It wasn't but a few minutes after I turned in than a light knock on my door came. I said, "Come in."

"I made it Danny I had to wait until Lloyd went to bed. Well come on in a join me. I am nude if that is how you sleep." Kyle stripped and got in bed with me. He as already hard as a rock. We started into a long French Kiss. When it ended I slipped down and sucked his tits one at a time. He moaned. Then I went on down an took his cock into my mouth. I deep throated him for a while but didn't want him to cum yet so I got the lube and had him roll over. What an ass. I put lube on three fingers and started the stretching procedure. When I got to three fingers I twisted and turned them really loosening him up. "DO you want me inside you Kyle.


I jacked off with the KY and put my dick to his beautiful hole. Then told him to take the 5 breaths etc. When he pushed out I was in and went in all the way to his colon. It was so tight and hot as he was a virgin last time. I started in slowly and then really got with it. I fucked him hard, listening to his moans, for about 20 minutes. Then He said, "Oh shit man...I'm cumming...ahhhhhh....Ohhhhhh...God....gee. ...that good.....ahhhhhhh."

This set me off on the first spasm and I was cumming right along with him. I shot about 8 or 9 ropes as deep as I could. And then collapsed on his back. We lay there for about 5 minutes catching our breath before either of us said anything.

"Oh Danny that was great. Man I never felt like this before with anyone. But I think I'm falling in love."

"I know I am you are spectacular. And such a nice guy beside being a magazine cover."

"Ha ha a magazine cover. You make too much of me."

"Not in my eyes I don't."

"Tell you what since I just came I don't have any stamina left can I do you when we wake up."

"Sure I was thinking the same thing. I am tired and need to get to sleep too. It has been quite a day what with Frankie and all."

They hugged after licking the cum off of Kyle and both fell asleep.

When they woke up in the morning it was early. So Kyle got his turn. He lubed Danny really well and finger fucked him for about 5 minutes. This made him so hard he was about to burst so he decided to lube his dick and go for it. OK, Danny 5 breaths etc...When Danny pushed out Kyle was in. It felt so hot, and tight to him he had to go slow to keep from cumming too soon. So he kept slow speed but got further and further up in him as he fucked. Then he started long fucking him and this brought on the speed. He had been at it 20 minutes or so and Danny was really moaning pleasure sounds, so he let go. As his first Rope of hot cum hit Danny's insides it set him off too. They both came together and Kyle hit him with 8 or 9 shots before he just stopped with his dick inside and hugged him. He didn't ever want to let go. Boy did he love this man. Then they French kissed about 5 minutes and both thought it would be a good time to have some coffee. Kyle got up and said, "I'll go and make some it for us. We have another big day ahead."

"OK I'll take my shower and get dressed and join you."

Kyle put on a bathrobe and went in to start the coffee. Then he went to his own room, showered, dressed, and went back to the kitchen where Danny was already drinking coffee.

"You know when we finish the coffee we better get the boys up and dressed. We have to check traps, feed the hawks, and make it to the airport by 10:30. And Kyle let's have a big birthday surprise party for Frankie. I'll let you plan it cake, balloons and all. His birthday is Monday the 26th. He will be 12."

"That sounds like a great idea how will we make it a surprise party. Oh I'll have him go with me to check traps or something and when we come back everyone can jump out and start yelling surprise. The boys can each be given 10 balloons to blow up an string together and keep them in their closet until I leave with him and then you can help them put up the strings of balloons and set up the cake on the table. While we are at the airport try and find a birthday paper table cloth in the gift shop."

"Sounds like a winner Danny. That boy has probably never had a big thing over him in his life."

"That is what I was thinking."

"I just got a better idea Danny. What if I get some birthday things for the party while you do the clothes shopping for Frankie and maybe Kevin?"

"Yea that ought to work better. We will have to take everyone as we can't leave without either you or I here."

"Yea I think they would all like to get out for a while anyway."

"Well we better start rounding them up. By the time they finish breakfast it will almost be time to leave for the airport. I'll go and start waking them if they aren't already up. Why don't you start breakfast."


Breakfast went fast. The boys were really hungry this morning. "How about we all go to the airport to pick up Kevin. He will be the youngest so far. And then we will take Frankie to get clothing and anything that Kevin might need in that line." said Danny.

Yeahs came from all over the room. "Let's see if everyone can be ready to get in the van in 20 minutes. The latest arrival estimate is 10:30 so we better get with it. So everyone be ready to leave by 9:30 OK?"

"Yea Danny." and they all went racing to their rooms to get ready.

At 9:30 Danny announced, "ALL ABOARD."

Everyone went out and climbed in. Of course it was understood now that Kyle was assistant administrator that he either drove or rode shotgun.

