The next morning after everyone had eaten breakfast we decided to give Ready another chance at eating. I took the mouse sack out of the refrigerator and put it in the microwave on 7 seconds. I wanted to get it as close to normal temperature as possible so as to not make him feel sick. I reached in the bag and felt and the pieces were about the right temperature for a mouse just being killed. So we all went out to the mew. I had everyone stand way back except Peter. It was his bird and he was going to do the training with my guiding him. "Take the leather glove and put it on your right hand. Now pick a piece of mouse out of the sack. The smallest piece. Here is the horn I bought for you to use. This sound will become the sound of food to him after a few time. So always blow it when you want him to eat a bite or fly to you.I bought 10 different sounding instruments so that the birds don't get confused when we have more hawks. I want to weigh him if he takes it so we can see approximately his sharp set weight. Peter stepped right up in front of him,blew the horn, and held the piece close to his mouth. He took it and gobbled it down. So I told Peter to put him on the scales. He weighed just two ounces different from yesterday so I wrote it down. We would subtract one ounce for his safe flying weight as they must be really hungry to be safe.

"Now put him back on the perch Peter." When he did I said, "OK now he is going to have to step onto the glove to get this piece. So hold the glove where he has to step to get the mouse." Blow his horn. He did and Ready cocked his head a couple times and then jumped to the gauntlet and took the piece. Good sign. I told him to put him back on the perch and hold his glove another foot away. We had to be careful as the jess was just so long and it was attached for safety. When Peter held his hand out another foot, and blew the horn, Ready flapped his wings once and ended up on the glove. Peter looked so happy and all the boys wore smiles. He ate the piece of mouse and Peter put him back on his perch.

"Now Peter he will have to wait until tomorrow morning after breakfast and we will use the safety line made from fishing line and see if we can't get him to fly a little further to you. I think he will."

"Gosh this is so exciting Danny. I can't wait."

"Well boys if you want to get started with your own hawk I suggest you get your books and start studying so you can take the test."

The boys shook their heads yes and started back into the house through Peters bedroom. They all headed for their rooms to get to reading their books. I went to the living room to have another cup of coffee. Kyle warmed it for me after several minutes drinking. I thanked him and darn that eye contact again. I got hard just thinking about him. He was sure handsome and had a butt supreme. I didn't know how long I was going to hold out.

Then I jumped when the phone rang. It had a loud bell so you could hear it all over the house. When I answered it it was Mrs. Wilson. "Hello Danny this is Mrs. Wilson, I have a 13 year old who loves falcons if you can take on anymore right now."

"Sure I'm open until all the bedrooms are full. You say he is 13 what is his name?"

"His name is Brian Cook. He has been in 4 foster homes and I really feel for him. He is a nice boy but circumstances beyond his control kept moving him around."

"Oh that is terrible. I hate when a boy gets bounced from one house to another. It is certainly not good for him."

"That is for sure that is why I thought of you. If everything went right he could stay in one place until he is 18. That would be so much better for him."

"Say Mrs. Wilson I have to bring two boys in to town today and buy them some clothes. Why don't I just stop by and pick him up and if he needs anything he can get it at the same time."

"That's a wonderful idea. I already know your place and how nice it is so I don't have to do a home inspection and he does need clothes."

"Fine have him ready in an hour and I'll pick him up OK?"

"He will be ready and I'm sure anxiously waiting."

"Good I'll see you then. Bye now."

Boy this is going to be a handful. I wonder if Kyle might like to ride along and help out. I went to his room and knocked. When he answered it was those eyes and that smile that got me again.

"Kyle I have to take several kids into town, I'm sure they will all want to go, and I wondered if you would like to ride shotgun?"

"Sure thing Danny give me a few minutes to get ready and I'll come to the living room."

I went and gathered up all the boys and we all went to the living room where gorgeous kyle was already waiting. So I suggested we load into the van.

We headed into Idaho Falls and went directly to pick up Brian Cook. Kyle and I went into Children's Services and there was Mrs. Wilson with a very handsome young man. He was blond, blue eyes and had a swimmers body so naturally he had the butt to go with it. She introduced him to us and we both shook hands with him welcoming him to The School of Falconry. "Brian Mrs. Wilson tells me you are interested in learning falconry and having your own bird."

