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I woke up thinking to myself how lucky I really was. I mean what other gay guy had this many guys to play with. I got up, made coffee, and watched my news as usual. I put out a new clipboard. The I went to my computer and numbered it One to 15. One never knew when Dick would show up with someone new. Which was fine with Joe. He printed out the number form, including double spacing and lines to sign on, and put it on the clip board which he placed on the desk. He felt really good about sharing his fortune with guys who really deserved it.

By 9:40 everyone had shown up, including Chad, and had signed in on the clipboard. So Joe had them all sit around the table and he showed them a design he had thought up for the continuation of the cave. He made two tunnels leading out of the back room. He explained that the steps into these rooms would be three feet long. The room on the left would have three, three foot steps going up, and then level out at that level for the floor for the room. He thought it would make things more interesting that way. The boys agreed. Now this is going to be a circular room. We can call the cave the Geometric Cave.

"Won't it be impossible for us to dig a circle Joe?" said Dick.

"Well here is how this will work. You will dig straight in for 20 feet just like you would if you were digging a stand up tunnel. Then We will set a stake in the ground and tie a 20 foot string to it. I think a nylon sting would work best as it wouldn't collect sand. Then you start digging to the end of that string and just keep doing that and you will end up with how big a circle?"

Stan spoke up. "Well that would make a 20' diameter room or a circular room 40 ft. across."

"Perfect Stan, you are good at math. By never going longer than the string it should turn out a perfect circle standing up high."

"Now on the other side. Here is what I planed to keep in line with the Geometric cave design."

He was interrupted by the doorbell. He wondered who in the...and then thought it was probably the mailman. So he went to the door. When he opened it there in all his glory stood Stormy, the guy from the store who had helped load the leaf carriers and other things into the van. He was suppose to stop by at 10 on Tuesday and it was 10 sharp right now. He was 20, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. Actually in Joe's eyes it would be hard to make a more perfect specimen of a man. His face was like a model. "Well come on in Stormy." He led him into the dinning room table. "Everyone this is Stormy. He helped me load the stuff Dick sent me for last week into the van. He works part time at the store I went to. Stormy I will let the boys all introduce themselves to you. Starting with the club president Dick."

They all said their names and their ages and welcomed Stormy.

"Stormy asked if he could see the cave so I told him to stop by today his day off. Stormy why not have a seat at the table I am just going on with the plans for the continuation of the Geometric Cave. This room will be 40 ft circular and the room I was just getting ready to explain will be a triangle. For this side boys we will make three steps up three feet to each step just like the other side that goes down. Then level off and go in a straight line to the left and right. Making a long tunnel 30 ft. long that will look like a stand up hallway. When you finish I will take a carpenters triangle and make a 45 degree start on a wall that you will dig straight in until you meet the other side which will also be digging a 45 degree line tunnel toward you. When you meet approximately 30 ft. in you will have a triangle. Then you will start digging in toward the middle and when you have cleared that space you will be standing in a triangle 30 ft. on each side. Do you understand?"

"Yea I get it." said Dick. Several others said they understood too.

Stormy said, "Gee you are really going to have something to be proud of when you finish. I wish I were a member of your club so I could help on my time off."

Dick said, "You can be a member just by going through the initiation that everyone here including all these boys, myself, and Joe went though."

"Well I am sure if all of you did it I could do it too. What do I have to do?"

"Well Joe can explain that after we go to work. Is there anything else you want us for now Joe?"

"No except I will come down now with Stormy and show you where to start the steps down to the circle and where to start the steps up to the triangle. So let's go then."

Dick led the way and they all followed. Stormy looked a little confused when we all walked into my bedroom but soon Dick had opened the door and turned on the lights. So they all started down the stairs. Stormy followed and then Joe last.

"Wow this is something already. I didn't expect anything like this. This is awesome." said Stormy.

"Yes these stairs were already here when I bought the house and the stairs down to the cave entrance. Part of the first room had been dug but only crawling height which was to say the least not very desirable. So I had them make everything stand up height. They just finished the back room which I will show you next." Joe led him back to the back room which seemed huge compared to the first room. They had just finished it yesterday Joe told him.

"This is really impressive Joe."

Joe took Dick over to where he wanted the steps down to the circle to start and marked the wall. Then he took him to the other side of the back of the room and made a mark where the three steps up to the triangle should be. "Fine Joe we will get started."

Dick told everyone that they would work half on one side and half on the other side. While two were digging the other two could empty the dirt. And then switch off for 20 minutes and the other two do the same thing on both sides. That left Dick to supervise. Dick took 5 to the left and told the other 5 to the right and let them start. There would be plenty for everyone to do when they got into digging the rooms.

