A masturbatory fantasy by Ivor Sukwell




"Any comments?" the teacher asked when the demonstration video he was showing his class of fourteen year old boys came to an end. "Edwards, yes?" to the boy who had raised his spare hand.

"I don't think the boy who was doing the sucking paid enough attention to his partner's likes, sir," the fair-haired fourteen year old said.

"Interesting," the teacher commented, "Anyone want to take Edwards up on that or shall we ask him to explain more?"

"I thought it was a bloody good suck, sir," a dark haired boy at the front of the class said, "I wouldn't object to having a bj like that."

"Anyone else?" the teacher asked.

No boy raised a hand so the teacher asked Edwards to expand on his thinking.

"It was a good suck, sir, no doubt about that, but I thought it was probably better for the boy doing the sucking than it was for the one being sucked."

"Good, Edwards, very good. But can you say why you thought that?"

"Yes, sir," the boy said politely. "It seemed obvious to me that the boy being sucked liked it best when just the tip of his cock was being seen to, but the boy doing the sucking just wanted the whole cock in his mouth and took it right down to the root all the time."

"Isn't that the way you are supposed to do it?" the teacher asked, "Take in as much as you can?"

"It's one way of doing it sir," Edwards defended his thoughts, "But the sucked boy clearly enjoyed it more when it was just lips and tongue around the tip and his foreskin."

"Good, Edwards. Did none of the rest of you notice that?" the teacher asked the attentive class. Sexual Technique was a favourite lesson for third year boys and one they always paid attention to.

Most shook their heads; sucking deep was what they'd been taught to do from Primary Induction classes onwards, so they saw nothing wrong in one boy swallowing whole the cock of another boy.

"So what would you suggest that the sucker should have done different?" Edwards was asked.

"He was concentrating all the time on the cock he was sucking, sir," Edwards said, "And never once did he look up to see if the boy he was sucking was enjoying it."

"Course he was enjoying it," another boy interrupted, "He was getting sucked off, wasn't he? What's not to enjoy about that?"

"Yes, of course he enjoyed it," Edwards agreed, "But he could have enjoyed it more. If you watched his face, it was obvious he liked it best when the sucker's mouth moved up his cock, tight to the tip. That really turned him on. Much more than when he was swallowed to the root."

"Why Edwards?"

"I think he was clearly a younger boy than the one who was sucking him, sir, and I suspect his cock wasn't big enough yet for the tip to reach throat when he was swallowed. And, sir," Edwards warmed to his theory, "I'd bet he had a tight foreskin as well, so he didn't peel when he was swallowed and the really sensitive bit at the top wasn't getting properly stimulated."

"So what," the teacher enquired, "In your opinion should the sucking boy have done?"

"If he'd looked to see how his partner was enjoying things, sir, he'd have noticed that and then concentrated more on just the tip, peeling it as far as it would peel easily, using his tongue to swirl around the head and poking the tip of his tongue inside the boy's foreskin, sir, to get at the slit now and again.
The sucker obviously liked having the whole cock in his mouth, so he should have done both, swallow and lip the tip, so both boys got the most out of it."

"Excellent, Edwards, well done," the teacher congratulated the boy. "You see, class, that you should always pay attention to the boy you are playing with; what turns him on most may not be the same as what turns you on most. Both of you should enjoy things, not just you."

"Fuckin' ace," the boy sitting beside Edwards whispered to him, though he was not referring to the remarks Edwards had just made.

"And exactly what is Edwards doing with his other hand at this moment, Smithson?" the teacher, overhearing the whisper, asked the pair.

"Twiddling my foreskin, sir," the boy named Smithson answered without hesitation.

"And do you like that?"

"I love it, sir," Smithson grinned, "Edwards can even make me spunk up like that if he does it for long enough."

"And you, Edwards? Do you like twiddling Smithson's foreskin?"

"Well, sir, he does have a long one and it is nice to play with him that way because he really enjoys it. Though I do like to give him a full grip wank, sir."

"There you are, class," their teacher smiled with satisfaction at a lesson well taught. "Edwards likes to give Smithson a proper wank, and Smithson likes having his foreskin twiddled to orgasm. So they share their pleasures, sometimes Smithson spunks one way and sometimes the other."

"Mostly twiddles in class, sir," Smithson grinned, "Easier to do than a proper wank."

"Any other benefits?" the teacher raised an amused and questioning eyebrow.

"Yes, sir," Edwards grinned cheekily, "If I twiddle him to spunking he can't shoot cos I keep his skin closed, and then I let it flow into my hand so I can lick it up."

"Dirty bugger," a boy laughed.

