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"Well I'll tell you what Stormy lets wait until the boys have their swim and sex game and then after they leave I'll help you with my van and maybe we can get most of your stuff over here tonight. Would you like that?"

"You bet, the sooner the better."

"It's time to call the boys up to swim now so I will holler at them."

Joe went to the stairs and had to go down almost to the bottom before anyone could hear him, as caves are pretty sound proof. Dick said they would all be right up.

"Well, Stormy I called them they will be here shortly. Why don't we strip and beat them to it."

"Sounds good to me I don't think I've ever skinny dipped before Joe."

So the two of them stripped when they got pool side and dove in. The water felt so good as they were warm. Soon they were joined by a heard of nude boys. Stormy couldn't believe it and got hard immediately as did Joe. Joe reached down and took hold of Stormy's dick and squeezed it. Of course this made Stormy do likewise. They just stood there in the shallow playing with each other and watching all the good looking boys messing around. Some were swimming laps. Gary came over and asked Joe if he was going to be home tonight.

"Not tonight Gary as I am helping Stormy move in tonight. He will be using one of the bedrooms. But if you want you are welcome tomorrow night."

"Oh great. I will be sure and tell my parents that. They probably won't be home anyway."

As Gary swam away Stormy asked, "You mean that Adonis comes over to see you at night?"

"Yea Stormy and just like everyone else there are no virgins here. He loves to fuck and suck."

"God I can hardly wait. He is so cute."

After about 45 minutes Joe got out with Stormy following and they started drying off. This signaled the boys it was time to get out and hopefully get into a sex game. They weren't sure with Stormy here.

When they all got into the living room naked as jay birds Stormy was coming unglued. He was hard as a rock seeing all this. Joe was hard too because of Stormy being that way.

"Well guys Stormy is a member now so he can join in the fun. This afternoon I want you to line up according to the size of your hard ons. So everyone get the guy next to you hard." When they were all hard they started measuring with each other and got in order of size. Joe and Stormy filled in toward the end with Kyle, Gary and Don. They fitted themselves in line also. Stan being the biggest with 8 inches was last.

"Now if there is anyone who doesn't want to fuck and be fucked go sit down on the couch and you can watch." No one moved So Joe went down the line and gave a tube of KY to every other one and told them to three finger the guy in front of them and then lube their own cocks. When everyone was stretched and lubricated Joe said now Chad since you are first you won't be fucking anyone but Dick you are behind him so go ahead and go up in him and then stop. Then the next guy go into the guy in front of you and stop. Do that all the way down the line until everyone is in someone and has someone in them. When they were all ready Joe said now everyone pull back. Now push forward. This started a rhythm that soon was going quite fast. Moaning and groaning sounds were coming from all over the room. Stan was fucking Kyle. Kyle was up in Stormy and Stormy was fucking the Adonis Gary. Boy did he like that. After about 10 minutes people started cumming. And one after another came down the line. After about 15 minutes it was all over everyone had gone soft and pulled out. Chad was disappointed as he didn't get to fuck anyone. So Joe had him fuck Stormy. With Stormy on his back and his ankles at his ears. Chad really went at it. It only took him about 5 minutes to get to dry orgasm. You could here his ahhhhhhh's and ohhhhhhhh's all over the room.

Well gang there are three bathrooms everyone go and shit out the cum so you don't leak all over your pants. Then dive in the pool and get all cleaned off before you get dressed. It will be time to go home then.

Joe grabbed Stormy and took him to his bathroom before anyone else got there. Stormy dropped his load of cum and then Joe dropped his. Then they headed for the pool while others waited to use the bathroom. Soon everyone was in the pool so Joe got out and dried off and then got dressed. Everyone followed suit. When they all got dressed and in the living room Joe told them good night and that he would see them in the morning.

That left Joe and Stormy alone. They hugged and kissed each other and then Joe suggested they head for Stormy's place and start getting things packed in the van.

After stopping for dinner at a restaurant they took Stormy's things to the house and put them in his chosen bedroom next to Joe's.

After watching TV arm in arm for the evening they both got nude and slept in Joe's bed. They messed around for at least an hour before they finally fell asleep. Joe had never been happier.

