When we got home I noticed that the answering machine was blinking. I told Peter to go over to the bookcase and look over the VCR tapes and pick a movie he wanted to see. I went to listen to the machine and it was a call from back east wanting information about the Falcon School. I wanted to answer it in the morning but thought it be best since it was early and not to late back east to call the number.

"Hello is Mr. Davis there?"

"This is he." So formal I wondered.

"This is Danny from the School of Falconry in Idaho Falls. I am answering your message you left on my machine."

"Oh yes Danny, I was wondering if you are accepting boys at this time?"

"Yes I am Mr. Davis."

"Well I have a 13 year old boy who has always dreamed of even seeing a falcon. Do you furnish the birds?"

"Actually I take the boys out and we trap a Sparrow Hawk so they actually help catch their own."

"Oh that is great. He would love that. I am a business executive and gone most of the time. Roger has to stay with a nanny most of the time which isn't good at all. I would much rather see him happy."

"Well most fathers would. Tell me where am I returning the call to. I mean what city?"

"We live in Chicago in a deluxe condo. There really isn't much for Roger to do here except go to school and come home to the nanny. Same routine every day. He is very bored with his life."

"Yes it sounds like it might be a bit on the dull side of life for him. I charge $750 a month room and board and that includes the falcon and the food for it."

"That is very reasonable. How soon would you be able to accept Roger."

"Would yesterday be too soon. ha ha."

"Oh good then you have an opening right now. What if I have him pack his things and put him on a plane to Idaho Falls say this weekend."

"That would be fine. I will meet the plane and be holding a sign saying Rockwell School of Falconry. Incidentally, for your knowledge I have a doctorate degree in child psychology and chose Falcons to have a common interest with boys in my care. I also have had Falconry as a hobby all through college."

"Well that certainly is impressive. How old are you anyway?"

"I am a well schooled 25 Mr. Davis."

"Yes I can certainly see that. I will call you and let you know what airline and what time he will arrive in Idaho Falls. I will try and get a flight for him on Saturday. Do you have a school he can attend during session?"

"Yes, and the bus stops right in front of my door. I watch and make sure everyone boards it safely. I care a lot for my students and want them to be safe and contented with their life while they are here."

"I think I hit the nail on the head by calling you Danny or is it Doctor Rockwell?"

"No I go by Danny and I don't use my title unless necessary for the School."

"Well I will be talking with you probably tomorrow. Seeing that is Friday already."

"Yes I will be awaiting your call and plan on being home most of the day. Bye for now."

I hung up and was happy as boy number two would be here soon. I went into the living room and found that Peter had picked a Walt Disney film out. That would be a good one for him. So I started the VCR and sat down on the couch. He was lying on the floor with his cute butt looking me in the face. I didn't know how much movie I would see considering the sight at hand.

I went to the kitchen and started some pop corn in the microwave and got out two Cokes for us to drink. The popcorn was done in three minutes so I put it in a bowl and carried it and the pop into the living room. "Peter would you like to share some popcorn?"

"Sure thanks." I handed him his Coke when he came to sit next to me on the couch. When we finished the popcorn I put the bowl on the end table and continued watching the movie with him. I put my arm around him to make him feel welcome and he scooted over right up against me.

"You sure are nice Danny. Would you care if I sat in your lap?"

"No I would love to have you."

When he got on my lap things started hardening under him. I hoped he wouldn't notice so I scooted him a little to the side so he wasn't right on top of my dick. He spread his legs so one was on one side of me and the other on the other side. He had shorty pajamas on made of soft flannel. He was so soft all over. I put my nose in his hair and took a few breaths. It smelled like all boy. After a few minutes I put my hand on his stomach and rubbed softly.

"Oh that feels so good Danny."

"I'm glad you like it. Do you like to be rubbed?"

"Yea but no one ever did it before so it feels really cool now."

I had to feel his skin so I slipped his PJ shirt up and put my hand on his bare stomach. He moaned like he really liked that. So I started rubbing softly up and down and even went up and made his nipples hard. He was really settling in to me now. I saw him spread his legs even more. I wondered if that was an invitation but was afraid to get too friendly yet. So I reached down and started rubbing his thighs. They were as soft as any babies butt. He moaned again. I saw his dick was getting hard which was a good sign. I rubbed higher and higher up his legs until I was almost to his crotch. I noticed he didn't wear underware under his PJ's.

