The next morning Kyle got up first and made the coffee. The smell had Danny out of bed and into the breakfast table within minutes.

Another week went by and they did a free fly with each bird getting ready for the contest. Danny had decided to open it to all falconers and hawkers throughout Idaho. You can count the cities in Idaho on two hands. He asked in the articles that they tell them they were coming so we would know how many to expect. After all they had to tell the police how many to expect also. Of course the number of spectators was unknown.

Danny took Rusty out to fly at the field along with the others. He was off a lead line now an flying free too. Danny wasn't at all satisfied with these tame bunnies as they got taken without even trying to escape. So he went to the rabbitry and asked if they had the wild brown type rabbits. They did. So he bought up a bunch and put the white bunnies to rest unless they were needed. He could run out of the brown wild rabbit variety. The first time he flew Rusty after a brown bunny the bunny went wild trying to get away. Rusty wasn't expecting this and he almost did get away. The maneuvers he flew to catch that rabbit were quite something. One minute the rabbit was running one way and the next minute another. Each time Rusty had to change direction while airborne. It was quite a show. Also good exercises for Rusty who had grown lazy not having to work for his food.

People were starting to talk about the contest as every now in then in a restaurant Danny and Kyle would hear it mentioned. Danny started putting up posters which were bright red with black lettering. They sure drew attention. He also put it in every paper until the contest.

One day Jose was helping Danny with the posters and said, "These is fun no, Danny."

Yes Jose but tiring. "Senior Danny can I ask you something?"

"Sure Jose you should know you can ask me anything."

"Well you know how you tuck all the guys in once in a while?"

"Yes Jose."

"Why you never come to my room is it because I am South American."

"Gosh no, I only go when I am asked. You have to invite me or Kyle Jose."

"Then can I invite you tonight?"

"You bet Jose just remind me after dinner so I don't forget."

"OK Senior Danny I will. You make me so happy sometimes."

"There that is the last poster we have so we are through Jose. What you say we go get a pop and then go home?"

"Oh that sounds great Danny."

We stopped at Burger King and had fries and a coke. Jose was all excited that he even got to be with Danny alone.

When they finished they headed home.

Just before dinner both Sammy and Terry came to Danny and asked if they could take their test after dinner.

"Well that was some fast studying but I can't see why not."

As usual Kyle had one on of his dinners supreme. Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beens, and Rolls. He even served cranberry sauce.

When dinner was over Danny told Terry and Sammy to come in and take their test now and get it over with. Both of them passed in the 90's and Danny went over the ones they missed. Since there was still plenty of daylight left he loaded the mouse in the sparrow hawk trap and off they went. Several boys rode along. After about 3 miles they saw a male sitting on a fence post. As they went by slowly the trap was tossed and the sparrow hawk was caught within seconds. They got the sparrow hawk and Danny told Terry this one was his since he got there first. Then it wasn't long before another male was on a telephone pole. The trap was thrown and they collected Sammy's bird. Sammy was so excited. He almost got in the way when they took the lasso off the sparrows foot. With both in the bag they headed for home. Danny put Jess's on both of them and put them on their perches. He had to take Rusty's old perch for Sammy's bird and put it on the other side of the patio from Lloyd's since they shared a room. Both boys were instructed to watch their birds for two hours in case they abated.

Jose met Danny and reminded him of the tucking in like he was told to.

"Oh yes Jose I'm glad to reminded me a lot of water has gone under the bridge today."

Soon everyone was watching Summerville and you could hear a pin drop. Jose sat almost in Danny's lap so he was sure to get tucked in.

When Summerville ended it was bedtime. Everyone walked toward their bedroom discussing the events in the TV program Summerville. Jose stayed right with Danny not letting him out of his sight. Eventually after Danny had turned off everything and made the house ready for night, setting the alarm etc. He followed Jose to his bedroom. He sat down on Jose's bed. "Senior Danny would you just hug me for a while?"

Danny layed down and pulled him on top of him and hugged for all he was worth. Jose just sighed. "Oh Senior Danny I don't remember my last hug. But it was probably here by you or Kyle."

"Could be we do like all of you you know."

"Oh yes Senior Danny I know that."

They must have layed that way for 15 minutes and Danny said is there anything else you want to do or just have me tuck you in?"

"Senior Danny could we do some of the things on the thumbnails first?"

"Sure Jose, whatever you want."

Jose went over to his computer and went to favorites and clicked on a site that was all boys in various activities.

Jose click on a 69 and so Danny went to the bed and they 69ed for about 10 minutes. Danny was enjoying this good looking Spaniard himself. "You know Pedro if one of us comes it will be over for the night is there anything else you might want to try?"

"Yes, Senior Danny let's go back to the computer. He looked through a lot of thumbnails and decided on the one that one guy was fucking another guy."

"Are you sure you want to try that one it might hurt. You aren't very big you know?"

"I have done it with others and I want to do it with you Senor Danny."

