"I was wondering if maybe you could make me cum again before I go to sleep. After the other boy gets here it will be harder to get alone with you."

"Sure I will be glad to. But, no matter how many boys we get here there is a rule that will be strictly enforced. And that is you never enter a closed door without first knocking and the person inside has to come and let you in. That way if your jacking off you can just pull up your pants or put some thing and then answer the door."

"Hey that is a super rule. I love it."

"Shall we go in your bedroom now and I can get you off?"

"Oh Yea."

When we got to his bedroom I had him strip nude as it makes things so much easier. And to make him feel comfortable I took off my clothes too. Of course we both had hard ons but neither said anything about them. Lay on your stomach first Peter and I rub your back and butt first.

"Oh good I love it when you do that. Especially when you put your finger up in me."

I started at his shoulders and rubbed and massaged slowly down to his butt. I loved the baby soft skin he had. Then I went and got the KY and a dildo out of my room and brought them back. I hid the dildo from sight as I didn't want him to see it just yet. It was big, actually bigger than my dick around so I knew I had to work on him a while with my fingers before I tried it. I put KY on all three fingers and started out with my middle finger. "OK now push out for me."


I went up in all the way into the hot colon and then some as my fingers were longer than his rectum. I pushed real hard to get as far as I could as I knew he like it.

"Oh that feels so good when you push hard like that Danny."

"I knew you liked that. Now I am going to use two fingers."

I went ahead and did two fingers turning and twisting them to loosen him up. "Now I am going to use three fingers. This will be a little tighter."

"Oh yea that is tighter all right but it tight good. I like the feeling. I guess because it is you."

After 5 minutes of twisting and turning and fucking him with the three I told him I was going to use an adult toy with a vibrator, but still didn't show it to him. "OK I need you to push out and keep pushing out hard even after you take a breath OK?"

"OK Danny."

When he was grunting real hard I pushed the dildo all the way in and turned on the vibrator.

"Oh God that thing hurts so bad. Ouch. Will it quit hurting Danny."

"Yes give it about 30 seconds and it will start getting better. After a minute or two it should feel good to you."

After about 2 minutes he said, "Yea, I see what you mean Danny. It is starting to feel real good."

"This is what adults use to get ready to take someone's dick up inside them."

"Really! Doesn't that hurt bad."

"Not really because you are already used to it with the dildo. Here let me show you." I pulled the dildo out and compared it with my dick.

"Gosh that thing is bigger than your dick Danny. Does that mean your dick would hurt less?"

"Yes now that your anus is used to the dildo."

"Then put it in me. I want to try it."

I really lubricated my dick a lot jacking off with KY and then put it to his hole where he could feel it touching him. He automatically pushed out real hard and when I heard the grunting I pushed it in past the head and another two inches. "How ya doing dude."

"Oh fine it doesn't hurt near as bad as that dildo did at first."

So I pushed it on in. He was so hot and tight I didn't know how long I could last. I had to put my mind elsewhere for a few seconds now and then. I started short stroking him slow and then speeded up. "How ya doing Peter?"

"Fine I love it. It feels better than anything."

I then started long stroking him and kept it up for about 15 minutes and listened to his pleasure moans and groans. Then I wanted it to be over as I was sweating up a storm so I started hitting his prostate for the first times and that did it.

"Oh what is that your hitting it makes shocks go clear through my body. It feels so good I am going to cum....Ahhhhhhhh......Ohhhhhhhh...God.....Keep going.....Ohhhhhhhh.... ahhhhhhhhh.....Oooooooooo......."

His tightness and his spasms set me off so I was cumming right along with him. That gave him a double thrill as he could feel his colon filling with hot liquid while he was cumming.

"Oh Man that has got to be the most awesome thing I have ever experienced. There isn't words for it."

"Knowing you Peter I thought you would like it."

"Oh "Like It," isn't the word for it. Can we do it again."

"Not right now as it takes us both some time to recharge our sperm. Turn over on your back for me." When he did I licked all the cum I could get off him and then took his soft dick in my mouth and sucked it dry of that honey sweet taste. I loved it.

"Peter since this is the last night we have alone would you like to sleep in my bed with me."

"Oh yea I would love it."

So we went in and had a Coke and then turned in. He cuddled up so close to me. He had never been loved this much in his life.

When we awoke in the morning we were in about the same position. But I had to piss so bad it was filling up my ears. So I got up trying not to wake him and went and took a giant hard on piss. It was hard but that water wanted out. Then I went in a made coffee and turned on the morning news. After about a half hour he stumbled in and said, "Gosh I don't know when I slept that hard. I don't think I even moved. I guess it was I felt so secure."

"Yes I don't imagine you sleep with many people at home."

