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The next morning I got up around 8, read the paper from last night, and had my coffee. This was my time of day all to myself. But this morning I couldn't help but keep thinking of that darn cave and all the boys that would be coming my way because of it. Every time I thought about Dick and what we did yesterday I would get hard. And he was bringing a guy named David with him today. He was making things really easy for me leading the way into sexual things. I liked that. I wondered if we would be giving David his shot today. Also what he looked like. Would he be fat and not so attractive or what? Oh well time would tell. I took my shower and got ready for digging by putting on some older jeans and old shirt. It was still late Spring so in San Diego it wasn't that hot out this time of year. It was virtually the same temperature in the cave year around. I guess I was kinda anxious as I still had plenty of kid in me. About 9:20 I went in the living room and turned the TV on to kill time and waited. Right at 9:32 the doorbell rang and I nervously got up and answered it.

"Well good morning Dick. Right on time I see. This must be your friend you told me about."

"Yea, this is David. He helped a lot on another cave we dug in. David this is Joe he lives here. He didn't even know about the stairs in the closet. I had to show him."

"Well come on in boys. Nice to meet you David."

"Yea, same here. Dick said you were 21. Your not 21 are you?"

"Yes I know I don't look it but I have always looked young for my age."

"Gosh you don't look over 16. Anyway we are here to help you dig on the cave if you want us to."

"Sure I told Dick I thought it would be a great idea. Dick told me about your club and the doctor thing. I thought it would be nice if I added a little something to it."

Dick said, "What's that Joe?"

"Well since you like to play doctor we could have steps to take so you can get higher ranking in the club. And when you reach say step 5 I could take you someplace like the San Diego Zoo. Would that suit you."

"Yea that sounds great. How do we earn the steps?"

"Well different doctor things you do. Since you like that so much I thought it would be fun for you and I would like it too."

Dick said, "Then step one is the shot?"

"Yea since you like it that can be step one. Do you like playing the doctor game too David we would never force anyone to do anything."

"Yea I like playing it with Dick but I don't know around an adult."

Dick said, "He may be adult age David but believe me he thinks like one of us. He let me give him a shot yesterday."

"Really? Joe would you let me give you a shot if I let you give me one?"

"Sure why not. Since only club members can dig why don't we give each other the shots first?" said Joe.

"Sounds good to me. Does anyone have a crayon?"

"Yea I always carry one. See here it is." said Dick."

"Why don't we go in my bedroom where we can have a little privacy. I will lock the door so we won't be bothered. OK?"

"Sure lead the way." David said.

I couldn't believe this David kid. They say the rich have all the good looking kids and this is a rich neighborhood. This guy had blond hair, blue eyes, and a swimmers body. He was slender and his best feature was his butt went with the body.

"Here this is my bedroom. Why don't I go first so you won't be so nervous David. Do you want to give me a shot first?"

"Yea super."

I took off my shirt and then my pants. And they were holding their breath for my underware to go down. So I took them off and out popped a stiff dick."

"Gosh Joe you got a boner. I guess I do too." said David.

David took the crayon and spread my ass real tight. He took his time looking at my ass hole and then put the crayon up my butt. Again you wouldn't think it would have much feeling but it did because this Adonis was doing it. He fucked me with it and I let him all he wanted he must have kept going for about 5 minutes the he said, "Do you like that Joe?"

"Yea a lot with you doing it."

"You really are one of us. I'll do it a little more OK?"

"Sure. Say David why don't you take me to step two."

"Yea what's step two Joe."

I got up and went to the drawer and grabbed out the smallest dildo which was still plenty long. I also took out the KY. "Here put some of this on it first and it goes in real easy. It is just like a bigger crayon."

"Yea it sure is bigger alright." David spread KY on it and pushed it up in my ass all the way until it stopped. Then he started fucking me with it. I glanced back at him and he was really enjoying himself.

"Does that feel good Joe?"

"Yea real good to me. Now I am at step two."

"I want to go to step two too Joe." said Dick.

"OK but you have to do step two to me first. Everyone has to have a chance OK?"

