Sean's Day Out, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Did that feel good?” I asked with a satisfied smile, running my fingers through Jack's blond hair as he rested inside of me. His dick was still rock hard in my bottom, throbbing with heat around the frothy load of cum that he had just shot. My ankles were resting comfortably on his shoulders, and I could feel the heat of his body against the backs of my legs, which still had shivers running through them from the sex that Jack and I just had.

You were great, Sean,” he assured me, then he puckered up and we shared a deep kiss that brought out a soft moan from deep inside of me, then our lips parted and I sighed. “How was I?”

Perfect,” I told him with a soft tone, reaching out to run my fingers through his blond locks again. “I want to make love again.”

You're still horny?” he asked with a playful grin, and I nodded slowly as I wrapped both of my arms around his neck, locking my fingers together and playfully thrusting my hips. Doing this gave me a luscious burn in my love tunnel as Jack's rock hard dick started to move back and forth again, spreading the seed in my boy pussy along its walls and making me moan with desire. Knowing exactly what I was after, Jack responded to my humping by planting another deep kiss on my mouth, then he took charge of our love making, just the way I wanted him to.

With his moist tongue dancing with mine, I felt a rush of horny pleasure start to sweep me away as Jack ran his thick rod back and forth inside of me. Soon, the walls of my horny bottom were squeezing Jack's cock causing him to outwardly shudder as the frantic flurry of a climax swirled around his head. Knowing that I was about to be seeded with another one of his loads, I responded by moaning hotly into his mouth, wanting to show him how badly I wanted it. My hard pecker was sticking straight out, the way it always did when Jack made love to me, and my nuts were pulled tight.

In contrast, Jack's big balls were swinging back and forth, slapping against my rump as he drove in, then pulling away when he retracted. My legs were rocking back and forth with his humping, giving me the joy of knowing that he was in complete control now. That he was the one who controlled the tempo of our love making, and that I was at his mercy. If he sped up, my legs were rock faster, and if he stopped thrusting, my legs would stop until he wanted to start again. If he wanted to change positions, I would eagerly get on my hands and knees so he could take me from behind. It was strictly Jack's choice, and the pleasure was all mine.

After a luscious two minutes of love making, Jack pushed all the way in and froze while I continued to kiss him hungrily. I felt his load erupt inside of me, spewing hot cum right where he had just minutes earlier, and I loved it. After his cock was spent, he carefully pulled out of me while we were still locked in our kiss, then he pulled his tongue from my mouth and gently supported my legs while he dismounted. When he collapsed on the floor beside me, I dutifully went down on him, sucking his long shaft clean while I purred with satisfaction. When his cock was clean, I moved back up to his chest and collapsed in his arms, letting him hold me while we basked in the afterglow of our sex.

Are you coming over later?” I asked him, and he nodded.

I'm picking your brother up from practice,” he told me as I nuzzled my head in his chest, which was heaving up and down from his labored breaths. “Maybe while he's in the shower, we can do something.”

I'd like that,” I said quietly. “Are you spending the night tonight?”

I don't know yet,” he said, his chest starting to slow down as his breathing calmed down, then he reached down and gave my soft buns a playful pinch. “If I spend the night, what's in it for me?”

I smiled at him, meeting his playful expression with one of my own, then I winked at him and gave my rear end a shake.

My mom and dad are going to Ed's tournament tomorrow,” I reminded him. “Do you think we can see each other?”

Are you staying home, Sean?” he asked, and I nodded, resting my head back down on his chest.

I was thinking that maybe tomorrow, we can have a party with some other guys,” I said quietly, knowing that he wasn't completely on board with the idea.

I don't know about that, Sean,” he cautioned me. “These guys are really horny, and a lot of them are older than me. I just don't want anyone to hurt you.”

I just want to try it once,” I countered, knowing that Jack was less than thrilled with the idea of me bottoming for a group of horny high school boys.

You're only 12, Sean,” he told me. “You're a lot smaller than those guys. Don't you know some kids who go to your school who might want to do it?”

No, not yet,” I told him, giving him a mischievous smile. “But after tomorrow, everyone at my school will know.”

That's what I'm worried about, Sean,” he said. “Once you come out, there's no going back in, buddy.”

But I don't want to go back in,” I told him, reaching out and wrapping my hand around his semi hard dick. “I want everyone to know so cute guys like you will date me.”

What if you aren't in the mood tomorrow?” he asked, so I licked my lips with a slutty grin.

I'll be in the mood,” I assured him, prompting him to smile knowingly. “I'm always in the mood.”

With that, I slid back down his torso and wrapped my lips around his shaft with a moan. According to the clock on the wall, I had 45 minutes to get home and open my backpack, so I made the most of my time with my lover. Without taking his dick out of my mouth, I maneuvered myself so that I was kneeling between his legs, which were spread wide enough for me to get on my hands and knees while I blew my top. With my mouth filled to the brim with hard cock, I smiled at Jack and bobbed my head up and down, eager to take his entire length to the back of the throat.

After ten minutes of lust filled cock sucking, I felt a stir in my bottom for another quick ride on Jack's cock. So I reached between my legs, bypassing my hard little prick, and rubbed my hot entrance. It was still oozing with cum, so I pulled off of his dick with a slurp and climbed on. I carefully settled my ass against the head of his dick and eased it back inside of me, feeling it get hot as it slid straight up my love tunnel. Jack was watching me with a grin as I straddled his dick, using my knees to raise my body up and down. As I settled into my ride, I let my gaze follow Jack's, all the way down to my hard, hairless rod, which was still sticking straight out. I placed my hands on his tummy and tightened up, loving the way his cock made my rear end sizzle with passion.

Jack's expression was sheer bliss as he watched my dick bob up and down with the flow of my ride. I gave him my cutest smile and bit my lower lip, then I let my gaze move back down to my rod, seeing that a tiny drop of slimy precum had emerged and was resting in the piss slit. At the same time, Jack's expression started to change rapidly, so I hastened the pace of my ride and tightened the muscles in my boy pussy again. I felt his cock start to get hot as the friction between his cock and the lining of my ass started to get the better of him. I felt his cock start to expand as the cum started to rise up his shaft, alerting me to the load of cum that was about to erupt. I increased the speed of my ride to an almost frantic pace, watching as Jack's face contorted with the fury of his approaching climax. At the last possible moment, I raised myself up so that his dick came out of my ass, then I wrapped my lips just in time to take his load in my mouth. I started sucking furiously on the end of his cock, and was rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum that shot in with force. I swallowed as quickly as I could, eager to take it all without losing a drop, then I wrapped my fist around it and jerked as hard as I could, earning another flurry of cum that spurted into my mouth while I moaned like a bitch in heat.

I don't like to brag, but I'm a pretty good cock sucker, and I'm really proud of that. When Jack and I first started meeting for sex, I was 11 years old and didn't have any idea what to do. So all I did was suck cock for him, but I really enjoyed doing it. I wanted to be good enough for him to keep coming back for more, so I practiced different techniques that I learned by watching online porn in my room. It seemed like the better I got at sucking dick, the hornier I was to do it. So with Jack's body as my playground, I started giving him head at least twice a day.