"Oh yes. I was thrilled when she mentioned it to me. I am so tired of being bounced from house to house it will be great to have a place I can stay."

"Well as long as you aren't a discipline problem, which I hear you are not, you can stay as long as 18."

"That sounds too good to be true."

"Well Brian why don't you take your little bag and go and get in the van we are going clothes shopping."

He picked up his bag and went to the van while I thanked Mrs. Wilson for calling me. She said, "I should be thanking you Danny. You are doing so much to help out so many boys."

"Well thank you a lot Mrs. Wilson. We will be on our way. I know you have plenty of other things to do."

"Yes Danny I have a full day ahead of me and you picking up Brian helped out a lot. Bye now."

We went to the van and Kyle again rode shotgun. He suggested Sears so that is where we headed. When we got inside I told the boys to take the list I had made many copies of before and fill it. Take a cart you will need it. When you get everything on your list come to this check out and we will pay your way out of here. "You other boys go with them and show them the way."

With that Kyle and I sat down on a bench and noticed a coffee machine. So I got two cups of coffee knowing how he liked his, and we sat there drinking it and talking.

"Kyle I want to give you a promotion. Instead of just being a cook now that I know you and how well you handle the boys and like boys, I want you to become my assistant administrator. I am going to need help as we get more and more boys I can see that now. I will raise your pay accordingly and it will almost double. How does that sound to you?"

"Oh Danny you sure know how to make a guy feel worthwhile. I am very pleased and of course accept your position offered."

"Good we can go over the details later. I want you to continue cooking meals as you are so good at that but the rest of the time you will work with me in administration."

"Sounds to good to be true. But I'm all for it."

We had been talking long enough that one boy was back and checking out. I told the clerk to save the slip and I would pay for all three boys at once. She agreed.

Soon we had checked out and were heading home. I looked on poles out of habit and pointed out sparrow hawks to the boys as we passed. I mentioned that one of them could be there's if they got with their studying. The boys explained to Brian what I was talking about. Soon we were home and Kyle went to fix lunch. I told him to plan on just putting the makings out for sandwiches and the boys could make their own to their liking. He liked that idea a lot.

After the boys finished eating I had each of them go to put away their clothes in their room and took Brian with me to show him his room and his mew. He was thrilled. I explained the computer and no child block and he didn't even know what I meant.

"Well Brian there are many adult sites on line like over a million of them that deal in sexual material and you can get to any of it you want. Each person has their own desires as to what to look at and so you can choose what you like. No better way to learn the sexual ways of the world than by pictures. Of course I want you to keep this to yourself and not tell anyone."

"Oh I wouldn't tell anyone anything sexual anyway. I don't really have much computer experience can you show me how to turn it on."

"Sure Brian sit in the chair by the computer. Now push this button. The computer came on to the home page. I showed him where the search area was and told him to enter sparrow hawk and push go."

When he did so many sites came up he was amazed. I said now this is your mouse. It has a left button and a right button on it. Using the left button click right on the title of one of the sites. When he did it came on with colored pictures of both male and female sparrow hawks and a full long page all about them and where they can be found etc. He was amazed. I told him to push the x in the upper right corner and it went back to home page. I said now put in teen age sex pictures free. He put it in and pushed go and was flooded with sights of course just their titles and a little about each. I said, "Now click on your left mouse button on any one of them. He picked a boys sight. So he was immediately looking at a gallery of thumb nail pictures of boys 18 and over doing all kinds of different sex acts.

"Gosh some of them are sucking the others dicks. Some of them are corn holing each other. Do guys really do these things?"

I noticed Brian now had a hard on sticking straight up in his very thin shorts. "Yes Brian some do. But of course some don't it is according to personal pleasure desires. Have you ever had anyone touch you sexually."

"One of the boys at one of the foster homes showed me his and I showed him mine. Then we squeezed each others it felt so good. But then the mom came and we had to quit."

"I see you are very hard right now and so am I just looking at these pictures. Do you mind if I squeeze it like he did."

"No I would like that."

"Come over here on your bed. I closed both doors and explained the close door rule to him."

"Man that is a great rule Danny."

I reached over and squeezed his dick several times and he lay back and closed his eyes and just moaned. "Do you mind if I pull them down so I can squeeze on the skin."