"Yea I like that idea." So Dick took the dildo out and put it back in me. He hit my prostate by accident and it almost made me cum. But he went on in and started fucking me with it really fast. It felt so good I really liked Dick a lot after yesterday.

"OK we better change around as we can't take all morning up playing doctor if we are going to get any cave digging done. David why don't you be next get ready."

David took off his shirt and pants and was a little slow pulling down his underware as he had an almost 5 inch boner. He also had a little hair on top. He was uncut and I couldn't wait for the time to come when I taught them how to give and receive head.

"OK David I will use the crayon first." I looked at that beautiful butt and just wanted to look at it. I spread his cheeks and held them open for a few seconds to see a pink perfectly clean ass hole. I pushed the crayon all the way in and it went in to where I could barely get hold of it to pull back. I started fucking him with it and kept it up for as long as he did me. "You like that David?"

"Oh Yea! I have always liked things in my butt. I even put my finger in there when I'm alone sometimes."

I switched from the crayon to the Dildo and shoved it all the way as far as it would go. "How does that feel David?"

"Oh God even better. I like that a lot."

I fucked him good with the dildo wanting to start the stretching process because I now had two Cherry's I wanted to eventually pick. I decided to deliberately hit his prostate a few times and he said, "Oh man that makes me feel so weird. If you keep that up I will cum all over your bed."

I pulled it out for that was yet to come. I handed it to Dick and he started pushing it in and out but he didn't hit the prostate so he was safe from coming yet.

After that it was Dicks turn to go down so he undressed and was as hard as a rock too. I put the crayon in and fucked him with it for a minute or two and then motioned to David to take over. So David started working the crayon like really fast. Dick was moaning like mad. He really loved this.

Then I told David to pull out the crayon and I would use the dildo first. So I pushed the dildo all the way in and started fucking him like mad with it. "How do you like that Dick?"

"I see what David meant this is way better than the crayon."

I fucked him for 5 minutes and then let David take over. While David was doing it I stood back and looked over his perfect body. Man was I hard. Finally I told him that was enough we were all at level 2 now.

"Joe could you make me orgasm again. Do we have time?"

Sure Dick roll over. I started jacking him off and saw David smiling as he knew what was going on. He had a hard on himself that wouldn't quit. I kept at it until he was breathing hard and then I put some KY on my middle finger and pushed it hard into his prostate. That did it.

"Oh...its...happening....again.....ahhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhh...God.... I love....this so much....ahhhhhhhhhh."

Then when the spasms on my finger in his ass quit I knew he was through and he just collapsed.

"God Joe could you do that for me too?"

"Sure David lay down over here." I started jacking on his uncircumcised dick and it was so neat how the skin just went with my hand. He certainly didn't need any KY. When I heard him breathing hard I stuck my finger hard up his ass and pushed hard into his prostate. I massaged it twice and that was all it took."

"Oh God I'm Cumming Joe.....ahhhhhhhh.....ooooooo....that.....feels so much.....better do it....ahhhhhhhh........ohhhhh."

He squirted about 4 loads out on his stomach. The first hitting on his chest and then progressively down until it just oozed out on my hand. I loved the feeling of the spasms when he came as he really squeezed my finger hard. "You like that David?"

"Oh Yea, that is 100 times better than doing it myself. And when you stuck your finger in my ass it hit something that just made me cum."

"Yes David that is your prostate gland. It is the gland that provides the seminal fluid to pull the sperm from your balls and that together makes sperm."

"Wow! I didn't know that."

"Well stick around and I'll teach you a lot more if you want."

They both said together, "I want."

I wiped some of the cum off of him with my finger and tasted it. It had no salt at all and was as sweet as any I had ever tasted.

"Did you taste my cum Joe?"

"Yea, here let me scoop up some more and you can taste it."

"Ummm that taste kinda sweet and good. I like it."

"Let me taste some Joe." said Dick.

So I scooped the rest and put it in his mouth. Little did they know they would be giving each other blow jobs in the days to follow.

David said, "You must be about to burst can I do you?"

"Sure I would really like that." So I pulled my pants back off and lay down on the bed. He took hold of it and looked like he was surprised at how big it was. Really I am only about 6 inches and not too fat. People like it when I fuck them because it doesn't hurt much.

