"Just a minute." It was Brian. "Hey Danny before you go could I take the test. I have finished the book and think I can pass it and get a hawk too.

Danny didn't have the heart to tell him no they were leaving so he went into the office and called Brian in and gave him the test. Brian was so happy he was all smiles. And what a good looking smile this boy Adonis had. Danny went back to the living room and asked Lloyd how long it took him to take the test.

"Only about 15 or 20 minutes Danny."

Danny said, "We will still have plenty of time to go as it is only 3:30 and it doesn't get dark until 9."

So they sat and watched cartoons for a while and in about 10 minutes Brian brought out the test and handed it to Danny.

"Are you sure you thought through each question. It didn't take you very long."

"I'm good at school work and take multiple choice test really fast."

Danny checked it and he had gotten every single question right. So he stood up and gave Brian the biggest hug just as he had Lloyd. Congratulations Brian you get to go and get a hawk with us. Throw in another burlap sack from the garage and we will get going.

When they got in the van Lloyd rode shotgun and would throw the trap when the time was right. Brian said, "After reading some more on the Internet I want a female. They are stronger and better hunters. I don't care if they are all one color I want a hunter."

"OK Brian a female it will be." We drove out the same old rode and had only gone half a mile when we saw a male hovering but he was too far away to throw the trap for. The next one they saw was a female on a fence post. "OK Lloyd get ready. Remember I can't stop just toss it gently to the side of the rode and we will keep rolling. Right in front of the hawk Lloyd threw the trap and Danny kept rolling. Danny looked in the rear view mirror and she was on the trap and caught already so he turned the van around and went back to untangle her. He pulled up right by the trap and let Brian loosen the nooses while he held her with the gauntlet around the wings. Her mouth was buried in the leather gauntlet. Boy could she bite. She was much stronger than the male had been. After Brian got her loose Danny told him to hold open the burlap sack and he tossed her into it and closed the sack around her. She was flapping for a minute and then the darkness calmed her and she quit.

They fixed the lasso loops that had been messed up by the fall, and the bird, where they were all standing up straight again and ready for Lloyd's bird. They drove on down the road another half mile and saw a male on a telephone pole. He was on the correct side of the road which helped. As they rolled slowly by him Lloyd threw the trap. It wasn't 10 seconds that Lloyd yelled, "We got him. He is in on the trap."

Danny turned the van around and headed for the trap. This time Lloyd untangled the bird from two lasso's and Danny tossed him in the other gunny sack. Then after a successful hunt they headed home. Boy talk about two excited boys.

NOTE: This may sound a little far fetched but I have personally caught several sparrow hawks and never missed one hawk that the trap was thrown for. And just that fast it is not exaggerating.

When we got home we had only been gone less than 45 minutes and mission was accomplished. Kyle was surprised by how fast it went. I got two pre-made jess's that I had made and worked the birds legs out of the sack holding onto the wings through the sack and put on the jess's. The jess's were already equipped with snaps so we took Brian's hawk to his mew and snapped the snap onto the ring on the perch. Of course she abated and being so active she abated several times before giving up. Brian was bursting with pride. He already loved his bird. He said, "I'm gonna name her Astro."

"That is a fine name Brian. Now you have to watch her for a couple hours until your sure she won't abate and hang herself. Here is a gauntlet to wear in case she does. Never handle her without the gauntlet as believe me she can bite. Remember a falcon fights with its mouth while a hawk, like a red tail, fights with their talons. Sparrow hawk are true falcons from their long wings. And their dive in a stoop."

Next we put the jess on Lloyd's bird and took it by the wings and to his mew. He clipped the jess to the perch and I let go. Of course the sparrow hawk abated twice before settling down realizing he wasn't going anywhere. I told Lloyd to watch him for at least two hours for the same reason. If he abated I gave him a gauntlet to get him by the wings and right him.

Roger thanked me and as I started to leave he told me he decided to name him BLASTER. I thought this was as good a name as any and told him he had picked a good name. He was so happy. I said I will see you at dinner and also at bedtime.

"Oh Good."

