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Pretty much my normal morning routine. I ended up, as usual, watching TV until the doorbell rang at 9:25. They were early. I opened the door and it looked like a small mob scene. "Hey"

"HEY" They all walked in like they owned the place which was fine by me. "Joe I found two more guys. This is Don, he is 15, and this is 11 year old Brian. Oh, and the little guy is David's brother he couldn't come if he didn't watch his brother today so we brought him along. He is just 6. His name is Chad."

I looked the new boys over and saw that David's brother, cute little bugger, was a tow head and would turn into a blond just like his brother when he got older. He had a normal slender body for a 6 year old and the same fine butt his brother had. Then I looked at Don. He was handsome being 15 he was beyond cute. One thing that struck me right away was his eyes. They were blue green. And they just drew me in. He was well built just like Pete and had a swimmers body. His butt looked like it fit him fine.

We all sat down in the living room and I said maybe we should put off the doctor thing with Chad here until tomorrow.

David spoke up and said, "Oh you don't have to worry about him he has been playing doctor with me since he was 4 and has never told a soul.

"No I don't tell stuff like that to anyone." said Chad.

"Well OK then. I have been thinking. We are getting to be too large a group to all play doctor at once. It takes half the morning away from digging. So why don't I play with one or two at a time and then send them down and a couple more brush off and come up at a time."

Dick said, "Yea that would be good then we could get a lot more digging done in a day."

"That's what I was thinking. And then after our afternoon swim we could all goof around together if that is agreeable with everyone. No one will ever be forced to do anything they don't want to do."

David said, "That would be super. Then we wouldn't miss all getting together. That is the most fun of all."

"Why don't we all go down to the cave now. I want to plan how we are going to proceed. So Dick lead the way."

Dick looked so proud being the leader and went to the closet, unlocked the trap door, turned on the lights, and all of us went down the stairs.

"OK now you know more about caves than I do but I was thinking we could start a tunnel here at this end and another one at that end and have them meet in back about 15 feet in. Then we could build another big room. One we can stand up in. How does that sound to you?"

"Hey that sounds cool." said Pete. They all pitched in agreeing with him.

"OK why don't I take Dick and David and his brother up first to take the next step in the doctors game."

No one disagreed with that so up the stairs we went. When we got to my bedroom I waited to see what David would say to Chad.

"Chad we all start off by taking off our clothes just like we do at home. OK?"

"Yea sure." said Chad. So Chad started stripping. Which started David, Dick and I at the same time. It wasn't long before we were all naked.

"OK why don't I take you first Dick and then I can do David and do Chad last since he might be a little nervous and this will show him what we do."

"Fine with me." said Dick. So he lay down on his stomach and waited. I started with the 1st dildo, put KY on it and pushed it in. Then I fucked him with it for a minute and handed it to David. David liked this part and really fucked him fast for a minute or so. Then he asked Chad if he wanted a turn. "You bet. I love playing doctor too." So Chad fucked him like he had seen them do it smiling all the time. He pulled it out and smelled it and then handed it to me. Then I took the second dildo and pushed it all the way in Dick and fucked him for a minute, followed by David and then Chad. When Chad pulled it out he smelled it again. He was just like his brother and me. We loved that smell. I smelled it and then washed it and put it away.

"Now comes the next step. It is a bigger dildo. Is everyone for it to go up a step?"

"Yea sure." said Dick. He of course hadn't seen it yet. I pulled it out of the drawer and started lubricating it and his eyes got as big as saucers.

"Wow! That thing is bigger than your dick Joe."

"Yes but it is a standard regular dildo. You don't have to take the step if you don't want to. I can go ahead and start on David."

"No I'll just grit my teeth and bare it go ahead."

I took my finger and lubricated his ass hole all the way up into the colon and then some. I finger fucked him really well to get him slick. Then I took the well lubricated big dildo and put it to his hole. "Now Dick I want you to take 5 deep breaths and then push out like you were going to push out a huge turd OK?"

I listened as he took the 5 deep breaths and then when he grunted I slowly started the dildo in. It wasn't blunt ended so it went in slowly before it reached the biggest part and then I shoved it all the way up in his colon. "How ya doing Dick?"