The Next Morning

"Stormy I'm going to get up and make coffee. Sleep another hour if you want."

"No that's OK Joe I've slept it out too. I'll join you after I use the bathroom."

Joe made coffee and Stormy joined him. "You know Joe I'm happier here than I have ever been in my life."

"Well I can say I am too since you came. I can't believe you turned out to be gay and like teens too."

"Yea that is something I've never been able to talk about before. That is why I feel so safe here."

"Well I'm glad you feel that way. I just stumbled on this cave when I bought this house and it had a cave. When Dick came and wanted to know if I was going to continue digging it I thought he had the wrong house. When he showed me what I had entirely missed in my closet I couldn't believe it. And then when he told me about the club and the initiation to it I knew I stumbled on heaven on earth. Especially when he told me I had to take a crayon up my ass. He sure didn't know I had been anal all my life and always sticking things in my butt and some of my friends when we would play doctor."

"Yea, Joe you certainly did stumble on something good. Did you buy the dildo's to add to the initiation?"

"Yes Stormy I wanted to get them to a size bigger dildo than my dick was so I could get some cherries. So far I have gotten them all."

"You sure got mine. It hurt so bad at first but then it just started feeling good and now I love it every time you do it."

"Well I love it when you fuck me too Stormy even though your dick is bigger than mine by an inch. But we are both about the same around which is good because it hurts the boys less."

"Yea I see what you mean. This guy Gary how long has he been coming over at night?"

"Over a week now but but he has only been here 3 or 4 times. His father is a doctor and his mother is also a professional so he is home alone most nights. That is why he likes to come over. And he really loves sex both sucking and fucking."

"Do you think he will let me get involved when he comes over?"

"I'm sure of it. I see the way he looks at you now. You are one good looking guy Stormy."

"Well don't think I wasn't drawn to you by your looks in the store. I was so glad I got to help you out with your stuff. All the way to the van I was thinking of a way to get together with you. Of course I had no idea you were gay too."

"Well it all worked out great for the both of us. And you with your contractor skills I can use you in the cave for quite a while. What would you say about giving up that job in the store and working for me."

"I'll give notice today Joe. I was hoping you would ask me that. I don't work until day after tomorrow anyway. They may just let me go when I tell them since I am part time anyway."

"That would be nice. Where do you have those scalpels to level the floor for a carpet?"

"There in the trunk of my car. Do you want me to start on the entrance room today?"

"Yea and then you can do the hallways and the back room and by then they should just about finish the circle and the triangle rooms. Then you can do them. I think I will have you show me how to do it and help you myself. It will go faster."

"Yea Joe, it isn't hard to learn. You simply scrape the scalpel over the surface and the high spots will collect on top of the scalpel and you just dump the sand in the lawn leaf carriers."

"Gosh that does seem easy."


I'm going to empty the leaf carrier since it is full Stormy. Gosh we are nearing the end of the back room now. This has taken a lot of time but it is worth it. That floor is as level as plywood would be."

Joe took the leaf carrier and emptied it. Then he went to check on the circle room. The boys had it down to just a foot or so and it would be complete. "Dick you have done a fine job here."

"Thanks Joe. Is it round enough for you."

"Looks pretty round to me. Let's get Stormy's opinion."

Joe called in Stormy and he said he could make the walls exactly round by using the same technique they used on the floor. Just scrape along the end of the string and knock anything out of round out.

Joe said, "Boy without you Stormy this wouldn't have turned out half as nice. Let's go check the triangle room."

The triangle room was nearing completion too. They had made the triangle tunnel all the way using the carpenters square to get 45 degrees so the tunnel hit perfectly. Now they were clearing the dirt out of the middle and soon the triangle room would be complete too.

It was swimming time anyway so Joe told everyone to quit for the day and head for the pool.

Soon Joe and Stormy plus all the boys were in the pool naked. Stormy couldn't help getting hard with all these near perfect boys. Their butts turned him on as much as they did Joe's. "Joe do you think you could find a reason to have Kyle come by some evening? I think he has the most beautiful body and butt. I would love to get to play with him."

