Scout Swim Meet Ovdoc Oct. 2013

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Originally, I had come up with the idea to organize an annual scout Olympics type of sports competition. I took the idea to the monthly meeting of scout leaders hoping to run it by my good friend, John, who headed up the meeting. I wondered why no one had come up with such an idea before. John didn’t know why it had not been done, but decided if I would agree to co-sponsor the program, he would back me up. Others also liked the suggestion. It was new and different. We discussed how to organize and publicize it. We would attempt to copy the Olympic events, but trim them down to boy size. Winners would receive medals hung around their neck and the winning troops would also be recognized to promote unit fame. A volunteer committee was appointed to organize and judge the events.

There were immediate problems. One leader wanted the events to be carried out during a weekend camp out. We tried to explain to him that this wasn’t the kind of program you could play up well at camp. Not if you wanted it to be a serious sports event. The track events needed to be carried out on a real track. The javelin throw was dropped as maybe a little dangerous for young boys. The discus throw would be a softball throw. The decathalon was narrowed to a pentathalon. We needed to be able to complete the events in one afternoon. If a unit wanted to compete in only a few events, that would be possible too. A small unit may not be able to compete in all events, but might still have a boy good at one or two events.

Then came the program of swim events. That was solved by holding the swim meet separately from track events. Several schools had an Olympic size pool used for school competition. Permit for a pool was easy enough. Some of the boys already belonged to a school swim team. They couldn’t wait to compete against each other. Plans quickly came together. There would be ten swimming events.

The competitions were to be held shortly after school let out so the outdoor events could be summer events. The swim meet would also be held at the same season so we could total up the unit scores in a reasonable time and award a Best Sports Troop Award. At the end of the year the sports awards would contribute points toward the Most Outstanding Troop Award presented at the end of each year. Of course, that award was as important to scout leaders as it was to the boys. All of the sports events helped sports minded boys earn merit badges available in the program. That was another big plus to my proposed program.

So this was how it started. It would open my eyes to just how much the program provided a bridge between boys and men. You need to know that.

Once it was decided that there would be a sports track meet and swim meet, word spread rapidly throughout the city. Scout leaders advised and trained their best boys to compete and to represent the honor of the troop. John and I were pleased. We had good reason to be. The one person in the program that knew I liked boys was John. He had known me since he was an Eagle scout. He knew I would jump at the chance to watch and come on to any boy willing to play. He also knew he too would welcome that opportunity. John had discovered years ago that he liked boys. We had about six months to prepare. John and I both had strong troops and very active programs. It wasn’t just the boys. We welcomed the chance to compete, and to draw more boys into scouting. But it was more than that. John and I were both competing for the best troop standing.

Neither of us had any idea that our sports program would bring out so much enthuiasm from the other troops. I know I was surprised when an older leader with a son in the program invited me to his troop to explain the rules for the swim meet and to observe their practice session at a local rec center. It would turn out to be a real eye-opener.

When I arrived, Bill, the leader had his boys ready to start, but not yet dressed for it. We entered the pool area at the same time. Bill turned to his assistant and asked him to tell the boys to change into their swim suits. Bill was not hardly a swimmer. He didn’t change with the boys. I chose not to as I was there as an advisor. But both of us followed the boys into the dressing room. I was almost instantly amid some dozen boys of the twelve to fifteen year variety noisily stripping out of their street clothes to slide into their speedos, the swim suit of choice for racing. The two of us were fascinated to see so many beautiful young boy bodies - half of them still without pubes and the other half more than proud to show what they had. A few younger ones jumped and scolded as older boys grabbed at their private parts. It was all in fun and was over in a matter of minutes.

 Still, it was also obvious to me that these boys had probably explored new games that boys play at other times. What surprised me was that they made little or no effort to hide their bodies or their curiosity from the adults they trusted to understand their ways. I had no reason to believe Bill was into boys until now. He made no pretense that he loved seeing boys being boys. The boys knew they had nothing to worry about in front of him. I wasn’t sure Bill joined the fun, but I was sure he knew.

Another much younger leader gave me a call. He wanted a “warm-up” practice between his troop and mine. Both of us had boys on a swim team at school. It was apparent he was trying to size up my team. That surprised me. Jim was an up and coming leader. Why would he ask for a personal meet? Maybe he just wanted to see if he had a chance. I accepted. Jim had access to an Olympic pool at the military base. His troop was from the base housing. I knew they were going to be hard to beat. Might as well find out how good they are.

Although Jim’s boys were already swimming when we got there, I still thoroughly enjoyed seeing some fabulously cute boy bodies. The races were very hard fought. With just the two troops competing, the boys were paired off. We still held our own. Neither group was going to win easily. Jim and I both declared we would win the big one. Both of us seemed more than pleased to observe and show off our prized boys in speedos. I think both of us was pleased that we had a bulge most of the night, and couldn’t wait to relieve our tensions.

I knew John’s troop was into the school swim teams, but he played it smart. He didn’t want to show his hand. John had no intention of letting us know who was on his team. That meant he was banking on his boys to win. I went to work on my track team. John knew I had set a record as best in the one hundred meter dash. I was betting on my track team to win. But I still needed a good swim team to win both.

The Spring Camporee came up in mid-May that year. Thats where all the troops in the district compete normally for best in show at scout camping skills. This year, there were a lot of other contests too - unofficially. There were unscheduled races over open spaces at camp between boys expecting to enter the track meet. Boys were anxious to find out who their toughest competition was going to be. The meet was not far away. Leaders realized the boys considered sports more important than camping skills. Who could blame them? How can you compare cooking and knot-tying skills to running and swimming? Still, the camporee would determine which troop was best in camping. They tried their best to keep their mind on the contests at hand.

John and I just smiled at each other. We knew sports was going to be the talk of the boys. All of the troops were going full swing to win the first ever sports meet. Tent pitching and compass skills was no match. When the camporee was over, my boys had held their own. We had won half of the camp skills events, and placed in three others. John had lost. His smile when we shook hands told it all. Total shock.

 John’s troop was not used to coming in second. Especially not in camp skills. How could this happen? The look on his boys’ faces was even more evident. Their troop won three events. They had been favored to win this year. They had let their leader down. The sports meet was now more important than ever. No one said it openly, but revenge was now the new word. My troop was not to win both contests. And sports was my strong point. Now more than ever, John was not going to show any weakness. Not to me.