"OK Joe here goes." He started jacking on me just the right way and as built up as I was I knew I wouldn't last long. Then the unexpected he had put KY on his middle finger and pushed it straight into my prostate. That was all it took.

"Oh man I'm good......ahhhh."

I shot about 8 ropes the first hitting him in the chin and then the rest slowly down my chest and stomach until it just dribbled out on his hand. He licked it off his hand and said, "Gosh yours is sweet too but it has a little salt taste to it."

"Yes David that is normal. You will get salt in yours too when you get older."

"Boy we have sure learned a lot this morning."

"Can I have a taste Joe." said Dick.

"Sure you can lick up all you want." When I said that they surprised me as they both started licking my whole chest and stomach clean. When they had finished I got up and took a damp towel and wiped David off first and then my self. After we dig we can all go swimming in the pool so you will go home clean OK?"

"Oh that would be awesome." said David. "You really are just like us Joe. You are super cool."

"Well thank you David I think your super cool too."

"Yea I thought that way yesterday already." said Dick.

"Well shall we have a Coke and start digging."


I got everyone a Coke and we relaxed after that ordeal. Boy I liked mornings like this and I could see a lot more coming.

Well now that we are refreshed shall we go and start digging. I picked up a measuring tape and put it in my pocket. Dick went ahead of me and grabbed the ring to open the stairway. He pulled and nothing happened. I laughed and told him that I had locked it with a sliding lock over to the left in the dark. He reached over and found it and figured it out. Just slide the bolt back and it released it. "Hey that's pretty neat."

"Yea I had to think of a way to keep people from coming in my house through the cave. They could really come in and steal me blind."

"Good idea Joe."

He opened the door, turned on the stairway light, and started down. We of course all followed him. He was surprised to see two bright red wagons and all the diggers inside one of the wagons. I asked him to help me measure from the door to the cave to the back wall. It turned out to be 10 feet. "OK now I want to go back another 10 feet before we start tunneling."

"Yea that will be super." said Dick.

So we each put on gloves and got a digging tool and a bucket and went to the back wall in different places. Dick demonstrated how to use the buckets. He showed us to pull the sandstone with the claw and hold the bucked between our knees and pull. As he did the sand fell into the bucket eliminating a step from having to pick up the sand to transfer it to the wagon. "Good idea Dick. I can tell you have done this before."

"Yea we both have." said David."

So all three of us started digging and it was amazing how fast one could fill a bucket. When the bucket was full we empties it in one of the wagons. After several buckets Dick said, "It's time to dump the wagons now. He pulled one of the wagons out the entrance and David pulled the other out. They took it to the far edge of where dirt had been dumped before and they tipped the wagons over to unload down the slope. I thought they sure know what they are doing. So we went back in and continued what we were doing.

After about 20 wagon loads I measured the distance again and we had gained a foot on the back wall so now it was 11 feet back. We kept digging for another couple hours and I might say my knees felt like they would never straighten out again. The cave was only tall enough to stand up on your knees as I guess when inside you sat down most of the time anyway except to move from place to place on your knees. when the end of the digging time came we were another 3 feet back making a to total of 14 feet now. It was obvious to the eye that the wall was moving back. I felt real proud of what we had done but I had had all the digging I wanted for one day. So I suggested we all go outside and brush off and then go up the stairs and go swimming. They were all for it as they were tired too.

When we reached the pool I handed them both a towel and got one for myself. One thing I had plenty of was towels. I took off my clothes where I was naked and dove in. I looked back and the boys had just started undressing. They got nude too and dove in.

"Hey this skinny dipping is really Kool. I have never done it before." said David.

"Me neither and I love it."

We swam about 10 laps to get our knees working again and then started messing around. I let them dive off my shoulders and they loved it. Of course I loved it to as I got to touch them. Then when we were tired we went to the shallow part and I grabbed them around the middle and tossed them. My dick was hard so it hit them in the butt crack. I noticed they were both hard too. So it didn't matter. Pretty soon we were grabbing each others dicks and laughing. I did some butt grabbing too which didn't seem to bother them at all. They acted like they kinda liked it. After an hour or so I got out and started drying off. So they followed me out. We all got dry and I just left my clothes there and walked into the house. They took the hint and came in nude themselves. The door was locked so I wasn't worried. I served some sandwiches and we sat in the living room and drank a Coke all with hard ons.

