In the morning I had coffee with Kyle. When I walked into the kitchen we hugged and ended up in a short French Kiss. I know I was falling in love with this 21 year old Adonis. He was so cute and good looking I almost got hard kissing him. We sat down and talked while we drank our coffee. "Well that was some night last night for you Kyle."

"Yea it is really something getting your first cherry and then having him fuck you too."

"Well I got a cherry but it was far from my first. Incidentally, when the boys get up I want them to go down and check the traps in the old barn. We are going to need a lot of mice with all the hawks we are getting now. And there are going to be more. Ten in all when we are full."

"Yea and we have that 10 year old coming tomorrow Danny."

"I know. But you know I will be glad when we fill up then we will know what we have and not what to expect." Just then the phone rang.

"Rockwell School of Falconry how may I help you."

"Good morning Danny this is Captain Murry. We picked up a boy last night and put him in a cell for the night by himself. He has been in here for stealing food 3 times now. The boy is not bad just hungry. When I asked him if he was interested in falcons. He beamed and said yes. Do you have room for another now?"

"Well Captain we were just talking about the fact that we will be glad to get filled up so we know who we have and not have to worry about who we might get. How old is this boy?"

"He is 11 and will soon be 12. I think his DOB is this month. Let me look. Yes he turns 12 on the 26th. His name is Frankie and other than being a filthy boy right now he has no clothes to speak of just what he is wearing."

"Well clothing isn't a requirement Captain. I will see that he is fully clothed probably tomorrow. I have another boy arriving in the morning probably and if he needs anything I can kill two birds with one stone."

"Well Children's Services doesn't even want him over there as he smells. So she said if you took him she would do the necessary paper work without even needing to see him. She mentioned she certainly didn't have to do a home check with your nice place."

"Well to avoid him having to be put in the back of a police car and feeling like a criminal arriving why don't I come in a get him this morning. I am sure he doesn't want to spend any more time in your cell than is necessary."

"That will be fine then. I will see you when you get here. Good Bye now."

Danny hung up the phone and told Kyle the story. He asked Kyle to watch the place and send the boys to the traps when they finished breakfast if he wasn't back yet. He was OK with this it made him feel important. I finished my cup of coffee and took off for Idaho Falls Police Station.

When I got there I walked in a Captain Murry was behind the desk. "Well it didn't take you long to get here. Let me go get him and bring him out for you. And like I told you he really looks like a street boy dirt and all."

"That's OK, I think I can handle it."

He went back and I heard the sound of a cell door being opened and then slammed. I never could understand why they had to do everything as loudly as they could in a jail. When he walked in all I could see was filthy clothes with a face looking out of them. He looked to be a normal height and had brown hair and brown eyes. His eyes got me they were the kind that look right though a person. His face was cute through all the dirt. But I would be able to tell better after a shower. I said, "Hello Frankie my name is Danny. I am the administrator of the School of Falconry. I hear you have an interest in learning about falcons?"

"Yes, I alway liked watching them. I spent a lot of time sleeping out in the country and saw a lot of them."

"How long have you been on the streets Frankie?"

"About 5 months I think. Time goes by so fast when all you think about is where you are going to get a meal and where you are going to sleep."

"Yes I'll bet it would. Well now you have a place to eat and sleep until you are 18 as long as you don't become a discipline problem."

"Naw I don't give anyone any trouble. I have had plenty coming my way."

"Well Captain I will take him to the School now if you are through with him."

"He is all yours Danny and good luck Frankie."

"Thank you Captain."

I loaded him in the van and immediately turned on the air to spread the smell around. He did stink alright. "Frankie when is the last time you had a bath or shower?"

"Five months ago except when I could stand the cold water in the creek."

I thought to myself no wonder he smells. "Well it won't be long now Frankie and we will get you cleaned up."

"That will be great. I have learned not to smell myself but I know other people can."

I pulled up in front of the school and took him directly to the room he would be in. I didn't want the other boys to see him like this. He was flushed a little so I felt of his forehead. I didn't want any flu or anything going around the school. Frankie I am going to take your temperature. I got the rectal thermometer from my room and returned. "Now Frankie this is a thermometer like they use in hospitals it is called a rectal thermometer so I will have to have you lay on your bed and pull down your pants to your knees."

"Oh that's OK I have been strip searched so many times it doesn't even bother me."

I wanted to feel the juice in his colon to see if there was any so I lubed my middle finger and started in him. I got about 2 inches in and was met with packed feces. "Frankie when is the last time you had a bowel movement?"

"I think 4 days ago. There is no where to go in town and that is where I have been staying so I learn to hold it. It makes me feel bad but who really cares."