"OK then come on over on the bed. Do you have your tube of KY?"

"See Senior Danny it is right here in this drawer. Here."

Danny had him lay flat on his stomach and he was already putting his butt in the air in anticipation. So Danny started with the middle finger and went all the way into the colon. "Does that hurt Jose?"

"No I really like it when someone does that. I like to put things up my butt."

Danny continured for a while and then slipped in the second finger. Hearing no complaint he continued finger fucking him speeding up. Now Jose was starting to moan but Danny could tell they were pleasure moans. After another 5 minutes or so Danny inserted the third finger slowly. He pushed it up into the colon and stopped.

"Oh Senior Danny please keep fucking me with all your fingers."

Danny started in and really went to town hearing sounds of pleasure coming from Jose.

"Do you think you are ready yet Jose?"

"See Senior Danny I am ready."

Danny started with Jose on his stomach and when his dick was at the opening he told him to take 5 deep breaths and then push out like he had to crap. When Jose pushed out he made an uhhhhhh sound and Danny was on his way in. He went all the way to the colon and stopped.

"Please Senior don't stop."

Hearing this Danny started in short stroking him slow at first and then he speeded up. Jose started "uhhhh...uhhhhh....uhhh....Oh Senior... That feels so good."

Danny really speeded up when he said that. Jose was so tight and smooth Danny loved it. He was also very hot up in there.

Pretty soon Danny was long stroking him and speeding up. Then he rolled him over and got the full depth with Jose's legs up over his head. Jose was making every pleasure sound in the book by now. Sweat was rolling off of Danny onto Jose and Jose was wringing wet himself now. Jose's face was beet red. Danny decided he was getting tired after 15 or more minutes of this so he started deliberately hitting on the prostate every other time. Jose was really letting out the happy sounds now. Soon Jose said, "Oh Senior, I'm cumming.... ahhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhh....Oh my God.......ahhhhhh....oooooooooo.... I am cumming apart....ahhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh....God...."

This tight anus on Danny's dick spasming set him off and he let go of at least 8 rounds. It felt so good he never wanted to stop. This kid was a good fuck that was for sure. Finally they both rolled over on their back and just lay there trying to catch their breath. After 5 minutes or so Danny pulled him on top again and spread Jose's sperm between them. Then he gave him another long hug.

"Oh Senior that was wonderful. I never felt that good before."

"Well I'm glad you liked it Jose. I also enjoyed it. You are a good little sex machine."

"That's good sex machine. Can we do this again."

"Sure Jose wait about a week and ask me again OK?"

"OK I will."


The day of the contest finally got there. Danny had received 3 calls from other falconers who would be coming with their birds. One from Sun Valley, one from Boise and one from Pocatello. It looked to be a great day. The sun was shinning and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Danny got all the boys ready by 11 am and had an early lunch. The contest officially started at 1pm.

Danny called captain Murry and told him 3 more falconers were coming. Captain Murry said, "Don't worry about it I have plenty of officers covering the event."

"Thank you Captain we will be there at 12:15 to start setting up."

"Believe it or not Danny there are already people gathering."

"Really, now I am getting nervous."

"Don't worry Danny you have done a super job training all those boys and birds. I am sure everything will go smoothly."

"Thanks Captain will I see you out there?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Fantastic then I'll see you at 12:15 or whenever you get there."

"Bye for now Danny."

Danny hung up and saw he was shaking. Kyle noticed and said he was shaking a little too. We had to keep control of ourselves as the boys had to see us as the Rock of Gibraltar.

At 12:00 all the birds and prey were loaded along with the perches and necessary equipment. So they rolled toward Idaho Falls. When they got close there was a huge crowd, at least for these parts, and a police officer pushed the crowd back to allow our van through. I parked over by the swinging bridge. This was a beautiful park for a contest.

Danny had everyone unload their own bird and needed equipment and put it in a straight line so all the birds showed to the crowd. Rusty looked huge compared to the sparrow hawk. "Pete I am going to have you go first OK."

"Really I'm scared."

"Pete you have done this enough times you could do it in your sleep. So don't worry."

A man came up and introduce himself as Kenny from Boise and asked where we wanted him. I told him to just continue the line of hawks and set up his perch right by Rusty the Red Tail. He had a peregrine. I was really anxious to see that bird in flight.

Two more men introduced themselves and I told them the same thing.

"I thought we better use the numbers rather than trying to remember names. So I got the ready made number plaques to hook on each perch. I was pleased as it made it look so professional."

I took the microphone I had bought and the amplifier and found a plug right by the bridge. I was worried about finding electricity out there and failed to mention it to the police.

The crowd was really growing now. They were several deep all the way around the park. I put out my sign Rockwell School of Falconry by the first bird, Pete's. I'm sure not all the crowd could read it without binoculars. But several in the crowd had binoculars around their neck.

At exactly 1pm I called the crowd to attention.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen may I please have your attention.