"No one they don't even hug me good night. That was so much fun last night I'm sure glad you have the closed door rule."

"Would scrambled eggs, toast and bacon sound good to you with orange juice?"

"Oh yea that sounds great."

"This should be the last meal I have to fix as the new cook should arrive sometime this afternoon. He has a key so if we are gone he can get in."

"You say he is about your age Danny?"

"Well actually he is a bit younger. I think he is 21."

"That's still old to me."

"Yes I guess that is the way I thought when I was 12."

"It's 9 O'Clock so we have to get dressed and get to the airport soon. I want to get there about 5 minutes early in case the plane is early. I imagine Roger would be a little scared if no one were there to meet him."

We got ready and left for the airport. As I was parking I saw an airliner on final. We just made it. There aren't many planes that size that land in Idaho Falls in a day. So I grabbed my sign and off we went to the waiting room. I didn't know what to expect. Was he going to be another penguin like Peter was dressed. Time would tell.

When passengers unloaded they let old people and children get off first so I saw him. He was the only 13 year old and dressed in a suit and tie. Peter was just in a T shirt and jeans now. As soon as he saw my sign he came right over to us."

"Hi my name is Roger are you Dr. Rockwell?"

"Well yes I am but please call me Danny. Welcome to Idaho Falls. You will find it quite different here from Chicago."

"Yea I can tell already by the size of this airport. You could put 200 of these in Chicago O'Hara."

"Yes I'll bet you could. This is Peter he is also here to learn falconry and just passed his test to get his certificate last night."

"Wow! you have to take a test?"

"Yes Roger I have a small book for you to study on Sparrow Hawks, their feeding and training and then you take a 50 question test. When you pass it I am qualified to give you your state of Idaho certificate certifying that you are a registered falconer."

"Gosh that sounds exciting."

"I hope you will enjoy it Roger."

Peter said, "I sure did."

"Let's get your luggage and head for the van."

When we got to the van I drove straight home. I was planning on trapping Peter's Sparrow Hawk this afternoon so it will be an exciting day for both boys.

When we got home the cook had arrived. God he was good looking but so was Roger. Roger was a blond probably a toe head when younger. He had blue eyes that grabbed me and a beautiful smile with straight teeth.

Kyle was built with a slender swimmers build and cute butt. He had brown hair and brown eyes set off by long eye lashes.

"Well Peter why don't you show Roger to his room and let him unpack. Show him the room and explain the knock rule to him."

"What's the knock rule?" Kyle asked.

"Well for the sake of privacy, jacking off etc. If a door is closed then you must knock and wait until someone comes and opens it. That way if you are undressed and want to put something on quick before you answer the door you can."

"Oh I like that rule alright. As you know you hired me knowing I am gay and I do jack off now and then too."

"Yes I do my share too Kyle, you aren't alone. I am also gay as I think I told you. But the students are what ever they are. It usually shows fairly soon."

"Do I go to the room you showed me Danny?"

"Yes let me walk you to it. Here let me carry one of those."

Kyle was so pleased with his room as it was much bigger and had it's own TV, Play station 2, and bath. It also had a nice view out of its picture window.

"Kyle, I am about to take the boys out and catch a Sparrow Hawk for Peter. He passed his test and is now certified. Would you like to ride alone. There will be plenty of time for you to get dinner when we get back."

"Yea, I sure would. How do you go about catching a sparrow hawk anyway?"

"Well Kyle I made a trap. Picture a cereal bowl upside down on its opening. Now picture molding rabbit wire around it to make it bowl shaped. Of course you have to cut one place to make it over lap. Then trim off the over hang. Then fasten it together with wire so it is solid. Now take a ring of lead that you can buy at hardware stores and make the bottom of the trap so that it has a lead ring around the bottom edge. This makes it always land on it's bottom when you throw it on the ground. Next you cover the bottom with rabbit wire and make a door just big enough to insert a mouse. Being sure the door closes and can be secured. Now you put fishing line or mono filament lasso's all over the top of the trap. Taking Elmer's glue you fasten where the lassos are tied to the trap so that the lasso's have to stay in a standing position. Now if anything even tries to walk on top of the trap it is caught in one of the lassos. Sometimes more than one if they struggle. That is how I make a sparrow hawk trap. You will see it in action this afternoon."

"Wow! How did you ever dream that up?"

"A friend of mine showed me when I first started in falconry."

"Oh so you have had the trap for a while."

"Oh yea since I started college. And I have a doctorate degree so you can see it has been a while. Put on something comfortable like a T shirt and jeans and come on to the living room and we will leave from there."

"OK I will be there in five."

Next I went to see how Peter was doing with Roger. I found them in Roger's bedroom and I could see Peter had just explained how to find sex sites on his computer. He didn't even turn them off when I walked in. Roger said, "Oh Peter I think we are in trouble."