"Danny that feels better than anything anyone has ever done to me. I am getting a woody."

"That's fine Peter that is just normal. It feels good too doesn't it?"

"Oh yea really good."

This was giving me permission to do anything but I still wanted to be slow and careful. I kept rubbing from his knees to his crotch and finally got high enough to feel his balls. He moaned when I touched him there. "Does that feel good to you Peter or would you rather I stop?"

"Oh please don't stop I have never had anything feel so good."

On the next pass I went on up and felt his hard on. "You really are hard Peter."

"Yea and like you said it feels really great. Especially when you touch it."

That did it I reached on up and started rubbing his dick pulling his foreskin down and back up again several times. He moaned real good now. Without any notice he put his hand on my dick through my thin pants I was wearing. So I flexed it to let him know it felt good. When I did that he flexed his own. I felt the tip of his dick and there was a small amount of precum there. This boy could cum and didn't know it yet. I asked him to lay on his tummy so I could rub his back for him. He flipped right over and put his head on my lap holding my dick with his hand. He wasn't going to let go of that. I rubbed under his PJ's down his back and when I got to his butt I went past it to his thighs. I rubbed his thighs from the knee up as that was all I could reach the way he was laying. I went on up and rubbed up and down on his perineum which would bring about a feeling from his prostate inside. His dick got real hard as his perineum did. I wet my finger and put it back under his loose leg PJ's and rubbed the spit on his anus to see the reaction.

"Oh I have never felt anything so good Danny. You are so cool to me."

I got more spit and reached down from his waste band pulling his PJ bottoms down to his ass hole. I spread his ass and looked at the most pink ass hole I think I had ever seen. I took my wet finger and rubbed it over his anus time and time again. He was moaning big time now. The movie was ending and I don't think either of us even noticed. I told him to push out like he had to fart. When he did I entered his anus about an inch and stopped.

"Oh I never had anything in there before. I had no idea how good it would feel. I never even thought about it."

"Peter what you say we go into your bedroom where we can both be more comfortable."

He got right up and had to pull his PJ's up to walk and headed for the bedroom. When we got there I told him to lay on his stomach again and I would continue if he liked.

"Oh I like alright."

I pulled his PJ's down to below his knees and saw the most perfect butt. I wet my finger again and went back up inside him but this time I kept going into his colon and then some. "How does that feel Peter?"

"Awesome like something I never felt before."

I started finger fucking him and brought a whole new round of moans. I didn't want to hit his prostate as it would surely make him cum and I would do that in do time. I just kept feeling deep inside of him. I loved the wetness of his healthy colon. It was so hot by now he was really getting with it. "You know Peter when we talked earlier about jacking off etc."


"Well I can tell you are ready to make your first cum. Roll over on your back and I will show you how." He rolled over bare now. And his dick was standing straight up all of his 5 inches and maybe a little more. I started jacking him off and knew he wouldn't last long as sexually excited as he was. So I pushed my finger up his butt again and pushed on his prostate. That did it he started spasms.

" me....that...feels so awesome...ahhhh good....ahhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh..."

He put a couple puddles of watery cum on his stomach below his belly button the rest went down my hand. I kept pumping until he was through. "Well what do you think of cumming Peter?"

"There are not words to describe it Danny. That is the best feeling I have ever had experienced in my life. Can we do it again?"

"Well Danny you could in about half an hour but you have to let yourself build up more sperm and seminal fluid first."

"Danny could I do yours?"

"If you really want to it is OK with me. But remember this is all secret stuff that you can never tell anyone."

"Don't worry I wouldn't anyway. Can I pull your pants down so I can get to your dick?"

"Sure here let me help you." I raised up after loosening my belt and pulling down my zipper and pulled them down and off. I lay there naked now."