"Gosh Dick is sure sure of himself," Stormy said.

"Yes Dick has been the president of the club for two or three smaller caves they dug before. Let's you and I go back up where we can talk over some coffee or pop, OK Stormy?"

"Sure lead the way."

Joe's heart was beating 90 miles an hour at the thought of possibly getting to initiate Stormy to the club. Talk about a perfect man. He had the most perfect butt too. "Here let's just sit in here at the table in the kitchen."

"Well tell me Stormy a little about your life. You have seen some of mine."

"Well I got this part time job and I am having a hard time making it. All most everything goes to rent. So I don't really eat very well. But a roof over my head is more important than super food. So I eat a lot of peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. Gas is another problem. I can't drive very much extra because of shortage of funds."

"Gee I am sorry to hear you are having things so hard. Do you have a girl that helps?"

"No I don't date. Actually I guess I could tell you I am a closeted gay. No one knows so please don't tell anyone. I just feel like I can trust you thats all."

"Well then I guess I can tell you I am also gay and have always been as far back as I can remember. Problem is I like people from 20 down. I don't like older guys. I have always been that way."

"That's odd because that is why you struck me as so desirable. Good looking and you look like a teenager. Your really a good looking guy Joe. At least to me."

"Well thank you Stormy because I was thinking the same thing about you."

Joe looked down and saw that Stormy was hard. He notice Stormy looking at his, which was hard. Neither one said anything just looked.

"Well coffee or pop Stormy?"

"Coffee will be fine Joe."

"What do you take in it?"

"Nothing I drink it black."

Joe brought him a cup of black coffee and put cream and sugar in his own. Then he sat down to continue their visit."

"Were you raised here in San Diego, Stormy?"

"Yea, my parents bought the place on Terrace when I was only two years old. I was born back East in Alabama and they moved west."

"You aren't going to believe this but I was born in Mobile myself. But since my dad was in the service we ended up settling in San Diego."

"No shit you were born in Alabama?"

"Funny I always heard that steers and queers were all born in another state.ha ha."

"No Stormy since it is hereditary we can be born anywhere. But it is a one in a million chance of us both being born in a place like Alabama."

"Yea that is sure strange. Then when you had your paper route you actually delivered to my neighborhood while I lived there. I probably saw you and drooled over you if you were as good looking then as you are now."

"Well thank you Stormy. Just looking at your butt gave me a hard on."

"Yea I guess you noticed I was hard too. I saw you glance when I did."


"Say Joe Dick mentioned I could be a member of your club if I went though the initiation."

"Yes, Dick and I already discussed it earlier. He was all for it. He likes you too. You were talking to one of the boys."

"What's this initiation thing Joe?"

"Oh actually was made up by the kids when they used to play doctor. They start by sticking a crayon up your ass. Then there are thee dildo's they use. Once you have submitted you are a member and can join in their sex games after swimming each afternoon."

"You mean you have a pool too. And what are these sex games?"

"Yes I have an indoor pool and the sex games differ every day. I make up things for them to do and they have a ball. That is why it is so important to Dick that everyone go though the initiation so they will keep their mouth shut to our secret."

"That makes sense."

"You know Stormy I pay the boys $10 a day for digging here. A couple hours in the morning and I feed them lunch. Then a couple hours in the afternoon and then they go swimming for an hour or so and then come the sex games they all love so much. They have all been fucked and so they will play just about anything."

"Wow! Now I am getting hard. Could I work on my days off and earn the $10 too?"

"Sure as soon as you become a member in good standing."

"Well then initiate me and I'll go dig."

"OK but let me show you the pool first."

Joe led him to the pool and turned on all he lights. It truly is beautiful when the lights are all on. "Here it is. And even better they all skinny dip."

"Wow! I sure do want to become a member."

"Well if you have time now I can initiate you and we can start digging."

"Sure Joe lead the way."

"Well Stormy follow me into a more private place this is my bedroom which you saw on the way to the cave. I will shut the door to the cave and that will give us even more privacy.

"Now when Dick talked to me about you he gave me the crayon they use. So we always start by everyone in the room getting undressed so I will join you in the nude if you still want to be initiated."

"He didn't answer but started taking off his clothes, so Joe did too. Soon they were standing there naked. Both with 3/4 hard ons. Boy do you have one fine body Stormy. I have been looking at your butt since we were in the store."

"Funny that is the part of you I looked at the most in the store. Besides you being so cute and around 16. Which I know now is really 20."