"No it is OK boys it is just natural curiosity. Are you ready to go and catch your hawk now?"

"Yea I have been waiting since I got here for this. Danny Roger's clothes are just about like mine were when I got here. Should I lend him one of my T shirts. He will have to wear his slacks as he doesn't have any jeans."

"Sure that will be just fine. And welcome to our home Roger." I gave him a big hug.

"Gosh that is the first time I have been hugged in I don't know how long. Nanny's don't hug."

"Well unless you object you will get hugged here."

"No I don't object at all it felt great."

"I'll meet you boys in the living room when Roger is ready."

I went to the garage and got the trap and put a mouse in it and secured the door. Then I went back to the living room and waited. Kyle was already there. It didn't take more than 5 minutes and the boys were there and ready too. "OK Let's go get in the van."

I took the van on one of the many back paved roads without hardly any traffic and told everyone what to look for. "Watch fence post and the top of telephone poles. Also occasionally you will see one hovering like a helicopter. That is called "waiting on" and they swoop down and catch what ever they find from the hover. Now when we see one on a post or telephone poll we want a male. They are multicolored like a rainbow mainly shades of reddish brown and brown. Open your window Peter and hold the trap right at it. When we see one I can't stop he will fly away so I slow way down to a crawl and you throw the trap along side the road. He will see the mouse in the trap thinking we hit it and be right on it."

"Gosh this is so exciting," said Roger.

"Yes every hunt is I always get goose bumps. When the hawk is caught I have to remove him from the lasso with these gauntlet leather gloves and put him in this gunny sack between the seats so he isn't scared to death."

It wasn't 5 miles before we spotted one on a fence post. "OK now I am slowing to a crawl. Throw the trap right in front of him and I will just keep rolling. He should be caught before I can turn the van around."

When we were right abreast the sparrow hawk Peter sailed the trap out the window and we kept going. Looking in the rear view mirror I could see the hawk hit the trap and it was instantly caught. So I turned around as fast as I could on the narrow road and stopped just before the trap. The sparrow hawk was flapping its wings and trying to escape. I got out of the van and told Peter to bring the gunny sack and I went to the trap and got hold of the hawk by putting my hand around it's back and keeping it from being able to flap. I told peter that falcons fight with their mouth which was already buried in my glove and that his falcons wouldn't try and get him. So unloosen him from the lasso and I'll put him in the sack. He had him loose in about a minute and we put him in the sack and closed it. Peter now had his falcon. The difference between a hawk and a falcon is that that a falcon fights with his mouth, whereas a hawk kills with it's talons. Also a falcon has long extendeded wings more so than an hawk. He was so excited he had tears in his eyes.

We got back in the van and put the sack on the floor near the air conditioner vent and started home.

Kyle said, "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it. It worked exactly like you said it would."

"Yes Kyle I have done this many many times and it even amazes me how easy it is. Of course there are big fines for catching a bird of prey without a permit."

"Well I have one now." said Peter.

"Yes Peter and I have a master permit. So we have no problem."

When we got home I put the leather jess on his leg. It is just a piece of leather about a foot long with a slit cut in one end, near the end, you put the long end through the slit and pull it up tight around the leg of the falcon. After it is on he is going nowhere. I took the snap on the end of the strap and hooked it to the perch on Peter's Mew. Naturally the bird abated several times until it realized it better just sit still on the perch. I told Peter he would have to watch him out his window for a couple hours until he was sure he was through abating as he could hang himself upside down.

Then I decided to see how Roger was doing in his indoctrination with Peter. On the way the phone rang. Darn.

"Rockwell School Of Falconry, how may I help you?"

"This is Captain Murry at the police station. I have a boy who is only 14 and has no one to take him from here. I have no alternative but to send him to the state detention center where he would stay until he was 18. He is not a bad boy he just got caught shop lifting food. Is there any chance you could take him. When I asked him if he had any interest in birds of prey he was very interested."

"Sure Captain I have several beds still open. Would I have to come and get him."

"No I have to put it through the system so Mrs. Wilson from Children's services will bring him by about 5 or so on her way home. Will that be OK for you?"

"Sure Captain what is the boys name?"

"His name is Lloyd Mackson."

"Thank you I only asked as I want to know when I see him that you sent him to me."

"Fine. Good Bye for now and thank you."

I put the phone down and had to think what was I doing. Then I realized I was on my way to see how Roger was doing. He was in Peters room and they were watching cartoons while they made sure his bird didn't abate anymore.

"Has your bird abated anymore Peter?"

"No he is just looking all around at his new environment."

"Good we will feed him around 4 then. Roger could I see you alone in your room for a minute."

"Sure Danny."