"Well I do for one. That is probably why you are running a temperature. Pull up your pants and follow me. I took him to my room where I had a hook in the ceiling over the bed and told him to take all of his clothes off. As they would get wet. I am going to give you an enema. Have you ever had one before?"

"No what is an enema?"

"Well I fill your rectum and colon with warm water and then after 5 minutes, if you can hold it that long, you shit it out in the toilet. I have to do it two times one with soap and one is a rinse."

"Oh does it hurt?"

"Well as packed as you are I will have to go slow as it will cramp you once in a while. But it doesn't hurt bad."

I filled a three quart bag and hooked it on a hook. I knew he may only be able to take two quarts but I would give him all he could take. I lubricated the long nozzle and pushed it into him. He let out a sigh. Then I started the flow slowly to get the soapy water passed all the obstacles. "How does that feel Frankie?"

"Oh it hurts a little but only once in a while. Probably when it hits a turd."

"Well I am going slow so as not to make to much pain." I watched the bag and it was down to about the two quart level expecting him to complain that he was full but he didn't. So I was going to be able to really clean him out the more he took. Finally he took the whole bag. I couldn't believe it. "Now Frankie I want you to get up and sit on the toilet. Hold the water in for 5 minutes if you can."

He sat on the toilet for about 2 minutes and told me he had to go he felt like he was going to explode. So I told him to go ahead. Boy when he started the water gushed out of him. Turds, it sounded like huge ones were splashing the water along with the gusher of water. While he was going I filled the bag with clear warm water and hung it to be ready. I knew he wouldn't really want to do it again but he would have to take the rinse or be really sore. Finally he said he was through. The bathroom really smelled. He wiped himself and got up. I looked at the water and it was full of shit. He really hadn't gone for 4 days. "OK now Frankie back on the bed for the rinse."

"Do I have to rinse?"

"Yes other wise you would be really sore for the next day or so. We have to get that soap out of your system."

He layed down obediently and I pushed the nozzle clear in. I opened the clip full bore this time as he shouldn't cramp. I watched as his stomach expanded and darn if he didn't take the whole three quarts again. I told him to just go to the toilet and let it go. He didn't have to try and wait. When he hit the toilet water started gushing like a roar. It only took a couple minutes for him to completely empty himself. He wiped and got up. I looked and there were several logs in the rinse. He really needed an enema. "How do you feel now Frankie?"

"A little sore around my ass hole but I feel so much better with all that out of me."

"Well I will put some lubricant up in you now and that will sooth your butt. I also still want to take your temperature. Let's go back to your room just put on your underware. All the boys are gone down to the barn to check the traps we have set to live catch mice for the hawks."

"Wow! You have hawks here now."

"Yes Frankie three of them. Let's go to your room." I picked up his clothes and gave them to Kyle to put in the washer. Kyle looked at me as if to say you want me to touch those.

I had him take his underware off and lay nude on the bed. This was the first time I realized what a nice body he had. He was understandably thinner than he should be but still the makings of a good looking set of muscles were there. When he layed down I put a lot of KY on my finger and went all the way into the colon. Naturally now it was wet and hot. And his rectum was tight. It felt so good to me. "Does that hurt Frankie?"

"No it feels cool and good."

Hearing that I finger fucked him for a few minutes and I was getting hard. I took the thermometer and put it in to the hilt. And then I waited three minutes. When I took it out and read it it was 98.8 so he really wasn't sick. It was all that packed feces that made him feel so bad. "You temperature is almost normal Frankie so the next thing is head for the shower. Since I am going to wash you I hope you don't mind if I take off my clothes and get in with you."

"Oh no I would like that."

When I got nude I noticed his dick got rock hard when he looked at my crotch. That made mine get hard with him. "Don't worry about the Woody's it is normal for guys to get them when they are nude together.

"OK. Boy am I hard."

He had a foreskin and it was pulled back enough by the hard on to show his piss slit. I could see it was full of cheese. Very unpleasant for him. He must itch terrible down there. I shampooed his hair twice and got dirt both times. His hair turned from dark brown to light brown almost blondish. He probably had been a blond as a little boy. "Did you have blond hair when you were growing up?"

"Yea, it was almost white until I was 6 or so then it started getting darker."

I told him he had beautiful color hair now. That made him happy. He probably hadn't had a compliment on anything in a long long time. I washed on down his back and did his butt really good. I pushed my finger barely in as I didn't want soap in there again. But I wanted to make sure his ass hole was clean. Then i worked on his legs. His knees and feet took some real scrubbing. Then I went back up and when I reached his thighs I felt the softest skin. Just like a blond would have. I went up and washed his balls getting many moans from him. After all he would be 12 in a few days and might even be able to cum. "Frankie have you ever had an orgasm?"

