Kyle took Frankie to the barn to empty the mouse traps and reload them. When he left the house went into action. Everyone got out their balloons from their closet. Danny put the cake with 12 candles on it on the table. And the boys put up streamers all over the place. The gifts that the boys were allowed to buy in town were put all around the cake. The room was ready. So they turned out the lights and had only the TV lighting the room when Kyle and Frankie got back. Everyone hid behind something or in another room. When Kyle walked in Frankie followed and the whole room lit up. Every light was turned on and all the boys came out singing Happy Birthday to Frankie. Frankie was wide eyed and had his mouth open. A tear or two in his eyes showed this was the last thing he expected. Balloons started popping and then Danny led them all to the table. Danny said, "Happy Birthday Frankie."

Danny lit the cake and while everyone sang Happy Birthday again, he had Frankie blow out the candles. Frankie could hardly see, his eyes were so full of tears. But he managed to get the candles blown out. He took his hands and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Gosh, Danny this is the first birthday party I can remember in my whole life."

"Well let me dish out the ice cream. Kyle would you cut the cake?"

So they all feasted on cake and ice cream. Frankie could barely swallow he was so excited. Then he opened all his presents and got Play station games and all kinds of things. Danny suggested he take them to his room. While he was gone they took down the decorations. As it was not long before One Tree Hill came on TV and no one wanted to miss even a minute of that. Everyone gathered around the TV when "One Tree Hill", came on and you could hear a pin drop. That was one show that had caught everyones interest. During one of the many commercials Roger and Frankie came over and told Danny that they thought they could pass their test now so they could get a hawk. "And Danny thank you so much for the party. I was so surprised."

"No one deserved it more than you Frankie.We will do your test first thing in the morning and if either one, or both, of you pass we will go and get you a sparrow hawk." They both wore the biggest smiles Danny had seen on them. It even brought tears to Danny's eyes. After all that was what this was all about. The boys went back with each other to watch "One Tree Hill" together.

"Kyle I don't think I told you but I put an add in "Outdoor Life" magazine and it his the shelves today. With it's world wide circulation I hope we see some action."

"Gosh Danny we certainly should. Thanks for telling me."

"It wasn't I was trying to hide it from you Kyle after all you are my partner now, I just did it when you were not around."

"Oh I know that. It wouldn't be something to hide anyway." One Tree Hill came back on and that shut everyone up. Lucas was having another round with his mom about getting the test about the hereditary heart disease.

When it ended Kyle and Danny stayed in the living room until everyone had gone to their room. Then Danny headed for Kevin's room and Kyle wearing a hard on headed for Frankie's bedroom.


Kyle knocked and waited until Frankie opened the door. He was just in his boxer shorts. He said, "Come on in Kyle I was so hoping you would show up."

"No problem dude I have been looking forward to stopping in to see you too."

"Gosh do you have a woody?"

"Yea you know how well we can control those little guys." ha ha

"Frankie have you figured out how to run your computer yet?"

"No all I know is how to turn it on and off."

"Well lets see if we can't get you to be able to use it. 1st turn it on. Now it comes on to what is called your home page. Right now it is on Discovery. Discovery is just one of a million sights on line. You can choose any page to come on here that you would like. Now see down at the bottom the little blue thing that looks like a small "e". That is the symbol used for Internet explorer. With it you can navigate to any site you want. Now this is your mouse. The mouse has a button on the left and one on the right. Click the left button on the search space up at the top. Type in sparrow hawk." Frankie took a minute to do it as he had never learned to type. "OK, now Frankie click with your left button on the word "GO" and see what happens."

Frankie clicked on the word go and a whole bunch of sites relating to sparrow hawks came on. "Wow! Now what do I do?"

"Pick any one of the sites that interest you and click with your left mouse on the title." Frankie Clicked on Feeding a sparrow hawk. When he did he got a big article telling all about feeding sparrow hawks.

"Gee it tells us what we have been doing with our own hawks."

"Yes but this is one of the sites we came to to find out what to feed them."

"Oh I see."