Two weeks later, I am facing John again. This time, the two of us are putting together the swim meet. We were plenty busy. Neither of us said anything about the camporee, but both of us knew he needed the win.

What surprised me was the boys. There were swim teams from about ten troops. Contests were divided into junior and senior teams. Juniors were boys from eleven to thirteen years. Seniors were fourteen to seventeen years. Most boys there were in the junior age group. Most had done enough practice runs that nudity was not a factor. The boys were expected to undress in an open room and get into their speedos. Most speedos were very tight and very small. But that didn’t really matter much. The boys had plenty of opportunities to check out each other. Some openly showed off their bodies. There were no ugly boys there. These boys made it clear they were proud of what they had. I had plenty of time and opportunity to look over nude and almost nude swimmers. Few showed any surprise that I looked them over. Swimmers expect it. They see their coach in a speedo, and they know what he has. Most coaches shower with their team so there’s not much doubt about size or interest. There’s also never a mention of an erection. Boys have erections constantly. A swim team does not normally pay them much mind. Not during practice or swim meets. But that don’t mean that a swim coach will not note which boys are staring at a mirror. He knows which boys are fascinated by their physique. And he knows they will respond to praise and be sensitive to criticism.

 My own swim teams had taught me well. I had six boys on each team. Most were on another swim team. Each had been taught by their coach that cute don’t cut it. You’re fast or you’re not. Speed in the water is all that counts. Coaches that noted your equipment never showed that in public. Personal fun was always reserved for personal times. The same rule applied to the boys. No play time during practice or swim meets. But that didn’t mean boys couldn’t chat or make plans to meet. I was amazed at how many of them did just that. Boys on the same or differnt teams struck up friendships and made plans to visit after the meet. The bulge in their speedos told me which ones couldn’t wait.

For coaches, it was different. Coaches pretty much had access to every member of their teams - both in and out of the pool. As I said before, during practice, you kept a business-like attitude, but you could spend extra time working with certain boys. Like any other coach, I knew each boy well. I knew which ones expected to play games, and which ones were new to it. The younger boys were more self conscious about their size and development at first, but relaxed when they discovered how much fun it was to play. Older boys were less worried about size. They competed for the attention of the coach. Who did what with the coach was not important. Coaches did have to try not to show favorites. It was different with the other boys because there were both machos and fems involved. But the boys would eventually find their place.

A good swim coach has to be both a boy lover and a really good racing coach. His boys expect him to be a good judge of swim techniques, ego centered boys, and beauty. His team expects to win in swim meets; they also expect to be praised for their beauty, their bulge, and their ability; and they expect their coach to demand their loyalty and their silent adoration of his body. The best coaches are the ones who know how to make their swimmers pay for doing less than they are able. To show their thanks for their coach’s attention, the teens submitted to his needs. If the coach chooses to fondle their goodies while they practice their stroke, it’s just his way of practicing his own stroke. He knows their need to be admired and praised. He also understands that teens have urgent sexual needs.

A boy on my team will pay for a poor performance during a race. He knows he is going to hear from me. He knows we will practice in the pool alone, and maybe more. Sometimes, I did this with one or more of the other boys watching, but never during a meet. I would always wait until the swim team was alone. They understood this was just my way of insisting the boy owed me for his poor showing. It was his way of admitting he should have won. Each boy knew he could be the next one. Every boy on a swim team needs to be praised, but he also needs to express his sorrow when he comes up short. Most not only want to win, but to please their coach. It becomes an obligation more than just a duty. Paying homage to the coach was not intended to be for his pleasure. It was, after all, a punishment. The fact that I loved seeing a gorgeous looking boy attached to my pride was never shown openly. Poor performances were never to be repeated. And punishments were rarely ever mentioned.

Just between you and me, most young scout leaders either heard or saw the way swim coaches formed an unbelievably close bond with their team. Those who knew swimming wanted their own swim team. Those who couldn’t qualify as a coach, dreamed they could, and jerked off dreaming of the boys in speedos submitting to them.

The day of the swim meet came on a Friday night. As co-hosts, John and I arrived early to welcome the other teams. As they came in, they were shown to the open dressing room where the boys quickly changed into their speedos. John showed a lack of experience by avoiding the dressing room and the shower room. That surprised me. My presence in the dressing room and shower was no big deal. The boys simply ignored my presence. I was, after all, a swim coach. Why would I not be in the room?

On the other hand, John did take note of my swim teams. Both the junior and the senior team was well qualified. Like him, I had recruited boys from school teams. Jim, the coach from the military base, was now uncertain. He had expected to find inexperienced teams, not boys confident they could win. This was going to be an interesting meet.

The pool spectators area was packed. Cameras were everywhere. The place was packed. The boys on the swim teams loved it. There were beautiful bodies where ever you looked. I got lots of pictures to remember the event. And a few more in the dressing room when no one was watching. I would have done even better, but coaches needed to be in the pool area cheering on their team.

My overall score came up short. We didn’t win as many contests as I had hoped, but we did come in third. John had just edged us out, but had split the winning times with Jim’s team. He came in second. That would hurt both of them in the final tally. I still had the track meet to go. And I was confident I had the best team for that. More important, I had met more than a few boys at the swim meet who had read my praises as flattering - something a swim team boy loves to hear.

The track meet was a week later. The weather was great. There was a great crowd. My track team knew this was our last chance to score sports points toward the first annual sports competition. They gave it their best. We easily came in first in six events losing only a few to John’s team. I would now place first in the sports events. John was agood sport. We shook hands and challenged the other teams to meet us again next year. I felt really good knowing my troop stood to attract a lot of athletes not currently in the program. The swimming and track meets had attracted a lot of youth and parents to a new scout program that could be adapted to city and country troops.

John and I compared both action and posed pictures of beautiful boys anxious to show off what they had. Speedos don’t hide much.That meant we also admitted we had a lot more fun than camping and hiking with boys who were more than willing. The secret was having a really active program that included plenty of opportunities to compete and get praise for what you do well. Both of us would spend years competing against each other. We have remained good friends for years.