"Where there is a will there is a way." said Joe.

When swimming was over Joe said, "What would you like to do for a sex game tonight Stormy?"

"How about a circle suck moving up one every 5 minutes."

"That is what it will be."

They all got out and dried when they saw Joe and Stormy drying. Then everyone ended up in the living room Naked of course. "Well tonight's game is a circle suck. So get behind someone you like and we will suck that guy and move up to the next one every 5 minutes OK."

Yeahs came from all over the room.

So Joe got Stormy first and Stormy hooked onto Kyle first. "OK start."

The sound of sucking and slurping was really loud all over the room. They kept moving up every 5 minutes and then someone stuck their finger in someone's ass. That carried on around the room until every one was finger fucking the guy he was sucking. Joe started working on Brian's prostate. Brian was going ape. All of a sudden Brian said, "Oh Joe I'm cumming.....ahhhhhhhhhh.....oOOOOOOO.....God...... that feels so good....Ahhhhhhhhhhh...."

Joe had a mouth full of cum. He didn't want to swallow it but he had to to keep sucking. Brian finally dropped out of the circle and went to get dressed. It wasn't 10 minutes until everyone had found the prostate on someone and they had all cum. So they all headed for the pool area and dressed.

Gary came over to Joe and told him he had to go to a dinner party with his parents tonight so he wouldn't be over. Joe thought perfect for Kyle to come over if he could.

"Kyle can I speak to you alone for a minute."

"Sure Joe what's up?"

"Well Kyle Stormy noticed as I had before that you have a good head on your shoulders. We need someone like you to come over in the evening to talk about how we are going to finish the cave."

"Wow! You mean I stick out that much?"

Stormy said, "You sure do dude. Would you be able to stop by tonight around 7 or so?"

"Yea it's just my mom and I and I usually spend the evening in my room playing play station 2 anyway."

"OK then it is settled we will see you at 7 then."

"Sure thing I will be here with bells on."

Joe said, "We will just listen for Santa Clause then. ha ha."

They all laughed.

After dinner and the news it was 7. The doorbell rang and Kyle came in beaming. "Hi guys I've got until 10 to be home."

"Good that gives us all evening."

"Why don't we start by going down to the cave so we can look as we talk."

Joe led the way followed by Kyle and then Stormy. Stormy wanted to be last as he had a hard on just looking at Kyle, especially his butt.

"Well make any suggestions as we go."

Kyle said, "You know I think amber colored lights, sort of like torches would look cool on this stairwell."

"Yea as long as they were 100 watts or so to make it a safe walk way." said Stormy.

"Yea your right there. What do you think of the color?" said Kyle?"

"Oh I like it fine as long as it is bright enough. It would make it not only beautiful but ere."


When they reached the first room Joe said, "What color carpet would we put over the rubber mat?"

"Stormy said well everything is sand colored because it is sand. Why don't we brighten things up a bit with something like red rust."

"Yea that would go cool with the amber lights coming down here." said Kyle.

"We could keep the same color through both hallways and then change to something else."

"How about blue would that work?" said Kyle.

"Yea if it were not a dark blue. It would show the dirt or sand to much."

"Yea then medium blue."

"Stormy said, "I like that."

Joe said, "I thought we might put an old refrigerator and a 4 burner stove with oven over there in the back far right wall. Just behind the entrance to the circle room."

"What about if I plumb in a kitchen type sink next to it on this side?"

"You could do that Stormy. Where would it drain?"

"I would have it drain out side where we dumped the dirt. There wouldn't be much water waste going out there and what did would be clean water. Maybe a little soap once in a while."

"Yea I'm all for it if you can do it."

"Oh yea I have been into a lot of plumbing working for my Uncle."

Kyle said, "What are we going to sit on down here."

Joe spoke up and said, "I think I will get a lot of used couches and overstuffed chairs for the room. Maybe a few end tables and a couple coffee tables to set drinks on."

"That sound cool." said Kyle.

"Let's move on into the circle room." They walked back there.

Stormy said, "The blue rug would end here at the beginning of the room both here and the triangle room."

"Yea that would match how we did it coming out of the hallways coming into this room." said Kyle.