"Waste not, want not," Edwards laughed back.

"Right class," the teacher looked at his watch, "Mid-morning cock break in a few minutes. Pair up now, if you want and get started early."

A few boys went from where they were sitting to pair up with a different boy, others stayed where they were, happy with the cock beside them.

Cock breaks were only twenty minutes, but there was one every morning and every afternoon, plus the hour for lunch, and the National Curriculum demanded that every boy able to spunk must do so three times a day at least while in school. Boys still too young to spunk still had to have their three dry orgasms a day, though for the majority of boys the number of orgasms a day, wet or dry, usually exceeded the statutory minimum.

Each boy was provided with a school diary in which he had to enter his orgasms and how they were produced, and if by another boy, the name and age of that boy.

Thus, Edward's diary, opened at a random page, might reveal:

September 24

Wake up wank

Pre Assembly snog and fondle – Len White second year age 12

Lesson 1 cock fondling – Harry Smithson age 14

Morning cock break suck and sucked to cum – Harry Smithson age 14

Lunch break spunked being fucked by Billy Jones age 17

Afternoon cock break –cum suck with Tony Matthews age 14

After school – fucked and spunked in Len White age 12

Before sleep wank

Every boy's diary was inspected weekly by form teachers and names compared with the diaries of other boys to confirm that the entries described actual events and weren't made up to satisfy requirements.

The Department of Education issued strict guidelines on everything from school uniform to daily orgasms, and care had to be taken by schools to keep to these guidelines, although a certain degree of leeway was permitted.

For example, The school that Jimmy Edwards attended, The Everhard Academy For Boys, interpreted the compulsory national school uniform of shorts, shirt, sweater for cold weather, as white shorts for non-spunking boys and navy blue shorts for spunkers. Shorts had to be worn as brief as possible, and no official objections were raised if they were so short as to reveal foreskin tips below leg hems, as they often did as no underwear of any sort was permitted. Shirts could be dispensed with in hot weather.

The Department and the National Curriculum dictated when sexual activity must take place – in the morning and afternoon cock breaks and at lunchtime – but Everhard Academy had no rules forbidding boys from handling cock during lesson time.

Boys sat two to a desk so cock was always available to them. Sucking and fucking during lessons was officially frowned upon as that distracted boys from whatever it was they were being taught, but not all masters strictly enforced that, one or two being so poor at discipline that it was not at all unusual to see a boy or two bent over a desk with cock inside him instead of concentrating on History or Mathematics.

After morning cock break, Jimmy Edwards had a lesson on Aesthetic Appreciation, which was really all about how a boy could make himself as sexually desirable as possible. It was one lesson where he didn't sit next to Smithson, but next to a boy named Alex Henry, a slender fourteen year old with a cock far too big for his age.

Already, Alex measured out at six and a bit inches and, obviously, his cock was in great demand.

Edwards plonked himself on the seat beside Alex and both boys wasted no time in greeting each other with an open-mouthed snog. They only had this one lesson together once a week, and because Alex's cock had such a long waiting list for it, this was the only chance Jimmy Edwards had to get at the boy and indulge.

Snog ended and the teacher rapping on his desk for attention, the lesson began,

Jimmy and Alex slid their hands onto boy thigh, up and under short shorts, found cock and fished it out to play with while the teacher talked.

"Your cock is fuckin' amazin'," Jimmy whispered to Alex as he fondled him to hardness, "Wish we had more lessons together."

Alex pulsed his cock in Jimmy's hand, he was used to being told how amazing his cock was and more than happy to have it admired by as many boys as possible.

"A or B?" the teacher asked his class, pointing with a laser light at two slides, both of boys in their mid to later teens wearing speedo type briefs. One had smooth thighs, one didn't.

"Hands up," he said pointing at the hairy one.

No hands went up.

"So you all think smooth is best, do you?" he asked the class.

"Wouldn't want to get into bed with a gorilla, sir," one boy said and was rewarded with several sniggers.

"Most of you aren't old enough yet to be troubled by hair growth on your legs," the teacher explained the point of his slide demonstration, "But what are you going to do about it when the damn stuff starts to grow?"

"Shave it off, sir," a boy answered to universal agreement.

"Here?" A slide of a boy with an arm upraised to reveal a hairy armpit.

"Get rid of the hair, sir."

"And here?" Two more slides, this time of naked boys in mid- adolescence, one with pubes and one without.

No common agreement this time and the teacher asked if any of the boys in the class shaved.

Alex and Jimmy both put their non-cock-holding hands up, as did a few others.

"Why shave?" the teacher asked.