But you’re waiting to find out about how I did with the boys. Just read on: 

James: One of the first trainees I got from the swim meet was a thirteen year old with light brown hair and brown eyes. James was average height and weight, but a bit quieter than the other boys. He seemed a little more serious too, maybe a little too serious for a boy. But what got my attention was his love of sports. He signed up right away for both track and swim.

When we had our first track practice, James showed up in a pair of khaki shorts that were way tight around his waist and his crotch. They must have been a couple years old. In fact, they showed off his firm round buns and a bulge in front I could hardly believe. Most guys were checking twice to make sure they were right. James had a rather large appendage for his age. Not only was it long, it was pretty plump. He had just joined my troop. He proudly announced to me that he was on his school’s track team, and was really good at the hundred. I questioned that. He didn’t look that fast. But by the time practice was over, I knew I had the fastest hundred meter racer in the meet.

James was not only good; he put everything he had into each event. He was anxious to prove himself. When he was not racing or competing, he was by my side. He had to know I was staring at his crotch, but I doubt he knew why. He would look down to see if there was anything wrong, then look at me puzzled. And I was not about to let him know why I was staring. He seemed to be completely unaware that the other boys were also looking him over. Some were simply confused that he was showing so much. A few wanted to see more. I know I did.

My first break finally came when a button popped off the waist of his shorts. It was the button that held his shorts in place. James was really embarrassed. He explained his problem and asked what he could do to fix it. Although I was pretty busy at the time, I took him aside and was amused to find that not only was the button missing, his zipper was slipping, causing the tight shorts to open and slide down exposing the front. His tighty whities clearly showed the bulge which had expanded because I was sitting in front of him with his growing problem only a few inches away. After taking more than a few minutes to explain to him that his shorts were too small for him, I bravely pulled and tugged on the waist while getting a fairly good feel of his balls and long cut dick. James was red-faced, but assumed I was trying to help and did not back away.

I could have done a lot more given the time, and a bit more privacy with James, but no such luck. I decided a safety pin was the answer to his problem. I explained it would not hold for long, but perhaps long enough to finish the practice. As I pulled the waist band of his shorts this way and that way trying to get a little more waist room for him before pinning him up, I pulled him close enough that I could slide his briefs down just enough to allow the mushroom shaped dick head to peek over the elastic waistband. He chose to look around to see if any one was watching us. I doubt he was aware his dick head was showing. Not until I leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on the tip of that cute little rock hard shaft.

I didn’t give him a chance to see what had just happened, and I’m sure James wasn’t sure. He gave me a puzzled look as I told him to take a deep breath while I set the safety pin and snapped it closed holding his shorts once again very tight. The zipper was still half-way open and I could still see the tip of his pride protruding over the elastic band. I tucked it back in explaining to him that he really didn’t want that showing. That gave me a brief moment to feel his dick and his balls before backing off. Figuring I had gone about as far as I could go without alarming him, I quickly sat back. James accepted the fact that I had fixed the problem and didn’t question my touching. In fact, I’m sure he had enjoyed it - and was pretty sure I had just kissed his dick.

After he had competed in the next event, he was back for more repair work. His safety pin had bent, and had popped open. It would have to be replaced. This time, I had more time to repair it, and had led him away from any adults that might be looking. A couple of other boys came and went, but knew James had shorts problems. And I knew He would let me go further this time. I had already seen his pride and joy. And James knew I had felt it - and made it feel really good. It was already hard when I agreed to take another look.

He once again stood in front of me as I looked over the open waist band and the zipper that had slid completely open. His bulge was covered by his briefs, but had again got really stiff as I opened the waistband to study the problem. I made no pretense to not look over his crotch. There was less traffic, so James no longer needed to be shy. He looked away as I pulled the shorts down far enough to see his still covered crotch. He did watch when I opened his briefs far enough to look at his stiff shaft and his growing balls. He smiled down at me, but didn’t comment. I smiled back and told him he was well built for his age. He blushed when I added the girls were going to want a look, then giggled. There was a small patch of fuzz at the base of his long slender shaft.

I explained I would have to pin the shorts twice and was looking for the best place to try again to pin him. He knew I was doing more than that. I was getting a good look at his goodies. He wasn’t sure why, but something was telling him I really liked him. James was perfectly willing to let me look at his developing goodies. I’m sure he had heard about blow jobs and sex stuff at school. He just hadn’t been there yet. He also had heard about adults that liked kids, and was pretty sure he was getting to know one. The two of us were becoming acquainted. Both had something to gain. Both were anxious and curious. Both knew there was more to come. I took the time to pull his undies down far enough to fondle his nice sized plump little balls and gently rub the underside of his five inch slender shaft. James smiled and moaned. He had played with his privates before, but this was different. No one had ever played with them, but him - and he was more than curious as to my intentions. He would have probably let me go further.

And I would have, but I suddenly noticed Cliff watching. Cliff was my senior scout. He was sixteen, and considered the troop as his. He suspected I was gay, and had just caught a glimpse of me checking out James. He watched me back off and place the pins. I was once again the leader adjusting the pins and solving the problem. Cliff didn’t bother to say anything. His smile was understanding but stern. We had a job to do. That job did not include playing sex games. That was to wait, not to mention such games were to be played in private. James looked on disappointed. An opportunity passed.

The next time I had a chance was not long away. He showed up at the first swim practice. This time he did not have to worry about his shorts. Like the others, he slipped out of them to show off an equally tight pair of speedos, but this time the other speedos on other boys were also tight. I was looking at a dozen boys waiting to start swim training as a team. All of them were showing their goodies through the swim suit. Their ages ran from twelve to fifteen. Their goodies showed both their age and their size. James was well hung, but not the biggest. And Cliff was there to keep me in line. Both were looking forward to this practice. Cliff also liked boys and had proved his talent at teaching skills not shown in the scout handbook. James was a good swimmer, but had no experience as a racer.

I spent a lot of time working with James. I didn’t go easy on him. I needed to teach him timing and technique. And we didn’t have much time. James had to learn that on a swim team every one works together. The coach is the one that makes that happen. Coaches have little time for shyness. Team members work closely and pretty much know who has what. Soon after James had started training, I had him floating in the water while I held him up by placing one hand under his chest and the other one under his waist. When I bent over and gave him a peck on his buns, he looked up at me puzzled. I whispered: “When you swim well, I’ll make you love to be cuddled. When you don’t, I’ll turn that beautiful pair of buns into a stinging red hot seat of pain.” And with that, I turned him upright in the waist deep water and gently rubbed the shaft pressed against his tummy underwater also feeling his ball sac. I was standing behind him and quickly nibbled an ear lobe before backing off. I had James and I knew it. Knowing he would be punished like any other member of the team if he screwed up, he also knew there would be times I would worship his body as a beautiful creation. He was ready.