"What's that?"

"Well that is when you rub your dick and some white stuff called sperm comes out."

"No I guess I never tried it."

"Well we will see if you can after the shower OK?"

"Sure if it feels good like when I rub around my dick."

"Yes even better than that." I started washing his penis and when I pulled back the head I had to wash all the smegma off. It left a really kinda red dick head. I washed it several times as it was so hard it made it easy. Then I finished off his stomach and worked on his elbows for a while. I finally got him clean. So I rinsed off all the soap both on him and me and we got out to dry. I dried him so I could dry him good. He liked the attention I could tell. "Now Frankie your clothes will be through soon but in the mean time just stay nude. Here lay down on your bed and let's see if you can orgasm. "Would you like to try?"

"Oh Yea."

So I used KY and started jacking him off After about 5 minutes he was huffing and puffing. I took my middle finger and went in and did a prostate attack. That did it...

"Oh I got to pee real bad.....ahhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh...God......what is happening to me....ahhhhhhh....ohhhhh....shit....."

He actually shot cum clear up to his belly button and then most of the rest came down is dick on my hand. I licked it all off and talk about sweet. No salt taste at all. I told him to stick out his tongue and when he did I sucked on it as I wanted him to taste his own cum. He caught on and sucked mine and it led into his first French Kiss. After a couple minutes we broke and I asked him if he liked what his cum tasted like.

"Oh it is so sweet I love it. I felt like I was turning inside out. That was the most awesome feeling I have ever felt. Especially when you put your finger up my butt and hit something that set me off."

"Yes Frankie that is your prostate gland." I went ahead with the full explanation. Then I went down and licked his stomach clean and took his dick in my mouth and sucked all I could out of him. I pulled back his foreskin and sucked the head of his dick to get the rest.

"Oh that felt so good Danny. Can we do this again sometime."

"Sure all you have to do is ask me sometime we are in private during the day, and I will stop in at bed time." I explained the knock rule to him and he really liked that. I am going to go and see if your clothes are ready. Don't worry no one will bother you without knocking and if they do you can put a towel around you if you want but all the boys are used to seeing each other in the nude in the swimming pool."

"Gosh you even have a pool too."

"Yes we will probably all go swimming sometime today."


"Peter how did the traps turn out?"

"They were all full Danny."

"Peter would you loan a new boy a set of clothes until I can get him into town? I really don't want him to have to put back on what he was wearing."

"Sure come on in my room and pick out what you want Danny."

Danny picked out a pair of blue shorts, underware, and a blue shirt to match. Then he got some white socks. He would have to wear his old shoes until I could get him to town. I thanked Peter and then headed for Frankie's room where I knocked. He came to the door nude. Certainly nothing basketful about this boy. "Here Frankie are some clothes Peter who is your age loaned you until I can get you to town probably tomorrow when I pick up a boy from back east at the airport."

"Gosh! They send boys from back east here?"

"Yes he will be the third I think."


"Get these clothes on and come to the kitchen and Kyle will fix you something to fill your empty stomach."

"Oh wonderful I haven't eaten since jail. They only gave us a small bowl of cereal for breakfast and I am starved."

"Well I will see you in the kitchen then."

I went to tell Kyle he had one hungry boy coming out in a minute. He said he would fix him right up. He scrambled three eggs, sausage, and several pieces of toast.

I went to the dryer and took out the clothes and took them to the garbage cans in the garage. He didn't have to see them again.

Frankie came in looking like a new boy. New clothes light brown hair, and the cutest face for an almost 12 year old you could ever ask for. "Frankie sit down at the table Kyle has made a special breakfast for you that should fill you up.

"Thank you Kyle I really appreciate it." And before he sat down he came and gave me the biggest hug I had in a long time. Of course I returned it just as hard.

"Welcome to the school of Falconry Frankie. We are pleased to have you. I hope you stay until your 18."

"Gosh, I've never felt so welcome or been treated this good in my whole life. Ever since my parents were killed in a car crash I have been basically on my own. I finished 2nd grade in a foster home but half way though the 3rd grade it got unbearable living there so I left and stayed hidden for the most part until now."

"Gosh that means we need to tutor you to where you can get to grade level for your age. I will hire a tutor today and set up a schedule for he or she to see you."

"Gee thanks. That is great."

"Frankie how are your reading skills 3rd grade level?"

"Well I have always had to read so I might be a little higher than that I don't know."