When I was ready to try anal sex, Jack was reluctant at first, but I slowly talked him into it by finger banging my ass while I sucked him off. Soon, I was using two fingers, then three fingers, and finally Jack caved in. Our first time was painfully slow. Not because Jack hurt me with his dick, but because he was so cautious that I felt frustrated. When he finally had his full six inches inside of me, I felt magical. When he began to move it back and forth, I felt like I was in the middle of a sweet dream that I never wanted to wake up from. Then he seeded my boy pussy and I knew that I was on this earth for the sole purpose of pleasing cocks.

From that point forward, I've been seeing Jack every day after school for sex. We always go down to his basement, where his mom and dad can't hear my moans. I try to take at least two of his loads up my butt, but sometimes I beg him to pull out before he cums so I can have it in my mouth. On my 12th birthday, Jack somehow managed to come see me in my room while my brother and my parents were downstairs with my guests. I dropped my pants as fast as I could and bent over for a hot, fast ride on Jack's dick while everyone else socialized.

As soon as he was inside of me, I felt my boy pussy heat up with passion and pushed back to meet his forward thrusts. When he bred my boy pussy, I waited for him to pull out, then I dropped to my knees and worshiped his dick with my mouth until he was ready to go again. I was hot for another express round of back door service, so I climbed onto my bed on my hands and knees. With a seductive smile, I hung my rear end off of the edge of the bed and licked my lips while he held my hips in place and used me as a glory hole. While he fucked me on my bed, I begged him to spunk off in my mouth when he was ready, and he happily obliged. A minute after the start of my second lay, he pulled out and waited for me to wrap my lips around his dick. With a luscious mouthful of hard birthday dick, Jack achieved his climax, filling my mouth with his precious seed while I fingered my ass and moaned. When I swallowed, we shared a deep kiss, then I joked that the real party was in my ass, and that I wanted everyone to cum.

With a rear end full of hot spunk, I felt satisfied and rejoined the party downstairs. Jack went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet, giving everyone at the party the impression that he'd been in there the whole time. When I started to feel antsy for another ride, I lured Jack to the side of the house and he fixed me up. I didn't even have to pull my pants down. Instead, I unbuttoned them and lowered the seat just far enough to expose my rump, leaving them up in the front, where my hard boy boner was raging. Jack simply slid his dick right between my cheeks and slipped up inside of me. I moaned when I felt him enter me, then he used his hands to hold my hips tight. With his hard tool buried to the hilt, Jack began to thrust, giving my horny boy pussy another express service that left me with a fresh load of cum to walk around with.

I knew that I was being slutty, especially because my mom and dad were cooking on the grill outside. They were coming outside to check on the meat they were cooking, but the only meat I was interested in was the meat that dangled between Jack's legs. By the time everyone sang and I blew out the candles on my cake, I had a well seeded boy pussy and a warm feeling in my tummy from the load I swallowed in my room. That night, when I went to bed, Jack snuck into my room and I gave him a quick blow job. Later, when everyone was in bed, we met in the downstairs bathroom and I was quick to drop my pajama bottoms for him.

While I was taking a dirty ride on Jack's cock, my final birthday offering from him, my head was swimming with the horny fantasy of sucking non stop cock while I was topped by a continuous line of sexy boys like Jack. The next morning, I heard my brother get in the shower so I snuck into his room and gave Jack some morning head. After swallowing his load, I revealed my fantasy to him. At first, he grinned and told me how hot it was. As the days went by and he realized that I truly wanted to go through with it, he started to worry. Still, I was persistent with him, letting him know that I wanted to be a non stop cum receptacle for a group of big dicked boys like him.

I worried that my chance might never come, but then my brother advanced to the finals of a wrestling tournament, necessitating a drive to a completely different county. And just like that, my window of opportunity was wide open.


Are you all set, pal?” my dad asked, sitting on the side of my bed and caressing my cheek with his palm. Sitting right beside him, my mom was picking my stuffed elephant Sammy up from the end of my bed, then she handed it to me with a loving smile while I answered my dad.

Yeah, I brushed my teeth and peed before I laid down,” I said with a smile, taking my favorite stuffed animal from my mom and cuddling it with my right arm.

Are you sure you don't want to go with us to your brother's tournament tomorrow?” my mom asked with a searching look, but I shook my head no.

I'll be okay, mom,” I assured her, and she took a deep breath.

Well, we'll be leaving early in the morning,” she said. “Jack's spending the night tonight, so he might be here when you wake up.”

That's okay, I like Jack,” I told her with a smile, prompting her to share a quiet look with my dad.

You two have gotten to be pretty close lately, haven't you sport?” my dad said, and I nodded silently.

We can tell that you've been enjoying his company, honey,” my mom said, once again smiling down at me. “Do you think you'll spend time with him tomorrow?”

Yeah, I really want to,” I said, looking up at her for a reaction. She simply drew in a long breath and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.

You're getting to be such a big boy now, aren't you?” she observed, and I nodded up at her, studying her expression. “As long as spending time with Jack makes you happy.”

It does, mom,” I said with a dreamy sigh that escaped before I could catch myself, then I studied her face.

That's all we want for you, sport,” my dad said, leaning down and planting a kiss on my forehead. “Just don't forget that mommy and daddy love you, and we're always going to be here for you.”

No matter what?” I asked in a small voice.

No matter what, pal,” he said, rubbing my chest with the palm of his hand. “You have a good time with Jack tomorrow, okay?”

I will,” I said with a smile, watching as they got up and walked out of my room. “Mom, dad?”

Yes, honey?” my mom answered, stopping at the door behind my dad.

I love you.”

We love you too, Sean,” she said, then she turned my light off and closed the door.

As I laid in the dark, I wondered just how obvious it was to them. Maybe it was something I had done that night that tipped them off. Like sneaking into my brother's room to get him off while my brother was taking a much needed shower after wrestling practice. Or maybe because they saw me lean into his side while we sat on the couch and watched TV. Or because I rested my head in his lap and purred like a kitten while he petted my head. Of course, my big brother was there too, letting me rest my feet in his lap and rubbing my legs, but he always did that for me. And he didn't seem to think that there was anything out of place when Jack gave me his lap.

While I was wondering to myself what tipped them off, my door opened and my brother Ed walked in to say goodnight.

Hey short stuff,” he said, sitting down on my bed and reaching under my covers to tickle my chest.

Hey Ed,” I said, giggling when his fingers tickled my stomach's diaphragm. “Good luck tomorrow.”

Thanks, little brother,” he said, smiling down at me. “I didn't get a hug downstairs.”

With that, I sat up and he wrapped me up in a hug while I hugged him back with all of my might. I felt him kiss the side of my head, then he smiled as I laid my head back down on my pillow.