I went to check on Lloyd and he said his bird hadn't abated. He was reading a comic book to pass time. Oh Danny I named him VERTIGO. I told him that was a good name. He said, "Thanks and do you think you could stop in and see me at bedtime?"

"Lloyd I am busy tonight but how would you like a visit from Kyle. He would love to show you things."

"Wow! He is so cute, sure. Who could turn that down."

"I'll tell him to stop in then."

I went back too the living room and it was empty. Kyle was cooking dinner so I went to the kitchen. "Kyle, I was just in Lloyd's room checking on how he was doing. He wanted me to stop at bedtime. But Brian already ask me. Would you mind stopping in on him."

"Gosh no. I would love that."

"Well all he did with me so far is we gave each other head. You might try breaking him in with the three fingers and see how close to that cherry you can get. But remember no force."

"Oh I would never force anything on a boy you know that."

"Just saying it as a reminder. We don't want any trouble from the police or the parents. Try and get him to keep anything you do a secret forever from anyone before you start is best."

"Yea I see your point."

The phone rang so Danny went to answer it. "Rockwell School of Falconry how may I help you?"

"Hello I am calling from Philadelphia, PA. I read an add that you take boys for falconry training Mr. Rockwell."

"Yes and let's get a little less formal I am know by everyone as Danny. We take boys from 10 to 18 and teach them all about the birds, We use sparrow hawks, and then teach them how to train them as hunters. Do you have a boy that is interested?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do. By the way I am commander Jackson. I have a 10 year old and he dreams of falcons. He read a book on them and now that is all he talks about. How long can you keep a boy?"

"Well they are welcome to stay until they are 18 but need to stay at least 6 months to really get involved in hunting with a falcon."

"That is just what I am looking for. I am the Captain of a submarine and am gone 90% of the time. I need a place where Kevin can be happy. He isn't happy being with a nanny all the time. How soon could you accept him?"

"Well how about yesterday. We have openings."

"Oh that is even better. Can I send him on an airplane the day after tomorrow. I have to go back to sea and I want to see him off myself."

"Sure that will be fine. It is $750 a month paid in advance so just give him a check. Let's see that will be Friday. Call and let me know what time to pick him up and tell him to look for a 25 year old man holding a sign Rockwell School of Falconry."

"That is fine. I will send the check with him and I can't tell you how happy this makes me Danny."

"Well Commander it will be fine having him I'm sure. You can always visit him in Idaho Falls or send for him for a visit anytime."

"Oh that is great Danny just what I am looking for. I will call you back with flight information as soon as I know it."

"Fine Commander I will be awaiting your call."

I went back into the living room and told Kyle we had a 10 year old named Kevin coming the day after tomorrow. He was pleased as we didn't have anyone that young and he thought he would be fun to have around.

I announced at dinner that we wouldn't try and feed the three new hawks until tomorrow. They need to be hungry and probably have eaten some today. They agreed. "Also, I want you to check the mouse traps twice a day in the barn because we would need all the mice we could get. And if they saw a pregnant mouse in the tank take her and put her in one of the empty tanks with a bunch of Kleenex so she could build a nest. I wii yhrow in the male. Mice are full grown in a short time and we will have more that way." So right after dinner the boys all went to check the traps and when they re-set them they put on more peanut butter on the triggers.

I told them that was great. Then I told them there were some more cans and traps in the garage if they wanted to make another 5 or so traps. This would also increase our supply. Peter and Roger left the table to go work on more traps. I went by all the mews and checked that the hawks hadn't abated. None of them had. They had settled down to their new way of life fine.

Later in the evening after watching a movie it was time for the boys to turn in so they headed for their rooms.

I told Kyle I was going to go and visit Brian and he said he would go and see Lloyd at the same time. So we headed for the rooms. Both of us knocked and waited for an answer and Brian was all smiles and let me in. I said, "I guess you wanted me to stop in to show you more sex things?"

"Yea Danny would you."

"Sure thing first let's get nude." Danny took off his clothes and put them on the chair. Brian took his off and Danny looked at that beautiful blond boy with the bluest eyes and drooled.