"Oh God that brought tears to my eyes. That thing is really big. But it is getting better now."

I started moving it in and out slowly and he was moaning. So I speeded up and he was starting to pleasure moan. So I knew I was going to get my first cherry. I handed it to David and he continued wide eyed. He pushed and pulled really fast and Dick was making all kinds of pleasure sounds now. So he handed it to Chad and he did it too. Finally Chad pulled it out, smelled it, and handed it to me. I took it in to wash it and Smelled it before I did. Then I brought it back to be David's next.

Dick said, "You know Joe since that thing is bigger than your dick do you think you could put your dick in me."

"If that is what you want."

"I want. I gotta try it."

So I lubricated my dick really well and put it to his hole. OK now 5 deep breaths and then push. I counted the 5 deep breaths and when he grunted I was in I didn't want to prolong his pain so I went straight to the colon. And then lay on top of him. He felt so warm and smooth and hotter than hell inside his ass. Talk about tight. "Are you OK Dick?"

"Oh yea it didn't even hurt after that dildo. Go ahead and fuck me Joe."

I didn't want to cum in him as I still had David to go and wanted to stay hard so I fucked him really fast and it felt so good. Then I started hitting on his prostate every time and that did it he had an orgasm. While his ass was squeezing my dick I almost came but held it back. I pulled out as soon as he quit cumming.

"Oh that was the most fantastic thing I have ever felt. I never in my life had an orgasm like that. I sure do love you Joe and want you to do this to me a lot."

"Well as time will allow I sure will Dick. Now why don't you get dressed and start helping the boys downstairs. Don't send anyone up yet though as I still have two up here."

"OK Joe I won't. And thank you that was so neat really awesome Joe."

"I'm glad you liked it. You no longer are cherry Dick."

"Yea I can't think of anyone I would rather give it up to."

He dressed and went down the stairs to join the others. "Well David why don't you lay down next. That is if you want to?"

"Sure Joe if he can do it I can do it."

So I started with the first dildo and handed it to Chad once it was in. Chad had fun with it and really gave his brother a ride. Then he pulled it out, smelled it and handed it to me. I washed it and put it away. Then I took the second dildo and planted it, Chad repeated what he had done with the first dildo. I washed it and took out the big dildo. "Are you sure you want this one David."

"I'm sure."

"OK 5 deep breaths and then push out real hard. But first let me lubricate you insides better. I loved putting my finger up his perfect ass. I was the best ass of all. I went all the way into the colon, and then some, and finger fucked him longer than I had to but I just couldn't bring myself to stop. Finally I told him to go ahead with the 5 deep breaths and push. I counted the breaths and when he grunted I slowly pushed it all the way in as far as it would go. "Are you alright David."

"Yea but it did bring tears running down my cheeks. It is ok now though." I worked it in him fairly fast hoping he would ask for his cherry to be taken too. Chad took hold of it and went even faster than I did. The pleasure moans were really flowing now. Finally Chad took it out, smelled it, and handed it to me to wash. Which I did.

"Do you want to dress and go help the others now."

"Joe before I do. Your dick isn't that big would you please take my cherry too."

"If that is what you want David." Boy is that what I wanted.

"Yes I want it to be you and no one else. I trust you Joe."

"Well thank you David, then take 5 deep breaths and push." Again I counted the breaths and heard the grunt. I was into his colon before he knew what was happening. I lay on his super smooth back thinking about how tight my dick was and boy was he hot up in there. "How you doing David?"

"Oh great it doesn't hurt near as much as the dildo did. Go ahead and fuck me. Take my cherry good."

I started in and soon was going like a house a fire. He was making every pleasure sound in the book and then some. I looked at Chad's face and he was smiling. He loved watching this. Finally I started hitting on his prostate every time and he unloaded. When he started cumming it forced me to start cumming and I shot hot cum as deep up in him as my 6 inches could reach."

"Wow! I have never cum like that before. It felt better than anything else I have tried. I even felt your hot cum as it shot deep up in me."