"Cos it feels loads sexier," came one answer.

"Cos men like it," came another.

"Feel more naked shaved."

"Much better for wanking,"

"Nicer sucking shaved ones."

"All very true," the teacher agreed, "But there's one more important reason."

He put up another slide of a naked boy, a boy around fifteen with a nice cock and a fairly neat bush.

He allowed the class to have a good look and then faded that slide to another; the same boy but this time his pubes had been air brushed out.

"Which one would you go for and why?" was the question to the class.

"Group discussion," teacher said and gave the boys five minutes to discuss and conclude.

"Well?" he asked.

"General opinion is that his cock looks much bigger without pubes, sir," the boy appointed as spokesman said, "And cos it looks bigger then we think we'd go for it first. Also, as his balls aren't hairy, they'd be much better to suck and lick, so we vote for shaved, sir."

"Shaved or natural is an individual choice," the teacher explained, "But for those wishing to smooth themselves, the school recommends this." He held up a can of gel and explained its use. Wet the area to be cleaned thoroughly then apply a generous coating of gel. Leave for some twenty minutes, then shave with a good, sharp razor. Do this regularly whenever stubble starts to show and after a month or so you'll find you need to do it less often and after about four months hardly ever at all. Gel and razors can be obtained from the school shop."

"Now," he proceeded with the lesson, "Pubes are a matter of personal taste and some boys like to retain what has taken so many years to grow," the class dutifully sniggered, "But I think we have general agreement that no boy really wishes to have a mouthful of hair when he's trying to enjoy another boy's cock. These are some suggestions for those of you who feel inclined to retain pubes."

Up went some slides of boys who had trimmed and shaped pubic hair, blunt arrow heads, half-moons and even just a thick line up from cock base towards navel.

"The essential thing, you will notice, is that all these pube styles start from the base of the cock, no hair being allowed on the cock itself, and the balls are always smooth."

"Rex Mattison in the Upper Sixth has his done like that half-moon one, sir," a boy called out, "It looks well sexy."

"And that," the teacher impressed on his class, "Is what it's all about. Looking as sexy as possible."

"How about this?"

A slide of a seriously delicious looking boy of around fourteen, fully clothed.



"Decent bit of bed flesh," were some of the comments.

"And now?"

A slide merge to show the boy with his top naked, promoting several murmurs of an appreciative nature.


Same boy, no top and now just wearing briefs.

"Well yummy."

"Fancy him."

"Suck him dry any day."

"Would you?" the teacher asked and showed the final slide of the boy naked.


"Err, gross!"

"That's disgusting!"

Different comments entirely, but about the same boy.

"Circumcision does a boy no favours, does it," the teacher commented. "If he still had his foreskin then every single one of you would jump on him like a shot, but circumcised, you'll want him not at all."

"Why do they do it, sir? It looks awful!"

"Religious reasons, tradition, all sorts of things," the teacher explained. "Fortunately, our culture is not one that encourages the mutilation of boys, but my point here is that however desirable you may seem when dressed, you have to be just as desirable when your clothes are on the floor. No man wants to spend time and money seducing a boy only to find that when he undresses him he's landed himself with hairy legs and a chopped off cock."

"So we'd all be better if we shave, sir, is that what you're saying?"

"None of you has a bit of his cock missing, thank goodness," the teacher said, "But the tastier you are when your clothes are off then the happier the man who has seduced you will be."

"What about other things, sir?" Alex asked. His cock was enough to land him any boy he fancied, but he knew he couldn't go around waving it at men, so how was he supposed to go about getting one to bed him?

"That gets dealt with in Seduction lessons, Alex," the teacher explained, "What we are concerned with here is what a man or another boy sees when he gets you, and how to ensure that what he sees makes him want to indulge himself in all you have to offer."

"So it's all about the cock, is that it, sir?"

"The cock is important, of course," the teacher agreed, "In fact, as you will learn in Seduction, the cock is the best bait you have for man catching, but what I want you to take away from this lesson is that the cock is attached to boy, and the whole of the boy should be able to give pleasure. Any man who goes to the trouble of seducing a boy wants to enjoy all of him, so it's your job to make sure that all of you is enjoyable. Keep smooth all the bits that might get licked or kissed."

"Don't make me cum," Alex whispered to Edwards, "I got a well yummy first year for lunch an' I wanna drown the bugger."

"Lucky sod," Edwards grinned, giving Alex's big cock an extra squeeze, "Ages since I had a mouthful from you."

For lunch, Edwards had a Carbonara pasta and a fifteen year old boy he hadn't had before.