"Turn over on your stomach and spread your legs Brian." When he did Danny spread his ass and just looked. What a perfect ass hole. No hair and pink like a bunny's nose. Danny couldn't resist it so he reached down and licked his perineum and worked his way to his ass hole not attempting to go in yet.

"Oh I have never felt anything so good Danny."

Danny licked his ass hole for a few minutes listening to the pleasure sounds and then told him to push out. When he pushed Danny folded his tongue and went in a little. He was tight but he got a little way up in him. He tasted like a piece of heaven. Danny kept telling him to push and every time he did Danny got further in.

"Oh I love that Danny it feels so good. I'll push out harder."

When he did Danny slid in a little further. Danny stuck in a finger and pushed it in a ways. Then tried the tongue thing again and got further this time. The pleasure moans were getting louder. But his tongue had had it so he took out the KY tube and lubricated his fingers. He pushed the middle finger all the way into the colon and then some. He so loved the heat, the tightness, the wetness he just wanted to stay there in this Adonis all night. "Does that hurt Brian?"

"No I like things up my butt. I have been looking at pictures on the computer of guys actually putting their things in each other."

"Well you have to be readied to do that Brian or it would hurt a lot."

"How do you ready someone?"

"Well you use one finger like I am doing. Then you use two fingers for a while until the guy is used to it. Then you put three fingers in and wait until it no longer hurts but starts feeling good. Then I lubricate my dick until it is real slippery and then you are ready."

"Put in two fingers Danny and let me feel it."

Danny put two fingers slowly up into the colon and started finger fucking him. He waited for a few minutes before asking, "Is that hurting now?"

"No just at first it feels cool now. Try three fingers."

Danny had never had it so easy with a guy so willing. So he slipped three fingers in real slow until he was all the way in. He held still for a minute so Brian could get used to it and then started finger fucking him. The moans were not pain moans this kid was taking it. After about 5 minutes Danny said, "How we doing dude?"

"Fine now but it hurt at first. It feels really good and full now. Is it time to try your dick now?"

"If that is really what you want."

"I do Danny real bad. I want to feel you inside me."

Danny lubed up really good and then told Brian to take ten deep breaths and push out like he had to take a giant shit. He counted the breaths but when he reached ten there was no doubt when the uHHHHHHHHH started. So he pushed his dick all the way home so as not to prolong it. He just stayed there a while. "Now Brian tell me when to start moving by shaking your head yes."

After a minute or so Brian shook his head yes. So Danny started short stroking him gently. He gradually sped up. His butt was so tight it almost hurt Danny's dick. It was also really hot and soft. "How ya doing Brian?"

"It's just starting to feel real good Danny go ahead and fuck me."

Danny slowly sped up until he was going really fast. He did this for about 15 minutes and was dripping sweat all over Brian's wet back. Then he thought for Brian's sake he better end it. He didn't want him to be too sore. So he started in hitting the prostate on every plunge and after about 5 plunges Brian said, "Oh...Danny...I'm cumming... uhh hhhhh....ahhhhhhhhh....Oooooooooo...Ohhhhhhhhhhh...Danny...ahhhhh."

This tight ass squeezing Danny set him off on the first spasm. He came and came and came. He shot at least 8 times but lost count in the sheer bliss of the moment. Oh this kid was a good fuck. He finally laid down on Brian's back and hugged him hard. He was so smooth just like laying on silk. Then Danny rolled to the side so they could catch their breath and his dick slid out too. They lay their like that with Danny's arm over Brian still slightly hugging and finally caught their breath. Danny turned Brian's face toward his and said stick out your tongue. When he did Danny was on it like a frog catching a fly. He sucked his tongue until Brian caught on and started sucking his. They went into a 5 minute French kiss and when they broke. Brian said, "Can we do that every night Danny."

"Well I would love to say yes but I have other responsibilities. Maybe once or twice a week. Just ask me and I'll let you know if I can OK?"

"Sure Danny my butt hole is real sore anyway. I better let it rest a few days."

