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The next morning I woke up sore. I was using muscles that I didn't know I had. My knees were even sore. But as I moved around I got over it. I had my normal coffee and read last nights paper as usual. When 9:20 came I went to the living room and turned on the TV for noise. It wouldn't be long before they should be here. I was getting hard just thinking of them. That David, I just couldn't get his body out of my mind. What an ass. There went the doorbell so I got up and answered it.

"Good morning Joe. We found an old member of our club walking home yesterday. We knew we didn't really need many more right now but he said he would keep it a secret. If it ever got out we couldn't fit all the guys from the last club in the cave room. Joe this is Pete. He is 15 and really strong. He can move a lot of dirt believe me I have seen him work."

"Well hello Pete Welcome to our group. Or maybe I should say welcome to your own group. You were here before me."

They laughed. I invited them all in and we sat and got to know each other a little in the living room. I turned off the TV so we wouldn't have unnecessary noise. I could tell Pete was from the Rich good looking guys neighborhood. He was tall, slender sort of a swimmers build, and handsome. He had brown hair and brown eyes. And a big smile that went right though me.

"How long have you guys known each other?"

"Oh lets see, about two years I guess. He has helped in two caves with us. Don't worry Joe he likes to play doctor too. Even though he is a little older now. He likes sex like we do."

"Gee you guys you shouldn't be telling Joe all this after all he doesn't even know me."

"He is one of us Pete. He is 21 years old but talks our talk. He is only 6 years older than you. He likes playing doctor too. And has shown us some new things."

"Now I feel on the spot Dick."

"I'm sorry me and my big mouth. It is just that David and I have gotten to know you so well I just had to tell Pete what a nice guy you are."

"Well thank you Dick. I think you guys are pretty special too. I am sure we will all get along fine Pete."

"Yea especially if you like to play doctor. I am always horny."

"Well we set up a series of steps to take to get to be a key member. Once a guy is a key member I will be taking you guys to the Zoo and other places like Sea World etc."

"Wow! That sounds exciting." said Pete.

"Joe can we go in your bedroom and do step 3. What ever that is going to be."

"You game Pete? We don't want anyone doing anything they don't want to do."

"Oh Yea, lead the way." said Pete.

I led the way to my bedroom and I was hard already. I noticed the two younger boys were sporting hard ons also. Pete didn't know yet what he was walking into. When we got to the bedroom I said, "Did you bring the crayon with you?"

"Oh yea. Here it is Joe."

"Well Pete step one is getting a shot using the crayon. I guess you are familiar with it from before maybe?"

"Yea I love shots."

"Well so you don't feel alone why don't we all take off our clothes so we are on equal grounds." I started taking off my shirt and so they did too. I was quick as I wanted them to see I was one of them. I had everything off and was standing their hard as a rock before they got to their belts. I noticed that Pete now had a hard on too just seeing mine and the boys. When we were all naked we had Pete lay on the bed on his stomach. Boy what an ass. I couldn't wait to get up in this one. I wondered if he was cherry or not. If so I would sure take care of that one of these days.

Pete lay down and I took the crayon and spread his cheeks wide. He didn't even have any hair around his anus. God what a butt hole. I put the crayon to his hole and pushed it right in. Crayons are waxy so they self lubricate. I fucked him with it slow and then sped up and did it fast. I handed the crayon to Dick so he could continue. Dick did it even faster than I had. Then he handed off to David and he was equally as fast.

"God I forgot just how good this feels." said Pete.

When everyone had their turn I got out the small dildo as that was next. I lubricated it with KY and told him this was step two and really didn't hurt. "Are you OK with it Pete?"

"Sure I am game for just about anything."

I slipped it in all the way until it stopped. It went at least an inch farther up his ass because of his size. I started the fucking and deliberately hit on his prostate a couple times.

"Oh man what ever you hit felt like an electric shock went through me."

"Yes Pete that is your prostate gland. That is the gland that produces the seminal fluid which carries the sperm up from your balls and it all comes out as sperm."

"Gee I learned something new too."

I handed over the dildo to David and after he had his fun he handed it to Dick. Dick really fucked him with it.

"Oh man I feel like I could cum that feels so good."

"Well we don't want that yet so pull it out Dick."

I said, "Now comes step three." They all looked in wonder. I pulled out the medium size dildo which was twice as big as the 1st one. I put KY on it and said, "Here Pete why don't you do me first?"

He said, "Really! You really are one of us." He took the bigger dildo and I have to say I felt it go in. It didn't really hurt but it was definitely stretching me. He started fucking me with it like mad. I was the one afraid of cumming now. "Why don't you take it out for a minute and do someone else or I'm going to cum."

He took it out and had Dick lay down. Dick was only 10, and had a much tighter anus so I knew he would feel this one good. Pete used more KY on it and pushed it up into Dick's ass.

"Oh man! I can sure feel that. It almost hurts but it hurts good."