Danny got behind the wheel so that settled that. Kyle got in on the passengers side and the sliding door was shut with a bang. "Now check and be sure we have everyone, Kyle why don't you do a head count?"

"Yes Danny full load."

Danny started toward the airport. It took about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the airport as it was out of town a ways. When they pulled in to the parking lot Danny parked in one of the wider spots for vans. They all got out excited, as could be expected, and headed into the small airport. Danny bought them all a drink at the snack bar and they sat down and waited. Time goes so slow when you are waiting for an airliner. But they could see out the window the final approach and finally say a small dot on the horizon. It got bigger and bigger and sure enough it was an airliner. Seeing as how only one big plane comes in and goes out a day that was it. When the plane pulled up to park they had to wait again while they rolled a movable staircase to the door. The terminal was too small to have regular airport unloading shoots. First down the steps were the older people and people with canes. One wheel chair was pulled up to the stairs and a man got in it. Then everyone started debarking and they had children last so the stewardess could keep an eye on them. There were only two and one was a girl so it was obvious that the blond was Kevin. He came in looking for the sign School of Falconry and saw it right away. He walked over to Danny who was holding the sign and said, "Are you waiting for Kevin Jackson?"

"Yes we sure are. My name is Danny and I am the administrator of the facility. This is Kyle my assistant. And I will let the boys all introduce themselves when we get in the van. How many bags to you have with you?"

"Two one is bigger than the other one. Here they come on that cart."

Kevin showed Kyle which ones and Kyle grabbed them and carried them to the van. They put them in the back and Danny opened them to see the type of clothing the boy brought. Sure enough it was mostly dress up type clothes. "Kevin I am going to take you and another new boy to Sears and you can pick out some Idaho Falls type clothing to wear while you are here."

Kevin wasn't sure what he meant until he looked at how the other boys were dressed. Shorts for the most part and T shirts.

Danny drove directly to Sears and everyone got out. Danny gave each of the two boys a list of things they should pick out. Kevin only had black socks so he even had to get white socks and tennis shoes. Danny told them to take a cart and get the things and asked the other boys that had already been through this to help them. He told them to meet at that check stand as he pointed toward it.

Danny and Kyle got to talking about how cute Kevin was. Being ten a lot of boys are still at the cute stage. He had blond hair and blue eyes and was an average size for a ten year old boy, or at least they guessed he was. After they checked out and loaded the clothes in back Danny drove the boys to the barn to check the traps. The new boys went with them to get indoctrinated. They had some paper sacks stored in the barn along with more peanut butter if needed.

Danny and Kyle drove on home and went in and started having another cup of coffee. About half an hour later the boys all came in and said the traps were full. That meant 10 more mice. This made Danny happy as he thought he was going to have to start feeding 2 mice a feeding instead of just one depending on how much weight they had lost.

Well Kevin what did you think of the mouse traps?"

"Gosh they were neat. Who ever thought of making cans like that really was creative."

"Yes, Kyle I can't take credit for it as someone taught me. What you say we go and get your bags and I'll show you your new room. We also have to bring in your new clothes. Frankie you too. Frankie you already know where your room is so just go ahead and put things where you want them."

Danny went out with them and handed the sacks to Frankie that were marked his. Brian helped him carry a few. Then between Keven and Danny they were able to get his things in to his new room. Kevin was wide eyed it was way more than he expected. After putting all the clothes away Danny showed him his empty mew and his hawking book he had to learn in order to get a hawk. He was so excited when he saw the book. Then he spotted the computer. "Gosh is that thing on line?"

"Yes Kevin it is. And it doesn't have parent control on it either."

"Wow you mean I can get things that we get over at my friends house."

"Yes you can get anything that is on line." Danny was reluctant to tell him about the sex stuff as he was wondering how much a 10 year old knew or needed to know.

"Can I show you one of my favorite sites?" He went right to work and showed he sure knew how to operate a computer and brought up a teen site with boys and girls sucking and fucking.

"Oh you do know about those sites then?"

"Oh yea since I was 8. Look at this guy with some goop on his stomach. Why would anyone want to spit on themselves anyway?"

"Well Kevin that isn't spit it is cum or sperm."

"Yuk why would he want that on him?"

Boy I had to do some quick thinking. "Well Kevin when that stuff comes out of him it feels better than anything you have ever felt. That's why."

"How did he get it out of him?"

"Come over here on your bed, but first shut your doors." The shut door rule was explained. "Now if you aren't bashful take down your pants and I'll show you."

"I'm not bashful in front of you Danny. You are so nice." He pulled his pants and underware down to his ankles and sat on the bed. Danny took his hand and pushed him down on his back. Roll over on your stomach Kevin I want to make you get real hard. So Danny started in rubbing his ass hole with KY without pushing.

