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Mom died when I was 7. So Dad had raised me. Now he was gone. He passed on from a heart attack at 51. I had to get away from anything that reminded me of them so I used the small fortune he left me to buy a house on a canyon in East San Diego. I always liked this neighborhood ever since I had first seen it. One of my friends in high school lived near here.

May be I should introduce myself. My name is Joe Higgins. I am only 21 years old but could pass for 16 or 17 as I had a baby face people always said. I hated it but I was stuck with it. People also thought that I was very handsome, some even said cute. But none of that stuff did I really want to hear. One thing about me that only myself and a few buddies knew is that I was born gay. I knew it as early as 6 but at that age only knew that I liked to look at boys without clothes on if I could. I only realized I was gay when I hit puberty and really didn't like looking at girls sexually. But every good looking guy gave me a hard on. I have brown hair and brown eyes, nothing special there.

I purchased all new furniture as I had to get away from thinking about my dad as much as possible. I loved him so much. And to be left alone as an only child at age 21 was almost unbearable. Lonely isn't the word for it. The furniture was going to be delivered sometime today so I had to sit around on a lawn chair I had waiting. I decided to go for a swim in the indoor swimming pool and do some laps for exercise. The doorbell had an extension bell in the pool area. I swam for about 30 minutes and then I heard the bell. It was so loud in the pool area as there was an echo. I got out and grabbed my towel and headed for the door still dripping on the rug. It was the furniture so I quickly grabbed my pants and put them on. I had to guide them in where to put every thing. I had furnished 3 bedrooms in case I ever had a guest. It took over an hour for them to get everything in place and set up the beds. I had brought my clothes over and put them away yesterday. I thanked the man for helping me and tipped him $20. He smiled as I don't think he was use to being tipped.

I spent the afternoon putting up pictures on the wall that I had bought along with the furniture so everything would be new. The only picture I had of my mom and dad, when she was living I hung in my bedroom. I also had a more recent photo of dad about 6 months before he died. I hung them side by side.

I hooked up the TV to the cable which I had called and had turned on and sat and watched TV for a while. Bored wasn't the word for it but at least I had a roof over my head. I decided to go shopping and when I got back had a half full refrigerator. I bought a case of pop so I wouldn't run out. I was a coke a holic. I opened a Coke and sat back down when the door bell rang. I thought to myself a salesman already. I opened the door to a big smile on the face of about a 10 year old boy. "What can I do for you lad?"

"Well my name is Dick and I just wanted to see who moved in."

"Well Dick welcome would you like to come in and have a Coke with me?"

"Yes if you have an extra."

"Well come on in Dick." I went to the refrigerator and got him a Coke they weren't real cold yet but take what I have.

"I wish this were colder Dick but I just bought a case of Coke and put it in the refrigerator about half hour ago."

"I guess I should tell you my name. It is Joe."

"Nice to know you Joe. I was wondering are you going to keep digging on the cave."

"What cave?"

"The one behind your house that has steps going into your closet."

"I think you must have the wrong house Dick I don't have steps in my closet."

"Yes you do Joe do you want me to show you?"

I was dumbfounded. I had been in all my closets and there wasn't any stairs in any of them. "I think you might be mistaking Dick I don't have any stairs in my closet."

"Well they don't show if you don't know where to look. Can I show you?"

"Sure if you know something I don't know."

He led me to my bedroom closet and went in and pulled a ring on the floor and it opened to a staircase. I looked down and could see a spot of light about 30 feet down. This really startled me. "I didn't even know about this Dick."

"Follow me Joe and I'll show you the entrance to the cave."

We walked down the stairs. He hit a light switch at the top and the stairs became fully lighted with electric lights. Someone had made quite a project out of this. When we reached the bottom we walked or I should say crawled out the entrance to the cave. It was only about 3 or 4 feet high and about the same in width. It was sort of round in shape, the entrance that is. I was in shock. I asked Dick who did all this.

"Well the man that lived here before you had some teenage boys and they started the cave down here and then they decided to make it connect to the house. It took all of us weeks to make the hole to your closet."

"You said 'US' how many of you were there?"

"Oh just about every kid in the neighborhood and some from other neighborhoods. We were going to build a bigger cave down here and run tunnels to different rooms. Kinda like the cave down in the canyon further."

"There are more caves Dick?"

"Yea, lots of them. But we wanted this one to be special. They had a man come out to inspect for safety while we were digging and the man said this was sandstone and very stable. We shouldn't have any problems he said."

"Wow! I am still a kid at heart myself Dick and this is amazing."

"Would you like to see the one about two blocks on down the canyon?"

"Sure lead the way."

I followed Dick and he knew exactly where the trails were through the underbrush, which was quite thick. About 5 minutes later we were standing in front of two holes about 20 ft. apart.

"These holes are connected by one large room." said Dick.