He took hold of my dick and started pushing it up and down. My foreskin was going right with him and I was leaking like a mad man. He got a bunch of my seminal fluid on his finger and went between my legs. He found my ass hole and pushed his finger in all the way. God did that feel good with him doing it. He finger fucked me like I had him and got me ready to blow. It wasn't 5 minutes until he accidentally hit my prostate and I came and came and came. I unloaded at least 8 ropes the first one hit me in the face and the rest on down my stomach.

"Wow can you cum Danny."

"Yes you will be able to do that too when you get older. Take some on your finger and taste it."

He dipped his finger in a big gob and put it in his mouth. "Hmmmm sort of sweet and a little salty. I like it Danny. Especially cause it came from you."

"Well what you say we take a shower together and get washed off."

"I would love that Danny."

I was already naked so I went to his shower and started the water to get the temperature right. I had built the showers for two people so that if the boys who roomed next to each other decided to they could shower together. He stepped into the water with me. Never had I seen a body that turned me on more than his did. Talk about perfect. God was feeling good the day he was created. I took the shampoo and started with his head. I worked on it massaging as I did to make it feel as good as I could. He loved it. I did this for about 4 or 5 minutes and then rinsed him off. His hair was fairly clean before I started so I reached for the conditioner and put it on. I massaged his head some more with it. Then rinsed him off really good. I loved the smell of the conditioner and would love how his hair smelled when it was dry. I picked up the soap and started washing his face, ears, and neck. Then I rinsed that off. Next I started down his back with massaging motion and he moaned. When I reached his butt I did the crack and then rubbed his anus for several seconds. He was really moaning now. I told him to push out and stuck my finger all the way to the colon and finger fucked him for a minute or two. I pulled out because I knew that might burn. "Did that burn a little Peter?"

"Yea it did. But it still felt good too."

"Well I will put some lotion up in there to make it feel better when you are through and ready for bed OK?"

"Sure you could do it all night as far as I am concerned. I have never had so much attention paid to me."

"Well I will always be here for you as long as you stay. Of course when I have other boys too I will be able to spend a little less time with each."

"I understand."

I finished washing his back and then did the front. I spent some time soaping and rubbing his dick and balls and got some good moans from that. I finally rinsed him off and said "Well that about does it your clean as a whistle."

"Can I do you now?"

"Sure how do you want me?"

"On your knees so I can do your hair."

I knelt down and he did the best shampoo I have had in a long time. He also massaged as he washed. He rinsed me and put on the conditioner and then rinsed that. He pretty well followed exactly what I had done to him including finger fucking me. It did burn a bit but I loved it because it was Peter doing it. He finished me up spending plenty of time on my dick until I got hard again. Then he rinsed me and we got out to dry. We went in the bedroom and I went to get the lotion. When I got back he had his PJ's on again. I told him to lay on his stomach and I would put lotion on his butt. He pulled his PJ bottoms down and layed down for me. I pushed the lotion all the way into the colon and then some as I have long fingers. I finger fucked him for a few minutes and then added a finger. "Does that hurt Peter?"

"Just a little but the hurt is going away now."

I kept on two fingering him trying to get him ready for the eventual cherry picking. After I twisted and turned my fingers quite a bit I thought that would be enough for one night. So I told him to pull his PJ's up he was through. He wanted to put lotion on my butt so I went though a similar experience even the two fingers. Finally I told him to get under the covers and I would tuck him in.

"Gosh no one tucks me in at home."

"Well for right now this is home and I tuck." I reached down and kissed him on the forehead and he smiled. He grabbed me around the neck and pulled me down and kissed me right on the mouth. I could see where this kid was going to be easy to get into a French kiss with.

I watched the late night show and then turned in.

In the morning I got up around 8am and made coffee. Peter was apparently still asleep. So I watched my early morning news while I waited for my little angel to get up. He finally stumbled in about 8:30am and said, "Good morning Danny."

"Well good morning sport. What would you like for breakfast?"

"Oh cereal will be just fine."

"Look over there in that cupboard and pick out the kind you like and then grab the milk. I'll get a bowl and spoon for you."

While he ate his cereal I said, "Did you over hear my phone call about another rich boy coming tomorrow?"

"Just a little but not enough to know much."

