"Peter why don't you get the mouse that is in the trap. The poor thing I forgot about him with all the excitement. Hold him by the tail and bring him to the Mew. Here take this leather glove in case you are afraid of him biting you."

Peter went as told and brought the mouse around the house to the mew. I went to the kitchen and got a butchers knife. I took the knife to the mew with me. When he got there with the mouse I told him we would have to cut the mouse in three pieces. "Peter hold him by the tail and hit his head up against the wall of the mew and kill him. I am sure he wouldn't want to be cut up alive."

"Oooooo you mean it?"

"Yes Peter you will see why after he us cut up."

Peter closed his eyes and I notice Roger did too. "Oh that is so gross." said Roger.

"You will get used to it. I remember killing my first mouse and I felt the same way."

Peter stood there with the dead mouse in his hand not even wanting to look at it. I handed him the knife and told him to cut the mouse on the ground out of sight of Ready his hawk. He held his breath and cut the mouse in three equal pieces. He looked like he was ready to vomit. He was as white as a sheet. "Now put the pieces in this small paper sack to hide him from Ready until you are going to feed it to him."

"OK this is the tricky part. He may not want to take a piece from you being a completely wild falcon. Take one piece in the leather glove and hold it out toward Ready." Ready looked at the piece of meat but didn't make a move to try and take it.

"That is what usually happens. So take the bag and put it in the refrigerator until later. When he gets sharp set he will gladly take it. Let's put him on the scale and see how many ounces he is now. As obviously he isn't sharp set." I got the scale out of the garage and told Peter since he was the only one with a bird to keep the scales in his room. "Now Peter put your gloved hand up to his chest and push him backward. He will either get on your hand or abate. He will probably abate." Peter pushed on his chest and he abated and found himself hanging by one leg from the perch. "Now pick him up by the closed wings like I handled him and put him back on the perch." Peter did this and Ready looked bewildered. "Now do it again. Force him backwards and make him abate or get on your hand." Peter pushed on his chest and this time Ready stepped onto the glove rather than hang himself again. "Now put him on the perch on the scales." This was easier as Ready really didn't like being on Peter's hand. "OK now let me write down his weight. There now when he finally takes the mouse we will weigh him again and he should be close to his sharp set weight."

We went back into the house through Peters bedroom after putting Ready back on his perch. I told him to put the mouse pieces in the refrigerator in the drawer away from all food. Then we went into the living room. I could smell something cooking so I knew Kyle was drumming up dinner. So I went to the kitchen and he was making spaghetti sauce. "Kyle make enough spaghetti for an extra in case the new boy from the sheriffs office gets here. He just might."

"OK Danny don't worry there will be plenty."

It was then when his eyes hit mine I knew I would have to be careful about being around Kyle too much alone as he was good looking young man. When our eyes met they talked. If you know what I mean. We were both thinking the same thing I'm sure. After all he was gay and I wasn't that bad a looker myself I had been told by many. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

I opened the door and greeted Mrs. Wilson. She introduced Lloyd Mackson to me. "Well Lloyd welcome to Rockwell School of Falconry. My name is Danny Rockwell."

"Dr. Rockwell to you Lloyd." said Mrs. Wilson.

"No Mrs. Wilson I reserve my title for when I need it. Out here I am just plain Danny to the boys. So call me Danny, Lloyd."

"OK Danny I like that better too."

"Mrs. Wilson if you have a minute let me show you Lloyd's room."

All Lloyd had with him was a well used backpack so he brought it and followed me. I took him to the first room on the left. Right across from Peter's room. He said, "Wow! This is one cool room. It is so big."

"Yes they are nice rooms." said Mrs. Wilson.

I told her to follow me over to Peter's room and she could see the first falcon that we caught today. The door was closed so I knocked and waited. After about 20 seconds Peter opened the door. "Hi Peter do you mind if I show Mrs. Wilson and Lloyd your sparrow hawk, named Ready."