"Yes David you are no longer Cherry that's for sure. I want you to go sit on the toilet for a minute and push the cum out so you won't be leaking cum on your pants all day. Then get dressed and don't send anyone else up until I finish with what ever Chad wants to do. I will come down with him and bring back a couple with me."

I heard him shit out the cum and wipe. The he got dressed and went down to help thanking me on his way out.

"Well Chad you really don't have to do anything if you don' want to. You can get dressed and join your brother if you want."

"Joe I have been playing doctor a long time and I want to try those dildo's too."

"OK if your sure."

"I'm positive." Chad said.

So I got out the first one and pushed it in him.

"Oh that feels so much better than a crayon Joe."

I fucked him with it for a couple minutes and then washed it and put it away. "Have you had enough Chad?"

"No go ahead with the next one. I can take it."

So I slowly went up in him as far as the second one would go. Then with his pleasure moans I started fucking him with it.

"Oh that feels so good. I love to be fucked with things."

I kept it up for about 3 minutes as I figured this was as far as he would want to go. Then I took it out and put it away. "Well are you ready to go down and help the diggers now?"

"No Joe I want to try the other dildo too."

I couldn't believe my ears. "Are you sure. It is gonna hurt."

"I can take it Joe. I know I can."

"OK But if you want me to stop and pull it out you say so."

"I will Joe but I think I can take it."

I put my finger all the way in and clear up his colon to grease him up good. I finger fucked him good to get him ready. I loved his little ass it was a miniature David. He was so wet up in there it made me get real hard again. Then I went to the drawer and got the monster.

I got it out and super lubricated it. The I told him to take 10 deep breaths and push out like he had to shit really bad. I counted 10 breaths and heard the grunt so I started it in real slow and just kept going on in slow. It finally reached its stopping point. "Are you alright Chad?"

"I can see what they mean about tears. I am crying like a baby but it is getting better. Go ahead Joe."

I felt bad about doing this to him but he asked me to. So I started slow fucking him. I speeded him up as he was now making pleasure sounds.

"Oh I like it now Joe. Do you think you could do it with your dick. It is a lot smaller."

I never thought about fucking a 6 year old and wanted to say no but he was pleading. "OK if that is what you want Chad." I pulled the big dildo out of him and washed it and put it away.

"Now Chad take 10 deep breaths and push out like you really had to shit and I will go slow. You tell me to take it out if it starts hurting bad. Promise me that."

"Oh I will Joe but I'm sure it couldn't hurt like that big dildo did."

I lubricated my dick really well and pushed my finger up into his colon and then some trying to force more lubrication up there.

"OK are you ready you can always back out."

"I'm ready Joe."

When I heard him grunt I pushed just the head inside the sphincter muscle. I waited to hear a pull it out but none came. "Are you OK buddy?"

"Oh yea go on in that feels good after that big thing."

I worked my way slowly up in him and felt his colon juice and knew I was starting to bend his colon and make a path. Finally I hit my pubes on his butt. I lay down on top of his really smooth baby skin back and waited a minute. "You want me to take it out."

"No Joe fuck me. It really feels good now." So I started slow fucking him with short strokes and he asked me to speed up it felt good. So I started really fucking him. Soon I was long stroking him. I decided to try and get a first orgasm out of him so I started pounding his little prostate on every thrust. After about 5 of those...

"OH Joe I feel weird all over. Ahhhhhh....God Joe.........what is me.....Ohhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhh....I am turning inside out I think. Puff puff."

Man as tight as his ass was he set me off again. I never remember coming this hard. I sent wave after wave of cum deep up into what must have been near his stomach. I know I shot more than 8 times but I lost count. God did that feel good.

"OH Joe I felt your cum going clear up inside me. It was so hot and so good. I love this Joe. I never want it to end."

But all good things must come to an end and Joe felt his dick wither after two cums in such a short time and especially such big cums. So he fell out of Chad. They both lay hugging on the bed as they caught their breath.

Finally Chad said, "I think I died and went to heaven for a while."

