am I ever willing. That would be an answer to my prayers."

"OK Captain what do we have to do. Go though Mrs Williams or what?"

"Mrs. Williams is so sold on your school I will just take it on myself to say go ahead and take him."

"Sammy just about came unglued he was so happy."

"Now about your demonstration Danny. I will assign 4 officers to maintain crowd control to help keep people from getting in your way."

"Wow that is super. I guess one favor deserves another. Thanks Captain."

"No problem just tell me when you need them and they will be there."

"Thank you Captain, come on Sammy and I'll introduce you to your new roommate."

Danny took him out to the van and introduced him to Lloyd. "HEY man"


"I've seen you before haven't I Sammy?"

"Yes I saw you when you were out there too."

"Well you won't believe this School and The people that run it."

Danny started the van and headed for the department store. He gave Sammy the list of clothes to buy and Lloyd went with him to help him. When shopping was done and loaded in the back of the van, Danny drove on home. He had really accomplished a lot today.

When Danny pulled up in the drive way he went around to the back and helped Sammy with all the bags. "Man this is the most clothes I have ever had in my whole life at one time. I'm lucky to have even one pair of underware."

"Well things will be different for you here Sammy. As long as you obey the house rules you can stay until you are 18. You will also have your own mew, but you will have to share the bedroom with Lloyd."

"God I've never had a bedroom to share with anyone."

"How long have you been on the street Sammy?"

"Well, you might say most of my life. It's either been a foster home that wanted me for money or I was running between them trying to stay hidden."

Danny said, "Sounds like you have had one heck of a life. Lloyd come in here will you?"

"Yea Danny."

"Help me figure out how to split the drawers and closets etc."

"Well I don't use the bottom of the 4 drawers so there are two of those left. And the closet is huge, he can have that side. OK?"

"You are more than fair Lloyd. I think you will get along great. Now we have one more thing. There is only one computer here so we will have to have a password to get on line. This is for both of your privacy. Whisper a word you can't forget in my ear Lloyd. OK use Ready." This was Pete's birds name. Now you Sammy. "Gosh I've never had a computer before but if you need a password use eat. Danny could sure tell what had been on his mind a lot of his life. "OK Guys I will set it up and you will need to use that word to get into the Internet."

"Gosh what is the Internet Danny?"

"Well you will soon find out. I'll show you right after you get a good shower and some clean clothes on. Lloyd I would appreciate it if you would leave now and close the door. Danny explained the close door policy to Sammy and he thought that was super."

"Gosh I jack off a lot Danny."

"Well you won't have to worry about anyone walking in on you. Now take off your old clothes and shoes and we will throw them away when you are through putting on clean clothes. I am going to strip too as I am going to give you one hell of a bath. I want you clean."

"Gosh I've never had someone wash me before. Maybe it will be fun."

After they were nude Danny adjusted the water temperature and they both got in. Danny started with the usual shampoo. He shampooed him twice massaging his head both times. "Gosh that feels so good Danny."

"OK now give me one of your arms." Danny scrubbed his arms, one at a time and got even his hands clean. Then he started down the back of him and really scrubbed him there. He put his finger up inside him to clean him and Sammy let out the loudest moan. He obviously had been to the toilet today as he was clean in his colon. Danny went clear up inside as far as he could beyond the first turn in his colon and really washed his favorite part good. Then he turned him around and did his front. Sammy had a hard on that was stiff as a board sticking straight out. So Danny took the soap and jacked him off with it.

"Oh God that feels good. Please make me cum."

It wasn't 5 minutes until Sammy spayed the shower wall with loads of cum.

"Gosh Danny that felt so good. Thanks."

"OK Now let's get you dried. Me too I'm soaked. See why I take off my clothes to give a shower?"

"Yea you would have been a mess."

Danny led him over to the computer in the nude and had him sit in the chair. He showed him how to turn it on, and as yet he didn't have his password entered as Danny didn't have time. Danny went right to a thumb nail sight and showed him how it worked.

"Gosh doesn't that hurt for that guy to stick his dick in that other guys ass like that?"

"No actually it feels real good if the guy is prepared right."

"How do you prepare a guy for that?"

"You want me to show you Sammy?"

"Oh Yea!"

Danny picked up the KY that Lloyd had laying in the bathroom and took it and Sammy to the bed. "Lay down on your stomach Sammy."

Sammy layed down and spread his legs showing a pink ass hole. Danny used his middle finger first and put it all the way past the first turn in the colon.

"Gosh that is what you did in the shower and it felt good. Except it burned some because of the soap."

"Yes Sammy this won't burn and should start feeling good."

"Oh it does Danny."

Danny went ahead and got him lubricated to three fingers and started twisting and turning them as he fucked him faster and faster with his fingers.

"Boy I can feel that. It feels kinda good."

"Now do you want to see the rest of the picture I showed you on the computer?"

"I do but won't it hurt bad?"

"Only at first like my finger did. But then it will start feeling really good. You ready?"

"Well Ok I'll try it. But go easy please."

Danny was so hard he could hardly stand it. He just loved these cherries. He jacked off with KY real good then put his dick to the hole and pushed gently. "Now Sammy I want you to take ten deep breathes and then push out like you had to take a shit. At the same time raise your butt and push me in."

Danny counted and when ten came he heard "Uhhhhhhhhhhh" and felt him pushing up. That was the signal Danny pushed down at the same time and went clear up in his colon.

"Oh God that hurts, OUCH. Don't move Danny for a minute."

Danny told him to raise his hand when it stopped hurting. After about a minute or so he raised his hand and Danny started short stroking him. Sammy started his "uhhhh...uhhhhhh....uhhhh...uhhhh....uhhhhh..."

"How you doing Sammy?"

"OK it is starting to feel good. Go faster and harder now."

Danny really got into fucking him and Sammy started really making sounds of liking it. So he speeded up and started long stroking him. He soon was going like crazy and the sweat was pouring off both of them. "Oh Danny that feels so good, push harder."

Danny went all our and started hitting his prostate on every thrust. It didn't take 2 minutes before he was cumming and that set Danny off and he filled him with his hot cum. Then Danny lay down next to him and put his arm around him and hugged him.

"Gosh no one has ever hugged me before. That feels so good. Man I really like you Danny. You are really good to me."

"Well I try to be nice to all the boys, but I really like you after all you have been through. Now I want you to go in and crap all the cum I shot up in you in the toilet. Then we will get dressed."

He went to the toilet and it sounded like he had been given a cum enema. Finally he wiped real good and came in all smiles. "Boy you really filled me up Danny."

"Here put these on Sammy. He handed him a pair of underware. Then a t shirt. "Now pick out a shirt and pants and socks and finish getting dressed."

"Danny could you show me some more things on the computer some time?"

"You bet tiger. Anytime your room is empty so we have the closed door rule. And here is a book for you to read so you can take the test to get your own sparrow hawk."

"Yea that sounds good. Ill get busy on the book right now as I want to get a bird fast."


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