We went inside and I was amazed. It was pretty big probably about 15 or 20 feet to the back and the whole length of the distance between the holes. I sat down with him to rest. It was so cool in here and the only light came from the two holes at either end.

I had been following this good looking lad all the way and fell in love with his butt. It was perfect size for his body. He had sandy hair and blue eyes. He was wearing loose fitting summer shorts and a colored T shirt.

"Since you aren't that old, what are you about 15 or 16?"

"No Dick fooled you there. I just turned 21. My dad died and left me enough money to last a lifetime so I bought this house. I always liked the neighborhood."

"Gosh you sure don't look that old but it doesn't matter you talk more like one of us than an adult. Anyway can I trust you to tell you what we have used this cave for?"

"Sure Dick, what ever you tell me will go no where else I assure you."

"Well me and some of my friend come down here to play doctor and stuff."

"What do you do when you play doctor?"

"Well, you promise you won't tell anyone?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die."

That did it that made me trustworthy. "Well we take our pants down and look at each others dicks and we give each other shots with crayons."

"How can you give a shot with a crayon Dick?"

"I can show you if you want?"

I was so hard now he could show me anything and I would like it. "Sure go ahead I don't care. But let's go back in my bedroom OK?"

"Sure Joe go ahead and I will follow you." When we got back to my bedroom he said,...

"Well I have this crayon I always carry in my pocket. Would you act as the patient?"

I wasn't sure about this but said, "Sure what do I have to do."

"Well loosen your pants, here I'll do it for you."

He undid my belt and undid my pants and pulled down the zipper. "Wow! You get like we do your dick is really hard."

"Well talking about things like this makes anyone hard Dick. I see you are hard too."

"Yea I am but I don't care. Now lay on your stomach for me." I did as he asked to see what was going to happen. He pulled my pants down below my butt almost to the knees. Then he used both hands and opened my cheeks wide so he could see my ass hole. The next thing I felt was the crayon as he pushed it inside me. It felt really good since it was him doing it. If he hits my prostate I'm dead. He started pulling it out and pushing it in really fast. "See how that feels Joe?"

"Yea I kinda like it. You say you and some others do this to each other?"

"Yea I have done it with a lot of my friends even the teenagers like it."

I thought to myself I think I have moved to heaven. I love boys that is another one of my secrets no one knows. He finally took out the crayon and said, "OK your the doctor now."

I pulled up my pants and hooked them. Then he handed me the crayon while he wasn't looking I smelled it and other than just crayon it had some of my butt smell on it too. "Now if you want you can give me a shot."

Did I want I couldn't wait. He lay on his stomach and waited. I reached up to his elastic waist band and pulled his pants down below his knees. Gosh what a sight. I wanted a mental picture of this for later as I knew I would be jacking off to it a lot. I spread his cheeks and there was his hole. I could see how pink and clean it was. I put the crayon to his ass hole and he lifted his butt for me to push it in. So I accommodated him. I pushed it in as far as it would go which was almost all the length of the crayon. And then I pushed and pulled it in and out like he had me. "How does that feel dick?"

"Oh I love it. I like giving shots and getting them almost better than anything."

I thought to my self this boy has a lot to learn but I will take it one step at a time. A ten year old can take a dick like mine just fine too if he is opened up. But that would be for later. I pulled the crayon out and smelled it. It smelled like boy butt and I loved it. I rolled him over to look at his dick and it was circumcised and about 3 and a half inches long while hard like it was. I started jacking him off to see what reaction I would get. He loved it. He was smiling and making pleasure noises. "Does that feel good dick?"

"Oh yea. No one has ever done that to me before."

That meant he hadn't had his first orgasm yet. Boy did I luck out. I kept jacking him off with spit from my hand the I spit on my middle finger and opened up his legs and put my finger in to his prostate and pushed hard while I Jacked him off like crazy. He was sweating on his forehead and had his eyes shut making pleasure sounds like I couldn't believe.

"Oh Joe I gotta pee real bad?"

"Just ignore the feeling something is about to happen to you."

I really started working my finger on his prostate pulling and pushing hard on it.

"Oh Joe I feel really weird...Ahhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh....What...is happening to me.....Ahhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh....God...."

I could feel his spasms on my finger inside him and he went at it for over 30 seconds then he collapsed breathing hard. "Joe that was the best feeling I have ever felt. Did you know that was going to happen to me?"

"Yes Dick you just had your first orgasm. When you get about 12 or 13 you will shoot sperm when you do that. Have you ever heard the older boys talk about jacking off or getting their nut. Well you just got your first nut dick."

"Yea I have have heard all those words but didn't know what they were talking about. Could you do that to me again?"

"Yes but it is best you wait a half hour or so to recuperate. Why don't we go back into the living room now."

He pulled up his shorts, which I hated to see him do but he couldn't walk home naked.

"Dick, would you like to help me make this cave bigger?"

"That's what I was hoping you would want to do. When the other kids find out they will all be over here. They like cave digging as much as I do."