Yeah buddy?”

Do you think I'm gay?”

I had no idea where that question even came from, or why I would have thought to ask my brother something like that. He's the person I love the most, along with my mom and dad. I immediately regretted what I said, and I gave him a nervous look as he swallowed hard and contemplated his answer. He let go of a reflective sigh, then he pulled my covers back up to my chest and said, “It's okay to be gay, short stuff. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for it, okay?”

I won't,” I promised him, looking up at his face and realizing that he was the best brother I could ever hope for.

I think Jack wants to come in and visit you for a little bit, too,” Ed told me, watching my face light up. “I figured you'd want to see him again before you fall asleep.”

How did you know?”

It's my job, little brother,” he said, then he broached a new subject. “Jack says that you're making some big plans for tomorrow.”

Yeah,” I admitted, feeling my cheeks heat up with shame because my brother knew what I was planning.

Just don't get hurt, short stuff,” he said with a protective look on his face. “I'd hate to have to kick some ass at school because someone hurt my best little buddy.”

I promise not to get hurt, Ed,” I said, earning another kiss on the head before my brother got up.

I'm proud of you for coming out, Sean,” he told me, and all I could do was gaze up at him with a loving smile as he walked out, leaving the door open behind him.

When Jack came in, he shut the door behind him and I immediately pulled the covers back. With a naughty smile, I pulled my pajama bottoms and underwear down to my feet, then I kicked them off and sat up. Beating me to the punch, Jack had already pulled his pants and his boxers down, so all I had to do was reach out and grab his hard stalk and ease it into my watering mouth. When I wrapped my lips around it, my moist sucking created a smack that rang out like a loud kiss, drowning out the horny moan that I was simultaneously letting go of as I felt my little body shiver with passion all over again.

While I was treating myself to a mouthful of Jack's hard dick, I used both of my hands to caress his warm balls, which I knew were full of his luscious sperm. I was so hot to swallow a load that I stayed where I was, sucking lustily and taking his cock to the back of my throat. My hairless rod was stiff as a board, sticking out like a four inch flag pole and burning with pleasure as I used my tongue to bathe the entire length of Jack's 15 year old fuck stick. At the same time, my rear end started to throb with horny delight, and I could feel it moisten with my natural juices as I contemplated taking a missionary ride on Jack's cock.

I felt him run his fingers through my brown hair, prompting me to look up at my cute lover with a needy whimper as I settled into a rhythmic throat fuck. There was precum flowing out of the end of his dick, almost like water, and I was hot to swallow every drop of it. I could feel his warm balls start to tighten in my hands, telling me that the load I was so anxious for was coming. I moaned a little louder than I meant to as I gulped down a pool of precum that had collected in my mouth, mixing with my spit in a glorious concoction that only added to my carnal lust. I felt another pool of his thick precum start to build up in my mouth, and just as I was preparing to swallow it, his hot cock gave a fierce jerk and I knew that the missing ingredient to my luscious concoction was about to be deposited in my mouth.

So with the certainty of a dedicated cock sucker, I used my tongue to trap the head of his dick up against the roof of my mouth and added suction. I felt his dick jerk again, and as a powerful shiver ran through my entire body, Jack treated me to a quartet of powerful cum shots. One after the other, they all shot out of the end of his dick with the force of a water gun, prompting me to swallow as fast as I could. I swallowed with furious gulps, but he was shooting so hard that my mouth quickly started to overflow and cum ran down to my heaving torso. When I finally caught up, the rate of his cum shots had slowed to a near stop, so I eagerly wrapped my left hand around his shaft and jerked it. I was treated to a few more modest spurts, then the rest of his load ran out and I took it on the face with a naughty smile.

With his cum still coating my smiling face, I wrapped my lips back around Jack's cock and sucked it with lust filled purrs. While I was carrying on with this task, I heard two sets of footsteps walk away from my door, and realized that my mom and dad were listening in. Still filled with an insatiable hunger for Jack's cock, I simply carried on with my cock worship while his cum cooled on my face. He was still hard as a rock when I finally pulled my lips away from his dick, so I used my fingers to gather up the cum that was on my face, then I raised my legs and fingered it into my boy pussy. My hard little dick was still standing at attention as I slid two cum coated fingers up my butt, moaning hotly as I leaned back over and wrapped my lips around Jack's cock again.

With Jack's dick back in my mouth, I treated myself to a hot finger fuck that got my juices flowing. My head was swimming with pleasure when I pulled off of his cock and spread my legs, eager for him to pump a hot, fresh load of sperm into my horny boy snatch. Taking me up on my obvious offer, Jack crawled between my legs and carefully raised them up into the air. When my ankles were resting on his shoulders, he leaned down and we shared a deep kiss. As our tongues danced so deliciously, I felt the slimy head of his dick at my cum slicked entrance, seeking its entry. I responded by wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him down into my face, then I felt his head slip in and I sighed with relief into his mouth.

With his cock sliding deep into my yearning rear end, I kissed him with hunger, loving how it felt to be topped in the missionary position in my bed. When Jack started his slow, gentle ride, I moaned with pleasure, knowing that I was giving into my carnal needs. My boy pussy was getting a thorough service tonight, with Jack driving in deep to take care of its needs. I required a deep rooting on this occasion, sporting an itch in my bottom that could only be scratched by a hard, throbbing cock. And on this night, Jack's cock was just what the doctor ordered, with the large head scratching my itchy boy pussy so perfectly. I could feel his hard tool starting to administer a soothing salve of precum, a temporary form of relief ahead of the hot, thick elixir that he would leave as a final prescription for the throbbing desire that I felt all evening long.

As my ride got more passionate and my pleasure continued to build, I lost track of time. Jack was fulfilling all of my needs, kissing me with plenty of tongue while he fed me stroke after stroke of hard cock. My moans were pouring into his mouth while my feet waved back and forth in the air, sticking up just far enough that anyone looking into my bedroom window would see them. I had forgotten all about my raging little boner, which was glistening with its own tiny pearl of precum, just at the piss slit. But I didn't care about it at all. I only cared about the cock that was inside of me, taking care of my boy pussy, the only sex organ of mine that needed attention.

I heard Jack start to grunt in my mouth, and I knew that his seed was about to be planted. That soon, his sperm would be mine to keep, a fulfilling reminder of the lovemaking in my bed. And as I prepared to accept Jack's load, I thought about the boys whose dicks I would be servicing the next day. The loads that I would be swallowing, the ones that I would feel shooting into my hungry rear end. How hard my boy pussy would throb as cock after long, thick cock slid deep inside of it and gave it a proper fucking. As these thoughts filled my horny imagination, I felt a powerful burn start to swirl in my bottom, then it spread through my midsection and engulfed my entire pubic region. At the same time, I felt a strong series of shivers roll through my body, up my back and along the backs of my legs. Jack's cock started to feel bigger than it actually was, and my boy pussy started to feel hotter and tighter than I remembered it being.