Pete started speeding up and after a minute or so handed it off to David. David went even faster and Dick was moaning like mad. Then it was handed to me. I hit his prostate once or twice and boy did he let out a pleasure groan. I finally pulled it out and we had David lay down on his stomach. He lay down slowly not to sure about this.

"It will be easier on you David if you push out like you had to take a shit." He grunted and I pushed it all the way to the hilt.

"Oh God now I see what you meant Dick. But it feels tight and good and kinda hurts in a good way. You know what I mean?"

"Yes David I know exactly what you mean." We passed it around until everyone had a turn with it and then I washed it and put it away.

"Joe are you going to do the mouth thing. That feels so good." said Dick.

I said, "If you want me to I will."

"I want, I want."

I went down on him and started giving him fast good head. At least as good as I knew how. When he started breathing really hard I plunged my finger into his prostate a couple times and he let loose.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh....I'm getting....that...feeling again......Ohhhhhhh... good....."

When he quit spasming on my finger I said, "How was that Dick?"

"Oh better than ever. I could do that all day."

"Pete why don't you be next, that is if you want to."

"Oh yea. No one has ever given me head before and I always wondered just how it feels."

I went down on him but his 7 inches went past my gag point and down my throat. So I bobbed up and down taking him in my throat every other time. He was moaning like a banshee. When I saw his breath speed up to the point of cumming I wet my finger and sank it right to his prostate. I only had to hit it once and I had a boy cumming like crazy in my mouth. It had a little salt to it but it was so sweet too. I kept hitting on his prostate the whole time he came and sent him into a world he had never seen before.

"Oh God Joe that felt better than anything anyone has ever done to me. I never dreamed it would feel that good. And when you hit that shocking point up my ass it really sent me off."

David was really ansie now wanting his share. So I took him in and did he same thing to him. When his breathing got fast and he was ready I gave him the full prostate thing too. I hit his prostate every time he squeezed my finger with his ass hole. He moaned and made every pleasure sound that man can make before he collapsed. I hated to take my finger out of him as I really loved his ass. Before I took it out I went into the colon area way up as far as I could reach and felt the wetness and the immense heat from having just cum.

Dick said, "One of us should do you now Joe that is only fair."

"Let me try it. I have never done it before." said Pete.

Pete went down on me and took my whole 6 inches partly down his throat after gagging a couple times. He sucked and bobbed and really did a good job for a beginner. I knew I couldn't last long with that hunk of guy on my dick. God he was handsome. He had learned the prostate trick and plunged a wet finger up my ass and hit right on it. He kept hitting it and that was all she wrote for me.

" got me.....Pete.....Shit.....ahhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhh.... God that feels so good....ahhhhhhhhh..." I let loose of at least 8 ropes before I finally finished. He took his finger and pushed it up into my colon to see how far up in me he could get. I loved it. And his long fingers really got up there. He took out his finger and I saw him smell it twice and then a minute or so later noticed he was smelling it again. He was just like me.

"Well boys what you say we have a Coke." So they all followed me in the nude into the kitchen where I gave them their Cokes. They practically guzzled them. But we went in the living room to rest for a few minutes after all the sex.

Pete said, "Boy I am sure glad I ran into you guys yesterday or I would have missed out on all this. Thanks Joe for being one of us. You are really great. And the things you can teach us I can hardly wait for more."

After our rest we went in the bedroom and got dressed so we could head for the cave and another day at work.

Dick remembered the lock this time and slid it off. He opened the door, turned on the stairwell light, and off we went to work. Everyone grabbed a pair of gloves and a digging tool and bucket. We were up to 14 feet back and had to get to 20. When I saw Pete start digging I thought of a mole. Boy could that guy move sandstone. So I got busy knowing I couldn't keep up with him. Dick and David were also digging at their capacity. It seemed like every time I turned around someone was wheeling out another wagon load. This was really fun. I was having a second childhood and boy was I enjoying it.

After about an hour I called a halt. We all went outside and stretched our legs. My knees were killing me. When we get back inside I said, "Lets measure our progress." With Pete digging we are really going faster. So we stood around and stretched and did a few knee bends to get our bodies back ready for another shift. We then entered the cave and took the tape and measured. It was back 16 feet now. At this rate 2 feet an hour we might make it to 20 today. So everybody really got with it. I thought I would go down to the hardware store after they all left this afternoon and buy a couple of those weird looking things with two wheels and handles. They were made for hauling leaves but would sure hold at least twice what these wagons did.

Another hour went by and we took another break. Boy I needed this one. I laid down out in the sand and stretched as much as I could and then just lay there resting. I noticed the others followed suit. So we were all stretched out resting. About 10 minutes later I said, "OK break over let's get back to it." When when we got back inside I measured again and we were at 17 and a half feet. We had slowed down a little due to fatigue and sore knees. We grabbed our buckets and started in again. More and more wagon loads were taken out. Each time a wagon left we were that much closer to our 20 foot goal so it made me feel good.

