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"Well Stormy today is the day the carpet layers show up. I told the kids to take the day off as we don't want them in the way."

"Yea it's just gonna be you, me and the carpet layers. What time are they suppose to show up?"

"They said around 10 and it is almost that now."

Just then the doorbell rang. Joe went to answer it and it was one of the carpet layers. "Is this the house where you want new carpet layed?"

"Well it's not for in the house follow me." Joe led him to the bedroom and opened the trap door. He turned on the lights and the new amber lights came on. They made it just that more beautiful. Joe started down the stairs and the carpet layer followed, like what in the hell.

"I've never layed a carpet in a cave before. What do you have in mind?"

Joe explained what they wanted a rubber mat covered by the carpet. He also told him he had come into the shop and chose the colors and gave the size of the rooms.

"Yea we have everything you ordered it is just this is the first time I have ever layed carpet over sand. How did you get the floor so smooth? It is just like plywood or something."

"We did it with scalpel's and it took a few days believe me."

"Oh I believe you alright."

Joe showed him all the rooms and where each color was to start and end in the carpeting.

"OK then I'll get my other guy and we will get started. Is there any other way to get in here other than the stairway in your closet?"

"Yes you can bring everything in though the cave entrance. Follow me I'll show you." Joe led him the the entrance and outside so he could see the path leading from the road down to the cave.

"That otta work OK. We will get started."

Joe said, "We will go up stairs to stay out of your way. Just holler if you need anything."

"Yea thanks Joe. I will just go up to my truck through the cave entrance so I won't be tracing through your house."

"I'd appreciate that."

Joe and Stormy went back up and sat down in the living room. Before they knew it they were kissing. They were really becoming a pair now.


"I really like the furniture you picked out for the cave, Joe. I finished the drain to the sink and now we have a working house under a house. The boys in the club can now spend nights in the room they built. Why don't we invite them all over tomorrow night it is a Friday and most parents wouldn't care if they stay over night on a weekend."

"That sounds cool Stormy. We could have a pizza party and swim and end up down in the cave in the evening. We can sleep 12 with the bunk beds and more if we use the couches."

"Yea it is like a dream come true dude. And they can stop over anytime they want to too. They love being here."

"Let's call them all tonight and invite them OK, Joe."

"Yea I have all their phone numbers on the list by the phone."

The next night came fast. Joe and Stormy had gone to the store and bought a case of a few kinds of pop and put them in the two refrigerators. The one in the house and the one in the cave. When the doorbell rang Dick came in first. "How's it going guys?"

"Fine Dick it is all finished why don't you go down and look. Put your sleeping bag on the bunk bed of your choice. Then come on back up.

"OK I'll do that."

The doorbell rang about 5 minutes later and David, Chad, Pete and Brian came in. Joe told them the same thing about the sleeping bags, where to put them, and told them to come up when they were through.

Stan and Kyle came together and then Gary and Barry were next. So they were all here.

"Man this is great Joe."

"Yea Stormy think of some sex game we can play after dinner. I think we should all swim while waiting for the pizza. I will have to order 6 pizza's to be sure and have enough."

"Yea we have a house full."

When the boys came back up they were all talking about how neat the cave had turned out with the carpet and the furniture. They really liked it. Joe told everyone to go swimming and he would call the order in for the pizza.

So the boys started undressing on their way to the pool.

Joe called the order in for 6 different kinds of pizza's so they would have a choice. They said they would deliver in about 25 minutes. So Joe and Stormy got nude and went swimming too. After about 20 minutes Joe and Stormy got out and dried and dressed as they knew the pizza would be here soon.

Just as they got to the living room and sat down the doorbell rang. Joe got up and when he answered the door his eyes almost fell out. Stormy came right over too. This guy was about 16 and an absolute Adonis. Talk about good looking. He had light brown hair. Blue green eyes and a perfect body and face. "Come on in." Joe said. "Here let me carry a couple of those for you." Stormy carried some too to the table in the dinning room.

While Joe was paying the bill the boy asked if this wasn't the house that had the cave.

"Yes, how did you know about it?"

"Oh it is the talk of the town. At least this part of town."

"Yes the boys that dug it are all here for the pizza party and are swimming right now. Would you like to see the pool area?"

"Sure I would love to." Stormy followed behind as he couldn't get enough of that ass.