Sensing the sudden onset of my ecstasy, Jack hastened the pace of our fuck, plunging in harder and faster while I saw stars dancing all around my head and flashes of light started to cloud my vision. This only made my situation more chaotic, causing me to feel my body tremble hard in spastic motions as I moaned like I never had before into my lover's mouth. In the midst of my hot moaning, I felt my body catch fire and started to pant hard, feeling a swell in my 12 year old body that was brand new to me. Seconds later, I felt my bottom explode with ecstasy as four powerful shots of cum streamed in, one right after the other. I was in such a state of bliss that I didn't realize that Jack had stopped thrusting, and was now buried all the way inside of me, making his spermy deposit. We were still kissing hungrily, my passion at an all time high as I came down from the new heights that Jack had taken me to with his hard dick.

When we finally broke our kiss, we shared a tender smile and I felt a swell of affection in my heart for Jack that was brand new. He leaned down and kissed me again, just briefly, then he slowly eased his throbbing meat out of my well bred boy pussy. He laid down next to me, and as if I were in a race, I scrambled to take his dick in my mouth and suck it clean while he rubbed my back. Not wanting to part with his cock, I rested my head on his tummy and treated myself to its length and girth with a blissful smile. I was letting out soft moans of contentment, feeling my rear end burn with the luscious afterglow of my hot butt fuck. With Jack's hard dick still throbbing in my mouth, I savored it by slurping loudly on the end, then I used my tongue to bathe its head with a throaty moan.

I heard two sets of footsteps walk away from my door again, this time walking to my parents' room, and I knew that they heard it all. Still, I made no move to pull Jack's dick from my mouth, wanting to keep it there forever as a gesture of my devotion to pleasing him. After savoring his hard shaft for twenty straight minutes, I heard Ed knock lightly at my door, so I pulled off of Jack's cock with a slurp. I was about to pull the covers up over our bodies, but before I could, he spoke through the door.

Dude, just sleep in Sean's room tonight.”

Before Jack could answer, I called out, “He will.”

With that, I wrapped my dick sucking lips around Jack's cock and moaned softly, using my hands to fondle his balls until he filled my mouth with a creamy load of hot cum. I sat up and swallowed, then I crawled into his arms and we fell asleep.

I opened my eyes in the middle of the night, listening to Jack's light snoring. My head was resting on his chest, and I could feel every breath he took filling it with air. I carefully used my right hand to reach down and feel his cock, which was hard as a rock. I looked at the alarm clock by my bed and saw that it was 2am, and I realized that I was the only one in the house that was up. I carefully wrapped my little hand around Jack's cock and started to stroke it, causing him to stir in his sleep. Feeling incredibly horny, I leaned in and planted my lips to his, kissing him as passionately as I could without slipping him any tongue. I felt his hot cock throb three times in my hand, and I knew that if I kept it up, he'd cum. Not wanting to waste my opportunity, I whispered in his ear, “Will you fuck me?”

Sure,” he said sleepily, and I knew that he was still out of it. Still, I planted another kiss on his mouth, then I slipped my tongue in and kissed him hungrily while I continued to stroke his cock. When we broke our kiss, I straddled his midsection and found his cock in the dark with my boy pussy, which was in need of a quick service. I knew that Jack was close, but I felt an urgent need to take it in the ass. So I lowered myself on his cock and moaned quietly, feeling it throb over and over again inside of me. I immediately started to ride him, feeling my hard boner jump with every up and down motion that I took.

Eager to get the most out of my visit to Jack's express service lane, I tightened up and rode him hard, hearing my bed start to creak in the dark. At the same time, my moans got louder and I knew that my mom and dad might be able to hear me. Still, I was so horny for a hot load of cum up my butt that I couldn't bring myself to stop. When Jack started to fire his load into me after only 90 seconds, I let loose with a long, slutty moan and rode him harder, eager for as many deep thrusts as I could have. Finally, he was spent, so I climbed off of him and sucked his dick clean while he went back to sleep. Satisfied with my midnight quickie, I crawled back into his arms and fell asleep with my head on his chest.

Four hours later, I awoke to the sound of my brother in the shower, so I got up and extracted myself from Jack's warm embrace. I quickly stepped into my undies and my pajama bottoms, then I hurried into my mom and dad's bathroom, eager to drain my bladder. Their bed was empty, and I figured that they were downstairs getting ready to leave, so I decided to climb back into bed with my lover. As I made my way out of my parents' room, my mom greeted me in the hallway. I gave her a shy smile, realizing that this was our first interaction since she heard me in my room, moaning like the little cock hound that I am.

She reacted to my smile by kneeling down and wrapping her arms around me.

Good morning, Sean,” she said, rubbing my back as I laid my head on her shoulder. “I take it you got up to potty?”

I nodded my head, then I said in a soft voice, “I didn't pee on your toilet seat.”

Thank you for that, honey,” she said, planting a kiss on my head. “I guess miracles never cease.”

With that, I lifted my head from her shoulder and gave her a wry smile, then she went on.

I guess you had a nice time last night,” she said, and I nodded my reply as I cast my eyes away from her face. “Honey, daddy and I already know. And we know what you're going to do the minute we leave, too. Just be sure that nobody pressures you into doing anything you don't want, okay?”

I won't mommy,” I promised her, letting her wrap me up in another hug. “Did I already come out to you and dad?”

Not really, sweetie,” she said, then she released the hug and smiled at me. “But if you'd like to, you can.”

Can I do it right now?” I asked, feeling the sudden urge to be out of the closet to my mom and dad before taking the step out later today.

Of course you can, baby,” she said, standing up and taking my hand. We walked downstairs to the kitchen, where my dad was sitting at the breakfast nook drinking a cup of coffee. His face lit up when he saw me walk into the kitchen with my mom.

Well good morning sport,” he said, opening his arms for me to give him a hug.

Good morning dad,” I said, wrapping my arms around him.

Eddie, Sean has something he'd like us to know about him,” my mom said, prompting my dad to nod and give me a warm smile.

I just wanted you both to know that I'm gay,” I said shyly, prompting my mom and dad to smile and gush. They both knelt down and sandwiched me in a tight hug, then they smothered my face with kisses.

I love you, sport,” my dad said, then he planted one more kiss on my cheek.

I love you too, daddy,” I said, glad that it was over.

Are you heading back to bed when we leave?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly, earning me a knowing smile from both of my parents. “I guess you enjoyed having a visitor last night.”

Yeah, I really did,” I said with a glowing smile, lisping a little and raising up on my tippy toes as I said it. “I wish I could have a visitor in my room every night.”

Well maybe you and Jack can have some alone time when we leave,” my mom suggested with a knowing smile and a wink. “It'll be just like when you see him after school, but we'll be gone all day.”

We're going to have a lot of fun today,” I declared, then I caught myself again and smiled shyly. My mom and dad shared a look between then, then they both smiled down at me and nodded their approval.