I waited about 3 minutes while the crowd settled then continued...

Today we will be flying all our hawks. At the end you will, vote by applause as to who you think the winner is. Now I want to have Pete and bird #1 go first. Pete has been with me since the very start being the first resident at the School of Falconry. I will ask Lloyd to be his runner to bring the bird back to him after the flight. There will be two flights for each bird so you can get a good look.

Pete took Ready and his two sack with sparrows in them and handed off Ready to Lloyd. Then he walked to the designated marker at the end of the park and turned around. It was about 100 yards away from the starting point. Pete got a sparrow ready and then blew his horn. The second the horn went off Ready was airborne. Since he was the best at waiting on he climbed the whole way like he was going to keep going. The crowd got in a hush as they thought he might loose his bird. Ready got right over Pete and started waiting on. It was spectacular he hovered for about a minute and Pete threw the sparrow away from the crowd. The sparrow took off for dear life because he could not only see Ready but all the other hawks sitting on their perches. Ready was in a stoop close to 100 mph due to the height he dove from. The crowd ahhhhed. Ready hit the sparrow so fast that all you could see was feathers flying every where. The crowd really responded when the feathers flew. Ready took him to the ground and started his meal. Pete put one foot on the jess for safety sake and let him eat. By then Lloyd had arrived huffing and puffing. Lloyd reached down and took hold of his jess and walked with him back to the starting point. Pete was getting applause from the whole crowd now. When Lloyd was back at starting point Pete again blew the horn. Ready almost looked as if he were enjoying this, which is impossible as hawks only are after the reward food. Ready climbed even higher this time. He was so high the crowd was having to block the sun with their hands to see him. He appeared as a speck in the sky. When he went into hovering the crowd got silent as they now knew what to expect. After a minute or more Pete threw the sparrow away from the crowd and Ready folded his wings and became a falling rock. He hit the sparrow so hard he took him and all the flying feathers to the ground and started eating. Pete again walked over to his bird but this time picked up the jess and Ready on his gauntlet and let him eat. The crowd roared. They were really pleased at this birds performance. Pete walked toward the starting point and when he got there he put Ready back on his perch. Since the crowd kept cheering Pete turned smiled real big and waved at everyone. This really brought on a roar.

And now ladies and gentleman if I can have your attention. I am going to allow one of our guest to fly his bird next. #11 will fly a peregrine falcon at this time. Peri grin falcons were the birds that kings flew back in medieval times. So with no further ado will #11 take control."

You could tell he was experienced as his wife acted as his runner. She held the peregrine as he went to the end of the field. He blew a whistle but differently from the other bird he released his pigeon immediately. So the pigeon got some altitude in its effort to get away too. The peregrine went way high and stooped, according to the books at 200 miles an hour. When he hit the pigeon again feathers flew in every direction. And the peregrine brought the pigeon to the ground. As he feasted away the crowd applauded and the falconer stepped on the jess for safety. By then his wife had gotten there and picked him up and let him eat as she walked back to the starting point. The crowd was still applauding.

I noticed that there were hot dog and pop carts out among the crowd trying to make a buck.

The peregrine repeated its performance and got a good round of applause.

Next Danny announced Lloyd and his bird Vertigo. Pete acted as runner so took the bird from the perch and waited for Lloyd to get to the starting point. When Lloyd blew his sound Vertigo started climbing. But he didn't climb as high as Ready. He waited on a little lower too. Lloyd released the sparrow and it was another stoop to a puff of feathers. Pete was there to return him to the starting point. Another round of applause and cheering went out from the crowd. They seemed to favor the boys and their birds.

About an hour later it was finally over. So Danny announced, "Now ladies and gentlemen if I could have your attention one more time. As I mentioned at the beginning the voting would be done by all of you that took the time to come out and see the falconers. So I will start with number 1. Will you vote by your applause now. Pete stepped out and waved again and the crowd roared.

When the voting was over it was unanimous that Pete had won the trophy so Danny announced him as their winner. Pete again went out and waved and the crowd again roared louder than ever before. Pete held up his trophy and that brought on even more cheers.

Danny thanked the crowd for coming and told them there would be another contest next summer as school was getting close.

They packed up all the gear and the officers and Captain Murry came over and congratulated them on putting on the best show that this area had seen in years. He shook Danny's hand and said, "Your the winner Danny you made it all happen."

"Thank you Captain. You don't know how much that pleases me."

That was it. They started the van and headed home. Pete was beside himself and couldn't get over the beautiful trophy that Ready had won.

When they got home talk started about school. It would be starting in two weeks. This made most of the boys happy as they liked school. And most of their school mates were at the contest today which will give them that extra boost in becoming popular.

Kyle decided on a Bar-B-Que and then everyone decided to skinny dip. Of course things were going on under water but after all boys will be boys.

THE END All stories written by me, Joe Gardner can be found in the authors archive.

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