When we finished our Cokes Dick said, "Joe do you think you could give me one of those orgasms again."

"Yea, that was Kool. I'll do you if you will do us again." said David.

Who was I to argue with that. I loved being naked with the boys. "Sure lets go in my bedroom where we can be comfortable. Dick would you lock the trap door for me." So he went and slid the lock back in place. Then he came to the bed and I started jacking Dick first. "Boys have you ever heard of giving head to someone?"

"You mean putting their thing in our mouths?"

"Yea lots of guys do it. Here I'll show you how good it feels." I went down on Dick and took his almost 4 inches in easily. He was perfect size for giving head and not having to take him down my throat. I gave my best head and boy did Dick start pleasure sounds.

"Oh that feels so good. God I am glad you are showing us this."

I kept giving him head until I saw he was getting close and then I wet my finger and plunged hard into his prostate. After two hits on his prostate he let loose.

"Oh God I'm having one now....ahhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhh.....God...... that feels good.....Joe....ahhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhh."

"I take it by the sounds of things you liked it?"

"Liked it I loved it. Man that thing you hit with your finger was like you were jacking me off from the inside too."

Then I looked at David smiling like a Cheshire cat. I moved over and took him all the way in. His five inches fit real good too. It tasted even better as it had precum on it. I started in and he was going ape shit. Talk about pleasure sounds. I was dripping like a faucet from my own dick and soon I felt something hot on it. Dick had taken me in his mouth and was giving his first blow job. I kept going on David until he was breathing really hard and I knew it was getting close. So I plunged my finger all the way to his prostate hard and hit it again and again until...

"I'm cumming....ohHHHHHHHH....God......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....shit.... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....that good....ahhhhhhhhhh..."

He literally filled my mouth with sweet tasting cum. I loved it. I was really falling for David. He was so smooth with his blond hair type skin I couldn't touch his body enough.

Then I turned my attention 100% to what was happening to me. Dick was using his tongue all around the head now and I wasn't far off. David said, "Here let me have a try at that Dick." So David took over. He did a much better job. It was almost like he had experience. But he had just felt me do it to him and he was copying it. I was getting so close and then David did the finger thing and I said, "Oh God I'm going to cum.....ahhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhh....shit.....God......." I pumped about 8 loads into his mouth which forced him to swallow to keep up with me. "That felt so good guys you now have learned a new thing."

David wasn't talking as his mouth was full of my cum and he didn't want to swallow it yet. So I pulled him up on top of me and stuck out my tongue and pushed it against his lips. He opened and I had my tongue all the way in his mouth so he started sucking on it. I then turned the tide and started sucking on him. We Frenched for about 5 minutes and boy that was so good.

"Joe I feel left out could you do that with me?"

So I turned my head to him and started tongue sucking like mad. It turned into another 5 minute French kiss. I am sure by the reaction it was their first.

David said, "Man Joe you are the greatest. I love coming over here. You know so many neat things."

I finally broke the kiss and said, "Well thank you David. I love to share things I have learned growing up. I'm not that much older than you guys you know."

"Yea and you look a lot younger. So it's like playing with a big brother." said Dick.

I loved the sound of that as I always wanted a little brother and now I had two.

"We went in the living room and while we sat on the couch they turned on Cartoons. It was the fox and the rabbit. I liked that too. I put my arms around both of them and they scooted so close they were almost in my lap. I notice they were both hard again so that brought mine half way up again too. But no one said a word just kept watching cartoons.

When the cartoons were over I told them it was time they better get home. I didn't want their mothers mad at me. So we all went to the pool area and got dressed. I hated to see them put clothes over those perfect bodies. But all good things must come to an end and there would be a lot more coming.

When they were dressed they went to the door to leave thanking me so much for such a great day. I told them I would see them in the morning around 9:30 if they could make it.

They both said they wouldn't miss it for the world. They wanted to see what step 3 would be.

(to be continued)

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