"What kind of tools do you use Dick?"

"Well you know those garden tools that look like a claw. They have lots of prongs on them they work best. Then you need two wagons to take out the dirt. A few buckets help too to load the dirt into as we dig, to put into the wagon."

"Boy you have this down to a science."

"Yea I helped a lot building this one and a little on another one. We will need to appoint wagon pullers. Bucket fillers. Diggers. And messengers."

"Do you think we will have that many people interested?"

"Oh yea when the guys find out about what we are doing. I won't tell but a few at first because we don't really need them yet. We can do like we did before and make it a cave club if you want to. We elect a president. I was the president last time. And then to belong to the secret club you have to be willing to play doctor. That is where the fun comes in."

"How many of these guys have you played doctor with Dick?"

"Well, all of them that were in the club. Probably at least 10."

"They don't tell their parents about this?"

"Oh no everyone would beat them up if they did besides how are you gonna tell your parents. It would be to embarrassing. No one ever tells."

"Well Mr. President I guess I will follow the leader then. I will go down and get the stuff we will need this afternoon and put it in the cave. How's that?"

"Fine I can get David to come tomorrow and we can get started small. We don't need many until we get things going."

"Sounds good to me Dick. How old is David?"

"Well he is 13 but he loves to dig. And he also likes to play doctor."

"Well then he will be a member right away to your club."

"Yea we will both give him a shot tomorrow OK?"

"Sure if your sure he won't tell anyone."

"Oh he won't he is totally dependable. Has it been a half hour yet since you made me feel good like that?"

"Yea I suppose it has. Do you want to do it again now?"

"Yea I could do that all day."

"Well let's go in my bedroom where you can be comfortable and it's also more private. I'll lock the front door."

He followed me into the bedroom and I told him to take off his shorts and briefs. After he did he just pulled off his T shirt too leaving him naked as a jay bird. "OK it will help if I massage your prostate a while first. So lay on your stomach." I really wanted to get him stretched day by day so eventually I could take his cherry without hurting him. I got some KY and lubricated my fingers then I went in to his ass all the way to the colon. My fingers are long and slender so I can actually get beyond the first turn in the colon. "How does that feel Dick?"

"Oh that is so much better than a crayon. I like it."

I started finger fucking him as he really didn't even know what his prostate was. I kept this up for about 3 minutes and slipped in another finger. He moaned loud when I did that but didn't say anything. I kept finger fucking him with two fingers for about 5 minutes. "How's it feeling Dick?"

"Awesome, so much better than the crayon."

I had him turn over and I started jacking him off with the KY. A whole new experience for him. I took out my fingers until I got him good and hot then I would hit on his prostate and get him to orgasm.

"OH Joe, that feels so good."

I was glad he liked it as it told me it wouldn't be long until cherry picking time. But I wanted to wait a few days and I had a few other ideas first. After he was beading sweat on his forehead I shoved my finger hard into his prostate.

"Oh Joe, I feel that peeing feeling again. Oh here it comes that feeling again. Ahhhhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhh....Don't stop......Ahhhhhh Ooooooooo...Oh God...that feels....so good....."

Finally I felt the spasms stop and he collapsed. "Joe that is the most awesome feeling any one could ever have. I love it. I want to just keep doing it."

"Well again it is best to wait half hour or better or you will make your dick so sore you can't do it."

"Yea I see what you mean."

"Do you want another Coke Dick?"

"Yea they should be cold by now."

He put back on what little clothes he was wearing and we went back to the living room. I stopped by the kitchen and got two cokes. When I sat down he sat on my lap. I thought man this is heaven. I was getting a good hard on with him on my lap. His skin was so smooth I rubbed his stomach for him. I didn't try to get sexual again so soon but loved rubbing his baby soft skin. I also rubbed his thighs and they were even softer. Man was I hooked. After he finished his Coke and I had finished mine. I told him that as much as I would like to hold him I had to go and get the equipment for the cave. I told him to come over in the morning around 9:30 and we would get started. He got up and Thanked me for all I had done for him. Really he had done more for me. I let him out the door and he said he would be back with David at 9:30. I told him great I would see him then.

I went down to the hardware store and got all the things we would need. The man asked me what I was going to use two wagons for. I told him I had two nephews and wanted to be fair. He accepted that as a fine explanation.

Then I went to an adult book store and looked over the dildo's and the butt plugs. I wanted things that were not blunt ended as they hurt to much when they first went in. So I bought three different size dildo's from small to large. Then I got two butt plugs one small and one large. I was thinking of all the fun I was going to be having with these. I paid the gal and left. I drove on home dreaming about tomorrow morning. I could hardly wait.

When I got home the first thing I did was jack off. I never came so much in a long time. Boy were my balls full. And so was my fantasy structure to think about still fresh in my mind. Yes sir 9:30 couldn't come quick enough.

(to be continued)

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