"Now since this computer doesn't have parent control on it you can also go to sites on sex. Does sex interest you?"

"Oh yea that is all I think of since I first came."

"Well then type in teen sex and then click on go."

Frankie did and up came a bunch of titles. He picked one and it brought up a bunch of teens having sex in thumb nail pictures. "Now Frankie if you want to see one of the pictures blown up big click on it." Frankie clicked on two guy in a 69. The picture became the size of the screen.

"Have you ever done that with anyone. It is commonly called a 69."

"No do they come in each others mouth?"

"Most guys like to but some don't. Have you ever tasted your cum?"

"No I guess I haven't." Kyle saw his dick was sticking out of the fly on his boxers as hard as a rock and oozing pre-cum.

"Here let me show you something. Kyle reached down and pulled his dick straight up and Frankie let out a moan. Then Kyle took his finger and put it in his piss slit and rubbed up a gob of precum. The he took it and put it in his mouth. Hmmmm. Your's taste good Frankie. Here let me show you. Kyle got some more on his finger and put it to Frankie's mouth and told his to stick out his tongue. When he did Kyle wiped the sweet cum on his tongue and said, "What do you think of that taste?"

"Hmmmmm it taste real sweet. Can I taste yours Kyle?"

Kyle got up and went over on the bed and layed back and said, Have at it Frankie if you want."

Frankie was shaking as he opened Kyles pants and took out his dick. IT was covered with precum so he took some on his finger and licked it. "Hmmmmm that taste real sweet too. It even has a little salt in it."

"Yes yours will too when you get a little older Frankie. Lay back on your back and I'll show you some thing else that feels good." When Frankie lay back Kyle pulled his boxers off and there he was nude. Kyle started jacking on it and Frankie really moaned. Then Kyle put his mouth over the end of it and started giving him head.

"Oh God that feels good."

"Turn over on your stomach Frankie." When he did there was a perfect butt showing. Kyle spread it open and started licking his ass hole. Frankie came unglued. "Oh Wow! That really feels great." Kyle kept it up and started tongue fucking him. "Push out like your had to shit." When he did Kyle stuck his folded tongue up in him and started tongue fucking him. He got deeper with each push. "How does that feel Frankie?"

"Oh great, man like I could cum if you kept it up."

Kyle took a tube of KY and loaded his middle finger with it and stuck it all the way up in his colon and past the first turn. "Hows that Frankie?"

"Oh I've never had anyone do that before. It feels really great. Push harder."

Kyle started finger fucking him and had him moaning a lot now. The Kyle asked him to lay on his side facing him. When he did Kyle swallowed his dick all the way into his throat and Frankie really let a moan out. Kyle kept deep throating him and then started hitting on his prostate. This really brought about a feeling. Oh God what are you touching it feels like electric shocks when you do that. I feel like I could cum. Kyle really went for the deep throat and gave him head too coming all the way up to the crown and then bank down. At the same time he hit on his prostate and massaged it. All of a sudden Frankie stiffened up ....

"Ahhhhhhhhhh Man I'm cumming.....uhhhhhhhhh........Ohhhhhhhh....ahhhhh Oh my God,.......ahhhhhhh....uhhhhhhhhh...Shit... God.....ahhhh..that feels so good.....Ahhhhhhh...."

"Sounds like you liked it Frankie."

"Oh yea that was the best cum I ever had." Man I'm ringing wet. Can I try that on you Kyle?"

"Sure Frankie do what ever you want."

Frankie pulled his pants and underware off and went down on his dick and after gagging a few time learned to deep throat him. Kyle was moaning big time this felt so good from some one new.

"Roll over Kyle." When he did Frankie looked inside his crack by pulling him wide open. Then he licked him and found it didn't taste all that bad. So he poked his tongue in him and Kyle pushed out knowing what to do. His tongue went deeper and deeper and Kyle thought he was going to cum. "Here try some of this on your middle finger." He handed him the tube of KY. Frankie loaded his finger and pushed it in Kyle pushed out and Frankie slid right on up into the colon. "Gosh it is so smooth, and hot, and it's even wet up in here."