Why don't we sit together for a little bit, buddy?” my dad said, letting go of our hug and standing up. “Mommy and I want to spend some time with you while your brother gets ready.”

With that, he offered me his hand and I reached out to take it, slipping my comparatively little paw into it with a smile. My mom reached down and took my other hand, then they guided me to the couch in the living room. My dad took a seat on the far left cushion while I sat next to him, then he patted his thigh with a hopeful smile. I eagerly climbed into his lap and got comfortable while he rubbed my back, then he planted a kiss on my cheek while my mom took the spot beside us.

So you have a big day planned, huh?” he said, running his fingers through my hair as I looked up at my parents' expressions. They were both smiling, but I could see the curiosity on their faces, and maybe some concern as they waited for me to answer them.

Yeah, I want to come out to everyone in a sexy way,” I told them, hoping that they'd leave it at that. My mom placed her hand on my shoulder and rubbed it with her palm, then she ran her hand up and down my back while I smiled in appreciation.

What kind of sexy plans do you have, Sean?” she asked me in an encouraging tone, and I took a deep breath as I thought about all of the cute guys whose dicks I planned to service. I felt a warm sensation spread out from my chest to the rest of my body, and with a lisp that I couldn't control, I answered her question.

I want to mess around with cute boys from Jack and Ed's school,” I admitted, once again studying their reactions. They were still smiling warmly.

When you say mess around, do you mean that you plan to do the things that you do with Jack?” my dad asked, and I nodded feverishly. “Can you tell mommy and I what you and Jack do?”

Will we get in trouble?” I asked, my lisp seeming to get thicker every time I talked. My dad caressed my cheek with his right palm and shook head head no, so I nodded and went on. “If I say it, I have to cuss.”

That's okay, buddy,” my dad said. “We're having a grown up conversation, so mommy and I won't get upset if you cuss, okay?”

Okay daddy,” I lisped thickly, then I admitted out loud what my parents already knew about me. “I suck dick.”

I see,” my mom said, still rubbing my back. “Is there anything else you two do?”

Yeah,” I practically whispered with a blush. “I take dicks up my butt, too.”

Is that something you enjoy, Sean?” my dad asked, running his fingers through my brown head of hair.

I do it every day,” I confessed, looking them both in the eye. “I suck dick every day too.”

My naughty confession left me wondering what they thought of me. Then my mom said something that made me blush deeper.

We've known that for a couple of weeks, honey,” she told me. “Daddy and I saw you get lucky on the side of the house at your birthday party.”

You did?” I asked with wide eyes, and they both nodded at me with sympathetic smiles.

We saw you kissing him, and we knew our little birthday boy had a boyfriend,” my mom told me.

You were moaning pretty loud out there, buddy,” my dad said. “Mommy and I could hear you when we were tending the barbecue. So we walked around to see what was happening and we saw you bending over with your pants down. It looked like you were enjoying yourself.”

Were you ashamed of me?” I asked, feeling my cheeks heat up, but my mom and dad both shook their heads no and I felt a wave of relief sweep over me.

We would never be ashamed of you, honey,” my mom said just as my dad planted a kiss on my head. “We love our little gay boy.”

I love you too,” I lisped, and they both gushed.

That lisp of yours keeps getting thicker and thicker, doesn't it, buddy?” my dad asked, and I smiled up at him.

I can tell that you're enjoying being out of the closet, honey,” my mom observed, and I nodded in agreement.

I want to tell you something else,” I lisped, and they both listened intently while I confessed my naughtiest secret. “Before me and Jack went outside, we went in my room and I took it in the butt.”

Did you enjoy it?” my mom asked.

With a smile and a nod, I told her, “I loved it. When he came in me, I got to suck his dick. Then he gave it to me in the butt again.”

It sounds like our little birthday boy was scoring all day,” my dad commented, smiling proudly. I gave him a naughty grin, then I went on.

I was scoring all day, daddy,” I lisped daintily. “After everyone went to bed, I snuck him into the downstairs bathroom and got lucky one more time.”

One last birthday lay,” my mom joked, and I giggled with her.

I'm going to get another lay after Jack wakes up,” I told her, biting my lower lip as I contemplated bottoming for my lover again.

Well I hope it's a nice one, honey,” my mom said with a warm smile. “Jack's a lucky boy to have a sweet little lover like you.”

So let's talk about your big day, buddy,” my dad said. “Are you planning to try to get lucky with boys besides Jack today?”

Yes daddy,” I admitted, then I let go of a tiny whimper. “I want to suck dicks all day and take them in my butt.”

Just don't get hurt, son,” my dad said, hugging me tight to his chest. “I want you to enjoy yourself, Sean, but don't let anyone make you do something you don't want, okay?”

Okay daddy,” I lisped. “Jack already told me that I have to tell him if I want to stop.”

Good, I want you to make sure you listen to that, son,” he said just as we heard the water stop in the upstairs shower.

I promise,” I said with a sweet smile. “I want to do it with cute guys really bad, though.”

Well I hope you get lucky as many times as you want, sweetie,” my mom said, planting a kiss on my lips.

All the guys are going to have really big ones,” I said with a shudder. “I can't wait to start sucking them off and feeling them do me in the butt.”

It sounds like my little cock hound's horny,” my dad observed, and I nodded up at both of them through a needy moan. “Why don't you head upstairs and wake Jack up, buddy?”

Okay,” I said, then I felt my dad scoot me off of his lap. I gave my parents one last hug, then I hurried up the stairs, eager to start Jack's day off with a blow job. On the way up, I saw my brother walking out of the bathroom with his boxers on and a towel wrapped around his neck, hanging down over his pecs. He smiled when he spotted me, so I followed him into his room and sat on his bed.

What's up little brother?” he asked when I sat down.

I just wanted to see you again,” I said, still lisping thickly. He gave me a smile and used the towel to finish drying his damp hair, then he playfully tossed it at my face. When I gathered the towel up, he sat down beside me.

Did you have a good night?” he asked, and I nodded. “What did mom and dad say?”

I came out to them downstairs,” I told him, and he smiled warmly. “I can't wait to tell everyone that I'm gay, Ed.”

Just remember what I told you last night, buddy,” he said, wrapping his arm around me in a protective manner. “I love you the most, and I'd be really devastated if someone ever hurt you.”

I love you too, Ed,” I said, wrapping my little arms around his chest and giving him a long hug. “I hope you win today.”

Thanks baby bro,” he told me, planting a kiss on my cheek. Before we released the hug, he asked me, “Are you sure you want to go through with it?”

I'm sure, Ed,” I assured him. “I already told mom and dad that if I don't want to, I'll tell Jack.”

Okay then, buddy,” he said, hugging me extra tight for a moment longer, then we let go and he finished getting ready while I sat on the bed and visited with him. When he was ready, he grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder, then I gave him one last hug before he went downstairs to let our mom and dad know that he was ready.