"No Danny that would be fine."

"Peter this is your new roommate across the hall. His name is Lloyd. Lloyd this is Peter. Peter is 12. And Peter Lloyd is 14." I led them through to the door to the mew and went out and showed them "Ready".

Mrs. Wilson said, "Oh my they are beautiful birds up close. I only see them on telephone poles or hovering way up in the air."

Lloyd spoke up and said, "Will I get a falcon too?"

"Yes Lloyd as soon as you read the book on sparrow hawks that is in the top drawer of your desk. Then when you can pass a 50 question test on sparrow hawks I will give you your certificate to make it legal for you to house a bird and we will go out and catch your hawk."

"Gosh this is so much more exciting than I even imagined." said Lloyd.

"Yes it looks like you have quite a setup. Do all the rooms have a perch like this outside?"

"Yes Mrs. Wilson and this area where the hawk is kept is called a mew. That is in falcons language of course."

"Well I learned some things I never knew." said Mrs. Wilson.

I had Lloyd leave his back pack on his bed and we all went to the living room. Kyle said, "Dinner is ready should I set a place for you Mrs. Wilson."

"No but thank you for asking. I have to get home to my own family."

With that she headed for the door and bid good bye.

The rest of us went to the table and sat down. Kyle set the sauce in a big bowl and the spaghetti in another and told everyone to dig in while he got some milk for everyone.

It was a fine dinner. "That was the best spaghetti sauce I've ever tasted Kyle. You do know how to cook alright."

"Kyle I want you to join us for meals after you have them served OK?"

"That would be great. It makes me feel like part of the group."

We all ate and then Kyle served a piece of cake to everyone. It was good chocolate cake with chocolate icing. One of my favorites. When we all finished and got up from the table I asked Lloyd if I could talk to him for a few minutes in his room. So he followed me to his room and we sat side by side. "Lloyd I didn't tell anyone here that you were picked up by the Sheriff for shoplifting. What were you after?"

"Well I hadn't eaten in over a day and I was trying to get some chips. I put them under my shirt but the store owner saw me do it through one of those mirrors and called the Sheriff."

"How long were you out there on your own Lloyd?"

"I guess it was about 6 months. Time has a way of slipping away when you are constantly thinking about where your next meal is coming from and where you are going to sleep that night. Most of the time I didn't even know what day it was."

"Boy you have seen some rough times Lloyd. Well that is all over now. Tomorrow I will take you and Roger in and get you completely new clothes so you can feel respectful."

"Oh gosh that is great. I haven't had new clothes in so long."

"Now I want to tell you about the knock rule. If a door is shut you must knock and wait until someone answers it. You might be jacking off or just gotten out of the shower and in the nude. So this gives you a chance to get presentable before you come to the door."

"Gosh I really like that rule. It gives us privacy. It seems strange to hear a man talk about jacking off like that."

"Well you have to remember I was your age not too long ago and I remember what springing wood at the most embarrassing time was. Now for your computer. It is not set up with children block so you can get anything on the web. The other boys have already found some sites that show nude boys and girls doing things to each other. Most of the things are just part of life and so I just let you see what you want to look at."

"Gosh I have never run a computer before. I never had one."

"Well come on over here and sit in front of it and I will show you what to do."

"First push this button and it will turn on. Now you are on the Internet home page put there by the company that made it. You can change to other Internet home pages easily. Just ask me if you want to. See this box in the upper left corner. That is called a search engine. If you put in sparrow hawk it would come up with many sites that would tell you about them. For now put in the words teen nude pictures free. He hunt and pecked and got it in there. Now push the word GO and it will take you to several sites. There are over a million sites that deal with sex on the Internet.

The screen of course filled up with sites to click on having to do with teen sex. "Now each of these is a different site. So you can click on one at a time and see what it has to offer." Lloyd clicked on the first one. He saw free gallery number 1 thru 6. I told him to click on number 1. When he did he came upon a boy and girl with their arms around each other in the first thumb nail picture. "Now if you want to see that picture in a bigger form click on the picture itself. He did and it blew up screen size.