I had him come in early for the next practice. I told him only that we would work together to improve his muscle tone and stamina. When he arrived, we undressed. We had done this before with the swim team, so he didn’t hesitate that much. We hadn’t done this in my office, but James knew I had plans for him. He watched as I undressed and took off his swim suit so I could look him over. He looked a little anxious, but not scared. He stood before me letting me look him over. I didn’t waste any time admiring his features. He had a great body. I ran my hands over his bare chest and back. Then I went straight to his dick and balls. I had felt him up before, but this time he knew I was going further.

As I fondled his privates, his dick sprang to life. He wanted to hold it, but I asked him to let me see it. He smiled and obliged, standing back far enough for me to ogle and even turning around for me. James was loving this. No one had ever told him he was good looking or sexy. I’m sure he was concerned that this was naughty, but it was also exciting. He was looking at the biggest dick he had ever seen up close and personal. Both of us had rock hard stiffs. James admitted he had discovered the fun of jerking off. He had heard guys at school talk about blow jobs but didn’t know what that was. He had heard it was gay. Gay was guys who did sex stuff, but he didn’t know what. He knew I wanted to do gay stuff, and had liked the way his dick felt when I held it.

I had him stand in front of me again. This time I once again wrapped a hand around his stiffie and began to slowly pump it. James was fine with this. He leaned back and looked around at me when he felt my dick pressed against his buns. He just naturally relaxed when I continued pumping him. He knew this felt great. No one had ever done that for him. Like most teens, he didn’t understand why it could be wrong to do something that felt so great. No matter if it was wrong. He was loving this. Without giving it a second thought, he moved one hand behind him and wrapped it around my dick slowly feeling it up as he started to stroke it. He probably felt it was the right thing to do.

Only when I turned him around and lifted him up onto the desk so that his legs were hanging over the edge did he let go of my dick. As he sat there, he got a good close up look at the huge stiff shaft he had been playing with. He wasn’t watching it for long though. I took his shaft in hand and leaned forward taking the head into my mouth. James let out a gasp of surprise. I was slurping away at his pee hole. His gasp turned into a moan of pleasure. Another first. He had no idea a warm mouth on his stiff rod could ever feel so good. He placed both his hands on my shoulders. He wanted to pull my mouth all the way down, but wasn’t sure if that was all right. He had the sudden urge to start pumping his dick in and out of my mouth, and in fact couldn’t help doing just that. It took a minute for him to realize he was getting a blow job. As it began to sink in, he knew this was something he would want often. He knew this was gay, but no matter. Any thing that felt this good was not wrong. Gay maybe...wrong, no way. Right or wrong, his hips began gently humping those lips. His mind was confused, but his body was not. As he started increasing the thrust and the humping, he put the mind to rest. He was voting to go with the pleasure. Getting a blow job was the most. His hands moved to the back of my head. His teen voice began to crackle as his changing voice was trying to make masculine sounds of extreme pleasure. He was rapidly approaching orgasm, but couldn’t stop thrusting hard and fast into a warm wonderful mouth that was licking and sucking this part of him that felt like it was about to explode.

James tried desparently to warn me that he was going to pump his load down my throat unless I backed off fast. I wasn’t about to miss out on this reward. I held on. He couldn’t wait. His biggest load ever blasted over my tongue. Then he pulled back and did it again. And again. His back arched so high he raised up off the desk. His toes curled up. His legs stiffened straight out from the desk. His breath was ragged and deep. His dick head suddenly became sensitive, and the shaft began to soften. He pulled back and I let go. As I raised up, I pulled him close for a hug and to keep him from falling off the desk. He held onto me for support. His eyes showed a look of surprise and pleasure. He had a grin from ear to ear. I didn’t have to ask if he liked it. We held each other until James asked: “WOW! What was that!”

Ha put up little resistance when I set him up with a pillow while he knelt between my legs. He looked over and slowly stroked my seven inch shaft as I explained that I wanted him to return the favor. He agreed to try and agreed to watch the teeth as I guided the object to his lips. He slowly took in the mushroom shaped head, licking and covering it with his mouth. I sat back and let him taste and savor it. He decided it didn’t taste bad. Ha slowly worked his way further down on it. I helped by feeding him a little at a time until he learned to take it. When he had buried it in his mouth and was lavishing it, I knew James was loving this.

Most teens would have tried to finish as quickly as possible, but he was taking his time. He would pause to break stride, then push it back to the base as if proud he could do that. He only gagged the first few times he went down too far too fast. He quickly got the hang of breathing and gag reflex. Another first. James was giving his first ever blow job, and doing it well. He wasn’t afraid to do it. He just wanted to do it well. He did gag and choke when I blasted my load, but just wasn’t ready to handle that much at one time. He might have been surprised when I shot off, but I’m sure he felt the shaft grow just before my first shot filled his mouth. He looked up surprised, then swallowed and was prepared when the next shot came. He apparently didn’t mind the taste and wasn’t worried about swallowing. He finished me off and held on until I pulled free. Then he looked up smiling.

Complimenting him for doing so well, I was amazed that he kept on licking and even took my balls in as if waiting for the shaft to return to it’s stiff state so he could repeat his new found trick. Since I loved it when some one sucked on the balls, I explained how great it felt when he licked and cleaned my ball sac. He was probably the first boy that really enjoyed doing that, and I trained him how to suck and chew on them so that the shaft would begin to grow again. James liked doing it. I knew I had a special lover - one that would do what it took to please. James seemed to be at ease kneeling on a pillow between my legs.

The one thing James did not like that first time was letting me fool with his butt. He claimed that was “gross” and didn’t even want me to finger it. I’m pretty sure he was afraid that my finger was not all I wanted to use. He had done so well with his mouth, I chose to back off so as to not lose him. There would be plenty of time to work on that, but those chubby well rounded buns became even more enticing knowing he was still a cherry.