As soon as Jack went downstairs, I made a quick beeline down the hall to my room, eager to wrap my lips around Jack's morning boner and take care of it for him. My little dick started to get hard as thoughts of reliving his morning wood filled my mind, wishing that I could do it for him everyday. I went inside and closed the door, grinning when I saw my 15 year old lover sleeping face down on the pillow with his face just inches from the edge of the bed. His lips looked so kissable, but he was sleeping peacefully and I didn't want to wake him that way.

With his luscious hard on buried beneath his naked body, I crawled into the bed and got between his legs, putting myself in position behind him. His sexy rear end was splayed out in front of me, so I parted his cheeks and took sight of his puckered back door. It looked tight and pink, with a few curly hairs sprouting out around it. His entire crack was lined with sweat that he no doubt accumulated throughout the night while we slept. And while he was thrusting his hips, driving his hard cock deep in my boy pussy while I moaned with pleasure. And when I woke up horny in the middle of the night and climbed on his cock, yearning for some back door action.

As the thoughts of the action he'd already given me filled my horny mind, I leaned in and planted my face in his crack. I took a deep whiff, pulling in his musky aroma, then I hungrily ate at his back door. While I was using my tongue to dine on Jack's delicious poop-chute, his bottom started to raise up against my face, telling me that he was awake and enjoying my morning feast as much as I was. I dug in deeper with my tongue and reached between his legs, wrapping my fist around his hot boner and feeling its girth. With a moan, I reluctantly gave up the rim job that we were both taking so much pleasure in, watching as he rolled onto his side.

I quickly took his warm spot on the bed, staying in the doggy style position for him while he got behind me. I felt him hook the waistband of my pajamas and underwear, then he eased them down while I bit my lip and watched over my shoulder. He pulled them down just far enough to access my horny bottom, letting them rest just below my bubble butt, giving me a slutty thrill. I felt him grab my hips and line up while I moaned like a bitch in heat, then he pushed in and my rear end opened up and swallowed his entire length in one delicious motion.

When he was buried inside of me, I smiled over my shoulder and licked my lips, feeling his fingers dig in hard. He started to thrust right away, his hips slapping hard against my butt cheeks every time he buried his length inside of me. His deep thrusts were making me pant hard, giving me so much pleasure that my legs throbbed with electricity. The swell of joy I felt inside of me was growing at a steady pace, and I shut my eyes tight as I felt his dick scratch the itch inside of me. Just like the lay I had in the middle of the night, though, this one was fast and dirty. My boy pussy was in the express service lane again, and I knew that he was about to cum inside of me. I loved being used for his pleasure, though, and knew that all day long, boys would be using me to get off. This sent another slutty thrill through me just as Jack started to pick up the pace, rabbit fucking me until he drove into me with force and froze. I felt his hard dick pulsating as it spewed a hot spray of baby batter against the walls of my love tunnel, then he pulled out and finished all over my rear end while I stayed in position.

When it was over, he collapsed on the bed and I quickly went down on him. With my lips finally wrapped around his dick, I moaned hotly while his cum started to cool on my but cheeks. I felt his finger working to scrape the cooling cum from my rear end, then he brought his right hand up to my dick sucking lips. I broke my tight seal around the head of his cock, letting him slip his fingers into my mouth, then I trapped his cum coated digits beside his dick and sucked them clean.

Finally, he pulled his fingers from my mouth while I resumed the blow job, eager for another load to swallow. While I was moaning around his dick, I heard him flip the cap off of a bottle of lube. He applied a generous amount to his fingers, then he treated me to a long finger fuck while he lubed me up. Feeling Jack's fingers in my bottom, I moaned again and rested my head on his tummy, settling in for a long, pleasure filled hour of sucking dick.


Wow, I can't believe how hot he is for it,” I heard from somewhere in the basement, which was filled with teenaged boys who were all waiting to take a turn with me. I didn't recognize the voice, but I knew that whomever it was, they were talking about me in a way that made my already tingling body burn with pleasure. Eager to show that I was indeed as hot for it as he said, I let go of a long, feminine moan and smiled gratefully around the dick I was sucking. My hands were resting comfortably on the thighs of the 18 year old whose cock I had in my mouth, holding them for balance as I took six inches of hard, 14 year old cock in my plump, upturned rear end. I'd only heard the boys' names in passing, and at the moment, I didn't care about their names. I only cared that they were posted up at either end, feeding hard cock into my two fuck holes, which had already accommodated multiple cocks.

As two more cocks filled me up, my hard on stuck straight out from my body at a 45 degree angle, giving anyone who cared to look at it an indication of how much I was enjoying this romp. I could feel the boy behind me running his palms up and down my bare back, sending a luscious shiver through me while my 12 year old body sizzled with horny passion. I pulled in the powerful aroma of teen musk through my nostrils, which were mere centimeters away from my 18 year old partner's pubic patch. It was the same aroma that was swirling through the air in the basement, a masculine pheromone that made me feel unbearably horny to suck every dick in the room.

For a moment, I let my gaze drift around the room and tried to take a head count. From my spot on the floor in the doggy style position, there were boys in the room that I couldn't see. Boys who walked in after the start of my romp, whose faces I hadn't seen and whose cocks I was yearning to service. So I counted the boys I saw, feeling a powerful shudder overcome my body when my count reached 13, knowing that I was living my dream.

When the first group of boys arrived, I was still dressed in the outfit that Jack picked out for me at home. It was a boyish outfit that consisted of a navy blue tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans that hugged my plump rear end in a way that even I found sexy. The way the seam rode up in the back gave my bubble butt definition, with each of my bun halves forming a perfect half moon while my deep crevice ran straight up the middle. We completed the package with a pair of white tennis shoes and a ball cap, then he put me on the back of his bike and we rode to his house.

I was so hot for cock when we got there that I had to suck his dick right away, so when he unlocked the front door and showed me in, I reached down and fondled his cock through his pants. With his mom and dad out of the house for the day, we wasted little time getting down to business. Jack ushered me to the basement and got on his phone to let the group of horny tops know that it was safe to come over while I got between his legs and pulled his dick out, unable to wait. As soon as I had it in my mouth, I started to suck lustily, moaning loud enough for the boy on the other end to hear me. I wanted him to know just how horny I was, and I was hoping that he would tell every cute guy he knew what he heard so that they would come by and fuck me. When Jack placed the phone by my face, I gave his dick a few wet slurps and let loose with more moans. Satisfied that my message was loud and clear, I slid my hand down the back of my pants and slipped two fingers up my ass, then I resumed the blow job while Jack talked on the phone.

Ten minutes after I wrapped my lips around Jack's hard cock, I sat up and swallowed his load with a shudder. While I was waiting for the first wave of boys to come through, I rode my fingers like a dick, loving how hot and moist my itchy boy pussy was getting as the moments went by. A text came over Jack's phone, and he got up to answer the door while I continued to finger myself. I heard two deep voices talking with Jack, coming down the stairs into the basement, and felt my horny little body start to heat up with passion. Leaving my fingers up my ass, I got on all fours, rolling my denim clad bottom around like a whore for the two boys descending the stairs.