"Wow, that is neat. How do I make it go back to small so I can see the other pictures?"

"Put your mouse off the picture in a white space over on the left. Now using your right button on the mouse click on it. Of course back was the first thing on it. "Now click with your left finger on the word back." When he did of course he was back to where he was. Now click on any one of the thumb nails you want to see enlarged. He chose the girl giving the boy head. When it blew up I noticed he did too. "Gosh I got a woody."

"Yes so do I that is very common when looking at sexual pictures. Have you ever given a buddy head or had him give you head?"

"No, Once a guy showed me how to jack off but we didn't touch each other."

"Well it is very common for buddies to give that pleasure to each other. Would you like to see how it feels Lloyd?"

"Oh yea."

"Come over here on your bed and pull down your pants to your ankles."

He did what I ask. I took his dick which was about 7 inches long and licked the precum off and it tasted so sweet. Just a tiny bit of salt. Then I went down on him and took him clear into my throat. He just moaned. I could tell he was really liking this. I started bobbing up and down. "Now raise your knees and spread them." When he did that opened up his ass hole. So I wet my finger and pushed it all the way up into his hot, wet, colon.

"Oh that feels so good. I never knew putting something up my butt would feel good."

I continued giving him head for about 10 minutes. He was really getting hot now. So I started hitting on his prostate.

"Oh what ever your hitting is giving me shocks all through my body. It will make me come if you keep that up."

I did and he did.

"Oh Danny...I'm cumming....ahhhhhhh....OOOOOO...Ohhhhhhhhh....God... gee......ahhhhhhhh......"

He pumped about 12 or so times and filled me up with cum. It tasted so good. A little salt but not much. I held some in my mouth and told him to stick out his tongue. When he did I was right on it sucking away. He caught on and started sucking mine. It turned into his first French kiss and lasted about 10 minutes. When we broke I said, "Well what did you think of the taste of your cum Lloyd."

"Oh it was OK. It tasted sweet and salty. But I liked tongue sucking the most."

"Well if you are willing I will teach you many other things. Just ask me. Remember when your doors are shut we are in private. Of course this must be kept between me and you OK?"

"Oh I would never mention it to anyone."

"Can I do that to you now Danny?"

"Sure if you really want to."

Danny pulled his pants clear off and layed down on the bed. Lloyd started down and said, "Wow! What is all this clear stuff coming out of your dick?"

"That's called precum. You had some too but just not as much. As you get older and more turned on you will do the same thing. It just taste sweet don't worry."

"Oh OK." Lloyd went down and licked it once and tasted it. He liked it and went ahead and took Danny's dick in his mouth. He tried to go all the way down like Danny did but gagged.

"Just relax your throat and swallow and you can get by the gag point."

So he tried it a few times and made it. He got a little of the 6 inches down his throat and started bobbing up and down. He used his tongue like Danny did too. This was sending Danny into another world. Then he remembered the ass thing. So he wet his finger and pushed it all the way up in Danny's butt. He got into the colon and then some with his long fingers. Danny knew he was not long for this world as he was trying to hold back but was giving up. Lloyd accidentally hit on his prostate as he was finger fucking him and that set him off.

"Oh Lloyd you got me...Ahhhhh....Ohhhhhhh...shit.....god...ahhhhhh... ooooooooo...ahhhhhhh....."

Danny let go of 8 or more ropes and it was all Lloyd could do to keep up with him and swallow it all. But he was proud as he got it all down except what he kept in his mouth for a French Kiss. He layed on top of Danny and stuck his tongue in Danny's mouth. This started another French kiss that lasted another 10 minutes or so. Danny gave him a big hug several times and he loved it.

When they broke Lloyd said, "No one has ever hugged me like that. Like you really mean it. It felt so good."