"Wow what a cool pool. I love the lighting. Are those guys swimming naked?"

"Yes they prefer it that way since they are a club."

"Wow! I have never seen so many naked guys in one place except in the gym at school. How do they get in the club?"

"Well now it would be by special invitation only as the cave is already finished. Only club members can go down there."

"How does a guy go about getting special permission?"

"Well you would have to be approved by the president and then submit to the same initiation they all did."

"Man I would really like to belong could you ask him if he would accept me?"

"Well I'll call him out and you can ask him yourself. Stormy why don't you and .... by the way what is your name? My name is Joe and this is Stormy."

"My name is Danny Hopkins."

"You look around 16 are you."

"Yea I just got my drivers license and that is how I got this job. I have been working all day so this is my last delivery. I can go home now if I want to."

"Have a seat on the couch and I'll get Dick."

Joe went back to the pool and called out Dick. Dick dry off I have someone that wants to meet you. You don't have to get dressed just get dry. The boy that brought the pizza is 16 and a real good looker and wants your permission to join the club. Are you going to let any more in?"

"Yes Joe but only on the recommendation of a club member."

"Well Stormy and I have been talking to him for a while and he seems like a real nice kid. He just got this job as a pizza delivery boy recently when he got his license. That would be a benefit for the club to have another licensed driver too."

"Well let me meet him. He would still have to be initiated as everyone has to do that to get in."

"Yes we told him that. But we didn't tell him what the initiation was until you approve him. Come on and follow me he is in the living room. Don't worry about being nude as he saw everyone in the pool and knows already that everyone is naked."

Joe led Dick in to meet Danny. When they got to the living room and Danny saw cute little Dick bare nude he sprung a boner. It showed in his pants. "Dick I would like you to meet Danny. He would like to be a member of the club and both Stormy and I will sponsor him if you approve it."

"Hello Danny. How long have you lived in San Diego?"

"All my life. I just live in Kensington. A couple minutes from here by car."

"Oh that's good several of our members live in that area. Do you want to belong to the club bad enough to go through an initiation?"

"Sure whatever it is."

"OK Joe he is approved. You can initiate him after dinner then he can join later in the games."

"Sounds like a winner Dick. Call all the boys out of the pool and have them put on a shirt at least for dinner OK?"

"Sure Joe."

It wasn't long before the group most without anything on but a shirt came in and sat around the table. Joe introduced Danny as a prospective new member after he is initiated. They all said Hi and welcomed him to the group. A few hard ons could be seen as this kid Danny was such a dream looker.

Everyone had a ball eating one of each kind of pizza, including Danny, and finally everyone was full and just talking about how nice the cave turned out. This made Danny want to see it even more.

"Well boys if you go back into the pool stay with a buddy as it isn't good to swim on a full stomach. You might even want to mess around in the shallow end and play some basketball."

They all like that idea fine. So they headed back for the pool. "Joe is it OK if I go join them after I get you guys started on the initiation?"

"Sure Dick if that is what you want."

"Let's go in the bedroom and we can get Danny's initiation over with."

When they got in the bedroom Joe explained that the same initiation had been used more or less since the boys dug other caves and used to play doctor in it.

Danny said, "That was my favorite game when I was a kid. I still kinda like it if no one tells."

"Well that is one thing about the club. Everything that is said here, done here etc. stays here. You can't even tell your best friends if they are not members. Can you agree with that?" said Dick.

"Oh yea my lips are sealed."

"Well we start the initiation by giving each other a shot in the butt." Joe, and Stormy started taking off their clothes fast and so Danny followed suit. When he was naked he was even more beautiful. He had an uncut dick that was 6 inches soft. And his butt was so perfect it looked like it had been drawn by an artist. Joe and Stormy started getting hard and Dick was already hard so Danny seeing this sprung a boner too. "Don't worry about the boners we see a lot of them around here." said Joe.

"Yea so I noticed." said Danny.

Dick handed Danny the crayon and told him to give everyone a shot up the ass hole with it and to fuck them with it.

Danny got real hard when he heard that. So he put in in Dick first since he was laying on the bed waiting with his cheeks spread with his hands. Danny loved this. He stuck the crayon in all the way to the hilt and then started fucking Dick with it. Dick was moaning the whole time. "I love this Dick said. But I like being fucked by Joe better."

"Well maybe later Dick but we must get on with the initiation now."