"Well he is 13 and his name is Roger. He comes from Chicago. He will be flying in tomorrow. I expect a call from his father today telling when he will arrive. We will go and pick him up."

"Oh fine it will be nice to have someone else around to talk to too."

"I want you to spend today buried in the book on Sparrow Hawks. As soon as your ready I will give you the test and then we will catch your hawk. By the way I have 6 can traps to live catch mice. I thought right after breakfast I would take you down to that old barn down the hill and plant them everywhere. The man that owns the farm said we could certainly have all the mice we need. He wants to get rid of them anyway as they get into his feed sacks and make a mess."

"That sounds like fun. I'll be through eating soon."

"Well take your time we have as long as we want. But I don't want to waste much of your study time either. I will go and get the traps and put them in a burlap sack. I have them out in the garage. I also have a large fish tank to put the ones we catch in."


When he finished eating and we put away the dishes I took him and got the traps and we just walked the quarter mile to the barn. It was not visible from the house as it was down a hill. We set the traps with peanut butter on the triggers. If a mouse touched the trigger he would release the rabbit wire lid attached to the bar that usually kills the mouse but it it would shut him in the can. When we finished we returned to the house and Peter said he was going to his room to study and read. I told him that would be fine I would call him for lunch.

It wasn't a half hour later I got the call from Mr. Davis. He gave me the airline and the estimated time of arrival in Idaho Falls. I said I would be there with my sign and have another 12 year old boy with me. He thought that should be easy enough to spot. So we ended the conversation. He would be arriving at 10am so we would have to get with it in the morning.

"Danny read this. It really tells a lot in just one page."

The sparrow-hawk is a common bird of prey in woodlands throughout Europe and northern Asia. It is 30-38 cm long, its wing span measures 60-80 cm. The wings are rather pointed, the tail is long and heavily banded. The flight consists of series of short wing strokes followed by gliding flights. While the male hunts mostly sparrows and rodents, the larger female often feeds on larger prey like starlings or thrushes. Occasionally the sparrow-hawk also eats mice or large insects. The nest is made in pine trees. In it the female lays 4-6 brown-speckled eggs, that she broods for ca. 5 weeks. When the young hatch they are fed by the female for about a month, the male brings food to the nest. For some time after they have left the nest they still return there to spend the night.

"I am really getting excited now. They will eat sparrows too."

"Yes I knew that Peter. Remember I had to study all this and pass a much harder exam to get qualified to qualify you. But get back to reading now. Oh, incidentally Danny will be getting here at 10am in the morning so we will have to get up and at um."

"Gosh I can hardly wait. I am half way though this book now and I am a fast reader. If I finish it will you let me take my test tonight. I want to get started."

"When you think you are ready, you can take the test."

"Gee thanks."

"Now back to work so you can finish it."

"See you later when I am ready. Could I have a sandwich first though?"

"Sure I was getting hungry myself. I will take the sandwich makings out and put them on the table. Then you can make what ever kind you want. Tomorrow I will have the cook move in. He is just a young guy about my age. So I think from now on eating will be much easier."

"That's great. Is he nice like you?"

"Yes that is why I hired him. He is a good looking guy too."

"Gosh I can't wait to meet him."

"Well you will when we get back from the airport."

Later that afternoon Peter took his test and got them all right. So I certified him and gave him his certificate. He was so proud. Now we would have to go after a sparrow hawk as soon as we had a mouse.

"Peter what you say we go and check the traps. We need a mouse to put in the sparrow hawk trap so we can catch your bird."

We went to the barn with a large paper sack and sure enough all but one of the traps was full. I was glad to see that as we were going to need them. I would also later on use the sparrow trap and get some sparrows to use in training also. It is just a flat piece of chicken wire with mono filament, lariat nooses, tied all over it and then glued so they will stand straight up. When anything tries to walk on it they are caught but good. We reset the traps and took the mice and dumped them in the fish tank. I put some mouse food, which is just grain, in the tank and they were happy.

"Gosh I can hardly wait for tomorrow Danny."

"Yes I will be glad to meet Roger too."

(To Be Continued) (Joe Gardner in archive)

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