James was well received by the swim team. He worked hard to develope racing skills and improve his strokes. As the newest member of the team, it was no surprise the coach spent a lot of time working with him. It was no surprise the coach seemed to have his hands all over him either. The coach was not one to tolerate timid boys who wore only a tiny tight peice of cloth over their privates. Besides, the coach knew exactly what they had, and knew his criticism of their jewels would hurt. They wanted and needed his praise.

When I met with James alone shortly after that first time, there was a surprise. Eli, another team member was there. When I locked the door, Eli dropped his shorts as did I. James was stunned. He knew what I expected of him. We had done it several times now. I had trained him to undress and sit on the desk waiting for his much wanted blow job.

This time, it was different. I used the lube to coat Eli’s crack, then Eli had sat on my dick, looking pretty much at ease with it. Then I told James to take his place on the desk. James looked confused, but got along good with Eli and slowly took his place. He had watched closely as Eli’s butt had slid down that huge looking rod. Eli looked uncomfortable, but then looked pleased as he bottomed out on it. He wiggled his butt a few times to let me know he was all right.

Eli leaned forward taking the stiff rod into his mouth after assuring James he wanted to do this. James was soon giving his approval. Eli was good. Real good. James soon rewarded his friend with a watery, but generous load. Eli swallowed all of it, then backed off smiling.

Eli then took James’s place, but was laid out on his stomach on the desk. He had his legs spread open. I had again slid inside him, and was working him vigorously. Eli let out a high pitched series of groans and moans. Eli was loving this invasion. I took my time . After some ten minutes, I sped up and emptied my load. Then I backed off. Eli was given a towel to use while he headed quickly for the toilet to clean up. He paused long enough to give me a very passionate kiss.

I turned to James, motioning for him to take his place on the pillow on the floor between my legs. James stared at the pillow, then at my dick. It looked clean enough, but he knew where it had just been. Did he want to lick and suck on a dick that had just came out of Eli’s butt? He stared up at me. He liked Eli, but he wasn’t ready to suck a dick that had been up an ass.

I motioned again for James to kneel. He didn’t move. I suggested he lay the pillow on the desk, then bend over it. I would just use my finger to show him it felt good. He had seen Eli take a lot more than a finger without whining. We had a deal. He would let me finger-fuck him, but then he would decide if he wanted to sit on my dick. We had a deal.

I worked him up by greasing up my finger and then using plenty of grease on his crack and his hole. I eased my finger inside after a few failed attempts. He took my advice and held tightly onto the pillow as I slowly entered him. He let out a few groans. The finger burned a little, but mostly just felt strange. It was going the wrong way into a hole that objected. Once it was in, I did my job. I found the prostate and worked it. James was amazed. He not only began squirming in delight; he unconsciously began pushing back to help me finger-fuck him. A few minutes later, James was loving the feeling. He was totally unaware that Eli had returned and was watching his team mate moaning and pushing his butt up to help me. If he knew I had entered a second finger, he didn’t show it. I worked him up knowing he was ready now.

With Eli watching quitely from out of sight, I pulled the figers out suddenly. James glanced back briefly wondering why he felt empty back there. Not for long. I moved quickly to replace the fingers with something else. James began to realize what that was going to be. He still wasn’t sure about this. He just knew he felt really empty back there. When my dick lined up and slid inside, it burned but not that much. He flexed involuntarily trying to stop this new bigger object, but it had popped inside enough that it was not about to be squeezed out. He let out a big sigh rather than a gasp. He seemed to know he had just given up his cherry. He was about to be cornholed. He held tightly onto his pillow as the rod eased it’s way inside. It had hurt, but was soon feeling better. The further it slid in, the more he accepted he could handle it. When it brushed against that spot that made him jump, he pushed back against it in disbelief. He liked it. He wanted those strange feelings that felt great. To his amazement, he was pushing back to keep it coming. His fear of being screwed was gone. No wonder Eli had enjoyed it.

Speaking of Eli, he had watched silently as his friend had given up his cherry. He spoke up once James had started moaning in delight, teasing him that he was truly on the team. James did not disagree. He was willing to admit he liked the full feeling, but felt like I was pushing all the way into his stomach. He rolled back and forth on the desk as I churned up a storm. It took a little longer since I had just emptied a load in Eli, but it was no less exciting to James, who shot off another load without touching his dick. Both of us had enjoyed our new game. I took my time and let him know I was still very much in charge. I changed the rhythm several times to prolong my pleasure. James didn’t seem to mind. His butt was getting a little tired and sore so I blew my second load and reluctantly pulled out. We knew this was one of many to come.

The next time we met, it was agreed between us that Eli would be included. He was more than willing. Eli loved my size. He had discovered he liked anal sex.

Eli was small, but very likeable. He got his wish. I think every one on the swim team kept him happy. When James and I invited him to join us, he took that as flattery and was happy to help.

I made sure that didn’t change any thing between me and James. I loved the things James did to please me. Eli got a kick out of seeing James on his pillow pleasing me. And I was going nuts trying to keep up with two boys who were willing to take me into them by every position you can imagine. On the other hand, they seemed to support each other and had their own sessions just for fun. Eli had become our first threesome partner.

 Other boys would join us at times. James had overcome his fear of playing boy games. Camping and sports became a fun part of his life. So did sex. It remained secret. Our swim team understood that others would not agree with our choice of fun games. Or that swim team guys often stood in front of mirrors admiring their beautiful physique. We were a small group of select guys who loved themselves. We were content to hear only the praise people gave our good looks - and the praise others gave when on their knees accepting our humble gifts.

Chapter Two: Including Charlie

After months of friendly training, I didn’t give it much thought when I offered to take James, Eli, and Cliff on a trip to a mountain cabin. I was a little surprised when James asked if his little brother Charlie could come. I knew that Charlie was just twelve. He had only been in scouts a few months. I didn’t think James had told his brother any thing about us, and asked how we would explain that we planned to spend several days playing boy sex games. James said he knew Charlie would play too. He and his brother had been playing games at home. Charlie was a little small for his age. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a gorgeous smile. Mostly he had a very curious impish personality. I agreed to let him go, but expected James to explain how the rules worked.