"Well Lloyd I do really mean it. You are one nice guy. Remember it you want to get together again you have to ask. I will come in your room probably at bedtime and show you more."

"I think I will be asking Danny I loved it."

Danny got up and decided to get dressed and see what was going on elsewhere. Lloyd followed suit but stayed in his room on the computer his new toy.

Danny went back to the living room and found everyone watching a movie. It was getting dark so Ready the sparrow hawk would have to wait until tomorrow for his first meal here. He could have just eaten before we caught him and wasn't hungry enough to take food from a human. Danny sat down on the couch and watched the movie with them. Peter spotted Danny on the couch and got up and sat right up against him. He leaned over to Danny and said, "I wonder if you could come in my room when I go to bed?"

"Sure Peter I'll be glad to." After another half hour or so the movie ended and it was 10 O'Clock so Danny suggested everyone turn in. Tomorrow is a big day. We have to go to town and get Lloyd some clothes and Roger some Idaho type clothes. So everyone headed for their bedrooms. After everyone was in their bedroom Danny knocked on Peter's door lightly. Peter was right there all smiles in just his underwear. Danny went in and said, "What do you have on your mind Peter?"

"Well remember the other day when you put your dick up in me. I have been jacking off to that ever since. It felt so good I was wondering if you could do it to me again?"

"Sure if that is your hearts desire." Danny pulled a tube of KY out of his pocket and put some on three fingers. "Now pull off your underwear and lay on your stomach Peter." When he did Danny went right in all the way with his middle finger and started finger fucking him. Peter was all moans. Danny did this for about 5 minutes and added the second finger. Now Peter really moaned but it was a pleasure moan. Danny fucked him with two fingers for another 5 minutes twisting and turning his fingers to loosen him up. Then in went the third finger. He heard Peter take a deep breath as it was a lot more to him. He moaned both pleasure and pain this time so Danny went easy. Soon it turned to pleasure only moans so Danny fucked him twisting and turning his fingers for another 5 minutes. "Now you feel ready Peter?"

"Oh yea."

"Lets do it a little different this time lay on your back and put your ankles to your ears." When he did all Danny could see was ass hole and eyes. Danny lubricated his dick really well and then put his dick against the hole. "Now take ten deep breaths and then push out like mad." He counted the breaths and on the tenth he saw his butt hole pooch out and heard Uhhhhhhhh. So he pushed it all the way in to the colon and then some and stopped. "How ya doing Peter?"

"Fine..uhhhh...uhhhh...can you just stay there for a minute?"

"Sure just say when by shaking your head yes. If you shake your head no I will pull it out." Danny waited and the the yes signal came so he started slow short fucking him.


Danny felt he was getting used to it so he started long stroking him. This brought on some real pleasure moans and groans. Danny speeded up until he was going full speed ahead. After about 15 minutes he saw Peter's eyes had glazed over and thought it was time for a prostate attack. So he started hitting on the prostate on every thrust.

"Oh Danny...I'm...cumming...ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhh...God....ahhhhh..oooooo.."

This tight ass gripping Danny in spasms set him off too. He unloaded about 18 ropes clear up inside Peter. Then he collapsed on top of Peter and rolled a little to the side so as to let him breath. They lay there hugging for about 5 minutes and huffing and puffing when Danny said, "How was that?"

"Oh Danny I could do that every half hour all night. I love it."

"Well I am afraid it is my bedtime too so we will have to hold off for more until another night. Remember just ask me when you get horny."

"Oh don't worry Danny I will. Thanks so much for coming in."

Danny got up, pulled up his clothes and put his shirt back on and bid Peter good night.

Getting back to the kitchen he took out a pop and carried it in the living room and sat down drinking it. Then he got a surprise. Kyle stepped in and said, "Resting after a long day?"

"Yea Kyle you might say that. Sit down."

They talked for about 10 minutes with eye contact all the time. Something told Danny he wasn't going to be able to keep his rule about employees and sex.

(To Be Continued) (Joe Gardner in archive)

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