"Yea I know." When 4 or 5 minutes went by Dick said, "OK now do one of the others Danny."

Joe layed down and Danny put the crayon all the way up in him. He could barely hang on to it. But started fucking Joe with it making Joe moan. He was being crayon fucked by an Adonis and he loved it.

Next came Stormy. He could hardly wait for the boy to even touch him. He lay on the bed and let Danny spread him open so he could feel his hands on him. When the crayon went in Stormy came unglued. It felt so good with Danny doing it. Danny fucked him with it for about 5 minutes and then pulled it out. "Well I guess its my turn." Danny said.

Danny lay on the bed. He reached back and spread his ass. Both Joe and Stormy almost fell over each other to get a close look at his ass hole. It like the rest of him was perfect. No hair just brownish pink. Joe handed the crayon to Stormy as he was dripping precum like a faucet. Stormy put it all the way in and heard Danny moan. He started fucking him with it knowing what came next. When the 5 minutes was over Stormy pulled it out and smelled it. Oh that smell. It was all boy.

Joe took out the small dildo and lubricated it. "Now the second part of the initiation is three dildo's each a little bigger. This should feel good to you. Have you ever done ass play before Danny?"

"Just when we used to play doctor. But we just pushed on it with our fingers. We never thought of lubricant so we never entered each other"

"Funny that happened to me the first time too. I told the kid to push hard and he finally pushed hard enough to go in me. It hurt like crazy but it made me cum. I never had such a cum." said Joe.

Joe pushed in the dildo and started fucking him with it. Oh what a beautiful cherry. He fucked him for about 3 minutes and then reached for the next size dildo. He handed it to Stormy and he lubricated it and pushed it in.

"Oh I can tell that is bigger alright. Wow! What a feeling. It feels good." said Danny.

"Wait until the final dildo goes in. It feels good after you get used to it but it hurts like hell at first." Stormy started fucking him with it and boy did the moans and groans fill the room.

While Stormy was doing that Joe lubricated the big dildo really well as this tender virgin ass was going to hurt. When Stormy finished with the second dildo Joe said, "Now Danny I want you to take 10 deep breaths. Then push out like you had to take a giant shit. Keep pushing out as long as you can and it will be easier. Stormy looked back to see the dildo but Joe had it hidden as usual. Just put you head into the pillow when you finish the breaths Danny. Joe counted the 10 breaths and saw the ass hole push out and heard him grunt. In went the dildo all the way into the colon. Then Joe stopped.

"Oh my God how big is that thing. Ouch God that hurts so bad."

"Just let it set there until your anal muscles accept it and the hurt will stop believe me. Tell me when by shaking your head yes."

Danny kept his face in the pillow probably to hide the tears. After about 2 minutes he shook his head yes. Joe started fucking him with it slowly. He could hear moans of pain still. Soon though the moans of pain turned to pleasure sounds. "Feeling better now Danny?"

"Yea it kinda feels good in a way."

"Joe started really fucking him with it all the way in, and all the way almost out. He hit the prostate every other time on purpose and got real pleasure sounds from him."

"What is it you hit when it feels like I'm going to cum Joe?"

"That's your prostate gland. That is what makes the seminal fluid along with the seminal vessel that brings out the sperm that is made in your balls."

"Gosh you sure know a lot about it Joe."

"Yea you might say I've been around the block."

After more than 5 minutes Joe pulled it out and showed him how it compared with his dick in size.

"Gosh your dick is smaller."

"That is what everyone said. They all wanted me to fuck them when they saw the comparison. They wanted to see what it was like to really be fucked."

"Yea you really fucked me Joe. I'll never forget how good it felt. It was my first time."

"Well...if everyone...else did it...would you fuck me Joe. I want to try it."

"Sure if that is what you want." Joe had already lubricated his dick while he was fucking him with the dildo. He couldn't wait to get up inside this gorgeous Adonis all the way. "OK take 5 really deep breaths and then push out and back and force me into you."

Joe counted the breaths and then felt him push back. When he did Joe pushed forward at the same time helping him get it in. He kept going until his dick was in the colon. "How does that feel Danny?"

"Actually pretty good after that big dildo thing. It kinda feels good because it's you in there. Your softer than plastic that is for sure."

Joe started short fucking him slowly and then speeded up. Then he went to long stroking and really got going. "Doing OK Danny..puff.."