Every thing we did at camp stayed at camp. Eli and Cliff knew why we were going. Eli had seen Cliff in the showers and was anxious to check him out. This would be their first time together. They knew I would be happy to be with James, who still loved pleasing me. But Charlie? He was James little brother. Would James be all right with him watching? After all, James was a bottom. Charlie saw James as a sports jock. Also as a big brother. None of us knew Charlie well enough to know how he would react.

We left right after school on a Friday in early fall. It was still warm, but would get chilly at night. We knew it would be cooler in the mountains. We were prepared. We would be on the road for several hours, and it was warm. Shirts came off in the car and Cliff and Eli wasted no time getting acquainted. They cuddled together in the back seat Jeep Station Wagon while James, Charlie and I were up front. I regretfully settled down to a long drive. We stopped for dinner shortly before reaching the cabin and picked up food supplies and lots of snacks. I was a great fan of “Bird Seed”, a popular natural food trail snack full of energy.

When we got to the cabin, it was getting dark. I was tired from driving. We got the supplies put away, then relaxed in front of a fire in the living room. Eli and Cliff quickly claimed the guest room and moved in. After drinks and snacks, they were more than ready to shower and turn in. Eli had been teasing Cliff’s eight inch shaft for hours. Not only did it show, but Cliff made no attempt to hide his bulge. Half the troop had already either seen it or played with it. Cliff was sixteen and knew what he was doing. Being a senior scout was like being a jock in school. What Cliff wanted, he usually got. Eli’s willingness to play up to him kept him happy, but it was time to share his pride with his anxious little buddy. They were the first to head for the shower. Judging from the giggles and grunts coming from the bath room, I was sure Eli was allowing Cliff to have his way with him. James and Charlie just smiled at each other, then at me. Charlie had that impish smile on his face. He knew what they were doing. He knew I approved. He wasn’t surprised, but maybe a little nervous about including a man in his sex play that night. He knew him and James would sleep in with me.

When our time came, I led them to our room. To show Charlie I was not shy, I led the way undressing although James seemed to be OK with the arrangements. Charlie watched, but was slow and nervous. James motioned to him to undress. Charlie stared as I shucked out of my undies. He was definitely impressed by what he saw. He was even more impressed as James and I stepped out into the hall nude and into the bathroom. He hurried to keep up with us. He was new to this, but too curious to miss out on it.

I casually looked Charlie over as I turned on the shower and adjusted the water. James closed the door, then urged Charlie to enter the shower. Charlie watched as I closed the shower door. That’s when James made his move. Without a word, he knelt on the floor and faced Charlie. Charlie’s bare crotch showed an uncut little two inch shaft not yet stiff. His balls had just begun to grow. They had not yet dropped. James opened up and began licking and sucking the foreskin. Slowly, the shaft began to expand until the foreskin began to fill. Charlie smiled, looked up at me and watched to see my reaction. I motioned for James to move aside. As he did, I knelt beside him and did as he had done licking and sucking on Charlie’s pride. I told him I was going to love watching it grow.

I stood back up so Charlie could touch and play with mine. Once he seemed to be getting used to it, I motioned for James to do his duty. Charlie watched amazed as James leaned forward to take in the entire length of my seven inch shaft pushing into his throat and holding it there. I continued to play with Charlie, stroking and massaging it while James began bobbing on mine. Charlie was enjoying both the show and the attention. His big brother was taking a giant dick half way down his throat and really working it over. I was loving it, humping James’ mouth and soaping up Charlie who hadn’t been soaped since his baby years. James had also taken to massaging my balls as he became more comfortable doing his duty to please me.

Charlie had been so engrossed with my soap massage, he hadn’t even noticed the soap had moved down to his crack and my hands were gently pushing his cute little buns apart as my fingers slid easily between them touching and pressing against his tiny little pink rosebud. He finally looked up at me when I pressed a finger inside him to the first joint. He didn’t say anything. He just looked up and smiled, then opened up letting the finger go to the second joint.

James’ action was doing it’s job. I could feel my balls warning me they were ready to let go as James and I were reaching a high pitch. I had to pause with Charlie and back off. He looked up to see why just as I grabbed James’ head and began pumping vigorously. James held on to me by wrapping his arms around my waist. My balls erupted. The first load blasted off about half way down his throat. He backed off far enough that the second load shot across his tongue. So did several more. I was breathing ragged and pumping hard. James waited until I had finished, then backed off. He stood up and we exchanged kisses and cum. After a few moments, I began to come off the high and we eased off each other.

Charlie knew what had just happened. He had been pumping wildly at his own little weinie and managed to get an orgasm, squirming about as we came back to normal. He explained that James had showed him what to do and had even done some stuff with him. Charlie had wanted to see James in action with the big boys. He had no idea that was going to include a grown-up, but was amazed at what James could do. To prove his point, Charlie dropped to his knees and took James dick and almost immediately his load. James was already excited and wasted no time humping Charlie’s mouth. Charlie swallowed a pretty good load before getting back to his feet. The ice was broken. Charlie had joined the club. He knew what the games were all about. He just hadn’t grown into them yet.

We dried each other off taking plenty of time to play and get familiar with each other’s body as we retreated towards our bedroom. Once at the bed, we spread the towels to protect the sheet from wet spots we might cause while playing. No one bothered to ask why. It was just assumed we were far from done playing games. And boy, were we ever. A three way wrestling match wound up with me pinned on my back - James going to work on my seven inch shaft and Charlie laying on top of my chest, his little dick and his balls buried in my mouth. He giggled as I licked and sucked causing much pleasure. James as always was busy causing much pleasure with me trying hard not to interfere with his rhythm and trying to hold off as long as possible before blowing another load. I wanted this fun to last forever.

Charlie could not prevent another dry orgasm, and giggled as his little covered shaft pulsed uncontrollably in my mouth. He rolled off panting raggedly and watching his big brother bob up and down on my pride. I pulled off James in time to grease up and let him straddle my waist and slide down my shaft as Charlie watched him take my huge looking shaft entirely up his poop chute. He had done that for his brother, but his dick was not that big or that long. He was amazed that James could do it, but knew he liked doing it. Charlie had learned the pride and fun of having his brother inside him. He watched as James worked my dick until I got close, then I pulled out, got James on his back, plugged back in, and made mad passionate love to James until I plunged into him hard and fast grunting in pleasure as I shot my load. We included Charlie as we kissed and hugged coming back to earth and reality. The three of us rested, then slid under the sheet. Pleased that we had gotten off to a good start, I was ready to get some rest.