The boy had been behind him in the lunch queue and had asked if he fancied some cock after, so, naturally Edwards said he did and they found a place where they could have a good snog and suck, teen cream always being a good way to finish a meal.

"Men, as most of you almost certainly are already aware," the Seduction teacher began his lesson, "Are particularly fond of schoolboys. That is one of the reasons why here, at Everhard, we insist on your uniform shorts being as short as possible. The more leg a boy has on display then the more likely he is to attract a man's attention. Schoolboy thigh is like a magnet for men's eyes, and the more thigh a man can see then the more he wants to find out about what he can't see.
Your cocks are what he wants, but it's your thighs that will get him panting to get at those cocks."

The class listened attentively. One or three of them had already been had by a man, but most hadn't and were eager for their first experience.

"Now, I want you to imagine that you are out boy hunting, and you see this." A slide of a fully dressed boy went up. "You see a boy and a boy is what you are out looking for. With this one, where do you look first?"

"At his face, sir?"

"And why at his face?"

"Because it's the only bit of him on show, sir."

"Exactly. Now, unfortunately, we are not all blessed with the most beautiful of features, so you may take one look and decide, `No thanks' and move on looking for someone else.
Fortunately, however, there is quite a lot we can do to make our faces more attractive; good hairstyle, careful use of make-up and so on, so let's assume our boy has done as much as he can, and you quite like the look of his face. Where do you look next?"

"See what his bulge is like, sir?"

"The natural next step, Jones. It is, after all, his cock you want, isn't it. And then what? You go through the mental process of trying to imagine what he'd look like undressed, what his cock is like, whether you want to suck him dry or not.
And while all this is going on in your mind, the boy walks on and you've missed out. And so, of course, has the boy.
But supposing you happen to see a boy from Everhard on his way home from school."

A slide this time of a third or fourth year Everhard schoolboy in his tiny shorts, acres of thigh exposed to view.

"Now where do you look first?"

"At his legs!" was the universal class comment.

"And your first thought?"

"Fuck me," one boy said out loud, "Do I want to get my hand up those shorts or what!"

"Exactly!" the teacher beamed. "You haven't even looked at his face yet and you want his cock. And the fact that you want his cock is written all over your own face, so the boy knows full well that you fancy him."

"That's all very well, sir, but what if the boy doesn't fancy me?"

"Then you're out of luck, aren't you." The teacher's comment produced the required sniggers and laughs. "But now, back to thinking like the boys you are, you see that a man fancies you, so what do you do?"

"If he's tasty, let him have it," a ginger haired by named Erikson called out.

"No doubt you would, Erikson," the teacher said, "We all know you show less restraint than a nymphomaniac rabbit," howls of laughter from the class at that remark, "And if the itch in your well-used arse is, as it seems to so often be, then no doubt you'd drop them on the spot and bend without a second thought."

"Why not, sir?" the boy asked to more laughter, "Can't help it if I like it, can I."

The whole class knew Erikson was the darling of the sixth form boys, many of whom, naturally enough, made full use of his fourteen year old arse. No well-educated sixth form Everhard boy would turn down the opportunity of third year hole, especially when it was as available as Erikson's was.

"But, leaving you aside, Erikson," the teacher continued when laughter subsided, "The majority of boys find the process of being seduced to be rather an enjoyable one.
A little flirting and teasing whilst maintaining the facade of innocence can be quite amusing. It may produce a treat and present or two, and no sensible boy turns down the opportunity of treats and presents.
And, of course, and importantly as well, the boy is always in complete control, and it is the boy who decides when the moment is right for him to yield, submit and give.
The man may think he is seducing the boy, but, in reality, the boy is deciding if he will give or not, and, if he has already decided that he will give, then he can have hours of fun by teasing the man and making him wait."

"Doesn't that sorta mean that it's the boy who's actually doing the seducing, sir?" Edwards asked.

"That may well be the case if the man's a bit slow," the teacher agreed. "Quite possibly some of you may have uncles or neighbours you fancy but who don't seem inclined to make a move on you, so an eyelash flutter or two, or perhaps an accidental glimpse of foreskin, may be called for, but those are the same techniques you will use on the man who thinks he is seducing you.
The difference, Edwards, is that when you are after a man, you should make it obvious that you and innocence have long since parted company; when a man is after you, then the opposite is what you need to convey. Innocent, fourteen year old schoolboy who has never had a single cock thought in his life, is what you must pretend to be."

"But what's the point, sir?" Erikson asked. "Why go through all that pretence when you know you're gonna drop them and bend anyway?"