"What color rug would we put in here?" said Joe.

"Gosh I guess we are far enough away from dirt now that we could go with bright red in here if you wanted to." said Stormy.

Kyle said, "Yea that would be so cool."

Joe agreed and then said, "This will be the workout room. I thought I would get a couple bow masters, as they are safe and no one will be getting hurt working out. And then add a few TV's with game programs on them for entertainment. May be a play station 2 or so."

"Yea that would be great." said Kyle.

"Lets move over to the triangle room next." said Joe.

When they got there Joe said, "The medium blue rug ends here. What color should be put in here. This is going to be a sleeping room for guys that want to spend the night. I thought I would put two bunk beds on each of the three triangle walls."

Stormy said, "Well why not keep things bright and Christmasy by making it bright green like the top of a pool table."

Kyle said, "Yea that would be so cool."

Joe said, "We could put a bunch of bean bag chairs here in the middle of all the beds. The boys like to wrestle and that way they wouldn't get hurt."

"Yea Joe and they could be all colors too." said Stormy.

"Yes that would really add to the decor." said Joe.

"Well you already mentioned you were going to put in plug ins on the walls every so far apart for lamps. So that would take care of lighting though out the cave." Joe said.

Kyle said, "Do you think we could get a pool table in here somewhere?"

"Possible but we would have to measure entrance ways and the pool table to see if it would fit getting it in here." said Joe.

"Yea that's true." said Kyle.

"Well I think we have solved a lot of things to do down here. What you say we go back upstairs and have something to drink."

"Yea Joe that would be nice right now."

So they all headed back upstairs and got a drink and sat in the living room on the couch together.

Joe said, "Thanks for your help Kyle."

"Man I'm just glad you ask me."

"Kyle I wanted to ask you something kinda personal?"


"Well what do you think of all the sex things we do down here. Are you for them?"

"Yea...Joe...but really only a few of the guys are really gay. But I think everyone likes messing around. After all the girls don't put out much sex at our age. But we can look. And you always say we can sit out if we want to. I think it makes it part of the club and its secrets. I like it myself."

"Well then Kyle do you have any favorite things we do?"

"Not really I like them all. I really like to fuck, suck, and be fucked. That feels so good. Oh and I like being fingered too."

Joe said, "Just talking about it made me hard."

"Yea me too." said Stormy.

"Well you guys aren't alone. Look at this." he put his hand around his big dick through his pants.

Joe reached over and put his hand on his dick and squeezed. "Does that feel good Kyle."

"Oh yea. Since we are nude most of the time here could we get nude now Joe?"

"I'm for it. What about you Stormy?"

"Yea I would like to let this thing out of its prison."

So they all stood up and took off their clothes. Joe had made sure all the blinds were pulled and the door was locked when Kyle came.

They ended up in a pile on the couch not being able to get enough of each other. Stormy had his finger up Kyles ass all the way and started finger fucking him. Kyle reciprocated by going all the way up in Stormy's ass. He had been wanting to do that for some time. Joe was sucking on Stormy and Kyle had Stormy in his mouth. They finger fucked and sucked until Joe said, "We better stop or someone is going to cum and ruin the next hour."

"Yea why don't we go into the bedroom Joe." said Stormy.

They all got up and went into the bedroom. Joe said, "Why don't you fuck Kyle and I'll let Kyle fuck me at the same time."

"Cool" said Kyle. Kyle had wanted Stormy up in him since he first saw him. He is so good looking who wouldn't want him in them.

Joe handed a tube of KY to Stormy and one to Kyle and they start one, two, three fingering the one they were going up in. When that was ready they put it on their dicks real good. Joe saw everything was ready so he bent over the bed with his ass over the edge and a pillow under his stomach. Kyle went up in Joe right away. So after he was in good Stormy couldn't wait to get his dick up in Stormy so he went ahead and put it all the way in to his guts. He was 7 1/2 inches and had it all the way in there. They started moving in the same rhythm and soon were all going crazy with moans and groans and sounds of pleasure.

"Oh God I love having you up in me Stormy." said Kyle.

"Not as much as I love being there dude."