I woke a short time later with someone snuggled up tightly against me. We were both on our side. It was dark. My shaft was feeling great neatly tucked into their crack with their buns covering it. Just the feel of it caused my dick to remain very hard and very stiff. The crack felt like it had been greased and I had no problem moving the shaft up and down his crack making it feel even better. My hands were feeling up the chest and waist. I discovered his dicklett was small and bare. I couldn’t believe I was holding Charlie, but I knew it was him. We were snuggled together in a fetal position. He was breathing deeply and smoothly. Charlie was definitely asleep.

My dick was doing the thinking. It wanted him. It was not willing to slide up and down his crack until it shot off again. I knew Charlie had been screwed by his brother, but I didn’t know how much. I decided to find out. Pulling my shaft down until I felt it line up with the hole, I held him tightly to me by the waist as I pushed firmly against the resisting ring until I felt it push back.

 Charlie was awakening as my dick head popped inside him. He grunted and accepted a pillow I pulled down to give him to grab. I knew it was going to hurt and I was prepared to back off if he refused. Instead, he hugged the pillow and backed up to me as I slowly inched my way inside, pausing to give him time to adjust, but not backing off. I could hear him grunt softly at first.

As I got deeper inside, the grunts sounded more like moans than grunts. Charlie was not only accepting me, he was relaxing. His grip on the pillow was easing up and he was slowly moving his butt to ease down onto the invading rod. Knowing James was sleeping on my other side, neither of us made any noise that might wake him up.

Once I was all the way in, I paused long enough to hug and hold Charlie to me. He looked around at me smiling. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to. I knew he was pleased that he had taken me inside him. Both of us were willing to just enjoy the moment. I hugged him and kissed him on the shoulders and neck.

Satisfied that he was ready, I began slowly humping him. I also moved around inside him to open him up a little. When I found his fun spot, he would softly moan and push back against me trying to prolong the pleasure. I was in no hurry. I couldn’t believe he had given in so easy. I wasn’t sure who was taking advantage of who. Or who was loving it more. At any rate, I knew he liked it, and was willing to enjoy it. He remained quiet as I pulled back and began thrusting longer, harder, and faster. It wasn’t long before I had flattened him out and was on top speeding up my rhythm and plunging in deeper. My balls were up tight. There was no turning back now. My balls pumped their load inside him as Charlie moaned. The two of us were once again pleased and exhausted. He had proved he could play sex games like his big brother, and I think he liked doing it. The two of us dozed off.

When I woke the next morning, James had slid down between my legs and was busy doing his morning duty licking my balls and sucking on my morning stiff. I think he had tasted his brother before I had a chance to tell him what we had done. He was probably not surprised since he knew Charlie wanted to play, and I wanted Charlie. At any rate, he knew what I usually wanted from him first thing in the morning. We would usually wake with James sucking on his favorite play toy, then after I took a morning pee, I would climb on top of him for some of my favorite play toy.

Today, it would be different. Charlie woke as James was having a suck. At first, he was amused. James was sucking the dick that had plowed his poop hole during the night. James took it in stride, reminding him that he already knew that. He was not surprised that I had found another hole to play with. Charlie insisted his brother couldn’t tell by taste, then laughed when I told him he had just admitted I had screwed him. James wrestled with Charlie laughing, and was soon inside him vigorously serving up still another load for Charlie to store. As James lay on top of Charlie’s buns, I climbed on top of him and had my morning exercise resulting in both of them hustling into the bathroom and shower giggling and laughing.

When we made it to the kitchen, Cliff had the coffee on. He and Eli were working on breakfast in their briefs. They glanced up a bit surprised that James, Charlie, and I were still nude. Cliff wasn’t about to let me get by with that. His pride with his long slender shaft demanded that he show off what Eli had been playing with all night. He handed his briefs to Eli, who took them back to their room, returning nude also.

James and I took it in stride, but Charlie stared in curiosity and made no attempt to hide it. He had asked to be here. He knew there was a lot more fun in store - and he was the new comer. I think he knew he would get more than one chance to play with each toy before the games were over. Eli and Cliff got their turn to check out Charlie as well. It was obvious Charlie had been initiated last night. Charlie didn’t need to admit it, so he responded by rubbing his buns as the others watched. The others laughed and teased his butt would feel better, but he may walk funny until he got used to big ones. Cliff wagged his to remind Charlie that it was the longest. It instantly began to fill and expand. Charlie looked and smiled. It was as long as mine, but not as thick. Charlie wasn’t worried. He could handle it, and was willing. Eli was not a problem. He was not much bigger than Charlie, and was happy to be included in the fun.

James and I excused ourselves leaving Cliff and his two playmates to clean the dishes and the kitchen. We settled back on the sofa in front of a TV in the living room, but kept an eye on Charlie. He had no problem at all. He jumped right in helping clean up, and having fun goofing off with his two new friends. Cliff made no move to go further than to become good friends with his new friend. It was obvious Charlie was at ease. After the kitchen area was cleaned up, the three of them eased away to their bedroom where they stayed for maybe an hour. When they reappeared, all of them were smiling as if they had a secret - and I imagine they did.

But not for long. Eli was the first to silently give the secret away. He suddenly began walking like he still had something up his butt - swinging and seductively swishing his buns. Charlie caught on quickly and copied Eli’s walk. Cliff stopped in his tracks, face red, and a guilty look on his face. He stared in disbelief at the two younger ones. James and I burst out laughing as they sashayed by us. Still, no one had said a word. They didn’t need to. They had answered my questions without speaking - probably better than by talking. Eli returned to Cliff’s side, laying next to him on the shag carpet in front of us. Charlie joined me and James. He sat on my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck. James gave him a fake dirty look, then a peck on the cheek. He and I were still giggling at the thought of Charlie and Eli wiggling and squirming as Cliff’s long slim curved shaft pounded away at their tiny little butt holes, one at a time, causing them to squeal in ecstacy as he enjoyed breaking them in.

We took a break from sex games and threw on some shorts to go hiking and boating. I figured the boys would enjoy just getting out to exercise and go canoeing. We had a light lunch break, but stayed away from the sex games for the day. That don’t mean we didn’t play around when we could, but I knew Charlie and Eli were probably a little sore. We still had Saturday night to make up for lost time if the boys were up to it.