"Yes that is a good idea Brian. Now I am going to say good night and I am so glad you came to the school."

"Oh I am too. I can't think of anywhere I would rather be."


Meanwhile Kyle went into Lloyd's room and sat on the bed with him. "What would you like to do Lloyd any preference?"

"No just show me things. Danny and I sucked each other off and that is about all."

"Well why don't I show you how to three finger someone one finger at a time. He shoved his middle lubed finger all the way into Lloyd's hot tunnel. "How does that feel Lloyd."

"Really weird but good too."

Lloyd started finger fucking him and hit on his prostate a couple of times. His whole body flinched when he did.

"Wow! What did you hit to make me go ape like that?"

"I hit your prostate gland Lloyd. Now I am going in with two fingers." So Kyle put two fingers to the hilt. He finger fucked him for a while listening to him moan and groan. When he heard the sounds turn to pleasure moans he put in the third finger.

"Oh I can sure feel that Kyle."

"Yes but it will get better just like two fingers did." Lloyd kept going until once again pleasure sounds were coming out. "You know Lloyd this is what you do if you are going to put your dick up someones ass. Then it doesn't hurt much."

"Really I saw that on the computer but thought only models did that."

"No lots of teen agers do that to each other."

"Do you think you could maybe do that to me?"

"If you want me to."

"I want."

Kyle was really getting excited now. His first cherry. So he lubricated his dick really well. "Now take 5 deep breaths and push out like you were passing a giant turd Lloyd." He counted the breaths and there was no doubt when he started pushing out hard with the sound he was making and his ass hole pooching out. So he stuck his dick in him about half way and stopped. He just stayed there for a few minutes and then pushed it all the way in. "How are you doing Lloyd?"

"It brought tears to my eyes at first and I just held my breath for a minute and then it let up. It feels OK now though."

Lloyd thought he was in heaven. He had never felt a virgin ass before and it was so hot and tight he couldn't believe it. So he started in and really gave him the works. But Kyle being new at this and so turned on only lasted about 8 or 10 minutes and then let fly with about 7 or 8 ropes all the way up in his colon. Kyle didn't remember anything feeling so good. He finally lay on Lloyd's back and loved the smooth feeling of it. After 4 or 5 minutes he had caught his breath and said, "OK now Lloyd it is your turn."

"Really you want me to do you too."

"Yes do the finger thing first and then fuck away."

Lloyd was so happy and excited he lubed his fingers and put his middle finger, which was long, all the way into Kyles colon. Kyle sure felt it. He wasn't very experienced at this fucking thing either. Then came the two fingers and then three and the next thing Kyle knew he had a flying teen ager fucking him royal. It hurt at first but now it was really feeling good. "Keep it up boy go faster if you can."

Lloyd turned into a virtual machine and turned into a blur. He had never dreamed of such fun. God this felt good to him his first fuck. He kept this up for about 15 minutes and then accidentally hit a few times on Kyles prostate setting Kyle off again. The spasms set Lloyd off and he came and came and came. He didn't thing he had ever cum so much. God what a feeling. And boy how he liked Kyle. After they caught their breath Kyle went into a French Kiss with Lloyd. They kept at it both enjoying it like it was their first and it was Lloyd's first. After about 10 minutes they broke and Kyle said, "You are one good kisser Lloyd."

"So are you Kyle. I never enjoyed an evening like this. I never even knew sex could be this much fun."

"Well I better get dressed and get out and see Danny before he turns in. He might have some things to tell me about tomorrow. And Lloyd I don't know when I enjoyed an evening like this either."

After finishing dressing Kyle left Lloyd in dreamland and went looking for Danny."

He found him in the living room looking quite exhausted just like he felt. He sat down beside him and they both smiled at each other. "You fucked him didn't you Kyle?"

"Yea and he fucked me too. It was great. I got my first cherry."

"Well so did I Kyle, so did I. I think it time to turn in don't you. I don't have any more sex left."

"Yea me neither. Good night Danny."

(To be continued)

Please keep those cities coming you are getting me excited."

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