Another hour went by and I called a Coke break. I told every one to go outside and brush all the sand they could off each other and we would go up in the house and have another Coke. Boy they were happy to hear that. So after cleaning ourselves we went back up the stairs into my closet and then to the kitchen where I handed out ice cold Cokes. We all went into the living room to drink them. We rubbed each others shoulders to get the stiffness out and after 15 minutes I made some sandwiches and they all had lunch. I gave them a glass of milk with the sandwiches as too much pop wasn't good for us. After lunch I threw the paper plates away and down the stairs we went. After two more shifts I measured again and we had reached 19 and a half feet. Only 6 inches to go. So everyone worked extra hard to finish it off. About an hour later I called a break and we measured and we were 21 feet back. I said we were though for the day. We were ready to start tunnels that would meet in the back and then make another big room that we could stand up in. That would take some doing so we could use more help now. We brushed off and went up to the pool area. I stripped and was in the water before they hardly got started undressing. It wasn't long before all 4 of us were swimming laps and after 10 laps or so we went to the shallow end to rest. After a short rest the goofing off started. I felt some one grab me by the dick and balls and looked to see who it was and it was Pete. So I grabbed him in the same way. We just held on to each other until we both grew quite hard. This was so much fun. I didn't want it to stop. I noticed the younger boys had each other by the crotch too after seeing us doing it.

"Hey guys what you say we get out and dry. Then maybe have some more bedroom fun."

I never saw guys get out and dry as fast as they did. I was right up with them too. All of us were sporting hard ons. Mine was so hard it hurt.

We got to the bedroom and I suggested a circle suck. Since they didn't know what that was I explained it to them. Everyone would be sucking someone else's dick so it would force us into a circle. They liked the idea so we all got on the bed and started sucking. Luckily I got Pete. I loved to suck his 7 incher. This went on for about 15 minutes when the breathing was so fast I wet my finger and started hitting on Pete's prostate. It took three hits and he let loose with about 7 or 8 ropes. I loved it as I had his dick down my throat for the first 3 or 4 and then took it back to my mouth to savor the rest. I held it in my mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. When I came off I noticed everyone had a finger up the guy they were sucking and all were hitting on the prostates. The moans and I'm cumming came from all over the room. Then we all collapsed on the bed for about 10 minutes as we were really tired from all the hours of digging. Then I started rubbing Pete's back and he was so muscular I loved it. I worked my way down to his ass and spread his cheeks. Because of the swim he was really clean. "Guys I want you to learn another thing if you want to do it. Right now since we just got out of the pool our ass holes are as clean as anything else on our body so I want to show you how to rim another guy." I went down on Pete spreading him wide and started sticking my tongue in his hole. He moaned real loud as he was loving it. I told him to push out like he had to fart and let me in. When he did my tongue went in another inch. Boy did I want to fuck him but thought we better wait until after the third dildo. That sucker was so big it would get everyone ready. I tongued and sucked for about 10 minutes and my tongue gave out. So I pulled up and could see Dick with his tongue up David's ass and David going ape shit rolling around on the bed. He was loving it.

"Pete do you feel like trying me. Don't feel like you have to. You can always say no."

"No Joe I want to." So he got down and licked my ass hole a few times to see if there was any bad taste. Finding none he started pushing his tongue up in me. I pushed out real hard and he was really getting in there. I thought I was in heaven as he was really Strong being only 15 and sports minded. He kept it up longer than I had and then his tongue gave out. "Wow, Joe that was great. Did it feel good to you like it did to me?"

"Good isn't the word for it Pete it was awesome."

When everyone was finished we all went naked into the living room and sat down to talk. "Well guys since we are starting two tunnels tomorrow will we need another digger or two."

Dick said, "Yea two I think will be plenty. I know two guys that I am sure that will want to. And since they belonged to the club before I know they enjoyed the doctor part too."

"That's great invite them along."

"I will Joe." Then we all went out and got dressed as it was time for them to leave and I still had to go to the garden store.

When they were all dressed I thanked them for all their help and gave them each a $20 bill to spend on themselves. I told them this was just my way of saying thank you that it really wasn't a payroll. They were all thrilled to get it and thanked me. "Now don't forget guys. What is said and happens in the club doesn't get carried anywhere. It would disband our club in a hurry if one of your parents got wind of the sex stuff we do."

They all told me never to worry about that they had been doing this for a few years and no one has ever told anyone.

That made me happy so I bid them good bye and said I would see them at 9:30 tomorrow. They all left smiling and while their clothes were a little dirty their bodies were spotless.

I went down to the hardware store and bought the last two leaf carriers and barely got them in the trunk. I could see I was going to be forced into a bigger vehicle so I thought about getting a van. I thought I would take the guys with me to pick it out and then they would feel part of it.

I found myself looking more and more forward to 9:30's every day.

(To Be continued) Joe Gardner in the authors section.

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