"Yea...puff puff...faster and harder...puff puff..."

Joe turned into a lightning machine. He never fucked so fast and so hard that he could remember. He started hitting on the prostate almost every time now. And could hear the sounds of it coming out of Danny.

"Oh God Joe, I'm cumming....ahhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhh...shit.....ahhhh good....ahhhhhhhh......"

Of course that set Joe off big time. He started pumping rope after rope of cum deep into his bowels. God it felt good. When he was through he fell on top of Danny still inside him and hugged him hard.

They lay there not speaking for about 4 or 5 minutes. Joe was feeling the softness of his skin against his stomach and chest. He never wanted to move.

"God Joe thanks. That was undoubtedly the most awesome experience of my life time. I never dreamed sex could be this good."

"Well I'm glad you like it Danny. I sure did. You are one sweet fuck."

Danny laughed. Joe said, "Well why don't we just go get in the pool we are all naked and ready."

So they all headed out to the pool and dove in the water. It felt so good as both Joe and Danny were so hot. Stormy was hot just watching the show. They swam laps for a bit and then just lay by the side. Joe could see the boys were getting tired so he told everyone it was time to get out.

They all dried and went in the living room for the sex games. They were hoping for the best.

Stormy said, "Joe told me to think up some thing. So why don't we all start off with a circle suck. But don't cum. OK?"

Everyone paired off with someone they liked and Stormy got on to Danny quick before anyone else could. Joe took Stormy and Gary got on Joe. It felt so good even though Joe had just cum he got hard again easily. After about 5 minutes Stormy said, "OK now guys let's initiate the basement. Everyone take someone to the new bedroom and do what ever you want. Suck, fuck, Kiss whatever. Carry your clothes with you as you might find it cool down in the cave. It is 60 degrees all year around remember.

Everyone carried their clothes including Joe, Stormy and Danny. Gary came over and took hold of Joe's arm hoping they could get together. Stormy had already claimed Danny. When they started down the stairs Danny said, "Wow! right in your closet. How cool. This is amazing. Look at all the carpet. And the furniture. This is like a cave house."

"Yea the boys did a splendid job along with Stormy's electrical and plumbing skills." said Joe.

They all grabbed a bed and even though they were bunk beds two fit just fine for what they wanted to do. So the sounds of fucking, sucking and French kissing could be heard all over the triangle room. Joe and Gary had landed on the couch in the second back room. Gary wanted to be fucked but Joe said, "I just fucked for an initiation why don't you fuck me Gary."

Gary had no qualms with that so he lubed up and went up in Joe. It felt so good and extra hot since the air temperature was cool. He fucked Joe for almost 20 minutes before cumming and Joe didn't think he had another cum in him but he let loose too when he felt the cum shooting in his insides by this other Adonis. Gary was so good looking.

Everyone had their fun. But after about an hour everything had quited down and the boys all had put on clothes. They got chilly. Joe and Stormy were also in clothes now and so was Danny.

Danny came over to Joe and thanked him for letting him in the club by sponsoring him. He wanted to know when he would be allowed to come over.

"Well Danny, Gary comes over most every night and now that it is finished I'm sure there will be several stopping in several nights a week. I think I will have a get together every Saturday from 1 to 9 so everyone can have a day together that wants to be here."

"What do you boys think about that?" Joe asked out loud.

The whole room burst into applause. They were all so happy. They now had a home away from home and they had built it with their own hands. They were so proud of themselves. Joe said, "Well then it will be open house from 1 to 9 all winter. I'll have something to eat for dinner for those who are here. Please call and let me know if you aren't going to be here for dinner so I will know how much food to have ready.

They all agreed to that. Joe said, "Sleep tight boys. There is a button on the wall in each room like this one. If anyone needs help just push one of the buttons and an alarm will sound in the house. Also the trap door will be closed but not locked. So just push it open if you need the restroom for other than peeing. You can pee out the cave entrance over the edge. No one will be able to see you. Good night. See you in the morning."

Stormy and Joe went up the stairs and collapsed in bed. "Gosh Joe I would have never dreamed anything could be this good. Thanks to you. I love it here and I love you.

"Well I love you too Stormy. What you say we have an open gay partnership. It is open only for boys younger than us. No one older. How does that sound."

"Like a dream come true. I love you so much." And they went into a French kiss before falling asleep.

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