"The point, Erikson, is to get as much fun out of being a boy as it's possible to get. How many situations are there where the boy is in control of the adult? In seductions the boy is always the boss, you can make the man scream with frustration if you want."

"That's well cool, sir," a boy grinned, "Bring it on!"

Seduction was followed by the afternoon cock break, and Edwards, feeling somewhat horny as a result of that lesson, got to Erikson before any of the other boys could.

"You up for it?" he asked the ginger headed boy.

"Stupid question," Erikson grinned, dropped his shorts and bent over the nearest desk.

"Got lube?" Erikson asked, lifting his head, "Some in my pencil case if you haven't."

Erikson didn't need a lot of lubing and he certainly didn't require finger opening first. So in Edwards went, squirted his afternoon load inside the other boy, taking care to wank Erikson's spunk out for him as he shagged.

"Bloody History next," Erikson grumbled as he pulled his shorts back up.

"Nice fuck, thanks," Edwards ignored the comment about the next lesson.

"You're welcome," Erikson shrugged, "Keep me going till after school."

"What you got on then?" Edwards asked, more out of politeness than interest.

"Couple of the upper sixth gonna spit roast me in their common room. Might be a few more wanna have a go as well if I'm lucky."

Edwards sat, as always, beside Smithson for History. As a matter of course, both boys fished out the other's cock for fondling, though as both had spunked up only a few minutes before, neither was going to get a lot out of the other's cock for a bit at least.

Still, neither boy had any objections to playing with balls and soft cock while the teacher did his best to interest the class in boys in Ancient Greece.

Actually, Edwards found the lesson fascinating.

Coming as it did straight after he'd fucked Erikson over a desk in the afternoon cock break, he found it difficult to comprehend that ancient Greek schoolboys were not allowed fucking.

They were, apparently, expected to have a man as a lover and they did their exercises naked and in public so they could show off their attractions and catch a man, but they weren't allowed to fuck. Weird!

"The approved method of orgasm," the class was told, "Was for the man to have his cock between the boy's thighs and squirt his load that way."

"what about the boy, sir?" Smithson asked.

"By hand or mouth," he was told, "And, naturally, the man could use the boy's mouth as well as a change from his thighs."

"I don't believe it, sir," Erikson pronounced, "I can't believe that the man didn't want to get up his boy, or that the boy didn't want a decent length of man cock inside him now and again."

"As for the boy," Erikson and the class were told, "That is really a cultural matter. Boys were brought up to think that if they were fucked then they were not proper boys, would never become real men. For the man, and almost certainly for the boy as well, there were slaves to take care of all fucking needs.
Greek boys were brought up, and I suppose, trained in a way, to be tops. If a bottom was needed, then that's what slaves were for."

"So they kept slave boys for fucking?" Edwards asked, intrigued by the idea.

"Indeed they did," the teacher confirmed, "And most citizens would keep more than one or two. Half a dozen would not be at all unusual."

"Randy buggers," Smithson sniggered, "Wouldn't mind having a slave to play with myself."

"You don't need one," Edwards grinned at him, "You got a brother."

"Yeh, but he ain't done Primary Induction yet, so he ain't no use."

"That's not necessary if he's a brother," the teacher said, overhearing the boys' remarks, "No reason at all why you shouldn't use him the Greek way."

"Is that true, sir?" Smithson asked, surprised. "I thought you couldn't touch a boy till he'd done Primary Induction."

"You can't unless he's a sibling," Smithson was told, "But if he is, then there are no restrictions on the use of his hands, mouth and thighs."

"Oh, wow, thanks, sir!" Smithson beamed, "I know where I'm spunking tonight instead of wanking."

"And that," the teacher said by way of making a point, "Is a very good illustration of culture and conditioning. Smithson has never touched his brother because we don't permit the use of boys before their Primary Induction; in the same way Greek men didn't use their boys' arses because it simply wasn't the done thing.
Of course," the teacher concluded his lesson, "It would probably have been very different if they hadn't owned slaves."

"Guess what I'm doing tonight," Smithson grinned to Edwards as they packed up to go home after school.

"Bother, by any chance?"

"Too right! He gets a mouthful and a second shot between his legs later. I'm gonna move him to my bed, he can sleep with me from now on and I won't never have to wank again." Smithson grinned wickedly, "Bet you wish you had a brother! What you gonna be up to?"

"Wander down town, round the park. I think. See if there's anyone about who fancies having a go at seducing a schoolboy."

"Well, good luck. You never know, do you."

"Thanks. And you enjoy brother."

"Oh, I will," Smithson licked his lips suggestively. "See you tomorrow."

"Yeh, see you."

School was over for another day.


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