This went on for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Everyone was ringing wet by now and dripping sweat all over each other. Stormy started hitting on Stormy's prostate every thrust and it wasn't long before...

"Oh God...puff...I'm....cumming...puff....ahhhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhh... shit......Ooooooooooooo...." Kyle was pumping his load into Joe and Joe was coming unglued. He wanted to cum so bad but he wanted his turn too. The contractions on Stormy's dick from Kyle going off made him cum and cum and cum. He must have released 8 or 9 ropes up in him. Everyone was in heaven and Joe wanted to get there too.

After about 5 minutes of cooling off Joe said, "It's my turn who wants me."

Stormy said, "Let's flip and coin and be fair."

The coin came up that Joe would fuck Kyle too. He was hoping that would be the case as he planned on getting Stormy later in bed.

Since Kyle was well lubed Joe turned him on his back and put his legs up on his shoulders and went in him. This went on for another 20 minutes and Kyle shouted out, "Oh God I'm cumming again.....ahhhhhhh.. a row....ahhhhhhh...."

This set Joe off and he didn't remember when he had cum this hard. He shot load after load up in Kyle. He put so much in it was oozing out.

Then Joe collapsed on Kyles stomach right in all the cum and lay there a few minutes catching his breath and then French kissed Kyle. He really like this boy. He was so good looking and had such a great body. When the kiss finally broke Joe said, "Let's all head for the pool and clean off.

It was only a minute or two that they all dived in and swam two laps. Then they got out dried, and went in to get dressed. It was 9:30 and time to get Kyle on his way home.

"God thank you guys for this great evening. I don't know when I felt so important and had so much sex too." said Kyle.

"The pleasure was ours too guy." said Stormy. "You are one fine lad."

After saying their good byes and hugging they watched Kyle disappear into the darkness. He only had a short way to go or Joe would have taken him home.

Stormy said, "That was a night of my dreams. Thanks for inviting him for me Joe."

"Hey I had just as much fun as you did. And when we go to bed our fun is just beginning."

"Yea I like the sound of that Joe. Joe I'm sure I love you now. I am so happy here with you."

"Ditto dude."

Thanks for all the cities. You have me writing another one.

VINELAND, NJ; Portland, Oregon; SPOKANE,WA; THOROLD,ONTARIO, CANADA; St Petersburg, Florida; Anchorage, Alaska; Ocala, Florida; Broken Arrow, OK; Wellington New Zealand; orange county,calif; Arvada, Colorado; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; CROYDON PA; Akron, Ohio; Mendocino, California; Valdosta,GA; Dawson Ga; Enterprise, AL; York, Pa; Tacoma, Washington; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Philadelphia, PN; Charleston SC; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Pittsburgh, PA; PORT ST JOHN, FLORIDA; Sacramento, Ca; SiouxCity, IA; SYDNEY AUSTRALIA; Nice,france; Palm Springs, CA; Orleans, Cape Cod, MA; west greenwich, rhode island; North Augusta,South Carolina; no town, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Staten Island, New York City; caymans Islands, K; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Austin, tx; wilsonvile / canby Oregon; Concord, CA; ? texas; Alma, Georgia; Aarhus. - Denmark; Philadelphia, PN; Medicine Hat, Alberta; Johnson City, TN; Pentwater, MN; Tulsa, OK; Luton-England; Venice, ITALY; Oberhausen, Germany; melbourne, australia; Freiburg , Germany; Tampa, Florida; paris,france; Oliver Springs, Tennessee; Peoria, Illinois; Cockatoo,Victoria, Australia; dallas, texas; Escondido, CA; MT WOLF, PA; Daytona Beach, FL; Buffalo, New York; Greenfield,MA; Des Moines, Iowa; Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA; Reisterstown, MD; LaJunta,CO; El Paso, Texas; Livingston, Scotland; cleveland, oh; The Hague, the Netherlands; Manhattan,Kansas; Hertfordshire England; A Place in Indiana; South Africa; St. Michaels, MD; Kensington in San Diego; Billerica, MA; Poteau, Oklahoma; SOUTH EAST UK; Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA; New Orleans, Louisiana; El Dorado, Kansas; Medford, OR;