"Well you get to do me first Stormy. Here is the crayon shove it up my ass and fuck me with it." Joe lay down not before noticing Stormy was now full hard and leaking precum.

Stormy came up behind Joe and spread his cheeks. He just held them open for a look for a few seconds and even got down with his nose to smell him. Then he took the crayon and pushed it up in Joe but couldn't go all the way as it would have gone clear in him. So he held on to the last inch of it and started fucking him with it. "I wish I were the one fucking you instead of this crayon Joe."

"You may get your chance later."

Stormy pulled out the crayon and handed it to Joe then lay down on the bed for his shot.

Funny Joe did the same thing with him, he spread him open real hard and put his nose down wanting to rim him. Then he put the crayon in and fucked him with it.

"God Joe, that really feels good. I haven't had much sexual experience being in the closet all these years. The last time I was nude in front of a guy was when I was about 13 or 14 and another guy and I used to jack off together. But he was straight so I never even got to touch him."

"Gosh that is quite a story Stormy. I have been sexually active most of my teenage years. I guess because I was always the aggressor. I would do things even with the so called straight guys. Everyone I found out likes to have their dick sucked."

"Yea I never thought of that."

"Well now we go to the first dildo." said Joe.

He went to the drawer and spent a minute there lubing all the dildo's so he wouldn't have to wait each time. Then he brought out the small one and put it up in Stormy all the way until it hit. It went almost all the way in. Only about an inch and 1/2 stuck out. He started fucking him with it and went like a forest fire.

"Oh I am liking this more and more Joe."

Joe pulled it out and threw it in the sink in the bathroom and then went to dildo two. He pushed it in all the way and it too had just a small bit sticking out. He started fucking him with it and it brought out a few pleasure moans.

"I hear you like that Stormy by the sounds your making."

"Oh yea I been dreaming of doing something with someone for years."

"Well I am sure you will be happy with the club then."

"Yea I can hardly wait."

"OK now I will use the last dildo. This one is bigger and with your tight ass will probably hurt. So take 10 deep breaths and then push out like you had to take a giant crap."

Stormy got a scared look on his face but started taking the 10 breaths. Then he pushed out making the normal Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound. Joe pushed the dildo all the way in to illuminate prolonged pain and saw Stormy bury his face in the pillow. He knew it was hurting him so he didn't move it. After a minute or so Stormy said, "Oh God that thing is big. It brought tears to my eyes. It has quit hurting so bad now Joe go ahead."

Joe started fucking him slow at first and then speeded it up to full speed ahead. Joe was thinking of getting his dick inside this hunk of a man next. He couldn't believe he was going to get a 20 year old cherry. After about 5 or more minutes he pulled it out. Then as Stormy turned around to see what had been in him Joe did the dick comparison thing.

"God Joe that is bigger than your dick."

"Yes Stormy it sure is. This is the point where even little 6 year old Chad wanted me to fuck him."

"Yea it wouldn't hurt like that thing did. I might as well loose my cherry too. I can't think of anyone I'd rather give it to."

"Well thanks Stormy. If that is what you want. Take 5 deep breaths and push out while I put lube on my dick." When he heard the 5th breath he put his dick on Stormy's hairless hole and pushed it in all the way to the colon. "How ya doing dude?"

"Oh way better that doesn't hurt hardly at all after that monster dildo. It feels kinda good to be honest with you. I have always wondered what it would be liked to be fucked. Have at it Joe."

Joe started in with short strokes and the quickly went to long stroking him. He hit on his prostate every other time hearing Stormy make real feel good sounds.

"Gosh Joe I never dreamed being fucked would feel good."

With that Joe started pounding on the prostate with each thrust and Stormy was coming unglued. "Oh Joe....I'm....going to cum.....ahhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh....shit.....God....that feels so good....ahhhhh...ohhhhhh.

That did it for Joe the pressure of a tight ass hole spasming around his dick set him off and he came and came and came. It must have been at least 9 ropes as he really liked fucking this guy.

"Oh Joe, I shooting.....clear....up inside me.....Ohhhhhh...God that felt so good....Puff..puff."

Joe layed down on his back and hugged him really hard. Boy did he like this guy.

"Oh man I have never been hugged like that before. You are so cool Joe."

"Turn over Stormy." When he did Joe noticed that his uncut dick was dripping with cum so he went down on it. He pushed his tongue inside the foreskin and loved the taste of all the cum stored there. He pushed his foreskin back with his mouth and sucked on his head. Stormy was going ape as he had never had head before. His dick started getting hard again fast. Soon Joe had him full hard and was really going on him giving the best head he could. After about 5 minutes Stormy was so hard Joe couldn't believe it. He felt Stormy's dick swell and knew he was going to cum again. So he prepared for it.