"Yes that is in everyones colon it is the juice that keeps you from getting constipated."

Frankie took his finger out and smelled it. Smelling nothing bad, he pushed it all the way back up in him again. He started finger fucking him. "Where is that spot that you made electric shocks at in me Kyle?"

"Well pull your finger all the way almost out. Now push toward where the bottom of my penis would be and you will feel a lump. That is my prostrate and it will give me that same feeling. But you better get on my dick if you don't want me cumming all over your bed." Kyle rolled on his side facing Frankie and Frankie took him in his mouth and started giving him head really fast and at the same time he was pushing on Kyles prostate really fast and hard. That did it...

"Oh You got me Frankie...Ahhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhh....Shit.....God....ahhh Ohhhhhhhhh.....Man........ahhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh....Wow!"

"Did that feel good Kyle?"

"Oh Yea that was great. Why don't we call it a night. You can look at pictures on the computer now and jack off if your want to."

"Would you come back tomorrow night Kyle. I really like your lessons."

"If possible I will be here dude OK?"

"OK, I sure hope you can."


Danny knocked on Kevin's door. Kevin opened it with a big smile. "Were you expecting someone?"

"Oh Danny You know I was hoping you would come. Of course I was expecting someone."

"Well did you have anything in mind as to what you want to do?"

"Yea, I have a couple pictures on the computer I would like to try."

There were two guys in a 69 and another picture of a guy getting fucked. "Well I see nothing with the 69 head job but, I don't know about fucking you are only 10 you know."

"Yea but I know 10 year olds that have done it."

"Well it takes preparation. Here put out your right hand. This is KY lotion and it makes you slippery. We will have to work our way up to getting finger fucked with three fingers before any fucking goes on."

"Just tell me what to do Danny and I'll do it."

"Well lay with your head on the pillow facing me. Know give me the other pillow and I will lay at your feet and face you. Now we both suck on each other and at the same time follow me on what I do with my fingers OK?"

"OK boy am I ready."

Danny took him in his mouth all the way as he was only 4 inches. He took Danny to the gag point and Danny told him how to get by that point. He kept trying until he had Danny going down his throat. In the meantime Danny had planted his middle finger into his colon and then some. So Kevin did likewise with his middle finger. He put it all the way in but of course it wasn't near as far as Danny with his bigger hands. They sucked and sucked and then Danny said, "OK now two fingers." Danny put two fingers into his colon and Kevin put his two in as far as they would go. Then back to sucking and moaning. They kept this up for about 5 minutes and Danny put in the third finger. So Kevin did too. "Boy that hurts Danny."

"Just put up with it and the hurt will go away in a few minutes and it should start feeling good."

They continued sucking and Danny pulled back and pressed on Kevin's prostate. "OH man what is that you hit. I felt it all through my body."

"That is your prostate gland and he went on to explain it."

"Man that is one wild feeling."

"Yes Kevin and if I kept massaging it it would probably make you come without even touching your dick."

"Wow! Really?"

"Yea, Really. Kevin let me turn on my back. Here is the KY we have been using. I want you to three finger me with my legs over my head." Kevin didn't know what he wanted it for but he complied. He soon had three fingers really fucking Danny like mad. Then Danny said, "Now jack off with the KY until you are as hard as you can get." So Kevin did so and it didn't take long. "OK I'm there. If I go any longer I'm going to cum."

"Now put your dick all the way up inside me as far as you can."

"You mean you want me to fuck you, how awesome."

"That's what I mean now get with it."

Kevin got his legs on his shoulders and Danny helped by holding his heavy legs back and Kevin sunk his 4 inches all the way in one plunge. Now 4 inches doesn't sound like much but he was thick and Danny could certainly feel he was being fucked by this gorgeous boy. "Oh Kevin that feels so good to me speed up and let me have it."