As evening came, I announced we would go out for dinner. Each of us showered and dressed. There was some playing during the showers, but I reminded them we were eating out and I expected them to behave. Reluctantly they agreed to that. And dinner went really well. The boys had a big appetite, and ate well. Spirits were still high, so there was plenty of chatter about swimming and sports, but no talk about our sex games. We had a great time.

Once we got back to the cabin, the boys let me know it was their time to have fun. Off came the dress clothes. Every one of them stripped down to their undies. The TV went on. The play stations came out. And four boys settled down to goof off and tease each other about their own personal toys. Things quickly got back to normal. But instead of settling down, Eli laid down next to Cliff pretending to watch TV, but sneaking his hand between Cliff’s thighs to gently massage them. His hands were soon up under Cliff’s balls. Cliff couldn’t keep his mind on a TV show with a powerful stiff that made laying on your stomach uncomfortable. Eli wanted his dessert.

 Cliff removed his briefs and rolled over on his back. His eight inch slender shaft sprouted up over his tummy. Eli never said a word. He just moved so he was in between Cliff’s legs, then lowered his mouth to take on his favorite toy. With about half of Cliff’s shaft covered, Eli was bobbing up and down. Cliff was moaning in pleasure. Cliff turned head to toe, taking Eli’s briefs off so they could suck on each other. The only noise was the sounds of the two of them making up for lost time. TV could wait.

So could the play station. I had not said anything to stop Eli, so James and Charlie looked up at me as if for permission to follow suit. I had removed my clothes and sat back in my recliner. James stripped and took his place between my legs. Charlie joined him. The two of them smiled up at me and proceeded. James went to work on my balls passionately. Charlie took about half of my shaft as if he knew this was what he wanted. Both were naturals, doing what they liked doing. I let them do it their way. I was amazed at how well Charlie was doing with a dick that completely filled his mouth. He and James would change places. James did show Charlie how I liked him to handle my balls.

I don’t know how long it was before Cliff let out a loud moan and rolled on top of Eli to begin deep throating him, but Eli only gagged once, then began taking it deep. A few minutes later, Cliff was blowing his load down Eli’s throat. He would thrust deep and hold it in while he moaned and his dick pulsed shooting another load. Eli was able to swallow quick enough to handle it and took all Cliff could give him.

Finally, Cliff rolled to one side. Eli continued to hold on as he had been trained. Only when Cliff was going soft did Eli back off. Cliff pulled him up beside him and they hugged. Cliff easily moved down and returned the favor after he recovered. Eli’s five inches was no problem. Cliff slurped in all of it and Eli was loving it.

Charlie had his problems. When I blew my load, he could not handle it. He had not learned to swallow fast enough. When the cream started flowing out of his mouth, James took over. He plunged down on the shaft opening his throat to allow it in, then held on as I blew my load into his throat. As he did that, Charlie was licking up what he had lost. He didn’t mind the taste, and had soon cleaned up what he had let slip. Both waited until I was done and backed off pleased that they had done well. I took the two of them in my lap and hugged them. Then James laid down next to Charlie. They went down on each other. So much for no sex time. Far be it from me to interfere with brothers who love each other.

After watching TV for awhile, all of us were ready to call it a day. Cliff and Eli headed off to their room. James, Charlie, and I headed for ours. We had rested up and were ready for more. James knew what I wanted. He slid down, took my balls one by one and began warming and sucking on them. I pulled him up next to me and hugged him. Despite all the sex we had, he was still willing to please me. Charlie had cuddled up on his side, pushing close to me for warmth. James knew what Charlie wanted. He crept off to Cliff’s room. James had grown fond of Cliff’s long slender length and would settle for one more hump from him. I oiled up and decided to give Charlie one to remember.

Charlie looked up at me smiling when I rolled him over on his back and spread his legs, pulling his knees up exposing his tiny little hole as I held my shaft at the door. He watched as the hard shaft entered and disappeared once again inside him. He knew I planned to work him over again and tried to relax as the rod slid out of sight. Once in, I took my time moving around inside him. Not ready to blow my load, I would pull out when I knew I needed to, then slid in again from a different position. I took him on his stomach, on his side, doggie style, then on his knees with his butt in the air. Both of us were tired when I laid him on his tummy again and pounded him till I blew my load. Too tired to pull out, I dozed off still deep inside him. I’m sure I had gone soft but it stayed inside. I’m not sure, but I think I had shot off more than once - twice? - thrice? Charlie had just let me go. He was probably too tired to object. We both fell asleep after cuddling up side by side.

We were a little late waking up the next morning. And we were still reluctant to get up. James was less than happy with me. He and the others were up, had breakfast, and were dressed when me and Charlie showed up, going to the kitchen to find some food. We would have to leave for home soon and Charlie was sore and waddling like a duck. I knew I was in trouble, but tried to play it down.

Charlie’s family suspected some thing was wrong. Charlie denied anything had happened. The other boys, including James, kept quiet, but dad wasn’t convinced.

A short time later, James’s music teacher made a play for him. James wasn’t interested, and told his dad. Dad decided that was it. The boys were not macho enough for dad. He thought the scouts were supposed to be tough - not sissy. James dropped out of the scouts.

Charlie was forced to transfer to a different troop. The scout leader there was a friend of mine who found out from Charlie what had happened.He was also a boy lover. He became Charlie’s new lover.

Charlie did keep in touch. He told me that an adult in the new troop had come on to him within weeks after he had joined them. Although Charlie turned him down, he soon gave in to the scout leader. They were overs for years. And Charlie met with me on camping trips we shared to make out. He eventually became more than friends with the scout leader that fell head over heels for him. Charlie became an Eagle Scout in his new troop.

 His dad found out a few years later that Charlie liked boys and had sex with them. I found out from Charlie that him and his dad no longer spoke.

I had reluctantly returned to taking care of my troop and my swim team. There were other boys to think about. There were also other adventures.

 Still, James and Charlie were special and exciting. Losing them hurt. I’ll not forget them. Just for the record, both later married and have children. Charlie has been in touch with both me and his other scout leader. He is still friends. And he loved growing up with us. Does he still fool around? You’ll have to ask him.

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