I went to his room and got the book on Falconry from his drawer. He didn't even know about it yet. I brought it to the table and asked him to read a couple paragraphs to me. He took the book and read almost every word but missed some key words. I told him I would introduce him to Brian and have Brian read it with him. I told him Brian was an A student and finished the book in one day.

"That would be great. Do I have to know the book to get a falcon?"

"Yes you have to pass a 50 question test first. But I will read the questions out loud for you and you just give me the answers. Just so you know the material."

"That's great too."

About then the boys were all back with a bag full of mice. They went to dump them in the fish tank. Then they came back in and wanted to know when they were going to feed their falcons.

I introduced them to Frankie and told them as soon as Frankie finished eating we would feed. I told the three that had birds to prepare the meal, meaning cut the mouse in three pieces. I didn't want to say it in front of Frankie while he was eating. So they took a knife and headed for the garage with pale looks on their faces.

By the time Frankie finished they were back each holding a paper sack with the mouse pieces in it. So I told everyone to go to Peter's mew and we would start there since his bird was started in training already. I got the fishing line with the clip on the end to act as a safety line. When Frankie and I got out there we took the line and attached it to Ready's jess. Now if he tried to get away he wouldn't get far.

"OK put him on the scale." I recorded the weight and he was an ounce lighter than yesterday. SO I told him he was sharp set.

"Now step back a foot farther than yesterday and blow your horn. Hold the mouse piece in your gauntlet where he can see it. OK blow your horn Peter." When he did Ready took right off and only had to flap once to reach his hand and get his reward. After he finished it I told him to put him back on the perch and go about three yards away and blow the horn. When he blew the horn Ready had to flap his wings twice to reach the gauntlet and claim his food.

Frankie said, "This is amazing Danny."

"Yes Frankie it won't be long before you will have a hawk and be training him."

"Now Peter go about 8 yards out and blow the horn." This time Ready would have to fly. When the horn blew Ready was airborne and flew to the gauntlet and ate the mouse piece. "That's great Peter now put him back on the perch and unhook the line holding onto the jess until you clip it to the perch."

"OK Brian let's feed ASTRO." So we went to Brian's mew and it was a different picture. Astro being female was half again larger and mostly tan. He knew what to do from watching Peter yesterday. So he took a piece of mouse in the gauntlet and blew his different sound. Then he tried to get Astro to eat it. Astro took it right away. She was hungry. So Brian backed up a step where she would have to jump to get the piece. He blew the horn and she cocked her head and jumped to the piece of mouse. I said, "Let's try something different to speed things up. Hook the fishing line to the jess." He did and I told him to go back 5 yards to make her fly. She can't get away with the safety line. So Brian backed way up. At least 5 yards or more. He sounded the horn and she took flight. She came right to the gauntlet and ate the mouse piece. Brian was so proud of her. He was all smiles.

"OK put her back on the perch. Tomorrow bring the scales and let's get her weight. She can't fly free until we know her sharp set weight."

"Now Lloyd you have been so patient, what you say we fly Vertigo."

This time we remembered the scales and got Vertigo's weight first. Then I gave him his horn which had a different sound from the others. He blew it and gave the piece to Vertigo. He was real hungry as he gobbled it down. I told Lloyd he was definitely sharp set to hook the safety line and go back about 2 yards and try it. He did and when he blew the horn Vertigo took to the air and went right to the mouse piece. Again he gobbled it down like he was starving.

"Since he is obviously very sharp set go back about 5 yards or more and try him." Lloyd got about 5 or 6 yards away and blew the horn. Vertigo was airborne and flew right to the mouse. He again gobbled it down.

"I think we can use this weight as sharp set for Vertigo we will see what he weighs tomorrow."

Lloyd re hooked him to the perch and we all went inside. I suggested we all go for a swim. There were no objections and so they were taking off their clothes on the way to the pool. Frankie couldn't believe it they were all getting nude on the way so he started taking off his shirt too. When they got to the pool they all put their clothes on separate chairs and Dove in. Frankie was right behind them with a giant hard on. He was about 5 1/2 inches hard. They all had a ball and so did I as I joined them. Kyle came out and joined in too. It ended up Kyle and I were grabbing each other under water and both of us got hard as a rock. After about a half hour I called everyone out so those that had to study could. I got hold of Brian and asked him if he would read the Falcon book to Frankie and he was glad to. So things were really working out for the boy who spent last night in jail.

Kyle and I went in and sat down on the couch holding hands after we sat down. I could feel electricity going though my hands touching him. I'm sure by his reaction he was having the same experience. "Kyle why don't you slip in my room tonight and sleep with me?"

"Oh man I would love that."

(to be continued)

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