Kevin really got into it. This went on for at least 20 minutes and Kevin was dripping with sweat all over Danny. Danny was flushed and keeping right up with his thrust. Soon it was all over "Oh God...Danny I'm cumming...ahhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhhhh...God.... Shit....ahhhhhhhh... Oh so"

While Kevin took a while to finish his climax it wasn't strong enough to set Danny off. So Danny had in his mind OK now it is your turn.

After letting Kevin rest for about 5 minutes and French Kissing him another 10, Danny said, "You want to take a turn it sure feels great?"

"Man I don't know you are pretty big. Will it hurt?"

"Well yes, about as much as my three fingers did."

"Oh heck I can take that Danny. But you better do the finger thing again first."

Danny went through the one, two, three finger fucking for about 10 minutes and especially long with the third finger and then said, "Well Kevin this is where we were with three fingers, is it hurting now?"

"No Man I really like it. Go ahead I can take it. Fuck me."

Danny lubed his dick jacking off with the KY and then put his legs over his head and back against his ears. That put his dick at Kevin's hole. So he pushed it in past the sphincter muscle and waited a minute. Hearing no negative response he push slowly all the way into the colon making a path into the colon and stopped. "How ya doing buddy?"

"It really hurt for a minute but I'm with it now. Go ahead slow."

So Danny started slow short fucking him. He did this for about 3 minutes and started speeding up.

"Oh man that is starting to feel really good now...huh...huh..."

Danny then went ape and short fucking him at full speed. He was receiving nothing but positive sounds from Kevin so he went into long strokes. He long stroked him fast for about 5 minutes and was dripping wet again. So he decided to end it by attacking Kevin's prostate. So he pulled all the way out to the entrance and went straight for the prostate and started nailing it on every stroke.

"Oh God it's that thing again. God that feels good all over my body. Oh man I'm cumming again...ahhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh.....God....ahhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh...I'm turning inside out....ahhhhhh....."

With Kevin's tight ass hole in spasms it set Danny off right away. So he shoved his dick all the way up into Kevin's colon and let fire. He shot at least 8 loads up into what seemed to be Kevin's stomach. "Ahhh Ohhhhhh.........Kevin.....that was so ....good... man...."

"That makes for two of us. I never came twice so close to each other before. Man you wore me out. But it was worth it."

"It sure was great for me Kevin. Do you like being tucked in?"

"Oh God yes. I could get tucked in this way for the rest of my life."

"Well since my job doesn't allow the time to have this fun every night you can ask other guys like Kyle to tuck you in and I'm sure he will if he hasn't promised someone else. Well I guess I will give you a good night hug, which turned into a French kiss and when they broke Danny said, "Wow that was some good night dude."

"Yea for me too."


Danny met Kyle coming out of Frankie's room and asked, "Well how did things go for you Kyle?"

"Well let's say he knows how to use a computer a little. We had finger sex and tongued each other, and finally came in each others mouth while our prostate was being massaged by the other. We didn't fuck though."

"Well there will be plenty of time for that. Danny and I went all the way and ended up fucking each other. If you are half as worn out as I am I think we should hit the hay ourselves. We have two test to give in the morning, which means we will probably have two more sparrow hawks tomorrow night."

"Yea I forgot about that." They headed for the bedroom and fell asleep in the middle of a french kiss.

Morning came about 8. They were so tired they slept in. But they were not the only sleepy heads as just a few were starting to stir in their rooms. Kevin made coffee and they sat and planned their day. Right in the middle of the second cup the phone rang. "Hello Rockwell School of Falconry how may I help you?"

"Well I saw your add in Outdoor Life and wondered what you had to offer."

Well we accept boys from 10 to 18 and keep them as long as the parent wishes. Since many parents would rather they be here than at a Nanny's. Our fee is what the state pays us for keeping boys with falconry interest instead of a foster home and it is $750 a month which pays room and board. Do you have a boy that is interested in falconry?"

"Yes, and may I say you really impressed me. You certainly know what you are doing. I have a 13 almost 14 year old boy who is very interested in falconry. He found the add as a matter of fact. He is one that has to spend his life with a Nanny as I am rarely able to be home with him which is certainly not by choice. Do you currently have any openings?"