When they reached the basement floor, I caught site of them and almost fainted. They were both incredibly cute, each of them standing at close to 6 feet tall and weighing about 180 pounds. One was blond and the other a brunette, both of them had broad shoulders and nice, big biceps. They were hunks in every sense of the word, and I was hot to see their undoubtedly big dicks. I let go of a horny moan and licked my lips, then I slowly pulled my fingers out of my ass and stood up.

He's a little fucking cutie,” the brunette said, and I blushed at his compliment.

Thank you,” I said with a slight lisp. “I think you're cute, too. Really cute.”

How old are you?” the blond asked, prompting me to let my gaze travel over his hot body. I started to fiddle with my fly, almost unconsciously, eager to drop my drawers and bend over for both of them.

I'm twelve,” I told him, my lisp still present. Just then, I got my fly open, and for reasons I can't explain, I pulled my pants down to my thighs, exposing my rock hard boy cock to them both.

You're really horny, aren't you?” he observed, and I nodded. “Tell me what you want to do.”

I want to suck dick and take it in the butt,” I admitted, then I took it further. “I want a whole bunch of cute guys to cum in me.”

Are you gay?” the dark haired stud asked, and I nodded with a bashful smile.

I want to be out of the closet after today so cute boys at my school will let me suck them off,” I lisped. “And cute boys from your school, too.”

When was the last time he was fucked?” the blond cutie asked Jack, who grinned like a Cheshire cat before answering.

I left a load in his ass less than an hour ago,” he told them, and I nodded in affirmation while I bit my lip and moaned.

The two hunks smiled lecherously at me, then the brunette said, “We heard you sucking his dick when we were on the phone.”

I wanted you to hear it,” I admitted, feeling deliciously slutty. “I really want to suck both of your dicks, too.”

Do you kiss?” he asked, and I nodded feverishly, letting loose with another moan. “Do you want to kiss me?”

Yes,” I lisped, feeling a thrill roll through me. With that, he knelt down so that I could lean in and wrap my arms around his neck, then I planted my tingling lips to his and tilted my head. When he pushed his tongue into my mouth, I smiled and reciprocated, then I felt his strong hands grabbing my ass and kneading it. With his hands all over my horny bottom, I felt out of control with passion and pushed back into them, then I started to grind my rear end while I moaned into his mouth.

Damn, this little kid is super horny,” the blond exclaimed, prompting my stud to break our kiss. Without waiting for his permission, I used my fingers to unbutton his cargo shorts, hot to start sucking dick right away. While I was fiddling with the fly on his shorts, I felt him slide his hands down my back so that he could grab another handful of my fleshy buns.

Do you want to get fucked again right now?” he asked, just as I managed to open his fly. I nodded my answer and reached into his boxers, feeling around for his python. As soon as I felt my fingers run along the massive hose in his pants, I looked up at him with need and panted. With a knowing smile, he pulled his hands out of my pants and stood up, allowing me to pull his shorts and boxers down. His big, juicy hard on sprang free, and as soon as I set my eyes on it, I knew that I wanted it right away. It was at least eight inches long, and it had to be at least 5 inches around. It was already oozing with precum, and I was overcome with an incredible urge to suck it right away.

So without even taking the time to drop to my knees, I placed my hands on my thighs for support and bent down far enough to wrap my lips around the head. As soon as I had it in my mouth, I moaned hotly and rolled my ass around, wanting to send the signal to my tops that I was horny for some back door action. While I was rolling my rear end around in a continuous circle, I felt two strong hands on my hips, then I felt the length and weight of another massive hose slap against my ass cheeks.

Without pulling my lips from the juicy dick that I was moaning around, I parted my legs and wrapped my arms around my lover's waist for support. When I felt the massive head of the blond stud's dick in my ass crack, I smiled up at the brunette to let him know that I was hot for it. I felt him pull my hips up so that my legs were straight, causing my rear end to stick straight up in the air. With my new position, he was able to line right up to my lubed up hole and press the head of his shaft in. I felt a powerful shiver roll through me when his head popped in, then he slid his cock all the way in. Right away, I felt the luscious burn of seven hard inches of cock, so thick and veiny as it nestled in my boy pussy.

Without having to be told what I wanted, my blond stud started to thrust, treating me to long, deep thrusts of his thick cock. I had sharp tremors running up and down my legs the entire time and my rear end was overcome with a powerful, shivering sensation that spread up my spine and wrapped around my midsection. I could feel the lining of my boy pussy heating up with every deep stroke, making me moan like I never had before. At the same time, the dick I was sucking on was giving me such a thrill that I had a deep burn in my throat, where I was taking a slow, deep fucking that was making me crazy with lust. Knowing how good the dark haired cutie was making me feel with his dick in my mouth, I was yearning to have him slide it in deep up my ass.

I heard Jack's cell phone ring somewhere around me, but I was in such a state of delirium that I didn't pay it any attention. I heard him say that he was getting up to let someone in, or maybe he said it was more than one guy. The room was spinning at the moment and I couldn't focus on what he was saying. All I know is that while he was gone, my blond stud started to ride my boy pussy hard and fast, bringing out a long, feminine moan from deep inside of me that rang out uninterrupted until he froze and seeded my cunt. When he pulled out, I stayed where I was, sucking on the long, luscious dick in my mouth while he used his hands to spread my cheeks and watch his load roll out of me.

When he let them close, my brunette lover grabbed my chin with both hands, gently pulling me off of his aching cock, then he led me over to the couch. I climbed up onto the cushion on the end, resting my head on the back of the couch and putting my ass in position, then he got behind me and slid his dick all the way up my ass while I sighed with contentment. Right away, he started a long, in and out fucking motion that made me feel frantic with pleasure. While my little body was shivering with passion, my blond stud stood up on the couch, putting his cum covered dick at my lips. I instantly opened up and started to suck his cock lustily, loving how his cum and my ass juice coated every square inch.

While I was servicing his dick with my mouth, a group of three freshman and a much older stud came into view. He didn't look high school aged at all, and I was hoping that he was much older. I was longing for some big, experienced cock to do some maintenance on my boy pussy. Then, if I was lucky, I could schedule a daily service for my rear end, all compliments of his man cock.

All four of them were watching me take a long, deep ass fuck while I sucked dick as if my life depended on it. My needy moans were filling the basement, giving away the carnal pleasures that I was indulging in as two cocks filled my horny body to the brim.

Look at that, boys,” the older guy said in a deep, manly voice, pointing to my hard little pecker, which was sticking straight out. “He loves what he's doing right now, and I bet he's hot for more cock after this.”

I nodded my head as vigorously as I could, wanting them all to know that I wanted to suck, jerk and ride their cocks all day if they would let me. All of the sudden, my dark haired stud pushed his cock all the way up my ass and froze, firing a load deep inside of me while I moaned continuously. When he pulled out, I let the dick in my mouth go and wrapped my fist around it, eager to continue servicing it while I sucked his friend clean.