"Oh Gosh that feels so good. I am getting hard."

Then Danny went for the perineum and rubbed it along with the ass hole for about 5 minutes way more than necessary but from the sounds Kevin was making he didn't want to stop. Then he told Kevin to push out like he had to take a shit. When he did he pushed his now slick finger all the way into the colon and then some around the first curve even, since Kevin was so small. "How does that feel Kevin."

"At first it hurt but it feels wonderful now. Push harder."

Danny started finger fucking him and pushing harder each time up in the colon. This really had Kevin moaning and groaning. "OK now turn over on your back now. When he turned over His dick was straight up in the air. So Danny went down on him and started giving him head supreme. "Oh Danny that feels better than anything I have ever felt." Danny just kept going getting faster and faster. When he was really going fast he pushed his finger in to the prostate and started massaging it. That did it. Kevin started his first orgasm.

"Oh, Danny....I have to happening good....ahhhhhhhh.....ohHHHHHH....gee....I'm turning inside out... ahhhhhhhh...."

Danny knew with both the spasms on his dick and prostate that he was through so he pulled off and said, "Now you see why that guy likes that on his stomach?"

"OH Yea! Wow! Does he get that feeling every time?"

"Yes Kevin and when you are 12 or so and making cum on your own you will rub your dick several times a day to get that to happen. Usually you will have a Kleenex ready to shoot the cum into so it doesn't get all over you."

"Can I make it do this, like what you just made it do, by myself too."

"Yes Kevin if you want ask me to come in at bedtime and I'll show you more."

"Want! Yes I want. Will you come in tonight."

"Sure Kevin I will be here. Now start reading your Hawk book so we can get you a hawk OK?"

"Yea I will do that right now."

Danny went back in to find Kyle and found him in the kitchen. He told him what happened in Kevin's room and saw Kyle get hard instantly. "Boy you are lucky that is one cute boy."

"Yea he is. He is a doll. And really sexy way beyond his age. He wants me to tuck him in tonight. I don't think I will have any problems getting there either."

"Yea you lucky bum. But I was asked by Floyd to come in and see him tonight."

"You know Floyd will be handling a mystery boy. We don't really know how sexually active he has been if at all. I think I would start with the computer, since he doesn't know much about them and stumble on a gay teen site. Then see what transpires."

"Boy I can really tell you have experience. Sound perfect I was wondering how I was going to get in his pants."

"You know we should call hawk feeding time and be sure to weigh each bird. I bought a couple more scales so we can keep them closer together." So Danny went down the hall announcing hawk feeding get your mice ready.

Then Danny went back to the living room and waited. All boys with hawks came in with their paper sacks and sick looks on their faces and said they were ready.

"You know boys this may be the last day of cutting up mice for you as we can start using live mice when they get to a certain stage of training."

The boys all smiled at that as they hated that job.

"Peter lets feed Ready 1st. I want you to start weighing him every day now so we can get a solid sharp set weight for Ready." So when we got to Peter's mew he got a scale and weighed him and told Danny. Danny wrote it down. He was an ounce lighter than yesterday and he was sharp set yesterday. He would have to get two mice every day from now on. Danny said, "I have two mice today in the bag Danny."

"Good here attach the line to his jess and then walk out to the center of the field. He is really sharp set so we won't have any trouble from him." Just then Kevin and Floyd showed up to watch.

Peter blew the horn from center field and Ready took off on the long flight. He was beautiful in flight. He landed right on the gauntlet and started eating the piece of mouse. "Kevin take this gauntlet and go and get him and bring him back to his perch." Kevin looked at Danny kinda scared and took the gauntlet and put it on walking toward Peter. When he got there Peter showed him how to shove him off his gauntlet and make him step on his. Then Kevin very gingerly walked stiff armed back to the perch and put it on him. Then Danny took the gauntlet off him and put it on Floyd. Now Floyd looked scared. The horn blew from a lot further back and Ready flew again all the way and landed on the gauntlet. Floyd was right there and took him and brought him back. Then From even further away the horn blew and Ready was airborne again. This was giving him a lot of exercises he badly needed too. Kevin retrieved him this time and brought him back a lot less scared. This kept on until Ready had finished his meal. Then they attached ready to the perch and moved on to Lloyd's room and Vertigo. The whole scene was repeated and he was lighter than yesterday too. So he was fed two mice in the same manner. The last flight was about as far as Lloyd could go without getting into some brush. Next was Brian and Astro. So they all headed there. He was also less weight so they made him sharp set at that weight. Brian repeated what the others had done and Kevin and Floyd alternated as retrievers. When it was all over Danny told every one to meet in the living room.