I didn't have to he lifted up and took them down and off. He was even more beautiful than I had imagined. I started rubbing on his thighs and found the softest skin I think I ever touched. I came up and rubbed his balls and he moaned again. Then I wet my finger real good and told him to lift his knees and spread his legs. When he did I went up in him all the way to his amazingly soft colon. It was so hot and wet I almost came right there. He moaned real loud when I did this. "Does that feel good Brian."

"Oh better than anything I have ever felt. I went down on his dick and started giving him really good head. His dick got so hard I couldn't believe it. He was really moaning now.

"Oh that feels better than anything I have ever felt Danny."

I continued for another 10 minutes and then did a prostate attack. On the second hit on his prostate he let go and filled my mouth with the sweetest tasting cum I think I ever tasted. "That must have felt pretty good huh?"

"Oh words aren't made to explain it Danny. What did you do up in my butt that made my whole body jump?"

"Well I rubbed on your prostate and that is what makes the fluid that you leak and also the fluid that carries the sperm from your balls out your dick."

"Oh I didn't know that. Danny could I do some to you now?"

"If you want to. No one ever does anything with anyone here that they don't want done. That is one of the rules. But If you want to then I want it so go ahead." I lifted up and slid my pants off and then took off my shirt. I was nude to his eyes and boy did they get big.

He pushed around the precum on my dick head and sent me straight up. Then he licked the end and tasted it. "Hmm a little salty but sweet too. I like it." Then he went down and took it in his mouth about three inches down and started bobbing on it. I saw him wet his finger and knew what was coming. He plunged his middle finger which was long all the way up almost into my colon. Then he started finger fucking me as he sucked away. He kept getting deeper and deeper on my dick until he gagged. He tried again and again and finally got past the gag point and deep throated me. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Here this Adonis was doing me and doing me right because he copied what I had done to him. The he found my prostate and rubbed it a few times and I said "I'm going to cum Brian."

He didn't let up but kept right on sucking and probing with his finger. I came and came and came. I must have let out 8 or 9 ropes. I don't know when I had been so turned on. I rubbed his back and it was like rubbing a babies butt. I pulled him up and stuck my tongue in his mouth which started a tongue sucking contest that turned into a French Kiss. This boy was good. Very good. When we finally broke I told him what a good job he had done and he wanted to know if we could do it again. I told him all he had to do was ask me in private during the daytime and I would try and stop and see him when he went to bed. He was really happy with that and we hugged like I'm sure he had never been hugged before. I got up and got dressed and showed him his hawk book to study so I left him with the book and went back to the living room.

When I got to the living room Kyle was watching TV. "Kyle would you mind coming into the office so we can discuss your new job?"

He followed me into the office and I told him to have a seat. "Kyle I notice that you like being around the boys as much as I do. Do you get sexual feelings around them like I do?"

"Well I wouldn't admit it except you just did. Yes, I get a lot of hard ons especially seeing them in the pool naked."

"Well you know their computers don't have adult block on them so they can reach sex sites and all know it. It gets them really horny and I have given several of them head because of their curiosity. Do you ever have feelings like you would like to touch them sexually too?"

"Yea, again since you admitted it first I sure do. I even think of taking a cherry or two."

"Well so far only Peter has given up his cherry to me, but I am sure it will get where they all do. I go slow with them and tell them that they shouldn't do anything they don't want to do. That sex is a two way street and no force should ever be applied."

"Yea I feel the same way Danny I am very gentle with anyone sexually."

"Well now we come to the reason I am bringing all this up. Soon we are going to have so many boys and I have told them all anytime they feel sexual to tell me during the day and I will stop by at their bedtime. Well obviously I can only stop at one or two at the most so if I get more than one I will suggest you come by at bedtime. Would that be OK with you?"

"Gosh yes, I would love that."

We had been looking in each others eyes the whole time and I was getting hard. I didn't know how long I could keep with the employee no sex rule. He was really turning me on and I was falling for him. When we got up I said, "Kyle I don't know how you feel but I get strong sexual urges when we make eye contact. I have a rule about sex with employees at least me starting it. But, if you ever start something I am sure I can't turn it down. I really have grown attached to you."

"Gosh, I feel the same way." With that he walked up to me and kissed me on the lips. Well that turned me on so much I started French Kissing him and when we broke he said, "DO we have time to go see my bedroom Danny?"