"Oh God Joe I'm going to cum again that feels so good. Ahhhhhh...ohhhh shit......ahhhhhhh.....oooooooooo.....wonderful....ohhhhhh."

"Boy you really came again. You must have been storing that stuff for a while."

"Well I hadn't come in a couple days and that felt as good as being fucked. I loved it."

Joe said, "Stick out your tongue Stormy." When he did Joe was right on it like fast sucking to beat the band. Stormy caught on and started sucking on Joe's tongue. Soon it went into a massive French kiss the first experience again for Stormy. The kiss lasted at least 10 minutes and they were both hard again.

When they broke Stormy said, "That was so awesome. All of it. Man I am glad I belong to the club now. I hope we will be getting together again soon."

Joe said, "How about during the swim. You fuck me. That will be another first for you and I would love to have you up in me."

"You bet I can't think of anything I would like better at this point."

"Let's go take a couple laps in the pool to get all the cum off of us and then go start helping with the digging."

So Stormy followed Joe, both naked to the pool and dove in. They swam two laps and got out and dried off. Then they got dressed in the bedroom and went to the cave to help.

When we got down there I saw Dick standing doing nothing really in the back room. "Oh hi Joe, how did the initiation go?"

"Oh it went fine. He is a full fledge member of your club now."

"Oh good I am glad to have you Stormy. Did anyone ever tell you you are one good looking guy. Your as good looking as Joe."

"Well thank you Dick I appreciate that. Where can we help?"

"Well right now we are having a hard time keeping everyone busy. Only so many can get in a tunnel when it is just starting. We have finished the steps on both side and now we are going straight in 20 ft. on the left tunnel and straight in both ways in the triangle tunnel. So until we get a little further along I am just standing here helping take out the leaf carriers as they fill them. We have enough of them that I can give them an empty one before I go to dump."

"Well then Dick I will tell Stormy about my decorating plans for the rooms then."

"Yea go ahead we don't need any more diggers right now."

"Well Stormy this back room you are standing in will be our living room. I plan on putting some old used couches and stuffed chairs in here and run a cable for a TV down here when I figure out just how."

"Well Joe, maybe I can be of a little help there. I worked for my Uncle when I was 17 through 19. He was a general contractor. I learned just about everything about the building trade including electrician. I like your lights the way they are but I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to put a plug in or two on each wall. That way you could have softer lighting like floor lamps and table lamps. I could arrange it where everything came on with one switch at the top of the stairs kinda like you have it now."

"Gosh Stormy I had no idea you had all that ability. Sure I can use help in that area. I am no electrician myself I just strung wire and put on light sockets every so far to get it the way it is."

"Also Joe are you going to just leave the floor dirt. I was thinking if I bring my large trowels we could level the floor where it would be smooth and then put down a rubber mat and indoor outdoor carpet if you like the idea."

"Wow! That would really make it great. We could even put thicker carpet rugs here and there to lay on while watching TV etc."

"Yea like fake Oriental carpets they sell at my store for not very much money."

"Why don't we go up where we can talk a little more and have some coffee or something while we talk." said Joe.

"Sounds great to me."

They went upstairs and Joe let Stormy go first so he could see more of that ass close up. Man did he have a nice ass.

Joe got the coffee and went into the living room and sat down the cups with saucers on the coffee table. He sat right next to Stormy as they talked. They kept looking at each others eyes and before you know it they were embraced and locked in a French Kiss. When they finished after 10 minutes or so Stormy said, "You know Joe you are what I have been dreaming of since I was 13. You are so cool and God are you good looking too."

"I didn't think I would ever meet someone like you. It was like instant attraction when I saw you in the store. I actually went out of my way to get you to help me carry all that stuff to the van so I could talk to you. And you were everything I hoped you would be. Polite, polished, just great. I was never so happy when you said you were coming to see the cave." said Joe.

"Man am I ever glad you came in the store while I was working. And that you picked me to help you."

"Stormy what would you say to moving in one of my bedrooms and staying here so you wouldn't have the rent on your back and you would be earning just like the boys extra money. And for your skills I would pay you $25 a day to start."

"Oh Joe that is so cool. I really have been worried how I was going to make ends meet. I can't think of anything I would rather do. When would you want me moving in."

"Like yesterday.ha ha."

"You mean it. I'll start packing what few things I have. I live in a furnished apartment so I don't have any furniture to bother with."

And with that Stormy gave Joe the warmest hug. He had tears in his eyes. When he looked so did Joe. This could be a perfect match.

(to be continued)

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