When they all got there. Danny said, "Well we have to feed them at least this much or we will have to go to three mice and we don't want to do that. I think it is time to start training with sparrows. Let me show you how to make a sparrow trap and you can all get started on it." He took them to the garage and got a square piece of chicken wire and some fishing line on a spool. Then took them out back on the lawn and showed them how to tie the lasso's again. Then use airplane quick dry cement to make the loop stand straight up by putting a drop where the knot on the wire was when the loop was standing. That kept it that way. He said "When you finish come on in and we will all go for a swim. OK"

Kyle and Danny went to Danny's bedroom for a half hour of sucking and kissing and didn't stop until they heard the boys come back in. Then they went to the kitchen and handed out pop to every one as they all needed it and took one for themselves. They drank them in the living room and took the cans to the disposal bag in the kitchen. And on to the pool. Soon they were all naked and swimming like a bunch of happy fish. Both Frankie and Kevin were amazed and hard as a rock from all the nudity. Kevin being so sexual reached over and took hold of Frankie's dick and rubbed it. Frankie did likewise to Kevin and they got close to each other and started fingering each others butts. Soon they had a finger in each other and were harder than ever. Frankie said "Oh God Ahhhhhhh...I' good..."

Kevin watched the milky looking fluid shoot out of Frankie's dick and Frankie pushed harder on Kevin's prostate and Kevin said, "Oh...I'M... having that funny no no....ahhhhhhh...."

After that they just collapsed in each others arms. After catching their breath they decided to swim a lap or two and the swam side by side. Kevin sure liked Frankie and it looked like it was a two way thing.

Danny and Kyle got out and started drying off. Danny called everyone out to start drying. Really he wanted to see all of them nude again. Kyle was all eyes too. Almost everyone had hard ons when they were drying looking at each other. When everyone was dry Danny told them to get minimal clothing on and go study or what ever. He told them after dinner they would try their luck with the sparrow trap. So most of the boys just went to their rooms in their underware carrying the rest of their clothes.

Kyle had a crock pot dinner going all afternoon and so dinner would be ready when they wanted to serve. So Danny and he took a pop and went into the living room and watched TV for about a half hour until 5. Then they set the table and announced dinner. Soon the boys were all around the table and eating the crock pot dinner and rolls like they had never eaten before. After they finished they all threw their paper plates away and put their glasses in the dishwasher. Then Danny told them to get ready for the sparrow hunt.

When everyone was back in the living room Danny told them to take the trap and put it in back and then get in and we would take off. Soon we were driving toward Idaho Falls. Danny told Kyle to keep his eyes open for sparrow flocks. Kyle said over there by that big tree Danny there must be 2 dozen of them. Danny not wanting to scare them off told all the boys to stay in the van and he pulled the van out in the field beyond the tree and stopped. "Now Kyle let me get the trap they are hard to handle without getting caught yourself. You take the bag of wild bird food and bring it with me." Danny got out still unnoticed by the sparrows and started toward the tree. Soon the birds all flew up in the tree. Danny set the trap under the tree and had Kyle sprinkle seed all over the trap and around the very edge. Then they quickly went back to the van which was 50 feet or so away and told the boys to get out and stay behind the van. They all unloaded and like on a safari they got behind the van and peeked around and under it to watch the trap. Kevin had gotten several paper sacks to take any if any were caught. They waited at least 10 minutes before one sparrow came down and landed off to the right of the trap which is almost invisible in the grass. Soon there were 10 and then 30 then the whole bunch of them came down. One of the sparrows found the food at the edge of the trap and that drew them all over there and they were eating all around it. Then three or four of them took the deadly step and got caught. The others didn't pay much attention to the flapping and kept eating before long at least a dozen were flapping and starting to scare the others away. But some last minute brave ones went and landed right in the middle of the trap and that is where they stayed. Seeing the others depart for sights unknown the guys were all over undoing birds legs and bagging them up. They got 18 all toll. Many more than Danny dreamed possible in one trapping. They drove into the pet mall in Idaho Falls and Danny bought a huge bird cage and loaded it in the van. When they got home they unloaded the paper bags one by one and soon had a cage full of sparrows. They put it in the garage in a dark corner to try and calm them down and went into the house. Boy tomorrow feeding should be a ball.

Back in the living room some boys that had hawks already watched TV the others went to study as they really were getting in to this hawking thing now and wanted their hawk too.

Danny and Kyle were both sitting there with bedtime on their mind. Kyle was thinking of Frankie and how far he would get. Danny was thinking of over sexed 10 year old Kevin. Soon it would be bedtime.

(To Be Continued) (Joe Gardner stories listed in archive)

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