"Sure lead the way Kyle."

We went into his room and sat on the bed. I could see that he was as hard as I was and so I reached over and gave him a squeeze. He returned the act on me. It wasn't long before we were in a hug that lasted and lasted. Of course the French Kissing started during the hug and we lay back on his bed. I took off his shirt and saw the most beautiful natural muscle body I really fell for him. He took off my shirt too and we hugged some more. Then I reached down and undid his belt and pants and he took them off. Then he took my belt loose and I took mine off too. I noticed our dicks were like brothers, both 6 inches and both had foreskins which I loved. I went down on him and started using my tongue around the under side of his foreskin and soon we were in a 69 and he was doing me likewise driving me crazy. Danny wet his finger as his favorite thing was feeling the condition of the rectum and colon and finger fucking. So he sank his wet middle finger all the way up in Kyle's ass getting a deep moan as he did. Kyle just kept on sucking. Before long Danny was finger fucking him with two fingers. Boy did he enjoy this. Then he felt a wet finger go up his own ass. He went right into the colon. Danny took a deep breath and moaned a little but kept on sucking and finger fucking. After a while Danny added a third finger he wanted this guys ass. Now he felt two fingers up in him going like mad. Kyle was twisting and turning so Danny started doing the same. Soon Kyle had the third finger up his ass and took a double breath. It hurt a little at first but now it just felt good as Kyle was doing it.

"Kyle why don't you fuck me?"

"Really! I have been thinking about how good that would be. Do you have any lube."

Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out his tube of KY and handed it to him. Then Danny rolled over on his back and raised his ass. Boy was he ready for this as he knew this would be an invitation to go up in Kyle's magnificent ass.

"OK Danny you know the story 5 deep breaths, and then push out."


Kyle didn't linger he was all the way into Danny's colon before he quit pushing to take a breath. "Hows that man."

"Oh Kyle it is so good because it is you. I have wanted this since I first met you."

Kyle started in short stroking him and after a few minutes was going full long strokes. "Kyle stay away from my prostate as I don't want to cum if you will let me fuck you."

"Will I, Will I ever. I have been wanting that since I met you."

Kyle pounded away and got faster and faster until he finally, after 15 minutes or so let loose with at least 8 ropes clear up in Danny as far as he could reach. "Oh that was wonderful Danny. God I'm falling in love with you."

"I have been feeling love for you since we first made eye contact Kyle. OK now it is my turn."

After they both caught their breath Danny asked Kyle to lay on his back and put his feet on his shoulders. "OK now you know the routine."

Kyle took 5 deep breaths and was a little scared because he was a virgin. But he pushed out. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and immediately had Danny clear up in him. It hurt like hell at first and brought tears to his eyes. Man was that thing up inside of him. Danny started short stroking and the pain was going away. Soon the pain turned to pleasure and he said, "OK Danny let's see what your made of. Fuck me."

Danny turned on like a steam locomotive and boy did he fuck Kyle. He was dripping with sweat after about 15 minutes and started hitting on Kyle's prostate to see if he could get him to cum again. He hit it about 5 time and Kyle yelled out. "Oh shit I'm going to cum again... ahhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhh...Ooooooooooo...OH God.....uhhhhhhhhh...."

Of course when he let loose so did Danny. The tightness of a virgin ass combined with the surges from his spasms caused Danny to cum harder than he could remember. It is funny how much better it feels when it is someone you care for.

They both lay there and caught their breath. Then Danny said, "I think we better get back where the boys can find us if need be." So he started getting dressed and so did Kyle. When they were dressed they went into the living room and it was empty. Danny wondered so he went to each bedroom and found they were all studying so they could take their test. Lloyd said he thought he was ready so Danny took him to the office and handed him a 50 question multiple choice test. When he finished he brought it out to Danny in the living room. Danny corrected it using a key he had put in his pocket and he got 100%. Rather than saying anything he got up and gave Lloyd the longest hug. You aced it dude. Congratulations.

"Wow! I got all of them right. When can we get my hawk. Well let's see Why don't you put a mouse in the trap and we will go now. Lloyd didn't hesitate he even handled the mouse with his bare hands and brought the trap to Danny trying not to get caught up in one of the lasso's. Danny thought he would tell the other boys he was leaving and that Kyle was in charge.

(to be continued)

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