We went in sat on his bed. "First of all I want to officially welcome you to the School of Falconry. I thought I would talk a little to you and get to know you better. Did Peter tell you about the knocking rule on any closed door."

"Yes Danny he did and I like that a lot. It gives us some privacy."

"Yes you might be dressing or have just gotten out of the shower. You don't want someone walking in on you and especially if your jacking off or something like that."

"Gee you talk so openly about sex stuff. It is never mentioned at home."

"You mean your father never sat you down and explained things to you?"

"Oh no sex would be a dirty word in our house. Can I ask you questions about sex without getting in trouble?"

"Sure thing Roger and ask anything. Nothing is considered bad here except things like rape etc. But if you asked me what rape was that wouldn't be bad."

"That's so cool. I feel more at ease already. I jack off all the time and I am glad I don't have to be afraid. Also having the computers made non child proof is cool too. Peter showed me some of the sights he has found already."

"Can you show me on this computer what he showed you. There are over a million sights on line that deal with sex and sexual pictures. By not allowing you to see them how will you ever know what the real world is like. Incidentally some of the porn on the computer is not commonly done by everyone. So don't assume that, ask me."

We went over to his computer and he brought up a search engine and put in the name of a site. "This is one we looked at."

It showed teens having sex mainly boys with boys. "That is just one sight and boys do have sex with boys if both are willing partners. But there are also sites that show you boys and girls together. Actually even thought they look young they have to be over 18 to be on the net."

"Do boys really do this?"

"He showed me two boys giving head in a 69." I noticed his dick was hard as a rock and mine was getting semi hard seeing it."

"Yes that is a very common thing boys do. Have you ever received head, or a blow job sometimes it is called before?"

"No but I bet it feels good."

"I see your dick is about to break out of your pants would you like to see what it feels like. Of course this is just between you and me and no one else."

"Oh I would never mention it to anyone. And yes I would like to know what it feels like."

"Well come on over here on your bed and lay on your back and I'll show you."

I had him open his pants and slide them off so we could have easier going. I took hold of his dick which was about 6 inches long and rubbed it a few times. Boy did he moan. "Your sure you want me to do this?"

"Oh yea."

I went down on him and started giving him the best head I could. Talk about pleasure sounds. After about 5 minutes I wet my finger and started massaging his ass hole. It was so smooth.

"Oh no one ever touched me there that feels so good, especially when you push."

"Yes this is something someone has to show you." I went ahead and wet my finger again and while still giving head went in to his colon. He was so smooth and hot and his tunnel was really tight. I felt the warm juices in the colon which I loved. "How does that feel Roger?"

"Oh...puff...awesome...I love it....puff..."

I started finger fucking him and giving him head in rhythm. Then I thought it was time to taste him so I came back almost out of him with my finger and went toward his dick where his prostate was. When I pushed on it it made him cum right now.

" good...what you touched.....ahhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh..."

He was so sexually excited he litterally filled my mouth with sweet cum. No salt in it at all yet. I wanted to share the taste with him so I held it in my mouth. "Roger stick out your tongue." When he did I was right on it sucking his tongue which gave him the idea to suck back. It of course went into a French Kiss his first of course. After about 3 minutes I broke away. "How was that? Did you like the taste of your cum?"

"Yea I never tasted it before. It is really sweet. I like cum."

"Well as you get older your cum will have a little salt taste added to it but it still taste good to most."

"Gosh your dick is hard as a rock now Danny. Can I do that to you?"

"If you want to but we must keep this our secret."

"I understand and it will never leave my mouth for sure."

I pulled my pants down and off and he started rubbing my precum around the end of my dick. "Gee you get that stuff on your dick too when it is hard."

"Yes that is called precum and is used as a lubricant for sex with a woman."

He said no more but took my 6 inches in his mouth and started in on it. He was really enjoying himself I could tell by the look on his face. He took me deeper and deeper until he gagged. But he came up and went down several times and finally figured out how to get by the gag point and I was down his throat. God did that feel good. I wasn't going to last long. Then I felt a wet finger at my hole and I knew the end was near. He pushed his finger straight in and hit my prostate. I started cumming and cumming and cumming. I shot about 8 times and he swallowed it all.

"Oh I see what you mean about salty. But it still taste good."

"You like doing that don't you?"

"Oh yea no one ever showed me fun sex stuff before. I love it. Can you teach me more?"

"Sure but not right now. I have a new boy coming tonight and we have to get Peters hawk fed before that. You want to come and watch."

"Boy do I."

We both got our pants back on and headed for Peters room. I told him it was time to feed his hawk. And I also told him to be thinking up a name for him.

"I already named him Ready."

"That is a good name. Let's go get a mouse and feed him."

(to be continued)

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