"Well Chad you had your first orgasm and you lost your cherry all in one session. That is quite an accomplishment. Why don't you go and dump that cum in the toilet. Shit it all out so it isn't running down your leg all day."

He got up and I heard cum coming out of him like mad. Even a turd or two as I had given him a cum enema. He finally wiped and came back in as I was dressing. So he started putting on his clothes too.

I decided we were going to have to do this doctor thing in two day shifts. I couldn't do any more this morning. So I told Chad not to tell anyone I had taken his Cherry except his brother on the way home and to be sure and tell him he wanted me too. He agreed he wouldn't.

We went down the stairs and I called a break. They were several feet into each tunnel already. Those leave haulers were really helping in moving dirt faster. When we got out side I explained to them that the doctor thing to step three takes too long for everyone to do in one day and we would do it in shifts. I would take Brian, Don, and Pete tomorrow. They all could see my point as most of the morning had been used up. If they only knew I got three cherries at one sitting. I felt exhausted. After our break we all got back to digging. I helped in one of the tunnels and we got the tunnels back about 8 feet that day. It was quite an accomplishment. As that really is a total of 16 feet in tunnel digging in one day. So I told them let's all go up and have some lunch. We went up and I lay out all the makings of sandwiches and I never saw food disappear so fast. I could see another trip to the market coming. I gave them all a big glass of milk with lunch we could save the pop for breaks.

We went into the living room and most of them lay down on the floor to rest a while. After an hour or so had gone by we all went back down and started another shift. I helped dig and the tunnels got deeper and deeper. It wouldn't be long before we would be turning them toward each other and meet in the middle. After two breaks I took my measuring tape and measured the tunnels. One was back the 15 feet so I pulled everyone out of that one and we all worked on two more feet to get the other to 15 feet too. When we reached it I told them it was time for a swim. They all agreed. So I took them all outside to brush each other off and then headed for the pool. So as to keep any confusion about what to swim in I stripped real fast and dove in. They all looked at each other and were naked in a flash. They all joined me in laps and then we went to the shallow end and it ended up in a ball grabbing playground. Everyone was hard in nothing flat. So we all got out and dried and went into the house where I passed out a pop to each and we sat in the living room naked, with the door locked of course, and drank our pop.

Dick said, "Can we go in the bedroom now Joe. That's the best part of the day?"

"Sure but again because of the numbers of us why don't we spit into two groups. Dick you and David and Pete take Chad with you into my room. Now as for Don and Brian I want to talk to you separately for a minute before we go in the other bedroom OK?"

"Sure Joe." Brian said.

The first group had already left shaking their naked butts as they went to my bedroom. Now Don can I see you out by the pool a minute. Brian turn on the TV we will be back in a flash OK?"


I took Don who was 15 and may have anywhere from hardly any experience to a lot. So I asked him to have a seat at a table and told him I just wanted to ask him some personal questions so I would be able to place him in the right groups. "First have you ever jacked another guy off?"

"Yea a few of my buddies."

"OK. Now next how long have you been cumming?"

"I started when I was almost 12."

"Good you got a nice young start. Next have you ever been given head by anyone?" "Yea one time a girl gave me head but it was only for a second or two then she chickened out."

"Well I think that answers my next question. Have you ever given head."

"No one of the guys wanted to but I chickened out."

"OK I can understand that. Then you have never been rimmed or rimmed any one else."

"Gosh no."

"I know now you have never been fucked or had someone fuck you."

"No but I almost got into a girl once."

"OK now I know you don't belong in group one yet. Remember you don't have to ever do anything sexual if you don't like it."

"Oh I like it, it is just that it is hard to get anyone to show you what to do."

"Well maybe I can help you out then as I have shown the others quite a few things and they all loved it."

"Now you go in and watch TV for a minute and send Brian out to me."

"Sure Joe."

Brian came out looking a little nervous. "Brian first let me tell you that what ever you tell me no one else will ever hear OK?"

"Oh that's good."

"Now my first question is have you ever cum yet?"

"No I never really tried. I really don't know how."

"OK have you ever played sexually with another boy before?"