Let me sit down,” I heard him say, so I pulled off of his dick and dutifully waited while he sat on the couch, then I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips back around the head of his luscious cock while a pair of strong, experienced hands pulled me up by the hips again. I saw my blond cutie sitting on the couch, furiously texting and typing on his phone, and I hoped that he was posting about my available boy pussy online. While I was watching him, the head of my older lover's dick lined up and pushed in, making me shudder. He started to thrust with authority while I whimpered and moaned submissively. I loved having both ends used as a cum dump, and I was hot to have all three of the cute frosh boys take their turns in my boy pussy.

While my older lover was fucking me silly, the doorbell rang and a lewd smile spread out over Jack's face. He got up and went upstairs, and while my body burned with the pleasures of a professional service at my back door, I heard him open the front door. He was greeted by several voices, all of them guys, and soon I heard the sounds of footsteps entering the basement and exclamations of disbelief.

Holy crap, I can't wait to fuck him,” I heard one boy say, and I responded with a hot, horny moan and a roll of my bottom, which was being long dicked by my mature stud.

He's totally fucking gay, isn't he?” another boy observed, and I nodded my answer without ever pulling the dick I was sucking out of my mouth, or even looking to see who asked it.

Less than a minute later, my major rear end service was completed when my lover planted his seed deep in my boy cunt.

As soon as he pulled out, I felt two smaller hands grab onto my shoulders and a hard dick pushed right into my well bred boy pussy. I let out a long, feminine moan to communicate my satisfaction, then I felt the boy start to hammer my boy pussy with powerful in and out thrusts. Less than a minute later, I felt his seed squirt up my love tunnel with force, then he pulled out of me and I wiggled my bottom. Moments later, I felt another freshman post up at my backside. He slipped in easily, then he used his five and a half incher to make me shiver with lust. When he seeded my boy pussy, I once again wiggled my butt, anxious to let him know that I enjoyed his cock and was eager to have it back inside of me. When the last of the frosh trio entered me, I felt him run his hands up and down my back while he fucked me fast and dirty, just the way I wanted it. He got his rocks off in me in less than 45 seconds, then he pulled out and I rolled my cum drooling bottom around, anxious for another lightning round of cock service.

When the next big dick slid up inside of me, I started using my hips to push back, eager to meet his forward thrusts. At the same time, the dick I was sucking on exploded with cum, filling my gulping mouth so lusciously. When my brunette stud got up from his place on the couch, I simply sat up and rode the cock in my ass while my older, more experienced top took his place. I started a hard, fast ride on the dick I was riding, realizing that I hadn't even seen the boy's face. When I smiled over my shoulder, I caught site of a cute 15 year old, blond just like Jack but with braces. I longed to share a deep kiss with him, but didn't know if he'd like it or not. So instead, I tightened my rear end up and rode him for 30 more seconds, then I felt the hot spray of his cum against the lining of my cock hungry boy pussy.

When he pulled out, I stayed on my knees and sucked his dick clean, then the last three cocks that had gotten off in my ass before that were eased into my mouth for a thorough cleansing. When my cleaning duties were finished, I got back in the doggy style position and wrapped my dick sucking lips around the head of my mature lover's cock. While I was working for his load, he reached down my body and pulled my ass cheeks apart, exposing my cum splattered hole and the river of sperm that was flowing down my crack. He let my cheeks go, then I felt my ass being penetrated again and loved it. For the next two hours, I was treated to quick, in and out service in my boy pussy by lovers I couldn't even see. I wanted it badly, so I stayed where I was, hot to be used as a non stop glory hole for big dicked boys until the fun finally ended.

Before he left, my mature Adonis engaged me in a deep, tongue filled kiss while all of the worn out boys watched. As our kiss got hot and heavy, he eased me onto my back and slid his hot dick back inside of me again. With my ass filled with his massive, experienced rod, I moaned into his mouth and took a ten minute missionary ride. While he was hammering my boy pussy so expertly, I could feel his long prick getting into corners that nobody else could reach. He was scratching my itch so nicely, and the relief I felt gave way to a swirling pleasure that started to build inside of me. He was running his fingers through my brown hair while he kissed me deeply, his delicious tongue flowing with saliva.

While I was moaning into his mouth, my legs were swaying to and fro with every motion. Soon, the heat that was swirling in my bottom started to gain momentum that couldn't be contained. Before I realized what was happening, a tornado touched down in my boy pussy, and I felt a long series of hard, deep shivers encase my entire body. It was a more powerful pleasure than I felt the night before, when I was serviced in my bed by Jack. This was a feeling that separated me from my body, throwing me for loop after loop as the deep thrusting in my boy pussy seemed to intensify. The entire room was silent, with all eyes trained right on my spasming little body while my lover, whose name I didn't even know, serviced my hot to trot boy butt with hard, continuous strokes of long, thick cock.

I was lost in my own world, a world of lust, cocks and cum that I had been reveling in all morning long. All of the sudden, my top thrusted as hard as he could, ten times right in a row, driving the breaths right out of my little body. On the final push in, he froze and kissed me hard, then I felt my boy pussy pop with joy as his fire hose doused the three alarm blaze that burned so deeply inside of me. A powerful gush of man sperm rushed into my rear end, almost with the force of a broken dam, and I couldn't believe how well I had been seeded this time. I kissed him harder, yearning for the moment to go on forever, but then his cock stopped spewing its precious seed and he broke our kiss. He rested his head on the couch, right beside mine, while he stayed lodged in my throbbing love tunnel. Finally, after we both caught our breath, he slowly pulled out of me. When he was out, he gently lowered my legs and got up, feeding me his cock from above. I lovingly licked it clean with soft, contented moans, then I took it in my mouth and sucked on it with a dreamy smile on my face.

Is that what you were after all day?” he asked me softly, petting my brown head with a tender smile. I nodded up at him, my starry eyed smile still fixed to my face, then I ran my fingers through his thick, luscious bush of pubic hair.

Well, if he was trying to come out of the closet, I'd say he did a really good job of convincing me,” I heard a boy say. I grinned happily, knowing that when I went to school on Monday, everyone would know that I was gay, horny and eager to suck a few dicks while I got my boy pussy serviced.

Before they all left, the boys who serviced my horny rear end added me to their contacts and promised to call when they needed to drop a load. Even more important, they all promised to spread the word that not only was I gay, but that I would suck dick and take it in the ass for any cute boy in my school, or any other school. I made plans to service a few cocks on the side of my house later on, and with the promise of another round of cum swallowing, I cuddled closely with Jack when my harem of tops was gone.

When we were alone, Jack joked that this time, the party really was in my ass, and everyone came twice. I gazed up at him with a loving smile and offered him my lips, then we fell into a deep kiss. My day out of the closet turned out so much better than I had planned.

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Adam Needs a Ride


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