"Yes as a matter of fact I do May I ask where you are calling from?"

"Melbourne, Australia. We are a bit far apart. But with todays world I can have Joey there over night in my private jet. You just tell me when and where and I can do the rest."

"Well is there any day of the week your jet is available more than others?"

"Well really not rushing things tomorrow the jet is free. And I have one hot to trot Joey he has never seen the United States. He has all the necessary papers to travel there but has never used them. Tell me is your climate hot all the time like hear?"

No Sir, incidentally my name is Danny Rockwell and even though I have a doctorate degree, every one calls me Danny so please feel free to do so. I didn't catch your last name sir."

"Oh how stupid of me I am Commander Joel Chambers. But feel free to call me Joel."

"OK Joel now back to the climate. Joel our climate is seasonal. A small amount of snow in the winter and the rest of the seasons pretty well fall in line. Our high in summer rarely exceeds 100 degrees and is a dry heat with very little humidity. I imagine kinda like yours."

"Yes very much. Except for the 4 seasons. I am sure Joey will love that as he has never seen snow. Could I fly him to Idaho Falls tomorrow or would that be rushing things?"

"Tomorrow would be fine. What time would you estimate arrival at Idaho Falls small airport."

"Well let me look at my world clock. He would arrive in Idaho Falls at around 3pm."

"He is going to have to get used to some time changes in his body. He won't even be sleepy when it is time to go to bed."

"Yes Danny but take it from me in all my travels, it doesn't take many days to get used to a new time zone as a person is you might say forced into it."

"Yea I suppose so. He is also young and easily changeable. Much more than I imagine I would be."

"Yes Danny that is true. It is getting harder on me as I get older. So then Danny how will he know you when he gets there.?"

"Idaho Falls Airport is relatively small. Have him look for a man holding a sign Rockwell School of Falconry. It works every time. Tell him to come over and introduce himself to the man carrying the sign. And also tell him the mans name is Danny."

"Well that sound easy enough. Now I will send him with $750 to give to you for the first month and then set it up for my banking on line to pay you that amount on the 1st day of each month. That should handle it."

"Yes I can see no problem with that. So I will see Joey at 3pm tomorrow unless I hear otherwise from you."

"Well let's say God willing he will be there."

"OK Joel thank you for calling and I will be looking forward to meeting Joey tomorrow."

"Good bye now Danny have a good day."

That ended that and Danny was indeed happy his add paid off.

"Well Kyle after 3pm tomorrow we will have another student. His name is Joey Chambers. He is 13 almost 14 a good age. He will be coming from Melbourne Australia so he will have some time adjusting to do."

"Wow, I guess so. And climate adjustment too."

"Yea Kyle he has never seen snow before. That should be quite a thrill for him."

"Gosh I guess so."

"Well I better go and get Roger and Frankie so they can take their test right after they eat breakfast."

Danny called the two of them to breakfast and told them they would be taking their test afterward. Then were both nervous a a cat on a hot tin roof but got their breakfast down in short order.

"OK Let's go to the office and I will give you your test. Now Frankie since your reading skills are not like Rogers I will give the test orally. You just right down which choice a, b, c, or d. for each of the questions."

About 45 minutes later Danny was through and collected their test to correct them. Roger got 100% and Frankie got a 92% still not bad. So Danny called them both back in and told Danny he had aced it and he could go. Then he told Frankie he did quite well with 92% and just so he would know what he got wrong he would go over them with him. He must know all the material to own a hawk. So after going over the few questions Danny shook his hand and congratulated him and told him we would be going hawk hunting in the next hour or so.

"Well Kyle they both did well. Danny aced it. So we will have to either all go on the hawk hunt or you will have to stay in charge of whoever stays."

"I'll see Danny if anyone is not interested in going."

"Kyle came back and said everyone wanted to go so they got ready to get with it."

(to be continued)

Please keep those cities and countries coming. You have no idea how they encourage me to keep writing and not retire.