"Yea, I've shown my dick to a guy and he showed me his. We even touched each other. But that is all and it only happened once. Oh yea I played doctor with this group and took a shot with a crayon."

"OK that's all let's go back inside."

We all went into the other bedroom and I went back to get the dildo's out of my room. When I walked in I heard some moaning and saw David was fucking his brother and his brother was really liking it. I just got the dildo's and the KY and went to the other bedroom.

"OK Don your the oldest lay on your stomach. I took some KY and went up in him with my finger to lubricate him and I felt how hot and wet he was up in the colon. I couldn't wait until I got his cherry. I then went up in him with the first dildo and fucked him with it. Then I handed it to Brian and he was all smiles. He kept fucking him like mad.

"Oh that feels so good. Faster."

I finally had him take it out and went in with the second dildo. It was obvious this was a lot tighter. "Hows that feel Don?"

"Great just a little tighter."

I fucked him with it for a few minutes and handed off to Brian. He loved it his face was really happy. Then I told him it was his turn. So he took it out and smelled it and I took and put it aside. "Now lay on your stomach Brian."

When he did I thought to myself is there anyone in this neighborhood who doesn't have a nice ass. I put my finger into his colon and then some. He was so hot and wet up there I was getting even harder. I put the first dildo all the way in and started fucking him with it. Then I handed off to Don and Don was all smiles as he fucked away.

"Oh you guys that feels so awesome go faster."

Don certainly accommodated him. He turned it into a blur. I told him t take it out and put in the second one. "How's that Brian?"

"Even better. It is tighter."

I just let Don do the fucking as he was enjoying it so much. After a few minutes I told him that was enough for today. I asked them both to turn over on their backs.

When they did I told them they were going to get their first real blow job. They both smiled real big. I went down on Don first as I knew he could cum. I took all 7 and a half inches in all the way down my throat. Then I came back up and started teasing his dick head underneath. He was going ape shit. I bobbed and bobbed and deep throated him until I could hear him breathing really hard. Then I plunged my finger into his prostate hard and on the third hit he let go. He must have shot 8 loads into my mouth. I had to swallow 3 times and then kept the rest in my mouth. I had a reason for this.

"That was the best...puff puff....cum of my"

I told Brian to put out his tongue and I locked onto it and sucked letting him taste the cum I got from Don. Then I came off. "What do you think of the taste of cum Brian?"

"It's not bad really I never tasted any before."

Then I went up and did the same thing with Don. Except it turned into a full blown French kiss. When I came off I asked him if he had ever tasted his own cum before."

"No I have always been afraid too. But it's really not bad."

Now it is your turn Brian. I went down on him and heard him let out a loud moan. I gave the best head I could because one always remembers his first. I got him huffing and breathing really hard and then plunged into his prostate and started hitting on it. That did it...

"Oh Joe...I feel so ....weird....ahhhhhhhh......Ohhhhhhh....Man... happening"

I tasted just a drop of like precum so it wouldn't be long for him to start really cumming.

"What happened to me Joe?"

"Well you had your first orgasm. When you get a little older you will be shooting cum like Don and I do."

"That's right you shoot cum too. Can we make you do it?"

"I would love it if you want to."

Don went down on me without another word. I was so close to cumming it wouldn't take long. My balls even hurt from all this. Damned he stuck his finger to my prostate and that did it. "God Don I'm cumming. Ahhhhhhhh.... ohhhhhhhhh.. Man......" I shot at least 8 ropes into his mouth and he was swallowing like mad. When I was through I just collapsed back and Don went to Brian and Frenched him to let him taste me. They kept at it while I caught my breath. Finally I got up and they had let loose from their French.

Don said, "This has been the sexiest day of my life so far. Is there more?"

"Oh yea Don lots more."

"Wow! I can hardly wait."

We went toward the living room and the others were already there. They had all cum except of course Chad. I told them it was time to get dressed. So they all followed me out to the pool area where we had left our clothes and got dressed. As they were going out the door. They all thanked me and said they would be back tomorrow. Chad said, "Would you care if I get permission to come back too."

"No Chad you are always welcome." I thought and such a good fuck.

(To be continued)

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